The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1933
Page 3
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1933 J)I,YTHGVILLR, WBWs 'Exiled President's Family Now in United States -tat .(Continued 7 from Page Ont>> | Mrfi. Rutfj'wy'serves as an honor-1 [••••• chairman of the New York | Chiifns Summer Playground Com- nlii»c this year. When Amelia Enrharl Putnnm I returned home (roni her trnns-At- j I bn'li- solo flight n veor nao, Mrs. pmnrey wns chairman of Ihe com- 1 rhillee -tvhlo »nv the oviatrix n Blooming banquet. . Huns a Farm ' Mrs. Rnm^ey doesn't -l»vol» all I of ''P.- time to' civli affairs, how-, She has a 50C-acr« farm in nia. vlicm flie. raises, horses | anil bees, and''dote' considerable 6. She hns'threa children who | inks xrnnf of her time. Charles I'uijifiy. 21. Is at Harvard. Mary /•vf-rll) Unrrihian Rumsey, who WPS Inuoduced to socielv n year d'o, Is'18 '_"\d huvbeen ailenrlins I the Fokeroft "School. Brandon Hnr- lilinar Rumsev. who wants to be a [sculptor like his fnther. is. 16. just as Mrs. Hiim«ev.« father red his energy and originality to- 'flnl--. huiltlina un a network of ,lroad«. Mrs. Rumsey ha.s been :ii"; the same ability and usin« in re-modeling or re-building .he nullah's economic lite. Wo- Ijiien do most o! ihe buying In 1 America. L'on.SMiuemi.v ii .i s in- 'ni" tu riuu ilul-iN the Ni- iTiuuai ItcL'ovety podium, u woman I stands is. tut coiiaumM-d rfcjut- I tentative. Especially u woman who | )ias • enough money in her own ~cets lo buy anyl'litr.),' ed iimiOM .•hop B. T. R JJ President Mtml* Baptist Revival Ended Wednesday Nifht MANlLA.-Ttip revival which hiw •bwn in projress m the ten! on South Main street, under the aus- plc*l of (he Manila Baptist church. c»me to n close WednesJny evening. A number o! conversions and additions resulted from Uie series of meetings. Tlw service* sturlcd July 30 under the |)i.-aching or the Rev. O. C. Cooper, jMsior ol Ihe- l.nki- Clly Baptist church, but before the \vi-ek ended he became 111 and the pastor, the Rev. M. P, UnUirlghl. -M the prearhluit inilll Mr. Cooper \K- came abl lo loliirn to Manila. larjc crowds were in nttomlnmv nt every s ivlci- unil the sang service wiis i-spwlully gooil. Muny members of tlw other local ctimv.i- cs v,?re In alU'iiil.incF. i National Park Travel Shows Increase for 1933 HELENA, Mum. tUl>) — Travel into Glacier :ind Yellowstone 'N«- IH.nii! Parks Oils wason liu.s In- oicated tbi' mo.-t favomblc trend Hi two yi'iiis, ii'purls from III.' lw<» • nubile playgrounds show. Srnsnnul iruwl Inlo YelluwMuiK 1 'nrk, luiiillinu B1.V55 iit'isons lo he em 1 of July, w,us nhuixl ul Uie 1)32 .tolnl lor Ihu .same pi-rlod— ^,37J. An i'V4'n i;reu(er y»ln wrta node In Ghicler i'mk I ravel, where the niiiiibi'r of visitors 'In- eieased fiom so.ii41 lo Iho end July. IS32 io 3C.559 in'reon for Hit' s:imc i*i'«l Mils ytiir. Oil Magnate and Third Rride-to-Be Safe on United States soil alter fleeing Cuba in ihe Presidential yacht. :nembers of the family of Gerardo Machado, deposed president of Cuba, are pictured aboard a train ul Miami as they.left for New York. Seated are Mrs. Oerurdo Maehado, ilefl) and Mrs. EILsu Sanchez, daughter. Standing, (roni'lell o right: Mrs. Roinoii Orau, daugliter; Manelro Obregon, granilclaughLer. and Mrs Emllllo Obregon NRA News To help the people of this eommuijlly to understand and co-operate Iri the national recovery program this column will appenr daily or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's Re-employment Agreement or other features of the, recovery movement, nre Invited to submit Inquiries. in Blyllieville will fly fiom those places where {he National Recovery full Administration support. Ls receiving PROVIDENCE. R. I. <UP1— Frei Stone, student aviator, had the ex periencc of losing a wheel in thi air after oly two hours' solo (lylri practice, He made wheel landing. a per(e:t one- Nudism Crashes Golf Links in Florida ST. rETKRSUUHQ. Fin. (UJ'I— Nudism hn.5 crashed Uie i;oir link and tennis courts here— nol In : big way but at least SO ijcr cent Tennis and coif costumes no\ consist only of daringly iiburevi o'.<:d trunks, linlf IHBC, and shoes. Beach tethers may discord the upper |urt. members of wear Die narrowest of for their .Uvo-jilece stilts. . BUPPALO . N;.'Y: <t>) —. many y»n, Mrs. Ida .o. ffcrerin, C5, hu ttrufilcd W im)w both fiida meet, but ', ihoM' 'dm v. IN : over now (or the rectntly tgStiA " lo a stttkment tiring •htr'-thrt*-" quarters of a secret »1»,000- truit fund wt up by h*r hiutand who clcd r*veral months ago. . ; . .. . The discovery .ot the fund] «>- liblLMied wllh cosh tnd ucuritlffi, frnm a Miirce unknovn ta Mr*. fbcverln, camf as. a roftiplft« di<r- I'rl'C lo lien ax did the. fact: that ilic prhu'lpal wai to go to » bro- liter or her hunband iuho. realdcfl In Swctlon, From friends in-nke- I'en she learned Hint her "liu/- Land, during the long years nlie, hiid worked, hud tiern .vndlr(( )ncy to his brother. .•• • -.•..An Injunction w«? ' granted lier supreme • court restraining the list comjiuny [rom payfiiB .. ihf Inclpal of llw imid lo the brc r . itjr mid the sellleii)«it won or- , ' ' .Twice divoiceil. Colonel Henry IliKldlcslun Koum, Slnndi.rd oil iriil- MoiiHlif, will iiinkc- his third trip to Hie nllni In October with Mrs Pauline vim dn viorl IJri'ssei', 4U-yr:ir-uld dlvom'c. wllii whom he & thown Inn;, soon after iilinoiinccmenl of thi'h 1 cugnycnu'iil In New York "Hollo, Clinrk'y," suld Sleepy Jim Oruwli : y, Hi. "Oixxlby, Jim" tiild Charley linclimnn, light, Croutey waf, Knvlng his job ns- coacli of Michigan Slule'N foolbnll loan: lo hike up new diitlus iu men- liu 'al Fiu'dliiiin when this picture was taken, lluchmnn hail just come up Irons coaching Ihe University of Pliirhh to .succeed Orowley. Phillips Motor Company. Hub-!we expect io see the payiolls and! bard Hardware Company and Dan 1 buying power of Blythevlllc peo- i J:. P:. Friend; president, of, the Ar, k'ans'as B ~Y P U association, is I directing' the affairs of'.this.'large group this year •WARNING ORDER I IN- -THE: CHANCERY. .COURT. : CHJCKASAWBA DISTR.ICT, MIs5SISSIP.PI COUNTY. AHK- 'ANSAS. ''".'' ' ' ' ' • Taylor Roberts, Receiver ; ' : I of. Trawlers Building &; Loan As- [sociation (Perpetual, plaintiff, vs.'.No. ,5538 -• | Mrs. Minnie McMahan et al, De| fendant. -''-': ; • The' defendants, • unknown' heirs I of E. p. McMahan, deceased, arc I warned to appear within thirty days I In the court named in the caption I hereof and answer the complaint [ of the plaintiff Taylor Roberts. Rc- I reiver of Travelers Building & Loan ] Assn. (Perpetual). Dated thU 7 day bf August. 1933. : R. I,. GAINES,:Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe. D. C.- sse Taylor . , .Atty. ad Litem . 7-14-21-28 I THE CHANCERY COURT FOR '•HE • CHICKASAWBA DIS- TP.ICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUN,TY. .ARKANSAS. I Commonwealth Building ; & Loan Association, Plaintiff, vs. . -. iHiiey.Miehie. Mrs. fluey Michie; Ben D. Hamner and his wife Maude D. Hamner; M. H. Rouln- son Defendants. 1 '• WARNING ORDER Defendants. Huey -Mlch.Ic and t \vife, Mrs. Huey Michie, Ben D IHamher and his wife, Maude D . are warned to appear in I Hie Chuncery court for the Cluck- I'C.^awba District : of • Mississippi | County. Arkansas, within thirty and an.wer the complaint of Jthe 'plnimilf. Corhmonwealll I Bu!ldin> and Loan' Assocl»Uon. ^Witness my hsnd as.Clerk of said Court nnd seal thereon this tw 31st day of July. J933, ' i i • • . R. L. GAINKS, Chancery. 1 Clerk, i .. . • • '• .', 31-7-M'-3l /.'-'•'IWi'st i|:igtit.'Ui.l!HotW' I 1 CLr»VR US, 'Tejt. i (W P.)!*-A '*ow n ;».,-jiclilflQ,,'.nccordii)a^?o t t t fJCclbjime city ^Tdltidnce,-; A.Uu.^m^ Itiiher' ttrtc'les l ''ii.stcd" 1 ln 1 lhe'-'ordi< ]nancc, lie rrtiist Vithri two : laWps'in :pt and two In 1 the-.rear fron\ 1 nilhlJtw . befojx funset to. G. Stout are leading the wayj among Blytheville employers who are registering their actions with he local NRA committee, and showing ust exactly what they, are doing to increase payrolls, reduce unemployment and increase buying power in Blytheville. For some days now the form appearing/pt : |be. end^.of this; column has • beerr^ppe'aVlng: in the'' Courier News. Employers 'have been requested to clip the form, fill it In and return it to Uie local committee. Beginning today, we'will give a review of those forms turned in each day. Phillips Motor'Company had 21 employes when they signed : tile President's Reemploymertt Agreement. T<)day they have twenty three employes, have increased trie'pay of four, reduced the work- in? hours -of twenty one without reduction in pay. and added $220 a month to Blytheville's payroll. Hubbard had eleren i-tfuned the agreement.- and has Hardware Company employes when they ,, brona sUtue In the ' ••• ••" 1 •"•»&• of Vie, 60 feet " > i , i \-\ t pie go up by leaps and bounds, i The three firms mentioned in this column today lead the Honor Roll i\( Blytrjevllle, other emplovc; will be placed on the roll as their re- l»rts come in, and due mention of each will be made in this column. ' The buying public should keep constantly in mind that thev have an obligation to perform in this campaign to restore prosperity to their nation, fn many instances it is a case of real hardship for an emnloyer to increase his payroll ut this particular time. He is do- in? it .at the request of the President of the United Stales and with 'the. thought In mind that he is doing his part t» hasten the return of prosperity. Actually 'he ir doino just that. He .expects to rean his reward through the Rc'n- ernl imoroveir.ent in all 1 business that will •'naturally follow the progress of this camoaign. but he is blazing Hie way. The burden fills .h'lm first. The tliitv 'and ob- | Was Surprised With Gly-Cas' Quick Action Mr. 0. A. House Given New Health After 20 Years of Suffering!; Stomach Trouble, Rheumatism Yield .to New Remedy Af- • • ter AH Els* Failed on St ul)horn Case or their suits while tlw fairer sex mny Guides Banned Because i "i" 1 *'' 1 lllc i> rivll w >>>• intonnin -, „ . „ 1 visitors tlml "we urc not paid any Ul Commercialism i"i»g »y the town r<»- this . '- • . , vice." PLYMOUTH, Mass-. fUPl —The ~~ guides who haJ been pennlUcd ID' Tlllf <»»"?!? ton ml In Iclltre tha ojwrnte In the stnte reservation nnd llielr wny lo the Dead Lett hnrborlng historic Plymouth Hock; Office BOCK to the Treasury.'De hnbc been linimnl biciiiisc of com- i pniiment as miscellaneous ' r inqrchillsin. . ; cclpts. They had been permitted 10 re- : ~. , ceive unsolli'lli'il /' gratuities, but ru.'ticl 1 Courier Mtwn Want Ad Br»vn DiralnJ»b ''.',.'".'..' ', FORT WOHTH; T«X. (UP)'--- ' exus Indlan.1, who .once nymber- ' d more lhan 100, 000, have'dnln- led to about -1,000 .at .present. ' euccful braves o( tht Alabama ' nd Cnmhntils Irlbfs live .today. Ith their Kquow« on a ns«rYixtl«n i Polk County, T«'x. ..." , Motion picture .. films influence, orelgn trude; demands come, for Amerlcuii furniture; clothing, loiwnow goods.: ttc.,valmllar to i",05e .s«en In the movies, .• • PILESCURED V/ithout the Knife! . My. ml Id office ". treatment makes un 'operation-uhneciMory,. Nu conP.iKment; ut hoot«.',or hi hobiiliul. No low of time frcn; work.. •• •; ':' .-•- -'.',, . . Piles,.Fistula,.Ulwrs »nd otr^r clal dbieases,' <u} »*ll a.s'.Vari- coscd (tiilanscd) Veliis,' Chronic UK Ulcers,- etc.,- treated..'!ralso give the non-surglc»l treatment of Hernia 'ruptursl by Injec- llcns. Calj or,write, : ,' PR. J. (,-. YOUNG, Specltlitt.. Jonetbaroj \ Blyihevillc men mid women who havn nny doiilil whatever, regarding ihe remarkable tfficacy.of'this Brent herbal ' remedy,. Oly-Cas \yhich the Gly-Cas Man him.scll is daily introducing mnd "explaining to crowds of local iKopie al ihe Kirby Bros. .Drug Store. Mali at Broadway, should lulk will shcilened the work hours, of eight j ligntion of the consumer wh/> »f ct these employes and added $J8 to rio ris bit in this bis Job is to month to the payroll.- .[cocoerate vvilh^ those emplnver: Dan G. Stout had three" cm-1 who are POiiig into Ihls cnmpnign '(••'."•. when . he signed the nsroe- \vlioleheartcdlv • and in no hnlf ment and- he. has , increased . the[wav manner. If. the public sunnorts ay of two of them and' reduced \ those employers who are living up the vork hours In- addition to r .t o the solrit and terms of the hat. . I n"reement it is-a foregone con- Thus we see n concrete exnmule | elision' that the proirram is a suc- of wliat the NRA program is doing I cess. Cooperating with the employ- throughout- the country.' ^Onlylrrs nnd workers in this campaign, three places ol business in~Bly-lk insurance against continuance theville. :oiit of more than : 200, 'of the business denression through have added nearly S300.00 per which we -have been str«?<ilini; month to the payroll which U be- for the past three or four years, in-f distributed tare. The effect of The committee feels sure that the'action of just three firms on Blvthevillc- consumers will do their the buying power of • Blytheville j nart to make it possible for Bly- ivlll 'be several times S5CO.M. for j theville employes to do theirs, each dollar turns over several ] Remember—Check-Up Week bc- A. HOUSK Mr. C. A. House, 701 South Glarli gt Blythcville well 1-r.own locn m ., n> [mmer ^ me c , cr) . nnd book _ keeper. Mr. House for over 20 Jcara li;id '^^ ln a s[omach i roub | c | ginning August .28th. The record j col][]ition receive more of these 1 win be written during the six <iws j. r h c imintism bothered htm also and ; each day -and analyze them. I of that week and the Blue e.agie j 110 mntter w h at . nc ( r | c( i ne con . tinucd to suffer—until he flnallv began taking Gly-Cas. He says :i lolluus: . "Gly-Cas was different from ni | other mericines, it helped me frorr ' the very first. Why I was in : niisernble condition with my stem ;.ch trouble, had nervous indlges lion, hearlburned. bloated terrlblj alter eating, loods soured on hi; stomach. Rheumatism settled ovei ii.y body, muscles cramped, hand; and feet seemed asleep, joints stiffened. Tired nnd .worn-out nil the lime, felt like I could sleep anj- time and anyplace. In spite o: nil the medicines, I tried I con- llnued to suffer continually, unt:' I began Inking Gly-Cas and Ii vrns wonderful. In a weeks thru I felt like n new man nnd now one box of this new remedy has oone more for me than all tht other medicines I have ever taken I can't praise Gly-Cas enough my bowels are regulated, stomacl in good condition, eat what 1 want, nerves greatly Improved, lum- Ueo which had bothered me con stonily has gone, rheumatism driven out of my body. It Is reallj wonderful to be as well as '1 am again. Full ot pep and read) for work all the time. Aftei doing what it has for me I cai say Gly-Cas can practically perform miracles. Like suflerert should not put off trying this new remedy for even a. single day. 1 The Gly-Cas Man Is kept busy it the Kirby Bros. Drug Store Main al Broadway, where he Is In troducing and explaining this new vegetable remedy with glycerine. The following short questionnaire will be r. part of the daily local NDA column until the time comes lor the regular checkup campaign. All employers ,ind signers of the President's Re-employment Agreement are requested to clip this form, fill In the answers to the:questions and return the blank to the office, of the Courier News or to the loral NRA committee headquarters in the Chamber of Commerce offices:— I (We) have signed the President's Re-employment Agreement and arc complying with the provisions thereof. (Yes or No>. s '. I (We) hnr! ...... employees -j-hen the Agreement signed. I (We) have shprteneil the hours of employees. I (We) have increased the pay of .. employees. I (We) have discharged employees. I (We) have decreased the'pay of employees. :I (We) haV Increased our monthly payroll S I (We) have added ....... full time and part time employees. ' ' . ^ I (We), are (are,nol) displaying the Blue Eagle. I (Wo)'haw not signed the Agreement tor Ihe following reasons— 1 (We) have signed Ihe Agreement nnd expect lo be complying wllh Ihe provisions thereof by .'. Name .. Address USE the WANT-AD they are a Sure Guide to ECONOMY and PROFIT You'll i'iiu! liiat every column in llie waul-ads is filled with op- porlunilies for someone . . . aijfl many of theni are YOUR oppor- Iunity. If you are really trying Jo practice economy yon can noi afford lo neglect the \vant-ad section. And not only i? it,pro- filahle lo read, it is equally pro- fitahlo to use . . . to sell, to rent or lo trade practically anythmg- -Adv. Tin? COURIER WANT f fit? NEWS ww rllY 1-

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