The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida on April 4, 1980 · 10
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The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida · 10

Tampa, Florida
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Friday, April 4, 1980
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10-A THE TAMPA TIMES, Friday, April 4, 1980 Lou is, other Jorge ..cities .1 - i rosnotic leap in murders feller If t.; - -T J . .ret" By ROBERT BURNS AP Writer ST. LOUIS Street violence most of it in the blighted black neighborhoods on the north side of St. Louis has put this Midwestern river port on top of the national heap in murder statistics. Police recorded 230 murders in St. Louis in 1978, 46 for every 100,000 residents highest ratio in the nation and more than double the rate in New York City. , Last year the killings increased by 24 percent, pushing the rate to 57 per 100,000. So far this year, 46 persons have been killed, down from last year's figure of 68 murders at this time. "A stickup in St. Louis used to be 'Your money or your life,'" said a cab driver. "Now it's 'Your money AND your life.'" The St. Louis rate-per-100,000 was highest despite dramatic jumps in homicides recorded in other big American cities last year. Atlanta had a 60 percent increase in killings from 144 to 231 which translated to a rate of 51 per 100,000. Houston's murder total rose from 462 in 1978 to 632 last year, or 42 killings . per 100,000. Dallas, Miami and New York also recorded more murders in 1979. - St. Louis civic leaders say the predominantly black enclaves on the north side, where murder : is most frequent, have become virtual war zones.' . ' ' St. Louis' chief prosecutor issued a public plea for help in curbing the violence. In an open letter to black church leaders, Circuit Attorney " George Peach said 84 percent of the 285 persons slain last year were black. In the cases that were solved, all the black victims were killed by other blacks, he added. "With these harsh figures before us, it is not difficult to say that blacks are killing each other at an alarming rate," Peach, who is white, said in his letter. "The slightest arguments often result in bloodshed. We've got to stop the quick rush to the gun to settle disputes," Peach said. The typical murder victim in St. Louis is a black male in his 20s, gunned down by a neighbor in a street near his home. In 64 percent of the killings a handgun is used. The victim may have resisted a robbery, fought over money or been targeted by drug dealers. "The law enforcement agencies take the atti-, tude that, 'Well, there's another black killed. That's one less black we have to deal with,'" said state Rep. Fred Williams of St. Louis, who is black. But Police Chief Eugene Camp commented, . "You can't patrol against murder. If someone wants to kill somebody, how can we stop it?" Black leaders say the business community has virtually abandoned the crime-ridden north side. What's left, they say, is unemployment and poverty. St. Louis has lost 58,000 manufacturing jobs, in the last 10 years. It stands to lose another 5,000 jobs over the next couple of years as General Motors abandons its north side assembly plant, the city's single largest source of tax revenue and one of its biggest employers. The operation will be relocated in rural Wentzville, 45 miles west of St. Louis. ' "When an industry thinks about where it wants to relocate, it doesn't want to have its employees subjected to the kind of crime problems St. Louis has," said Williams. Some police officers, unhappy with the department's failure to curb the murder rate, have organized the St. Louis Police Ethical Society. Solzhenitsyn a Its leader is Sgt. James Buchanan, a black who says the city should hire more black officers to try to deal more effectively with crime in the black community. St. Louis' population of 500,000 is more than 50 percent black. The police force of about 2,000 officers is 18 percent black. City officials say they cannot find enough qualified black officers. Many murder investigations are hampered because witnesses decline to testify in court, and the reason, said Buchanan, is the unwillingness of some blacks to cooperate with white police officers. "We could solve part of that if we had more black officers doing homicide investigations," Buchanan said, noting that of 16 detectives on the homicide squad, only two are black. Sgt. Norman Jacobsmeyer, commander of the homicide division, said arrests were made in 89 percent of all slayings in 1979, a rate he called the best of any of the nation's major cities. "I think the department is doing everything it can," he said. Buchanan, however, noted that of the 89 percent arrest rate, "most of those who are arrested are going free because charges are never filed," he said. Peach said he didn't know what percentage of those arrested are never charged. But in "a pretty nice chunk" of cases where murder suspects are freed for lack of evidence, Peach said, the problem is a lack of willing or credible witnesses. Peach said in many cases unwilling witnesses have an attitude of "to hell with the police, to hell with the courts." -,-E fHl&t 3 4. 4 ,3S Street violence - APPh0, Body markiers such as this one show- streets. The city has e ing position of a murder victim are seen distinction of "Murderf16 ".b?0Us with increasing frequency on St. Louis Capital" USA. i ssaiis confusion 3Pou? r!iETaunisrgi By PETER OSNOS Washington Post , : WASHINGTON - Alexander Solz-henitsyn, the exiled Soviet novelist and political polemicist, has now assailed the West for confusing its hostility to communism which he regards as too tepid, in any case with suspicion of the Russian nation and people. In his first major pronouncement in two years, Solzhenitsyn also refines the excoriation of the United States that has marked his writing since coming here in 1976, warning of "fresh blunders which will inevitably have lethal repercussions in the future." " Solzhenitsyn's views are contained in a lengthy article published Wednes-1 day in Foreign Affairs, the quarterly journal of the American foreign policy establishment. Entitled "Misconcep tions about Russia are a Threat to America," the article is severely critical by name of, among others, former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and former U.S. ambassadors to the Soviet Union Averell Harriman and George Kennan, whom Solzhenitsyn blames for failings of understanding and will in dealing with the Kremlin. Given the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Solzhenitsyn's expressions of alarm about Moscow's intentions are likle to get a closer look than they might in less tense times. But he has offered these arguments before. The burden of Solzhenitsyn's message this time is against what he regards as misconceptins about the relationship between Communism and Russia, where the system was first imposed. The grievous mistake, he writes, "is rr" n "t "r'jJi'-t - - - - - , il; Mf n I rjL-A i' . y f - V ; 1 w . i: J-h i-" i nv i 4 iv , 5 i hit "' f ' xi ill All;-; ' 1 n 1 1 Budgef study -DPI photo South Carolina state Sen. John Drummond, D-Greenwood, uses a step-stool as a place to sit and study the budget, which is under consideration in the Senate. The House has already passed its version, and the Senate has been working on its over much of the past week in Columbia. f "EASTER' WAREHOUSE SALE 713-A. S.HOWARD AVE. 251-5165 OPEN: SUM.. MOH.. TUES.. THURS.. 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This error skews one's perception of the threat and cripples all attempts to respond sensibly to it, thus leaving the West disarmed." Solzhenitsyn contends that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is an artificial entity, a totalitarian empire of many conquered nations and peoples that should not be confused with Russia, one of those nations,. Although, as Solzhenitsyn . notes disapprovingly, Americans often say Russians now comprise only about half the Soviet population, and the proportion is declining. The fallacy, he asserts, is to present modern communism as the outgrowth of an alleged "age-old Russian slave mentality." The notion that Russia is "anti-human in its essence," Solzhenitsyn says, is fostered by Western historians (He particularly attacks Richard Pipes of Harvard) and some recent Soviet emigres. "This interpretation," Solzhenitsyn writes, "currently enjoys wide support since it is so advantageous to many people: if the crimes and vices of communism are not inherent to it, but can be attributed entirely to the traditions of old Russia, then it follows than that there exists no fundamental threat to the Western world; the rosy vistas of detente are preserved, together with trade and even friendship with' communist countries, thereby ensuring continued comfort and security for the West. "Western communists are freed from incrimination and suspicion . ('they'll do a better job; theirs will be a really good communism') and a burden falls from the conscience of those liberals and radicals who lent so much of their fervor and their assistance to this bloody regime in the past." Ironically, some of the historians of whom Solzhenitsyn writes so disparagingly, especially Pipes, and many of the emigres, are almost as opposed to the Soviets as is Solzhenitsyn. But as he has demonstrated in previous work and developed further in this one, Solzhenitsyn regards criticisms of Russia's past as veritable blasphemy. His view of the latter days of czarist rule is positive in the extreme: "Before the outbreak of war in 1914, Russia could boast of a flourishing manufacturing industry, rapid growth and a flexible decentralized economy. "Significant progress had been made in the field of workers' legislation TECO, 2 other utility companies back out of nuclear plant deal Tampa Electric Co. and two other Florida utility companies have backed out of a deal to buy 30 percent of a nuclear power plant currently under construction near Waynesboro, Ga. Florida Power & Light Co., Florida Power Corp. and TECO decided against a three-partner buy that would have cost more than $1 billion because of the current" downtrodden state of the bond market. . The $3.4 billion Waynesboro plant will produce 2.3 million kilowatts of electricity when it is completed in the mid-1980s. Although these three electric companies have dropped out of the deal, there are still two Florida firms that could become heavy investors. The Florida Municipal Power Agency has signed a letter of intent to buy about 10 percent of the plant's capacity and the Jacksonville Electric Authority is reportedly considering buying as much as 7 percent. Tampa Electric Co. President H.L. Culbreath said recently that he strongly believed nuclear energy would be needed to meet Tampa's electrical demand during the next 20 years. However, he said his company had no immediate plans to help build a nuclear plant near Tampa, a project which would take at least 12 years. NEW TO THE TAMPA AREA? So Are We! Fellowship Reformed Church Carrollwood Shopping Center Mini-Mali (just North of Busch Blvd. on Dale Mabry.) We Accent the Positive We Are Interested in You and Your Needs. We Are Part of the Reformed Church in America (the Nation's oldest denomination) ,, We are interested in Helping Your Life Be Successful. You Probably Know us Some of Your friends are our leaders Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Robert Schuller Rev. A. TenClay Celebrate Easter With Us Sunday 1 1 A.M. Information: 962-2352 or 962-2906 NURSERY CARE PROVIDED NOW AT 2 LOCATIONS FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE MO00 OFF ON ANY PURCHASE pi urjiuu uk muKt I PURCHASE WTHIt fOIIPOM I ' LAYAWAY: LEVEL LOOP PRINTS SUITABLE FOR HIGH TB&CCir ADFAC KITCHENS, HALLS, ETC. $ O 9,9 JQ. YD. "9 up NO SfcRVICE CHARuc UN UUK CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN W aw- 1 1 4 ' ITITtIT."n WALL to WALL SPECIALS STAITAT$C49 $0. YD. COMPLETELY INSTALLED WtTH PAD. and the material well-being of the peasants was at a level which has. jieyer been reached under the Soviet regime "There was complete cultural freedom, the intelligentsia was; ; pot restricted in its activity, religious' and philosophical views of every shade were tolerated and institutions of higher education enjoyed inviolable-autonomy . . . This picture is not merely dissimilar to that of the communistera, but it is in every respect its direct antithesis." : Solzhenitsyn's contentions ,' are bound to be controversial, considering the weight of historical evidence to the contrary. But there can be no douYt any longer that his views are in the strictest sense reactionary. He favors the past and all the authoritarian, religious, social values of pre-revolutionary Russia. 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