The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 3
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' TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1948 Gifts Proposed To Aid Farmers Rural Housing Plan /^Amendment Offered By Two Senators WASHINGTON. April 20 (UP) — Two farm state .senators yesterday introduced an amendment to provide $267,500,000 for mi-Hi housing under the 'faft-Ellender-Waeiiei' long-range housing bill. The proposal was Introduced by a.s the Senate postponed' until today debate on other amendments to the controversial housing measure. Young said (lie four-year proposal would restore to the bill a rural housing section stricken out by amendments Introduced by Seii Joseph McCarthy, R , \vis. The Senate is expected to reject McCarthy's proposals in favor oi one sweeping amendment by Sen. Robrt A. Tall. R,, o. But neither Tafi nor McCarthy would ask for Immediately money for rural housing. They merely would direct. Ilic BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Edwin B. Swop« Homed Warden of Alcatraz Prison WAHSINGTON. Apii 20 <UP>— Edwin B. Swope today was named warden of Alcntrai Plson, the tamed "Rock" in San Francisco Bay. The 59-year-old veteran jailer succeeds James A. Johnston who has been warden o( the "Rig House" since it became » federal penlten- inry In 19.15, Now head of the Federal Correcl- _ tonal Institution at Englewood, Colo.. ' fiwoj>e takes over his new post | April 30. His appointment was ; one of several announced her* today by the Justice Department. These other changes within the federal prison system were RN- I ' nounce: 1 : Robert P. Hagerman. warden of | the correctional Institution at Asli• land, Ky., to succeed Swop* at William if. Hiatt. warden of the jwisburK, Pa. federal Penitentiary, to succeed Joseph W. Sanforri as warden of the federal prison at Atlanta Ga. Sanforrt is retiring. George W. Humphrey of (he ! Sandstone, Minn, correctional in| stitution, to succeed Hiatt at Lcwis- ! burg. Teacher at Batesville Resigns After 5 / Years » A1 'K?^'"K, Ark.. April '2 "J!') —rinee generation* of - on, o lini, vllle were a bit wistful tortuy ntier| lllK > lo ' sl '" 190 Miss Ada" Arnold announced her I ""^ when she resignation at the end of the pies- )ll "' l °" Anlol(1 ' e "" > ' Writer Convicted to congress Jnn. is, 1949. | Of Contempt of Congress Young-Russell amendment | of $2G.500,000 In WASHINGTON. April 20. (UP) — Atiorne.v.s lor John Howard Lawson. Hollywood writer convicted of calls for a total loan.s and grants for new farm housing and rural home improvements for the 1948-49 fiscal year. I contempt of Congress, were at work Ihe amount would be inrrea.sed to toriav on a motion for a new trial annul $53,000.000 for 1945.50' $80000,000 in 1950-51. anil S108 000 000 . for the 1951-52 period. It would authorize the agriculture secretary (o make 33-year loans at four cent Interest to farmers for new homes, and to make outright grans up to $2,000 per farmer lor improving- existing houses. The measure also would let the agriculture deparmlenl make om- . A federal court Jury late yesterday found Lawson guilty oi "wilfully" refusing to tell the House UnAmerican Activities Committee whether he was or ever had been A member of the Communist Party. Immediately after the eight w"'j- tnen aiul four men jurors returned their verdict, attorneys for the 53- year-oirt author of -The Jolson Story"' and other films, announced Supplies of American and Llriiish cignrcls In the Jewish quarter o( Jerusalem are virtually exhausted. Dut the Jews arc still smoking, even lhouj;h they have to use admittedly inferior Jcu-isb- niade cigarets. (Photo by KEA- Acme stair correspondent David S. Boycr.) , they would file a new trial motion. . subsidies to cover part of the cast of new farm housing. Such grants, however, would be limited '<-.'*« F„,„/,. „, U/to a total of $500,000 for 1948-49 and ^ ir X Employes Win increased to a maximum of $2,000,000 for 1051-52. Tension Eases After Bus Bombing in Labor Dispute , HOPE. Alk.. April 20. IUPJ-An easy-going Southern Bus Linos driver was ready to make another run to Shrevcport. La., today as the P ion began to again folloiv- Sundny's bus bombing here, -.e company supplied Arthur Hossler with a new bus yesterday and he made the round trip "without incident" as he reported calmly. It wa.s about an hour after Hossler parked his bus in ihe compury lot Sunday that a dynamite blast, ripped /nit the back end. The bojub- ing was considered another in th? series of violent Incidents which has plagued the company since the Mart of a labor dispute a year ago. . Hossler .was/<t)-jying-,one of th'i company's buses' last Oct. 3. when two shotgun blasts peppered; the inside of the bus. Hossler said he was not worried because he felt the attacks were not directed flgainst him personally. Bottle for Pay Boost LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. April 20. (UP)—All Little Rock city employees are again looking forward to a | S15 a rnoinh wage increase today. i rnllnwing city council action last | night. i Reversintr jt.solf tlie council pass- I cd the salary hike ordinance over tile veto o( Mayor Sam Wasscll. The vote was eight to two. ' The bcost is expected to cost the I city .some 568.000. Balanced Farming Entry Records Due by Oct. 2 IJTTLE ROCK.' Ark., April 20. <UPi— Records of county entries in the 1948 Balanced Farming competition must be in the State Agricultural Extension Office by Oct. 2. The date WAS set at a meeting of extension district supervisors and Farmers Home Administration rep- reseutatives yesterday. The group also decided that judging in the Northeast, Northwest. Southeast and Southwest districts will be held Nov. i-c with state winners being .selected Nov. 8-1.1, With the Courts Chancery Bertha Anderson vs. Aaron Anderson, suit for divorce. Ruby ' Rogers vs. Clyde Rogers, suit for divorce. i Death Overtakes Child | After Harrow Escape < CHICAGO. April 20. cTJP)—Three- ! ycar-oiri Richard Roth lortrtled o'lt j to piny yesterday morning and ; promptly fell into a deep lily .pond. j A cousin saved him from drown- [ing. ' ^t 5 , '"Other, Mrs. Catherine Roth, hiried--EvVny-hls t«ars.; changed his I doming, and let him out again to i play with his tricycle. A few seconds later, Richard was itm over and killed by a truck. .Archduke Otto to Speak LITTLE ROCK. April 20. (UPJ — Archduke Otto of Austria, en American resident since 1940. will speak before • the Little Rock Executive Club here Monday night. His subject will be "Christian Democracy or Communism." Hitler's Birthday Missed ', BERLIN..April 20. ll!P>—None of the 12 daily newspapers in this old capital of Nazism "remembered" that today was Hitler's birthday. $6,500,000 Extension To AP & L Plant Planned LITTLE HOCK, April 20. (UP1 — A X6.800.000 extension to the Cecil Lynch steam generating plant, of the Arkansas Power and Light Co. was announced today after the firm requested construction permission from the Arkansas Public Service Commission. The addition will triple capacity of the plan.t making it one of the largest steam operated units of its kind in the South. The generator will be fired with natural gas. Company officials said the unit A part of the company's $88,000,000 -jansion program scheduled to end In 1!>52. To Attend Conference L. E. Old Jr. of Blytheville. special agent for the Prudenfal Insurance Company of America, will i leave for St. Louis tomorrow to at! tend a four-day training conference sponsored by the insurance firm, i The conference will deal with the development of advanced sales techniques. Control of Arms Flow to Be Asked Bill Sought Will Giv, Power to Sell to Friendly Nations Only By Jolm I,. Stfelr ([/rilled I'rfM Staff <'»rrMu»iiilriil) WASHINGTON, April 20 IUPI— The State Depart mom. will ask Congress loday for power to sell arms 1o friendly nations and withhold them from |x>tential enemies. The move was resmcr! In Con-1 Rrcssignal circle as a ]H>ssibte fore-! runner to American military lend- 1 lease for hon-Communlsv Western State and Navy Department spok-I e.sinan were scheduled to ask the Senate Foreign Delations Commit-,' to speed action on a proposed new munitions control net. The measure was presented to Congress by Pres- I Idem Truman a year atio, but since (hen has been gathering dust on a committee shelf. The renewed nppenl comes amid i incioasiiiR indications that the | administration soon will ask Con- Biess to reestablish military lend- lensc In fulfilling M r . Truman's recent pledge of support, for the i five-power Western Europe defense pact slBiied last month at Brussels. I Acting Secretary of stale llohert' A. l.ovett conferred lale yesterday with the British and French Ambassadors. Lord Itiverchapc] ami Henri Bonnet. They reportedly discussed how the U. s. will back up the pact signed by Britain. France Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. To Aid Cmmiion Defense Shortly afterward In a message to n gathering here, Mr. Triininn snid he was '•certain" that the free peoples of Europe to band to- gcthcr for common defense "will be matched by nn! determination on our part to help them do so." On Capitol Hill, however. Sen. Waller F. George. D., On., a ranking members of the Foreign Relations Committee, added a new voice to those opposing any form of Icnd- aid George said he would object to such a proposal "because we must be prepared tor war if we lake that kind of .step." A high diplomatic official said the new munition's bill would make a Icnd-lease program easier to carry out. }Ic snid arms shipments must be tightened up anyway, because of the president's'own defense program, ami that the proposal would give the president a check-rein on shipments to nations, the U. s. Is not anxious to help. The plan would make permanent the State Department's present temporary control over arms export It would also make subject to export licensing any article which might be of use "directty or Indirectly" to any fnrciRn military establishment. The present munition;; control act was written in lt)35. It provided for equal treatment to all foreign nations in an effort tn avert u. .S. involvement In the Spanish Civil war. as a substitute In I8CI1. Mrs. Arnold was educated In Ihn Batesvllle schools and attended Arkansas College at Batesvlllc. Khe •™, accepted her llrst. ropuhu- teucli- 1900 niiii Rave H up In married the lute THREB M ' 10IH shc STOP ITCHING • DISCOMfOftT TONIGHT • - Kujoy the luolhlny ami comfort- . w II>K medication of Clny'i OJrtt- • | •W\^i$ c M"!, l "WXZi!X. i GRAY'S OINTMENT Remember R>>thr*ek'» •. •'-.' : —"for, • ' .: , PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Tlond Courier News .Want, Ads. Spring Fever ? If you're not feeling Just rl^ht cun't enjoy (he Outdoors, due to A hRn^-over or winter sluggishness, chances »re whut: i you need Is good old Cnlomet j Calotabs. the Improved Calomel Cam\ pound Tablets, are especially designed to .make calomel-taking pleasant, sale *nd ,'sure. No nerd to follow Cfllotflbfl with ibaltK — thojr do the complete Job, Try iUalotahs whenever you neorl a. Uxatlve j»* In spring fever, cold,*, biliousness riua to con?tlpatl™ Ton will like them. Follow labci directions. $37950 m Rainbow ToneFM Hear rt fi«r€. Demonrtrotfofis daily. •nris oulslanrtiiiR F,\t Radio will l w installed, serviced and adjusted FREE by an FM specialist with B years In the Frequency Modulation field and 15 years over-all radio service experience. This offer Rood only on Westinehouse radios purchased from Blythrvillc Sales Company. Service, on this radin will be for n MM year sfler dale of purchase. Come in for demonstration. We offer easy credit terms! BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY KKI.IX CAR1SKY, Manager 138 E. Main Phone 3616 Read Courier News Want Ads. Another Great DREIFUS Service for 8 Goy Floral Rrnuttftit iftble spuing «racc fully designed with rolorfi rose motif. Save HI this i o price. SKT INX.'r.CDKS- Plniirr I'lnir^ X Hnltcr I'Mlri X fti|i^ Saucers jcar and Soup nnuls S Priilt Ilishrs Srnri nip thr 31-plrrr r)innrrwxrr Sor at Slfi.ns (plus SAlrs Tax). ( ) Srnd ('. O. 1). { ) Money crt- rlnsrrt. ( ) Cti.irsr it in my Account. ( ) I want to r>prn an arronnt. N'anif! .. 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