Valley News from Van Nuys, California on March 19, 1965 · Page 38
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 38

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1965
Page 38
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12-A--f*r. J24--tfelcto THI MIWJ Van LAS VEGAS FLASHES By JOHN CKONAN Mr. La* Vega* ··?·... Moat* Pnmer'* Zlegfeld Follies '65" which premiered last Friday at the Thunder, bird Hotel is one of the most sparkling musical revues to ever play the Las Vegaa Strip. Comediennt itae Car- ·on returned as the star of the new edition of the ZF. This gal Is clever, versatile and practically a show wrapped up by herself. Her mimicry Is tops, her story telling humor- oui and delightful and when 1 she want* to, she knows thatlwowlng 'em at the El Cortcz, Xhe Can hit thoiC* hltrh nn»« rlnwnt/ium T i* V«no« Un_ - xhe can hit those high ones loud and clear. Jerry Amu* who sang and danced his way to fame In the earlier edition of the "Follies," Is back with hl« exciting s i n g i n g and dancing, highlighted by special arrangements of many .Tolson numbers. A nnw addition to the revue are the two famous '!· cholafl Brother*. VERSATILE gong and dance man, Bb«rw)n Is downtown Las Vegas. He's a mire bet to be picked up by one of the Strip Hotels 1/Uiant MoMterrcM, by far the dancing and singing star of the Trop's "Folies Bergere," has signed for four Hollywood Palace teleview- ers, with the first appearance mid-April . . . ffjury James current vocalist, Jeaa turner, has looks and a voice. Half the audience at the Flamingo Lounge go there to see her, the other half to listen to her singing. MR. BANJO sqyt. It'i HM MM with the TlNDIR CRUST! // Milts in your mouth LENTM SPfCIAL! ALASKA KING CRAB PIZZA · It* HMHjr etllMI Phone 78 BANJO or 782-2656 VAIUABU COUPON/S GENE DETROY and his Marqnii Chimp* are on the must list for kiddies and their parents when In LV. They cu up at the T-Bird . . . Km Kemp (now there's a nam for you) is in her Las Vega premiere performance in the Sultan's Table at tht Dunes She sings and accompanie herself at the piano and is quite a remarkable artist. Jn Las Vegas, you don't hav to stay up late to see thes very funny \ovellte9 at tto Stardust--their first show is at 1.30 ayem . . . Dean Mar tin'* new lavish varietj series which debuts on NBC TV in the fail signed Daris He«»e, the headliners in the Desert Inn's "Hello Ameri ca," as the first comedy team to guest star ,as Vegas. See you In INTRODUCING Own Crispy Totted Green SALAD.. FREE* with Purchos« of Medium or Giont SIM PIZZA * (up to porty of 4) fri., bt. * Sun. -- Mer. 19 - 20 - 21 MISTER BAUD'S PIZZA PARLOR 14424 Sh*rm*n 5MOKI HOUSE GOOD FOOP, HUH?--Actor Vince Barnett gestures to hi3 wife after dining at Pancho Villa in Tarzana, praising fine Mexican cuisine at Valley restaurant. Joining in animated conversation Is local sportsman Morrie Morrison, right. Pancho Villa is located just south of Ventura Blvd. at 18800 block, near Robert Hall Valley Rambling* DOUBLE TREAT---Danny I/Amore, one of featured performers in Celebrities group currently appearing in Royal Room of Canoga Park Bowl Motor Inn, can sing straight ballad with finesse or cut up with comedy capers or song parodies. Show is in third week. PANCHO VILLA WILL FEED PRESS Pancho Villa Restaurants Inc. will host a Mexico Day Aincheon Friday, March 26, t the Greater Los Angeles 'ress Club, utilizing the same leiicacies prepared in their 'arzana restaurant. So reports franchise pres- dent Lou Rolontz, who will epresent the rapidly growing orporation at the noontime estivities. In attendance will be ormer President Miguel Aleman, now head of the Mexi- an National Tourist Council, nd other Mexican digmtari- s More than 200 guests will b« erved such Pancho Villa cialties as caldillo, tacos, lile relleno, guacamole- dip and their newest sensation, "KookieNips." All of these selections are available at Pancho Villa in Tarzana, 5522 Srebs Ave , one- half block south of Ventura Blvd. at the 18800 block P OP Lunchtont tonqucti LATIN WIGHT---EVERY MON. NITE-Rene Touzet frOrch. Tuei., Wed. t Than. COPA CABANA TRIO GERI GALIAN fir Orch. FRI. fr SAT. CASA ESCOBAR 13321 MeetM*, Shewn. 0«k« .^_ ST 4-074* IT ··17M H __. NEW GIRLS EACH WEEK! HOLD ON TO YOUR GLASSES! FOR EVERY TABLE ^ (AND THE BAR, TOO) BIKINI WATUSI BANGERS IN CftANADA HILLS House of Chin Suptrfc C«lttMMM 17*20 CtwHw»rth j*o-is2s From Chihuahua ... Now Entertaining THI QUARTET AZUL FrUejr ··' Setwfdey Nifhtt (TEAKS, MEXICAN FOOD SEAFOOD, COCKTAILS lUurf. 345-692* _. 177S1 SaHcov St. NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH EUi« KimitMl'i kirn STEAK HOUSES VALLEY I UL IflOO Venture II. | 1474 W. ttfc St. F.r Volltr Rmrvvtiwn Phon. MS-M2S SAH (DORSE ROM IffiE DOUAtf R U S S I A N C U i S i H ; LOOKING FOR DINING PEARLS? Thert arc some of us around who prefer cooked. If you're with mt on this, listen. Does New Orleans'^? style oyster loaf sound good? (That's a loaf of oren-fresH»v bread stuffed with succulent fried oyster* and sauce.) How about oyster stew? (Fresh shucked cooked in butter and cream with spices added). Hopefullj*- by now those taste buds ar* perking. 4J 1 ? There's only ont catch. If these dishe* havt aroused*^ your curiosity and you're reading this column at a reason-v* able hour, you'll have to wait until 11 p.m. tonight t»\j* sample them. They happen to be just two of the interesting, ing plates I picked out of the Hungry Tiger's new laU'X supper menu. Oh yeah, in case there's an oyster hater in the crowd, here's something for him called Tiger Bits (sliced, charcoal broiled, tender, juicy steak bits on toasted slices of that famous Hungry Tiger loaf of bread, a cup of tangy' steak dipping sauce and french fried potatoes.) Incident^" ally, all three dishes mentioned are tabbed under $2. And if you didn't know by now that the Hungry Tiger sits proudly on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, you oughtta b« ashamed! ^ -,_, EXPOSURE GALORE -- If you Woodland Hillbillies"' or Mission Hillbillies are fans of the Beverly Hillbillies, you're probably familiar with the face and even the namt of Frank Wilcox. Frank appears on the series quit* often. He's also noted 'round these parts for being the boniface of the Oak Room dinery in Encino. Wily Mr. Wilcor, having an "in" with the television people, has promoted his spot- as background for a segment to be filmed March 31 features singers Lester Flatt and Elmrr Scraggs. Frank r by th* way, Wednesday. shows up on the Beverly Hillbillies this - ZANY -- Phyllis Diller, America's n u m b e r one comedienne, headlines tonight t h r o u g h March 27 at Mike and Jack's Lazy X nightclub, 11720 V a n o w e n St, N o r t h Hollywood. Comedienne will appear In two shows nightly, except Mondays. Advance tickets are now on sale at club skva Clif f · NOW! LARRY COATS ami Hi* U-OO-OO'S EVERYBODY BETS IN OUR WATUSI CONTEST TROPHIES · PRIZES · I IIKINIS COMP. SHO-FORM OF HOLLYWOOD EVERY MONDAY NIGHT HO IIKINII IN SPICIAL ALl-COUPUS COMTIJT · MAVI fUN · WIN PRIZISI 5 7105 10430 SEPULVEDA BLACK BULL PANCHO VILLA Presents ITHI OAK ROOM TWO TOP SIRLOIN STEAKS --or-- TWO LOBSTER TAIL (L.fcMtr T«|| t tWi r T«|| t tWi wMHil price Friday! Only) TWO BROCHETTE OF BEEF STEAK DINNERS Pirenfs Without Pwtncn -·-present their-St. Patrick's Dance Sat., Mar. 20 --featuring-Keith Williams' Orch. ALL SINGLE ADULTS INVITED fen-Aire Ctunfry Club 3910 Stanriwry M«nUn-$2 Gnnto-$2.50 DINNER MENU 8 COURSE DINNERS 'A LOT FOR A LITTLE' $1.29 APPfTIZERS GUACAMOLE 69 (Arm* M») ESKCIALS A. Tw« EnchiUdci, On* T«m«l«, On* Toco, Chili M»c, Rice, lc«ni, S«la4. I. Two T«cet, On* Enchil*«V On* CKill, Mcllcn*. Chili *nd l«*m, Riet, ···ni, S*l*d C. Two ivrntai. Cup C*IMI*, Chili M.c, On* T*c«, Ric», le*n». S*(*4. D. Two T*m*ki, Chili R*ll«f», C*Ui4l*. One tnchikid*. On* T*c*, Ric* ·(·ni, E. Two Chili RHfeiwi, Chili I lc«ni. On* Taco, On* T*n»*le. Rice. ir«ni, S*l*d. F. Frid*y Mr*ricu Dinner. A la Carte BEEF TACO ................ 29 4/.99 TAMALE ............. 39 3/.99 CHEESE ENCHILADAS .29 4/.99 BEEF ENCHILADAS ..... 39 3/.99 CHILI RELLENO ........ 39 3/.99 1. CHILI CON CARNE .......... 1.29 BURRITO ................. 24 5/1 00 MONDAY. REGULAR $1 2« DINNERS I FOR $200 WEDNESDAY. *,th tv,e SI 2" DINNERS ONE CHILD FREE (U-idcf i:^ Choc*** Sutotn In X*d CKI1« Souc* Ric*. tman. SokuJ, Com Tortiflct 2. CALMLLO Savory Spky Muncon ··» S«« Me*. War*. Solod. Com Trtlitta 3. HUEVOS RANCHEROS $lmtn»twl Jn Our Own Sc*ro1 ?«u: Wnr»il «n · Com 4. 3 KEF ENCHILADAS »,!», tfcm Solod 5. HAMBURGER STEAK Choir* Oropwd *. il-n Mro CALDILLO 55 , ,, CHILI MAC 45 1-2» CHILI AND IEANS 55 FRUOLES OR RICE 40 CORN OR FLOUR TORTILLAS.. CORN CHIPS SALAD Atw A«wta»to for T.V. Out 4 E V E R A G E S D'o't Corta E.oi.a Scr---«0e V.M .1.2* .1.2f .1.79 V IV-- I 1 - Bullfttnilli ftATI-- '-to-m-uiort «.r !«r «ilnfl 5-COURSE LUNCH 79c plus Drinks Each* NEW LOCATION!! only per couple "Limited to Bor Bourbon, Scotch, Gin or Vodkq Hiflhbolls; Mmt Fropp*, King Alphonj* or Screwdriver. ·" · MILT RASKIN .::: N«w ··n^uct Ro«m -- 20-200. Rncrv* Now! 1730T VENTURA BLVD., ENCINO 1ST 8-40441 Famous for Dining Discomfort Sinct 1947 12969 VENTURA BLVD. ·t Coldwoter Cony on 783-9408 TWENTY MINUTES FROM THE WEST VALLEY TO A TOUCH OF THE OLD WEST IN THOUSAND OAKS Serving -BREAKFAST · LUNCH · DINNER At Pricts You Con Afford SPICIAL KIDS' MENU A REAL MONtr-SAVE*! 7J« rf 5522 CREBS at 18800 VENTURA BLVD. TARZANA V i » » Out loconpn. In addition to fine dininj on the premise.-- TAKE OUT-- FW. 345-S3M r i o^i-i M~--«.bfiip · M31 S'al. S) , »onie tottva ENTERTAINMENT 9 TO 1 REA AT THE PIANO Thun., Fri., Sot. EASY TO REACH--TAKE THOUSAND OAKS TURN OFF. WEST --OR MOORFARK TURN OFF, RIGHT ON THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. TIDBITS -- For some nine years Ho Toy's was a take-out Chinese food spot. Last year with a clientele that had grown almost too large to handle, owners Bob and Bill Lee decided to build their own restaurant nearby. They did and were immediately successful. Now, one year later, Ho Toy's on Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaki,"_ celebrates its first birthday in the new, two-story place_ ~ Festivities begin Monday and will last for six days . Chef Vasily Korosalev of the Moskva Cliff in Studio City owns countless trophies and citations for his culinary * achievements. His latest honor was bestowed recently by the Musicians' Gourmet Society after a lavish Moskva ~ feast when members serenaded him with a touching " musical tribute . . . Today's the final day of Sitton's, Hollywood, fifth anniversary celebration. Lucky it stays open 24 hours, because it'll probably tak» owners Marge and Hersch Sitton that long to greet their many well- wishers ... Sukiyaki, Teriyaki and Tempura fans wake There's a tiny, new Japanese eatery on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks called New Tokyo where they even offer eel teriyaki) and get this, the highest menu price on a dinner is a measly $2 50 ... With remodeling outside and in just about completed, Pepito's in Sherman Oaks is planning a grand opening, even though they've been serving their California Spanish Fiesta Food since 1946 . . . Al Saks, owner of the very successful Embassy Room supper club on Riverside Dr. in Studio City, has purchased a lot in Panorama City (Roscoe and Van Nuys), will break ground in April and hopes to '. open a plush dining and show spot called Kob Hill by Au- gust . . . Ronald Kramer and Morris Greenberg, operators of Chnck Burgers in Valley Plaza, Mickey's in Panorama City and a Taste* Freeze in North Hollywood, have pur-- chased Howdy's Drive-In Restanrant in San Fernando and _are grand opening it this week end . . Granada Hills' Cantonese restaurant, Home of Chin, has secured a beer -_ and wine license and now serves sake martinis, cake gim- lets and sake manhattans -- for goodness sake. . . ; Pizza fanciers might note that Mr. Banjo's Pizza Par-^ lor in Van Nuys offers an Alaska King Crab Pizza as Lenten special . . New British public house type tavern-? Just made its debut on Sepulveda Blvd near Roscoe called! The Rose Crown. English beer on tap and free dart" sons are featured. ACTS FACTS--There are merely a dozen or so fessional zither players in the U.S. today. One of thenQ-', King Keyes, performs week ends with this unusual, haunt^- ing instrument at the Rheinland Restanrant in Van Nuysjfj . . . A well-balanced, multi-talented, seasoned group ot*I"f performers, The Celebrities started their third triumphant*^ week Wednesday in the intimate, split-level Jtoyal Room£ nightclub which is part of the sprawling 1 Canoga ParJj*£ Bowl St Motor Inn complex. In their third or fourth engage** ment here, The Celebrities seem to be better with each ley appearance.... ··£·[ Keith Williams' Orchestra plays for th* Parent* Wrth£»r out Partners St. Patrick's Dance tomorrow night at thJh*" Glen-Aire Country Club . . . Ciro's in Hollywood brings famed Little Richard to headline a big Friday and Satur**%? day show . . . Elaine Dee and the BUI Ates Trio do bottt*'** pop and tvatusi stuff in the Reseda Bowl's new Show, ? Lounge . . . Like Baddy Greco young ROB Wiggins started*^ out mainly as a pianist, has gained popularity more for*~^ his singing He's appearing in the Corker Room at Corky'p in Sherman Oaks . . . The jumping Preachers, held over at the Cazbah, Canoga Park, just recorded "Who Do You Love" on the Moonglow label . . . Better make sure have reservations for Phyllis Diller'a opening tonight at the Valley's booming showplace, the Lazy X in North Hollywood ... Earl Richards Orchestra comprised of the late Art Ka.«er« sidemen, opens tonight in the ROM Marie Ballroom . . . Former Stan Kenton band member, Milt Raskin entertains on piano at the Oak Room . . . Del Simmons and band continue to hold 'em nightly in the Skoi Room, Tarzana. On Monday, the aforementioned Preachers headline rock 'n roll night -»hile the Simmons boys take a . . . Talk about Monday night events. You'll*never believe--*-' that the nitery business is supposed to be waning if you visit the Black Bnll on a Monday eve. This past Mondav judced its watusi contest, although, believe me. I'm "no i authority. The Mission Hills spot was jammed continuouslv from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m \\hen I left. And there were still i lines waiting. Larry Coats and the U-Go-Gos rocked the stage and the bikini dancers were throwing more curves than Sandy Konfax could ever dream up. Thev were even shooting a movie called "Mondo Hollywood"'there. This, mv friends, is what one could call "a jumping joint" The Jamaica Room in Canoga Park ha* promised a mystery guest star a* an added attraction to the big Bob Hart RCTM this week end. If* the final tretfc for Hart company in the West Bowl's nitery adjunct . . . T»» Sophisticates have been held over at Xina'» Lhtl* Italy sj for the Friday-Saturday jjo-go show and a new watusi dancer will grace Nina's big stage . . . New owners Tony's Idle Honn in Van Xuys, Le« Xrnrth a^j 3o» Veil*, have kept on performing bartenders Mickey King and BftMy Ca.«jinoT« .. . Called the "poor man's Hank Snow.'Gordon Kartowskjr 35 currently headlining at the Safari Room m Mission HilK Gordon was a protege of the 3ale country ?incer and 1 «aid u. sine much like him , , First" ·winner of th" Sunday amatnir talent contest at the Robin Rrj,i«raM in Canoca Park filmed out to be To«j Palmf r of Ennno a junior b?nk executive . . three mcht 'n ratch Kitty K«rrr"« great ne"» act at the- 105-495-7370 Wngi Nit f A* FAST r M T»» ·MCI mi »OM WWOWFK LUNCHEON

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