The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1933
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"7 "' '•'• -•"•'-''•' -V '-. ' •' 'X.'SsI/V&l •• : -- :: ' : Served by the United Pregft BEFTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUP rvMf 1M A. MT* ufuranAOETt *-\r\ Mr\DTWir* CT *n*r * »,,-». „ . ..„ . . _ "* *- ' * ^^^&: THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AIIKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 132 v^fey & SSSffK Hl,YTHKVll.l.K. AKKANSAS, • SATURDAY, AUGUST I!), AS CAR OVERTURNS AT WILSON FHTKLLSUIT To hoost Pay f[20<0 H;iS No Comment On Pro- I UI.^ 11U VAmillll-ll L VII I LU posal That Revenue Department Get Expenses. LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 19 (UP) — Governor-; J .Marion Putrell In a written 'sUtemeni to the house of representatives today would not ccmmit himself as to \vhclher he •though!/, the revenue department •.•houul have $19.800 extra for the i.bllEclion of the beer tax. Members of the body requested liis- view after the bill was Introduced. Discussion of such an ap- SPEED EEFUffi TO PUT Approximately 2W) employes 01 '.'•w Blyihevllle 'Canning company will receive a 4(1 per ceil I wag? increase under provisions ol :i | I'jmrjoi'ary code adopted by thy' <}/ark Gunners Association al Mo., this week, 11 was .Pushes Toward Codes for Oil. Lumber, Coal and Steel; iinnouictd today by George Greb. manager of the plant. WASHINGTON. Am;. 19 (UP) ] Working at lop .speed the national The wage increase will go into j recovery administration today drove (fleet. Monday morning nt the lo- j toward agreements which would inl plant, it WHS staled. , liriiiK four of America's greatest No national code 'for the Indus-.Industries, steel, oil, bituminous iry lias yet uten formulated' anU coal nnd lumber, under Hie ban- iipproveil by. the government but until such a -permanent code is approved tli3 local plant will continue with other planli In the as- -.—~. ^w^u^^un u* ^u^.i *.*i &M I unue wnn oiner iiianu, in tne as- li:cpriation delayed action on theJ . M iation under the code adopted beer bill four days In ihe house and finally resulted in amending (he legalizing bill to limit expendi- i'ires-of ihe • collecting agency to five per cent of the .tax. The house measure and a senate bill legalizing sale of beer are now in the scnate.-.Indicntlons are that there will be several days before the two branches can agree en a measure. The collection appropriation and the measure for ' disbursing the • tax _ are the main points of dif. feiehcc. between the two chambers. A bill - permitting agricultural tills week. Increase of 40 ner cent in'wage 1 ; oi the canning company employes v. ill add a substantial amount to Il'ythevllle's payroll during Hie canning season. During its .season the company's payroll is probably the largest here arid the addition- r.l 1 wages - will be shared by botli men and women'as a large number .of women are employed by t>ie canning company. IJuring the peak of its seuuon the canning company employs ns ner of the blue eagle. Administrator Hugh S. Johnson who fought through (0 nn agreement with steel men in the early morning hours, was back at work again with only a few hours res_t, determined to push through with the campaign that would put the recovery .drive well along loward success. Further revisions of the oil $200,000 Kidnap CToarimj-fo.ii i«l liars Wliilton KarriH'x \Ciii- DrillIj I'Yq.m, Hill: rr44-^ MEMPHIS. AUK. 10 I'UfjHi-'Aftc.' lying hi a fii'Kl more triaii : iwn hinirs blUi'ii liy » ratllesimku. I'm ilk U. Dcnn, 35. (tumor 'of \Vlililon, Ark., Is In Ihe' HupUst haspliai in u solous coiidlllnn. A blood transfusion was rjlveii him lust n l|( jit iu suvc his life. Ho rallied soinc';:.bul Mill was rci»rt- itl In a'Wlchis condition. His wife Miss Mary Frances Sawyer Seriously Hurt; Others ] Receive, Injuries. ' ,.--•,'- - '^.-i Four persons. enrouUJ from Ca'tV -I code delayed Us presentation to F-resident Roosevelt, but Ihe ccd: v.'as expected to be signed during! Ihe day. The lumber code con-;" lained . siEnificrmt provisions for! price regulation end nllocailon <ifl p-oduction and was ready for Die' president's signature. : : j lltce representing all di-i Sitting on the right aide pi the table Is the family of fl. O. "Iloss" Shannon, charged with kidnaping Charles Urschel. Rending' left U) 'ughi, tire: v Ubss shannon ii'nd his wife. Ora; Annun Shannon ana his younv; wile, Ok'la, ol Paradlsu, 'iVxus. 'I'he hairing wits held bolilml Irekid dours and barred windows on the nflh floor of the Dallas- County Jall.u. s' Coinmls.sloncr Let- R. Smith set tliolr bonds • • . • . at 550,0;o each. to manufacture and wine .without paying ' the' tax was . .. defeated in the senate this mor- °' the seaion ' ning. 'Efforts were made in the house '" amend the bill relative to re-1 | !25 upward during the remainder Th2 company's wage Increases is believed to be. the largest pay here since the government's funding of highway claims to allow ',' llp - 0! ! men -L and wa!?e l ncrease persons holding warrants under | " r " c , "as.-been under way, £300 cash for each such warrant . " legardless of the number of such] small v;arrants they might 'hold. • Further action was expected next week. • . • :• | •• V-BMJt- passed in the lower' as. sembly appropriated . funds . for ' 'jjliulU-iiirion''! of ' constitutiilinr ; nmendmenU"and referred'acts, of the next general election; provided for corporations to borrow money for. the development of forestry' projects under supervision of the'state forestry commission, and provide reduction of. fish and hunting guide licenses. Because of disapproval of .tiie i A '2:30 p.m. when Jt was ' expected I lliey would IK presented with th? I tio'ministjation's version of a coal crxie and informed that it' was about, to be promulgated, by' the president. ' General Johnson drove Ihe brv- eain on'steel in protracted conferences that lasted much of the original bill by national authorities a.':s p educed Rate on Government Loans Changed (rom 4'A Per Cent .to Four Per Cent. Emil Schram, chief of the dralr,- night. Oillcjils .-were confyient age district division of the pe- tlrat smashing of (he ste?l bloc I cunstri'ftlrm Finance corporation, foreshadowed early action to put on an informal inspection tour of [other Industries under the rccov-! Drainage District 17 yesterday, de- jery code^ ,' ;' «.'. -• :-'- glared alter ia long distance. ..tele-; Hale" of. Wachado Increases' . As.. Patriots Broken Bodies Found. HAVANA; • Aug.' 19 (UP>—Hav- Johnson' hoped to pluce the format loode before President Roosevelt before lie leaves for his home at Hyd& Park, N. Y. tonight. Quick action by the president was forecast . by Johnson's announcement that the president already phone i con ye rsa tton - "w Ith' • officials at Washington (hat a reduction ui the interest rate for government loans from 4 1-2 per cent to four per cent hud been announced. The announcement wag received ' y. officials of Drainage Dislrlcl i : ad-approved of' the agreement] IV'as particularly pleasing in made with steel men. The agree- r of the district's application for n inent was for a trial ol 12,000,000 loan lo refund, its In- Uii. *i™ n-cimnimipntnru hill ins in"! ana *as-aroused~ : to -vengeful anger i u "- ™ A " regulating. fours ' = nnd | ueljt?diiess. The district is one of ^..supplementary t blll w. m-| , bod-l <™^ ofJW™ ™rkcrs w«i.-tteja. hit to apply for 'government wih ici ol .. ' Cuban patriots in a, NRA'.htvlng a voice in the su-jaM and Mr. Scliram, In wps adopted to another measure which would prevent, payment.of, attorney's .fees. In cases of the' .M»*»jdo ""> 'ation of th, . code. le.s of, his- 1 Tares , fqrtress, . ,/ : , . . .... * sk » 113 of some of; the vle-l Tax. Third Largest Source of U. S. Revenue Four in Series .of Rob- i Llul Ijcy .-» ii.^:.^ • ill kjiWMro ut Lilt , ,. . . .._.-.-.-- — . Mate regarding" the refunding act."' nls . w fT e cracked, said ;io in-;- •flic ..tomey general's staff was. <1|re ? eH1 'hey died under torture, i ',1,-iKnateil to handle such cases , S ? dle1 ?' *"**!* »«d members, with no extra fees except expenses I ° r " lc A - B - c - ^^i revolution-: Although the house adjourned if ?5J s °5 lety ' duB .i l f ut t>"l capital I n-cn until Monday the senate'was; . M . a . 5 »r more bodies, confident of, lo convene again at 2:SO this af- ""^"A "-"J'VrVlTf ° f f, ^ i r^~ lernoon. ^Leand secrei'^e' 5151 ^^tOsceoia -Officers One of the bodies was that ofi a student. It was taken at once to' i the National university and plac-| DeriCS. cd In state. As news of the dis-[ covery spread crowds vowing! OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 19.—Four WASHINGTON. Aug. 19. lUPI— vengeance on Former President! negroes arrested by officers last Taxes on the manufacture nndl Gerardo Machado moved to theli.ight arc held in the Osccola jail „_ „ „, :.nle of 3.2 per cent bser has be-i university and Hied past the body.'suspected of being members of a ii, ; ,t should this district b" graiit- (oine the third largest source of] A commission, of students apked! band pcrpetrotine a ser!l-s of rob-: a i a loai- and tnke up Us bonds revenue for the U. S. government.:British Minister Watson Clark to i- C ries in Osceola during the post that the gove-nment would exer- internnl r°venue figures showed I view the bodies and report to hlS |tW o weeks. Oilier arrests are an-|cisc a cloie supervisory control ....'._!'. .... ..-_ 1 '..I f..««. .... nncc-ihln t,.l,,*a ^ami.n^r. r«_ _. . . .'_ ... ''' '0(1111^ TCpOTtS Ol 11 1C (1|S- v.ltli Harvey Parnpll. former <\r- hnnsas sjoveraor, who Is now district chief of the federal loan di| vision,, were li?re checking- up on 1 I ihe anility of the district to .pay |urf such a loan as II has applied lor. yesierday. Tlielr \-isll wus htnctly inform:il, however. Nfr. Schram also said the period of repaying government loans, in the event District 17 or other dis- t.Icts receive loans, will be 38 years instead of 35 years as ori(j- inally planned. He declared that a five year moratorium on principal payment werld also be granted should the loan be approved but that interest payments v.culd have to be made by [he district durine that time. He :;:ild lloov of the Dallas Couutl Jail into an Imi und Kiirank ovci* n Id?. As he did' f j* e1t , ute< !'* ku , 11 ''.*• I-/Simon*, L «-,-,;i a rattler struck him, rlel.l wal irutnicWr a{ Ihe.CaruU..-;:.' er.ivllte high school, rectlved a 'en-,: | loiu back injury, Mra, Simons naB u concussion of tlie' brain: «od Jack Hopkc, young athletic director In the CarutheiBVilte .achpol, .| rccciyfd a broken ankle. . • '•„'; -'; They were given L . imerteaioy.; ' treatment at the office .of the of- i ficc of Dr. N. B, Ellis at..Wilson I and were: Immediately ,n»shed: to-' .„..,. the Methodist hospital in Mtm- Will phis In ambulanbr:: Their 'car : II-.-. AC )nr'l".atinns /\rp Ballots Connfpfl D3IIOIS counted. P^l., \Y/l,n«iP ractl ™ n y «l«moll8hed.' ; ''.'^rii'., Lolumn When] T hc acciseht ' > ^ the : higiiwiy.' . > ncor the home or Roy wllsdn^a J , distance nottrj-pf .town! Ae-.r?| A 'cording to reporttMe drlver;C6f -0. 1 !S . thp rnr atUmntcd x ia' n»ss • truck -I iUn A,,, MO M AUK. ! ;ntp|-A lt»ht vote on.iraunca of rcneal of the . 18th ^tr.rndmcnt w» t rervirtcd throwhout -Missouri irdny. wll!i every Indication that the •Mat, ' would become the to Join' the wet column. ', (on fl , ld Dry leaders conceded' a wet vlc-, ! T h, - c«-vMnts .were also tory and repeal-. forces made "»' bhiL^ S'-j «uiLme? concerted drive for a'.vote. In only r" llsea . fl - •> «u««mM n few. of-the larger ciiles wn.i there' 3 ' • • , • <• • •• •• j evidence-- of muchviftlerest.- At St. ' " v. prohibition) i woulii cW^iif.-.!"^ ^4^.,.*^ »Mi>t^,is^»Miii»-S in lo"1 to 20'fo t'ltWaJTWleved -f?*,f ^fuf 1 &-MuV. ; ^?^nM*J ;the' vote In at.'Lotth would bo ™f J"'L ^ h Ji P Zi - ^ rt ^2L 1 r approximately -160,000, - Tlie Kan- lrl ?°. ln .? .'-V 1 '.- *"?' i^iJip&fe ':'? - sis City vbt* '- w«r'e«pettid to ll »y,, ln , !lo S? rl ; ?/.:. lh , 6 ,'?"*?««»«, /S ', reach nWlbOiOOpit.-^ ' ' i ^tlval',which; la stated; to,b*}j» ^ 1 - „ * r'TT V ^.'~~l .1«. • . -' . i. A til nA>ii\« nn - • - ' -' < .. .-.•--- -. -'- nearly 'Iv.,-^,,, ... ; . , In many wards votes as high as, 1 ' 0 " 1 . . .. . .. , -,0 to 1, In .favor, of : repeal 'were , • Prominent apeakers. from j:! 'p*M'^ .cast. At Jefferson • City, the state; the state are EClieduled ' to (pik*, 1 : ' -- " '' ''• . , , capital, voting was. described »s-;iii'l--s :and ,«t", jr»iermek)n';- v , : '. }''•:,. apathetic.. .Similar re|»rts came;: TO 'top pff the'T.ehterUlnm^nt.^ - ami .festllti' "ieens'-:"fV : it'.' Jioin other dtlcs. ct'lleclcd by the government from ilii'i roi'rcc during tho month of July. IliR figures revealed. This i.irount showed a substantial in- nense of the June of $13.753.794. ' ^ Income and cigarette taxes were O'e onlv item yielding larger re- cel])ts durlnj July. York Cotton NEW YORK. AUR. 19 (UP) — Col ton closed Very steady. • 'open liigh low close Oct ..... .923 949 912 MO Dec 9*0 969 933 96! ' Jnn 946 916 945 974 Mar 9J9 993 956 990 May 966 1007 913 1005 Jnl 9389 1019 989 1019 Spots closed S35. up 10. qulat. i\r>tr Ortrts.iji f ofton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 19 fUP) —Cotton closed very steady. open high - low close •n potable future demands for the Thc s \ Kr ws office, constables extradition of President Machado. j., tlljs township tind special rull- aiul Captain Manuel Crepo, com- road ngenls joinr-d City Mn.r.shall mnnder of the fortress. Dave y in a . ,-jdespread search tritt's tax collections. About a week ago ihe R. P. C. Lotird announced a rale of 4 1-2 per cent for loans lo be granted Ttrnlii lei th (lie flftl anil .festivities' i filq .Island 1 ? from:;- surrounding; ''anwnj 'as-.'well. 4s : YLeachyllle- :: «t1V J \;| , Huge waternieions • of | the' fype-'si ,,ihal have made this .section : fa;-:.';• I nious'are here ready' for the eat*., -I I Infantile Paralysis •deral courtroom. U, S. Commission?.- Lee R. Smith held u lie'arlift JaranflSC WouW Like tp. 'Jv '^f fl^t> '-fi^-flr n?rc for Harvey llniley, charged with kidnaping Charles F. Urschel,[ if A •• ' ! M hi valued v.™"" * UtMB ikl.ilicmn.oii man. Heavily guarded. Bailey was marcher! a !2? Ve . ' JHf "'"^i Y ••'• .'/'££ Di:Kh. wcnden bcnr-h in-fore comini.uioni>r Siniih Hr- i<: <hntvn i,r>iH. Wparinrr Silltpn C.lntnps Physicians announced .^tpday.fM.; rough, wooden bench before Commissioner Smith. He is shown hold- Ing the silence he nn!nlaln?d throughout mc*t of the hearing whlc|i resulted in placing his bond at SIWI.OOO. Wearinc Silken Clothes. , Physicians aunpunced^t b • i. lowing an . autopsy; thi I— Am- Orcenwell! seven-year-old ' 10 work '. told of a new use for sllkWorm 5 -f 0 f when he- spoke here today. H Is '- °"" wln The •°-' ther< **" I - . - 1 . •- 11 - i now planned to mate -a material Wednesday night at a hospltai.of- I which will scn'e for men's suits '''-"P 1 "W-, ' ' " : i' • .'. \ as well as women's garments. I She was stricken 111 Sunday fk'Ith Imal suoke of silk as, Japan's a headache and fever. The "next' - "sltcnf diplomat" and compared day she complained of her hand- it with what he called America's hurting her and Tuesday' ntgt;t she the burglars, known to be ne- drainage districts by authority of who broke into the Adolph Weinberg store last week takm? Clifton II. Scott, federal receiver $150 worth of merchandise lor Drainage District 17 and pres- who btirglari/ed the Frisco freight :nent of the National Drainage, UP)—Six persons were killed here' 1 '" dairies appeared certain i ii- r- r A--- _! n ' VfMI'-" sllent diplomat," cotton. He went'her side became paralyzed. ''. SI l'ftwdy Hits rarm Uroup| Accused Dairymen Will 0:1 declaring that both silk and was rushed to St Louis'where s! Rt,,rnin« Home After Attempt fo Enlist Sup-,"Jjjjj^ t ^^^ t ^^ S^ 0 ^r m ^ te d ^T; port to Fl0nt CaSCS. ' that It was $rttrgh the medium of,, Because of the unusual ei£ • —— - i commercial.Cooperation that Japan; ments i n tno {\\ntfs specialist* A test of Blythcvlllc's new tax ttnd America have come to know;;, erc grante( | pfnrilssion for- an" today F nch othcr ' Government Not Yi To Approve From Atlanta Prison. Irregularities In Ihe indictment returned against Al Capone pects are .said to have Tennessee C ev . ra | Slifhtlv [milled WASHINGTON, Aug. 19. (UP)- penitentiary records . aeve_MI Ollgnily Injured In Thursday nljhts thefts the Edrlngton filling station Advertuin^ Promoter ' : Fined for Embezzlement i ." • . ,./.., 'Eicaped is Malone of SenathV MO..I' - I autopsy, the results of which will IM; use<l In seeking 'treatment for •ihe disease. ' '' '••- Willis It SUin By Poue was fined 420 and sentenced'.to 10 'days In jail on a charge ol j - einbeztlement by Municipal Judge] PINE BLUFF, 'Ark.',. Aug. II. .. Wnvne Pipnsngcr. 15. and Gerald • tinuances of a week were grant-jc. A. Cunningham yesterday. (UP)—As he was attempting ft . M-v'smorc. 16, of Lessenburg. /ted. It is understood that within | Malpnc was convicted in o case hie up one of the . bloodhoun* In Wreck This Afternoon Attorney General Cummlngs said y hurt, and several negroes were Wagner's hamburger stand and Oct . Dec Jan Mar May Jul 915 931 942 964 936 972 953 986 984 1004 980b • 938 960 969 986 966 1003b IftlSb 904 925 938 Spots closed 928, up 13, steady. Chicago Wheat open htsh low close Sept 83 1-2 S3 3-4 83 1-2 88 Dec 87 92 1-4 87 01 1-2 Chicago Corn open Sept 49 hl?h low S3 1-2 49 close 52 7-8 Dee. 532-4 51,3-8 553-4 57 7-8|(.r Qffensei. today. The attorrfey general said lie had not yet reached a decision (•n Uie question of allowing Capone to leave Atlanta and that he expected to make no decision for mother week. "Untile the indictment is clear- oil up," he said, "and we have adequate Information about what Is proposed we cannot allow Capone to leave, Atlanta." Capone at the present U serving time at Atlant afor Income tax evasion. If Capone Is allowed to stand trial at Chicago on racketeering charges and Is convicted it was learned he.would be forced to complete his time A Atlanta for the federal offense be- Icre serving time for possible lat- Percy Allen's fruit store, and failing to flrsd money at the Sinclair wholesale station the ^burglars took keys to the gasoline storage tanks from Ihe oflice desk drawer. s'ightiy bruised in a Highway 61 accident a short distance north of Blythevllle this afternoon. A three months old negro baby st'£lair.ed a blow on the head but ectording to reports was not se- ilously hurt. Charlie Bevey, negro, was driver of one car. It is understood, that the accl- rtent occurred when Moody's car struck the back end of a wagon and then collided with the nc- onr. The victims were members o/ a' lllat .time the accused dairymen nartv of 30 that left their home. 1 ;' w ' u attempt {o enlist sup|»rt of near Waknrusa early yesterday, <-ther dairy operators In making morning. Thev left Chicago shortly' " test o f the new tax on dair- oefore midnight. Thc driver of the ""' frier tnick, westbound toward Chlcaso, did not stop. His vehicle fldeswiped the Waknrusa truck, forcing it Into a ditch. Police House Dog Befriends Kitten NEW ORLEANS (UP) — When "Boots," pet dog of the fifth pre- clnct police station, saw "Betty." a tiny kitten, on the Elyslan Fields Avenue playground, the dog's first Impulse was to chase it. It chased, but kitty didn't run Then Boots calmly picked up the kitten and took it to a comfort-1 WASHINGTON, Aug. 19. (U?) Beach Patrol Popular With Police DENVER, Colo. (UP)-One of tno most, popular night assignments on the Denver nollce force |s that of patrollin? the bathing rrnr-h ft t jjerklev Park here. The sudden Interest In the nark . Paught and Pierce appeared before a recent session of the city council asking that a proposed onnual tax of $10 with n'. oddl- Konal dollar for each cow abov»> 1C be raised to a higher -fixed amount to be charged despite the "fe of dairies. The council refused their request and enacted ,nu lower rate ordinance. icsulting from an advertising pru- that was trailing htm Henry JtdC- moting scheme which allegedly!:on, paroled negro convict, wai failed to materlalire after several local nicchants had paid out moii- c.v on'the plan. shot nnd illled by a poese today." Officials of the Tucker prison" farm salt! Jackson was sought in ' Moses Moore was fine drive dol- connection with the beating of Ion for malicious mischief. .guard at Uie prison farm, whta Rufus Sevler and Terry Lane I tw o-negroes, Ed McCarroU and A1-. were flncd one. dollar each on: |. er t Johnson escaped Thunday erarges of dlstudrblng the peace. J. Neill Cooper It Hoxie Postmaster i: able office at the station. ^Since then, ihe two have been living' together on the best of terms. Coach AboHihes No Smoking Banj whcn"chicro["pol!ce"Albertj LY^N.-Mass. (UP) — Training Polce Charge Motorist Broke Jug of Liquor Howard Bevlll was amsted by police thlg afternoon on a .charge of transporting liquor after he allegedly threw a gallon jug of liquor into a vacant lot while being chased by officers. Police Chiem Ed Rice said he drove up beside Bevil's car and ordered him to pull into the curb — . but that. ,'3evlll suddenly sped Clark's order followed reports Coach Tom .Whelan has abolish-j-away. The Jug Is alleged to have " motorists thai, thev saw fourjed the edict against smoking. He.-been thrown from Bevill's car''near '• Clark ordered his policemen to (rules for Lynn English High arrest all midnight bathers In the!School football players will not In- Inke — particularly those without dude )he usual nnll-smoklng .reg- bfllhirtff .cniit • suits. ulatlons this fall. -Postmaster General Parley to-, DM,. nM( , ht (rom , Kdm . remove:says .players who wish to smoke,the county courthouse. A broken rtay appointed, as acting postmas-i ti,e ir lounging pajamas, nnd then- manage !o do so regardless of.jug-vas obtained by officers as Icr J. Neill Cooper of Hoxic, Ark. splash ab0ut ln u wn(j;ri | ru i Mi evW*n*« night. The theory advanced by of r ccrs was that. Jukton retunwd ' ti the prison to atd In the brc*k, Mccarrol! was kllltC yesterday bf a poese while Johnson Is still it L-irge. Ocorge Ives, the guard, ri- ir:ained In a serious conditions. WEATHER ARKANSAS -.Partly ctoudj -to cloudy tonight and Sunday. ", Memphis and' -Vicinity: ftlr fr- nlght. Partly cloudy totnbtrtnt'aod . not much chahpe .in' tempmtare. The maslmum ttoiperaton ht« yesterday fns M, mlntouo;. •, clear, accoidtnf tb,S«jnuel F. Her-. us, offtcisi ~

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