The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX America's Winter Play* ground Outlaws Slot Machines, May Repeal , BY HARRY GKAYSOK 'Sports Editor, NEA. Service MIAMI, Fla,, March 19— Florida's new governor, Fred P. Cone, has; thrown a wet blanket on II- legal gambling nnd any one of the sheriffs of the state's 07 coun- ties'who does not carry out ord- . ers might flume himself as being on his,way out. Native Floiidans differ in opinion on Governor Cone's latest net. Some hold llmt illegal. gambling, all gambling, hurls business. Others contend that Florida, stiictly ( n-vacationist's land, .should throw its doors"wide open Governor Cone's act may well result In the With of a Tijuana or Agua cnltente in Havana, which is watching Uoseiy Floiidu's ' .•anti-gambling moves. Theio Is e\en talk of attempting- to repeal Uie racing bill in Florida, somellilng that would greatly lessen the state's nltrac- tlon ns a resoit. To the visitor, Florida la best known for Its sand, sun, surf and slot' machines. . But slot mnchtnes,' which now operate on plays nt 5, 10, 25, 60 cents, and a dollar, will be taboo after Oct. 1, 1937, because the legislature has ruled them "Illegal gambling." state treasury coffers will suffer, of comse, to the tune of something like from $3,000000 lo $i,000,000 annually, which has been the stale's "lake" on set tax. A 5-cent play slot 'machine Is n piofitable business In Florida during Ihc winter season, nvruglng approximately $250 a day. The hand bookie on horse rnc- !? g in , Ho'lila ^ another one of Florida's 67 of Governor the objectives of sheriffs,, by order „. ^, u<clllur Cong. But the wisest of gamblers will tell you that he never will be completely exterminated In Florida, 01 anywhere else, unless someone "cuts his whes for good" Although there me plenty of hand bookies In Florida, annually — „. ,, p , Jcllra l)m „,„ me state coffers get a nice slice "lent of Carter's Place nn ilc t Tin,. „„-.,i in _ i._.. . .. ..._.. . .. .. i/ttvt. on its 3 per cent "take" of the •—•<* .m ILS purcnaso or lease c horse racing, dog racing, aud Jal Uie Palm Springs Club, nut U Mulucl Play Is $50,000,000 ng mcctlngs at Tropical Park and 46 daji of miming at Hialeah, Pio Wa has nbout 91 days of racing Play gradually hns Increased. Chickasaw A. C, May Apply For A. A. U. Charter Additional plans for enlarging membership ol the Chlckasnw Athletic club were discussed nt a' meet- Ing of the club at the city hall last night, Tlie club will meet ngnln next Thursday night at 1:30 o'clock. Considerable enthusiasm was shown by members present last night in future prospects for activities of tlie club In not'only Increasing membership, but encouraging youths lo finish their-high school education rather than drop out of school and the probability tnnt the club will promote amateur athletic events, particularly boxing. The dub at Its next meeting will likely authorize application for membership in the A. A. U. In order that amateur boxing shows may be staged wllh official sanction. In Ihe absence of President Clarence H.-Wilson. Hugh p. Hnrbcrt vice-president, presided at last night's session. James Terry heads n membership committee to supplement others already assigned lo membership solicitation and Max Logan heads a committee to "bring Vsm^otit" next Thursday. The attendant sits behind this machine with a. stack of half dollars In front of him. Bets are placed, the attendant slips n half dollar Into the slot, quickly pulls ft lever, and out rolls nn ivory roulette ball. (Good roulette balls never sold for Co cents any place.) That attendant rolls the ball to another who spins the wheel and then tosses the ball In the opposite direction. When play Is concluded the same o|>ernt!on is repealed. crap or.-dice tables are operated In the same way. (But where cnn you BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS cents?) " go<xl |)alr ° r dlcc f01 ' the Much publicity preceded U1B opening of Ihe Royal Palm Olub under Wcrllielmcr with the new slot machine gambling devices ; Il was understood that at in o clock on Ihe night Wcrllielmcr opened, there .would ue n raid. But there wns no raid and if it wns a publicity whispering stunt it worked'because there was « pack-- ,,„„.„ vt* V Wll{> II I] ed house for tlie opener. Cameramen were barred from the gambling room and still nre. So It appears that the nintini>e- 's Place wasted money .In Its purchase or lease of 11m nni«., ««..!'' —. . A season wns-nnd Is-n good one from every angle, and Carter's Place... was- reopened on Mlnml s ,,0 --•••-- »"» IL-UIJCJICU on Mlnml with early winter and spring pcach-wlth slot machine gambl- cctlns at Tri '"S-Uie sa Club. . same as that sponsored introduced by the Royal Palm i" mis »yuut yi cmys ol racing. ^i"".. i ; ... For the, last four years niutiiel T l>e [Palm island club also was lay gradually lint: incrnncoH utu,._ reoocned fnr onmKn,,,. —i _._ .' By RICHARD'McCANN NEA Srrvli'c Spoils Writer If there be any doubt about inn lite by re- porls of recent doings of blind nlliletes. Within (he past lew days Ihe dispatches linvo (old us about a team of blind bowlers competing In the huge American Howling Congress tournament In New York City, and nbout a blind wrestler who grunted and groped his -way to the finals of the eost- • cm Intcrcollfjjlato mnt meet, and ! ntoiil a Hobart College student who led Ills fraternity to victory in lliat school's annual bnskclbull free-throw contest. Ail of which would seem lo In- dienlc Hint, not only Is the hnntl quicker limn the eye, but no nre the legs, nnd the arms, am! the feet, and all the muscles and ligaments and such that an athlete re nu Ires. The wrestler—Robert Allman, 18-year-old honor student nt tlie University of I'ennsylvnnla- and member of the Quakers' varsity mnt team—attracted the most iit- tenlon when he dimmed tlie Harvard and the Lchlgh entries before losing a dcclson iti tlie finals of the i-ollcglalc tussling at Bithieliem, Pa. Young 'Mr. Allman, the dispatches told us, had lo ho led by the referee lo. the center of the ring within range of his opponent. After that lie -was strictly on Ills own. And his opponents were usually on Ihelr own-backs. Allman may have been led into the ring, but they were led out of It. * • * Defensive, Walling Slylc Ailrnnn, who wns blinded when he fell oil a moving train 14 years ago, learned his wrestling at the G-vcrbrook School for the Blind In Philadelphia, which lie attended before entering Pennsylvania. •And so. quite naturally, news of his success over other young men who did not have to grope in the dnrk for their foemcn, led to an Investigation' of tlie athletic set-up nt Overbrook. And It develops that Overbrook lias quite a wrestling team. There are only 40 boys In tlie school and yet the wrestling team nns gone undefeated since the season of 1933 nnd has won 32 straight malche.v meeting nnd beallng not only oilier blind teams but such competition as Philadelphia high schools nnd even the University of Pennsylvania freshmen. The Overbrook boys nre coach"' by Noel s, Qulmby, n gradu- wns reopened .for gambling nnd closed, tueis, or approximately million dollars per day.; There lias been nbout a 25 per cent Increase In pari-muluel wagers (horse, dog nnd jal alal) this season over last, accoiding'to the Hondo stale Racing Commission . . --------- j .„„„ ...»,ii-nat.-u. >vimn : — -• • .* e^iiiujiiig aim closed Tioplcal uings >'down Its cuilnln n . n «l..i'eoptned and' closed, etc Car-' the first week, in April something •' ^'' s "Pencd and-clawl and 'onen- li|.c $50,000,000 will have been cti '. al "l at lost, reports -was closed Plajed through the various mu- . More than 1400- iwrsons nre sal(i half to ''nve.'oheck'ed out of the ilolly- | wood Country eiub clue 'to Ranbt "K Imylng . been' stopped there. There . Is no gambling there at Present. It was doing 30 odd thousand dollars a night. Ul " ' very ' re rooms of any »nep In Rorlda Is Sairf Flarnlnga Club at Orlando averages about $30,000 ' during the season.' In the Miami nrea lnst*winlcr operations at., the Palm Island club and Gaiter's Place on Miami Beach dominated the Held. The Hollywood Country Club, 16 miles {""hoi Miami in Broward com" Mnm- 1 H' E run ' and Ilorth of S' 1 ? 00 "' tlle famous oW Palm Beach roojns of Col. Edward Riley ^Bradley held forth as usual J Perhaps not having the ' Slot machine gambling, ns n wns conducted at Carter's and a, course, - reached the vao mn Cart , ers : Bradley's for the big money stakes, and the Palm is ?« m£ f nnd ,, the Hollyw<HXl Co ™M nZ , " 1C average vacatlon- *L I S ° '™ s a place !n Miami known as Bradley's Place, but it went out of existence with season C " ° f the l9 ^ a week ;--—• '*aini Beach businss men and other natives rose up m nm s against Illegal gambling r£,m? fhey pusned thelr attack SQ h ^ tnat they cashed practically all Beached tn^enf ,o° f T" 1 «.*u un,ii went to U'Ork on the gambling establishments iihi i. m ° Ve blocked c «rter's establishment before it could get started so it moved up north a bit and leased or purchased an abandoned boom-time ^b, titled it the Palm spun- : .olf and Polo club, handed oS f3e memberships, and opened u» Simultaneously, the "mfnag ?„„ fa "" oun « d it wwld stfg, one of the richest of open Toll tournaments, carrying a Slsoftn Purse. This gesture 4 made tT cause of the club's out-CMheUl location, but now it is doubtful tZt tbe tournament ever will be played, because— * 'cmeri Werthcimer ' of Detroit, ^tinct Beach and^Tennis clubolt Miami Beach, got a smart idea Wertheimer made his "play" to fit the legalized slot machines that decorate practically every street comer In Florida. .* - * :. * Slot Machine 1 HouleKc took over the old Ho>al i-aim hi Miami, facing on Bls- --,..e Bay, and constructed an addition for gaming rooms and dressed. It up considerably. Then lie attached specially-made slot devices lo.wulette and dice tables An attendant at each table does nothing but handle these devices. On (he roulette table, for Instance, there is a metal slot, resembling that on chewing gum machines. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Land, & Loam E. M. Terry, Prcs. ana Mgr. Phone 617 Blythcvllle, Ark. Strange But True ale of SjirlngncM, Mass., Y. M. C. A. Collfgc. Mr. Qulmby, evl- denlly n most capable tutor, tea- style of wrestling. You sec, he rcalta that because of Ihelr handicap they can't set' nn opponent, nor follow lite movements, and therefore can't lake the ~oftensive until bodily contact Is made, Hence the walling tactics. He trains them to relax nnd wait for a seeing opponent lo atlaek. Then, once bodily ' contact Is made, tlie odils against them drop like—we!! .drop like theii- opponcnl.-; usually do before Uie Lout Is over, Because of their innrmlly Uiey nre endowed with a most delicate nervous system and ijrc able lo Icll by the least'twitch of an-opponent's muscle what his next move Is poliig to be before n seeing wrestler could tell himself, Thus, lliey nre able to launch countcr-nttncks almost before Mie attack Itsell has gotten underway. * * ' * Tin Ilnyo Aid lioivlcrs The bowlers nre members of Die Lighthouse League, one of Ihe sports organizations sponsored by the -recreational center for the tllnd In New York City. They rull Hie first ball aflcr measuring with [heir arms how far they are away from the ball track on tlie side of the alley. They roll the second and third bal's after the pin boy- has told which pins remain standing. p 0 r instance, he shouls. "Number 7 5 nnd 10," and they then shift and aim accordingly. Sometimes —many limes the second and third ball nrcn't necessary. You'd be surprised iiow oflcn they score strikes. There nre also, wrestlers at Ihc Lighthouse—nnd boxers, tool Ullml athletes, however, aren't new. As far back as 15 years ago two blind oarsmen rowed In the St. Dunslnn's regalia at Putney, Eng., for Uio Deaf and the Blind singed a track inset for the patients with (lie blind runners being ald»d along the route of the race by steel wires. Each runner had a handle hooked onto n ring- which was strung on Uie wire guiding them In a straight line down the track. And not quite two years ago Wai- Does Your House Fit? No house. Is properly serving it purpose unless it fits the needs o your family...let us npjre with you on a complete remodeling job Sec our plan eipert todiy. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. "HE: WORKS, too Dean Signs Up to Hurl For Cards DAYTONA BEACH, Fin., March !9. — Sam Brcadoii, president of Ihc St. Louis Cardinals, said today hat Dizzy Dean had wired him ic lutd signed his coulrpet and voulil report for spring training oday. Brcadon did not disclose the terms although It Is said the Cardinals had offered Dean $24,000. Manila Grade School Teams Lose To Boynton MANILA, Ark. —Manila grade school girls and hoys basketball .cams were beaten Wednesday by Boynton grride teams. The girls score was 1C to 12. Cienella Dunkln Kill iMcKn-limt' is the liei-pcr o( "' ttie lloflon lives aiu\ as such duesn't luive lo work, but he does smyway,, longing out Hies In llic outfield dui-lin! practice "t Wiitci'fiwit Park. St. Peters* bui't!. Fin. ler Degnan, New York Hisli School Instructor, Invented n ball containing Jingling bells with which blind boys could play baseball, 'me bells Jingle Inside the ball when It is thrown nnd the batter Judges from the sound of the bells when it is time to swing. And the fielders are guided the same way. Thus, sports are tnrowlng^ a bit of sunshine Into the land of darkness. Children I.carn to Sbuot BUCHAREST (UP)—A course In target practice will be provided for all children, boys and girls alike, in Rumanian primary schools by order of the Minister of Public Instruction. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER , SERVICE BUREAU 1 DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All make, 3l Rebuilt Typewriter,. 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City driven and has had good car JOYNER MOTOR SALES CO. Buick iiiul Ponliac Sales & Service PHONE 1000 FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1937 was with • wns ID to 12. acneliii uunkin nigh point ylri for tlie locals «.v,, five points to her credit. Elpise Jones led for the visitors with eight points. The Manila boys were whipped l>y the close score of 22 lo 18. Bur- gelt, tall c enlor for Manila, lea his HintOQ In L-i^nrlii,. I,., nli,,II.;.,.- .... , mat six cer or Mana, e s s In scoring by chalking up points, missel and Alvln of the I3oynton team tied for high >olnt man with ten points «nch. Local Youth Defaults To Florida Battler MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Mar. 19.— Willie Stapleton of Memphis, defending lightweight champion, fought :»is way into the semifinals of the Southeastern A.A.U. championship boxing tournament tonight by knocking out Woodrow Reagan, Poplarville, Miss, here last night. Other results included John Mc- Grnth, Pensacola. Pla,, defeated Billy Price, Blytheville, Ark., by default. They are flyweights. John Seymour, Port Benning, defeated Otis Lancaster. Forrest City, Arkansas, decision. Tliev are light heavyweights. Read courier Nemj Want Ads. Cabinet Official HORIZONTAL 1 U. S. cabinei m ember. 14 Frostier. 15 Feather scarf. 1C Gorses. 17Knonnou'i. 18 Waterfalls. 20 Otherwise. 21 Silkworm. 22 Weariness. 24 Small child. 25 Street. 2(5 To doze. 27 Father. 28 To eject. 30 Venomous snake. 32 Not lhe same. 33 Uarloy spikelet. 34 Greater. 35 Witticism. 37 Mother. 38 To make a mistake. 40 Half an em. 41 Queer. 43 Perching. 46 Striped fabric. Answer In Previous Puzzle 49 River nymph. 51 Pattern crisis. 52 Pertaining-to winfe 53 Wrens. 5!i Horn. 50 New York is his,home 07 He is of treasury (pi.). VERTICAL 1 Bees 1 homes. 2 Card game. 3 Unless. _ 4 To soak Max, 5 Year. G Dejith notice. 1 Outcasts. 1! Company. U Nor Hi west. 10 Definite article. 11 Sword handle. 12 Handle. l.'j Consumed. 13 To drink dog-fashion. 10 To eat. 32 His was ambassador lo Turkey Oil.).' 23 Meriting. 20 Sugar sand. 2il GAV'.S cry. HO Bi-jinrh. 31 To sli-oko lightly. 3-1 Courtesy lit!?. 3G Exit. 37 His deprul- menl deals in 39 Brink. •10 Being. VI Perishes. 44 .Sound. 45 Though). •!ti Sound of sorrow. •57 Flying mammal. •18 God of war. 50 To bring legal suit. 52 Supped. 1 5-1 South Carolina. 50 Tone B. II SLOW MASH / n - ' ' 7 * ,! i i ' New Thousands "Wen Over Dally-Now Priced at Lowest We've Ever Quoted TRY "SLOW MASH" BOTTOMS UP TODAY N EWS of outstanding quality in whisky, priced low, certainly does spread fast! That's the answer to why millions now call for Bottoms Up, made the Slow Mash way that takes more time and more gram. Right along, new thousands of whisky buyers are saying that Bottoms Up really is richer, heartier ... a big extra value at the price. But disregard others' praises, if you will. 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