The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1937
Page 2
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'PAGE TWO BLYTHEyiljLE (&RK.) .COURIER J SATURDAY, 'MARCH Social Calendar - .MONDAY'S EVENTS Circles of W. M. U, First Baptist church; J, Mrs. Joe S Dlllahunty, 2, "Mrs. G C. Hawks; 3, church; 4, Mrs Ncy Hunt; 5, church Woman's AuMHaiy, First Presbyterian church, having all day meeting nt church, 10.45 nm. W. M. S.. First Methodist, church, having mission study at church, 2:30 pm . , TUESDAY'S EVENTS Junior G A.'s meeting First Baptist church, 4pm. Intermediate G. A's meeting First Baptist church, 4 pjn Sunbeams meeting at First Baptist church, 3:30 p.m. Mrs Riloy B Jones entertaining Young Matrons Bridge club Garden club meeting at Chamber'.of Commerce room, 7:30 pin. Makes No Trump Contract by Playing Ace at Once Bite pf News Mostly Personal 1 Second Baptist'Church Has .Training Union ' Tlie*-Baptist Training Union of tli<f Second Baptist chuicli conducted a 'Week of Study lor members of the. Junior, Intermediate and Senior departments of the church during' this -week with 58 members completing the course. Miss Clara Belle Kmton taught the Juniors,, Miss Margaret prultt the Intermediates, and Milton Graham, the Seniors: • .• • Tarty Given. The two divisions of the King's daughters class of the-First Baptist Sunday school were enlcrtaln- ed with an Easter partv lasft night at the church, by their teachers, Mrs'. .'Alfred Carpenter anil 1 Mrs. E. C Fdds Tlie tables wore decorated with Easter trimmings and candj filled baskets served as fa- \ors Tl>e 24 present enjoyed an hour of :gaines after which refreshments of sandwiches, cake and hot, chocolate ^eie served t ' » Class Has Part}. The Golden Rule Sun da j school class of .the-First ^Christian church \vas entertained with a bunco paity Friday night in the home of "Mr and Mis. J. D. Smith A short business .'session was 1 held before the game in -which James Terry was elected to succeed J Morris Moon-as -assistant leachci of the class „ ' ,, } In Iho bunco game I o Wcst- i)rook.\\on the tiaveling piue and i Miss Paulino 3 Hires -won the high f i?ore pirL;c., The Easter motif'was carried out'In the decorations and the refresh msnts served > * » • O'Neal-Buck. ' The marriage of Miss Ernestine O'Neal and -T Jack Buck vas solemnized Wednesday night at the. home of 'Mr. • and .Mrs. Ear) Walker Mis. Walker is a sister of -the bridegroom. The Rev Don Holninn, pastor of the Methodist circuit for Blytheville, performed the ling ser-' vice. The bride wore a spiing -mil of flat crepe :in Romance blue with . grey accessories. Mr Buck and his bride aie making -their home at tho Buck farm at Half 'Moon. The 'bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs H ONeal, of Lone Oak, and Mr Buck is the son By AVM. E. McKENNKl' ccrctary, American Bridge I.cague One of the Jirst lessors A bridge lajer leains Is 'the value of the loldup, p.irtjcularly 'at Jio trump, vhen he has only a single stopper n the suit lied by. Ibe .opponent. 'If, or instance, nn ace -can ,be rc- lained until the ipartner ,of: the. upsiier Is void of '(he suit,' .then a -finesse -In another suit; niay safe- y bs taken into tlmt partner's land. : However, in today's '-hand, which s from the collection .of 'Frank K. Perkins of Bostoivaulhor.of ."Vital * K 6 •V J3 • A K J 4 3 4, 100-13 A 10987'! M AU.2 V8G52 „. c ¥ AI09- ; • 105 «- , »Q72 *Q7 » . *KJI;865 Dealer : *AQJ3 : VKQ7'1 »08G ' + A2 DupliratL'-fAll vulnerable. Soulh West North .East 1 iti Pass ,2 * ;Pnss 2V I'ass ' 2N./T. 'Pass 3N..T. iPass -Pass :Pass Opening— +b. 20 Tricks," the declarer makes his game contract because he trcfuses lo. hold up 'the ncc.'b'ul, plays It to a fourth best, lead 'on ;'tlie very nrs trick. North had .supporting honors :ii both suits bid by hib partner, bu .was -witholit sufficient .length to Justify a raise. Hence, with hi good .diamonds, he .was justified :h counting on his foui clubs to ncu IraliBO that rsiiit. Today's Contract Problem ff South bus the contract for ; tt Ihrec |io (rump. On the opening lead IhL" four Is played ft from dummy and E^t ploy? , si •(111: lack Does this pluy Rive, tv South a clew us to where to ':', :<rr look tor his game-going trick? > *Q84 1 » V732 1 t •» AKJ6 ' '! ." .*Q^2 c •I N~~] ' uu .r ' 1 i <Bllnd) : * s *= (Blind) D«l«r: ; T 4A.9S. : . ! i ¥A« , / '< |762 . u . *A ; KJ3 ; I 'fone viil. lOpcner-rT^a.' ; Solution in [ifxt-lssUe. 20 ^ ".••-' . -••-,-.•- -• :., • •-. : ' Norih's/'play'to the ;JlrSt. trick was t ',. Most • brldgb players would unthhikliigly piay 'the cleubc, both .iterally aiid figuratively, and thus lose the hand, jlowever, ^declarer, knew thnl! ieast. did .'not 'hold the iing-m:ecn-Jack, otheriyise lie woulc h a vc ' led til e "k Ing o f '.clubs . insteac of the .six. Therefore West would have -(o hold the queen. If the opening lead was' from a flvc-canl Biilf, playing , the ace -on the-flrst trick would blpck : thc suit. If cicclnrcr/'hcld lipHhc ace. the trick would be \von , by West nn< a low club return would 'knock out the honor./ . :;• Then', \yl\en- the 'iicrirt .suit was attacked, if East, held 'trip ace, -that would be an entry and the contract would be. defeated. With this reasoning, declarer was , able to niakc his contract by ; playing llic! ace of clubs (oHhc Arst trick. J. H. Smart returned last night from Hot ^prlngE, where he spent a. month Mrs,. 'J, ;L. Flake his returned from, points of Tennessee, whole she spent several weeks. Mr. and Mrs J 'W White and Mi Flake motored over for her B S Simmons and Don gammons have returned froni a Deck's trip to points of Texas arid Mcx- o Miss Pauline Lee has gopo lo Gates, Term., to be •wlUr ; her ; father, John Lee, who -is critically . . . The condition of Ed Joiies who has been 111 at a /Memphis iospllal for eight weeks, Is r un riiproveil today. - . • , ; - i. :-Patricla oiiild, dtiughtEr of, Dr arid ; Mrs. '; Red Child, andv'Jbpi Kuetcr, daughter ;'of Mr. and-- : Mrs Joe Kueterj'iiave gone^ to. Leach ville to isixnili-lhe^ week-end as T"' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia ?!( In I" 1 " 1 o( value, wheat stands Jusllfy a raise. Hence, with his good .diamonds, he .was justiriedjin counting on his foui clubs to ncu- iraliKC that rsuit. D. F. Taylor jr,,' were hpslcsses to 35 .coiijilcs of Osceqln's youiiger married set .at ihe White home Thursday : iilght ;{pr :n buflct sup- isi Caul games \\cie enjoyed during the , evening. , • * • i Mrs Jw E -Burton mid Mrs.) CaVe- Young are In Hot ^Spi)ngs foi , ten days visit D, S. Lancy'and P. A. 'White tract would be. defeated. With reasoning, declarer was , abl niakc his contract by ; playiii| ace of clubs to ; the nrs t trick. Manila ^ociety — Persona The Women's Missionary .§ of the First NIclhodist church n St. Patrick's party at. the c Thursday nleht. About- 15( guests of..'Ernrha;, Junior -.Cox, who IE .cclebratjiig; : her eighth' .birthday, willi -a^parly 'tliis afternoon. -Jyfarcus fcvrard.-attended circuit cpjirt ;al, .OKehjiett,- Ijfo'., ;-yeslcrday. Airs. .W. '..C.' 'Lcggetl .and daugli- tpr,' Miss "Lou'|sc,-'"'t)avc '•returned from -a .'.'week's..-slay, at Oxford^ Miss.,'.where t|iey were guests of Mrs. Lcg'gcttV- parents, Mr. and Mrs. tf. E. ' Parks. Mrs. v , Parks returned :hbmc *vyith <them -Tor a visit. '. . ;:-. ; Mrs. ,'Moble.y -Estcs, of Dyess,. h the guest;,of her mother, ;Mrs Myrtle Bourland. ' . . Mr. and "Mrs. James Sinother- man will spend tomorrow |n >M< phis with Mrs. Sniothcrman's mother, Mrs. J. C. Crlhcr,,'.who is dally Improving-, at .'.Campbell's clinic. If she ^continues lo iim- •prove,' us in the 'past .-few--days she-will probably be'brought home In a .week, >physlclans said,-yesterday. ,. : . •••• '.',• Mr. and Mrs, J. P. jHollnnd.lcH today .for /Fort. Myers and .Miami Fla., lo spend .a month. ' Miss Dp'rlnne .Coulter, who al lends business school .in >Mcm phis, .came ;home last -night I spend .the,: w.esk-pnd with>.>.he 'parents, M^-. and Mrs. Ei<- C Coulter. - ..' . ' .. EC: FIRST I'ltESllV'TERIAN CHURCH S. ji.-'Salihon,, f'aslor Beautiful; music will : feature our Morning Worshjp service tomorrow at eleven o'cjock.,- -Appropriate to the Palm,Sunday theme, "Open the Gates of the Temple," by Knap'p, will be sung as. a (jaritone solo by Ross Stcveiis,' [accompanied on the Mrs.' P.p. Joyner, with a violin obllgalo played by Mrs, S. H. Salmon. For the'oflerlory, Miss Marjorie Slevens,.and Mrs. Salmon will play ''Cameos' and Corals" as a violin duet, also accompanied by (he Orgatrpn.: .»,,,> j Bringing, the;lhii'il of a series of four messages on the general theme; "Never Anyone .Like Jesus," the pastor will-v. speak - tomorrow pri "• "Never Anyone .Like Jesus In liiQ '•Power of His Personality." The s'eri ' men is based on the scriptural rcc-' Old of Jesus' triumphal entry Into Jerusalem on'tlie first Palm Sunday. •••'•: '.;^.:..- ; i . In the Evfsnlng'Worship hour the pastor will .preach on "The chal-, lenge of Christ'; to the Ages." Miss Louise Dobyns, will play the Orga- Iron, using a.^'Prelude" by Chapin, .and ''Cons61atio;i" by Mendelssohn -for the offertory. ; • Toinorrow'is' the third Sunday in our four-inoritlis-old Church School ampaign, and we expect lo send iir graph lines rocketing over the 00 per cent'; line. Superintendent . E. 'Vail'''joins In"urging that very member ;'\vork diligently lo iiakc this .possible. night. Mrs. L. attended a sales iiiceltng and bancmct for Chevrolet 'dealers of ttlio-" trl-state territory Ivlld at Hotel Peabody in Memphk : T1uirs- M. 'Lackner Iras ac- i:eptcd . Ihe : postlion as secretary to Taylor and Taylor, attorneys. Congressman W. J. Driver left Thursday for Washington.. Mrs. Drlvci will join htm nexj Mrs John Whltwortl: Memphis Thursday Mrs. Hugh Wughey and daugh Ur, Sue .Clay, of Jacksonville, are here for n visit with her icxi week, i visllecl in of Mrs J Mr Buck R. 'Buck -and the lute Osceola Society — Peisonal ijircnts, Mr. and Mrs: J. Loveyvcll. :Mlss Emma ,Cox was-in Memphi; Thursday to consult an eye spec- allst 'for an Injury sustained last week when she accidentally stuck Ihe end of n writing pen in ib when leaning over her desk. Mrs. Susie Kelsev is the attended. 'A feature,of the program-was a contest in .which members were divided Into three ''families," the Murphys,- the O'Neals, -mid the Kellys. .The .O'Neal-fariilly won the' distinction .of ' having.-Ihc largest fatnlly. : Miss Almcda 'Berry of the high scli.pol spoke .on -IJic origin of ^St. Patrick's Day. ;Mrs. -.orin {'preen gave .a musical reading. First Baptist Service to ;Go on Air Tomorrow Admission always lOc & 20c Show every night. Malinces Frt.- Sal. & Sun., Fri. & Sun. Mali- nces at 2:15, Saturday Matinee at 1:15. ' ' Last Time Today PILGRIM -IjtmitiKAN CHURCH H. J. Klcindicnst. .I'aslor ' Sunday school, 0 a.m. Morning worship, 10 a.m. Special "e-consecratlon service. . : Lutheran vjiour over coast-to- "Coul(i Sally cat with us. Fanny?:Her mother's giving a luncheon and . they're iill on diets." .st-to- at; 1! coast network. Try WLW loo'n or KLCN or WSM at 3:30 ^.ni. . . Special Good Prlday broadcast :his. Friday at-2:30 over KLCN. Good Friday service at the .church it 7:30 p.m. *...'. Subject: '.'Tlie .Criicifljiio.n. 1 ;, You afe..hivited. to hear these messages exalting our crucified Savior. FIRSt BAVTIST CHllitCH Walnut and Eighth Alfred Carpenter, Pastor D:30 a.m. Sunday school service: ' 10:35 a_m. Worship se>vice:3peaker: Chester Swor, Mississippi Col-. lege Antlicm -by : the choir, solo, Mrs. ..'Farmer England. •Service- broadcast over -KLCN: •• . '; .6:30 p.m: 'rjaptist 'lYainirig. •7:30 .p.m. Worship, service, -.people's'-cholr • -direote;a:iJ)j\ •Huffman jr. : Special number. god among'you; therefore ye are my witnesses, ..salth the Lord, that 1 "am God.'" Isaiah 43:12. .'Ampng the citations \vhich comprise the Lesson-Sen no n is the following from the Bible:. : "Jesus' sallh unto him, Go thy way:.tiiy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken uiilb him, and be went Ills way'."'John 4:50. , / The;Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the .Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "From.beginning to cue!, the Scriptures are full of accounts of the triumph of Spirit, Mind over matter." Page 139. : The Reading Room is open every Tuesday and Friday. from 2 lo 5 3Ji'].' 708 W. Main. tvening services; his theme at the nicrning hour being, "Not by Bread Alone But by Every Word That Proccedeth From Ihe Mouth of God," and at the evening hour, 'A Wise Choice, and the Peril of a Wrong Choice." A male cjuartett-will sing "The Palms" al the 11 o'clock service. Tlie revival goes on until Easter Sunday. All are welcome at al our. services. .Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson an:! Alr.-and : Alrs.'Claiid Sandcrsonihave: returned to their home in Detroit. Mich., af^e'r .sjxinding a few days visiting friends and relatives here and iii.Grubbs, Ark. While here Mr. ,ai;d Mrs. Alva Sanderson .visited John 'Bcnsoii, Mrs. Claud .Sander- con .vllsted her parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Clum Bishop. .Claud was-the guest <3t Mr.,and Mrs. Jack Tiplon. appcinted librarian at'- the Pro"-| Mr. and Mrs, Mike Thieme-of jrcssive Club library which closed temporarily' during ..,„. - — high walci in ordei that'the club | Thl.eme's. mother, Mrs. j. M. -Hut- The opening service of the cvan- ; geltsllc : meeting, to begin at- : the. First Baptist:church'.'Suiiday morning, will ,be'broadcat over 'KLCN, it-has;been•announced by the licvJ Alfred Carpenter. ' ' , r Chcster'swor,'' Mississippi 'college, -CHntoiv.Miss., Is 'to do the. preaching .with' the service begin- -ning at -10:35':;a:m. ' "'•'•, Comes Back .Home was Moorehousc. >to., were cai'ied here' the' because, of the Illness of Mrs.I ' room could refugees. be used • to ' house Has Easter' Luncheon. The ^Easier inolff was dominant in the .beautifully appointed .four- purse luncheon given by Mrs. W. "J. Driver at .her home on Pecan street je'itcrdns. Covers were laid for 12 at the dining table which , held^a centerpiece of jonquils and _ plum blossoms with jellow tapers ^in silver" candelabra on either side -The ke course was Jroien in the shape of Easter lilies In tlie bridge games that followed Mrs S. L Gladish won highest score awards, an electric clock Second prize went to Mrs Sam Coble Mrs Hugh Hughey of Jacksonville, ria, the only out, of town guest, cut consolation prize, a 1 >H- •\er platter. Mrs Dn\er was assisted in'en- tertaining by her daughter-in-law, Mr; w J Dmer jr, and Mrs D S Lane£ Those present were 1 Mmes Sam Coble, F P. Jacobs, Sue Bro*n of Luxora, s L. Gladish. John Edrington, J i, Ward. Hugh Craig, Joe Hires of Luvjra, D H Blactavood.' Miss Emma Cox and Mrs Hugh Hughey of Jacksonville, Pla » * * Ecnicr riay Gi\cn. "Over the Garden Wall," given by the senior class of the Osceola high school pla>ed to a cro^dec Jii/ase m the school auditorium last night. , Between act numbers included --•fcQlo danccs^by Martha Jane Cart• wight and- flute bolos by Paul , Earhcart of. Memphis J .">;• r * - • * linffil Suppce For Scxcnly. ^ Mrs ' Godfrey White and Mrs Jonesboro Man Coming to Miss Whitsitt's Shop II. -R. Cainnbell, manager of the Green Dcpartnient s'tpre'at jpnes- boro, has resigned to be connected with Miss Whitsitt's shop here, it 1 es b2cn announced by Miss Belle' Wliitsitl owner of the shop. '.Mr. Campbell was manager of department stores in Little -Rock for seven sears before going to Jonesboro eight months ago... , Mr Campbell will arrive Monday out Mrs Campbell and daughters Joan and Jean, ml) remain In Jonesboro until June 1. Read Courier News Want Ads J. C. Wicker, ; who-was butcher at Mahaii'S'Storc 30 years ago, has "conic .back home." : He is thc'new riiaiiager of Liberty's Mr. Wicker, ;wlio is the oldest butcher II ihe leniploy of "this .firm, has b.ecn in a'Memphis store for a long iinie. ' : ' ; Mrs. Wicker and daughter will You hg Men's,Quartette,.Alvin ilu it- man jr., Tommy' Hawkins, Robert Rccder, and LsRpy, Brown. -, ; • Services each evening nt 7:30.. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUKCH ;Carroll Cloyil, I'aslor '• Bible school, 3:45. W. O. .Guerin, supt. . . . : Morning worship,^ 10:50, .Sermon, "All the To\vn Was stirred." • Evening worship, 1:30. Sermon :by Rabbi Lyons. Subject: "The Providence of God; Fact or Fiction.': Young people 'meet «titi:30. ' Important meeting, parts on Easier program given put. ••' : Council meeting Monday afternoon at 2:30. • '••."•• Service each evening at. 7:30 'thru the week. TOO :LATB TO CLASSIFY" Also Cartoon, and Serial— "The Fighting Marines'-' Sunday - Monday li' 1 '•<; I FOR RENT NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM, ADJOINING BATH, ALL CON VENIENCES. MRS. CARL DAVIS, CALL C36 AFTER 4 P. M. COMFORTABLE BEDROOM, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin. • . ' ' 20-ck-tf FIJI.I, GOSPEL CHURCH .- -Lilly anil Vine Streets' *_ -W. ,O. Singlclerry, I'aslor Sunday School, 9:45 A. M- N. W Trant.hiim, sii|)£rinlcndent. Morning Worship, 11 A. 11. ''PI V."P. A..'6:30 ;P. M. There will be a young, people's . rally bi Easter \ Sunday with Ihe young people in charge of the servici at -7:30 o'clock. Evangelistic Sermon, 7:30 P. M. "Pastor's subject: "Noah's Ark." FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Euplia D. Beaslcy, I'aslor , Sunday School, 9:45 A.' M. All arc'invited to attend the Sunday School rally at which 300 are .expected. .Evangelist Toney will use as his subject "A Better .Country" at .the 11 o'clock service. In the afternoon al 3 o'clock FOR SALE V-B FORD SEDAN. Will trade for team, phone 07 or 930.'W. B. Gee Sales Co. 20-ck-27 LUXORA BAPTIST CHURCH II A. M.—Mcctingr of all members In - conference and Baptist people in vicinity. Everyone'-'ur- Fently invited to' attend. join hlm'-latcr. ;>BERfVAT», .KNITTING i'ARNS 'P~> FREE INSTRUCTIONS *, r Newjspring and summer yarns • _; r ,. " Latest Style^ : ,f, "', -. Classes, Friday, 2.30 p. M. ', ' ^' MBS. 'LESJ.IE HOOPER , 1103 Chlckasawba. Phone 782 ton. Her condition at this time is reported 'Unproved. ' i : M. L. Downing has returned from- a two vvceks .visit"In .Hot opringsj Ark. Mrs. Downing remained ovei: for an .extended .visit. •= Miss Imogen.c .Williams, who was! operated on recently for append!-; cltis'.ti? the Baptist hospital ini MsmphlE, has returned home and is reported" to be 'improving. Mrs Wliilam Armstrong, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Hutchins c/f this city, is visiting her sister. Mrs. Holland A. Bradley of Conway. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dow of Flat River, MO., arrived this Week for an extended : visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Heed, and oth-1 cr relatives and friends here. ' Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Erection moved this week lo Doniphan,- Mo., where they recently purchased a !arm. .Mr. Breedon ,was .city mar- ahal berc, resigning his position pnc month before :dty election. Audic Mutllns, 12-year-old schoDl c|iild -of Manila, has rbeen released from the Jonesboro hospital where lie has been recovering from' Injuries 'received some .few weeksi ago in an-automobile r accldent. '; ;' - Torn .-Lincoln, .who was injured in an auto acci*snt-Saturday night, '•s still -in a critical condilion. :' Ray and Roy. Lindemann, partners In a Chicago shipping firm, who have- been here for the ps'sV few weeks, signing contracts wllh 'farmers to grow''radishes, left for Chicago Friday morning. They will rclurn to Manila 'in three uosks. Roy Hamnibrl. connected : wittfCCiie same firm, will return with tlie'ni. •...- J. . "M, Majors, moderator. - in |ichargc in abscncy of paster, Rev. L. P. Plc'minff,- -who is ill. 0:30 A. M.—Sunday School ' fi:30 'P. M.--B. T.-y. CHRISTIAN" SCIENCE SERVICES : 708 \V. Main "Matter" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all-Churches of Chrisl, Scientist, on.Sunday, March 21st. ' " "" ' : The Golden Text .is "I'have declared, and have saved, and I have shewed, when [here was no strange there be a : mass meeting at which Rev. Toncy give his special message on "The Second Coming of Our -Lord." • Evening Service at 7:30, closing a successful three weeks revival campaign. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH . II. Lynn Wade, Pastor PALM SUNDAY The Sunday School will meet at Q:4o A. M. :Dccision Day will be observed in the Junior and Intermediate Departments of Ihe Sunday School. Arrangements are being made for the pastor to give •istructious lo the class of children to he 'received into church. Dr. Potter will bring the message , at TERRY AT5STRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & L'oariS E. M. Terry, I'rcs. ana Mjr. •Phone617 , IHjthc'viilc,Ark. Just To Remind You : About Tlial Delicious Diniicr Al the Noble ; ; TOMORROW Kvcvything good to eiil from "soup to mils," faultlessly served amid pleasant smTcunel- ings. • • . NoBle From 'Far-Away Hungary Comes 'the recipe for this wonderful' dish as featured on cur Sunday 'menu:;. ' t Cjruqken Hungarian .!: • Chclcc of Cream of Chicken Koup ' "Fresh;'Shrimp Cocktail ; Tpmaio .Juice .Cocktail : X Cliicken Hungarian, steamed ' '-'• ' ",;:•' .Rice Roast Sirloin '.Beef, tiown . , "^.Gravy : Spiced 'Baked Hani. ''. ' Sauce Broiled .K. ,C. Small drawn Bulter .Curry 'of L<imb Shredded' Lc U uce. 1 housan d , Island bressiiiB : Green .Olives Hadishcs . AU:Oratl.n Potatoes ' . Baked Cprii Green Koans Hot Parkerhousc Ucl-s : • BranMufllns Fresh Apple Pie, with cheese Strawberry Jello, vvlnpptd' Cream Apricot Mousse, with cake Coffee Tea Milk 7> rilsin This inarvclous treat is already popular with our regular gtiesls. ,We don't want to keep it a' secret, so we're offering it lo- gelhcr with an elaborate dinner for only-_ COFF HOTEL -• A Sunday Menu Cream of tomato soup or shrimp ,,cocktail Rcast duck with cclerj- dressing -Chicken with dumplings Baked beef .tongue with spinach Roast p.ork with .barbecue'sauce White grape salad Scalloped potatoes Green teans \vith-tomatocs / Buttered beets Spice Amber Pie Also Fox Movietone News and Musical Comedy 'Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort ; V Saturday OrJy PENROP'S A'JUNIOR G-MAN NOW!, Also Carloon and Serial— "Jungle Jim" —Continuous Showing— / —Admission— Until 5 V. M:— 10 & 2Cc Alter 5 I'. M.—1G .&. 3lc Easter-Revival Beginning Sunday—TliVough Easter 7:00 A. M. ; — 7:30,1'. M. At First Baptist Church Walntil & Eighth All Aget3 Youth Loading j—' Ysjulli';Sivjj>kinE *Bvci'\ r '-Visitor An Honored Guest Also Paramount News, snapshots r<f JIo\ie Slars and Technicolor Cartoon -•'" •' —Adn.ission— , . Sunrtay—Alt DaV—16 & Me Monday Malhicc—10 & 2fic Monday Msht—16 & Me —Continuous Showing Sunday— -TUKSDAY, MARCH 2:i— ?25.00 HANK NIGHT! ' ILcss Stale Tnv) , -COMING SOON--'.' "Swins IJigj], Swlnj; I.on" - "Cajl. II A 'Day*', " "Marked Woman" "Wcmin. I Love". ; ,..,' "Sevcnlli 'lieavpn" "Waikiki Wedding'' /Maytime" 'Sea Devils"

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