The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 5 ; 1044 Arkansas Hero Honored Today Capt. Maurice Britt To Receive Nation's Highest Citation ^ FAYETTEVILU3, June 5 <UP>- Cn|)t. Maurice "Footsie" Britt of fonokc, the University of Arkansas' champion of Champions, was to receive the highest honor the united States can bestow on Its fighting men, the Congressional Medal of Honor, today. The former football and basketball star who later guinea national recognition as an end with the Detroit. Lions professional football stiuad, was to receive the award in Impressive military ceremonies in nazorback stadium at 3 o'clock tills afternoon. The award was to be presented by Maj. Gen. Harry J. Collins, commanding genera! of [lie Hnlii- bow Division. The Mortal of Honor is for conspicuous gallantry in action near Ml. noliimlo. on tlic- road to Rome With eight men, a machine gun crew mid n few riflemen, he held 900 yards of crucial ground against some 000 Germans counter-attacking for two hours. Brill is credited with preventing the American lines from cracking and saving his battalion from isolation ami destruction. Britt went forward alone through wooded territory, tin-owing 32 of his own grenades and a number taken from (lie enemy. His actions resulted in the capture of four Germans and enabled several Americans to escape. According to the citation accompanying the medal, he personally killed live and womuled an unknown number of Germans, and wiped oiil an enemy machine gun crew, llrllt was wounded, but refused to accept medical attention «ntil ordered to do so by his bnl- illon commander afcr iic buttle. Brill lost an arm as the result of Hie wounds. He already has received the British Military Cross and an Oak Leaf Cluster for his Purple Heart for his action at Ml. rtolnndo. His di'fcnse at Rolmulo climaxed a military career that has made Britt a legendary figure among men of the Third Infantry Division. He holds the Silver Slar aiirl the Purple Heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters. When his division helped break German lines for the drive on Naples. Brill knocked out an enemy tank at a distance of UO yards with an anti-lank grenade rifle. In thai same attack lie took over his company after its commander was wounded. He was wounded l>y mortar fire, hut carried out the attack. Captain "and Mrs. Britt flew to Fayctteville from Atlanta. Ga.. where he is receiving treatment. WAKNINO OKDUK The defendant. Grace Burns, Is hereby warned to appear. in the Chancery Court fdr'the c'tiickasmv- ba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, ivitiiijj thirty (30) days, and to answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Dean Burns, and upon her failure so to do. said complaint will be taken ;„• confessed. Witness my hand as Clerk of the a anccry Court of Mississippi Coun... Arkansas and the seal of said Court, this 20Ui day of May, 1044. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Doris Muir, D. 0. 5|22-29-C|5-12 Read Courier tvrwi vant Ml* . (ARK.):.COU«1BB NEWS Fulbright Heads For Big Career, Writer Declares NEW YORK, June 5- Whether or not Congressman 1)111 Fulbrlghl succeeds In Ills bid for (lie U. S. Senate In tills summer's Democratic primaries, there Is little doubt that lie is headed for a We political career. That Is the prediction of Jean Libman Block In her profile of the Arkansas representative in tile, currant issue of the quarterly Everybody's Digest. "A streamlined version of the legandnry Arkansas Traveler" is the way Miss Block describes the freshman legislator from Arkansas who achieved nntkmnl and ii>- terimtlona) prominence as author of the resolution which set f> New American foreign policy mid paved the way for tlie Moscow declaration and the Cairo and Teheran conferences. She points out that Congressman Fnlbright's background Includes not only an excellent education but also experience lu business and funning and calls him "the most promising freshman legislator to reach Washington in many a session." Miss Block gives a complete review of Congressman Fnlbrlght's career—from a football star at the University of Arkansas through his first year in Congress. Most amazing of all, she feels, Is that a person with a little wealth and an academic background would be elected from an Ozark mountain district. IOQKWG AHEAD Political Announcements The Courier News haa been mu- thorlzcd to announce tSe following candidacies, subject to ta» Democratic primary la August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1> J. IEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. 3) LUC1EN E. COLEMAN B. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Past No. 4) — vVKOSECUTlNG ATTOKNEV •<jt> . IV1K C. SPENOEfl 'SHERIFF AND COlJJSCTOm HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTS TKEASUREK B. B. (SKEET) STOUT MISS DELL A PURTLE COUNT!' JUJ)GE KOLAND OKEEN (for re-election) CIRCUIT COUIIT CI.EKK HARVEY MORRIS (For rc-elcctlon) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for rc-elcctlon) I'KDliKAL AID School teachers arc Influential people. They choose tliclr CiiUlni; as « rule because they love chilurcn. uncl luve Influences children. Youngsters, in turn, control Uicir homes nntl parents more tlian they rciilize; in ways they don't know about. Thus a good teacher is a power in the community. Any politician could cut quite a splash if only he would line up all the teachers behind him. The idea is now new. Starts are made In that direction often. Plans to lialter the public schools of America in a bureaucratic treadmill have come before Congress four times since 1037. They have failed every time but each new attempt shows more strength. The most recent one, discussed in this column exactly a year ago. gained enough momentum to get talked about from Bangor to Burktink. Maybe Nine Lives This latest sally on the public school system was led by Senator Lister Hill of Alabama, helping Senator Elljerl D. Thomas of Utah Tlic bill, (S. 3C7) as finally rejected by (.lie 78(,h congress, is dcatl but. the senators' ambitions can still wiggle. HIM f s campaigning now for re-election on a platform of "federal aid to education," and that's been a hobby of Thomas' for a long time. The issue will be revived. Political problems have n way of coming to life repeatedly until they nre cured, anrt this one is not cured. Teachers have a right to earn as much in the classroom as they might Bet I for manual labor In a factory aad.| until teachers' pay is adjusted, state school authorities will have their troubles born of somebody's mistakes; maybe their own. Money Has Power Federal aid to education, if it comes, will be federal control of Fuehrer's Face Is Nazi Bait lulo.s tin- principle O f .shite sovc- . , wlilcli Is Hie backbone of American freedom. Al '.v lime rich VVushlnn»m sets »1> u W. I>. A, for (racheis. local a!'"" .!' CVelul ° w "! sllirl <ll '>' l »M »!'• lie in- After hanging up n cnricalurc of Dor Fuehrer to draw enemy tiro tliat would reveal positions of German snipers, Alt Coles and ISer- nnrd Bushell, of British lith Army, peer from window of house In Casstno during slrect-to-strcet battle for thai city. schools eventually, whether the ail- (lior or (lie bill wants it or not. Whoever signs the checks can com- sprc»(l violence. IVrimjf In l'rliifl|>li> Tlic foregoing objections nrc ones, lint It Is wronsj In others basic. (1) Federal control would coil taxpayers more for the same ic- sulls (liaii .state control;; an extra handling charge. (2) Federal control of schools would make one more huge bureau with an army of henchmen in a maze of pyramiding salaries. (.3) Federal con- rol will ride down traditions. How the South will fester at the first successful effort t.a seat white and colored children together at school. It might easily mull in wide- racketeering. («) Worse yet, it vio- Soon the u. S. Treasury all bills and thai ed 200 .million dollars a year Preseription Filled Overt 5 RWIion Times RccommcjuJci) 10 do just two (li'ings: relieve co>isti|>.ilion and ens on the Etomncli. This anccessfiil prescription is now nut iiHimrler (lie namu of ADl.liKIKA. Ucl a bolib of A'llcrika next time you stop nt your clru R fiist's sud BM for yourself limv t|ii!clcly j. ;1 3 is relieved and gentle hut thorough bowel action (ollnvva. Good forold and young CJ.I t.dl.,1^ !,„„ >.„„, J, a ,,,,, , n j, r . KIUBV lll'.OH. hltUG STOKES b()% On TRUSSES Sice! ami KUistic STE WART'S Drat Store Main & ],ake Phone 2822 If yoa want lo oay Bond. SEI.L US THE MOV ARF. NOT USINC1 Jor CT »h! AL.D liberal tr«le-ln «l)«waaer f«t •It fnrnUDit.*n r,ew. AMn Hardy Porn. Co. Ml K. M«ln Phot,. Ma) HEALTH LAWS Must Be Recognized It is just as easy to follow right living standards and enjoy good health as it is to abuse your health. Learn the facts. Sufferers from rectal, colon and stomach conditions may obtain more information on your request, THORNTON & MfNOR CLINIC Suilc '172, 92(i MeGce Kansas City (!, Missouri Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkecping-Typing MRS. L. M. BURN ETT Degree t'roui Accredited College 1010 Tfcani Thonc 3210 Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shibley's Best FLOUR - - - The flour that needs less shortening! OLIVER FARM KQOrPiMKNT Sales ami Service HARRISON AUTO PARTS CO. 517 W. Ash Phono 25W FOR SALE CONCRKTE 8TOKM SEWER 1 , AI,L SIXES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OsceoU, Ark. WE FII.I, AI,L DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE VOO MONtI S T E W A R T' S Drnf Stor e »ln A I.mkc Phont t Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory l»n frem Hljth Scb«ol PRESCUgPTIOliS Fr««htj»t .Stock (iujirnntced Best Price* Kirby Drag Stores Elmer Cnnnlnghani VULGARIZING Tire ft Tube Repair Cotlon Bttl KJl. A i. TIwj. (1 (ForMrrlj wtlh Enfler A«. Pis.) WOOD For Sale! MANUFACTUUING CO. Phone 2511 r In pay for teachers will not we a drop In the bucket, in miiny states teachers need and deserve ""ore pay If It comes I),,, , K , 0 ,>1<. will pay it anil they'd better handle It loe'.lly. A lornl solution (<, (|, e problem Is possible anywhere, Frank Marion Sutton Jr. Now A First Lieutenant OSCKOI.A, June 5.-l'rank Ma- I'lon SiXton Jr.. hus Ijcon promoti-d to fhsi lieutenant, Ihe War Department announced tixtuy. Lieutenant Sulton, 22, son of rji and Mrs. R M. Sutton Sr., | s «(».! tinned In phoenix, Arlx,. wlwre lie' is finiinu>. tiimspurtation. mid s im_ Ply officer. Tic t>iill.stcd In the Army two years ago. A Bi'iKlunto of Osceoln HIM, &<-lxx>l. the officer also attended school In lilythevllle. Five Drowned, 76 Missing After Boats Arc Capsized TOKONTO, Ontario, j llm . 5 (UI'j— i.'ive pmoiui were drowned and Hi ollieis ur c missing today from pleasure boats which nipsl^d mtcrdiiy in Lake Krle and the SI Lawrence Dlvor, 'Hie ninln iicddcnt omirrcd when the 33- fool cabin cuilsiT oign, loaded with c-.s-ciir- Monisis, was overturned by u hravy swell niid sunk outside' I'ort hurlioi', I,»kc Krlc. Tliroc IMKioinscrs were drowned iiiul IV! I'L' missing. Survivors, picked ni> by an HCAF crush bnivl, Mild won, women mid chllilreii sere»nieil lu tenor us Iho .swell sent Ilium aiming«s Ihe (leeks of (lie eiipsU.liiji tat. Twu nii'n were drowned IIIK| four others were reported mlKblng froinn xchoHiu'p which Biinx In n slonn off Monlinnijiiy, Quebec. Our Weulllilrst Church Trliilly .flinrcli, 2»7- jw- old xli-urtnrc nl Ihe llcud of Wull street New York Oily. Is ll.u rleliest dim-ell In the " ' |)0s.slbly _in Km „„..„. lull' .lioldhuis In lower »loiu> were nssessed one ycnr. PAGE TJ EBi'i Apiillnillon Is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on tliii first day of July, 1011, and lo expire on the ;toth day of June 1015, as proscrlbcd'by Bulletin <liUc<| January 7. me and Suiiplemental Itcgulnllo)! No, J!) cllccilve July 10 I/It He Whisky' . Virgil Homines. United Stales and world. Us real e.s- $27,li7!),.|00 Olisliltun N'iiinril fur Ruimm pbsldlnn. « volciinic jjliiss nmcli l)rl/i' ( | liv " "--• 19X1, A1 .voTici; or CATION' I,'OK MCJllOiri'KUMlT. Mitlco Is hereby K iveii thiil. the tinilertilKiicil hiis illed with the Commissioner of Hcvcmies of (lie aiiilc of Arknnsns for prvjntl lo mil nnil dispense vlnuus or dplrlluoiis ll<mm<.<i lov bcveniiie nl retnll cm ihe prom Isi-s ik'.sciibed us Mm,, Htivel, MII- N <) T I (! !•: Notice Is hereby ijlvcn that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of revenues of the State of Arkansas for a |n>rmll to sell beer at retail al 1701 lUisc St., Blythe- vllle, Mississippi County. The undersigned .states llmt ho is a cltlwn of Arkansas, of good moral diameter, that lu> has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving mornl ImpltHdu; llml no Sf if M ; the ,,. | liny flllu-r y of nlcolurtlc nws of this stule, or '. rclutlni! to the sale jilors, _ . , , C'lmrlcs Johnson, Stib.fcrllx!il mid sworn to before mo (his c ituy of June, ion. I'rnnk Whltworth Mimleliml Comt Clerk. Road Courier New» Want Ad». »om,WORRY,WOR|iY , UK). Toko Capudlnoto rclleto tho in und lootho Kvcry. dcl;ill of Ibc work Is slowly, perfectly done wlfli modern equip"tent. The best leathers used, Only skllletl (ijicrallics do the work. If you want Innjr itddltlon- :il H'car irlth cumfurl—utilize our RELIEVE ITCHING PROMOTE HEALING Kn»u Boauicmi—luiniiiiu wl'i', "'' l , isll l'lio Hlii.* uiul Wlillo OinliuiMil. Uno only ',','! 'VrcHi.,1, Clwiiwu whfi BUCK anJWHIIE OINTMENT NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS nmy he rnlnhij; your [irnporty. Call me fo. wilhotil cost or oli%ilfon. HATS, MfCli AND KOACII CONTROL GUAUANTKKI) WOHK ,„»» K , , > SOB K. Kcntocky - B LANKENSH«P Phone ZJ 5* Needs What's left must take care of essen- tisf needs such as buses, trucks, farms, industry, etc. . . . before .your wants can be considered. iiic.iiV Mis-riui. Si-inrrs COMPANV ARKANSAS Tun, OIT.GIMIMNY ATI.AS On &• RtriNtNa COMPANY JlrnRv ASPII.M.T COMPASS- OlAt.MITTF. PrTROUUM G>RFORATTON ( JTIF.S SmvitiE REFINING Cosroa.uioN- COAST On. COMPANY COASTAL Kr.iiNERiEs, INC CXIL-TF.X Rrii.MNG COMPANY CONTINKNTAL OlL COMPANY <X)SDEN Pl.1KOt.EU.M CORPORATION CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CXIUVORATI nASUfiF.R Oil. AND REFINING COMPANY KvANGl-LINE REFININTr COMPANY ClHr.AT SOUTHERN CORPORATION Cll'l F Oil. C)C)RPORATION HUMDLF. OIL & REUSING COMPANY T HE reasons arc simple: Our military machine-mightiest in history—gets first call on the nation's available gasoline, of course. You wouldn't have it otherwise. And that vital need is tremendous...FOUR times greater than in 19<f2, and increasing in direct ratio to our intensified military activity. Remember what the papers had to say die other day about a 4000-pIanc raid on Hitler's Berlin? That mission alone took more than 5 million gallons of high octane aviation gasoline— and it's only one small phase of an ever increasing military tempo. 'An armored division requires 25,000 gallons to move one hundred miles; to train a pilot requires 12,500 gallons- enough to last the average automobile 18 years. It takes more than a ton of gasoline to "deliver" a one-ton bomb. 'After these tremendous military needs arc met, there simply isn't enough gas left to kccp;civilian cars running "as usual" The only way to make the available supply go around : is through rationing. The importance of a gasoline rationing system that really works is going to be increasingly great as (he military needs for gasoline continue to multiply. Unfor- lunatcly, we have to face that fact. Rationing is no fun—but a failure of our present system would have dire results. It is to your interest as a good American citizen to fight the "black market" and help make rationing succeed. This is the only way you can be sure of gasoline for your own use in the months to come, ^ HERE'S HOW ,YOU C/VN HELP: Dou'l 'apply for more gas- than you really need. Gel into <i m(c-sbariiig club anil stick to it. Indorse all your g,is coupons now. Don't litkc extra coupons from or offer, them lo anyone. :a sponsored by tie following companies in Iho oil industry: IluTF.x On. & RF.FINING COMPANY |M>F.PI:NI»'.NT O>MPANY INLAND RKIINING COMPANY I.ION On, HLIINING COMPANY MAcMll.l.AN I'EmOLF.UM CORPORATION MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY MAICO UriiNCBiEs, INC. Mr.IlRinr. HLUNINO COMPANY, INC. McMt.RRF.Y REITNINR COMPANY MOTOR Furts CORPORATION Mcn;iR.\YOiL COMPANY IS'FAV MEXICO ASPIMI.T & DEFINING Co. ONYX KENNING CORPORATION 1'Ai.iiXY ASPHALT COMPANY PANHAMILF. RF.FIMNR COMPANY PATTO.M On COMPANY PAVVTARD REFINING COMPANY PjrxouuM PRODUCTS REHMNG COSIPANY PONTIAC REriNiNC CORPORATION PREMIER On, REFINING COMPANY or TEXAS Tun PURS OIL COMPANY ll.iix) RtriNixn COMPANY SINCLAIR REIININK COMPANY .SHAMROCK OIL <fc CORPOMTTOM SHELL On. COMPANY, INC. KXEI.LY On. COMPANY SobTIIPORT P£1BOLbUM CO, OF DF.I.AWAHE STANDARO OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF TF.XAS TALCO AspiiAtT s KEFIMMG COMPANY TAYLOH REFINING COMPANY THE TEXAS COMPANY TEXAS PACIFIC COM. & OIL COMPANY THREE RIVERS REFINERY VALLEY REHNING COMPANY STANOUND OIL & GAS COMPANY ,

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