The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE, EIGHT BLYTJ1EVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • "Lady L i n clb e t g h's" .*' Achievements Rival J,-; Those of Male Flyers jj> NEVTYORK (UP)-Amella Fai,,hart, who started fl>!ng back In 7:'1920.;lias held,her title of "Queen • >cf Ihe Air" against the challenges .of tvomcn from a'domVnatlons and jjshe holds more "firsts" than probably another woman of her een- J. cratlon • Ever slnca she begun flying In ; California'.with Prank Hawks she 1 as been golnj to fur away phcos In nn airplane, usually alone anJ frequently without any advance , -fanfare. " TJi3 tousle-hcadcd nier-called \ "the lady Lindbergh" because of teller resemblance to the trans- i 'Atlantic hero—n&scrted (herself in J the Held of avi.Uion accompllsn- inenls back in the days when it :\vas a-'man's gams. ' In 1920, after only a few months 'tit flying, she became the first wo- \rnan .to receive from the National Aeronautic Association the transport. Accuse of the Federation 'Ae'ronautique Intcnmtionale. Prom that time on slie ncqitlred .records so swiftly that even she had u difficult thpe Keeping ac- j count of (hem f They were. .'1921—Established nn official \\o- 'Mtm's altitude record of i-i.OOfl feet <in California; 1 1922-Ga\e up flying tempoia rily to take up soclnl settlement work at uenlson house In Boston June 17. 1928—Became the first woman to ' ily .the Atlantic when he crossed with wllmer Sluti and Louis Gordon in n tri-motoi land plane from* Harbor Giace. N r, to Burry Pott, Wales, in 15 hour:,, 40 minutes—a distance of 2,020 miles October, ' 1028^-Madc first 'solo transcontinental round trip by u woman pilot Set Two Speed Marks July, 1?30—Established two international women's speed recoids at Detroit, 17-19 miles an hour o\ei a 100 kilometer course nnd 18118 miles an hour over a three kilometer course April, 1931—Set n new autogyro altitude record or 19,01,0 fen at Willow Qro\e, I'n, breaking hci own. previous' record of 18,500 feet, "red on Ihe 22nd day o7 Kclj'rii- Junc, 1931 _ Escaped unhurt my, 1937, In a cnW tlibrein from a forced landing In l-er auto- iDemllng n herein FnuUnb'i liitlld- gyro In lc\as and flew on to New- tug ft Loan Association ivrreinnl ark airport, limning me M,^ truii,- of little Rock, Aiknusas is nValn- continental round-trip tn an auto- tilt and Joe fjinl- . c i nl '^are gyio, covering 11,001) miles in 15 defendant:,. No 6311,, cm the' lOtli hours'fljmg time In SepteinbQJ',. rtay of jVprll, 10J7, olfcr for s-lo 1931, she wrecked (jer autogyro at I at public.' auction al' l>c> tt'cnl tiiWlstulj; Lur gioumis In De'liolt 'door of !he cmir;iions-> i.i ni,. btifescapsd Injurj.) ' L — ' ^Pii''932—look | off from Har- boj- Grace in hen Lockheed-\'e»a plane with $15 and a tooth brush First Lady of Air World, FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1937 Plants Must Be Fed Well to Grow HV DONAU) OKAY ( cd together, they decompose nnd I Animal and . poultry manure Is i become humous, with all .the elc- consldeicd Ihe idc-n! fertilizer, but mcnls found In manure. EC very the reason chemical kot. garden .should have a compost pile to IK: used whenever soil Is-needed to feed plants or to make the ground friable. Wood ashes have some' ferllllz- inu quality while eoal ashes have practically none. The latter |» good to break up heavy soils and help to retain moisture in sandy soils. licnrmonl comes in and goes <j:>t of fai-or. At present most au- 1'lant given ill elements txccpt nitrogen Smiling, touslc-halred Amelia Earhnri, who hns embarked on her greatest aviation project,' a trip around the world's "waistline." is shown here In an unusual' character study as her plane was made ready to lake oir from San, Francisco. Already ,n •linguist'and brilliant student, holder of the 17th International air license, flyer of the Atlantic twice (once 'alone) nn dhold'cr of the'Legion of Honor, Miss Earlmit seeks to' fly her commercial transport plane over ci route never before attempted by .such n craft. It is nut always available to the average' small home owner. Hence for the .'.iumerou's on the mar- Supornhosphiilc, ammonium .sul- plmtc, nitrate of .soda, nnd bone- meal arc sold as commercial compounds. . . : Commercial fertilizers are .sold under different trade names and crmtaln different combinations of soluble plant foods, There Is no one complete fcr- Illbwr that will supply the niices- tiiry plant fowl for shrubs, tiers, trass, Mowm and vegetables, toach one needs more of one element than another. There arc Hire main elements important, to plant life: Nitrogen, ivhlcb makes for leaf growth; 1 phosphorus, which promotes flow- _«*-^ Sta dh rSl.' 1 |jS.R- 1 ,hSi "'"* "-Y" i"""""* except less to apply a fertilizer high in ' Phosphorus j nitrogen to a vegetable, like tin- nip, that needs mostly potash. Commercial fertilizers are made; up of various 'combinations of plant foods. Here Is an analysis of some of the trade named fer- Uliners available: Vigoro and old Gardener analyze 4 per cent nitrogen 12 per c'nt nS'° -n . ^ ",'" " |KM 'i ftml « lve " «»'*'««nli except CJH potash, Ihis, In short, rep- Dotassiuui resents the fertilizers In the 4-12- Dowssmin •I class. horns, 18 minutes In her Lockheed monoplane. ' January, 1935—Became the first, aviator—man 01 woman—to Ily siilo from Hawaii to Oallfornla, when she-spanned -2.400.'.miles of rnln- whlppKi Paciflc In 18 hours 10 minutes. NO i ICE OF SAM: Notice is hcieby given that the ni'deiM'jned, Commissioner 1 n Clmncciv, will pursuant to Ihe mder of the Chancery' Court for Ihe Chicknsawua District of n-jis- fi-'i'ppl County. Arkansas, fcliri- a credit of tlircc 1 months, and Ihe purchaser at. said sale will he j-c- quircd to give bond; ;dth approved security, lo secure the payment of the purchnse price nnd n lien will be retained on said 'amis to fiirllier secure said purchase money. Witness my hand this 10th day of Murcli, 1937. : . • ADUISON P. SMITH, Cr.mmissloniT In Chaucer" Rvia ft Evrafd! ' for Plaintiff. Lomn has an analysis' of 5-10-4 Turf Builder 10-fi-J. Triple X 10- potassium thorities claim it is good mostly ' as a slow acting' fertilizer, chiefly ._. •«-«—j, iijjjiij ^ iu_ ii.i\.ii C-l. Armour's Lawn and Garden tcllt - , useful for Its phosphoric acid con- Fcrtlh/er O. 5- for Rend Courier Mews'Want. Ads „„ , [ "ore are recommendations The fertilizer usually Is marked feeding different plants: ns to. what plants or crops It is Annual Floweis: Fertilize in the ""it suited for, and its iiroducers I E l"' In £ nt ^'' planting, with suner- ! wniiii-«? 1™ ,„„. ,„ ..,.-.... ,. nho.s]>hate, using 10 pounds per I 100 stiuare feet, or commercial containing 4-12-4, four 100 square feet, or 1530-15, using one pound to 100 square feet, or 6-8-G, using four pounds to 101) square feet Use' n mulch of neat in July. Herbaceous Perennials: Tn the spring .use superphosphate, 10 —'••-••- -""""I uu uiu pounds to 100 square feet then a|>I,,cattons and the lea : should during, Ihe summer, fcrt.' twS be (he quantity applied each -time, j udng a' commercial , 'fertilizer 4- v ,, ,:••*, ', * I 12-4, .four pounds to 100 square. n.i ™ . f nl '" e " ' llils " certain feet, or 15-30-15. one pound to 100 a ount of refuse such as grass square = feet, or liquid mam.rc if cutlmgs, weeds and leaves.. Heao- not, too strong a' solution. Use 4 . •-• 'v-' JJUJVUIL nix' i-equiicd by law to sliow chemical analysis. . „.„. Commercial fertilizers can be' 'orlllizci ^.™.,,», K ,-^-, lou -used . uefore planting, or after the Pounds to 100 square feet or 15 crop Ls started. 1 The frequency ""•'-• and rate of application of any fertilizer depends to some extent upon its content of -soluble: nitrogen. The greater the quantity of soluble nitrogen in the fertilizer Hie more frequent should he the' apply a plant fowl made up of 10 per cent nitrogen, 6 per cent phosphoric acid with cither 3 or 4 per cent potash. MI S this fi'rltllzor with four times Its volume of garden soil, peat or shrcaded manure. Make holes with n crow bar at the ends of the roots 18 Inches deep and 18 inches apart Fill holes will] mixture and then water. It takes one pound of fertilizer for eacji Inch, of tree diameter. NKXT: (iroirlnjr 1 vegetables that ai'i! loo co:Mly 1« buy. Plant tiven all necessary elements to 0 Inches oc manure In the fall. Shrubs:, Animal manure, |f obtainable, applied In the fall. Apply a handful of ammonium sulphate in the spring to encli shrub. It will stimulate growth nnd make belter blooms. Rhododendrons and Laurel: Never use buncmeal or lime. Instead, use animal manure or decayed leaves. 'Acidify soil by applying a, handful ol aluminum suliJliate to each large plant. Wistarias: Liquid manure or nitrate of soda, one tablespoon in a gallon of water. Shade Trees: In April and July WARNING OIIOEIC IN TUB CHANCERY COURT OP TfIR CHICK ASA WDA DISTRICT • '~i' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. S. W. Holman, Plaintiff, vs. No. (J40S Louise Holman, Defendant. The defendant. Louise Holman, is warned to appear within thirty days In the court, named in thu caption hereof and answer th 3 complaint of the plalnllir, s, W. Holman. Dated (his 12:11 day of March. ' .-: . H. M. CRAICi, Clerk By A. P. Smith, D. C. Claude p. Cooper (Ally, for pltf.) Clans Uradley (Ally. Ad LItcm). 12-19-26-2 India's Snakes Take Toll NEW DELHI, India (UP)—T!icr> were 13,0to cases of suicide In India during 1934. it is revealed in a .report of the Public Health Commissioner which has just been published. Pom- million people died' from various forms of fever '>3000 from snake bites, and at least 2,OOtr.OOO from tuberculosis PARIS. iCJP)—A monument to 4.COO priests and other members of catholic religious orders were killed In the World while serving with the P forces Is to be erected In Paris. A public subscription list has been started to defray the cost. MINT SPRINGS A SELLOUT FOR MONTHS 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales rail 1(100 Storage in her pocket, fleft across the Atlantic In fog and storm and landsd In an Irish pasture—the Hist wo- nia'n to fly Ihe North .Ulnntic aloner _V Piescnteil Gold Medal .June, 1932 — Av,arJec! the National Geographic Society's gold medal by President Hoover for hei ocean night August, 1932—Became the only woman to fly non-stop from cotsl lo coast and' established a n =» cross country distance record for women when she flew from Los Angeles to Newark In her Wasp-powered Lockheed plane In 10 hours 5 minutes ' May, 1935-Mada the First no-i- stop solo flight from Mexico City to Newark. fljm g 2125 miles in 14 '"'" n'vtheUile, ArVi'nsas to 41, _ i i >l r, * > . ' Hie hHicst nnd best bidder. Ihc- foPOWinj lands and i property :ln, r--unty of Mlsskslppl, Slate of Aiktmsas, tots .21 and 22, in-the Original Survey to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said sale will be held between the hours of nine o'clock In Ini' forenoon and tluee , o'clock in tt<° afternoon of the date! aforesaid upon Ihe folkmlng.'terms: Upon' ELECTRIC * ACETTMSNE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE IS CASH For Government Lean Cotton A. R. WETENKAMP and CO. 112 Scdth Second Phones 28!) anil-330-W LOANS Farm Loans 41 to 5iJ Interest Loans in Blytheville 5i| Interest Just Give Us A Chance! TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. Phone,617 Blytheville, Ark- EVERY INCH A TRUCK Your first glance at one of these new Half-Ton Internationals with streamline panel body will register one thought: beauty. In the long, flowing lines and smoothly curving surface, modern truck design is at its best. Buc better still, beneath those good looks is all-truck construction that means ruggcdstainina.andpower to spare, in every working part. International's thirty years of building trucks, free from com- promise with passenger-car con- struction.has produced a line that owners praise for economy, and drivers cheer for dependability. The Model C-l chassis may be equipped with any one of a wide variety of body styles on two whcclbase lengths—113-inch and 125-inch. This half-ton truck can meet every light-delivery need.. Drop in or phone in for a demonstration and watch these trucks perform. HALF-TON INTERNATIONAL MODEL C-l is' shown here wiih the siream- line panel body. It can also be had with All-Steel Pick-Up Bodies, Canopy-Top Bodies, Station Wagons, ant! other adaptations mounted on the satnc sturdy chassis. International sizes range from Light-Delivery to Powerful Dump and Tractor Trucks, Stirling with Vi-ton 6-cylindcr chassis at DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. Second Distributors for the Full Line of Fnrniim; KquipnuMit ' f.o.b. factory Ulythcville, Ark. TRUCKS WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone Ifi7 APPLEBAUM BUOS. COTTOW CO. lin BliJif.: 'BlythevUte, Art rreat Glenmore 'distilled'STRAIGHT in a fag my ft? the wan with a limited '&*&/£ Dutilleries Co.. Incorporated louimHc— Owenshoro. Kentucky What a team for Easter! Quality! Style! ValueMn " MANSFIELD . GABARDINE^ bony lit so early 'we present them to you at last year's price despite the yreal advance! Worth to $42.50 on today's market Gabardines are a "must" ori the list ol every smart young man this season for gabardines are the most important style (rend for Spring and Easter! But what disappointment, is in store for you unless you buy one of the best, for in the case of gabardines "the best is none loo good for you!" These marvelous Mansfield gabardines arc the most remarkable value in Hiythcvillc for \vc bought them before the price went up! As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315JWEST MAIM STREET i Ul.vthcville's Headrjiiarici-.s Tor Particular jj cn

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