The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 4
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;PAGJ! FOUR BLYTHEV1LLK COURIER NEWS THE COURIER KKW8 CO ,- PUBLISHERS p, 3 BABCOOK, gdii«r " H. W, HAINE8,' Advertising Mltwger — -tfl - 6?!e 'National Ad\oitUIng Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, IHQ, New Yoik, Chicago, J^JJSLJ?-' Loub| , Dallii5 ' Kansas Oily, '" ... • Publlsl ' e <t Every Afieinooii Except Sunday Enleied as second class uinlter at the post oflfic" at Blythevlllc, Arkansas, under net of congress, October 9 J917 Served by Die United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In tho city of Blylhoville, 15c per week, or $8,80. per year, In advance. By mail, within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1,50 lor six months, 85c for three montlis; by mull in jiostal zones two lo six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per; year, payable In advance. Fascism and Communism Both Live on Blood of Opponents The vwiy tlic public iciids lu aliocity stones .seems to depend larjjc- Iv on uheic the atones come fiom. Laat .spring a wave of honor went over the United Stales svlien tlio Hitler government in Germany executed some 75 men loi toimlci-ievolutional y nc- livih. Hillei dibcovcicd <t plot against Ins legime anil stiuek with decisive swiftness,, and the btoues nboiil it ciodled a sliuddei of icvul>io» A week 01 s>o ago a very similar thing happened in Russia. Some sort of plot—just what it \s,is could not quite be inaclo out, at, this distance— was, uiicoveicd In no time nl nil Soviet > filing squads had executed 66 people, with the lineal of moie e\euitioni to follow Now the odd tinny aljoul it 14 Unit hriidly anybody in the United Slates gave the mnttei "a second thought. The wholesale executions of the Nazis made Amei icaiii, homi-Nek, eqiial'Jy- wholesale executions by the Comnnih- istb left .ilmoS,t eveiyonu unmoved. * * t ' : Why -hould (hal be' The acttml ciicunisUnees of the Russian "blood pmge"—as diclaloib londly eall these little cxeieiscb—ueie iictmilly moic.rc-. veiling than those ot its Geiman cotinteipail In Ocimaity Iheie was'iiV iUbl ,i well oigam/cd jilot against the «o\ eminent, ,uid the men \vho_ w;ere •; slain h«]i| h,ui ,., <inccl, demoiistublc connuelion with it, in Russia .some - do/ens seem lo have been lulled on .suspicion, 01 as a \\ainnig, without aiiy !, r !tilt having been [Moved—01, in home tase;, cyan chai geii Win should the Gcinnin ailan tluieU us wlien the Rtibsian did not'' 1'eihapb pait of the answei ib tins' lact that \\o long since got case-hard-* cncd, with Jin-Jim No one on earth, IRobably, Know^ just how many people II.HC lost then- Ines in the "icd ter- 101" since 1918, but the numbei is un- (luesliuwbly high in Hie thousands. The wtnld us used to Soviet killings. t i + Wilh Geiuiaiiv the use ib diflcicnt. Human life \ Nlls supposed to be secure in Hut land '['ho oulcilj pioiesscs . ot law had seemed to be on a firm basis They (l long tiadition back of (AftK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY them. Kaiser Wil'helnj'ii not jcavo a jegucy of bfiitajlty, and despotic cruqlly as did C'<ar Nicholas'. ' : \Vc expect violence ajitl ];) In Hiissia. We don'£ puppet,'it-m'Gpr- R»}|iy. Tlmt wy' bp"w|jy-' Hltjcr shocks us when Staliif d.oos not, Nevertheless, l\ Is, worth remembering that such bjoody oiftrages fire the only way in which a dictatorship can operate. Fascism and Communism are equally abhorrent , in that respect. Each must maintain Itself on the corpses of its opponents. . —Bruce Cation. GLANCES By .George Clark The bame War Formula That bloody litlle war between Bolivia and Paraguay continues to provide a first-rale laboratory model of war between major powers. Thus we find President Luis Tcjada Sor/ano of Bolivia 1 announcing that Bolivia will "send its entire male population" to the Gran .Chaeo to fight, if necessary. The nation, he says, has •refused no'.• honorable chance Id urn! Hie war; meanwhile, the war proceeds —"and we must do our duty." Now this .is a perfect reflection of the traditional attitude of (lie head of a war-making state. We must light to the last man, we must make every sacrifice, we' inak'e no peace unless, honor is satisfied . . . those phrases are made familiar by many generations of war aiul its attendant proclamations. . Meanwhile—again .as usual—t h e man who Utters them is not the one whose blood is to .be spilled, and no one thinks to ask the soldiers themselves what their conception of the national honor may be. The Cotton. Belt and The Tariff Question As loiid as' Secretary or State Cordon Hull Is 11 public- llgurc American growers of export crops ivIK not. be, «|lpw c cl Co forget what, nur- rowly ,"rmllonuIi5tlc'.';tari(T pollcicji arc doing lu them. Air..Hull used the occasion ot the Nashville meeting of the ^AmcrlciiHi^Faim Btimui Federation to dcno'unco 1 "cxceEslvc" artiriclaj ob- str«clto)i to Intcnmtionartiacic'''.^!!!! <iw\v \vork- I«S •'•; greater iiijuiy: io>/gi : fcullure- llian •' ever before.' 1 The whole, .country'.-Is- paying 1 the pciiaHy in iinciiiiiloyineiit, ttiiU.'-'.oilier' ills/lie said. Bui farming is suilcrliV-niost IJCCMISS "It- Is geared .to mi export business on a large scnlc." . (So large that cotton lihs normally been Ihc largest single item hi America's export trade, far alipjid of nny jj| lc ot manuracture.) Secretary of Agriculture ,\yallace, speaking at the sumo urtHl farm orgaiilza'tton convention, was liardly les-s emphatic. Calling tor lower duties on ncii-agrieultural products, he declared lluu such revision ' ol the '.lurid 'Is ••impcriitivc" if «-c are to nmintain export, markets for wheat, cotton tobacco mid otlic'r products. The liirilf is nti involved subject- 1 and luviir iifgi'i'ioils HI-C endless! But for the cotton growing south Hie basic facts lu the situallci! »vc Jew antl jjlain. Ye«r Ju mid year out the United States, ilws nob consume half the 'South's ' production of cultoii. what are we to do with the rest, of it. If wc don't, export it? —Arkansas Gazette. O(xl was gootl lo me every day. —John D HocMeller, Sr. By .Williams T M.REiV_J_rAr Off ii nun KM EtnVm. i»a and "But'you don't iihderst:ind. This is a Chrislnias «if( nl ahsolutely MUST be delivered bv the asth" Prevent Catching of Cold by Exercising"Simple Care Remember lhat most doctors are convinced that colds are caused by germs which seize the buciy when By UK. MOHKIS FISHIIKIN • Editor, Journal of tlic ''American Medical Association, and of Ily- ctb, the HMtth uii«i« /; rome 1TO|n Probably you know how to Ircal jother people, and we also have 'A Bb «w W^.'^^p-" 1 " 6 8 ""' s '"•»- »**<" * «» 0)1 you, regardless ol whal you <lo its resistance is lowmrt. Givms come from itoscs and throats of for It. People have tried lo harden liemselves, against colds by lakh), cold ualhs.,but scientific studies-do not indicate that tills method 'is anywhere nearly certain in prcveu- Jon..f Vaccines, 'Injections, ''and 'shots" liavc been used under a vlrtc variety of .conditions,'.but. the maJority. of- physicians do' u'ot"fern ' 'them.< '• . ("-•-• ions containing tti'e'i vitamins lia've been widely advertise'd as .especially useful'in'pTCVenllrig cbWs, bul carc- 'lllly controlled studies do not Indicate any unusual virtues in such tiethods. -,"-'. '....•*•»''* The rules for protecting yuursclf against, colds urc 'fairly, simple; ; Avoid contact ,with people w'hc haVc'them. • . - , c out for sneering and cough- 0 .,hct> you arc in a .street car, an elevator, a movie, or any siim- nv enclosed place. '•..•'.' Avo|d getting youi- led wet; avoid sudden, changes in .icmpcrn- lurc; avoid chilling;; times. The ones we have will let us alone unless our resistance breaks down. Then ihey take hold. • **' i * The germs from other people come to us not only by contact, by coughing ami sneezing" and kissing but also l>y less intimate contacts —through pencils, doorknobs, and, it has J)cen. said, even on money.' However,-money is not a very serious. ha.zijrd. ,-,...,. . • : ?%i?lost]) about a cold is (o fake care"of it and not neglect it. In liikihg care of a'.cold, don't try to knock il onVwith alcohol. While alcohol does give ii re=hng of warmth on the skin, and may make you feel better without actually doing -you a ny good, it is perhaps doing you some harm When you arc In bed nfltr a IODB Wl exposure, your doctor irmy ,,)'. low you a small dose of alcohol to give you (lie warm, comfortnble icelm;; that comes with such dosage. Just- iibuul the same, i-ll'cci, can _bc obUilncd. liowevcr, by a hot mustard foot bald, a drink of hot co-rfce, or a drink of hot lemonade THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, IIKBI.Y IIKIIIJ TOIIAY .A xx iioi,'j'|.;n; i, ri 'i (7 „„„ »U. lirrnliu lu-r eiiKnirtttlL-nt Iti Tii.M' Jiiaci.l!, t'omiiirniiii iiri- IM, Li-v:nne tit Ills Orliil.lii L - m ,i) F. e n i- r n I frm|MHiU[j!]lt}'> Th.. .mill- diiy PiyiHU KU.vj)AI,|.. 11111) iinjiiilitoiil, .i IIKN him 1111 jiiitoii, - V.VI.UHJ.i IIKNNIVn: i'i-, IIIIR itcc'i'h-t'il Mm dcr t'\eri?tli\iig I* OVLT Jlli, - . , . .Uni iini) I'rlor, fiolli lii-art-KK'K ;IMI! cllhilluHluttcil, jtitvl In n r?M- i:iMr;u, I. Wln-ii I'rlfr «-,k k A,,,, If Itt.-LTfy llltll AllC n(Trz<'*. 'I'ltci &u lu l-'lurlcln nut) j,|n-Eill •fvcriil n-rrkh liii|i t ill r . Tlu'ii I'l'H-r l» ui,ll,'t\ IMIMH- lii'c.-in.f ,,1 liuiiliicsk. All "C (lii: lCrni)»ll (jii,i- Ily fxi'fi,[ I'eli-r'* lilstcr, 3111,1,). fKXT, KIII, I, Ami. VnK-rla KV/K'iiii'M («, iniific' lr«u- lili' iK-Kvvrii IVU'i 1111,1 A 1111. l),,c nlKlir lln-,- i,r« lin-i.i.rliu; tu B0 cull t.jr II, p rvrnliiur i>/n'ii a teh- )ilion<' nil^ i-oiiu-s for I't-lr-r. Ann rreO|;n!rc.<, Vall'tlll'N vok'L'. F.utcT \tlic,i I'tfcr lt-:uf!i the a),:irliuenl »fic ts xH»-e I,e linn gout- t,» Vi«li-rlii. 'I'lUiy lc-U-|l)Hi,K-.i nnil, l»i-L-illl«p >.lii' K nt:Kr>7»t I't-lor, Ann tioe.i in M)\V CO (IN WITH Till-: S'I'OIIV CHAPTKI! XXV ANN heard Ihc lillchen dooi' •**• close, heard ice raltllng about ill a pan. Just a minute more and Tony would be coming in w|lh the cocktail. She lifted her coat from a chair ami walked out of Tony's living I oom. The door, closing behind her, bronghl him hut she was iu (he car when he came tearing down Hie- walk. "After all. I'm -to celebrate your bill Inlay aloite," ho mockeil, "while yon lush home to play tlic dutiful wife to a wandering husband." "I remembered somcthing--Eoinc- lln'ng important." Ann started Ihe car, pressed her foot firmly down on Ihe gas-. . j Ann drove the far .Into the garage, went into tho building, and in another moment way lotting lierseU in Ihe warm, luxurious apartment. .. She undressed, got inlo her gown and slipped on a negligee. Brush- Ing her bronze hair ubscnlly, her eyes met Hie uyea oE the g'irl in Iho mirror. They wevo shadowed ami perplexed. If Peter realized liis num-tage had been a great mistake why wasn't be honest about it? Surely ho, knew she would release him if' he wauled to he free. I'd-lmps lie planned lo (ell her suon. Even now he ami Valeria were probably discussing iDJngs. wondering how Peter could make It inure plain that his make-believe marriage had brought him nothing lint regret and that he wanted to dissolve it. Itubbing on cold cream Ann's finger touched her eyelashes. They were wet. Stupid to he crying he: cause :iho had brought nothing but tt-fcl (o I'etcr. She wiped oil Ihe cream hastily, pushed Ihe cold ;crfaniy,iiv]isido.' .She got inlo hc.i "ami switched" off Hhe' 'light. " •'^Jiist flie'n she.' heard I'cler's key : iry4he' ontsirlfl door, lie was back tliib' early; btrango. difficulty, lint when ho opened Ib; tjoor'Anil's eyes had mei his, un- nnillin;. Then she bod llared out at him unrl II)dl had jnade him angry. Nalnrally Ann did not know now hysterical Valeria could become. I'ctor had suspeclcd that' if bo delayed eohiK, the phone niiglil con- thine ringing uulll he did go over and <|iiicl her (cars. Ho reasoned tliat Valeria was afraid lo lei her aunt know tbe was running so elose lo Mio [hum- elal edge. . Valeria kepi hint waiting 15-minutes. 1 Wlion Bhc appeared she was wearing a pair of red Velvet loung- The Editor's Letter Bex il- sawdust — iiD.Vthin;; tjnl call brains—I call i.s liardly good for flic). Bill. Ihc other day in Chicago (lie brewers and distillers had a long parade. The dislillm and brcCTra rode in Lincoln.*' urnl I Cadillacs. Tim Iwr tenders ami IlllmikicN rode in Fords and Chcv- rolets. The consumers who supported them all walked. I know 1'oor Old Bill To the editor:! Poor Old Bill Ya)>. Well, Bill, «•!!! write a line or two just lo let- yon know 1 inn your friend. T . ._.. _ _ ^^ entertain no cnmily or ill will-that Mils w hard for you (o uncicr- iiyalnst, no living 'human on earth stand. Tlie master Jesus said that of which I would not freely re- "you have can; to Hear, hut you condlc should f find in hint » hear not. and eyes to .sec aiH you corresponding disposition. ;fiec not.'' Now Bill, you arc ill) iivt.. J Nov,-, Dill, promise your r-uod have worked hard all my life for wife thai you will stay ;il homo a . tare living. Because you have Christmas, and stay sober and been asleep for years nnd just he-, read all day. j Binning lo wake up and think a' Bye, bye, E had said in a voice (lint Koiindcd desperately anxious, "IV-tar, you iiiusl come. At ones... -It's nlwiil alioitt llmi check I gave you day before yesterday." "What about if?" "I can't discuss it over tlio phone. -Anal Louise, might hear. .Peter, .you must corne." '-v - IJcler lliought ho understood. Valeria had ovei'divwii. liddcnlly siie had dlscovci'cd It and realized the check- would ho turned down. "'I'll bo right over," ho said. Ho wcul lo Ann'^ room, planning lo explain thai Valeria was ia lich she .usually wore closo lo her head in sleek,' s'litiilna waves WHS loose—in a careless fluffy boh, making her took like.a schoolgirl! She ainileil at him radiantly. "J'etiT, you darlinpl 1 can at- Hays count oii you." I'ctcr stared. IJo had cxpcclcd to see her iipse{, perhaps crying, 1)«t there was to Indication of hys- leria or nervousness. "Clgnrcl?"" "No, thanks," Peter salil (shortly. "IVlial did you want to lei! me nboul the check anfl why couldn't you tell me over the iciephoiio?" "I'm horribly embarrassed. And Ibeii Aunt Louise mlglil liavc been snooping around. I (eel terrible asking you—" "You've overdrawn.' 1 "Gracious, no. I'm not II«HC lhat low. It's this way. Aunt Louise didn't tell me until I came home that liiero were some heavy obtig.itloiis slic must meet this monlh. The truth is, I'cter, II would be so much, more coiiveuieul lo nay you npst month." "Why in the world didn't you say an? Yon knew you could pay mo whenever you please." "That's terribly sweet of you, !mt ilin check has gone, through now," Valeria reminded him. » * * BTUIl frowned. So it liuil. "Well, that's easily remedied," lie said after a moment, lie took his check botik nml fountain pen from Ills noelici. made O ut a C ] Kl: \ f ilnl | hiindeil II lo her.. Valeria smiled. "Thanh you worlds. This will case Aunt LoiilscY}, mind. ril scud a new' check next mont5i." "Any Limo llmtil's convenient for yon." Stic followed him to Hie door. "Musi you go. Pelei-2 I really set horribly lonely these days."' Her voice w;)s wistful. "It's only natural that 1 should uiisa you. isn't il'!" •••'.. Telcr-gul away in a hurry. He was thinking Uihi wiih Ilic least excuse Valeria would_M)3 iclling emotional. ' -.-.••.-.r-j^ ,. ; ,, On the .way lionic he found he was worrying ;i little ulraut the cliecli. It wasn't imimrlam, 'of course. Still— . . lie was thiiiKluK about Ann, loo. Hho bad looked awfully prclly with that .angry'-: light' in her eyes. Il' Wan the first': (fine ho .had over seen her angry. Nov; that Ms own aiiser liad cooled he was inclined lo bo amused 'over Iho way Ann had flared up. She had srdril. When he drovo in he noticed Ihiil Iho door to th« garage whore Aitu'is car wa« kopl was orion. It bail been closed when he Iclt. Ho stood looking at her car.. Ho shook himself out of tbe rnqod. lie was t;u!(iiiB in or hi d—lii-sl worrying ubotil tluvt check Imaitiu** »nd Uiau Officer's 'Unloaded Gun' Ruffles Police Station AKRON, O. <U1>) Police hi'ud- nuarlcrs employes were glad that a wnstehaskct happened (o be Ihc ivct when Detective Jasper Mc- Kinncy cleaned his loaded ,;!^ automatic. McKiimey had cinptie<l ihu (lie zinc. He poink-d Hie gun al, wasKtaEkcl and pulled the Tlio crncfc of UK: wapon'N r:-:]ilri:;ion lliraugh (he htiildins bronijia workers from other rooms nuining. The bullet 'lore throiigb tbe waslehasket and into the Iloor. Directly, below was Municipal i>viii Judge Hirinan \v. Weriicr. Me- 1 years. Kiiitiey ha<l forgotten lo unloiicU the chamber. vaguely troubled because Ani)'!,-^ been out In her car. loss llian au hour aiid Ann was back. Perhaps she had '' taken 'a spiu on ihe drive. Or JOHO over lo Barah's and found her not ai Tlie light was off in Ann's room, but ho knocked. "Ann," he called. "What is li, i'eler'.'" "H's loo laic for a show, Inn flow about going some phico tu dunce and have a bit lw calV" "Mot lojilglii, i'elcr. I'm in bed." "Ann. I'm sorry iiboiil yoitr birth- Jay. Lefs celebrate it IOIUOITOW tak'; in a show and a nisbt club" "Fuie." i'eler grinueJ. Ann's voice didn't sound In ilia least angry. \vi la t a gool) S1 ,,, rl sho was. Almosl any other WOIHIID -vuiild SUM be resentful, or crying, which would be worse. He felt aunty and ashamed, lie in aclcd like a' dai, m= d wjot nisliniK off to Valeria. Jim i,e didn't know how lo loll' Ann iliaf" Aiin was feeling belter J'oter had not alaycd. lie had conw (,;vck in n hurry. 1( he bad come n- few minules earlier (hey would have met at the garage. * * * KTKK was hoping things would case up at the factory. Din Hiey did not K ct belter that week or luc next. Al Hie end of ihe second week, work was ready to begin. There was an ominous silence on Ihe srounds, nil atmosphere of sus- liomled violence, it was as though tlic hff factory waited for soiiic- Ihiiie. Workers went about-their tasks automatically, fivonp meet- nigs on Ihc grounds bail been banned. A penalty of dismissal bad been set for violation ot iho order. But there were group meet. iiigs.ontBldc. The recreation-nark was curiously empty ol children -so days, tlictigli milling will) , workers alter hours. Newspapers-carried daily st,)rfc s ami editorials which condemned the spirit of lawlessness that hud appeared In the Kendall factory. Dehcfits Ihc ' workers had kpowii for more than'« years under the Kendall regime were cited. "" Tjm Papers boldly advocated placids « cordon of armed police about tlio coiistriiclion force the day work began. Ann said to Tcter, with n lightening-about her lio.irl "WiH'yc be-there?" ' ' ' I 'Bon'l worry," lie said, lie read Hie anxiety In htr eyes. Anu wai worried about liiiu! /'IVheii urc they noiiig to dec •,-"A l . "lino In |bo jnoriiliiE-" -• _ Ann slept litlie ; tliatiilghi. Lying iiwake in her lied; slvc"llibu&lit ot I'ctcr and liis difficulties. 1C it wero nol for tiio stories in thu paper and vvlial" people" said, sho would never have kiiow'n llieru were diiricullics. Peter never talked about lliein. fa'he tboiifilit of his liniiieil face, his gray eyea which would Uo serious and friendly at limes, and teasing and tender at other linion.- i'eler was in trouble. It ho I/ved her sho could go lo him How. a|ut [ell him how worried and frightened slio was. fjut sho couldn't because ha loved Valeria, Slie turned her face against Ibo soft pillow. And after a long whilo she tell inlo a troubled sleep. if j i (To Mu Continued) •';i''i\ I'ioucur Cripple,] tiro KLYRlrt. o. i UIV—Tlic Ohio Society fur Cripplid CliilUien, whoS'! lo'.ind?r. K. !•'. iDaildyi Allen, i>f Elyriii, cMuhlishrd also Ihc Inter- nationnl Society for Crippled Clili- (Iren, is moving 'its heaclcniarters from IMI-C (o coUnnbus. after '. is llucs I OUR BOARDING HOUSE Courier News \Vanl AdV A> little don't be .fore at me. Bill, old Andy Cantaloupe, and Plow' Point Morgan worked on you like Or. Robinson's Mississippi River Hattlf r Pills worked while you j slept. In fact. Bill, your cercbrnl cavity has never been troubled * h " , Bill, yon next year P. LEE. scriom Ihought-l mean, Dog Barks for Aid as Mistress Drowns in Tub CLKVELAND (Ul'> thai gray matter boxed up ,,_„ In bone-in other words what yon ttog led neighbors to the body of Al Today's December 2o •;'its independence i Hamotia Reilsnider, 27, .. —. _., wiio drowjicit while teliiirii; f,, |,cr npiutmcnt. A woinjin living on Ihe second floor went to Hie bascnicnl, where she noliccd walrr drippiiij; from Ihc floor above. As she passed Ilic first door aualii. .she 'heard [he Relfsnlder cloii' barking /furiously She entered the apartniAa agiiln. found Mrs. Kcilsnider dro*ticd : in the ovcrflowlny lull. A burn on her neck "ami the Piwcncc of n uo-voli Min-ray liiinii nearly Icd police to Ijclicvc MIC hud reached lor the lamp wiih wet lionds while still In ihe tub. l>oiicc decided Mrs. Rcjfbiuder nail cllhcr lost. COIISCJOHMICS^ from (v .shock in-' that It might ' have ctuifcd her lu [ u n hi Ihc .llib. I striking her head. | • ' t'atrghl Eagle in Crtrr f/.inils ! BANFF, AlUt. nil')—Itivvrv (fcr. a loiu-ibl. ciiiighl an wiih his burp hands \vliilc it w«s In full (light, near hctc. Lodcr was <laiellng iilong n highway when n Bdldcn ciiglc (lew by Ihc window ol his automobile. Reaching out, the eamlH 11 by tho neck and pulled It hilo his car. He tiinieU ,K over lo the Banff Zoo. YES, THAT NEW STOVE IN THE KrrCHtN.lS rv\Y CHR\ST, PRESENT TO THE WIPE,-—SO SHE SWVS/ UfYVM— CAM YOU FAMCV THOT, 'BUVS N STOVE ME IT IS ^Y YULE (SIFT TO HER AMD I AM TO TW TOR IT7 n^,-^;., -OF A TRUTH,THE. Vi^-DS ") ?OM THKT STOVE WONT TO iY\Y "PALATE FOR By Aherii SAV, THAT'S AN VDEA/ MAKE A BAP,6A\N YOUR W1-FE7--BY IN SIX TUCKS ON YOUR APPETITE THERE! LL BE OU\TE A, SAVtNCbS ON THE TEED Y "B\LL, AN' IN NO TIME V YOUR DIET WILLTAY • \ "FOR T^ STOVE I \i\' GROUNDS "FOR "DIVORCE,

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