The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on October 15, 1947 · 16
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 16

Tampa, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1947
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TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE 16 Wednesday, October 15, 1917 PLANT CITY MAN IN FAKE HOLDUP GETS YEAR TERM Found guilty of embezzlement, Jerry Cargle, 41 -year-old Plant City laundry truck driver, was sentenced to a year's imprisonment at Raiford State Penitentiary yesterday in Criminal Court by Judge Himes. Cargle was accused of embezzling $98 in company funds and then staging a fake holdup to cover up the loss. He allegedly hired a Negro to bind him and drive the laundry truck away, and then broke his bonds and reported a holdup. In another case, John Kazackos found guilty earlier of embezzling $603 which he had received from a realtor, R. M. Smoak, to pay a man listed as L. D. Clement was given another chance to raise $1100 to settle the claim against him and pay costs of court. Kazackos, also known as John Cook, was convicted of embezzling the money while Smoak was handling sale of a cafe at 2100 Tenth Ave. from Kazackos to Clement. DAMAGE SUIT IS FILED HERE O. A. Price, watchmaker filed a suit in circuit court yesterday seeking $10,000 damages against Morrison's Cafeteria and George T. Taylor Construction Co. Harold O. Farnsworth, attorney for Pierce, said the suit covers damage to materials and equipment caused by debris thrown on the roof of the building occupied by Pierce. Workmen on the remodeling of the building for Morrison's threw bricks and other debris on the building, which caused water seepage, and openings in the roof, Farnsworth charged. ADVERTISEMENT ACTIOII BRINGS ska& SATISFACTION Capudlne acta two ways to bring quicK eomiorc to sunerers rrom neaa-acbe. 1st, It eases the pain. 2nd. 14 soothes nerves upset by the pain. Liquid Capudlne acts fast its Ingredient! are already dissolved all ready to start this double-action relief. Uh only as directed, lOe, 30c, 60c sizes. ADVERTISEMENT TRY THIS EASY. ECONOMICAL WAY TO MORE ATTRACTIVE HAIR For ncher-looktng, more lustrous hair, massa f?e scalp with Cuticura Ointment to stimulate Circulation and loosen dandruff. Later, shampoo with Cuticura Soap. Today at druggists buy fragrant, mildly medicated Cuticura. THefl-anfl-ProTen Relief to Sufferers , Sinus Hay Fever.. Asthma Chronic Constipation ParMaalize Nomalizars. Easy ts im. Eack Custom Mad is ear Laboratory. Backed by Ytars ef Research. Development aid Treatment. Made for Individual. Home . Cas Be Rented Or Purchased Fee Cenplete Information. CT1 This Ad and Mall Today ELECTRONIC NORMALIZER ' LABORATORY 808 Hilderbrandt Bid. Jacksonville. Fla. Phone 5-0672 NAME A09RESS 8 1014 1011 IT. S. WEATHER BUREAU, TAMPA, FLA. IftIA tw i li riui",w ?.uo iuuj inn m I . I ft m -WMM SasBasn AT M mr M T -SMS"- mTZm. . . M rmmmmmmM mm m m m mLr mW M m MT' HIGH 30.12 Temperature Figures Show Regional Weather Arrows Denote Wind Flow Cloudy O Rain Partly Cloudy f) Snow () Clesr Figure Without Symbol Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front rs-Occluded Front tT' 29.94 P.M. OCTOBER 14, 1947 BIG TRAIL INN SUIT DISMISSED Federal Judge Akerman yesterday dismissed the suit of the Michigan purchaser of the Big Trail Inn at Clearwater Beach against the real estate firm and salesman he claimed misrepresented the property to him, but gave the plaintiff leave to amend his complaint to Include proper parties. The plaintiff, James Bizanes, St. Joseph's, Mich., filed the suit here COLO FRONT A boundary line between cold sir and a mass of warmer sir. under which the colder sir pushes like wedge, usually advancing southward and eastward. Warm front A boundary between warm and s retreating wedge of colder sir over which the warm air is forced as It advances, usually northward and eastward. Stationary front An air mass bound ary which shows little or no movement. - Occluded front A line along which warm air has been lifted from the earth's sur face by action of closing wedges, of, cold- sir. This lifting of the warm air often caused precipitation along the front. Isobars (solid block lines) are lines ol equal barometic pressure and form pressure patterns, wnicn control me sir now. NEWS OF RECORD BUILDING PERMITS Total. 1 ? ? ? Amount involved in construction. 427.-770. Amount this month to date. $576,385. Lester Le Orange. 314 E. Ross Ave., add room. $400. Mrs. Tucker, 612 De Leon, reroof. $500. Oscar Poller, 1613 E. Broadway, paint exterior. $300. E. R. Giddings. 709 Hugh, repair porch, $50. Louisa Singleton. 1216 Nebraska, build stftlrwjiy. S75 Mrs. Marie L. Allen. 209 Hyde. Park Ave., paint part of exterior. $200. J. J. Flowers." 708 24th Ave., reroof. $75. Raymond S. White, 316 Genesee Ave., replace floor. $100. Mrs. Gladys Taver. 1504 S. Albany, paint Interior, $300. Dora Costello. 1016 E. Cass., enlarge bedroom. S50. . ,, , Dr. Elhngson, 841 Bayshore, add living room. $1000. C. L. Nichols. 40S E. Cayuga, add room. $350. Minnie C. Plxton. 224 W. Pern, erect four rooms and bath. $3000. William V. Chaoun. 3105 25th Ave.. paint exterior and repair porch. $300. Arelino Gomez. 902 W. Plymouth, erect five rooms and bath. $6000. Joe Agliano. 704 Hugh, paint Interior. $350. Ansela Candelerl. 18W 17th St., demolish building. $250. Bernice Channell, 3520 26th Ave., erect four rooms and bath. $2508. Mrs. Lula Cooper. 1416 E. Chelsea, erect five rooms and bath. $3000. L. L. Berger. 135 Parker, add room. $300. Joe Agliano. 704 Hugh, lay driveway. $150. H. C. Bereman. 803 River Heights Ave.. paint exterior. $150. Church of Christ. 2801 26th Ave., erect eight rooms and bath. $4000. Mrs. Segall. 1706 Jefferson, repair-steps. $100. Ossle Robinson. 1208 9th St., add bedroom. $50. . . G. Lluis, 907 8t. Clair, reroof, $100. R. P. Coogle. 3106 12th Ave., enclose porch. $100. William L. Lyle, 231 W. Jean, erect four rooms and bath. $3500. .... , J. W. Sharit,. 211 E. Palm, build steps. $40. Marriage License Applications Henry J. Russ, 32, Lafayette and Way- mah Mae Worchester, 23, 303 N. 22nd St. Dale F. Benedom, 26. MacDill Field and Verona M. White, 25. 3908 San Juan. Francis W. Clark. 33. Bradenton and Frances lone Donaldson. 27, 112 S. Fielding. Albert Merle Downing. 24. Wauchula and Mary Marie Repetosky, 20, Wauchula. Woodward Les Langford, 23. 2001 E. Buffalo and Frances Mildred Mize, 18, 3611 26th Ave. Burnice Lee Hicks, 25. 2511 55th 8t. and Marie A. Bignardi. 19. 107 Cedar. Ramon Gonzalez, 20. 3824 W. Cass and Carol McAuley. 16. route 4. box 1516. Warner S. Toms. 38, 405 Fairbanks and Edith Stubbs. 45. 1307 32nd Ave. REALTY TRANSFERS Ramon Romeo to Alton T. Laughing-house, lot 7, block 17. River Heights Sub. W. T. Grant Realty Corporation to the Lincoln National Life Insurance, Co.. lot 3 and 4. block 17, eeneral map of Tampa. Davenport and Walter Inc., to. Curry P. Wilson, lot 2. block 76. Palma Ceia Park Sub. George B Hanlin. to Grace W. Bolesta. lot 20. block 7. Sims Re Sub. Clarisse Owen Simmon, to George B. Hanlin. lot 20. block 7. Simms Re 8ub. Wellswood Estates Inc. to Charles M. King, lot 21. block 37. Wellswood Estates. Wellswood Estates, Inc., to Henry H. Williams. Jr.. lot 26. block 37. Wellswood Estates. ADVERTISEMENT IF STOMACH BALKS DUE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress Do you feel all puffed -up and miserable after every meal, taste sour, bitter food? If so, riers is bow you may get blessed relief In helping; your stomach do the lob It should be doing In the digestion of its food. Everytlme food enters the stomach a Vital gastric Juice must flow normally to Dreaa-up certain xooa particles; else tne food may ferment. Sour food, acid Indigestion and gas frequently cause a mor bid, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous condition. loss or appetite, underweight, restless sleep, weakness. To get real relief you must increase the flow of this vital gastric Juice. Medical authorities. In Independent labora tory tests on human stomachs, nave oy positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective In increasing this flow when- It is too little or scanty due to a non-organic stomach disturbance. This is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent act! vatlng ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps bulld-up non organic, weak, watery blood in nutritional anemia so with a good flow of this gastric digestive Juice, plus rich red- oiooa you snouia eat better, sreep Detter, feel better, work better, play better. Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of soda and other alkallzers to counteract gas and bloating when what you so dearly need is SSS Tonic to help you digest rood ror Dody strengtn ana repair. Don't waltl Join the host of happy people SSS Tonic has helped. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle of SSS Tonic from your drug store today, 8S3 Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. Suits Filed William Swain Spencer vs. Hilda Mae Spencer, divorce; attorney. Albert D'Arpa. Blanca Fernandez vs. Charlie Fernandez, separate maintenance; attorneys, Caraballo and Graham. Mary Van Toorenburg vs. George Van Toorenburg, divorce; attorney. Hugh L. McArthur. Grover c. Waters and Juanua K. Waters vs. Harry C. Strine and Cora D. Strine, quiet title; attorneys, Gibbons and Gibbons. Margaret Mae Emby vs. Michael C. Emby, Jr., divorce; attorney, Hardee and Burklew. Maria Luisft oarcia vs. Jose M. uarcia, divorce; attorney, T. B. Castiglia. In re Harry S. Morris. Jr.. change name: attorney, C. N. Sells. o. A. Frice vs. Morrison caietens Co.. et al, for $10,000 damages; 'attorneys. Hall ana rarnswortn. I Bruce K. Sandlln vs. Helen Sandlin, divorce: attorney. O. H. Norton. oeorge Williams vs. Hilda Ann wooa- 1 ruff Williams, divorce: attorney. William I H. Frecner. Thelma L. McCall vs. Samuel J. Mc- Call. divorce: attorneys. Sheldon and Gallacher. America F. Caso vs. Santos F. Caso. divorce; attorney, James M. Fernandez. In re Frederick Hpnrv Helnta. adoption: attorneys. Shackleford. Farrlor and Shan non. William O. Bvers vs. Lara Frances Byers. divorce: attorney, Odis E. May. John Graydon Daniels vs. Kathryn Frances Daniels, divorce; attorney, Raymond Sheldon. c. H. Johnson, et al. vs. w. s. spark- man, et al. declaratory judgment; attorney. Raymond Sheldon. Ellis Martin vs. Arteries Martin, di vorce: attorney. A. F. Cornelius. Mozeii Howard vs. Florence Mae Howard, divorce: attorney. L. A. Grayson. Helen Flaherty vs. John Joseph Flaherty, divorce; attorney George A. Glbbs. Orders City of Tampa vs. certain lands, final decree. G. H. Gibson vs. Georgia L. Gibson, final decree. Felix Pelaez vs. Elizabeth Pelaes. final decree. W. D. McGinnes, et al. vs. Russell Co., et al. decree pro confesso. Hillsboro Plumbing and Electric Co. vs. Russell Co.. et al. order to sell property. W. N. Perry vs. Custer S. Dow, et al, decree confirming sale. In re Harry S. Morris, Jr., order changing name. Richard E. Knight vs. Isabel Maseda, et al. decree proconfesso. Ruby Arrlngton Christopher vs. Willie Christopher, final decree. Clara H. Wesson vs. Harry Lewis Wesson, final decree. City of Tampa vs. certain lands, partial final decree. Provident Savings Bank and Trust Co. vs. Carrie L. Giglio, et si, order of dismissal. In estate of Samlntha Law, order for services- as curator, and final discharge. , In adoption of Alvin T. Duggan, final decree. m Edna Jewel Fry vs. Hubert Btanley Fry, final decree. Vannie J. Tooke vs. D. A. Tooke. final decree. BANK LAUDS MEMORY OF F. D. JACKSON A resolution in memory of the late Frank D. Jackson, former director and vice president of the First National Bank, waa adopted yesterday at a meeting of the bank's board of directors. "His sound Judgement, tireless energy, clear vision and native leadership were Invaluable assets not only to this Institution but to Tampa and Florida," the resolution said. "No one could associate with him without feeling the Inspiration of sjis personality and the Impact of his dynamic ability. He made many of the waste places of the earth prosper. "His host of friends were from every walk of life. The great eagerly sought his advice and friendship, while the humble found him always both sympathetic and helpful: He ministered to the poor and unfortunate and comforted the sick. He was deeply interested in the welfare of the common man, and he did much to make Florida a better place in which to live." The resolution was prepared by H. C. Culbreath, chairman; D. B. McKay and E. P. Taliferro. SEWER PLANS COMPLETED BY ENGINEER Plans for a proposed cltywide storm-sewer system costing $2,000,000 were reported yesterday by Mayor Hixon as completed in final detail by City Engineer Van Camp as an overall guide to construction of future city drainage projects. Hixon said the plans are the first made for an overall storm-sewer sys tem for Tampa, and they are intended to eliminate "patch work" arid make shift drainage projects of past years Future projects will follow the overall plan. Since sufficient funds to construct the entire system at once are not available, Hixon said it will be achieved on a yearly basis as rapidly as possible. The plans were drawn from findings of a survey conducted during the last several years by the engineering de partment to eliminate street flooding during the rainy season. MIDGET ALIENS AWAIT DECISION ON STAY IN U. S. Case of three former Singer midgets subject to deportation to their native Czechoslovakia yesterday was headed for central headquarters of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization after hearing here yesterday on deportation warrant. Immigration authorities said that the hearing was primarily to get material for consideration by the bureau and Congress regarding both a general and a special law still pending in Washington which would permit the three Kristina Buresova, 43, Ludmila Buresova, 40, and their brother, Edward, 38 to remain in the U. S. under permanent visas. At any rate, any deportation order will be held in abeyance until Cong- gress does take action, despite the fact that the break-up of the Singer troupe in October, 1942, makes it impossible for the three to retain their status as entertainers in which, they last entered the country on temporary visas in 1937. Work at Leather Shop Kristina, 46 inches tall, Ludmila, 51 inches, and Eddie, 49 inches,, since 1942 have been employed by Mrs. S. W. Thompson in leather handcraft work at a St. Petersburg wild animal ranch. Mrs. Thomason succeeded in interesting Congressman Peterson and Senator Holland in their cases. Peterson's special bill to permit them to stay passed the House in closing days of the last session of Congress, but the Senate adjourned before its judiciary committee report ed the Holland bill out. Immigration authorities said the three little people would be eligible to stay even if their special bill doesn't pass if a general amendment to the immigration laws, also before Con gress, is enacted permitting ailens of good moral character and seven years or more in the U. S. to remain here under legalized status regardless of entry. As the law now stands, however, of f icials said the best that can be recom mended for the midgets is that they be permitted voluntarily to leave the country rather than be deported. r " frr h.e r : i Hillsborough Randolph, Inc., and salesman John B. Morris for $16,500, with the understanding that when the lease on the city-owned lots expired, he could move the building. SIGN AGREEMENT HELSINKI, Oct. 14. yP) Finland and Russia today signed an agreement providing for direct railway transport of passengers and cargo between Helsinki and Leningrad. OLD TIMERS TO MEET THURSDAY PLANT CITY, Oct. 14. (Special.) Hillsborough County's Old Timers will gather in Gilchrist Park tiere Thursday for their annual picnic and outing and George H. Wilder, president, said Vxiay that an informal program, featuring some of the county's oldest oldsters, has been arranged. Expected to attend, he said, are "Uncle Ike" Brandon, now 95, and the founder of the community ef Brandon, and D. B. McKay, retired Tampa publisher, whose historical articles in the Sunday Tribune are followed closely by many of the pioneers of this section. A picnic dinner is scheduled for noon. NOTED DOCTOR DIES SANDUSKY, Ohio, Oct. 14. ) Dr. Charles Hope Mens, 86, physician, author and father of New York Times Editor Charles Merz, died today. CANNED FOOD STILL GOOD AFTER 92 YEARS! canned" FOOD LEFT BY AN ENGLISH EXPLORER IN 1852 WAS DISCOVERED IN THE ARCTIC IN 1944. THE CANS HAD RESISTED REPEATED HEAVY FREEZES AND THAWS AND THEIR CONTENTS WERE STILL WHOLESOME No. 4 of a terie -Introducing CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY to ifs neighbors A CAN OF TOMATOES BUYS A WIFE! POOD IN CANS IS SUCH A VALUABLE COMMODITY IN THE DISTRICT OP CALABAR; ON THE AFRICAN COLD COAST, A CAN OP TOMATOES BUYS A NATIVE A HANDSOME WFE. j fttPER CAN TAKE IT1, they're LIGHT IN WEIGHT-BUT-CH-SO STRONG rHeSE CONTINENTAL FIBRE SHIPPING-DRUMS 1 they're MADE TO SHIP UP TO 400 POUNDS OF BULK PRODUCTS 1 CAN IT BE CANNED? IT PROBABLY CAN AT PRESENT 135 INDUSTRIES ARE PACKING MORE THAN 2500 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS IN CANS ! ASPIRIN TO MOTOR. OIL: SOUP TO NUTS i 7T Pinellas County CLEARWATER, Oct. 14. (Special.) The following transactions were recorded In Pinellas County today: CIRCUIT COCRT Salts Filed John W. Pinkham vs. Grace Plnkham, divorce. W. W. Blackburn, trading- as W. w. Blackburn Co., vs. Earl G. White, $800 civil action. Orders and Decrees John Gordon Morrow vs. Zella Morrow, Heal decree. Minnette Edna Throop vs. Frank Earl Throop, final decree. Josephine Virginia Rago vs. Louis Frank Rspo final decree. Thelma Louise Tauff vs. George Michael Tauff. final decree. Thelma Wilhelmina Zieder vs. Irwin Zieder. final decree. Marriace License Apolications Richard D. Spath. 23. Pulaski. N. T.. and Patricia Trotman, 18, St. Petersburg. Floyd Forrest Long, 61, 6t. Petersburg, and Mazie Waggoner, 56, St. Petersburg. L. P. Saver. 56. St. Petersburg, and Altah V. Booth. 48. St. Petersburg. Vronan Du Fais. 40, St. Petersburg, and Katharine De Chant. 44, St. Petersburg, v 1 Cl'BAX STUDENTS STRIKE HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 14. (JP) Two thousand students who are on a 48-hour strike staged a demonstration today against President Grau San Martin and Jose Manuel Aleman, cabinet minister without portfolio. m. rS pop cent is iwrmcrotc f- t gyrff t'f B . T m H V l. i n I. I I Am JpLrTfVf 2500 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS . 'f . ,,aCANS' A5PIR,N TO,M0TOR" plji . SERVING THE PUBLIC fZXVgt R CONTINENTALS CUSTOMER RE' ; M0$frffl 'toT?. iobf SEARCH STAFF MAKES MORS M7W T?"' fr?nn0ny nuZ'L"' KM THAN 6O0O VISITS A YEAR. 1 'J MLHlNN . tjl TO THE PACKERS OP THE IB' j -s7f PW ' Kf FOOD YOU EAT. THEY ADVISE ON rMf I M Cr'IVFAl. ,0 Hth9" V& EVERYTHING FROM CROP CONTROL 1 l C"'4t 'e fl?sX i TO LATEST CANNING PROCE- I m ' f?1iTTT CMPAHv OURES -HELPING TO MAKE I f ypfHH JfRl GOOD FOOD BETTER I SSG4- ' iijjjl K, A. 1 - ' -JS ' ' "A & A tVi Jj- -.. mm ssmmim s fs PROFESSIONAL, Florida's oldest and Largest Hospitalization and Health and Accident Insurance Company CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS 83147 -. $93,979.45 Continues With Improved and More Liberal C. E. WALLER President Now Available - NOTICE OUR PRESENT POLICYOWNERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THESE NEW AND IMPROVED PLANS 11 1 I r Whole Life Insurance Plans with Endowment at age 85 20 Pay Life Insurance Plans with Endowment at age 85 Special Whole Life Plans with Double Benefits to age 60 20, 15. and 10 Year Endowments Children's Educational Endowments at age 17, 18, 19 or after 20 years with a premium payor benefits whereby Policy it paid up in case oi prior death of premium payor. Retirement Annuities Family Monthly Income Annuities AND MANY OTHERS Most of above plans now available through the hundreds of employee groups now in effect throughout Florida. Hospitalization Medical & Surgical Disability Pension Family Group Life INCORPORATION JgEj .. J '-V ,.v 1 iff. i ft , i f i- I -1 X i OrriCE BUHDING EXCLUSIVELY OCCUPIED BY PROFESSIONAL. THE BETTER TO SERVE YOU AND THE THOUSANDS OF POLICYOWNERS THROUGHOUT FLORIDA. HOME OFFICE 135 RIVERSIDE AVE, P. O. Box 1410 Phone 4-7171 Jacksonville, Fla. WESLEY M. KNADLE District Manager Tampa Office 202-4 Stovoll Professional Bldg.

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