The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
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.Served by the United Press BCFT TH» DOMINANT NEWBPAl'KR OF N VOL. XXXT Blythevllie Dilly N«n BlythevlUe Ocurler Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald 1C>HTHK* BT BOUTRKAn IUBBOUR1 EWS HOME EDITION LLR, AjCANSAS,PRinAY. nRCKMBRU 'Unloaded' Gun Wound SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS IN WAR PLANS **v- BtttI FIRES Puts Bragg City Boy in Hospital With Wound in Chest The victim of an "unloadeil" pistol tragedy, Joe Carroll Bradley, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs J. L. Bradley or near Bragg city, -Mo,, was in the Eiychevilte hospital today with a bullet wound in his chest. The boy's condition is serious. A crisis will probably be reached la the -next two days when the rear of pneumonia .or'Infaction will pass or, become more acute. The boy 'was shot at noon yesterday wliile playing around his grandfather, Tom BradJey, at Hie iatler's home where the boy, his parents and 'n 14-inotiths-old brother were staying temporarily. The boys grandfather wan cleaii'ng ills pistol, believing he hail emptied it entirely of bullets before starlin» his task.. Tjie blond headed grandchild played around liLs knees, attracted by the pistol. The gun was accidentally discharged. n' bnilet striking the boy in (ha right side, penetrating his hmft nnd emerging thru the back. The boy was rushed (o the' P,ly- theville hospital here after receiving emergency, treatment at 7iayti •-Quarrel!-,. Over -Texas Youth's Plan-Id Many Ends iii.Murder. , SEOUIN. Tex.. Dec. 21 : (UP)- Emil.W.-Bock jr.;'17, conressed lo detectives today that he killed his falher, wealthy',business man and retired farmer with a piece of Iron pip*. " • • . The youth said he beat liis-f.i- Iher Id death in.the dining room of the palatial .Bock home here - because the elder Bock refused lo sanction his marriage'. The son. who weighs ISO pounds, told San -Antonio detectives, summoned here by Sheriff A. w. Sae- scit, that lie-quarreled'with his father over lhe youth's proposed marriage. The rather wished his son io continue at Segulii Lutheran college, where T the boy attended. classes until his recent wlllulrawal without the father's knowledge Officers found Bock, 50, clad in 1 night, clothes, -lying -on the floor - of the dining loom. His skull was crushed, pieces of .silverware from the dining room were scattered about, the room. Arrest Negro On Charge Of Stealing Cottonseed _ L. J. Tnlley. negro, was taken into custody by Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, today at the Blytlic- ville Coltou Oil company's ' mill •IM- puonds of cottonseed, allegedly stolen from Charley Necdhatn Yarbro farmer. • A number of . complaints of thefts of cottonseed have been rc- "of the negro may stop some of the thefts, it I.? believed. Sales Tax Plan Gete Approval LITTLE HOCK, Dec. 21. (UP) — The Ihren-point legislalivii program oulllnei) by tlm siate ilpp.irimMit of education, including a three per cent sales tax, was approved,today by four cooperating committees, It was announced this afternoon. The meeting, Instlng, through UK noon hour, adjourned ill i:ao p.m.| The Joint committees resolved to nsk congress to make Reconstruction Finance Corporation loans to school districts for the refinanclii" of bonded debts.. Dr. Fred Keller, of Jonesboro. said he had submitted such a proposal to Senator Haltie caraway for presentation in congress. - . Final drafts will now be" drawn of bills to provide more money for distribution for teacher units, to retire bonded indebtedness, and- to provide for county supervision and It's ChUstrass time and Santa Claug, oE all people, 'la flat broke! Unless aid comes, Santa, Khown above, his wife, and seven' children may go hungry on tlip holiday. . For Jie really. !a Santa Clanq, a Slater, Mo , farmhand of that name, who gets scores of lflttei<s daiiy from children, lull has no monov to buy stamps } for replies. revision of election laws. Later a bill will bo drawn for free tel- 1 looks. Tenn, Deo, 21 (UP)—The dealh toll in 'Wedhes- dnj's lace ilolliip here rose [o tom today whor Pat t awes, fann- er, die/I of .Minds; suffered'' \hicn national guardsmen fired 'into ti mob that stormed the courthouse in an attempt to SPIPP a negro assp.nll suspect. Moves to Take Contvol of -Louisiana Police, Firemen, and Bar BATON ROUGE, La.', Dec.'21. (UP)-Senator Huey Long, under authority granted Mm by a subservient legislature, intenUs to waste no time in seizing police .powers from municipalities and control of the state bar association, It was revealed today. He named Lorrls Wimberly of Bienvllle parish, a Long floor leader In the stale house of representatives, chairman of the newly cre- nter state plvll service commission %vhich will have authority over all police and firemen In (lie state. At the sanin time he announced appointment of eight of his follow- ers'to (11! positions of governors of the Louisiana state tar association. Under an amendment to the act creating the new governing body for Hie bar association Gaston L. Porterle, Long's attorney general, Goodfellows Fund Over $500 But. More Money Is Necessary Additional cash conlribulion.'; yesterday,- brought Ilio Goodfelloira faiid above the $500 mark, but with' 30l ri ramilies to provide for-, officers' of": the organization . found*''their i, problem still'a. difficult one. More gifts or money and merchandise and' more, volunteers_to"adopt"- families are nee'detl lo : lnsiirc' a' nias for; all (lie needy families of the comiiiiinity. -• •" : • .-•••'• • Individuals and. church groups have arranged -to- provide Christmas baskets for'17.families,.red'uc- ing the Goodfeliows respanslblllly by. lhat number. Any others wlio !„!_. -..: .. m ^y Ifoops Remain to Pres'fivo Ordci Dm ing he-Holiday Shopping SHELBYVILLE.. TVmi., Dec. 21. (UP)—Nalimial guardsmen \ull maintain semi-marUal law. here until 3 a.m. Sunday, slaic-officials' on- noiinced shortly aftei noon, today Authorities at, llw hospital where Lawcs died revealed lhat. aiiotlior lull mildei otilbreal of violei,fe,oc ciirred lasl nlihl , Attendants were lemovlng .the body 01 aiiford Freeman, the third fatality, and a uegio orderly al- lempied to insist 4 man <uv>w n tailfc and was pieventcd by a nurse from slabbing the negro who fled 1 to a distant part : of the hospital and hid. Merchants and town officials were to meet ioday nnd take a vote on whether to request that nalional guardsmen be allowed to remain here .through Sunday to maintain order.'Some felt,that'the troops should remain since the streets will be pflckiil H'llh'.chop- pers tomorrow. '-- : ' . :•It-, was feared. " that -holiday drinking, might lead-'to more'Irons ^7o t - • " .' ' ':.;".' Firemen' Hurt Battling . j- Blaze 'Aboardi Steamer BOSTON.'. Dec. '21: (Up')I-Ti-aiK- fonned ialo-.n floating furnace by a. roaring, fna. .In.-hei-.. hold, (ho coast wise freighter. -Ontario wan mnUo"tiT-"'' ""'" "' ,"."""">. " lu > r beached in rBoston harbor Icday make the necessary arrangements nfler a- nine-hour -battle- In* ral ntr \v i - ur.;*i,!,,..i!.u. ,_i «.. — ' -- - J'yui. uilllie. by calling w; J. Wunderlich at 711 or L. E. Tull at 150. . The -Woman's • Council- of--(he Christian'church and Mr. and Mrs. G.- W. Barham will each ^provide baskets for three families. Em- ployes of the Southwestern - Bell Telephone company have volunteered to take'care,of two families. The following individuals and organizations will each provide a Christmas for one family: B. J. Allen, Wilson Henry, 'First Baptist church Sunbeams/Men's Bible class' of First Methodist church, Inter-! mediate league of First Methodist church. Mr. Hunt's .class of First Methodist church, woman's class of First Melhodlsl church, Mrs. Tull's class of First Methodist church, and ; L. E. Tiill. [ Cash contributions, in addition to : those previously ncknoivledged: Chl- Five firemen ivere injured, mnh'y volunteers were overcome by smoke and • tumes. and three other file- men '.barely'. -escaped, with their '"" ' ' lives. B. Davids Buy Lot at Main and Tenth Mr. and Mrs. Eddie B. David Ruftis Mock, Randolph County Leader, Dies POCAHONTAS. Ark., Dec. 21 «J PJ—Funeral services were bsing arranged today tor Rufus A. Mock. 62, liff lime resident of Randolph county and only man to serve as county superlinteiidant of schools. Ho died last night In a Memphis hospital. streets where they plan to erect a handsome residence some time | later. The lot-, now vacant, is on [ho west nnd adjacent lo the residence of • Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. State Capitol Offices Close Unlit Thursday r. n! ,' I J TLE ROCK, Die'. 31 (UP>(„,, i ofllc ^ w'll "= dosel from lonight « nul Thursday morning, department hends W ew advised by tn* governor's, office lodav. • Tl<e order rn n ', n ^ o ^ j M lum-iiu, Ljuug s aitoniej' general, — ^.*.,,un.nj iitAnw«icugeu: uiu- bscomes an ex-omcto member ofl cns ° MU1 - J»mes Bell, $5 each; w. the board ^- WR^^^* 11 *'• niiiiunn t, A ^.^i^ Tiie senator also decided the state rapitol needed a "Pennsylvania ave- nut" similar to Washington's and announced he was ready to construct such a highway.' 1, $3; Phillips Petroleum Co., $2.SO; R. L. Banister. E. C. Patton, C. L. Nabers, $2 each; Rev. Mr, Kleindiensl, R. K. \fan-, J. L. Nabers, Henry Layson, Bentley's store. Rustic Inn, Ark-Mo Lumber Co., $1 each; Mike Bombolaski. SO cents' J. E. Lnnsford, 25 cents. L. L. Ward has contributed two bunches of bananas and Nabers and Nabers two' baskets of groceries. The Acton Printing company has donated all printing used by the Goodfeltows. amounting to nbout $15. Dyess Colonists Will Dine on Turkey Sunday DYESS COLONY, Ark., Dec. 21 (UP)—Tiie 240 colonists en tills million dollar emergency relief project will celebrate tiielr flr.'il Christmas together Sun- dny night with a iurkey dinner n the colony mess hall. Super- lm:-ndem. cone Murphy an- fv?iinixd today. 'Cilft.s for children ami parents will be distributed from a big Christmas tren at n program following the dinner. For Taxing Builds WASHINGTON, Dec 21 (UD- CBlstattpn to icmovo h\\ ovemp- IDII "n rutute fcdeial, slate nnd tnimldpnl liomlf, will 5cc 21 -•-!<"* ••-'im,-> win mi uiKe<t 01 ct-iimui- iicnneu: Chahip C conero's by Sccietaiy of 1 iciiburyl d*m, Mo) said today at the lleinj MoiEchllmii ji, (.ho Ujil|e,|]fenal? nnmltioix toijiiiry that (In I rcss IcarniKl today. ' ', \\t\\ derailment's "Imlusfrial mo- . Now mitstandlng aio'$j r ],cooooo- 605 to {50000,000,000 ln>ltix:cxeinpL goiernmciit securltle.'i.>"r|ie exemption on these could no[Vbo ! remnv- -'d but future, issues '.would be M- rcctcd under the plan.-'", The tax'exempt security problem nit • bcltovc'tl today th'o inosl 1m- poi'tant jiiujrcl In n cp'mprehcn- 'ilvc lax suvvc'y ordered yesterday by I'lfsldcnt Roasevcli," to detei- minc means of clIinlniilln'R ovcr- lapplnu taxra and achieving more economical. mclhtkls of coJIectldn. Bullrt victim in a savage battle belween Tennessee Emirdsmpii and a maddened mob esllmaled : al more lhan 50u, Halelgh Pil- wards lle-s drad here near the Shelbyvilie, Twin.-,, conrlliou-e as passersby -furtively,view lhe body, Edwards was slain In lhe conflict lhat raged, when lhe mob Iried lo lynch E. X. - Hnrrlv 23, "£Rvo, on trial for assaull of a: 14-yeaV-olil while girl. 1 Heniy Spain, Assessed $68 in Municipal i'lans .Appeal Goui'l, Henry Spain, owner of proper- 1 ties north or the .hinli school grounds, known as Spain row 'was fined S68 by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday' for failure (o comply with- sanitary regulations requiring erection of approved -type, privies: 1 Mr. Spain nt first, entered a plea Nevv Trial Denied-Bufoi-cl .Nelson al Nevypoij; Ap- .peal. [$ Ihclicaiec] •-NE\VPORT, Ark., Dec. 21. ; (UP) -^Circuit JudBe.Marcus S. Bone today denied a'mollon for a new irlal for Buford Nelsoii, cordeil; Okln., Insurance - salesman under i life imprisonment sentence In the" alleged drowning of his wife to colleci JiB- OOO insurance. ... -..;. . ; „.,,„„,« U1 , nc mp . Tl Judge Bone formally sentenced glnccrs;arc Interested in the\ Hfn I ««^U n « ^. *.. t .1 IL_ n,- '. .. '^-^tv« 'it lilt. him .•.--• erese n 'he miir n ot^rst entered a plea Nelson- lo jifc imprisonment at. the River problem Mr Meyer "ad , "' C ,° hnr f b ' lt lho slatc Ilrl5011 farm ' 'Ho allowed de- declaring he ' was caiXl 4me he" saw 'f W ,° r | I" 1 ?" V^ 1 ™ 1 " S ' Xty Uai ' 5 1n whlch otutl °" of tile dl I iultfes ii " - ^ , , , when he" saw ' lC tend lo erect toilets as required The court had offered to suspend the fine if the defendant would bond at : $20,000. charged an accessory be fact, Marvin j Adolescents Products: of, Ductless Glands—Crile Bulkley Backs NRA, Puts Needy Ahead of Budget CLEVELAND (UP)-The^NRA is being reorganized effectively and efficiently under the guiding liand or the administration al Washington, United states Senator Robert J. Bulkley told the, Cornell cliilj here In a meeting. PAINESVILLE. I lesccnt children O. (tjP)-Ado- are products of their duclless glands, without which the brain alone is helpless, Dr. aeorge W. Crile. internationally known Cleveland surgeon, told an audience here. _____ Tiie brain is tr,e only ricrvc"TTs- sue which can remember; brain cells must have a constant supply of oxygen If anemia Is not lo exist, Dr. Criie said. '•'The brain alone is helpless, un- l"^®^^^^*™^ lakes nnd rn^ L^'iiL " .! S'...? 1 . a ? ds ; '^ "' l»rllcu!ar~the lakes nnd correct'them as lliey are made," the' ssnator said. ' Sp^ak- ln s on -Where Are We Going?" Bulkley said lie believed feedln* ol the hungry- and caring ;;for' those hi need were of greater importance a-»»iui>> L \\\j ill jjiil tlLUItll~ L -lliC tliyroid Uhd adrenal gland's," he explained. The thyroid gland excretes thyroxln, which sllinulales actlvllj, parllcularlj- of the brain and causes Hie hormones to circulate, while emollons, he explained." mply said he w cult court. Mr. Spain recently made some 1 'BlU Shemll and\ndyThorp" riv*-' changes in privies on fts prepei- er men of this section, also charged ties despite warnings of sanitary with being accessories before and officers that the IniprovpnuMita fl ^er the fact, are out under $1000 would not be sufficient to comply bond each. They will l)c tried' In' with their regulations. ' ' February. Mervln Holly was acquitted of T " e f"" 1 " 'nen were members of a charge of disturbing lhe peace. n midnight fishing parly on which ' Mrs. Nelson was drowned. Trial n( the February term of court also'will be held for Crlnt Nelson, not related to Buford Nelson, who was rclurncd here last night by Sheriff A. Q. Albright from North Carolina. H c is charged In connection with the slaying O f B. F: Mitchell, aged farmer, at his home near Amagon last May 27. Urges Tin Purchases as Preparedness Measure WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (UP)—. Bernard Baruch, financier and ( close friend of President Roosevelt, proposed al the house foreign affairs committee inquiry into tin resources today that for preparedness purposes It would be advisntle for Hie; government to Invest n large amount in tin purchases. Abrogation of Collective' Bargaining Rigty Contemplated WASHING! 0K Senator Ciart EXPECT II. SJID ON mm Llllsatlon" plan contemplated, ah: , legation of Section 7-A of tic rccoieiy art if this country b 1 - enme hivolve'd In another war, A c ked If ihit were true, Col.-"C t I T Harris, army ordinance ofllcef,' "The plan speaks for Itself-" "H Is my Infoimndoh (iiat Section 7-a would - '" • ~ Olaik said lie abrogaVd,, i *r* . I , •.-- - raR ed by Interview with Washington : Authorities An encouraging outlook for fur(her' federal assistance In safe- -uiaidlng farm lauds' hi 'tlib Little 'Well, you can't ha\e two „..,, fics In time ot war," Hauls replied ." <, 'lhe leport of contemplated, j flapping of lhe section brofighi a sliong awl Immediate protest from Piesldent William Qrsen'W the American rvdcrallcn of "Labo' ,«• He said • \» They did not do lhal dining , the last vvai. Tliey carried on collective bitigftlning ( 0 a' gte'al L eMent snci ns a mult brollghTl -- voiklng mens eiTlelemw lo a new f «lnll I\/U«I .j,*- I \vould resent POHOI It possesses River ^Ijasln asainst floods Is reported by v j;,w. Meyer, engineer, and C. O. Redman, necdiiruont ror Drainage District 17, who 'returned' yesterday I from Washington, D. 0.i.Whfr«.\ficy interviewed ul{lcers i of.,.tile -tlrmyi«enslneerB corps ilnSregard to the .Little- River situation.-., f,'-:. . The -.] army .engineers'•', have i already: spent a considerable: sum lii sU-engllieiilng' the District IT levee along- the, caul side of -Big : Late. This, part ;0 f the leveed where 1 a number.'.of, breaks have -occurred since the' blgiflood of 1927,-is now regarded as-adequate to withstand any .-ordinary high ivnter. Similar help In strengthening sections of the levee further south along the Little'River floodway was asked of lhe authorities' al Washington/by Mr. Meyer and Mr. Redman. They received no definite answer - but expressed themselves, as well pleased with '12 results .of the ti-ip. The en- c.lution of the dliliculUcs" would be worked' out. An expenditure of some $15- r . .,.< (.-,»frt.-(KIIlMll! OI SOnlC 515- Beverly Jones, also of Cordeil, 000,000 or $10,000,000 to provide the tnrwnrl n.l + K l\nt«~ _., L. L_ c-* 1-1 i ... .. " yiivn., un St ' nnd , llvcr va " e J' protectlo! • -••*,. --—i, t'^vu.uuu >^>iu>.b. nim |/(.-i UIUILVIU. UrOlCCuO; clr-,guilty. He will be sentenced in Feb- ajalnst floods i$'one of lhe pro- •ruery. He is free under $1,000 bond. I Jffts ivfiicli the war department ran cho-,;.! „„,! ... J .. m u !,,,.. jn vltw and i( k re6ardcd i( not. unlikely thai Litlle River n' a tribulaiy ot the' SI- Francis, ~wil share in this expenditure. Confederate Pension Warrants Are Here Slate pension warrents for Confederate veterans and their widows. Hie first Issued in some time, are now ready for distribution at the offices of the county court clerk here and at Osceoia. for' A lotal of 10 warrants arc held veterans and widows at - - ••-t.i*..^ «v office in the court- house here. The warrants are for $12.50 nnd $25. Two residents of this ulis- trlct, eligible to receive, checks, have died since previous' warrants were Issued, 12 being sent here the last time they n-ere dlstribtit- > Shell Blinded Boy LINEVILLB, Ala. (UP) _ When Mrs. Chester Poster threw some wood chips into an open nre, her four-year-old son, Cecil was blinded for life because one of the "chips" was a shot-gun shell and exploded and struck the lad in the face. awalt a sale. Card Arrived Afl«r 32 Years THE DALLES, Ore. (UP)-A postcard mailed lo George C. Blakeley, The Dalles, in ISOi when be was a[ Oirl Delayed 'Clinic Jumper CLEVELAND (UP)-Vemft Turner, 22, a Cleveland coffee .shop ! " -v... •.-!•• t^vtJlbLWIl H\ , N. V.,.was received lisre by Blakeley 33 years six months and eleven days after It was sent at! thq . ----> £» M w. iu ^/uco.ii3t:ci I tile scrapping of Section 7-a v/ar or no «ai" what we would do woi.ld be to insist on and strenglhCnlhg 7-a" "Flyin, Hotel" .Cashes V . -'in Desert; Seven Dead| BAGDAD, Irak, Dec; 21 (UP) — Ift'jrc Plane Designed ST. LOUTS. Mo. (UP)-Desl»ns for a 36-berlh fransconllnental airliner, capable of a speed of 200 miles an hour, are being drawn by the Curtiss-Wright Airplane' Com- ""^ lmula ln possession of-^Jones I>any. Construction, however, will lle Produced a government «• > ., "uico >»jui.u aixK i lonely block house,,> tho desert, i ^Its sc\cn ocilipants.^^.'l Netheilandcrs, were' "klHed ''-.<*« Biltish Royal Air Force airplanes round trip ivj-eckage of the^ferea* 'flying hojel," an. Anierican built Douglas transport, which flnlalied second In the England-Australian all race - * 1 "^i_. It ivas believed the plane nilgai, i have been struck by lightning--[ Lion Company Cited c ^ for Coercing Workers WASHINGTON, Dec - 21 (Up)i OH Administrator Harold L •IdSsi today approved a pefroleumjlsbor policy board decision holding *fhe 'Jon Reflnin^ compa-y tl Dora"do, Ark, In nolatlon of laboi pro- I'islons of tiie oil code. ,, w i The board found the* com'paay had 'threatened, coerced ana fo- timldated lt£ emplojes' intd'at- Illatlng vlth the company's em- ilovei' representation plan, s A- I Tiie board said 61 2 per cent-of he empiojes had chosen the In^l ternationai Association of -, oil) Held, Gas Weil and Refinery workers of America as their agency I for collective bargaining "' ' Hayti Resident Dies in Memphis Hospital I MEMPHIS, Dec. 21 (UP)-Mr* 31aud!e Dickerson, 48, of Haytt Mo, died at St Joseph's hospital this morning at 9 35 Doctors said -.he. had a brain hemorrhage ••< I Mrs Dickerson was broniht here Wednesday She leaves a son I Clifford, of Hayti. The body will be letumed to Hayti for burial Recover Stolen Coat,_ Eidredge Jones, transient molor- (st. was taken Into cirtodj by I officers jesteiday afler he alleged-1 ly stole n coat in o local drug I store. ' I A small quanUty of 'narcotics! was found In possession of--Jones but he produced a governm permit for use of Hie drugs , He and his companion \\ere re-1 leased after Jones posted a $101 bond on lhe petit larceny, charge. | The coat was recovered WEATHER Arkansas—Paitly cloudy, colderl ' -. ... . tonight, Saturday generally fair. I AK^I,. ^^u^le,^ 1 ?^ S«^«r' of Woosler College, Woosler, O,l Saturflaj ,,m^^ ,. -,... ,,... ........ I ^ ma , tmlim i emperetura here | jeslttday uas "^48, mlnt-nvim. 23, clear, according to Samuel P. Ni tls, official weather observer*

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