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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida • Page 2
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida • Page 2

The Tampa Tribunei
Tampa, Florida
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-TV 2-A TAMPA SUNDAY TRIBUNE. Sunday. March 23, 1952 Allies Study New Red Plan On Prisoners Allied negotiators had another, chance to question them in talks today at Panmunjom. Diligent searching earlier hadj failed to unearth any switch in the' just what facilities of these ports will be open to scrutiny by the inspection teams. Only two more issues block agreement on the truce supervision terms. These are the Red nomina Great Clearance SALE! MUNSAN. March 23. (Sunday)' Puzzled but patient Allied negotiators today gave another; careful' look to the newest Cpm-j munist plan on prisoner exchange in hopes of finding a solution to the truce-blocking issue. The Reds insisted their two-sentence proposal of Friday contained! something new and embodied a so-! lution to the exhausting tion of Soviet Russia as a neutral! inspector and the U. N. demand tori a ban of military airfield construe-; old Communist demand for forced' patriation of all prisoners of the Korean war. Continue Work Other staff officers continued: their work on safeguards for a Korean truce. These colonels from i the rival armies are pouring over, maps to pinpoint just where neutral nation teams can roam behind the lines inspecting truce conditions. The two sides already have picked; five entry ports each in South and North Korea for use in tunneling replacement troops and supplies.1 They still had to decide Saturdav tion during an armistice. An Allied negotiator told correspondents that both sides agreed Saturday they wanted the prisoner talks conducted on a "freer and more informal basis." The negotiator said he wanted both sides to "let their hair down' and talk over the problems "man to man." without anyone erupting into violent outbursts which have marred much of the prisoner RECTAL DISEASES Non-Surgical Methods Dr. J. R. Alden SH Stovall Offic Bldg. 41 Tampa St. Hour 10 to 2 Wd. 10 'til 1 PHONE 2 2872 LB. PAIL SHERWIN-WILLIAMS TORNADO WRECKAGE Judsonia. March 22 Two buildings were tossed together (upper right) and others in the foreground were badly damaged during a tornado which struck this town last night. More than 30 persons were killed in this area by the twister. (AP Wirephoto). Budget Shop Main Floor DRESSES, famous makes, slightly irregular. Embroidered filigree, silk shantungs, linens. Pastel colors. Sizes 10 to 20. 16': to 24'j, 38 to 44 REG. 19.95 to 21.95 9.9? DRESSES, rayons and REG. 10.98 6.99 DRESSES, rayons and cottons REG. 7.98 to 8.98 5.99 DRESSES, rayons and cottons REG. 5.98 to 8.98 4.99 DRESSES, rayons and cottons REG. 6.98 to 5.98 3.99 DRESSES, prints, solids, plaids in assorted fabrics. Juniors, misses, half-sizes REG. 3.99 2.99 SUITS, lined, some with two skirts. Gabardines and sharkskins. Broken sizes for juniors, misses, half-sizes REG. 16.97 to 24.97 13.99 TOPPERS, 100 wool. Pastel colors. Sizes 10 to 16 REG. 17.97 13.99 SWEATERS, cardigans, wool and nylon. Light colors. Broken sizes REG. 2.98 and 3.98 1.99 SWEATERS, slip-on, nylon. Broken sizes and colors 50c BLOUSES, cotton, assorted styles. Broken sizes and colors 50c GIRDLES, zipper style. Broken sizes and colors REG. 3.98 1.99 GIRDLES, lastex, 2-way stretch. Broken sizes REG. 1.00 4 for 1.00 SLIPS, GOWNS, rayon. Broken sizes and colors REG. 1.98 .99 Tornadoes Kill 226 In Four WORST STORM nr X7ITVTT17D ti nnf -m sxst WW vl 111 1 JL.iv REG. PRICE $1.90 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CELLULOSE 5 tales; More 1 nan 1UUU Hurt hits west (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) on U. Highway 67 south of r-v was making pictures, llogan said he could see families grouped around small fires seeking to keep warm. Broken timbers of their homes furnished the fuel. At Searcy Ramon Greenwood, a reporter for the Arkansas Democrat, wrote that he sawa father holding a blood plasma bottle for Searcy." Stephens added that people walked the streets as in a daze. Some had lost everything but their lives. It was the worst storm ever to only way to get about in the towns. Main line trains were running, but hours late. The last airliner arrived in Omaha at 4:50 P. M. Friday. The weather bureau reported the sustained force- of the winds in Nebraska was exceptional. In some points in central Nebraska gales of 50 miles an hour had been Sin: Wt" ZVt 5Vi'- REG. PRICE 39c hit Arkansas. The deadliest previ-jnis desperately injured, four year ous storm was June 5, 1946, when daughter. $1 90 Students from the University of blowing for 36 hours. Arkansas medical school at Little, The Weather Bureau warned Pur V.g.tobla Oil Paste Soap for Houithold Cleaning Mild but Efficient I THIS WEEK ONLY A Tough, but So Soft Houtohold Sponge) 86 died. The worst tornado disaster occurred March 18. 1925, when in a single day 639 people died in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. The tornadoes plunged into Arkansas through "tornado alley," given that name because of the frequency of the big winds in the past. Heart of Stricken Area Heart of the stricken area was at Judsonia, near Searcy. Rock were helping. Greenwood; Michigan. Minesota. Wisconsin and continued, and other students from iovva to brace for the storm. Five a local school were serving as: to ten inches of snow and heavy I stretcher bearers. winds ere forecast for those Terrifying Roar states. I Eyewitnesses at Caruthersville. 17 Below Zero Mo said there was rain, thunder Butte Mont reported its owest and lightning, a terrifying roar, temperature for so late in the year and then silence, just before the, 17 degrees below zero. I ft IT li i WE SPECIALIZE IN FAMOUS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PRODUCTS Men's Wcav9 Main Floor FAMOUS BRAND MEN'S JEWELRY, cuff links, tie bars and matchinq REG. 1.19 1.79 Vj OFF! FAMOUS BRAND BILLFOLDS REG. 2.49 Vj OFF! 100 NYLON SWIM TRUNKS, broken sizes in tan, navy 4.95 2.19 FAMOUS BRAND SHIRTS, slightly soiled REG. 3.95 to 5.00 Vi OFF! FAMOUS BRAND SPORT SHIRTS, slightly soiled REG. 3.95 to 5.00 Vj OFF! out c1 a if ritrr A Montana. Wyoming and Montana. Wyoming and Colo- ,1 1 11 i i. From there Jack Hoean, Asso ciated Press photographer, report- 'o. oDseuea 7oUS0bsit 71 had clearing and warmer weather ed that half the town was wped toppled and blown to bits and out and that, overall, 75 per cent fic ds ed just like thcie: flnd of it was damaged. had been an invisible claw able drifts. From an airplane in which he Mrs. Bonnie Fennell. who lost; I ner nine momii oiu sun uit- ONE-COAT FLAT-TONE Flat oil paint for woilj Full range of new colon Highly washable pasiels Sherwin-Williams DROP CLOTHS 9x12 Water-resistant 'I25 Krinkl-Kraft Paper Cottonwood Point storm, said tfie brunt ot the storm, shoes were blown off her as the The storm did one thing it twister picked her up and hurled assured the Democrats of the fifth her into a field. Kansas congressional district priv- At nvorchiirfl Tcnn the miEflltv acv fnr Ihpir fnn-Antinn inrlav MEW SCIENTIFIC DESIGNS ni Hip Mf nf Tpnnpi- i Thnrp vrrfl no tolnnhnnc nv toln- 'see Highway Patrol Sgt. Joe Wil- graph lines operating into Greens- Offer Perfect RUPTURE CONTROL liamson and whirled it 300 yards, burg, the parley site, and Notions Main Floor HAMPER LAUNDRY BAG, plastic REG. PLASTIC DAMPENING BAG REG. PLASTIC TRAVEL BAG, holds 4 to 6 garments REG. PLASTIC SUIT HANGERS REG. TUB-SOX, for home and travel. Broken sizes and colors REG. CORDUROY SCUFFS, M. REG. highways were hazardous. Wont real rirf? Corn-i Wi 11 iamson was killed. fort? Security What- Tlio tales nf rionfh wcrp manv .59 .59 1.49 .10 .59 .99 1.00 1.00 2.29 .20 1.00 2.00 Most of the delegates, including problem. LET US RECOMMEND A GOOD PAINTING CONTRACTOR Harry oodring, former Secretary and morgues were filled beyond capacity in some of the small towns. Have a quality Truss to fit yonr particular aced. Stop in today. of War the keynote speaker, were traveling on schedules that would get them there last night before the storm broke. Telephone operators and highway patrolmen assured a waiting public that it probably would be Sunday at the earliest before it found out what went on at the con 502 Tampa Street Phone 2-8351 WE DELIVER Will Take Bids MOBILE, March 22 The corps of engineers announced today it will take bids for clearing additional grounds at Eglin Air Force Base, on April 3. The work is in connection with the expansion of the ammunition area. OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT DORSE DRUGS 1017 N. Franklin St. Main Floor BLUM'S SQUARE MINTS REG. BLUM-YUMS, attractive novelty assortment. I lb REG. BLUM'S LEMON AND LIME LUMPS, packaged in air-tight 'a -lb. tins REG. MARTHA ANN SPICED AND MINT ALMONDS REG. .98 1.29 .74 .98 1.85 2.00 .85 1.75 TAMPA GARAGES NOW OFFER AMPLE PARKING SPACE! Handhcr chiefs, Main Floor 1 TAMPA XBrothers LADIES' HANDKERCHIEFS, linen and cotton. Assorted prints MEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS, linen and Vj to Vj OFF! Vj to Vj OFF! cotton. Assorted styles vention. Northeastern Iowa was snowbound by one of its worst Spring blizzards in years. The snowfall ranged up to 10-15 inches in the Kansas-Nebraska area, and up to eight inches in Iowa. Nebraska reported some snow drifts 15 feet high. Bitter cold followed in the path of the snow storm. The mercury skidded to 17 degrees below zero in Butte. a record low for so late in the season. Meanwhile, rain pelted an area from the Middle Atlantic states to Iowa. West Yellowstone. had a reading of -25. Dickinson. N. reported -6 and Denver, zero. Twister Kills Two Boys Ready-To Flee Home CARLISLE, March 22 The Ray Jones family was packed up ready to move when a tornado struck their home here yesterday. Two sons, Derald, 15, and Doyne, 9, had returned home from school shortly before. The twister killed both boys. Red Cross Chapter In Session As Storm Hit Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, March 22 SH tn the nw Ploytx ft-Ttr. Lean back, relax in it. And see bow immediately your bead tells you which pillow gives the comfort just right for It's the wonderful new way to choose the perfect pillow Ncckivcar, Main Floor BETTER BLOUSES, assorted styles and colors. GROUP OF SWEATERS, KNEE WARMERS, BED SOCKS. BED SOX, HALTERS, AND JERSEY REG. to 5.98 Vj to Vj OFF! Takes the guesswork out of Foam Latex pillow buying SCIENTIFIC Stationery, Main Floor LUNCH KITS REG. 1.00 Vj OFF! MECHANICAL TOYS REG. .44 Vj OFF! PENS AND MECHANICAL PENCILS. .59 .25 TYPEWRITER TABLES, slightly damaged REG. 3.98 Vj OFF! POUR TABLES, all metal REG. 7.98 Vj OFF! Smoke Shop, Main Floor PARK-IT-SAFE ASHTRAYS, practical and decorative. Two sizes. REG. 1.25 and 1.75 98c 1.39 BERTRAM BUTALITE LIGHTERS. 2000 lights without refilling REG. 6,50, 8.50, 12.50 Vj OFF! Better Foods, Main Floor Officials of Arkansas' largest Red Cross chapter didn't have to be called together when first word of yesterday's tornadoes was received. They already were in session here holding a progress meeting in the current drive for funds. Tornado Stops Clock In Home Of Arkansas Man DIERKS, March 22 H. H. Lott has reason to know a. I HARTLEY'S STRAWBERRY JAM, pur and delicious GUAVA SHELLS, for tasty desserts. REG. .53 .41 REG. .49 .29 REG. .39 .27 what time yesterday's tornado struck here. A clock in his house stopped at 2:40 P. M. when the storm hit the dwelling. Steel Companies Plan Separate Talks With Union NEW YORK. March 22. (Jf A possible break in the solid front of the steel companies appeared today with announcement they would negotiate separately with the CIO United Steelworkers on Wage Stabilization Board recommendations. The union accepted the WSB recommendations, including a 17V Now-you can prove which of the completely new dream-designed Playtex Pillows is just right for you At last-the perfect way to choose a pillow No need to poke, bend, pmh a pillow-the new Rest-Tester lets your head, not your hands, decide which Playtex Pillow is just right for you Come in today and try all the new Playtex Pillows. See which of these new types is practically "custom made" for your comfort. Choose from soft-medium firm. And each one in "Regular Height, "Extra-Plump," "King-Size." All dream-designed of whipped foam latex, allergy-dust-mildew free. And all exceptional values in sleeping comfort Cvery height in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM "ftlGUlAR" HEIGHT 7.95 -XTRA-PtUMPM 8.95 KiNO-sizrv 17.95 All with cxtrt-fir Sanforited percale cover; with ripper 11.00 more. fo2v Jf Beautifully cent-an-hour basic pay increase and a union shop, and threatened SORRY, NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS ON CLEARANCE ITEMS BUT FOR GREAT MAIL ORDER VALUES, SEE OUR SPECIAL AD ON PAGE 3 OF SECTION an industry-wide strike of its It ft i if" 'I 1 1 fe 650,000 steelworkers on April 8 pft packigei UorUTi only pillow with the Cold Seal GtttfMtM Quality unless the companies complied. The announcement they nego tiate separately, starting Monday, raised the possibility the com timafii aMtt panies might come to varying de cisions. MA AS BROTHERS' LINENS FOURTH FLOOR This could mean that a strike, If called, would apply only to companies which did not come to I mmuiuny. 1 MAIL YOUR ORDER TO "JANE LEE." OR PHONE 2-7911! terms with the union Instead of to the steel industry as a whole. t4

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