The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 8
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1948 Hayl i to Get New County Hospital Plani for $550,000 Institution Completed; Federal Okay Awaited The Pemiscot County Hospital Planning Board expects to advertise within 30 or 60 days for bids to build a M60.000 county hospital at Hayti, Mo,, according to a source close to the board. The board is now awaiting final approval of federal aid that will provide one-third of the funds for construction. The Slate of Missouri received a $2.000,000 allocation of, federal hospital aid funds an1 the Hayti project, holds n high priority for its share of the funds, the source said. Plans and specifications have been drawn up by Ludwig Abt of Kansas City, Mo., architect. | The hospital will be a two and ! one-half story L-shapod structure I of buff brick, approximately 160 bt 45 feet. It will be a 60-bcd hospital of fireproof construction. To Be County Owned The estimated cost of $550,000 includes some equipment, the planning board source said. The hospital will be located on Highway 61 in Hayti about one-quarter of a mile North of the intersection of Highways 81 and *4. If will be built 0:1 -,i six-acre plot owned by the Hospital Planning Board. The hospital will be a county-owned institution. No resident . physician has been named as yet. The remaining two-thirds of the funds for the hospital's construction already have been raised by » county bond issue. Members of the Hospital Plan- New E. B. David Residence Courier Nrws Vliolo Above Is the recently built residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie n. David at 1512 West Main. The brick and tile home has Jive rooms and bath plus a laundry room and recreation room, Interior walls am of painted plaster The floors are hardwood with the exceptions of the kitchen, baity and recreation room, which have floors of asphalt tile. The garage is attached ! to the east side of the house and is accessible from Die laundry room The house Is Healed by * thermostatically controlled butanc-burnlng floor Windows Termed Integral Part Of Home; Use and Design Vary Windows are an Integral part* of the house, both structurally and architecturally. Tlit preference today is for a vastly greater amount of window area; with location, number, size and type being determined by design of the house. The most common window Is double-hunt'. In which upper and lower sections slide up and down. Movement '- controlled by springs gears, ratchets or other mcchani- , cal counter-balances which are ra- plrlly taking the place of the old- style weight attached to n rope or chain moving over a pulley In (he casing. Casement windows, widely used in period-style houses, are usually hinged at the side and swing In or out. A relatively new window treatment is the piojcclcd type in which horizontal sections are pivoted on a cenlcr axis for oi>cnlng. This type and casements provide 100 per cent ventilation when open. A double-hung window Is only 50 per cent effective lor ventilation because only one-half the total wln- |dow area can be opened. I Fixed sash windows with no provision for opening are generally '-New « Tomorrow. L«st- ins *> the Fine wood of which they're nude, SLATS-O-WOOD ™ Awninjj idd betuty «nd comfort lo iny home, of MY «9e, of «ny design -' for tlwy'ft Uilortd lo lit YOUR house. Phone for free estimates. :The Nationally Advertised Zephyr Awning DEAL'S Paint Store 100% Home Owned 109 E. Main - Phone -M69 used were a broad. „„.„,.,„. view is desired, and for this reason are called picture windows. Their use is growing every day. The many recent improvements In the glass-making-art'Include the development of non-breakable panes, numerous kinds of glass block, and a window pane that seals defld air between two sheets of glass, thus eliminating the need for storm sash. Many new homes use opaque glass to admit u nmxliiium amount jf light yet still afford prlvavy. Tills Is especially usfeul on sides of » home having an unattractive outside view, or where the home ts close to a neighboring house. Glass block is often used to erect large fixed light-walls which arc decorative, smart and modern. Peak Production Of Oak Flooring Is Aid to Building With shortages of many building materials still hampering construction activities In many areas of the country, one of t) le ijrf K !,tcst developments In the materials picture during irm was the record production of hardwood flooring, one ? f " 1<! essentials of good home building. Incomplete figures from the Southern ami Appalachian regions the nation's mr.Jor production areas Indicate that total outuiit for the yen ni-lll set a new all-dine liigh of approximately 624 million board feet, according to [he National Oak Flooring Manufacturers' Associa- .tlon. That would be more than double the production in 1340 and would exceed by 40 million feet the previous peak, reached In 1925. Used almost universally in riiod- „ H, ',-', "." lvomc C0! "rt:iclion. oak and unobstructed other hardwood flooring have been '""- '" short supply for five years The tremendously increased output in 1047 has made it more available Housing Expediter Gives Answers To Questions on Rental Act of 1948 „ ^.^ tv my,!.- HvilJJllUIC than at any time since bfeore the war. although shortages still '_xlst in mnny communities because "of the abnormally heavy demand Even in areas where the supply is inadequate, however, the time lag between orders and deliveries' has been shortened considerably, manufacturers say- Thls trend l s expected lo continue throng}, igts, providing economic, labor and weather remain as favorable for product In as they proved to be in 1947. Industry spokesmen point not that cx- a"l"™°" °' car " cit - v nceotintcd for put Housing Expediter Tighe V Woods today released questions and answers about lease provisions of the Housing and Rent. Act of 1318 which went, into effect, on April 1. The law contains certain provi- K.IOOT iicrmltUiig landlords and tenants to enter Into voluntary written leases increasing rents up to 15 per cent. The first group of questions and answers covers the way In which the new law affects "1B47 leases"— those which landlorls and tonanU entered into before Jan, ] 1013 imdei the provisions of the Housing and Rent Act of 1947. This la,v now lias been amended by the Housing and Rent Act of 1943 which became effective on April 1, 1943 1947 Lease* Q. My landlord and I entered into .1 written lease before January 1. 1018. In which 1 agreed to an of 16 per cent in my rent. The ends 0:1 December 3J, 1018. Is the rental unit decontrolled on January t, 1049? A, No, Any unit covered by a 1947 lease which expires and tcnninalus on Ucfctiiber 31, 1048 Is rcconlrollcd on January 1, 1343, and is protected by the Law until March 31. 1040— the expiration date of the Housing and Rent Act of 1948. Q. My 1047 lease will terminate on December 31, 1048. It is for B 15 per cent increase, What is the maximum rent when the place is rccontrolled on January 1, 1949? A. The maximum rent Ls the rent named in the 1047 lease, whether the lease provided for a 15 per cent increase or a lesser amount. Q- I moved imo my present reni- ed accommodations on November 15, 1347. The previous tenant had signed a lease agreeli.g to an increase, in rent. When I moved in, 1 did not .sign a lease. What rent can the landlord now 'charge me? A. TJnde: the new rent law the unit uiis automatically removed from rent control on January 1. :S48, mid remains decontrolled. Any unit covered by a 1947 lease which terminated on or before December 31, 1017, was automatically decontrolled on January 1, 1948, and remains decontrolled under tli2 new law. Q. The pievious tenant who had signed a 1947 lease moved out o'i January 2, 1948. 1 moved in a few days later. Is my apartment protected by the new rent law A. No. Any unit covered by a 1947 lease which terminated between January 1, J948, and Afarcli 31, 1948, inclusive, Is decontrolled. Q- The previous tenant, who hud signed a 1047 lease moved out on April 5, 1948. I moved in April 8, • •*, annul* ituu uiuuvin. HIM o[ IIHI. More than Another effective window treat- ! new mills w'ere opened. measure of the record out- of 1S47. More than a score of ment for a home In a wooded or garden setting is to build an entire wall of transparent fila-is. This literally brings the outdoors Indoors. Small rooms can be made to seem much large by placing two windows at right angles In n corner. nlns! Board are S. Crews Reynolds of Caruthersville, president; D. Ben Holly of Cooler, vice president- H. F. Grcenwcll of Hayti, clerk; 'and L. s, Watklns and Dr. w. R. Limbaugh. both of Hayti. trustees. Fred Chafiin of Hnyli is secretary o! the board. Idle NOW IS THE TIME . . . To Check Your Attic Fan! IF NEEDED . . . CALL CHARLIE FOR EXPERIENCED ELECTRICIANS! PHONE 2993 CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 109 North First St. of existing plants' were placed In operation and production .schedules generally were ncccler.-Uccl. Umlcr favorable conditions In HUB. says n spokesman for the oak Iloorlns- croup, this ndtled capacity should enable the industry to turii ont "considerably morc UiA n j t „,.„_ <lii(;erl in 19-17. Prospects are root! that supply and demand may he in balance by next summer or fall." Peal Estate Transfers (Fiirnishrtl by die Terry Abstract "111 Really Co.) The following transfers of real estate vrre recorded from April 1! (o 17. Inclusive: D.. John D. and Jnne C McDoacll to Ruby p. and Luthc- Gray, residence. 100 block Ear,t Sy:;iinor<-. $2500. Osrar nnd Delhi Alexander to C Choi"" 0 '-'' ;vc!l Tnlitl ' lo'. East Mrs. Giro T. Laneslon to M:-j Gnnrctn L. Wrote n. residence, 003 "lock Main Street, S18.0CO. R. A. and Emma Grecnway to Sullivan-Nelson. Chevrolet Co residence. 105 blo;k N. IGth. S20 MO ' i™ and Essie Ollrr, and H-rbcrt and Mildred Betts to Daniel L and Lcnrah Robertson, residence Carolyn St.. S22,ir). Sam mid Hmh Tuvlor to F M i evidence, 2CO block. West Eulala Lawrence. South 41 feet, Lot 6, Block 4. Dugg Addition, SH50. M. F. Simon to Clifton and Mr.- bcl Jo Hootl, lot on Missouri, $1050. Harold and Miriam Mayer Sternberg, and Helen Slernberg Klcn- pcrcr to Mollic StcrnberR. Lot «, Block 14, Bugg Addition; Lots 2 and 3. Block A. Westgate Addition, and Lots 3. 4, and 10 and 11, Block B, Wcstgatc Addition. S1.00. E. C. Robinson Lumber Company to Ray Hall. Lol 5, Block A, Westgate Addition. S15CO. I 1948. Is the rental unit subject, to rent controls? A. Yes. Any unit covered by a 1941 tease which terminates on jr after April 1, 1948, returns to control on the dale of termination. 1048 Leas* Requirements <}. How may a landlord increase his rent by a written lease? A. The following requirements must be met: (II H must be In writing and ex- ecuied (sifiied by both landlord ami tenant. (2) It must be valid least! under the local law. <3» It must be entered into voluntarily and in good faith. (41 It must be executed on or before December 31, 1948. <5j it | must take effect, on or after April 1, 1948. (61 U must expire on or after December 31, 1849. (T) A true aiui duly executed copy of the lease must be Tiled within 15 days after, tin; date of execution with the total Rent Office along with 3 completed copies of a registration form (Form D-92). (8) The increase in rent provided for in the lease generally imut not be more than 15 per cent above the maximum rent that would have been in effect on March 30, 1918, in the absence of a lease. Q. Are 1948 leases restricted t..' rental properties for which 1947 lenses were not executed? A. No. The 1248 leases may ue made on accommodations whicn have been subject to 1047 lenses as well as Diose which were not sun-- jc;t to such, leases. Q. A tenant is about lo move into a vacant rental properly subject to lent controls. May a landlord enter into a 1348 lease with the new tenant? A. Yes. provided all |he provisions of the law are fulfilled. Q. What is the maximum rent for the new tenant signing a 1943 lease? A. Generally no more than 15 per cent above the maximum rent on the property that would have been in effect on March 30, 1848, in thcabscuce of a lease. Q. May a lease contain an option on the pp.rt of the tenant to terminate the before the expiration of the lease? A. Yes. Q. May a lase contain an option on the pan of the landlord to terminate the lease'at will? A. No. Q. If a lease is terminated before (he expiration date, must the Rein Office be notified? A. Yes. The law requires that if a 1047 or 1943 lease is terminated before the expiration date 'of the lease, the landlord must file, a report with the Area Rent Office within 15 days after such termination. If nny 1947 lease was termi- naled on or before April 1. 1948, the landlord must file a report with the Area Rent Office on or before April 16, 1948. Q. If a lease terminates on iti expiration date, must a report be filed? A. No. Q. Must a tenant sign » providing for a 15 per cent increase in rent? A. No. The Housing and Ren; Act of 1048 provides that such agreement must be voluntary. The Tips on Faster, Cheaper Home Building Listed eos The Industry 'Engineered Homes Piosrain, promoted by the National of w. hV m ^ r Dcalers Ablation °f Washington, D. c.. emphasizes certain principles to achieve maxi- 'home economy ln building your ^'"l? 1 ' chowe standard products 1 £ V; a !!!l blc ac your local Ji »"- i L T d blllldln e material yard Make sure your home plan Is de- ' th '} m t0 , " Se standal 'd materials '• that fit together with *he least cutting and waste of labor time and materials. Materials are Increasingly being manufactured in multiples (or module-,! of four Inches. Interior dimensions using four foot multiples frequently accomodate these modular materials moat economically. Use the widest unsupported span for width) possible to reduce construction costs. The widest unsupported span recommended In Industry Engineered Homes I, 1$ feet. Use pre-cut and partially assembled materials where advantageous particularly (or roof framing, studs Joists, partition*, closets and storage walls. Use a plumbing wall or shortest possible plumbing and heating lines Put room partitions Into place alter finish-floor and ceiling ma- leilalj »« Instilled. This prevent* waste time and materials while fitting small pieces Into closets and small rooms. Use basic "house designs. Changes In outward appearance can be made by varying position on lot and minor additions »nd decorative treatment. The home owner must practlc* economy consistent with size of the house, and reasonable standards of comfort and convenience. Real fstate, Business, Farm and Auto r. B. A. and G. 1. Jjtins •n New and Kxlstlni Home LOANS For buying-, refinancing, buildm*. remodeling • Farm lands and Auto loans.' Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1M S. 1st—Ingrain Bldt.—Ground Floor Phone Sl« A. F. "Dee" Dietrich, Manatee "Complete Insurance Service" tenant who does not sign such a lease 1s still protected by the rent regulations. Q. May a tenant be evicted if he refuses to sign a lease under the provisions of the new Act? A. Ko. Get Welcome Relief From Stomach Gas, Sour Food Taste Do you f«l bloated ana miserable after every meal? if so. here la how you mar rlil yourself of this nervous distress Thousands have found It the way to b» well, cheerful and happy again. EverytLme food enters the stomach a vital gastric Juice must flow normally to break-up certain food particles; else the food may ferment. Sour food, acid indigestion and gas frequently culls* a mor- btil. touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous condition, loss of appetite, underweights restless sleep, weakness. To get. real relief you must Increas* the flow of this vital gastric Juice. Medical authorities. 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