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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida • Page 64
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida • Page 64

The Tampa Tribunei
Tampa, Florida
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TAMPA SUNDAY TRIBUNE, Sandiy, July IS. 195 EDUCATION REVOLUTION? CHLOROPHYLL, NEW U. S. DARLING Story Of America 's Green Gold AH Learning Simple, Says French Inventor Of New Card Game System By CYNTHIA LOWRY MOUNT VERNON, N. The wildly beating heart of America's new darling chlorophyll lies within the portals of a small, three-story building in this semi-suburban community. A chaste and discreetly non-committal sign, merely states "the Rystan Company." tention was fixed on chlorophyll's deodorizing ability when taken internally and in sufficient Quantities. They were not the only ones moving toward chlorophyll in tablet form a use which did not conflict with the Gruskin patent. In 1948, Rystan put out its Chlorophyll, as practically everyone knows, is the magic sub stance that makes plants green and, everyone who buys it hopes, peo ple smell nicer. Today it is being injected into all manner of com chloresium toothpaste "and a lot modities from shampoos to foot pads, from dog soap to ntoth balls, from cigarettes to socks. In tablet toothpaste, mouthwash, moniated dentifrice was brought out and ran up sensational sales. Others appeared in its wake, but a few established toothpaste manufacturers' refused to change their formulas. While this was going on, Ryan, still determined to stick strictly to his prescription line, approached Lever Brothers which had not gone into an ammoniated paste and suggested the firm bring out a toothpaste containing chlorophyll. "Sales results In a market test were pretty dramatic," Ryan said, "and Lever put the toothpaste on a national basis as fast as it could. "And "it wasn't long before some of those cold shoulders I'd run into were turning pretty hot. But we had an exclusive licensing agreement on toothpaste with Lever Brothers which originally was scheduled to expire on June 30 of this year." of people thought it was a blue-sky operation," adds Ryan. It wasn't until the Summer of 1950 that the public felt the impact of chlorophyll. And it had little or nothing to do with Rystan. A magazine. Reader's Digest, published an article called Nature's Deodorant, and almost simultaneously two brands of chlorophyll tablets hit candy, textiles and even in cologne, chlorophyll is held out as the ultimate weapon in a peculiarly American warfare against personal, un zation, under a routine agreed ment whereby rights to any patentable aspects of the research would belong to the foundation. In 1937, a "use" patent was issued, giving Lakeland Foundation licensing rights on chlorophyll derivatives in aqueous solution. The foundation, more interested in stimulating other research than promoting a patent, placed the whole matter quietly on the shelf. The Gruskin patent, as it is pleasant odor. The Rystan company finds itself the market with extensive bursts of in the center of the whirlwind, largely through a series of cir advertising. The public responded impres sively. cumstances over which it had little called, gathered dust until 1950 when Ryan, then an advertising About the same time the great executive, heard about the scient By NADEANE WALKER PARIS. W) A 60-year-old Frenchman who never could afford to finish teachers college claims he has developed a new method which will revolutionize grade school education. Clement Planes says his system will make it possible for any child or adult to learn a new language well in three months through a card game hardly more complicated than canasta. Although he holds no degrees, Planes says he has worked alone for 40 years to perfect the games system he has just copyrighted. His system, which he calls "rational pedagogy seems to be a scholarly combination of cross playing cards and plain alphabet blocks. With it be claims a beginner can get a practical speaking knowledge of any language in just two weeks by "playing" with his language card box at home. A stooped, balding little man with near-sighted eyes and the absent-minded habit of losing his thick spectacles in a shuffle of papers, Planes gave up his job as night manager of a cabaret seven months ago "to give the world what I have learned and save years ef study for others." I HE WORKS with his wife and several assistants in a converted half of a laundry in a modest quarter of Paris. Cardboard boxes and battered suitcases lining the walls hold the gleanings of 40 years' solitary study notes scribbled on about a million and a half index cards and hand written manu- toothpaste struggle began. An am- control and never anticipated. It owns a patent which gives it the right until 1955 (unless a court rules otherwise) to license the use ist's work. "I had been looking around for some time for a new drug to put v. LL if '4' I pzz on the market, he explains, of chlorophyll derivatives in a base containing water. Because chlor "something that would contribute to medicine. An attorney friend told me about Gruskin over the ophyll in such solution form is required for toothpaste and mouthwashes, to mention just two, the company at the moment is a poten dinner table one night." Ryan promptly investigated and persuaded Lakeland to make him sole licensee. Then he interested tial midas in a green gold story. And if I had know what I was 1 getting into in 1946," comments Neill Ryan, Jr.rRystan president and sparkplug of the entire opera tion, "I wonder if I'd have had the courage to go ahead with a iimiim nnn i i mm-mam rinfiw H' iit il 'f Neighborhood children drop into the Pans headquarters of 60-year-old Clement All I wanted was a new drug to put on the market. We never thought of it purely in terms of a deodorant. Planes to try out a geography card game he has devised for rapid teaching. Planes has also worked out card games to teach history, science, literature, grammar and arithmetic to children from six to 18. Planes calls his system "Rational Pedagogy." (Wide World Photo). THE GREEN STUFF splashed i mp. into the market just two years ago. For at least a quarter of a scripts of several unpublished treatises. century the public had been sys tematically conditioned by adver tising to fear and dread un There also are heavy dictionaries In every language. Planes taught pleasant odors until manufacture of deodorants, anti-perspirants and mouthwashes had becdme big business with annual gross sales of around 50 million dollars. a fellow vice president of the J. Walter Thompson Agency, Henry T. Stanton, in joining him to form a company and continue research. Their sole idea was to put out a line of chlorophyll preparations to be sold only through per-scription and recommendation by the medical and dental professions. THEY SANK $500,000 in Rystan the name, of course, is formed by the first syllable of the partners last names and research went ahead. Their first -preparation was an ointment. They picked "Chloresium" as a brand name for their prescription line, now expanded to 12 products. "Getting chlorophyll into correct formula i important- and tricky," Ryan said. "Its concentration is very important and so is the degree of purity. We experimented with over 600 formulas just to get the ointment." In 1944 Ryan went to large drug pharmaceutical firms explaining the possibilities of chlorophyll and suggesting a licensing arrangement to give Rystan some financial assistance. "I was turned down by 10 firms," he said. "We went ahead alone." Meanwhile, other scientists had been stimulated by Gruskin's work. Drs. F. Howard Westcott and J. A. Killian started experimenting in connection with anemia. That particular research didn't pan out, but Westcott's at Chlorophyll as a deodorant was himself all the basic languages in order to classify and simplify them Into one system. The Inventor describes his system as "very scientific but very simple." In a demonstration, he used cards slightly smaller than playing cards, first arranging the single alphabet letters into their pronunciation groups (dental, labial, gutteral, palatal, then ranging under each group the vowel or vowels which always accompany it, and finally under this the accompanying diphthongs, or vowel combinations. The student of French, for ex something of a sleeping princess. Dr. Benjamin Gruskin of Temple University, Philadelphia, was the prince charming. During 10 years of research and experiments with chlorophyll during the 1930s, he found that derivatives had the ability to speed healing of wounds, reduce burns and cure trench mouth. He used it with dramatic ing or translation, person, gender, part of speech, related words and so on. PLANES SAID he plans to do a series of several card boxes on each language, the first containing the 4000 most-used everyday words, and the others growing progressively more scholarly. For correct pronounciation, a set of records will accompany them. The inventor also has worked out card games to teach geography, history, science, literature, grammar and arithmetic to children from six to 18. A dark-haired boy of 12, named Gerard, wandered into the workroom while we talked. Without a word to anyone he climbed up and rapidly began assembling a map of France from cards by following latitude and longitude lines. Planes said he "wouldn't take on the scholars without being sure my system will work," but added he will have to get financial help to launch his games. He hopes some government will buy them. results on cases ranging from brain abscess to varicose veins. A ample, may use a newspaper textbooks are needed," says Planes) to copy out a sentence with' his NO POUNDING, PLEASE A mother robin in Min 'pure scientist," he made almost cards. Syllable cards then replace after-thought observations of its odor-killing qualities. letter cards and word cards supplant these. On the card under neapolis waits patiently for her eggs to hatch, unconcerned over the fact she has halted work on a new home in suburban Minneapolis. When the builder found the nest of eggs on a window sill he put up the ultimatum for the benefit of carpenters. (AP Wirephoto). each letter, syllable or word is en His experimentation during this long period was underwritten by the Lakeland Foundation of Chicago, a non-profit organi- tered information relative to its pronounciation, use as affixe or suffix, and (on word cards) mean' nn lira tfflf Clement Planes, right, 60-year-old Frenchman, with one of his helpers, Pierre Michelot, play a card game Planes has devised for the teaching of languages. (Wide World Photo). s-n: Lake Sealand Acreage Double GET HO '300 TODAY ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL SECURITY QUICK-COIVFIDEIVTIAL-LOANS PHONE OR STOP IN FOR CASH TODAY UNITED LOAN CORP. 317 TWIGGS ST. PHONE 2-8107 EUTIS (Special) Lake County 1952 Sealand cotton Hohokus Correct MERIDEN, July 12. A state trooper testified that the New Jersey motorist he arrested for a traffic violation was from Hohokus. Hohokus. "Ha-Ha," laughed Judge Rosenthal. "What's this Ho-Ho business?" "S'fact," said Trooper A. H. Kimball. "There is such a town. I looked it up." acreage is double that of last year County Agent R. E. Norris report 1 ed. There are about 700 acres of Alt Sealand long staple cotton being produced this season in Lake ADVERTISEMENT County. The Central Florida Cot Thousands Discover New Way to Fight ton Association covers about 1500 acres in this area. Modernization of the Central el "nnm urn old, mi Florida Cotton Association gins at the Leesburg Air Base are going forward under the supervision of Manager M. N. Gist. New equip ment for drying cotton and speed ACKACME- GETTING ing up the ginning operation is 12) underway and will facilitate hand ling of the cotton crop this season TO PEP UP CHEER UP-FRESH UP Power Steering now available en Supt well as Roadmaster optional at extra cos Officers of the association are as R. E. Word of Oxford, president Henry Thurston of Sanford, vice WITH NEW INTERNAL REFRESHER president; R. E. Norris of Tavares As we erow older we gradually secretary; George W. Chain of nv tin good internal cleaning 2 or 3 times a year. If everybody would do this Leesburg, treasurer. Directors arc the officers and M. G. Stacey of many people would feel better all of the time. Gotha; C. M. Kuharske of Grova land; W. R. Shriner of Eustis: El bert Devoe of Reddick and Man ager Gist. Pasco Girls to Go To Camp McQuarrie alow down, and cant do as much as In younger years but there are thousands of men and women who may suffer needlessly from many devitalizing symptoms which could be relieved very quickly with a wonderful internal refresher called New Improved Cystex. For instance, do you or any of your family at the end of nearly every day feel tired worn out depressed worried? Do you get up in the morning feeling almost as tired as when you went to bed, and der how you can get through the day? Do you 'suffer from dull, depressing, nagging backaches or headaches? Are you at times unable to get a good sleep because your kidneys work too 3tW I' i j. i j( 1 jjiiii' Wimi Mil i mill DADE CITY. (Special) Forty- Of course most people take laxatives now and then but these merely help empty the bowel and do nothing to help clean and refresh the important kidneys and bladder. In fact, people never think about the vitally Important kidneys and bladder. But when there is nothing organically or systemically wrong, just a few days use of New Improved Cystex may astonish you with the improvement and relief it brings through Its cleansing and refreshing action. You see, Cystex usually works in acid condition a good deal like a mild, gentle antiseptic bath to your kidneys, bladder system washing" cleaning and helping Nature get rid When we tell you that business is great, we can back up that statement with figures. More people are buying Buicks than any other car at their price or above. Why don't you come in and sea for yourself what's behind thii popularity? If you can afford a new car, you can be the proud owner of a Buick. Equipment, accessories, trim and models are. subject to change without notice. Standard on Roadmaster, optional at axtra cost on other Series. two Pasco County 4-H Club girls will go to Camp McQuarrie in the Ocala National Forest July 21-26 and camp with 4-H girls from Broward and Orange Counties. The girls will leave from the home demonstration agent's office on Monday, July 21, at 12:30, an and the thrill that goes with They're getting "big-car" comfort. They're getting a ride that cost a million dollars and more to develop. They like the room, the fabrics, the extra appointments they find in the smart-stepping beauty pictured here. And they like Dynaflow Drive. They like the way it handles. They like the way it's engineered. They like the belt they get out of touching off the power of its Fireball 8 Engine and they like the miles they get from a gallon of fuel. So Buick sales are booming. Not just the Special but also the Super and Roadmaster. Folks find that each one is the buy in its field. This is to coin a phrase a "shopper's market." Folks are taking a keen look at what they get for what they pay and they're taking a double look at price tags. That's the kind of market where Buick really shines." Do you know why Buick prices are down within easy reach of the folks who buy what's known as "the low-priced three." Fact is a big chunk of Buick sales comes from the folks who trade in one of this low-priced trio. For very few extra dollars, they're getting a lot more automobile. TheyVe getting more power will be accompanied by the agent, of many irritating factors such as often? At -times do frequent irritating passages- make you uncomfortable and embarrassed during the day? Do you at time notice strong acid condition? At times do you have pains In the groin, hips an lower A Vnderwood Phot Mrs. Mary R. Stearns, and two local leaders, Mrs. Ruth Nessler enough to prove its real value to you. After a fair trial, if you are not satisfied for any reason under the sun. of the Richey Club and Mrs. B. Stewart of the Richland Club. abdomen? Causa of Irritation simply return the empty package and the entire purchase price will be Mrs. Stearns said camp life will frequently symptoms such as the include games, devotionals, classes craft work and good food. At the camp banquet the Pasco girls will Sure is true for 52 a Dove may arise irom simple Junctional irritation without organic or systemic cause. Such irritation may cause the nerves to send out warning messages of tiredness or pain, irritating factors such as non furnish the souvenirs. A candle lighting service will feature the last night in camp. There will be classes in swim specific germs may linger in the kidneys and bladder after colds and ming with a swimming instructor refunded Immediately. The Knox Company protects Liggett's under this guarantee. However, if for any reason you prefer, you may send the empty package to the address on the carton and the refund will be made directly to you. Cystex costs only $1.00 and, in just a lew days, it must prove a real blessing to you must be entirely satisfactory or your money back Is guaranteed. So cheer up, pep up. clean up and start refreshing yourself the Cystex way today. See how much better you may feel tomorrow. Cystex Special-only 89c at irom otner causes, and cause so much irritation Nature sends a mes sage to your brain that she needs non-specific germs. Then it is only natural that the body can feel refreshed and cleaned of many nerve irritants. And remember this If you are run down and tired out and are taking vitamins or other tonics, you can't expect to get the best results from such medication if your kidneys and bladder need cleaning the Cystex way. Just give New Improved Cystex a fair trial to show what Its cleaning, refreshing action may do and you may thank your lucky stars that you took this opportunity to relieve a lot of depressing, devitalizing symptoms that could be soothed so easily. Proved by Millions New Improved Cystex is based oil a formula that has won world-wide success for 25 years over 20 million packages' sold. Now as a result of research and study by the Knox Control Laboratory, New Improved Cystex brings better, faster, more soothing, comforting relief than ever before. Guaranteed Trial Offer Get New Improved Cystex from Liggett's today. Give it what you consider to be a fair trial. In Just a few days you probably will feel a lot better and be glad to take it long neip. Internal Cleanser and a life guard present, Farm Equipment Care Is Topic On WFLA Tuesday J. Mostella Myers, agricultural I 105-107 Franklin Everybody believes In cleaning house 2 or 3 times a year and there certainly would be nothing; more natural than to give your body a Ask Liggelt's For ClfSTEX (Pronounced Siss-Trx) GILES MOTOR CO. engineer with the University of Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, will discuss methods for taking care of farm equipment on WFLA's Farm Hour July 15 at Phone 2-3721, Tampa, Fla. F. C. BUCHANAN "Buick, sinc mr OTIS E. PRU1TT. INC. 12:10 clock. ease eaum In arranging for Myers part In 322 S. Scwiic Lak Wales. Fla. PheM 23-191 Drw at Garden Claarwatar, Ha. Phoiia 31.324 STREATER BUICK. INC. POWELL'S GARAGE S4 lott Main Lakeland, Fla. Pkona 34-S81 202-04 W. Haliwt Plant City. Ha. Mom 330 the program. Alec White, county agent, said he feels the topic timely 19 FRANKLIN because of the recent rams.

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