The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on June 13, 1943 · 20
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 20

Tampa, Florida
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Sunday, June 13, 1943
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PART TWO PAGE FOUR TAMPA SUNDAY TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 1943 THREE ARRESTED FOR MISCHIEF AT SHIPYARD Post $1250 Bonds and Face Court Tomorrow Three shipyard workers charged ith malicious mischief resulting from pranks Interfering with production of chips and destruction of property at the Tampa Shipbuilding company were arrested yesterday afternoon and post ed bonds totaling $1250 a few hours later. They will be arraigned before Judge Himes in criminal court tomorrow morning at 9:30 o'clock. Those Arrested The defendants are: Charles Fred Apgar, 22. whose ad dress officers gave as '2205 North A St.. charged with malicious mischief and conspiring to damage personal " prcpert of - the shipbuilding company. His bond was set at $500 by Judge Himes. Jerry Murrhee, 25, of 8308 Tenth St.. charged with malicious mischief and conspiring to damage the personal property of -the company. His bond also was set at $500. Frederick Edward Estridge, 29. of 1208 Clifton st.. charged only with malicious mischief. His bond was set chinery and its evolution for employ-at $250. Iment in naval vessels had furnished The three men, according to the shipbuilding company, were welders and veteran employes of the company, Face Punishment The alleged malicious mischief of- fenses. Solicitor Williams said, are pun- ishable upon conviction by fines of not more than $15. jail sentences of not more than 30 days or both. The conspiracy charges carry fines up to $500. jail terms, up to one year or both. assistant solicitors said. Estridge was also charged with dam aging company property by welding a piece of metal over an opening into the fan tail on a ship, -causing damage of not more than $15. All of the offenses . allegedly took place on March 14. . Allen Andrews, FBI agent, who aided County Solicitor Williams, was listed as a witness against the trio. Zoot Suit Riots Held Not Confined To Any Race Group . LOS ANGELES. June 12. (IP) A governor's committee inquiring into widespread recent disorders involving juvenile gangs and service men de manded today that the guilty be punished, regardless of whether they wear "zoot suits, police, army or navy uniforms." The committee, headed oy State At- tomsy General Kenny, in statement said that "the problem is one of Amer- ican youth, not confined to any racial rmp." 'The wearers of the zoot suits are not necessarily persons of Mexican descent, criminals or juveniles," the committee continued. "It is a mis take to link the phrase 'zoot suit' with the reported crime The committee asserted that all ju- venile delinquency has increased re h. lnr-raserl - cently here, and "this includes crimes committed by youths of Mexican ori gin. But the fact is that the increase in delinquency in the case of youths of Mexican families has been less than in the case of other national or racial groups." w wvMM, oummuig up us investigations to a ate. reported there are approximately 35 neighbor- uwu s"3 " vugcies, many ui wuuac uiciuows iiavc crunuiai rec- .J 9 "Some of the members of these gangs wear zoot cults; others do not," the committee said. "Some are Mexi- cai, some are Negro and some are Anglo-American; that is, they include all types or classifications of youth. "Only a small percentage of these neiehborhood eantrs have h?en ' in. volved in the recent outbreaks (between zoot-suited youths and service men). Many of them are wholesoms social groups." The committee deplored group ac cusations as fostering race prejudice. As solutions to the problem, the committee recommended a community educational program to combat race prejudice of any kind, and urged that Spanish-speaking law enforcement of- ficers be provided. Russians See Invasion Sign In Allied Gains MOSCOW, June 12. (U.PJ Jubilant Soviet military and political " experts hailed the Allied conquest of Pantel leria today as a prelude to a full scale invasion of the European con tinent. Already, the newsDarjer Pravda said. Allied bombing planes have converted ALGIERS, June 12. (JP) The sub-SicilT and Sardinia, as wen as Pan- committee of the new French govern- telleria. Into giant graveyards for Axis planes and ships, adding that "the cates of Sicilv now are onen " Leonid Ivanov, noted Russian naval expert, said in the Komsomolskaya Prada nrenn nf the Communist vouth movement- "One may presume that all the Islands on the approaches to Sicily win iv icmmM faniiitatw o Tnrim nr. tvu. Sicilian onacr ttcoif and also the southern part or toeL,A"hUBh e GaulJe hf I"dic,ated A,r,t.. ,TfQli0v that he will remain absent from eludes the possibility of the erection of a zone of coastal defenses. Actually the Italians fortified only a few stra tegically important regions. Commentators in all Soviet newspapers generally drew two major con clusions: 1. The Allies have achieved over whelming naval and air superiority in the Mediterranean theater, plus a mas 31 ; ii i ier:y coorainuon oi an Drancnes the armed forces, enabling far larger operations. 2.' Italian military and moral strength is deteriorating rapidly despite the fact that the campaign against Italy itself may be considered going on already, and the Italians should be fighting harder than ever. Revolutionary Use Of High Steam Pressure Navy's Secret Weapon WASHINGTON, June 12. (JP) The navy tonight revealed one of America's secret weapons our warships can go farther and hit harder because they consume up to 35 percent less fuel than the ships of any other navy In the world. Development of a revolutionary system of propelling American warships has given them "the edge over foreign vessels that many times means the difference between defeat and victory," the announcement said. This was the first official disclosure of progress made on the fleet's introduction of high pressure, high temperature steam equipment. Not only has the system been used on destroyers beginning about 1934 but it also has since been -incorporated even in the nation's great new battleships, among them the North Carolina and Washington. Marks Revolution Naval authorities said that adoption of high pressure, high temperature steam methods marked a revolution in marine engineering which was made possible only by the application of American inventive genuius and American industrial resources to the needs of naval construction. It has been known for years that proposed uze of this advanced ma one of the great controversies in the seagoing service. Evidence of the fight cropped out from time to time at con- gressional hearings. Some officers ar guing for the new method of driving warships contended that only by its adoption could America's fleet be kept entirely modern, other, more con servative officers disputed the idea's practicability, One of the Incidental results of the Women To Wear Less and Less, Reveal More and More NEW YORK, June 12. (U.P.) Wom en will wear less and less and reveal more and more, sneak previews of fall fashions showed today in this self-styled wartime fashion center of the world. Stripped of all but the bare essen tials by the War Production board's forays into clothes styling, fashion designers have unconditionally surrendered to the shorter skirt, the lower neckline, the next to nothing sleeve and the nc-illusions silhouette. Just as during the last war skirts went up and necklines down, fashion shows of things-to-come held here this week show a kneecap skirt length and a silhouette that is as uncompromising with curves as a rjcncil. This silhouette f oreeoes the charms 0f the curvacious hour glass and takes to the T-sauare: broad shoulders re- main, but from there on down, there's E0 faking. Highlights of the shows include: A union suit of striped wool to be New Orleans Business Wl i 17 y V n .n A irJCIt CIC 11 CIV mi Line to Canal Zone NEW ORLEANS, June 12 Business men here, who have already beeun to put "Air Hub of the Amen An H.iii IoMot-c: ottpnHprl n Vinn- , tonihf. with GoVernor Jones, ren - ntlti- f Trin American remib- lics high oficiais of Pan American alrways ana others to celebrate lnau nraMon nf reeular service on the I " ... Tuar rrians-Raihoft air line. just before the dinner, the four- motored clipper Rainbow was opened for public inspection A matter of hours later, the clip per was scheduled to make the first of three round trips weeKiy to Me nda, Yucatan; uuatemaia city, uuaie- mala: Managua. Nicaragua, ana tin bca. Canal Zone, where it will make connections with planes flying on both east and west coast routes of South America. The outbound trips will be made on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Assigned with the clipper Rainbow to this service were her sister ships, the Comet and the Flying Cloud, each L 22,2 tons and. carrying 32 pas- sengers. The schedule to be inaugurated to morrow is based upon the following flying times: New Orleans to Meri- da (across the Gulf of Mexico) three hours 40 minutes; Merida to Guatemala City, two hours 35 minutes; Guatemala to Managua, two hours, and Managua to Balboa, four hours. Ground Gained in DeGaulle, Giraud Agreement Move ment fa reported to have gained1 more ground toward the settlement of the dispute between General De Gaulle and General Giraud today, but the two P""tipBf, ""su The rift which has threatened to I upset the delicate negotiations for a "Nation of French forces revolves around a number of points connected with the composition of the staff of the merged French army. fll lV? P well informed French circles in Al giers were generally optimistic over the possibilities that a reconciliation would be effected soon It is considered certain that Giraud will accept De Gaulle's proposal that the minister of war in the new govern ment have at least equal responsibility with the commander in chief of the - armv and tnat he .in atmi- tn l o w oi the removal of a number of officials whom De Gaulle has accused of col laborationist tendencies. It was believed that Giraud's chief objection to De Gaulle's demands is in the time element. The Fighting French leader has demanded an im mediate purge while Giraud favors a gradual replacement. ultimate decision to use the new equipment was that it made American ships' construction dependent only on American resources. Speaking of the first use of high pressure, high temperature steam in the Mahan class of destroyers which started building 10 years ago, the navy said "these ships represented a complete American design in all respects." Saves Fuel ' The greatest result is the reduction in fuel requirement to produce the same amount of power. This has re sulted, in turn, in giving American warships increased range of 25 to 35 percent, of extending the amount of time which the ships can remain on station and of simplifying the supply problem. The basic high pressure, high temperature principles were worked out by American engineers for land installations such as electric power plants. Those plants normally produce heat from coal. Warships generally use oil for fuel. In 1933 when expansion of the navy started, the engineering firm of Gibbs and Cox, the navy related, was brought into the work of fitting this new equipment into marine design. In the Mahan class of destroyers it was decided to use the steam at 400 pounds in 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The machinery was so radical as to be revolutionary and within the navy at that time it was a common argument as to whether it would work or wreck the ship. Along with the high speed turbines thj navy had to work out a new type reduction gear to reduce the revolu tlons before they reached the propellers, and also had to develop a feed water system to remove oxygen from the water which furnished the high temperature steam. Similarly "super heat boilers" had to be developed. worn with a low-necked, brief jumper. at Claire McCardell's. Sequinned tweed used by Jo Cope-land for suit vests, called "Jiggs," and at the tame designer's salon, short evening dresses with lowcut bodices and strap shoulders. The sword and the four leaf clover get co-star billing in the new Nettie Rosenstein prints for fall! and backless halter blouses for winter wear with suits are featured. Plush accessories, fugitives from automobile upholstery, are favorites and Rosenstein. Chinese, Russian and Mexican guacho influences predominate in all fall previews, with quite a few dresses showing the definite inclination to follow the sheath silhouette fancied by Madame Chiang , Kai-Shek, well-dressed wife of the Chinese generalissimo. The decorated hemline, and the blused torso show up continually but dirndls, zoot peplums of below hip length and shirrings all appear to be dead as doorknobs. WPB Permits Chicago! Furniture Market To Continue Operations WASHINGTON, June 12. (JP) Granting approval for holding the big Chicago furniture market, the War Production board's office of civilian requirements today laid down the pol icy that "certain furniture markets should continue to be held. Previously frowned upon, furniture markets in some cases have been found to play an important part in furniture distribution, WPB said. In granting approval for the ho!d ing or markets, the agency said it would basa its decisions on the impor tance of particular markets Li the dis tribution system and on assurances by market managements that everything possible will te done to eliminate non essentials, to limit attendance to ac tual buyers and sellers and keep this to a minimum consistent with effici ent furniture distribution." WPB said it had given careful study to the -Chicago market and had given ft clearance "upon securing assurance from the management." "In the furniture industry, central markets largely take the place of wholesale institutions and direct re lationships between n.anufacturer and retailer, and then elimination would threaten a serious hardship to many smaller distributors particularly in the most sparsely settled ssctions of the country who would otherwise have difficulty in obtaining merchan dise in a satisfactory fashion," WPB said. WOMFN PROTECT FORESTS SAN DlTEGO, Calif . (U.R) This city has begun the training of women for est fire fighters in large numbers. Each fire fighting station in the forest and mountain areas has a group of four women fighters, each with a man from the armed forces, and a fire engine They sleep in bunks in barracks, the only feminine concession being made to them was the number who had drapes. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE TO PHYSICIANS. The Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Florida wHl hold an examination at the Seminole Hotel, Jacksonville, Ilor ida. June 21--., Jii4:t. for the purpose of examining and licensing doctors in thi State. Applications should be in the hand o the Secretary seven days Iwfoie the exam nation. W. M. ROWLETT, M. D Secretary, PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GiVEN to all whom it may concern that on June 11, 1H4.'L tne Board of Couniy Commissioner of Hillsborough County. Florida, duly adopted a lesolution closing, vacating and abandoning that portion of Florida Street West of Second Street, as shown cn plat of Valrioo Subdivision recorded in Plat Book page S)!, Public Records of Hillsborough County. Florida. This notice i published within thirty (ISO I days following the adoption of said resolution, pursuant to House Bill 114. Acts of 1043 Florida Legislature. FRED W BALL CHAIRMAN. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. TRIBUNE Want-Ad Rates SIM, IK INSERTIONS Dally, 'ittv tint-. Sunday. 8o line (Minimum chnrge Daily. 40r (Minimum charge Sunday. fiOc) (Minimum spare. 2 lines! Count ft IVnrila To a CONSECUTIVE- IEKTIONS (Including Sunday IT Ordered) t limn. . . .-'Oe per line per Insertion .H times per line per Insertion 4 limes ... 18o per line per Insertion 5 times ...1.0 per line per mHrriimi d times.... ICo per line per Insertion 1 times. .. .l."e per line per Insertion INCH KATK Dally - P" nr Sunday $- "5 P" inrh 8peclal Monthly Rates If your name is listed In The Tampa telephone book your classified ad will be accepted on memorandum charge. It is NOT charged to your phone, but to YOU. Your telephone Is only your identification. In return for this accommodation, the advertiser Is expected to remit promptly. .. . ALWAYS ASK THAT YOUR AD BE REPEATED BACK TO YOU TO MAKE SURE THAT IT HAS BEEN TAKEN CORRECTLY. The Tribune aSMime no responsibility lor errors tn telephone ad. The Tribune reserves the right to edit, alter or reject, any advertising. All advertising is restricted to proper classifi'-a'ion. THE TRIBUNE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION Of ANY ADVERTISES! ET ORDERED .TOR MORE THAN ONE TIME. la case of error, telephone M-7777 without delay. Copy for publication following day must be in this ofliee before 7:."0 p. m. for proper classification. Pleate phone before 5 p. m. if possible. Tim Tribune endeavors to print only truthful classified advertisements and will appreciate having its attention called to any advertisement not conforming to the highest standards ol honesty. CLASSIFIED INDEX (Al ANNOL'M KMKNTS a-1 lx)st and Found a--; Pergonals a-is Business PerBonal a-"b Dressmaking a-:s Transfer. Moving, Storage a-4 General Notices a-fl Where to Dine a-8 Detective Ageneiei (Bl ' PROFESSIONAL, b-2 Optometrists )-3 UearinK Aii! (Ci EDUCATIONAL. c-1 Instruction e-U Beauty Culture e-:t Musical and Dramatic c-4 Dam-ins-(Dl HELP WANTED 1-1 Help Wanted Female d-'J Help Wanted Male d-'-'a Help Wanted Executive d-:i Help Wanted Male-Kemaie d -'ia Employment Agencies i-:ib Saleswomen Wanted l-4 Salesmen Wanted d-4a Sales Help Male-Female d-5 Ascents and I'anvassers l-7 Messenger Service (El SITUATIONS WANTED e-1 Situations Wanted Female e-'.l .Situations Wanted Male e-;t Situations Wanted (Mm.) (F) FINANCE f-t Business Opportunity f-'J Business Opps. Wanted f-."t Stocks and Bonfls f-!la Investments .Miscellanenu r-4 Mortgages Bought and Sold f-4a Real Estate Mcrtsrns.'e Loans f 4b National Bank Loam f-5 Money to Ix-nd f-rt Loans Up tn $300 f-7 Wanted to Borrow (Gl RENTALS K-l Rooms with Board ir-! Rooms lor Rent K-"a Hotels g-.'t Apartments for Rent c-4 Houses for Rent r-5 Farms lor R.nt ic-n Resorts and t amps g-7 Offices for Rent p-S Business Space for Rent K-10 Stores for Rent K-l I Warehouses tor Rent K-1I1 Wsnted to Rent (H I REAL ESTATE FUK SALS h-1 .Residential lor saie M-Miscelianeous H-Hyde Park PC-Paima teia West Side S-Seminole TH-Tampa Heights D-Davis Islands WT-West Tampa SS-Sulphu:- Springs ET-East Tampa Sub-Suburban h-1 Vacant Lots h-:i Income and Ruitie!v rroperly h-4 Beach Lake, Kiveitront h-5 Acreage h-ti Farms Groves h-.s Timber and Timberlands h-it Colored Property h-10 Real Estate for Exchange h-1 1 Real Estate Wanted TODAYS BARGAINS (J I ARTICLES FOR SALE j-1 Miscellaneous for -iaie j-i Miscellaneous Wanted j-:t Swap This for That j-4 runiture For Sale ;-5 Furniture Wanted j-5a Rcf rifrerators j-li sewinsr Machines j-7 Musical Instrument j-S Radio pnd Equipment j !t Office Equipment j-10 Typewriters and Supplies Sales J-1M Cash Registers Store Fixtures j-14 Machinery J-l rt Fuel. Coal. Wood j -J 6a Oil Burner j-l 7 Auction Sales j-l S Builders' Supplies (K BUSINESS SERVICE k-l Builders-Contractors k-:I R-painns-Remodeling' k-.'l Roofers k-4 Electric Refrigeration Service k-!i Paintinjr-Paneringr k-it Floor Surfacing k-7 Picture Framine k-N C!eancrs-I)yers-Hatter k-10 Lawn Mowers Repaired k-l 1 Furniture Repairing k-l 'I I'pholslerins k-14 Plumbing-He.-.tins k-" 1 Mattress Renovating k-oO Weldinsr (Ml LIVESTOCK m-1 Livestock for Sa e ni-"J Livestock "Wanted m-4 Poultry and Dairy Feeds m-5 Poultry and Supplies m-5a Poultry Wanted m-0 Doss. Cats. Birds. Pets m-i5 Hay Grain Feed (Ni HORTICULTURE n-l Seeds. Trees. Plants n-'J Cut Flowers n-.'l Fruits. Vegetables n-.'ia Canning Supplies n-4 Fertilizers (Ol MARINE o-l Boats and Supplies 0-2 FishiuE-Taek'e-Bait (Rl AUTOMOTIVE r-1 Used Cars fur Sal r-'J Used Cars Wanted r-: Used Trucks and Buses r-4 Tractor r-5 Motorcycle. Bicycles r (5 Auto Repairing: r-H Auto Painting r-! Auto Tires. . v-essories r-10 Auto Parts, Used r-l Trailers (A) Announcements la-I) LOST AN1 FOUND LOST Folder containing ration book, gas book and guardianship papers. Reward. Ration Board, Drew Field. LADY was picked np on Florida Ave. about 2 wek ago and left blue and white jacket in Wolf Bros, bag in lady'i car. Please eall M-G5064. LOST Brown billfold in Groveland. 5-ol cash, identification pnpers. and - T ga books. Large reward. W. Boles, Barlow. LOST Brind'e male tail. H-?4li'J. Boston, straight LOST Black and heifer calf in vicinity of old Tampa electric dam on Hillsborough river. Reward. 2,"18 Caracas. Ph. S-Tti-J'J-:. (a-2) PERSONALS BOTH REAPERS AND ADVERTISERS ARE URGED lo exercise caution in arranging automobile transportation with other individual. RelPrence should be ei changed and carefully Investigated. DESIRE transp. to Calif, about June tfl. Rural farrier. Valrico. Fla; DESIRE traiw. to Shreveport for one References. S-lfi!4. WILL drive or help drive car or truck Indiaia or vicinity. Transportation only il-SKtWl. R. J. Sea-rave. WANT to contact competent hypnotist in Tnmpn. Box H-flfil. Tribune. DR'VING to Richmond. 1P.4-' car. Will take I! to 4 to help share expenses. Ph. 4 :(!. WANTED Responsible couple to adopt l-wk.-old bnhy boy. For details, see or write Mrs. K. C. Milton. Rt. 2, . Box 51 Reynolds Roa 1, Lakeland. WAXTride to Nsshville, Can drive. Phone 80-1'M. Term, for 2 (a-2a BUSINESS PERSONALS MISS MER RILES, expert masseuse; wel -eonmmntirtei) '??r?fi RidTPWiwvl. M-5arVt1 Massage, M-5733. 2718 Ridge- wood. (A) Announcements ta-zat HUSIM:.!! ftKMINALS Swedish massage, steam, elec. cabinet re-Ineine Graduate 111 N Edison H-i2u:i4l WANTED H A KD-TOFI1 KEEJ WALKOVER BOOTER 1 . SVi Franklin St MEXICAN LEGAL MATTERS reliably handled. A. Munoy. 240. Juarez. Mexico MASSAGE. REDUCING TREATMENTS. REG. NURSE. 'H-S205.'. 322 PLANT. WANTED Washings without ironinj. 4 E1Emilv. BAY VIEW RESTORIUM. 34! PLANT AVE. SELECT DIET. GRADUATE NURSE. WILL care for children in my home. night or day. 121." E. Buffalo. a-3 TRANSF., MOVING. ST'R'GE IjOSG DISTANCE MOVING FOG ARTY BROS. TRANSFER 405 HAMPTON PHONE 4H37 LONG DISTANCE BUS TRANSPORTATION IM CASS ST. PH. 209! LARGE van rtlurnttig empty. Wants toad north or west M-1 Till ''heart rme (B) Professional (b-2) OPTOMETRISTS Save Yciot Eyes Eyes examined, glasses fitted. Take four eve trouble io man o' proven aruiuy The tame reasonable prices Save di.'ter-ence. Dr. H. F Reeves, reg. optometust. 15 E. Lafayette Sunday by atpoinimeru (b-3) HEARING AIDS SONOTONE. Ailv in Life choice ol Majority I Kits nil cae better I Free test. office home :i! ("i,2?n1l,jB Latest models, alFlTpe-. alo renin Its. free t e t. repair" R O. C. oien. 40 Ca'S St. (C) Educational (c-l) INSTRUCTION Girls I Women 2 No atfe limit '. Learn latest machine courses Tor immediate employment and highest snlariesl PAN-AMERICAN offers KEY PUNCH MACHINE instruction! Also STENOTYPK I ONLY ACCREDITED AND AUTHORIZED STENOTYPE SCHOOL IN THE TAMPA AREA). STENOTYPE is noiseless, portable, machine shorthand in capital letters. Easiest to learn. Startins salaries up to S32t)( per year in civil service. Also Typing. Filinsr, Dictaphone. Gregg:. Pitman. Comptometer Burroughs, Accounting. Spanish, Spanish Shorthand, English. DAY-NITE CLASSES. Consult us first! 12iit Citizens' Building. Ph. 447.'). sHUHitl AND and typing course, complete :i(l to ltd rtnys pnv teacher M I 1 I I CONVERSATIONAL Spanish, teacher Robert I,ndn. Ph H-CS80-; Exp Jctss To meet the unprecedented demand for clerical worker the Business University of fer.s short intensive course in quality rou quickly for a lob. ReTresher courses are al-o offered in dictation, typing. English filling. hooltUecping and olfiee machines. Ilegin any school day. 014 Franklin St.. Phone 2155. V. S ARMY AIR CORPS NEEDS YOU I LEARN PARACHUTE PACKING SHORT COl'RE LOW TI-TION WAR WORKERS NOT ELIGIBLE Parachute Institute ins W Lafayette Ph H-1S7 If Ym Want To Help On the civilian front. Parachute riggers work diiectlv under the Army. The work i clean and entirely suitable for women. Placement tervice for all graduates Day and night classes. Demonstration bv appointment. Essential war workers not eligible Par&cltste Riggers Ssto! 1 1 0 1 Flo-ids Ave. Ph. 4431 BARBERS WANTED everywhere, pay onward to S7. per wtik. MO days train ing will nrrnarc you for a position. We nav rou while 1-arning. Florida's Barber College. Jacksonville. Fla. GIRLS MAKE SjO a week in beauty culture. We train you at your own terms Florida's Beauty Culture College. Jacksonville. Fla. . (c-2) BEAUTY CULTURE SPIRAL PERMANENT WAVES. Phone H-44'211. Mrs Kils-ore. COK S Albany. c-4) OANCINW DANCE! BE POPT'LAR. CECILE HIL- LTARD. THOS. JEFFERSON HOTEL. 41 Kb" HALLK.M dannng. pnv. flntmn Rronk CO? Parker quick Ita't. H-:i3fl.S4. (D) Help Wanted d-l HELP WANTED FEMALE SECRETARY Young lady with secretarial and statistical experience wanted by local corporation Permanent position, pleasant working conditions, good re muneration. Applicant must be permanently located and be well recommended. Apply Box Y-674, Tribune, giving full details relative age, exper ience, background. Replies will be kept strictly confiden tial. Wanted, experienced maids Applv Housekeeper at Flori dan Hotel. SENIOR beautician. 552."i per wt-ek ai ary. Permanent position. Call morning S-52I50. l,U.MK Hiid small salary lor middle aged companion for elderly lady. Appl 1(1 First Nat l. Bldg. Colored Women For permanent employment and good piy. Dishwa-heis or helpers. In one of Tampa s nuwt modern kitchens. Apply lo Mrs. Ailair. Madison Drug Store. HOUSEKEEPER companion. Good home. No objection to 1 child. Must be neat and ongreniul. Give eoninlele information first letter. Box C-0."ll. Tribune. Waitresses, 6 days. Meals and uniforms furnished. Rex Cafe, 202 Polk St. MIDDLE-AGED while or colored woman to live in home or work between 10 and 5 to do general housework. Call between 10 and 1. 8-4021. HOUSEKEEPER. strong. middle-aged woman for semi-invalid, no lifting, $7 wk Box NO'--. Tribune. """RELIABLE MAID. NO HEAVY LAUN DRY. PH. H-14!l.-t. WAITRESSES Wanted. $1'Z week, meals Union Station and uniforms. ti days Ruilru a d L u n c h R o i ro. GOVERNESS" to two girls, aires 4 and 0 yrs. Complete cnarse, lor woriiing nioiner. Colored help dnce all household and wash ing duties Room, board, laundry ?io month. Box o'l. I-esburg. Fla. Experi enced need only apply. WANTED Experienced waitress, 5 'til S p. m. Good wages. Jaearanda Tea Room, 100 Plant. YOUNG lady experienced stenographer for private secretary to manager. SI 25 mo. to start. 40 hrs. wk. Apply 1310 First National Bank Bldg. LAUNDRESS Colored sirl or wanted days. Phone S-455'2 or S- woman !50S. STENOGRAPHER anil filing clerk-. State age and salary expected. Box R-008, Tribune. ' COLORED GIRL, half or all day work. 0 days per week. Ph. W-:11.V!. DISH WASHER, colored, furnish health ca"rd. Orange Pharmacy, "llo Grand CenttMl. r.APliKlENCi,) sienog. aiJiier. Apply ;iH Twigs-' S.. Monlay. effr 10 n. m. HOUSEKEEPER Small town, modern honi". Have one in family. No objection to small child. Box R-B02. Tribune. BEAUTICIAN wauled Senior or junior. Guarantee S'LI. Can make $40 to $.i a week. Apply Muu. morning. Darling's Beauty Shop. WANT all around beautician. S'JH guarantee. G-cod hours. Apply Mon morning Vald-J! Beautv Parlor. 807 Tampa. COLORED maid for family ol three. Phone S-yy'-Jo or S-557y5. (D) Help Wanted (d-I) HELP WANTED FEMALE Ti LAUNDRIES HEED ' HELP , AT ONCE White or Colored Following Jobs Checkers, Sorters Markers, Classifiers Laundry Press Operators Flatwork ironers, Shakers, feeders, folders. Extractor men Washmen v Dry Cleaning Pressers , Wrappers. YOU CAN DO YOUR PART IN THE WAR EFFORT BY WORKING IN THIS ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. EXPERIENCE PREFERRED BUT NOT NECESSARY. Vases Above the Average If now employed in a critical industry do not apply. Take This Ad to Your Local Employment Service Office OF THE War Manpower Commission At Once White Applicants Apply 500 Jackson St. Colored Applicants Apply 502 Jackson St. 10 girls, for tapeing, stitch ing, bundling. Beginning rate 45c per hour, for 40 hrs. Time and half overtime, average wk. 48 hrs. No one novv'in war production work need apply. Report with referral card from u. b. .Lmployment Umce. G a y 1 o r d Container Corp., Howard and Inman Ave. GIRL for houscwdrk. care Pu. H-:j!ll5. for child. sma!l family. WAITRESSES wanted at Union New Co. at Bi:s Station. WANTED WRAPPER LAYER FOR AUTOMATIC CIGAR MACHINE, 1313 tTH AVENUE. OFFICE ASSISTANT FOR GENERAL OFFICE WORK. KNOWLEDGE OF SHORT HAND NOT ESSENTIAL. CIVE AGE AND EXPERIENCE. THIS IS AN ESSEN TIAL INDUSTRY. BOX E-05H. TRIBUNE. CURB pirl over 21. Apply afier 11 a. m.. 4SIIS Florida Ave. week days. EXPERIENCED restaurant waitress wanted. $15 week and meals. No Sunday. Opportunity for advancement to right party. Apply ready to work, .shipyard Canteen, 1011 Grant St. YOl'NCi EADY TO LEARN SMALL AU TOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL UNIT REPAIR ING TN ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. WORK IS CLEAN AND UNDER GOOD CONDI TIONS. FORMER EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. PERMANENCY IS ESSENTIA L. GIVE AGE. BOX F-fi.Vt, TRIBUNE. WANT WASH WOMAN FOR ONE DAY PER WEEK. W-lOfiO. LADY to leacli and care for 4-yr.-old ivo.v. '. ,o Jetton Ave. BEAUTY operator wanted. No license necessary. For MacDill WAAC beamy salon. Apply SOT Tampa St.. Mon. Exper. col trirl for regular or day work. Health card. Ph. H-40OI 1 . ELDERLY woman help with housework and care of children for working- mother. Pcnm ;'nd board. Rea. nay. Ph. S-701J5. Housekeeper !10 to 45 for man working. Duties lisriit. Box H-fiS.'l, Tribune. SALESLADIES to work for photography studio. Neatness and personality more important than experience. See Mr. Samson, 10 a. m.. Monday, Room 21. 'I, Stovall Office Bid?.. 410 Tampa. Wanted Page girl, must be over 21. NO ONE XOW EMT'LOVKn AT N Fce?'TI f, VMI JOB NEED APPLY WITHOUT A REFERRAL CARD ISSUED FROM U. S. E. . Hotel Tampa Terrace BOOKKEEPER Permanent position for experienced bookkeeper, open with large corporation. Please reply to Box S-693, Tribune, giving age. education and experience. Replies confidential. WHITE housekeeper. Live on premises. .1 1 1 " .'nil Ave. WHITE woman for hi: lit housework. No children, no washing, live- on premise. Must be able to cook and keep h-use clean. Connie works. Call S-19.'i8 Sun day or M-12'.'l Monday. WHITE GIRL Phone H--M743. for mother's helper. J WOMEN. 1 for kiic'ieu, 1 for counter wrrk. USO Snails Bar, 21 1 N Blvd. (d-2) HELP WANTED MALE MEN If you have some experience in automotive electrical work, radio, house wiring, armature winding line construction or any other branch of the electrical trade, report to Henderson school, Henderson and Jefferson, on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Friday nights at 7:30 for preliminary examination. Can place you immediately in marine electrical work in Tampa Local Union No. B-108, I. B E. V. WARTEB Colored Men For Service And Main Work 4S-hour week, all over 40 hours overtime pay. Apply Tampa G;is Co. Warehouse, Lozana & Cuba, near Fortune Street Iwidge. No person now wnrkinar in a war production plant need apply without a referral eai'd issued by the U. S. Employment Service. KITCHEN helpers and bus boys wanted at once, t . w . woolwortn t.o. rnt.OHVT) RUT. I. BOYS WANTED. AP PLY PARK HOTEL, 'ZVi W. LAFAYETTE. (D) Help Wanted d-2) HELP WANTED MALE For The Most m s FOR THE AT s COo, Inc. Married Men Age 30 Or Over Can Earn. While Learning To Become Sheet Metal Workers Marine Electrician Marine Pipefitters Outside Machinists Riggers Welders Wages Approximately $35 Per Week To Start Mechanics Scale $1.20 Per Hour Promotions Rapid As Earned Previous Experience Not Necessary 2 g U General Clerical Experience Not Over 50 Years .of Age (Work Too Strenuous For Women) Wages Approximately $33 Weekly Take This Ad To Your Local u. s. Employment Service Offlc f THIS IS AN A. F. OF L. SHIPYARD) CRITICAL INDUSTRY WORKERS SHOULD NOT APPLY Listen To Oir grams MONDAY WD AE AT 7:20 WEDNESDAY WFLA AT 0:110 THURSDAY WDAE AT 0:25 FRIDAY WFLA AT 0.30 EXPERIENCED carpenters and helpers, steady work. Call at field office. Loach man Ave , Bayshore Beautiful, or Phoue w-tfl04. DAIRY hand to run milkrns machines or strip behind. Live on premises. No person now workin? in lumber, agriculture or other essential war production plant need apply without a referral card issued bv V. S. E. S. office. Lake Wales Dairy, Lake Wales. Kla. MEN 18 TD 50 PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE SOI NEEDED For Apprentice Electricians xYra Cam Earn ' WM!2 Yen Learn GOOF PAY IN TAMPA WAR INDUSTRY Ags aM Draft Requirements Between ages of 18 to 38. must be married and have at least one child or draft classification 4-F. Do not apply war industry. IF employed In For full details apply tn person to Lccal Union He. B-l L B. E. W. 22 Tampa St. n l ' RS f) A M Tl fl P M MAN with knowledge of mucbines tor local nlnner mill Box (;-.r)T. Tribune. W ANTED Men with dredge experience. Foot Harrison St. at River. YOUNG MAN BETWEEN 10 AND .-10 AS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL HELPER. THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. GIVE AGE AND EXPERIENCE. IF ANY. BOX G-OOO. TRIBUNE. Painters Paperhangers ALSO STRONG BOY OR GIRL 5225 Florida Ave. .TIM REYNOLDS Man experienced in milling feed, managing feed warehouse and truck transportation of feeds. Salary $35 per wk. Write Box S-471, care Tribune. PLANT labor wauled, while uftd colored Cosmopolitan Ice Co.. 21st and Olh Ave M Kam Ferlita or Mr R n- WANTED Combination photographer and nhotoensrraver. Night work. Write Vandy Forrester. Ennirror, Columbus. Ga. CRITICAL RMJSTtY KEEBS 20. MALE CLERKS Married Physically Sound' Ages 30 to 50 Inc. SALARY ABOUT TO START $:i WEEKLY INCREASE AFTER 6 MONTHS Work Too Strenuous For Women Help Your Navy Help Yourself Shipbuilding Ql, Inc. (THIS IS AN A. F. OF L. SHIPYARD) CRITIC L INDUSTRY WORKERS SHOULD NOT APPLY Apply to Your Local Employment Service OR THE WAR MANPOWER COMMISSION 500 Jackson St. Help Wanted d-2 HELP VVANTEII MALE GET ' IM E FIGHT WAR WORKERS NEEDED ROW To Build CARGO SHIPS For UNITED STATES MARITIME COMMISSION AT McCLOSKEY & CO. HOOKER'S POINT SHIPYARD TAMPA. FLORIDA WANTED AT ONCE Wages $1.20 Per Hear ' Leadermen $1.30 Per Hour Wages 63 Cents Per Hour LEADERMEN 73 CENTS PER H0UB THIS IS AN A. F. OF T.. SHIPYARD WORK 48 HOURS PER WEEK PAY FOR 62 HOURS Apply Your Union Agent OR NEAREST TT. S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE DO NOT APPLY IF NOW EMPL0TEO IN CRITICAL WAR WORK McCLOSKEY & .C0. WANTED CONTRACTOR WITH SUITABLE UP TO DATE MACHINERY FOR IMMEDIATELY CLEARING APPROXIMATELY :i5(l ACRES OF PALMETTO AND PINE LAND. ADDRESS A & W. BULB CO.. P. O. BOX 270. CLEARWATER. PH. LVtiiS. :i ABLE bodied intelligent men. Warehouse checking and slock records. Earnings $-i00 to $:i00 monthly, including overtime. State age, present occupation, when available. Permanent potitions. Box L-OKO. Tribune. Wanted Col. Men To Work in Warehouse Security Feed & Seedl Co. Ph. M-1501 Polk It Ashley WANTED Experienced milker. mo. and turn. apt. lor man and wife. Phone S-52.5.V WANT L 1st class carpenter or cabinet maker. Apply 500 E. Ross. II emploved jn defense work do not apply COLORED PORTER-WANTED. APPL? AT WOOL WORTH. x.,'-. TYPEWRITER MECHANIC". MUST BE FIRST CLASS. Typewriter ft Repair Co. H-10 E. Broadway Ph Y-4T07 . V ANTED Man with experience in oil business to. take over commission route.." Must have S5000 to buy truck, equipment and accounts receivable. T. Laziara. P. O. Bov l'M.'t. Tamoa. WANTED Intelligent young man lo. work in enrage and station will pav good salary anil teach mechanical trade to th right nnrty. Apply 131ft S. Howard Ave Service manager for retail tire business, handle sales and service, wonderful opportunity for right man. Salary and bonus. Give education, age, experience, draft status. Bore M-689. Tribune. WANTED Elderly gentleman wants middle-aged or older man to live with him on lake place i.irm. t an arrange to share in chicken business. Prefers man with small inenmn who wants a good country home. Reler-ences exchanged. Write full particulars to J. R. Wray. Box IO.jI. Tampa. "WANTED AT ONCE Sho repair man? Must be 8!ib"r and honcet. Box 785, Pun-ta, Fla. STRONG bov to learn furniture business. Steady with advancement. 1110 Kla. " WANTED 'J Ccoks," 1 dishwasherr" C porter. App!y 'his morning. The Tavein, :ni Franklin St. WANTED Grocery "clerk for Saturda: T 10 ci- older. 400U Florida Ave. MAN witn some experience in truck farminr or flower growing. Armenia Gar-lens. 4500 Armenia Ave. Wanted Semi-trailer truck driver, experienced in moun tain driving, necessary be away from home most of time. For full particulars call Wes ley H. Hamiter, Sunday, W-2534: Monday, H-4844. INSURANCE SALESMAN AND ORGANIZER Experienced life insurance salesman listrict manager for Tampa territory. W have a unique and timely plan of selliiijr life, insurance with war bonds to build retirement income. This is the easiest el! ing pian 1 have seen in 30 years' . experi ence. Direct mail leads. Salary and com- mb-sion basis. Write or wire E. JAY RECKER. General Aarent. CONNECTICUT? MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. 704 B.irnett Building. Jacksonville, Florida. RELIABLE person to act as chauffeur in Tampa area. Room and board it de-ircrt. Box1 T-070. Tribune. (d-3) Help Wanted Male-F emale COOK for new small restaurant, nay. Phone H-4 1.10.1. Good POSITION open for man or woman wall experience in manauing a laundry agency, Brx T-004. Tribune. WANT FOR FARM Man and- wile, colored or white. Have nice quarters. Yery good proposition for right couple, Gordon Studio. 610 Citizens Bldg. . WANTED An experienced farm coupli for a rrood, permanent job on poultry farm. Box W-07-J. Tribune. COUPLE Cook and utility man, live on premises, references. Box C-078, Tribune POSITION open for man or woman witli general office knowledge anil some bookkeeping experience or training. Box M-711, Tribune. (d-3a) EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES WANTED Mais ei 18 CSiefSo. Ccaks StSECS. SHIPPING CLKS. SVLESLADIKS 'IO CARPENTERS WAURFSSES. $-o WK. :!! LABORERS CASHIERS. CHECKERS DRIVERS 1(11 COUNTER-SODV GIRL DISHWASHERS HOUSFK EEPEHS STORE RM. BOYS NURSES. MAIDS Help of All Kinds Waited White aid CoMest, Age 18 TO 55. "EE MISS SHARPE, MGR. A. B. C. Hup-, 620 Twiggs TRUSTWORTHY AND DEPENDABLE No Charge For Registration PERSONNEL SERVICE 1107 FIRST NATL. BANK, FU. 8234 D) 511 LABORERS

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