The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 7
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' ',"/»(5t 1' i H '29, • FOR SALE BLYTHgVlLLE (ARK;) N1BW8 FOR REM IA City's Wants Classified forYour Benefif ADVERTISING, INFORMATION v . • ' 'Dally raw p«r line for comecu- (Ive InEertlous: ' - . (Five averagfi words to a llue) :. One'ttnia per line ........... lOc Two, tunes per line per day .. 08--. Tlwee times per line per day . . >:<so Six times per line per day .. Obi Montli raw per line ......... Otic Minimum charge Wo Ad& oraertfl lor tnrce or £l tlm'es and slopped belore..expira nan will tie ctiaiged tor tlia; uum- oer ol times Uie ad kjjpcareil iuo ni ol mil inaael ,; , , • All Class'ineo «dvertls&i'g -'copy £Uin£itU!d by (wrsons reijidini. UUL. Bide "-ot (he cuy unist be ; . aecom. jiiuned oy casn. Kat*s:uiuy t« easUy couipuied from uou've tdi Ho respunsiuiluy will be 'taken lor ..more than one ineuiTeti • insertion ol any classified UQ. ordered lor irresuliu ikiu; -'the one uiao rait. PHILLIPS USEDCARS REAL BUYS SEDAN business;':i)itectory- [-:( Shoe Repair/ing Cpbb Undertaking Co., be SEJtVlOE iU Phwie : 26 •. OrPKK' WEATUER STRIP.. ...pitfca 'iuti 1 .' at' V'iiiU 1 - cos 1 /' Arkino Lumber Co, LET US DO VOUR WELDING AN1> MACiiliVE WOKK We Carry A Full Lino oMjlialtlUK i'Uuuu tiijS ULYTlIBViLLli MACHINE WINTER, JSCOMINGl SPECIAL i PRICES ,'pii' ' ^repairing ^ho«s uefpre cold.. weather. -. Progressive Shoe Shop ' " '" "IDS s. Oe( Your SUOE3 ready for winter. Newest machine Just installed, fc'vcry Job'ffu»rawt«a or money refunded. E. E,Ratclif{ Across from Hubbard Hdw. Co. B F, Kl^tr by * 32 years In (he Shoe Repairing business; when others fall, try SI. Simon Pi Lee, 111 So. R. R..:',6t. Chitwood & Vtfeidman Lkcuiuil.';. tilling - -JUtt'm Work toeiyften..!'.;.-.!-). and Chevrolet Closing Oui, EntireStbeis.of BOOTS ,1 I'KiiSfcNT WhOLJBSAbt Prices Hubbard Hdw/ Co. TjONiNOit & MATLOCK and '29 FOKIJ TOWN Trunk on rear '29 CHEVROLET COUPE ... '33 FORI) TUDOR \3 CHEVROLET COAC'II ... '33 CHEVROLET COUI'E ... '30 FORD CABRIOLET ••TRUCKS & TKAlLEliS* '20 OH EVKOLET TRUCK- '30 GMC TRUCK. Closed CiD, Largo body ?17; '30 JFQIiD PICKUI 1 . Closed <JS& ;... $16! KINGHAM T U A I L E11, Dual \vncels New 'i-u-es .. $105 \\E i'AY CASH FOR UcftLi (jAKt> SH5 53S5 $375 ^385 $195 S 03 ' IM) 813 Wanted To Buy "COTTON PLANTING -SEED and White, Vellow or Mixed CORK and SOY 'BEiVnS'. See Us' 1 .'For Besl Prices , Ilafold bternoerg' at STEBMBcKG fOTtON CO. oivc' ii CANARY for Xiijfi, 1 !. orptvii siiiBers very reasonable, ^irij.' -L McFall. ; (ja)l COUNTH1i~7lOME, 1 .-mllev Oft wiii bnih, uiitiirnislted ,. T . = MKNT, }V BlniQn. Call 7« • South'Franklin. Mrs. ElmfrArcfc p a ,-ii v lion, Gen. Delivery. n-n-k-a* w ui, WARM RbPM 111 inudeftl, fur• naco Jicn(cd;lio)ne'. Meii or. Irtis- Iness qoujilc ji'referreil. riipjio 054 W 21. • : 7o kit STOKE -with flMlircs, & RESIDENCE combined. 010 lake. t»r. '.A. Sallbn. ' 16-ok-18 I3EDROOM; adjoining bfllh. Men preferred, aia w. Kentucky. Tclo 1 phone 980, 8-cJc-tl MODERN & roum FURNISHED liouw, 1306 chickawybfl, Call 380. ' , 7c kit 3 room' FURNISHED APARTMENT, 203 W. Kentucky. Mrs. ' '. ' Gc kt£ with good, heiitlng system, i'hoi'.e 19V 01-571. • ia-c-k-23 For Sale REGISTERED Jersey mnlo iill:t and two Jersey cows. Ono-tip.ll mile north of Stole, Line. W II Easley. 18c t)naofw ' j- «nd »k' i ' CoW 1 ' •"• 'ei- .,SU ' Southern Spunlal prices on A\ito Accessories Tiros & Tubes, auarniitccd 'IMl : ' Mies' 53,'(;- i*.., .'.ulu VAij.i ,v Side rluil;, j.j.l'i up, i.'.M |,i, ".:,•, • '.;, " Alsaho!, Ko:'.!tT", r;! Ifcitlerles. Ifo- No. Q ERECTOR SET wltil electrl 1 motor. Good condition, anil 72VW 10-ck-a. . U3 1'BKPARR YOU FOR PupplM, lltl! Hulibavd Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phono 470 Phone TOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 209 W. Ash — .Phono e. No Job Too Larss; .or Too Small, hcasonuuio Trices - - tiuaraiueu'd Work BE CorntT Ash mid Uailroad In Old 'I"ritnty tarm liidg. '.'A'lV ANTI-KNObK aASOLINE : ;M hour service • "No prico lower Iliaii ours." Wauled Wont to ,Rc<\W$0 or 120 ii VSTIIO E. E, s Haiwktii5, Route i, u, sweic, Mo;-' .'•••' . '.. ]7-p Lost wwn TRUNK jilwed (nick In Iidnl of Furniture stbre • Wednesday .! ; by mlstiiko. LIBERAL REWARDi: If rclurnctl with contents Intact;,c'url Wilson, route. tt'i,\ - 20-p-k»2- .1 AN. WANTED • for,"RM'tcig'h;fblilfi•' ,'ln. .central :'Mississippi/-, iwH!)^ : , •oilisctl, counties,•'•BjytUtvllle. W.riV) '. ; qdny, Rnwtylgh- Co,, D?rt,i AKL^' : •'' OD, Meiii]ihl>>, Ttnh.; or we o'."" : KoUn|id,.Mp.'.-,Y. :.:;'•••.•!.!.• .':•.'• " IAN WANTED r In south ;• Mississippi, '(ioiiih •..'. "trccne toiiiilies, B)ythcvl)!o; \VrHo ' miicdlatc1y. ; Hawldth Co.,' DeM : iKli-4-OD,. Memphis, Temv, Qf'- ;( ^a Diiyc Edu-iifjih, Lcachvllle, £1$? ,. I'OV T)I K TAXPAYERS M" V 'AVING DISTRICTS' HUK TWO 'AND • The Tiwlng T(ix : fou'lOM'ls-^ 1 ' 1 now • due.' nnd should be paid'- •"' '•' econ. Heretofore'-; we .have %1 'l : been .pilmlllcd to hold:'Llio'•';;-;' books cscii j\lniosl:-indcfli]-""'-, : ' Itoly. This yeni',. -Iibwcvcr', : "' r ,' the Indications 1 nre thnt\TO". •" will not bo Mrmilted to'.dq-'-^ tills, bill tho delinquent-list'''?;;- will Imvc:'t6 be made'. InVtimO.--..'- to get into Ihc February term'"i of Court.. Uelny is'danger*'.:. - OUS. . •-.-..' i|>,«'i C. J. EVRARI)3^ FLOORS FOR oEAUTIFUL KENT OUK fLOO ARKIV10 LUMbER CO. Farmers! For $6.50 and the cotton we will mate you u Good WATTKESS. •"i'raje With a Home •liidusiry UW1OU3T1SKERS J. W. Jenkins & Son ilti o. txuiuunu - - i-none RITE PRICE GRO.CERY BUV GROCERIES RIGHT CUM H Li.T K Ll«E OP tsrni'Lt; uHuutKlliS, VEUBl'ABL,hSd, PBO- 1 , FLO UK, MEA'U, ETC, • In Old P. O. BWg. Phone XH - We Denver FR1G1KA1KK SKKV1CE l»ay til— HIT B. B. GKfc GLASS AUK-MO Coal & \Vood you have tried the rest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed Keal ^Estate Six rotuii s-lUL'co bungalow in pink of condition on 'corner lot 75 x 150, shade trees, garage, etc.' $1850, -.$250 or jess cash nnd $16.00 per month, 6f!, interest. Payments fame each month. Possession Thomas Land Company FARMS FOR SALE! Ternis Kea son able ETHEL B. THOMPSON Caruthersvllle, Mo. V WILL SELL WALK-OUT 40 acres fine soil, oiip mile due east ol city limits a new four room house, two good barns; two 7-year- old mules, worth S3», about 175 bushels corn, 8 tons of hay, cultivators,, wagon, all up to date farm equipment,' ini ance for $1800. equipment,' improvements, insiir- Price complete, S-IOOO, will loun 550 per acre at G iwr cent. Call or sec W. M[. Bums Agency • :--!'honc 343 & 212. Phone 127 Partner's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. Jly Coal IS Black liut I treat : While, Fill up now. JOHN BJJOHMAN . PHONE 10. See Us A pout Your Coal Blytheville Gjn Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2U \VE CANT SELL ALL THE COAL SO WE JUST SELL THE BEST PHONE— 100— PHONE E. 0. Robinson Lbr. Co. PARKS BROS.'COAlca I'HOISE 877 FOR "Jli-Lo Alabama" "Kncrgy Illinois" "Black Koyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL-LO\V' PRIOEU OT A. li'.iJinllc ol Blythcvillt. 53,000. '/i cash, JJaliitico llinu. [ •10 A. 1 mite of Blylhevilte, oni gravel road, nice home. ?3,000, | terms. •. ' •' | . . :' , , 1 J~ stctlon of land doss: .to'Ely-' theville. Well Iniprpved, $90,00 acre. . ,;i ;. : ': Exclusive A5cnls tor the original genuine Montavallo Coal .\Ve also sell Brilliant, ''Arfe. Anthracite, Illinois nnd ••Kentucky Conls. rhoric -177 • PITY COAL co. 12 room residence...-pn lot ijtar business center^ $2,000. Vi cash, or \v|l] "inaM closer--pride. lor !cash. '•• Thomas • •' rOK SALE . ;•. : ~ 77 ncrcs, 'all tu cultlval'iOli, lour miles frolii Blyllievlllc fn Ifliil Lake, lijic,, $85.00-'iwr acre, good terms. . .. •'• •;- . ; : -. . 10 acres, seven" nilles 'west, nil H> eiiltlvation. '$45.(K) .jiei' ' '-acrc. ' ' balance 'good -'leniib 76 NO.- D. PlanlaUoji acre.'-'"•'"'-- ' ' i,, C ,,](| va [i 0 ,,, joins ^50.00 per ucre.- ?7^.op .cash, '^lialance' good terms.', ;•]'t.-.',&'',,\. ''?4 ,\.' v '',•!'. ' -Comvay &'HouchinV' Why 'B^y Coal From Us? 1—30 years • In 2— Quality 'of coal 3— Prompt 'service. ; • 4— Courteous treatment. 5r-You.-,get all' 'you' p'^y Cor- "Qualjty; Group" : distributed by 1 Y' & BltUNOS ' .' Thonc 76 vj Personal ;$50 Reward For information let. ling . (o iirrest' wild . convlclion of 'jsarlles wlio smashed Guard's'uindbw Monday, Nov.- 13. J.' L; Guard' and V. K. Tomlinsoii, Chief Merchants Pa- . trol. Will quilt "QUILTS f'reaspnab'ly'. Work iteatly doiie, Mrs;' Lebuaid ' V. Holt, S. Lilly St. W. J, KNOX avlug, nindc all kinds of sli'oes for ABNORMAL 'feet, 'can repalr BED ROOM, close In. Men only. hoes .to correct ABNORMAL feet. 310 W. Walnut. Mrs. R. B. Nolen. , bcnulles. Mrs, W. E. McCiilloiigh - Carolyn Avc., I'rldo Aclditloi. ki (jigs, Poultry TWO ntccly. FURNISHED BEDROOMS, moderately priced..Mrs. E. A. f' ! sher, 101 E, Davis. 21-pk-20 Position Wanted BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Buy FRESH EGOS the day they ere.. lakh' At PICKARD'S Store, Will do 8TENOORAPHIO work at OH Chickasawba, oi' dlvect from ur dren wanted. 516 Qhlckasawba. night. Reasonable rates. Call SOI odors, arc being -sold In Purh. 'I'OO MUCH L'OK 1)1NN\ DtWlTHAT ). THINO WA5WT WORTH VEK TIME , DIWNY.' CUT OJT TH 1 MONKEY BUSINESS! AIMT GOT ANY TIME T 1 WASTE, WHILE YOU CHUNKS OOTA EV6CY CRITTER 1 U 1»31BY RtASUIVICClNC. I. BOOTS ANr> HKF- GOING TO TOWN! By Martiii'; HEP 1 . OEC, BWIX .... VT'& SC UV.W ( n\0>UT'. . (X^ U Of-NQURS, VOU XNOW.BOOTS. ..fif, \<\J30-/. , X-ICAM S.tE ME\j'e«. THOUGHT OP . WO V SEUEME >JlJ ! WE Olb ^ 60OO TIME',. DIDN'T PVECE). I'OWEO OUT TO THE SPUE Of EUEftM- 1 COVMN& UPMER6 WASH TUBES BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS! BUT I WAMT TO HELP you tooKy -WOOKV FOR "-IE ppwcey-WINCEY. &EAT ITr- CHANGEO'OUR MINDS. WERE GOfM' PISHIM' IMSTEAD. OO, GOOpy- Svoopy. i OUST ADotze FISHY- WISH iu& UISTEW. vou PEST, YOU'RE NOT WANTEP. BUT DON'T you, .y i.WOULDN'T LIKE ME TO BE _> M'Ke YOU IF cuTEy-wooTie?7 you it's A'BEASTY'-'WEA&V 6ET RlDPA HER THAT WAY, 6ASV. THAT GOOFY LIMCVO SALESMAN SAM WAMTs FEfl CWllsTMfts IS ft KICKS ftM' (iUcKSl THE MISSOURI KIU! OUT HER&. BILLY OL! TH' KH/S OM OUR. BLOCK'Lt_ QUIT, fOEPARTO-lEMT. PICKIN' OM M£l / PLEftSF_l 7/ . Be. BUCKs scgeLC' sefe) ' lit'tj* ISlr- ts .'-,".'•-- -•••\ii FRECKLES'AND HIS. FRIENDS His' UNCliB TOMMY! JUST A.COORLE. s'yrtjp^isK |<Sj T&"; SAVE A LOJ OP "''' ' ' t ooar rou-ow: MX : INSTRUCTIONS,' ' 86'. L/VTGK 'Dfl 4c kll

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