The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 6
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Baer Fells Piimo; Ross Wins, Loses TitJp; Olin LVais Rosenbioorn BV Ii.U?RV GRAVSON W -YORK, Dw. 20.'~ TlM'ff v.'prtd champions "were crowned during 1934. They are Maxie Adelbert Boer, heavy, Sob Olln, llght- heavy, and Teddy Ynrosz, middle- v eight Barney ' Ross became Urn flrfil lightweight leaner ever lo-win the v«»ll«r wreath, hut could not hold It fJie. length of the outdoor Mason, Jimmy 'McLnriiln giving another .striking Illustration of the. fallacy of tl.e old «nyi«p "They never romp back " Baby'Ariunendl look n 15-roiiiid decision from \Jlkr Bellolv to gain world .fcalher . championship recognition In New York, mil, this title generally is conceded lo Fred- dV Miller the Cincinnati south pav. 1 With air tills activity the beak busting business foiled to regain much, if any, of the ground It has lost since Ihe deni old dk/y nnd daffy days of the lalp Tex Rick «rd. OiiLsirfe of Ihp Baer-Primo Car- Jiera party and Die two meetings of McLainln and Row, no show drew anything of consequence ; Baer knocked Camera down 'll times In )l round? to gate receipts of Sm.G'iiea This engagement nnd the two McLainln-Ross hurt due to Its having lo he post- pcned sevfial tlmfs becai' e nf un Backing Up Passer Tctl Klilpkey Iniil a lot nf lii>l|) ulioji Im aurmpif I i, pas (n j ^Uiiiford Hruveji' (cintnnalf! (luring a inn Krlil some > HI, ilu (],| tatio <iinllmiM at Irs Ui^elpi recently. Khlpkcy, lielu ou llm llusl. Kol-Ilii>'lifnvo off ill i IP'I bin it luiulniritt Ili/ninis ai Hill Volok, of .(In Ca'nls ._ r lir Chi On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Jess Eberdf, framer Blythevilie high; Alabama University unA pro fcol ball slnr, we?, offered u ildy film (o held down flic- pivot position for ihp Memphis Tigers Bun- flay ir, their game >ilh Ihe Chicago B-rOrs, Hcrorillng In Ben Ep£'.<'l/i of (he ArV'ansn.s Oawtle. Ebfrdl, f^Jio jirtls rfm^nt avn . Ihe slate of Arkansas, refurtd the offer, Ills 'ilprlsjon V)DS very likely 3 wl.w, one. .few hasn't Iiff-n onl of (he pro gamr- so very long bill. II dmvjn'L take long to get out of condition find II does Ink? a long limp lo gel, hack Into uliape. J«s 'WDS a MB favoritfi willi Memphis fnns when lie. formerly played with Ihe TlBM-s. He also played v/flli Brooklyn of Ihe N«- tlonnl pro league for a while, fiarly Maxwell, Ihe Memphis pro- inoler, sports • wfllcr, nml what- hnvi'-yoii, picked .less as nn nil- Amprln) pro miler one ycnr. Epstein also gives spacn In his column U> the hopes of the l)ly- tltovilli; Clilckiisnv.'.s to no places In stale football. Re-Uerallng his .ilntcmcnt after the Walnut Uldgc- Blylhevlllc game that ho believed the mi Chicks could have msctc it .Interesting for .so-railed "big" learns in the state, Epstein sola lie Imd . tt from good uiilhorlty Llml the Chicks' hoped to persuade 'ome of tlio "big" teams' such us Little- Rock. . Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, or 111 Donulo to Inke Ihem on next y«ar, .Six Contests On Junior High Cagn Schedule Tonight Junior high school basketball learns pai'llclpalljig Jn Ihe riiral schools round -robins series ol Hie national. guard armory liei-f> will nwet in sl.x games tmilghl. ""'- games are scheduled ns Lirntn In a rather uninteresting "out, and Ihe Irhhman regained flip fhnjne in a gripping encounter In which the lightweight ruler '.nigged It out with his hard-hlt- tlng ndvewiiy oddly enough it meeting wlille an Armoro! vs conceding weight to aiKfiaUneli c M 1 '! 1 ' B . roo ' !j y n lai1 w "o formerly Dell (girls). 15 round decision from McLarnln ?. .' wo - s WarM n venllct 7:10-7:50. o'clock, Oosjiell vs. peihapi was the outstanding fent , , e Ro^'Woom. It was Blackwater <boys). of the year °"' 1 , " ! Ul * world's worst fights, 7:00-8:30 o'clock, Ynrbro vs I.ux- '-'"- (.he majority declaring- thnt orn <glrla).' •. -••--' ' 8:30-9:10 o'clock, Armorel vs Dell' (boyn) nera neariyTveVy" ITme lirVnirk 5J",? lnhE , V ? ce D ' mdee "' PitLsT^ 3:10-9:50 o'clock, Ynrbro vs. him squarely. Wirgh, but keen observers consider BurdetU (boys).. 20: .19SJ ui uie year — r»u*iu.-> wui.-ii, ngnifi, Baer, whose slogan is "Good'n , <Jle ma J° r "y declaring-thnl HghU and Good 'limes' ouickTv i L declsln " maWle <l «ie contfil: I discovered thai.he could floor c«i- '„ ^^ ^^ ^ d ' llmi "".''*' nera nearly everj. lime he sln.rt 2..™. dln . e , V ^<* Dundee In PilLs-1 Paul hands of Who P 1 "- llllra '» Wttlker and ">'- f6rmlli Prospects who made the masl him squarely. _ Without:.Bill Duffy, „„„ Ros the guesl of the government due 19 income tax difficulty, Camera obviously vas the lonesornest man in the world when he entered the ring Prlino seemed badly frightened The Venetian Leviathan wrenched an ankle In an' eurlv n'™^ anfl knockdown which «re]y hundU cMrL * 5"1 *""** SigU] °'' of capped him • ' , • Chicago, and Leonard Del Qenio, The affair wa °* New Ywk ' •'•;•.'••• ' reWalirig! oourag^ worthy ^^"'ii J Jclll ' sto " come-with;:-a. Jiner, selling He was on Ills feel S^ ? - Square Garden-' low : -,oi when Referee Arthm Donovan In- l5on« "H"! ns Dn ? »'-VB«fe:'- ! of tervencd Ih th e -el M aivth rmmd $ J, °' b ," 1 , Jemes J ^oot-thdlipnc..' nr^n ^'^ a " ' lhe •wniities vMi?^ , ] L, . ',_ a ,r°!;!ir^".v:-. ! ;•'.-/! ?..l C l™ tie , A ^ump'on, but, as so case vllh 9.:50 : 10:30 o'clock, Lillle Rlwr vs Winner second game. Only Ihe Junior high learns wi play Mn this session. Little Rive —. ,,..~ JMUUC LIU; must, antlDlackwaler teams are of jun — during the year are Louis; lor hlg'h .rating in our games Boll Peterson, Welsh heavyweight; • ot these teams are. showing goo ne. and uic Hghtwelghls,' r °"n In the''contests. An;' nnElLsh"'.bIoiogisl ; has dlscov -ered- UfalMeji-,.'fluitl. -'is an'exceed high, iwwerfill destroyer of IMC •terto... ,':.-.,: -• . ' . i,. . • . ,'nl; Ja'nies .- ;riew' U( ,' yea ' f os .*!' h '-l^ ^ky ! r", 1 , 6 En 8 |hnm ™ still 'nimilhgj the . "° rl the ^'d's ' frequently Is the case vllh a r,, . JieaVytielght monarch lh e Butter I ft f "° rl ? ^ the ^'d's ',• fore- , -ly Butcher Boy ts left Without an'!" 01 !. am P UUhen («'-, which , shonld , opponent of consequence ind«" f f " e r ° Ulltaln heai! of,lhe- E {iih«.-t he now O f, er , to figh , • challengers ll ie same nig,,, l ln Y ! L» pid / fc * of J0c L" 1 " 5 . «ho ^J^ ened 10 °' 12 Professional opponents, inoudlng Chailry Massa-a ant! uee Rammoge, may solve ' l ' .Cerlilled .•Beilslerfil 'Englurer .- .General / ' . . , / 1 SinV^yjng.'.Mappl'ng hone 408 /• Blytfcf.v'jlle,;Afli. Now Locitptf. ttl ••101 Nort'h fiMond • ' ' ' ADDING MACHINED tYPfeWRITER SERVliGE BUREAU: , noS« HOWARDS, Proprietor *ll mikMnrrrhnlli.TjiieMie^ iddlni- MMhlnti and Calf platon ^ '' ' ' • TIRES Your family gets more pleasure out of the car than any other possession—Makt sure they arc riding safely on Good Tires—Ruy a complete set this Christmas. FIRESTONE HI-SPEED TIRES Tires Tubes 500x19 :.$ 9.75 $2.45 Firestone CENTURY of PROGRESS The' Tire Sensation of 1934 Tuts $ 7.65 450x20 475119, $8.45 525>19, $10.05 ,550x17 $11.05 $1.70 $1.80 $2:00 $2.35 Olher Sizes ^t.LoWeit Prices 525 x 18 ..... .......... .................... $10.85 550x17 .................. . .......... ; ...... : .$ll.90 600x16 ............... : ............... ...$13.25 $2.45 $2.90 $2.90 FIRESTONE OLDFIELD TYPE 475 k 18 ............................... .$ 7.75 $1.80 525x18 .................................. ;.$ 9.25 $2.00 550x17 . $10,15 $2.35 FIRESTONE COURIER-TYPE V& ................ :$4.95 $1.20 5! $5.50 $1.45 8 ........................... * 5 -8<> 51-40 *19 ............ ................... $ 6.40 $1.45 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION /,J / or Ho Mends Gloves find we have o large selection of Kidsklns and Imitation'Pig- skin ill, !)8c, $1.49 nnd $1.M. ' Lined or Unlined. .». C. PENNKY CO. i ' LOUNGING ROBES Black flat, crepe with cnntrn.u- Ing trims, $10. . . New Mead Clothing ..Co. PAT'O'EHYANT, Je.weler, SUE-' ge-sts bill folds, fountain pens, pencils,- rings, fitted zipper sets, cigarette cnses, lighters, watches, chains and bands. •••'.... + * * At Haynes' Men's Shop can be found gifts for the rnsm from 25o, up. May w« ; suggest handkerchiefs, tle.s; pajamas, shirts, '.scarfs, lounging -robes hah, belts' and buckled ' Sec o ir stock before making jour election PURE SILK PAJAMAS All colors; plain modfll-s $ r ), Lounging styles, ' SG.50, New Mead Clothing Co + * + For Him We Sa(t«l A Pipe, Olgars, bha\lng Sel or Shaeffer Fountain Pen BELT,"3 PHARMACY A Comfortable Chair for Dull How hc'rt )oyp a camtorlablf chair all his own You 11 find all styles jlzes and prices In our . compleie '.stock; HirBBARD FURNITORK CO We. Have Wlnl They Want! Skates, Tricycles, Scooters, Hi- oycles, Coaster, Wagons, Buddy Bikes, .33 "Rifles (Stevens, Ifnmillon nnd fipringflehh, I'ockel, Knives, .Flnshllohls, WotPhfts, 'Hunting Knives, Bunk .lone.s Air Rifles and : Scout, Knives mid AKf.s, including earlier. Burke Hardware Co; "We Rell for I.FSS" + ;*' * TOVLAND IS OPEN Hols, Teddy Bears, ' Trucks, Popguns, Airplanes, Fire Engines, .Tool : Ohesls, Ofirrifs, Chemical Sels, Puzzles, Play Houses, Doll Dishes, Sowing Sets, Tricycles, Wagons, Doll DiigBles, Tables and Clwir.5, Slory Books, Chrlslmas Candies and oilier interesting Toys. BEN FRANKLIN STORR ' 'Tnjlnnd 1 Door Ensli * + * 'S I1QRRVI Rlghl nov\ v\e have nlmosl e.very kind, of n Bicycle. : Tri- cjcie and Wagon but we advise Immccliale selection as' replacements fljv. hard in • gel (his year, KtlBBARn HARDWARE HO. FOR .BOYS -AND CURLS Bicycles, 'Wagons, 'De'ski, Doll Cabs, Dolli, Toys of nil k|ncls. Klrkindall's 5e & ' Ite Slor? Bicycle.' Tires, Horns, Raddles, Baskels, Handle orlps. Spokes, Wheels, Rlnis, Brake Paris Repairing. CARNEY'S SHOP, 11.1 fl., Phore M3. 1- + + VISIT OUR TOYLAND llig slock of new toys of nil kind 1 ! ol PARKHURRTT, •" mm WINCHESTER SKATES Every child wants a p.ilr of these Ball Bearing Roller Skates,. Special '.. $1. HOBBARD HARDWARE CO. * * * TOYLAND NOW OPEN Mothers and Fathers, ns well as children will enjoy a visit lo our complete Toy Oepnn- ment. .1. C. PENNEY CO. * *• + A COMPLETE TOY. DEPART- XfENT-for all age.s. Everything moderately priced OBERST STORE CO. * * * Visit our loyland. We. specialize In dolls and lovs of nil kinds. LOW PRICES I. ROSENTHAL, INC. ' + + * Every Child NeeiU One of course, if s the new t. E. R Study Lamp—"B e 11 e r light meaiis better slglif-FJoor and Table Models, -Buy Prom Your Dealer or ARKANSAS-NSIsSOURt POWER. CO. "At Your Service" for H er * * * . Walnut-Cedar Chests Beautiful walnut finish Cedar Chests, single or double deck style... A gift Ihat any woman "will appreciate... All moderately priced. 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ORACE F.LANORB SHOPPR + . -* + GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL =iatm and Crepe Negligees Velvet and Corduroy Robes Corduroy and Crepe Pajamas Satin and crepe Undies - '-THE FAMOUS .foe Applebaim 1 i ' + * + UNIVERSAL WAFFLE MAKFR Bakes golden Brown sanies exacfh to iour taste ffenl Indicator ' tells >lien to pour batter. Patented ' expansion hinge .allots: batler t,i raise BeRUtifnlly ^finished iri chrvm- him plalp.. -. - 45ns. ITTJBBAR'b HARDWARE.' rn. " + * * • ' • . niLK HOSE, ALWAY3 ACCEPTABLE Especially If it's lh« new .shper-rlcnr Allen A. . 7s c lo *1.3S. . . nlso Ijidlos House Hltppers at. popiilm- prices. At the New Vork Store FI.OYD A. WHITE Handbngs for Auntie! Ifand- hags for Mother! Handbags for the Litde Woman! Little evening delights too, In metals and ntnnan.1. and brocade.-;, that, will bring losling pleasure. 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Thomas Land Co. . - +*'*.; THE IDEAL GIFT A theatre Coupon book for the family or friends, $2.50 and 55. Good Any Time! Ritz and Roxy Theaters 1 '**+<- ELECTRIC percolators toast- eis, heating pads, lamps \ac- ulnlors, sweepers, waffle irons POPtJLAH PRICES WAT.POLF LLEOTRIC SHOP * * + " Sec oin mammoth stock 01 Quality Olifs, Largest and most complete In Northeast Arkansas 'Eienthlng 1011 Rani ' P \HKHIIRST CO * + + A THHIIHNG. GIFT one that spin bring many noun of happiness and plea%in e—a ncv 13ODOE PLV- MOIHH, or CHRY.SL.ER America's mosi bcsulliul ran Ba.nptt Auto Sale- Phone .SBfl Constant Enjoyment for the entire family with' Hotpoint Automatic Electric. Water Heater In the. home... let us give, Yin tilii details/ ' ;- ' ARKANSAg-MIRSOURI • . . POWER cd: < "Af,; Voui- RflrvIcA" ^rj.«al warel-dlshea - filvpf .ware— lamps— to' ' make .- lli fi "Home Beaullfuj.". .. Pat O'Bryaiit, 1 ; ..•,'...•* ."•*: '+.'•''.• America's Finest Qift! Karpen' I Jving '{ioom Furnltur« ...Made 'to .endure tlifo'iighout 'he age.s... Single pleres or complete suites'. ' : mrBBARD PtTRrflTtTRE Cf> '•' "••'•. * ' :+ .+ '.'; Have: your FTmNlTORB up- holslered'& repaired for a peri feel Christmas gift. SPECIA'i PRICES.' . . • J. VV. JENKINS & SON •HG -S. R,,R.-Phone 139 SMOKERS CEDAR CHEST3 / ^ LAMPS LOUNGE CHAllti ( * TABLES SFCRETARYS CHAIRS MAGAZINE RACKS ROCKERS CHILD'S ROCKERS RUGS TAYLOR TOT3 DESK? . MATTRESSES . MRORS *• --F-JIP** And many other items CIMRLES S LEMONS Houwhold Mirmture Moderately priced , DDEP KNAP' BLANKETS 70X80 Deep Kncp Double Blankets in a wide rejection of beautiful plaids SO per cent wool - - $498. J O PEtfNEy TO * + + HOLIDAY SPECIAL $7 SO Quitats »59D PARttHiJRST PO for Home Radios nnd Musical Instruments PARKHURST CO. Cut flowers or hlooming planls gh-e Xmns cheer in (lie home. Place your order early. UEATON'S HOME OF FLOV/ERS + * + AUj SIZES X Xmas Tree ON STANDS. Special prices. Place orders early. 212 \v. Davis Call (i7H-.l Gifts of Permanence + * + A We.slliighp(Vie ELECTRIC Range or RADIO would be a iwrfect glfl. , 'Walpole Electric Shop ' : *•*:•.*' The perfect gift. One 8x10 tinted in oil and three 4x5 por r I r*^ f is —$ 5. : Belt's Art Studio * + + Permanent wreaths tor Ihe. cemetery. Remember departed loved ones at Xmas. . - HEATON'S HO3UK OF FT.pWF.R3 ' f •

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