Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 28, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1897
Page 19
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To go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. Some Surprise for You We want to show yon a kind of clothing that you won't find in Another store in Logansport. Perhaps better than some of you have «ny idea is made up, ready to wear. It's the kind that you would credit to the custom tailors. The kind you'd think would cost twice as much as it will. The kind the most particular dresser will find satisfactory. Full of fashions, whims, full of quality, full of bestness, 'til there's no roorn for fault finding. . "We've got these up-to-date exclusive styles in Suits and Overcoats "because we make them ourselves. Our work rooms are manned by the cleverest talent in the country. We have brought fit down to the £ne point of perfection. We import direct from the looms, the latest "weaves in the newest paterns. There Positively can be Nothing Better Than the Garments - We Turn Out. j And all this fineness is in our grades from $7.50 to §18.00. "We're not talking to your purses, but to your good judgement. << We're not talking a saving in momey, but an increase in the •quality and satisfaction that many will buy. SADIE CHETWOOD Cp to Her Old-Time Practice* Again. Once Stole a Case of Instruments From Dr. Horn's We win patronage by deserving it. If you want the best go THE HUB, While Charles Horn, a veterinary surgeon, was driving into the city last nlgbt from his home at Georgetown, he overtook a woman walking in the same direction and invited her to ride. She accepted the invitation and upon reaching a point on the Westslde tne doctor "discharged" ler. Later he missed a case of Instruments which he had placed in the bade part of his buggy, aad reported his loss, with a description of | the woman, to the police. His description tallied with that of Sadie Chetwood, an old offender, who resides on the Westslde, and the officers paid her a visit. She was found in possession of the instruments, and the officer brought her over to headquarters. She confessed to the theft and signifying her willingness no return the property. Dr. Horn declined to sign an affidavit charging her with larceny, and she was discharged. It will be remembered that the Chetwood woman served a term in toe femaie reformatory for stealing a Motherhood. DROLL TIM the Tmomw pair of shoes and other Mrs. D. D, Dykemin. articles from LISPEN1.BU ALIVE. Harry Fraik's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. ' for 50c Underwear, and White Body Fancy Front Shirts, with extra •Cuffs, the best m Logansport at "THE HUB." TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR ...... THIS FALL ...... A. Suit or Overcoat (He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. w. R. HENING & co.jc. O. Heffley, Successor, to l Ch« Kqnltnlile aud Htock Kxchanse. I; . Capital Stock 1100,000, fully paid. Members > <rf ConaoUdated Produce and Stock Exchange, Chicago. i we lurnish our customers dally market re- iports over «ur private wires in this cltr. We Teepecttully louclt your patronage through tour locai correspondent* W. W. Milner- ti. A. K. BnlKUnv, lx>«an«purt, Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZBR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner ot Fourth and Broadwa^ Inturanoe and Loans. All kinds of Insur- ! Moe and Bondi written In first clasi com| -9«nlM. Money to loan » per cent. S. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans, 308 Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Kroeger & Strain. QNDRRTAKRR8 Call* promptly attended to Day or 118 Broadway. TBLBPHONB — Ottoe, SI. KrO«r«r, •nraln. M. IBS If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property call on M.YR.IASRY, —aM Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of J25 and upward <nterMt on »um« over J500 8 per cent. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doe« first class wort Stylish and well flt- tta«- clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET 'Upstairs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GEORGE W. RODEFER. tieal Estate, Loans. Bought, Bold or bohanired. Money to •• DortnM or penonaiMoarlty. Gallon me sr writ* to m* at Ko. U Bel Hlvtr a™a*iw,ewt •M ofiKufctt/trwc Miss Hattie Winters, of Watseka, Ills., Is visiting in the city. Logansport lodge, B. P. O. Elks, will meet tonight in regular session. H. C. Fowler has returned from a few days' visit with relatives at Indianapolis. Mrs. Lewis Wandrel is visiting at her old home in West Mlddleton, Howard county. Mrs. Wilkinson, of Brunswick, Mo., is visiting her brother, Grant Hilton and family. Wabash Times: Miss Edith Wilson returned last night from a two days' visit with friends in Logansport." Miss Mollle Williams, of Marlon, who has been visiting relatives and friends in the city, returned home yesterday. Two more oil wells came in yesterday at Peru, on the hill, and both are good. One is believed to promise 125 barrels a day. Miss Nettie Crawford, employed in the local office of the Metropolitan Insurance company, will take" a like position at Toronto, Canada, with W. 0. Washburn. The Kokomo council has refused to allow the bill of the electric light company, owing to the inferior service, and a legal battie will doubtless be precipitated. Buck Stanley, the temperance orator, has just closed a series of meetings at Paragon. While there he organized a Good Templars lodge with 100 members. Wils Berry can justly lay claim to being the best squirrel hunter in Logansport. He was up in the big woods yesterday and brought home ten fine fox squirrels. He fired ten shots and run out of ammunition. Indiana is undoubtedly one of the coming oil producing states, but it will never develop any faster or farther than it suits the pleasure of Rockefeller and a few others, Chief of Police Robertson of Tincennes Sayes He Talked With Him in toe Fall of 1896. Chief of Police Robertson, of Vln- cennes, makes public the claim that he saw and talked with Charles Lispenard in the fall of 1596, at Louisville, Ky., and Lispenard begged him not to tell of the meeting. Robertson, however, wrote to Mrs. Lispenard and the latter had a search made for her missing husband, but without av»ll. Lispenard was a painter and paper hanger in Logansport for many years, and at one time enjoyed much newspaper notoriety from claiming that he was the long lost son ofa wealthy Brooklyn family. His latest sensation occurred a coup.'e of years ago while he was acting as detective for the Order of Forresters. He disappeared at that time and it has been claimed was made way with by some ot the swindler s he was hunting down. The late statement of Chief of Police Robertson shows that Lispenard is alive and seeking to keep his whereabouts unknown to his relatives. A mother who is in good physical condition transmits to her children the blessings of a good constitution. The child fairly drinks in health from its mother's robust constitution before birth, nnd from a healthy mother's milk after. Is not that an incentive to prepare for a healthy maternity? Do you know the meaning- of what is popularly called those "long-Ings." or cravings, which beset so mauy •women during pregnancy? There is something lacking in the mother's blood. Nature cries out and will be satisfied at all hazards. One woman wants sour things, another wants sweets, another wants salt things, and so on. The real need all the time is to enrich the blood so as to supply nourishment for another life, and to build up the entire generative system, so that the birth may be possible and successful. If expectant mothers would fortify themselves with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which for twenty years has sustained thousands of women in this condition, there would be fewer disappointment* at birth, and they would not experience those annoying "longings." In the following letter to Mrs. Pinkham, Mrs. Whitney demonstrates the power of the Compound in such cases. She says: " From the time I was sixteen years old till I was twenty-three, I was troubled with weakness of the kidneys and terrible pains when my monthly periods came on. I made up my mind to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and was soon relieved. After I was married, the doctor said I would never be able -to go my full time and have a living child, as I was constitutionally weak. I had lost a baby at seven months and a half. The nert time I commenced at once and continued to take your Compound through the period of pregnancy, and I said then, if I went my full time and the baby lived to be three months old, I should send a. letter to you. My baby is now aeren months old and is as healthy and hearty as one could wish. "I am so thankful that I used your medicine, for it gave me the robust health to transmit to my child. I cannot express my gratitude to yon; I merer expected such a blessing. Praise God for Lydi* E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and may others who are suffering do M I did and find relief, and war many homes be brightened as mine has been."^-MBa. L. Z. WHUKXir, t St., E. Somerrille, Mass. Opera Home Mftht. Tim Murphy, one of our youngest American born comedians, supported by an organization of unusual excellence including Dorothy Sherod will be the attraction at the opera IMPORTANT TO TEiCBERS. A Circait Court Tufces a Fall Ont the State Board of Education. of The BAZiAR CLOSED. Promoters and Managers Pleased Mild tne Results. are The bazaar whicn was held at the St. Joseph's hall, for the past ten days, closed last evening with very gratifying results to those having charge of the affair, A large crowd was present last evening to witness the close of the bazaar and the disposition of the articles which were being raffled off. Mrs. Egenhard Schmidt drew a pillow, Fred Hardt a lunch cloth, John Hfgley a toilet DOT, William Bernfleld the bride doll, John 0. Hill a bsb/ carriage robe and Ida Hupp an oil painting. Other paintings were won by Mrs. Frederick Burgman and Prof. Moesta. Miss Lena Zolt won a picture that she had painted herself and pre sented to the bazaar. Miss Marie Leffert was very happy, being the fortunate one of the six little girls who contested for the fancy doll. She received 912 votes. The proceeds of the bazaar will amount to about 1600. Judge S. P. Thompson, of the Newton circuit court, has decided that the school authorities have no authority to require an applicant for teachers' license to pass an examination on "Gulzot's History of Civilization" or any other stud> not provided for by law. Alva Stinson, a teacher, passed in all the branches enumerated In the legislative enactment governing the licensing of teachers, but failed to pass in "Guizot's History of Civilization, "a branch added by the state board of education. The decision will be of much interest to teachers generally. Mr. Stinsoo, the plaintiff In the case to which this decision refers, is from tbis county and is one of our bright est young educators. The suit was brought in a friendly spirit and for the purpose of testing the law. If this decision stands the test of the higher courts it will be the death blow to many fads, and what might be called new fangled isms that have sprung up in connection with our nchool system, especially with that part of it that has to do with the licensing of teachers. Often these new isms were made to overshadow in importance the eight common branches, at least it has not been Infrequent that strong teachers in the common branches have fallen victims to non-essentials. FOOT BALL TO-DAY. The Hall's Business College Teem aad the Delphi High School Team Ire Engaged in a Contest at the Driving Park—The Game Called at Three O'clock. A game of foot ball between the Hall's Business college team and the Delphi High schoo) team was called at the Driving park at 3 o'clock this afternoon. A large number of visitors came over with the Delphi team. LINE UP. Following was the line-up of the • tea ma: Hall's Easiness College—Keen, c.; Shart, I. g.; Jackson, 1. f.; Glmmell, 1. e.; Coleman, h. b.; Bouth, f. b.; Henry, r. g.; Rollins, r. t.; Reed, d. e,: Cragan, q. b.; Gordon, r. h. b. Delphi High School—Lynch, c.; Deeter, 1. g ; O'Conner, I. t.; Buffing, 1. e.; Gibson, r. h. b.; Bowden, f. b.; Leneathen, r. g.; Lunny, r. t.; Busteed, r. e.; Climpson, r. h.; Arnot, q. b. 8U1ELDS-MISNESI4.N'. house tomorrow nlgbt, on which occasion he will present an artUtlo double bill that has already reoei-ed the stamp of approval of the Logansport press and public and comprises the humorously pathetic, three act comedy "Old Innocence" and the dramatic sensation, "Sir Henry Hypnotized" in which thl» iterilng artist will present many of his famous lightning character impersonations including his original creation of Maverick Brander in "A Texu Steer" by special arrangement with Chai. H. Hoyt. Liable for Damages. The Appellate court has just decided that one who drives his hogs, which he knows to be infected with cholera, upon the farm of another, thereby infecting with disease the hogs kept by such other person on his farm. Is liable for resulting damages, although that person did not expressly forbid him to bring the hogs upon his farm, provided the person damaged was free from negligence. AMUSEMENTS. Another Popular Tonne Couple Embark on the Sea of Matrimony. A NEW KIND OF BARS. Baled Straw Coming: Married at Delphi. Miss Edith Maude Parker and Dr. Woodbrldge 0. Johnson of Easton, Penn., were married this morning at Delphi. The ceremony was performed at the -First Baptist church by the bride's father, the Rev. Dr. Addiaon Parker, in the presence of a large number of friends. The maid of honor was Miss Frances Atkins of Indianapolis; the best man was Mr. George Johnson of St. Louis, a brother of the groom. The ushers were Mr. Luther Davis of Harrisburg, Pa., and Mr. W. B. Parker of South Bend, Ind. After a sumptuous wedding breakfast, the bridal party left for the east. They will be at home after Dec. 20, at Fusan, Corea, Asia. . says the Montpelier Herald. J. S. Krelder has finished canvassing the city for donations to be offered as special premiums at the Northern Central Indiana J|Poultry association exhibit, which is" to be held, here at the rink In January. Mr. Krelder has met with success in the work and received a liberal patronage from the business men of the city. Xotice. Zimmerman & Sheu, the. meat market dealers, have dissolved partnership, Sheu retiring. Mr. Zimmerman will collect and pay all bills for the firm. BERNARD ZIXXERHAX. Hood's Stimulate the itomacb, ^^ m mm rouse the liver, cure bilious- 1^^ _ i i ^ ness, headache, dizziness, W^ I I I C •our »tom»ch, comtfputon, • • • • 4t7 «tc. Pr)c« js c*nu. Sold by all draggtiu. Th* oatf fill* to tak* wilt Saot-t fentputtia, Into Use as Building Material With the Farmers. Farmers in'some sections of the state have found a new building material. Good sized barns are being made of baled straw, the blocks being use' as the walls of the edifices, the same as brick are laid for brick building. Long, sharp wooden pins *re used to hold the blocks together, the pini being driven through the bales Openings are left for the doors and windows and a rye straw roof com pletes the structure. For warmth, these straw barns aave no equal and they will last several years. The expense of con- truction Is comparatively nothing. In Holland and Germany straw buildings are common sights, but they are a rarity in this country. "The Gladiator." The patronage at the opera house last night fully demonstrated that Logansport theater patrons pre'er to laugh rather than have their nerves excited by the reproduction of some ancient tragedy. Eobert Downing and company presented "The Gladiator" In a satisfactory manner. Mr. Downing is an ideal Fero, and his support was all that could be expected of a company playing one-night stands in the smaller cities. A Day Too Owing to a misunderstanding the Poaros had Mr. McClellan Shepherd and Miss Mary J. Gallagher married a day too soon. The wedding occurred at 10 o'clock this morning, and the details are the same a* printed in yesterday's edition of the Pharoa. At the St. Joseph parochial resl dence, at 8 o'clock last evening, Miss Katie T. Mlnneman, the charming daughter of Mr. John Minneman,the drayman, was united in marriage to Mr. WtlllatnT. Shields, who conducts a meat market on Plum street, Westside. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Father Koehne, and was witnessed only by tne relatives of the couple. After the wedding, supper was served at the home of the bride's parents, No. 407 Helm street. The couple will be tendered a receotlon this evening at the home of the bride's uncle, Mr. John Mlnne- man, No. 216 Sixteenth street. Mr. and Mrs. Shields will occupy Wm. Elpers' property on Linden avenue. They are estimable young people and the Pharos jolcs with their many friends in extending congratulations and well wishes. Mrs. Shields will be remembered as a once popular clerk at the Trade Palace dry goods store. D OLAN'S OPBEA HOtTtfK. WM. DOLAN, MANAGER. Friday Eve. Oct. 29. Return Engagement of the Eminent Comedian. TIM MURPHY In a Great Double Bill The Laughing Bucoess ID Three Act*, "OLD INNOCENCE" and the Great Character Novelty "Sir Henry Hypnotized" In which Mr, Murphy give* hU Imperiona IJOD4 ot Fumeus Actors, usittod by Dorotk Soerrod an.d Olney J, Griffin. PRICES...25c, 50c, 75c and 11.00. Seats CD gale at Johngton'j drur«tor».j Adamgboro Gas and Oil Company. At a meeting of the above company, held October 19, 1897, it was ordered that all subscriptions not paid on or before November i, 1897, will be declared forfeited. Subscript/ions will be received by 1. 2T. Crawford, treasurer, or bj myself, at the county treasurer's office, C. M. CTJSTEB, Secretary. One Hundred Pound Parrott 6nn. A. letter has been received by Councilman Hadley from, the government, stating th&t an old cannon, a 00-pounder Parrott gun, has been ireaented to the city and will shortly No Pain I No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificer Teeth on new method COHES1VB PLATES, guaranteed to fit. *S"*No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to bo supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt su *- 2 *°urth st. Over Manor's Drug- gfctf* be sent here to be set up he parks. f n one of T« Cure a CoM IB One Day Fake Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If It falls to cure. 26o. For ale by Ben Fisher. Smoke.the Oolujabia elgir City National Bank. LOGANSPOBT, IlTD. CAPITAL $200.000 Joss GHAT, President, I. N. CRAWFOBD, Vice Pres, F. R. FOWUKK, CashMt. -DIBECTOaS- John Gray. I. H Crawford, J. T Elliott. Dr W. H. Beli. A. P. Jen«», W, C. PenoockVU*«« Bhideler. Geo. W, funk and John C. Infima. - Loan money on pononal and security. Bur and sell Government bond*. W|L p»rJpero«Diper«nniinioni of deposit*, when deporitad ai month* ; t per cent per annum when left 000 year. Bozeiin Safety Deposit Vaults, tor mte kecpbw of valuable paper*, rented at " ' »U per rear. The soothing, lung-healing virtues 01 (he newly cat pine are all embodied in Dr. Wood'* Norway Pint) Syrup, the sovereign remedy for oooglu, and oolds, and loaf ctronblM of all •oru.

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