The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE Washington at Valioy Forgo Portrayed in Anderson Play BV . . Tl S>fidd siiir Cnrri NFW YORK-'I lie Amril n theater Is ilriiPi fieim iorta> I;.- faiisa of Maxwell Aiuk-rsnn. p/rl American hlsjor,. win lor llm rnsitcr. AniPriro it^Plt Andei^on liu^ urilttn aiul ih •rtieater OuIW ins ) rf.eni.d , nlnj called "Valley.piorgc." )| is us nnicl n flesh-anil bliioil priiiralt ot G..G Washington ns n Ls n ploltftl dro- ina but mo t of all It is an pxpisn. (Uion 01 \vliy m in nelil tor iiberty .Tlie author lusr, a notion tli&l we Etill nitglit warm oursr-lves (it ihc flame of an old Ideal. He has Washington say, sj ilie f-nd: "Thli liberty sill lonf ecsj ' mm no longer cue TOT it "Valley Por«e" 1= r.o fife-looting historical psgeanl, or pal riot 11; ,ially,, but. n grim, thrillln;; narrative-full of rtfspt'rallon ami hiimnn ,frai!ty and roiip.h, vital humor, . Tt isn't the clierry-tr.-o Wn.slilnslon jou in'et at Viilli-j rVirgp, noi i!o you encounter the zonlous imttnl- inity ivitli u'lilcli textbooks endow the pfoplc, the conprew nnd UK Army Ju Ih.'il anrk hour. Tne gnural pio\e<! .utsteir in<l forthright c-noiig!i,".nnd certainly hrne But he is not so in bis belief nml courage hut tliiu he admits himself Ix-ittn ami ton fiiders the •negotiation, of m> nonor- •iblc peace, it is pjiiiip Mmivale. tin Engllshnuin, who plays tl>! ;i role ,,,, Ho has ,K>rtrniv ( l many historical ," " ler IwrsonaRcs durliif hl.s cnronr, but I none with more ;wi. c e n iid wnrmlh peace, nut (ho meeting place te romes the scene o| an unorderei) American foraging expedition odd a spirll*<n>klrmlsh' with thfrntjny. •Paced \vltti tho-iihflaeelnj; rotiriti;? mid loyally of his men, Washington tells Ot-neral Howe Dial they 'will go on fieWlrig-ifiot for trade 'or nmnesly, or Intrigue for jircM, or nl.l nnd , Anyl.lilng die except, Jltfcjty ilie right of Kflf-gbvprnine/il , Tills |ilny nrovlilw timiiy n Ing parade] |jetwfc-i> llmse llinV ours. Tliw Is niHilinn of a loKhlH, i")d Mpo.ii))>-> ni the on ulilch wor teeth, wiillf g- to glorlty an ideal, the ou- I tor wifilnohlngly holds up tn scorn blind nnd selfish bigotry oj \\;- .wn Jfglslstors— jiist ns he dl;l In I he Pulitzer Prlsw-wlnning " Your ironws." in.-, play lins Mint gii:;io and irnnk spenn tlint ),e oner- helped put Into "What race Glory." And ft Jins (he some gromieiir of expression, the poetic Texas .(lame Warde^ j Minister's CoiJedr Quail Claws nRAUMONT, Tr-x. f.rttvia n! quail (UP _rol- Action to (!l( . rlct. HI j,, , now, which murks our il ct i Virginia, 6, Rung Two Under Oiie Hour ullh a «ar on genera 'listening (o tlv> complntiiLs of his starved ami jagged mm, nm- ny ol whose comi-acles linvn deswl- «l to provide- foi ihplr fiunllles at home during ihi> winicr. 'Hie Continental coupes, ijfckering over appointments and dickering over cxpenclllures, lins nofloct'ei) to send the food anil suuplles that are nvail- aule. And some 6f Wa.shlnston's own officers aie slyly working; for his displacement Next, for contrast, you arc allowed to look in on the Philadelphia headquarters of Qenoral Howe, where bcwlgged offlceis dance Ihc 2, l! ™ 9!; nna scoft a ' N»e rebels. "fhfre. loo Is the lovely Mary Phillips JUot-rts, v/hom Washln"- ton once loved nud vho now dla- covera that she ts> bored beyond sm- lerance by h;r husband. ' sise de- cJdes 10 K o tliiough me | mcji ft]1[( join WiililnBlon ,it hh heiultiiiar- crs in valley Poige, and unknmv- i»?ly slie con 101 uiih her li Hrlt- fch lie lo tlie cfTrcl, iliai, the ct- fecl that the nonch liavc.decidrd not to aid the American colonies Diime Mori Is flnih Wnsiilngloii umvilllng to-ie«mllo a youthful romance It sums he |,n s a war on lib in nd 'And so shB.'eoos out «f his We again, but not tefore delivering hci mulling news, Next "ay two ncll-tccl mnnbers of ' n Congressional committee visit -Val- fey Poige, and In the course of the interview, Washington" discovers that the traitorous acdvlttcs of spmfe of his o\ui ofllccrs have been Condoned bj Ihc Congiess ll.mlf lie personally ntteixls lo the ejection of the -vkltnrs, (.lira turns ''" ««UT Ilic n-litciam admission 0! UVs Inistcfl olficcrs U,.u n,p v lip- crnl i»>lecs to mret. am- ami cllicu« teinn of (UP)—SlY-yrar-nld Vlrehiia Wnhl is only in kincim-- rten now, ln,L K\K ,,my Income ft cliamiilon lonjj-dlstancn limner wlien she. grows up. ' sclioo) one iifierjioon am ed suddenly on 11,,. front porch of her t rand parents' homn mi the west side luui nmionnce .'in golnij to stay for dinner. "er ;;r,indi)!oUier, Airs ,; v Elms, said, "Mnc. who broiii'lit 1'ou from school?" Vhl-lnla Mid she walked. She had run nil the way from her .suliool, more than Iwo miles, in less thnn an hour, ircr mollier Mrs. HO. Wnhl. wns J,,,i to I'-ik police to look rot Vhglnhi when the siUmlmolhei called to tell her <if the little K i,l's spilnl wanls lo f.tmly HIP of quail in various of t)in state, OJIUK, siidh, n gariift 2mhby a nlnp , fer.,|ihp 'Today's Markets ;-••.•. •"• 'IIP). -~ Unless n niiiiii]^ llbrofy here re/ftov^s ;j -.11 ILs sliolyps books ftfffiuslvi' to Ilie^sisln of the Flr-v. ,(ai r ,li WnlkCT, of Ruelid Avenue TiafAhl'. . Mle e Pfaseciitor -Mlcha-l Meclnno v/ilj fiiMn'pi, i n ],, lt ,>!„ fivner f- ' York Cotton NRW YORK, Col Ion clnspit nfrfh 1 9 47 Jan. . Mar. . nits Die craw I'ldrrsMil to Hlnrs ; from each tjuoll |,, Says Divorce Law*,- i )iy pollee on |},p nev. :-fcwif)laint Bud, 'ogreed asi Russian Trade Market Possibility Seen Dec. 20, (UP)— . high 1248 lo w 124fi 12f,8 12til 1258' 12.07 1252 1 20 1 lifiS IS62 ly^g ji^j Spots c!o»e,l steady st "1575 '','•'71- chariged. stock market today adjusted lo a cleellhlng utility list 3 the lattei- snnk. to new low ground Since. 1932 lending trial, nml railroad Issues slendy ip firrn. Mercantile •Mimed tlieif rise and oh «? Atrong. ' A, f. and T.' ....' Anaconda Copper Orleans Cotton] "ol, Upon -.. he said. , of tile divorce evil He in stricter mo,-,i,,,., should \>a (lirov;Jni? MEW'ORUIAHR, Dec. M .(UP) Russian slrad ,i' ]<«l">y with trading about nnnnnl Pvon '5' divided. Prices mom) only lo Ilie United i a few Minis. *70,0no,000 to Ohio I °Pfi lilgh '""" i-'-i-i iM<; 1248 1548 .....(, ,« i/v i -^JJ[IHH.'(| : '3 Prof. Kennel): jr. Donald-' '' lQri - • - • j,tiir. May July Oc-.t. . . 'Pmf. Dr.inlibin is ni'iihor of a If. S.-Sovtel. Irado proposnl which IOH6 lo jirc-iby the fcder of.-cJillrtir.iil.slnn Roods, will be than fius- Riiislnri. t V the medium to open Exclusive Atwntcr-Keht:'Dealers Phone 233 Olencoe. llotei Clifford, ciivltl,- MRI-. • Our Special Purchase of Have Arrived Webm ig i ltUhairsata f)riccan({ a - iisMl we I sell them according to what we paid-not what they are i really worth. ( ^ Group No, 1 Group No. 2 Group No. 3 I Telephone Stands & Chairs Chairs ami Kockers $ 1 Chairs and Rockers $195 $O95 1 » m K ::. They all W , HS / f/0< We are getting fhese . j( I morning. Come in mid get the best before over. 2 truck This Is the Greatest Buy We Ever Made Hubbard Furniture Co. 1?SV .12CO '1200 12-H I2C3 1240 15SI! 125f! 12CO 1244 124fi 12SV 1261 12J5 Closing Stock Prices CiMr-s Sc-rvicB '-oca Or/la Hen, Am. Tanlr. Cien. Electric .. f>m. Motors ... Int. Horv'f.=t.--r .. N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet. Radio fllmmons' He js fit. f..-B, p. .. fitondaid of N TextiB Co. .... H. S. fSlcel ... ., Mcff<sson-Ro)ihin(r 7.onlie '1. fl. Smelting .-'. ..!»:> 7-8 ,10 3-1 29 3-1 38 il-4 1 3-B \f,6 1-fi S8 3-P. 10 3-4 31 57 f,-8 aa so n-s 4 G-B ' H 4 7-3 9 I 1-i 4) 1-8 If) 7-fi 38 3-1 8 3 1,fl open hish i rr . Drr «9 3-8 fl9 ri-fl nc , i May (M fl.'B fr?' ,-,,'> j'j F - • -ji IJMfON'foWN, O. „„., _ „. .ion™ ; family ims a^ncw me,V,)'^- naih,~- was a 'iriflp tri" ; | oskp.-l in roiiri, fur,, j. to Arihur Jones. • 7S TONS llAV FOR SALE Alfal/a, pj a cnii Mixed Ha; jf- C. Knapppnhei'ger Chicapo Wheat onen high i ow C You'll lare as.ort.ent of pract cal Gift items here at the ri,ht price, we invite your i New [Spring Suggestions DRESSES arrived in u me Tor tlie festive day, !0 r Yutefld.... Cvepe Drfe«e s i n (I,;, nfw hl| , h shades S Closing Out Entire Stock of Winter Coats at Lowest Prices ir«e | s . ynilr opportunity to grt a smA winter Co:.l for a very small amount-of m M , w . p o!os , iports and fur trimmed sljlfs. - : Silk Hosiery—All Prices Neyy Novelty Handbags Linen, Handkerchiefs '''Drew''Length^of.Silks f- ;• or- Woolen fabrics Kid (>r Fabric.Gloves Table :linen—All Prices ' /Bath Towel^Sets Scarf & Cap Sets Silk Underwear Sheet & Pillow Case Sets Beautiful Bedspreads Luncheon Sets Pretty Wool Blankets Spring House Dresses Dress Up the Men and Boys For CHRISTMAS He Needs SHIRTS A large and most liran- lifiil assortment of men's fancy patterned Shirts • • . Give Him several for Christmas. 49 Topcoats That Will Please Hint lUaullfully pxKerncil wxoleu^shown In (lie ar-provrd models...Included in the. higher pticcii group :irr the famous Cnrlra $1977 Ciirlee and Balto SUITS I Our Suit Sale is still In full fori-c...A thancc for yon to lave several ilollars on 'ha! Chrfctmas suit., .flood bokln s pil- I lerm. single and doiiulr. brf.^ffd racHlfk. • *22 77 SI 4.17 -Am) Up Roys' 'all wool Suits, neatly' tailored, at- ^tractive $Q75 98c 1 Other Gift Suggestions Tie and Handkerchief Sets Ties Scarfs Silk Socks Belts and Suspenders ' Suede Jackets Flannel Robes Pajamas and House Slippers Men's Hats and Dress Oxfords ISAACS, Inc. In Blytheville Since 1902 '\ Shirts $2 , $2f>0 .7) Beautiful Ties Me to $2 Lounging Robes Silk or Flannel Gloves $1.95 to $3.95 Scarfs Silk or Wool $1.25 to $3M and many other Low Priced Gifts R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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