The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on September 3, 1949 · 18
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 18

Tampa, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 3, 1949
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18 TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE. Satnrday, September , 1943 RADIO PROGRAMS WHERE TO LISTEN WFLA NB? Features WFLA-FM NBC Features 93. .WDAE CBS Features 135 WSl'N ABC Features G2I WLAK NBC Features 1480 WSIR MBS Features 14W WTSP WBS Features 1380 WSPR CBS Features 14SO MALT 1110 WHBO . . 1050 WFLA-FM ' broadcasts the full program as carried by WFLA. The listings include both National Broadcasting Company and programs that originate .locally. WFLA-FM is 93.3 megacycles and WFLA is 90 kilocycles. (Announced by stations; sabiect to chance) ('Designates local 'program) 6:30 WFLA Farm Hour WDAE Wake Up Tampa ' WSUN Southern Farm Markets ' . WSUN Jamboree 845 WSUN Percolator Patrol - WTSP Along the Waterfront WALT Time Teller " :6f WFLA WDAE News WDAE WALT News WTSP News and Sun Dial 7:0O WFLA Eddy Arnold Show WDAE Breakfast Brigade 713 WFLA Weather Report 7 20 WFLA Musical Clock 7 '45 WFLA WDAE WSUN News 7 50 WDAE Weather Forecast 8:00 WSUN Salute ' 8 05 WALT Radio Ranch 8:15 WFLA Richard Liebert WDAE Voice of the Arm 8:30 WDAE Here's to Veterans WALT Bob Hodges Band 8.45 WFLA Highway Patrol WSUN News WDAE Errand of Mercy 8 53 WFLA News , 9 00 WFLA Frank Merriwell WDAE WALT News , WSUN Highway Patrol 9 .08 WDAE Tune Time m WALT Village Chapel WSUN Highway Patrol 05 WSUN Breakfast on Flags 9 -15 WTSP Ivory Towers t WDAE Barnyard Follies' - WALT Trinity College SO WFLA Coffee In Washington WTSP Skitch Henderson WALT Hay Loft Jamboree ' WSUN Shopper's Special 4 WTSP Voice of the Army WDAE Garden Gate WSUN Salute 10:00 WFLA Fred Waring WDAE Weather Forecast WSUN Johnny Olsen WTSP Church Directory 10:05 WDAE Tropicana WALT Florida Christian College' 10.15 WDAE Youth for Christ WTSP Hawaiian Harmonies 10.30 WFLA WLAK Mary Lee Taylor WDAE Jack Drew Revue WTSP Leslie Nichols WSUN Young Americans Club WALT The Bandstand 10 5 WALT Story Hour WTSP Social Security 11.00 WFLA Lassie WDAE Allen Jackson. News WSUN Grace Madelon Frama WTSP Military Campus 11 05 WALT Casa del Ball WDAE Let's Pretend -11 10 WSUN Musical Interlude 11 is WFLA Your Date With Tuesday WSUN New Church Service WTSP Charles Keaton. Organist 11-30 WFLA WLAK Ed McConnell WSUN Record Review WDAE Junior Miss WTSP Smoky ' Mountain Havride 11.45 WSUN Pinocchio WALT Organ Melodies 1 Noon to F. M. 12 00 WFLA Weather- and News WDA Theater of Today WSUN Hormel Girls Corp WTSP Man On The Farm 12 05 WALT Uncle Gene 12:15 WFLA Public Afjairs 12.25 WALT Farm News 12:30 WFLA Congressman Peterson . . WSUN Fun Fair ; . WDAE Grand Central Station . WTSP- Christian Science WALT Record Shop 12 .45 WFLA Senator Pepper WTSP News , 1:00 WFLA WLAK Farm and Home Hour . WDAE Stars Over Hollywood WSUN American Jazs wtsp Kririin I.eMar's Ore.h. '1-03 WALT Georgia Cotton Pickers 1:15 WTSP Your Bible Speaks 1:30 WFLA RFD American WDAE Give and Take ' WTSP Georgia Crackers WSUN American Farmer ' WALT Mountain Music 145 WTSP Dog Tales 2 00 WFLA U. S. Amateur Golf . WSUN 301 Ranch Boys WDAE County Fair WTSP Baseball Game 5 05 WALT Major .League Baseball 2;30 WFLA Report on America . WDAE Farm News WSUN Junior Junction 5:45 WFLA Report on Europa WDAE Dell Trio 8 .00 WFLA Musicana WDAE Fariss Wheel WSUN Treasury Show STATE COLLEGE MEN FACE BAN ON DOUBLE PAY TALLAHASSEE, Sept. 2. (&) The board of control has the right to adopt a resolution prohibiting university professors from receiving extra money for work done for other state agencies. Attorney General Richard Ervtn told the board today there is no law forbidding it but. "it your board considers the practice unwise, it could be prohibited by resolution." There was a provision in the general appropriations act forbidding the holding of more than one' state job or being paid from more than one appropriation. However, Governor Warren vetoed that part of the bill. The board of control was inquiring about the legality of University of Florida engineering college faculty members preparing examinations for the State Board of Engineer examiners. The board said they got about $100 tor doing it each year. FOR NITE GAYETY SKY HAVEN Under New Management Fresenti DON SHORE Piano & Vocal Nightly Located Just Intide Main Gate Draw Field On Route to ... . .. International Airoort FH0NI H 304 T TAMPA'S EEST ALL GIRL JtEVUE Featuring Th BURLESK BEAUTIES -k ' 3 Bigr. Shows Nightly 10:30 . 12:30 - 2:30 A.M. Seven Star Attraction FREE ADMISSION NO MINIMUM NO COYER Bring Tour Own Bottls If You Wish MUSIC FOR DANCING FROM 9:30 t, M. Complfte Dinnrrs from $1.25 UP I y -iPW CfimrsM Dinners frtti 'k 1 Drive Out For " p i LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS J 1 ' J mm i m A Air-Conditioned f I Orlnk. HILLSBOROUGH at ROME AVI. - . i L Cttcktail Lenq Faekoge Ster I fV Soda FowitolB Diaiag Roam I C tT.eU JACK DANIELS, OWTVFR J ON WFLA TODAY 10 A. M. FRED WARING SHOW The Pennsylvanians play and sing Stars and Striors Forever. J nut One Way to Say I Love You. and Let's Take i An Old rasmoned want, uncie i,omnT tells the tale of Little Orley and the Babble Gum. 11 A. M. LASSIE In the first of a new series of programs. Lassie is starred in Dog Heaven, the story of a boy who has a much-loved pooch be is afraid he will lose. 1 P. M. FARM ANDCHOME HOUR Music on the program includes Sousa's Loyal Legion March by the band and Take Me Back to Renfro Valley by the auartet. T. M. NATIONAL AMATEUR GOLF MFF.T Bill Stern and Harry Nash describe the annual tournament in three broadcasts from Oakhill Country Club. N. Y. Other times will be 3:30 and 4:30 P. M. today. fi:3n P. M. NBC UNIVERSITY THEATER The program features an hour long adaptation of Mary Webb's novel. Precious Bane. 7:30 P. M. DRAGNET A new day and lime for the popular drama series based on actual police eases. 8:30 P. M. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Ralph Edwards puts another group of contestants through a series of wacky consequences. 9:30 P. M. DENNIS DAY Dennis finds himself taken for a hay ride, bnt good, when he and his girl friend decide to give their friends a little taste of country living. 10:30 F. M. GRAND OLE OPRY Red Foley's songs include Easy to Please. Foggy River and When God Dips His Love In My Heart. NEWS BROADCASTS ON WFLA :R5. 7:4.1. 8. f:."5 A. M.. 12 Noon, J:4.i. , 6:2.., 11, 12 Midnight. 3:3(V WFLA Amateur Golf 4:00 WFLA Your Health Today WDAE George Towne Oreh. WSUN Fascinating Rhythm WTSP News and Music 4:05 WALT Uncle Gene 4:15 WFLA Utah Music Festival WDAE WTSP Aqueduct Handicap 1 4:30 WFLA Amateur Golf WDAE National Air Races WTSP Concert Hall 5:00 WFLA Mind Your Manners WDAE News WSUN Tea and Crumpet WTSP Bands for Bonds 5;o WALT Favorite Band" WDAE Movie Time WTSP Bands for Bonds 5:15 WDAE Jim Ameche 5.30 WFLA Music for Today - WDAE Saturday Syncopation WALT Junior Troubadours WTSP The Sporlighters 5:45 WFLA Union Label Week WDAE Your Church 6 to 12 P. M. 6 : 00 WFLA WDAE WSUN WTSP News WTSP Dan Hall, Sports S:05 WFLA Speaking of Sports WDAE Tune Time WALT Uncle Gene 6:10 WTTiA Silver Strings WALT Labor League 6:15 WFLA Sheriff s Office WDAE Sol's Sports Slants WSUN Moshier's Sportcast WTSP Traffic Safety v 6:25 WFLA News 6:30 WFLA NBC University Theater WSUN Harry Wismer WTSP Traffic Safety WDAE Red Barber Reports WALT Heavy Hammond Band R:45 WDAE John Daly, News WTSP Mel Allen . . WSUN Rendezvous With Music 7:00 WSUN Bill Duncan WDAE Spin to Win WTSP Hawaii Calls 7 06 WALT Sundown Serenade 7:15 WSUN Report From Congress . 7 :30 WFLA Dragnet WSUN Let s Listen to Musie WTSP True or False 8:00 WFLA Saturday Dance Date WDAE Gene Autry WSUN Playroom WTSP 20 Questions 8:30 WFLA Truth or Consequences wdae Junior Dish Jockey clubiacross the Chattahoochee River into WTSP Man Next Door WSUN Heine -and His Band 9:00 WFLA WLAK Hit Parade WDAE Gang Busters . WSUN Tommy Dorsey WTSP Life Begins at 80 9:30 WFLA Dennis Day WDAE Barn Dance WTSP Lombardoiand WSUN Musical Etchings 10:00 WFLA Dick Powell WTSP Chicago Theater WDAE Sing It Again WSUN Program of Records 10 15 WSUN Irving Fields Trio 10:30 WFLA WLAK Grand Old WSUN Ave Maria Hour Opry 11 .00 WFLA WLAK WSUN News - WDAE Sports View WTSP Dancing Party 11:15 WFLA Special Reports WDAE Dell Trio WSUN Sleepy Serenade 11:30 WFLA Dance Orch. WDAE Tex Beneke Orch. WTSP Baseball Scores 12:00 WFLA WLAK WDAE News Screen Parade COVER TJP United ArtlsU release, with William Rendix, Jenri O'Keefe, Barbara- Britton, Art Baker, Ann F. Todd, Poro Merande and Virginia CbHwtine. At the Park Theater. By PHIL BARNEY Tribune Movie Critic This is not a reverse strip tease movie; the title is in the usual figurative sense with O'Keefe, Insurance investigator, com ing to the belief that the suicide report is only being used as a cover-up for murder. Although this mystery - romance may be classed as a whodunit, it is better than usual, not the hard-boiled type, and with a. novel motivation. The setting is a Britton small Midwestern city just before Christmas. Nobody mourns the victim, and everybody claims its suicide, in spite of . the evidence. Bendix is the unhelpful sheriff, Baker the banker and Barbara his beautiful daughter with whom, of course, the luckily unmarried investigator must fall in love. The Park is also showing the comedy drama Give Us Wings, with the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys in some thrilling airplane scenes as aerial crop-dusters. tiJ mm. mm mmm. . ?iaah son tower. 'FAIRYLAND of FLOWttS WATER SKI SHOWS LUNCHEONS SERVED i ELECTRIC BOAT TOURS. Salad Bowl Delicatessen 721 QRANO CENTRAL Open 7 Day a Week, t A.M. to P.M. For Your Holiday Picnic We Suggest the Following Salads: Potato. Macaroni, Cabbage. Ambroaia. Kidney Bean or Boston Baked Bean. Pickle. Relishes. Jellies. Stuffed Pickled Peppers. Pickled E99. Our Specials Packed to Take Out or at Our Snack Bar. 1. Salad Plate Choice of 2 Salad. Sandwich and Chip. 2. Salad Bowl Salad, Sandwich. Chip 35c 25c All Foods Strictly H 20-891 HO-MADE H 20.?1 I IS s0 " 11 ' IKM'0CBNTV If LAWVER.'rn. gE V SITUATION- OiE MAPfc TO X I 15 nu -TGOtK E' Deep ill VUR fROiMeOf B-B0TFAK V, f ORPER FOttA DIPLOMAT V 1 III otPTCl)Rl1' V NTENTrONS I VfORSE THAN THAT, I'LL V " UUST REUAX-n.U HANPUE A ! I? W?ZcwJ&LM T VWERE lLOSEKWB-BELOVEO MAMA P6 STKOSSJ 7 j I - 0P MtlsTE SRAgPEP KWPLV AMD : fc WIFE, MILL IB V - S R'S1 LMCUK-. V what .n .i , n I'M SURE WE CAN M YES? CAN ONE MAKE fl I "5WEETLIGHT rmt OF A CERTAINTY " 1 MY WORD!-FROM WHAT I'VE ZT PUT THE LETTER m c7, n?T r 11 GREETING CARDS'" i! mL r C,. r;RJr..NT.T;- ill ( READ. 50 FAR, t DON'T BLAME ) i TOGETHER AGAIN, A BUKIKTANTE A SELL ELLO CARDS' - BE FOR-V'OW YOU SAY EET?7 ! M I BBE! X? ylZtZ3zL AttwHATHEA5K0F h lA -BLOWNO HER BONNET! "IV ; A f mmS J 1 XS fl 'lt V ME I AM 60 MAD, WSrtp -v I Tn Y 1: nC" I yp ' I I OKAY I'LL ) jTJRSSJ I UGH THIS STUFF I 1 HUH YOU DON'T I I YOUVE ONLY GOT ONE 1 I I V TAUfF rwp AW PI I L r A kwnw unw LMCKV g a-:fiji -tvp ocrr ii n yj, . .i ---" j . v,,'': 7 ;nr:." v a. i a PrMONADE If f " GLASS f V TH A ' fll- 3 A Jl! - I I f Ifr.1l I I t ' '. oe.-M rfff. ,.4 ? LJ&hs. v-U.AJO t-'!i i HUNT DROPPED FOR ESCAPED LIFE TERMER MARIANNA, Sept. 2. (fPy The unsuccessful hunt for an armed Negro lifetimer who broke out of a road camp near Marianna Wednesday was called oft today. Deputy Sheriff-J. L. Langford said it was feared that Willie Bush, 37, a convicted murderer, had escaped Georgia. He is a native of Bam-bridge. ; Bush overpowered a camp yard man who caught him stealing groceries from the kitchen, took his gun, and fled, Sheriff Ernest Barnes said. Bloodhounds were put. on his trail, but heavy' rains washed away the scent. Bush had been . at tne camp ior eight years. He was a trusty. He wa convicted of murdering another Negro in Miami in 1941 and sentenced to death in the electric chair. The sentence later was commuted to life imprisonment. 750 EXPECTED FOR SCHOOLS IN KISSIMMEE KISSIMMEE, Sept. 2. (Special) Local schools are expected to begin classes Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, with a present known enrollment of 750. according to Supervising Prin cipal John E. Davis. He said that last year's enrollment of 756 is expected to be far exceeded since several newcomers already have been enrolled, and the month of Sep tember is expected to see many more because of the annual influx of tour ists and Winter residents from the North. Davis reported that the teaching staff would be less three teachers this year because of an order from the State Department of Education to cut the number of personnel in order to conform with budget for this school year. ST. JOE PAPER MILL RESUMES FULL SCHEDULE PORT ST. JOE, Sept. 2. (P) St. Joe Paper Company today announced plans to resume a regular eight-hour shift and a full work week after several months of part-time operations. In a notice to employes, Harry Saunders, production manager, stated: "The order situation Is such that; we seem to be assured of operations for the month of September. "When we start up Tuesday morn- ing, we will revert to regular eight-: hour shifts. If and when we find it, necessary to go back to three or four-! day a week operations, due notice will be given." ; j "FRANK LEMON,S Qlub Qhalsiau Present CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT TASTY DINNERS COME IN and See FRANK Wffi PLAYING NIGHTLY RAY LUCAS AN D HIS BAND Jtms i.ncriin, fltrl4f tftlf t 111 till lt'Hi NO COVER I minimum! $&&&ea llllll The Neighbors IU 1 m m Y mm mm Mtf. JI.W.: "Her carrots were t-oo hard, chop too cooked toast is for breakfast and her friend next door never drijiks milk." RECORD SUMMER SEASON ENDS IN ST. PETERSBURG ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 2. (fP) This city is closing its books on a record Summer business and opening up shop for the Winter season. Some early arrivals for the Winter already have signed the tourist registration books. Some 1100 more Summer visitors registered at the tourist center this Summer than a year ago. Registrations . totaled 7300 this Summer, This figure does not include the beaches. Nearby Gulf beaches report business topped that of last Summer. More out-of-state visitors played at the beaches than in former years. Last Winter's toiulst business started out slowly and almost overnight swelled kito the, best season yet. At The Theaters TAMPA Too o' the Morning, at 11:10, i:ia. o.zo, i:.w, :u. PALACE The Big Cat, at 1, 4:22. 6:12. 8:02.9:52. STATE White Heat, at 11, 1, 2:41, 3:05, 5:20, 7::io. 9:45. PARK Give TJs Wings, at 1:05, 3:45, 6:30, 9:25, and Cover Up, at 2:05, :55," 7:40. 10:30. FLORIDA Man From Tumbleweed, at 10:35, 12:55, 3:17. 4:35, 7:55, 10, and Cartoon Carnival, at 10, 12:15, 2:35. 4:55, 7:15, 9:35. CINEMA Bomba, the Jungle Boy. PALMA CEIA Ma and Pa Kettle. NORTHTOWN Illegal Entry and The Fighting GrinRO. SEMINOl.F Adventure In Baltimore. at 3, 6:30. 9:40, and Law of the Oolrien West. at. 2. 5:28. 8:40. GARDEN Suzanna Pass, at. 2:40. 5:35. 8:25, and Jungle Jim, at 3:50, 6:45, 9:35. SPRINGS Outlaw Countrv. at 2, 5:10. 8:25, and In the Nvv, at 3:15, 6:30, 9:45. DOXY Marshal of Rno and Big Town Scandal. RTTZ The Undercover Man and Death Valley Gun Fighter. CASINO The Feathered Serpent and Hawk of Powder River. ROYAL Knock on Any Door and Up in Central Park. HILLSBOR DRIVE-IN Plying Tigers. AUTO PARK Gun SmuKelers. SKYWAY Return of the Lash and Banjo. DALE MABRY Rachel and the Stranger. OTHER CITIES ARCADIA Star: Song o( India and Six Gun Law. BARTOW 'Ritz: Cheyenne Takes Over and Undercover Man. BR ADENTON Palace: The Stratton Story. BR ADENTON fit ate: Bla7ing Arrosn the Peeps. PALMETTO Palmetto: Gallant I-egion and EI Dorado Pas. CLEARWATER Capitol: Iok Jor the Silver Lining. CLEARWATER RHr.: Jungle Jim and In Early Arizona. FUSTIS State: The Window and Desert Vigilantes. FORT MYERS Arcade: Bis Jack. FORT MYERS Edison: Sunset. Car- fon in Rio Grande and Sea SDOiler. LAKE WALES State: Brother in the Saddle and Walking Hills. LAKELAND Polk: Any. Number Can Play. LAKELAND Palace: Renegades ol So- nora and Night Wind. LAKELAND Lake: Lovable Cheat and Drums. MOUNT DORA Princess: Triple Threat, and Check Your Guns. PLANT CITY Canitol: Arizona Thor- - o'jphbretis and Thunder in Pines. PLANT CITY State: Indian Agent and Mysterv In Mexico. SARASOTA Florida: The. Fountain-head. RARASOTA Rity.: Sheriff of Wichita and Sheo Comes Home. WtNTET HAVS-V Pit: An Number Cn pier TNTF" rtkvrN - rn! : fw n Me By George Clark r I f 1 I i . I Snakebite Fatal MAXVILLR, Sept. 2. (IP) - Ben Padgett, 26, died in a hospital at Starke last night 12 hours after being struck below the left knee by a rattlesnake. Padgett and a cousin were cutting trees near here at the time. TODAY'S ANSWER JO! H OH I O R O SrCTjjHCyMitl 1 ! fElJsTDA? OPEN?. 1 ft T O V Tl MOO S PfPh9iS!Lmmri 1 "KNOCK ON ANY DOOR" W .-adventure in ZT i 1 I l-1? I Ijilispj'sf I Humphrey Bogart If BALTIMORE" B HOD t rXL- Jfl D H S 3 mr todav sniv '5; fl Shirley Temple - Root. Young B rmmMan tsTrT'rr t0 - today only "UP IN CENTRAL PARK If -law of the M ST mmi -mmm J I 1 1 ii I "GUN SMU6&LEB" Deanna Durbin II GOLDEN WPST" . Jf P & QCl Ztj ' R Tim mTi? " I I With Monte Hale M 0 n Rr&J n1 sUomo . fa. 1 iij ji itrL-l iSkw M,t"Ci,rtoon c,rc" J&z 00C nc r "c "o r , not ho dumb" I I If 1 nSl Ik III I op j p. m. aaagssr:- KjlE.L E 1 "JR. G-MAN" Serial No. t t 1 WMiM 'iKJ J TODAY ONLY 1 -LWZ INITIO O gflj O I W x .rj.J fl"" "f?E'rED SERPENT" I I I LJLLtLEN L LfLL mpmz mo dh I I In 1 11 Hi J SC I Mil R L o ft ' Tx lne- mm fdwmkMwmkmtmMMMmmma "last day open 2 p. m. 4 ke9Z)Ljlr?lrsUklrl . - - , t I jonn'Lmuller 1 :1mmt-B asasaBi aaaaai aaa sssaasa , I mm Wf 1 1 f JV In Color Xe- SOpen 11 A. M- IV Wdf ZZw . ' ZjX. Roy Rogers -Dale Evans Jv- 100S Franklin St. 3 l"T IX IV -9 M. ., tr JSw --- for m I ! .,l( AH' w ' ' LAST DAY OPEN 2 P. M. " PnPHHf I HrORR"1" .f'K'f m II "IM THI NAVY" v UWIUHi s IV-' AS r!-i-m "OUTLAW COUNTRY" Jl Marion Main - Percy Kilbrida 1 B F "f tit .. N,, , CHILDREN "MA AND PA KETTLE" Liu MT U J Sb!3M TTlU ? T , T.'f JlJ Roy Rooer - Andy Devin ' f j y -mm ."FAR FRONTIER" f tk i'l ' I Ci T1i,;lljt IN THRILLING COLOR! V'' - . A ' ft felQPiw mi I "illegal entry" lon McCALLISTER PEGGY ann GARNER ( free show to a. m. Georg O'Brien - Lupita Tovar rAPTm On The Screen "THE FIGHTING GRINGO" NTH" Nil rK ill "I' o? I " "T.. FREE CANDY MATINEE! - -2Sj?T I t TRAIL TO SAN ANTONE . . .ag5'ii.Uili"fl) f'"m I 8erlal 2 Cartoons - r-TIl J1TF3 LST Y f" a3cr? I " Ci I on stage jack ri . sV.Taftr" T-l ' 9e 25C - ' 1 il I 1 2. 1 ., Stage and Radio Show Johnny Sheffield - Paqqy Ann Garner A L k V V FREE ICE CREAM TO ALU "lOMIA, THE JUNGLE IOY" 9Jf DLr fir J - - K P V j-'l'.'T Johnny Meek Rr.wn . - MJ O"- jTTf? " "JVV V f f "RANGE JUSTICE" i 1 ' r4 L H L T : I rmmw rsv Mtrititx , . j mmmm!Wff!!S v jlK"" MIAMI AIRLINE GROUP QUITS GIO MIAMI, Sept. 2." (P) A group of Pan American Airways aircraft worker broke away from the CIO Transport Workers Union today and formed an independent labor. organization. The new union , was named the Federated Airline Workers of Amer ica. -. It was headed by TWU officers suspended from the local office two months ago on charges of misappro priating union funds and attempting to destroy the aircraft workers group. William Grogan, international TWU representative appointed to manage local union affairs, said formation of the new union was not unexpected. He said he was told earlier this week to leave Miami or the insurgents would get out of the TWU. The union said in a bulletin -that it. was organized by former shop stew-ards of the TWU's Miami local. They ; hoped - to form a. national organiia-) tion, the announcement said. j Some 2000 PA A aircraft workers belonged to the TWU. There was; no available estimate of the number! of workers who broke away and formed the new group. 3ES S32ZSH' N. FLA. AVCNUC DRIVE-IN THEATRE "RETURN OF THE LASH" Lash La Rue "BANJO" Plu Disney Cartoon Adm. 3Se; Child, under 12 in; car FREE RCA IN-CAR SPEAKERS ORCHESTRA . I "DEATH VALLEY GUN FIGHTER" Ii mir jCLZri TONIQHT-t 'TIL ? ALLAN "POCKY" LANE j mm-mmZ ii War-arll PiJ 7Tl I I.T.V'Jdl I TODAY I hi fi'V.1 V'tt-TZ- HOLLYWOOD Bt nrrDA hopper FOtiYWOOD, Spt. J Metro for yeart hs frmght ajjainst it stars tie. ing up with radio, but now the tudio will have its own theater of the air. They aim to get Mickey Rooney for the. Andy Hardy series; Ann Soth-ern for the Maisie stories, and Lionel 'sSbk Barrymore and Lew Ayres for Dr. ' Kildare. They also have planned a series for Judy Garland. Judy would have security and a big bankroll had the studio allowed her to do a radio show when Rooney she was wanted by every sponsor in the country. - . S3s Beulah Bondi is heading back toihe does best. Broadway. She has read three plavs! Virginia Mayo, as his unhappy wife, she loves, but will most likely do turns in a right good acting job j Johnny Van Druten, author of Voice Second String, written especially forlof the TurUe, will write the screen her by Bill Mercer. Story is about a! play oh Famous for Bing Crosby. The globe-trotting gal, who leaves her two ! original story was written by Stephen children in the security of New Eng- " - . Garner has worked since she was & land. When she comes home, she'hohv hut ir finanwi hav ruwn ui finds they have grown stodgy and dull with all that security, and through her example, she breathes new life into them. Another play she likes a suspense story titled The Man, by Mel Dinelli, who wrote The Window and Spiral Staircase. "Its a hum dinger" says Beulah. Baby Talk Called Humphrey Bogart to ask about his son. "He's eight months and 6ix teeth old," said Bogie. "I wanted to take him on the boat to Catalina Island over the holiday, but you know how mothers are the idea was squelched. I've managed to sneak him into the pool several times." About his wife, Lauren Bacall, Bogart said, "she's so good in Young Man With a Horn that Warners won't lend her to me for a picture. I hope to get either Shelley Winters or Gloria Grahame for the leading lady In a Lonely Place." . . . "Any news about another blessed event?" I asked. "You too many questions," said Bogie, but the answer is no." Dick Thorpe, Metro's marathon Otwn at 6:30 RCA ln-Car Speakers LAST DAY Leratta William Robert YOUNG HOLDEN MITCHUM "RACHEL AND THE STRANGER" also Color Cartoon. Children undtr 12 year, in car, FREE. PLAYGROUND FOR CHILDREN Today thru Moil. - Open 3 P. M. 7?" JENNIFER JONES 1 XV aTA7(tV M. m r m.,.m..m lyvuusuN ia TECMNlCOLOt Gregory Peck Joseph Cottea isi mi t I MM, , r' 1 fiit f t 1 it r T I SJLmT direcwr, will handle Three . Little ! Words, his picture this year, witS Fred Astaire. Red Skelron and Ver Ellen. In case yon-ve forgotten, th ' story's about song writer Bert Kelmar ", and Harry Ruby, the latter being rmf i great baseball expert. Somethinjr I Mimed '' Agnes Moorehead leaves for Spain j next week for The Man From Tan- giers, with Herbert Marshall and I George Sanders. I missed out on 1 Spain. Had an interview all set up with Franco, but ran into Princess ! Pignatelli in Rome, who told me it was 130 over there. Even for Franco I couldn't take that heat. What am I saying? I never met him. White Heat with Jimmy Cagney and Margaret Wycherly is one of those j suspense chillers that Jimmy does so 1 well. He plays a. psychopathic killer with a mother' complex. Picture is ; reminiscent of the old Cagney Publin ; Enemy days, and i the type of thing mismanaged that a finance company foreclosed on her house and furnish ings while she was in the East. Peggy Ann deserves better than this. NOW Thru WED. 11 A.M. sing CROSBY ann BIYTK j me . mm TODAY ONLY! OPF.N AT 10 A. M. WiU Bill ELLIOTT THE H'M 'O wtMfims with IRIS MEREDITH 1 LArATfTTt on Tampa v f I J 4 m A ill ii 1 Kj NOW I I A I 1 1 Own 111 I I . 1 . ' 1 Arnp" r I I L-JjjjjiJaxJ Parking ff PJT FIRST HUN I ! J J "COVER UP" I I W WILLIAM VENDIX I : fmA BARBARA BRITTON f tff "GIVE US WINGS" I III vlth I U.I THE DEAD END KIDS I gjaMMpwHM Sulphur Sorino, Eg ; 'Tirl Own 2 R. at. r c - 25e "MARSHAL OF RENO" Wild Bill Elliott - Littla Baavar "BIG TOWN SCANDAL" Phillip Rm - Hillary Brook V

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