The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1933
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE,: (ARK.) COURIER NEWS JFRIDAY. -AUGUST.- 1933- : trr*. "junior?," Sunday school is' artht^Ytitro church Uughl by Un. EL B. poyo;, h»d an otitiris Mbodiijr «t MUJ's'-Biywi. Mrs, Lloyd »»s , : »•*£!«(•'- b}' Mr*.- • StarUnd 3und»,'' . Herbert Mulllnc, Clyde Btach,'l*e«ly Ho»«r§. Clyde Reej, Ctyde ; qjibte utd J. W. WWner. Th It' numbers 'o( the clHss spent the tlty swimming- and at noon were served a picnic lunch. - < Bwxw farty. Mrs. Oeorge W. Barbara entertained 1 3? guerts *ith a Bunco party TtiurBUy tfternoon. She w».i tsslfted : in entertaining by her daufbter, Miss"Oladys, and Mrs. R*y HaiL A color moUl of pink and yellow was employed In' 'the garden flow- en which decorated tile living ami sun rooms and In the refreshment* of canttkxipe . » . 1» mode topped with mint* in the«e sh>d«. Tbe.hijh score prlic. hand painted glowet, vent *o Mrs. George Little, Mrs. Ruby Miller -won a bnik- laat set (or the cut 'prize, jelly In bind painted glaese* was won by Mr*.-O. W. McCulchen for Iho travrtlng prize ..... ' CUac Mrs. A. C. BlaylocV, Mrs. Well Bltrtard. »hdJtrs.-.J..G. Esrncs entwined /ithftBieinbers of thc F1 " dells ;<sjmd»!£5sfchool/. class of the First' Baptist .'Church"' with a parly J*5t' F e»enlnt«li the -Barries; home. It* ' following program entertained ' the ladles: reading, Mls» . Martha Chambers; vocal duet, Mr.5. . E. L. Jones and Miss Georgia Lee; rtolin solo, Bonnie Jenn Buchannn, ac'odmpanied by Kir] Snydcr; piano solo; Mrs. Lee Modlln. Wfatennetoh was served following a brief business session. • i • *° . •« - ' Hasj Briafe Parly. - •• .iMp. Richard Ellis, iormcrly of . Asheville; N. c.. wKv. lias come «re . wttlj Mr. Ellis: to mskb- her -home, *»s(»ej.gijest- of-hwnw at-jrbrldge You'll Never Tire of This Mousse Recipe Hornersville Society-Personal The tempting mousse pictured her; Is mace nnd garnished with squ nrcs of quince butter, but fresli fruits, berries, Jni-.i-s nn-l Jellies can be substituted. By NKA Sen-ice ;A dessert Is always :i perfect ending for any meal. Most adults nre like small boys comes lo desserts. S!:ow froz-n one and no mailer now much they've already calc:i, tliey won't turn down thc dessert course. when it ihsm n . D»vU:J*Mn«a*j> Overling. ; Mrv Ellis attended school at Columbia Mil- itirj! Academy with Henry Davis •ndtearleton Smith Jr. . lui; the card games enjoyed by the IS jpesU Mis Dorothy Whltncrof " 'phis. , house guest of Mr." and Mrs.i J. p. Mclntcsli jr., won liosl- , ery:tor first honors, the cut.priie, » bracelet; vent'to Mrs. O. itlfov- ell of Sta Antonio, Tex., guest of Judge and MM. G. E. i«ck,:»r.d "»*.. Elis wu presented -lingerie. " .'A mousse is one (lie easiest the many delicious jnms and jcl- llesv That old fnvorltj. strawberry picscrvcs, bt'.si(i?i giving iv frozen a Imndsamc color, Is de- liclous. Spain IHIS contributed a dclkbus concoction which comes under t'r.e . head of jellies, it's cailcj mem- prepare ol thc irozcn desserts, i brillo, which is the Spanish word O^ie good moiiSi^c recips c;ui be va- for quince. 11 Icok-.i a great deal rled, .by using different buries, like our own old-fashioned «jip!e fruits, jellies nnd jams. Pineapple, I bnltcr, cxcepl that inembrltlo r.ns cherriM,' peaches .and b'ananas 7 ;ap: I n thicker consistency and conns In anwrig tr.c fresh finllj lo consider. | bricks Instead of jar.s. All kinds of barrics, allhcr fresh j iiera is a splendid mousse recipe. or canneil, ore good, Ico. I It is matte \vilh membrlllo, but any If you're tired of s:rvlng Irulls clher fruit, Jelly or berry can bs and tjcrrlw, why not try some fii j substituted with equal success. You will need 3 egg yolks, 1 ounce of sugar, 1 cup of crushed msm- urlllo or any oilier fruit cr jam. I , pint of cream and a dnsh of vn- j niiln. Beat the yolks and the 511-1 11 low lure thickens. Mr. and Mrs. 11. 11. Tinnin and daughter Miss Opal visile:! relatives in Lutesville and Cnpc Girardeau last week, returning home Saturday. O. J. Cope attended a inching cf thc trl-itatc druggists at Memphis Mor.oay. G. M. Riddlck left Monday for Lltilc Rock, Shrevcporl and Monroe, La., »-i;ere he will altend lo business this'week Mr. and Mrs. E. 3. Langdon. son Edwin", and daughter Dorothy of Ironton, and Wesley Lniigdon jr., oi Tulsa, Okla., visited relatives here over the week-end. Mrs. T. M. Rorex relumed to her home at Haytl Thursday, after a few days visit with Mrs W. R So well. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Welmsm of St. LOuls came Tr.ursday for a week's visit with the latter's moth cr, Mrs. R. E. Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Klmolvlng j and Mr. and Mrs. Rogr Manning were In C>ipe Glrardeau Sundaj visiting their daughter and sister Mrs. Robert Hill Mr. and Mrs. c. F. Klrkman spent Saturday In Kennett with Mr. Klrkman's sister, Mrs. Mary Brewer at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. nice. George S. Brown drove to Ca- rullicrsvllle Sunc'ay lo get his wife, \vho hat! been visiting for a week vllh her sister, Mrs. S. E. Juden. Mrs. Bertha Klnsolving left Thursday In company with her sister, Mrs. Tom Pope of Hurst, III, let It boll. He- i in ove fromthe fire nnd b?at until „ uvu ""•"»« lire ana o-at until ami l:er two daughters, the Mlss-i "^^ wnlte "^P-- 1 ™ EW» :o.d, then add chopped membrilb.l Elizabeth nnd Kathryn Pone for plain and the'biouss and sleeves ghlcr, Mrs. Alton Harper of this )lace, Saturday. Mrs. C. G, Evpus oi Shonyo was Soseland visitor 6und»y after- nc«n. Mrs. Pufl Lewis of the Little HJver community and l^er sister Mift Freda Craft "of Bragg City, Mo., M'ere noselarid .visitors Friday afternoon. J. W. Gordon and son iury, fioyd Rector, Hotiuer Boren, Elmer Cjjwfurd, Oscar King, Cayee iind J. c. Johisston attended the ball fame" at Lute^ Bucday. J. W. Gordon went lo Memphis Tuesday lo visit his- daughter, Mrs. Zacii T. Bragg. - , Dedicate Highway'Bridge , With Bottle of 3.2 GKAND JUNCTION, Colo, (up) —Regardless of tt'o merits or deficiencies of 32 wine as a baver- aje, it lias proved its north. for dedication ceremonies. . At a recent dedication here or the new $150,000 highway brllge over the Colorado River, Miss Gen- evleve Rocrsler, queen of the c?r;- niony, broke a bottle of the wino over a girder, and t'rc bridge was declared officialls in service. Montana Weather Equals Oldtime Records 666 Uf you use b;rrlcs, b« sure and drain off the juice.) ..., . . • vim lln)-^ Hi' HI Whip the cream and add it lo ros sc xposition nnd Kathryn Pope, for Chicago where they will spend several days .at the Century of Prog- it i •e. Place the ice bojc or' four "four's. . Unmold when you are ready' to Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Taylor and little son who-formerly' lived here, were here from their home at Dex- serve and place the w hol ; brick of t cr Sunday isin el t mousse on a platter on the table. MJ- a nd Mrs W P H Ut each person cut off his own j < , In the Swim In Eel Gray Sherbet and. cake was.";served the rue>U which also incluKd Mrt. Joe :elner of CaruthfisvUlc, guest , 'Katherlhe Martin, and Mtes White of ShreVepbrt, La., who Ung. Mr. *pd' Mrs, • Roland I Mostly " Mr.jgnd Mrs! M. Fltislnniiohs have rttuijned frbnv'Halta,' Terin.,' "where they, attended the funeral of Mrs. Ktislramont' cousin, W. H. Hnn- narr-lasl Friday. V >V, Mr. and Mrs. Jaijies Blmpre and two 'daughters an4 : Mrs. Berry B. Brooks jr., "and daughter, Virginia WalUn, of Memftois and Miss Jane Shaffer of MUav Texas, 'were guests of Mrs, .'Allan:Walton yesterday afternoon. ••'•'•••'.•.' . Mrs. J. C.' Noah of Memphis IE the houseguBEt of Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick-Thomas.- '-' •"'.•.:•• .-•• • - •. Ge'crgc W,.B»rhata'and Clarence Wifccn refuri** list night from a two taawvtallimk . trip to Little Rodd ^ :•>*•-?•:.'•*••Chester ;B.':pibooek;ieft today for ManK5.*oc,;WJ6. ; whetc he will Join his family .who have, been at Sr.ab- bona! III., .and'-'Manilowoc for si:< weeks. They.-'vUl^alM- visit in Chi. cago, bsfort returning hc-me September i.v- ; xs.-A Mr; andVMrsjfa it!'Morgan have as-their guesl Misi-TJeah Morgan, of Colorado ,Spr|hi!sS!col. Sr.e will be here sewriiVdaji . ( Mr. ano;- Mrs. :«iii'i Styles,-'Miss Babs! Dihiels and Miss Lois Nell Style* left.ryestcMiy.hor poinls of Tennessee^ yUit.:fr\ends and 'rcla-* tires, Thqt ptttt. to.igo to Memphis,| Jacljfcn" aad 1 . flolivar. Terin^ before retJning-'hotne. Mi^s Era^.Wrighi'haii as guest MARYS KITCHEN" BY SISTKR MARY NEA Scr\-k'C Writer Although pears ol seme varijly are to be found in tin; market almost tlie whole year through, the delicious Bnrtlatt pear is at its ursl during Angus! nnd Scplembcr. Many ether high <|iiality varieties follow the iiartletl. prolbuginy thc vuoii hiio thc late full. Unlike masl fruits, jwars are tcsl picked green un:l allowed to rlpcu Mrs W P *^ ielie'n MSS J Kathryn Anderson wire . shopping In Blytheville Thursday.- ' . good. too. Served with ginner sane?. I . Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Hatcher licnr fritters mak; a fitting dessert icr n September'vegetable'dinner. Pare fruit and cut in thip slices. Drop Into fritter . batter and fry in deep hot fat. f Slutted jiear salad always is papular and when frcstf.. perfectly ripe, juicy friiit is used, th's sal- children Buell Mayvella and Helen Margaret returned Tuesday from Haynes city, Fla., where they'spent the past two weeks. Enroute home they visited with Mrs. Ray Sloon and family at Colliervll!e, Tenn., who returned home' 1 with" them ( for a visit with Mrs. Sloan's parents, ad is delicious." Cream clieese mix- Mr - and Mrs - w - E - Hayes. ed with finely chopped preserved '• Mrs ' c - J - ^V antl Daughter, ginger nn;l nut meats is a dsicc- i Mlss Virginfa, returned to their heavily beaded with diminutjv: mirrors and sliver bugle beads- makes this startling lormal evening outfit which Joan Crawford wears. In keeping with the B litter of the sash and blouse, Miss Crawford wears a brilliant Jeweled ornament in her hair. BOZEMAN, Mont. (UP)— VVeaill- cr records . established 14 years vftso liave been equalled or bettered .this - summer In Montana according lo E; J. Burke, of the Montana State' College weather bureau.- - ' ~. 'Precipitation in July, 1933, at Bozeman wns .4 of an '-inch, .compared to .36 of an Inch' in July, 1919. Th= normal for the month is 1.48 inches. .The average Ju)y, 1933 temperature was 69.5 . decrees, compared to 66.9 in 1910; tnd a normal of 64.1, EvaiwratibK* during June and July set aV.vnew high since 1«SO, totalling 20,382 inches. Shark Fissjing Thrives ; IB GuH of California NOGALES. Ariz. (UP) — Extensive commercial shark fishing is underway in the Gulf of Callfor- ia with thousands of corpses li etched along ths shores. The average calch daily is be- veen 100 and 150 sharks, ranging i size from 12 to 20 feet. About Ofl Indlnn flshcrmen in canoes r)i for the sharks. The shark meat is ground up "for ertilizer and as cattle and poul- . ty food, the skin Is" used tor lea-: her seeds, the Tins are shipped lo China where they are considered delicacy, the leeth for advertis- novelties and the- oil as a 'con LIQUID - TABLETS Check* Mafari'i -in 3 days, (.'olds IhV day, Headaches or Ncuraljii if 30 minutes. Fine laxative and Tonic Must Speedy Remedies Hnoun. table combination Clilll pears,- irnre and lengthwise. Remove -'cores and sprinkle .wit;-, lemon juice to prc- for the stumng. j I 10 " 15 ln Springfield nd cut in' halves i ;5 r " vveck ' s visit WI ' ™ ™ Al Wednesday af- ith Mr. and Mrs. Kev. T. L. Bess and. wife and vent discoloration. Drain the gin- ' dBuglllcr - Vallc - of .Bianark, Mo,. in slornge. In this way thc fruit' devekfps better l\:\\vr aixl liner, j Miioothsr texture than it tice-vip- cucd. Cnnscqucntly. in circling iwars. Ihosc on tile verge of grcen- ness nithcr than ripeness arc desirable. . . , gcr from IU syrup and mince. Work i w ? re !:crc ^^ay and Saturday, vls- nuts and ging;r into cfcam" cheese, i I tllc faml| 5' of Mrs. R. E. An- udd cream if necessary to make i son soft enough to mold. Mold in small ' Mr antl Mrs ' ^ Davi3 an d son balls nud place n tall in the cavity i E ' H ' alltl t;vo l!ttlc daughters oi -' — -- - Tniuiaiii). Ark., ivere here Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs: D. A'.-. Rulnn. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Miller of Parma were here Saturday atten.1- uig ths funeral sprvices.. of Mrs. Cecil Brannum. ^fr. and Mrs. J. O. Matthews and .'.on Orly. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor drove' lo Parma Si:nday and Roseland News ; J. O. Rook hns moved his faui- lly to Shrcveport, la. M : rs. Jack Hnrain and .children cf Dell, visited thc former's, sister Mrs. Roy Goodman here' Saturday •Miss Myrtle King and smal dfiug'hler," Virginia 1 ' Byrl, spcn Ea'tiir'dny night- and Sunday 'wilt Miss King's sister, Mr. and Mrs luyce- Johnston. Misses Gladys and Clara Me Intre arc visiting relatives in Caraway this week. Floyd Rector, Elmer Crawford Cayce and J. C. Johnston made .1 businsss trip to Blytheville Sat rday. .,, p. L. Slicppard'>vas'iif Blyitlc vlllc Saturday. ' '" Mr. and .Mrs. Shirley Powell d teele are visiting relatives her Kxccllrnl Tonic Fruil In spite cf their seeming sweet- of each [Kar. on crisp htluce with Frencli <lressing'-ttj which cr- ange juice has been adtlcd. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Grapes, oalmeal cream. broileH to'malces on toast. milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Sweet corn souifle, creamed sweet fircon |>cppcrs, chilled baked pears with whipped cream. Term. ' ' Young. ' cl Ncwbern, "•>-.-• •£' Mias'WUsie'Phiih'j* of Nawborn, Teta^., is vuitingVUrXth'd Mrs. victor .-Sti(well'., .v:.:-'^ . • Ut. anfl;Mrs..Wi-se Perry have . mcwsljroj^weot 'ASh street to 222 Is,voting relatives «*|tpv, ( W two weeks to"a§pi*e :*wplt" to Hardy* yes- for;« ..Trk& with his family i-.*«R4W«'.the.Rummer there. Ward'who th»rUne Robinson reUirncd richly-: from Jickson. Miss. *e'!»i<4t«d relatives. ^nil : r>Irt,:CharJe5 w. Oglcs- *o«ni(iMicl'\Mr. Oglesby's Ft.a^'SKia-;. Mi£s Hazel Og- «t tWL Binith, Ark., arc the •cf .Jta.''vO|8lesby's mother, , at the ie ness, pear-j are somewhat ncid nn:l ll^crelore arc an excellent tonic fruit. - Their, flavor is refreshing, tending to lone up n llro;l app:tile. Used frcs'.; .in saln:H. fruit', '•up.; and desserts, or ns a break- i fast fniil. they provide n welcome! change: I I BakQtl prars may be prepared! :j] i like bnkccl npples and are cspc-! ] cinlly gocd for breakfast wi;li-b.i- , | con and egg.5. If wanted for ccsscrl. | they can be pared and coruu.sprin- 5 klcd with sugar and bifccd. c-ov-; • ereri, In n moderate ov?n for an i j hour. I • Served with whipped cream antl | I Singer cookies, they mako an in-! ' vlting last course for on August i dinner. Two table ;;>0':iK sugar I for each pear msVe Ihc frrnl; If you're a wise cood. you'll SEC pleasantly swccl for the average [hat your back-to-collcge \vnrriroto taste. A little powdered gins:r ?:id- Includes at least one two-piece ucol f cd and mixed with thc add.-, sports drcs-s. •. •. - zest lo the fruit. One model that is sure lr> m.ik-l Makc rklicicus I'ritlrrs a hit on any campiii or, in any! Fritters msc* with pears a« very classroom has a plain ao:l''skir'.' in tr.e new eel grny anci a reel aaci | v.'htte and gray plaid blouse, worn outside the tklrt. Top the outfit with an :•] ;:]•• rabbit's hair hat and y:'j'l! h; ti-.? last word in chic simplicity. ginger cookies, milk, tea. DINNER: Fricassee of iamb, steamed he;, creamed cairols. »tn(- j fed pear salad, mint alieruet with • brownies, milk, coffee. visited with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr w and Mrs. Lincicll Baglcy. Mr. and Jirs. W. II. Payne ant children of Ekron spent Salurda, Sunday wilh Mrs. Payne's sis ler, Air. and Mrs. Brucey Owen. Jlr. and Mrs. Adrian Churcl were in Blylhcville Saturda nighl. Adcb Meadows and John Alle drove to>. Lnkc City Thursday nighl. ivcr oil substitute. Silk culture was first introduced nto (ills country in 1737 in Connecticut. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling and soothing Blue Slar Ointment melts on thc skin, scndinfi tested medicines deeply into pores' where II quickly kills iK-h, tetter, rasb, eczema, foot itch, ringworm, etc. Jloncy back if it fails.—Adv ORANGEADE Made from Tree Ripened • California Oraiucs DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME Before Breakfast Every Morning 'A Pints 5c Pints Sc Quarts I5c At- All Stores and Restaurants Bennett's Dairy I'honc 74 -and^et results ii- . Fifteen hundred .persons a . killed and .jWO Inured when i.lorc of var materials exploded at Hullfitx. N. S.. on Dec. 6, 1917.' Mr. and Mrs. Bruccy Owen. Mr. ;,nd Mrs. Floyd Rector. Miss Thclma and J. C. Johnston attended wcre oiurch in Dell Sunday night. Mrs. Proctor, who had l»;n visiting relatives near Cardwcll, Mo.. MALT SYRUP :i turned lo the home of her Mirs Louise Tosclmcr and Mi;= LJ- vcrnu Meyer, all ot Memphis Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Ga:in? and ton Charles 111. of Gcod: \ie. Miniv. are here visiting Mrs. G. S. Barnes. , Virginia Woman Strings N Hoarding Like Beans HIGHLANDS. Va. (UPI— lln.ud- Ing money is not a very peculiar act—but here's a case w'-.ere » was. A;i old woman brousht her savings, which-she said eho had been hoarding for 25 jrars, to l'.:e Richland bank.-Her money, was ncatiy lie,<r'in rolls of 525 each' and strung on a cord as bcain are liun^ to (try. Words and when it cnmc« to Used Cars thc a-anl-ad eoluninx of the Courirr News can't he beat. If yon want prompt results phone 303. Courier News Want Arls Smart enough for another season YKT Till: COST IS SMALL Your in."2 fall |, M t. Wl ii be i-plmilt and restored lo good condition. Our cIciiniiiK process livens up the foil ami puts back the snap and style. With a new band it will look great and last you through ihfc season. Why not c;ill 171 (o;!fty, lei 11* pick- tip your lial. and deliver it back to yon tl;o lirsl day of fait? ONE telephone call brings ynu 1HREE services 171 --Cleaning --Laundry —Storage icjue Cleaning Service thc Standard" ; . OSCEOLA Air Cooled Sunday Monday Tuesday, TUGBOAT Sunday Malinec—Only One Show. Starts al 2:30.P. II. Laurel & Hardy Comedy ... ,' Also.Cartonn ..Mat. Adm. lOc & 20c . Eve, Arfrt. 15c & 35c •"•

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