Valley News from Van Nuys, California on August 27, 1964 · Page 24
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 24

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 24
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24-A--Central 22-A--Bur. 24-A--Ho. Eoit 22-A--We* 24-A--Ea«t T H E N E W S Van Nuys (Calif)--Thurijay, Aujuir 27, 1964 Want to Vote! Here's Deputy Registrar Listing lor Valley Area Cont. from Preceding Page *· Ll«. 9600 Gullo Avc.. Mr». E. EM 9-5*81. WW60. jlrs. E. ,E. Llncolnfelte. 13173 Paxton K. Llll«. 9778 Bcachy Av«., 6tV 9-0649. 4lrs E. C. Rose, 1308-4 Weldner St. *. Brown. 0946 Woodil* Ave., EM I. Tovmr. 10006 El Dorado Ave.. 1*^7286. Mn E. E. Peavyhouse. 9850 Mercedes Aft.. EM 9-0839. iln. N. P. Welnsteln. 14077 Pierce Et.' EM 9-BM5. E. " Mrs. L. Manjuez. 1W« Pico St.. EM 5-2931. R. M. Tidball. Sr.. 15300 Brand Blvd.. 361-4963. Mrs. D. D. Snellini. 12130 Buckeye Ave.. 365-1393. G. A. Snvllmg. IL'130 Buckeye Ave., EM S-1393. Ml»s C. Hcndrick. 13670 Gladstone Ave.. EM 1-9190. Mrs. N. W. Srherer. H'163 You)igd»le Ave.. EM 1-2541'. SAUGUS Mrs. S. M. Towns. 2351 6 N. Morntnj- side Drive, 259-4703. !. Mi Meek, 10965 GlenoaksI - Mrs.^D.^E. Southwell. 28U20 Aumond t e n-tct A \ J ? . . 4.."i--«^-n. EM 6-9161 '·' PANORAMA CITY /.Mrs. M. 1. Burke, 8518 Willis Ave.. MB-44*. JUrs L. M. l)icken«he«t. 8788 Wafe- ««W Ave.. EM 2-7790. ·Q, C Ludovlie. 7839 Cherrystone A*«.. ST 0-4903. -Mrs. M. A. Mills, 8330 Wills Ave.. 3C4-43S2 -Mrs. S. Gamson, 1484S Lanark St.. ST 2-37.1. ·H E Nelson Jr.. 8156 Redbusb Lane. BT 6-9833. : RESEDA -Mrs. L. E. Smith. 6960 Etlwanda AV«.. 345-8759. .7 Miles, 6219 Apt 5. Reseda- Blvd.. MW'Ol. · Mrs. A. M. Adkins, 8140 Wilbur Ave.. 342-8955. -Mrs M. E. Snow. 6923 Sylvia Ave., 845-7699. ."Mrs. L S. Ebsen. 6301 Llndley Ave., 843-3671. -W. A. Hitter, 7313 Clalr* St, DI 2-M93. · Mrs. B. C. Munn. 8007 Newcastle AV«.. DI 4-4315. -Mrs. D. M...Harting. 17STO Hemmingway St.. 342-6SK7. ·Mrs. R. J. Rieders. 19X11 Calvert St.. Dt 3-3S96. ·Mrs. A. M. MacNalr. 18S08 Injomar Et. DI 3-2921. ·Mrs. J. Tejeda. IfSOl Lull SU. D l i 4-4826. I Mrs. E. D. Long, 6633 Chimineas Ave., DI 5-1357. Mrs. B. D. Wrlcht. 7055 Sylvia Ave.. DI 2-4:38. I. Arak. 19523 H a m l m Ft. D! MIS. R. E. Drii.nm. 33B13 Aquaiiulce Canyon Road. WI 7-6066. 8EPULVEDA Mr«. C. I. Robert*. 16538 Parthenta St.. E.M 2-2509. Mr». J. M. Kaak, 9142 Whitaker Ave.. EM 2-2301. Mrs. D. S. Chosa. 10038 Wijner Ave., EM 4-8748. D. G. Waggoner, 10121 WUner Avt., EM 4-2438. Mrs. F. C. Flowers. 9166 Lemona Ave.. EM 2-2253. Mrs. V. Z. Edwards. 9434 Woodley Ave.. EM 4-4755. Mrs. B. E. Chadd. 9659 Sophia Ave.. EM 2-4751. Mrs. P. M. Anderson, 16*43 Calahan St.. E.M 2-0167. Mrs. A. C. Chester, 9311 Valjean Ave., EM 4-2447. Mrs. M. Mastro. 16237 Gledhill St, E.M 4-7482. Mrs. J. B. Cohen, 10037 Gerald Av«., KM 3-0168. Mrs. A. J. Rea. 9314 Valjean Av«., 362-7400. B. G. Douglass, 16000 Gresham St.. EM 2-94S6. Mrs G. E. Animon. P653 Seputveda Blvd.. EM 2-1173. Mrs P S. Mayall. 9242 Rubio Ave.. E.M 2-8882. Mrs. R. M. Holrnan. 16009 Dearborn St.. EM 2-9726. 1 Mr*. B. L. Mo ie. 16914 Lassen St.. Et " DI F S. Turchln. IW12 Strathern ' * Hutch,,TM. 1SS17 El ^W SHERMAN OARS Mrs. M. J. Silva. 3900 Deervale Drive, ST 3-24'9. Mrs. J. G. Blacker, 14905 Dickon* St. Mrs. P. S. Osterhous. 4') n 5 Sylmar 13947 Poach SUX VALLEY Mrs. H. W. Tarkaberry. 11344 Kes wick St.. TR 7-5056. Mrs. B. J, Sei.tner, 8517 Haddon Ave.. 767-9911. Mrs. E. Clifford, 8245 Sunlind Blvd., 247-6026. Mrs. V. E. Jacques. 10708 Keswlck St.. PO 5-7193. Mrs. G. L. St. Aubln, 7343 Cartwright Avo.. PO 5-2997. Mrs. M. A. Lowry. 7:i20 Rlverton Ave.. PO 5-3808. SYLMAR Mrs. K. B. Patrick. 13205 Foothill Blvd.. EM 1-1531. Mrs. R Benson. EM 7-7918. 14009 Polk St.. Oilman. 13453 Fenton SAX F E R N A N D O . . Mrs.' J. E. Gslbertson. 1T401 FilmoreigT 4-8921. Mrs. N. B. Dudley, J..--TI » v a i . , , | , . ' G r o v e St.. ST 9-0097. ' i Mrs. P. Newman. 14019 Peach Grove | 7(; St.. ST 3-5499. I '" Mrs. J. D. Norris. 4504 Stern Ave..j Mrs. R. O. MacDonald, 13630 Polk St.. 367-5435. Mrs. R. C. Injraham. 13124 Herron St.. 3*7-2901. Mrs. M. L. Ave.. EM 7-6892. TARZANA Mrs. L. M. Ess. 4500 Conchlt* Way, 342-9516. Mrs E. C. Swonjjer. 5072 Chimineas Ave.. DI 3-7535. Mrs. B. L. Turley. 5000 Chimineas Ave.. DI 3-1203. Mrs. E. A. Flehinger. 5507 Vanalden Ave.. DI 5-8371. Mrs. A. B. Handiey. 4970 Topeka Drive. DI 4-1510. Mrs. E. Caplan. 5123 Lindley Ave., ST 2-9045. TOPANGA Mrs. A. M. McDaniel, 20600 W. Gallon Dr., GL 5-2591. Mrs. R. H. Somers. Ull N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., DI 2-0197. Mrs. K. E. Hoover, SIS Basin Drive. GL 5-2733. VAN NU*S Mrs. N. Russ. 17116 Lorn* St.. 345-4820. Mrs. L. Allen, 6561 Buffalo St.. PO 5-7763. D. G. Milliard. 6633 Ranchito Ave. Mrs. E. E. Pritchett. 14233^ Victory Blvd.. ST 6-0995. D. A. Douglas, «628 Gerald Ave.. ST 5-1812. J J O'Grady. 15335 Satlcoy St.. ST 6-3649. Mrs. E. T. Lovett. 14937 Saticoy St.. Mrs. E. P. Harmon. 7357 Leescott M. J. Hannon. 7357 Leescult Ave.. DI Baker. 14221 Cohasset St.. . Mrs. P. M. Jones. IAve.. ST 6-S-llfi. 8059 Brlmfield Mrs. M. A. Thomas. 4734 Grecnbusl) l _ . ?.;. J,',-,, ve., ST 9-r-tos. v, M ' St. EM 6-7174. Mrs. M. S. Slonneser. S21 Hagar S t . . | A v i - , , ^i ?-..i»,-, i ,, EM 5-6905. ! Sirs. F. Giaser, 15S31 Topln Way, ST; . M I S ' Mrs. E. J. Herran. 117 Mac.Veil St.. \4.6SL-S. I A ? e EM 5-2541 j Mrs. E. Lubic. 3951 LoncrlcJse Ave. JUrs. G. A. Marquardt. U7 MacNcil I ji r s . L. P. Scoble, 4S57 Atoll Ave.. Sfc. EM 5-2541. 1ST 9-1391. .G.G. Kuenzll, 143-A Orange Grove. ] rs g ^[ Frentz. 16001 Meadow. EM 1-3725. !crest R n a d . ' S T 4-4279. Mrs. M. Britt. 2025 L u c a s St.. .\l !s M M Levmcston. 15722 Castle- EM 5-4S39. iwnod Drive. ST 8-1340. Sirs. M. G. Cochettl. 14743 Lsadwell M. A. Allbaugh, 8124 Bevis Vital Record; Funeral Notices STUDIO CITY Mrs. M. A u s t i n . 4221 Laurel Canyon ilvd.. PO 2-1291. Mrs. M. B. Dunn. 4513 Ethel Ave.. 7??-'iS5-1. Mr 1 . B. S. Chaum. 3513 Laurel Can- vnn Blvd.. PC l-4t'.7S. Mrs. S. Frohrnan. 4151 Arch Drive, PO 3-3640. Mrs. J. a Johnson. 8013 Willis Ave.. Mrs. G. V. Bergman, 5729 Noble Ave., ST. 6-14S9. Mrs. B. R. Kurz. 5725 Lemona Ave.. ST 0-5350. R. .1. Adamson. 5406 Bevli Ave., ST 6-5145. Mrs. E. R. Kay, 6872 Varna Av«., PO 4-6363. Mrs. M. Schnlchet. 5010 Stern Ave.. ]ST 9-3412. Mrs. R. J. Lubin, 5203 Lemona Ave., ST 9-2668. Mrs. D. R. Reed, 15045 Sylvan St., ST 5-OSP3. Mrs. I, M. Maxwell. 14607 Hamlln St.. ST 5-5859. 1.Jacket 5-Body of water 9-Wage.r ARMSTRONG, Larry Ray. ! age 5, of Canoga Park, passed away Sunday, August 23. Survived by his mother and father Mr. and Airs. Sherman Armsrong; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Amarson: siser Debra Ann. Services xvillj il'si'ikworm"* be held Thursday, Aujrust 271 u-'period of at 9 a.m. at St. Michael's and; t l m e All Angels C h u r c h , 3646J 15 '* e 7 t ^ nt Coldwater Cyn., North Holly-| i7-chines« miu xvood. Interment at Oakwood| Memorial Park. Praiswater.j Funeral Directors, Van Nuys. DANA, John Swift Jr., age 52, of Sylmar, passed away Saturday," August 22. Survived by his wife Velma Dana; sisters, Mrs. A very .McCarthy of Pasadena, Mrs. Charles Ohley of Charleston, W. Virginia, Mrs. Gilbert Parker of N.Y.C.:! ??-S?Ll'. brother Abney Dana of SanFrancisco: two nephews, one 1 4«-night of in San Francisco, one in; 48 .» l f«« annep , d Spain. Remains w e r e for-j si.siave warded by Nobel Chapel to! 62-parcei of Lewisburg, \V. Virginia for: ss.c.vman sendees and interment. · defense (abbr.) MUSE, Edna One(a, age 5-1,| M-Hmdered of 4752 Haskell Ave., Encino.j aolMTtuVe passed away Monday, August; 62-Bacterioio- 24. Survived bv her husband! «, g! s ''* w . lr ' ,, vr 1 . v _ , . _ , 6 3 ' W i t n o u t e n d Kenneth; daughter Miss .Tud-; (p0 eu ih Sill: son Dennis Sill: sisterj 64-preposition Mrs. Marie Allen: brothers 1 65-piac« Baron and Reaenn Coffee. Rosary will be recited Thurs-j day. August 27 at R p.m. atj Pierce Bros., Van Nuys. I CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Answer to Tuesday'l Puzzl* 19. English baby 21-Tropical fruit (pi.) 23-Trained 27-Exi»t 28-Handl« 29-Pair 31-Hurrltd 34-Near 35-Weirdeat 38-Negativa 39-Encountered 41 -Ocean 9- Improved 10-Great Lak« 11.Makes into leather . 16-Wears away 20.Interpos* 22-Hebrew month 23-Propelled oneself through water 24-Quote 25-Pronourt 26-Owing 30-Order of singing birds 32-Pilaster S3-lnquiiTtiv« (colloq.) Je-Thmsi, In law 37-Shipwormi 40-More tens* 43-Compa«* point 45-Cyprmoid fish 47-Gray 48-Hint 49-Flower 50-Unbleaehtd 54-Plung* 56-Command to horv* i7-Superlitiv« ending §8.French! of th« «1-River In Italy D O W N · CEMETERY LOTS FOREST LAWK HOLLYWOOD HILLS 4 lots, 3045. Most desirable. Enduring Faith section. Own- -- er. DI 2 221° ^ ' ""Valhalla--5 lots sT6o~~ea7r71^ Beautiful block ''0". \Vriteiw space 5S. 2(w P l y m u i i t h Dr.JiS Vista. C a l i f . !| 4 VIEW LOTS ill O a k w o o d Memorial Park, ii Chatsworth. 310-7593 1.Headgear 2-Number 3-Girl'a nam« 4-Baby frog 5-Foot lever 6-ConJunctlon 7-Lubric«t« »-PUc«ti 12 15 34 52 J9 24 49 25 40 16 35 50 60 13 36 54 29 51 47 30 22 27 37 65 Diitr. by UniUd roturt Syndicate, Inc. 10 It · FUNERAL DIRECTORS GLEN HAVEN VALLEY MORTUARY 7720 Sepulveda Blvd. _ _ ST 1-2761 _ _ PIERCE BROTHERS Van Nuys Mortuary 6153 Van Nuys Blvd. ST 5-2136 PRAISWATER \ FUNERAL HOME SCHOOL BUS SERVICE The safest link between home and school Reservations are now being accepted for DOOR-TO- DOOR and route type school bus service for the following schools: Mrs. H. T. r»vli, 17114 En»di» W»y, DI 3-9940. Mrs. M. L. Newm»n. 1S344 Vose St.. ST 5-2931 Mri. L. M. Beery. C4W Langdon Ave.. ST 6-8«53. Mr». H. Sptrki, 7001 Willli Ave.. ST 6-7489. Mill S. Sllverman, 13060 Burbink Blvd., 781-7977. Mr«. D. K. Donelson, 6K!S Bianca Ave., 782-24J4. Mn. R. B. Foiter, (621 Densmore Ave., 780-4585. D. W. Hannable Jr., 6606 Noblt Avt. Mr». L. R. Fink, «461 Petit Ave.. ST 0-0432. L. F. Z*ckJ. 1851S Gilmore St.. ST 5-7000. M. B. Bennett. «948 Halbrent Ave.. ST 5-4806. Mrs. V. W. CryiUl, 166M Covello St. TSO-ff-'SS. Mrs. M. J. Glannlnt. (917 Ctiliholm Ave.. ST S-8073. Mn. D. E. Bryant, 8935 Hanktll Ave.. ST 0-3077. Mrs. R. B. Lacher. 6539 Longridge Ave.. ST 5-29^!. J. P. Lennon, 7910 Brimfield. ST 0-4378. Mr«. M. S. Blum. 13541 H*mlln St., ST 6-4198. Mrs. M. N. Forgette, 6444 Mammoth Ave.. ST 0-6936. Mr3. O. A. Brokers, 5716 Co»telio Ave.. ST S-989L Mrs. M. Fortawh, «04 Allott Ave., Mrs. P. R. Nudyke, 6415 Fulton Ave.. ST 1-3778. Mrs. O. A. Singer, 14255 Tlarai St. 52-5408. Mrs. F. R. Rygg, 13430 Oxnard St.. ST 0-2110. H- Rappaport, 5731 Kathertne Ave.. ST 0-4006. Mrs. J. C. Smith, 5513 Murletta Ave.. ST 0-4142. Mr«. G. L. Plnkston. 7910 Matlllja Ave., ST 6-6485. Mrs. M. R. Epner, 14343 Colllni St, ST 3-1920. Mrs. P. Lite. 7128 Matillja Ave.. ST 6-784». Lockheed Aide Gets New Post B U R B A N K -- Lockheed- California Co. today had underlined its keen interest in the Army's Advanced Aerial Fire S u p p o r t S y s t e m (AAFSS) competition by appointing J. Fred Lashley, 23- year veteran executive with Jie aerospace company, to the post of AAFSS program manager. Prior to taking on this specialized assignment, Lashley directed all of Lockheed's hel- cbpter activities. "We believe our rigid-rotor system, convincingly demonstrated through the XH-51A flight programs to have s'upe-: "ior performance character- .stics, is ideally suited for the AAFSS m i s s i o n requirements," Lashley said. Exceptional speed, inherent stability and ease of handling j are prime features offered by the Lockheed rigid-rotor helicopter. He resides with his wife and two children at 18011 Sunburst St., Northridge, Cal. Mrs. L. Kramarz, 13141 O.xnard St., Apt. 1. ST 1-2312. Mr«. V. C. Br»lthw»lt, 1754« Klttrldge St.. DI 3-3365. Mrs. B. A. Mlckelson. M60 Often- bush Ave.. ST B-4B77. Miss V. Wilder. 13737-H Oxnard St. Mrs. B. M. Friyer, 7560 Woodman Ave.. ST 1-1578. Mrs. W. A. Gahn, 13449 Ebell St, ST 14344. WOODLAND HILLS Mn. K. S. Beachy. 22327 Oxnard St.. DI 7-1420. Mrs. V. Cook. 22818 Ave. San Luis. 347-4937. Mrs. E. Kruse. 5153 Dumont PI.. DI 0-0526. Mrs. V. D. Pauly. 5051 Dumont PL, 347-5M7. Mrs. E. S. Wiser, 4820 Abbeyvllle Ave.. DI 8-7691. Mrs. S. Z. Rosen, 23011 Ardwlck St. DI 8-8820. Mrs. A. F. Corner. 23CU Berdon St, DI 8-8865. Mrs. E. S. Harrison, S685 PenMeld Ave., 883-9547. H. R. Harrison. 5685 Penfleld Ave.. 883-5685. Mrs. I. M. Klaln, 22623 Calif* St.. DI 7-3554. Mrs. G. A. Hall. 22121 CaJlfa St, 40-2940. Mrs. K. C. Lyden, 5900 Hanna Ave., 340-0273. Mrs. R. Rovner. 6253 Lubao Ave., 346-6831. G. H. Lyman. Jr.. 23365 Collins St., DI 7-5355. Mrs: L. L. Lyman 233« Collins St. DI 7-53S5. Mrs. E. M. Marsh. 5850 Elba Place, 340-5308. Mrs. M. M. Wagner, 23422 Dolorosa St., DI 8-8606. Mrs. J. S. Okun, 5707 CalUa, Place, DI 0-5707. Mrs. D. G. Mlckell, 57SO Kelvin Avt.. DI 6-1728. Mrs. L. M. Mickell. 5818 Kelvin Ave.. DI 6-1678. Mrs. P. C. Hammond. 5043 Dumont Place, 340-5624. Mrs. D. M. Cantrell, 5052 DumCTt Place, DI 8-1601. Mrs. C. W. Eckerson, 6020 Winnetks Ave., DI 7-0970. Mrs. J. M. Grengj, 5630 LeSage Ave.. DI 8-0387. We are the factory authorized agency ·for repairs. May Co. Watch Repair 703 May Co. Valley: Laurel Canyon at Oxnard PO 6-4111 May Co. Topanga Plaza Topanga it Vanowen 883-7211 Mrs. B. R. Margerum. 5747 Rolling Road. DI 8-0892. Mrs. R. N. Nordskog. 4742 Conejo Ave.. 340-1048. Mrs. J. C. Ladd. 20635 Oxnard St., DI 6-1657. Mrs. D. J. Bensficld. 5514 Kcokuk Ave.. DI 7-9493. Mrs. J. Batten. 22671 Cass Ave., 347-7163. Mrs. H. Schmidt. 5411 Sadring Ave.. DI. 7-8058. Mrs. R. W. Abel. 20412 Tiara St., DI 6-4212. Mrs. M. J. Karp, 5619 AmoriU Place, DI 0-2317. Mrs. C. A. Norris. 5694 Collins Place, 348-7777. Mrs. J. M. Heninger, 4183 Saltlllo St., DI 8-3110. Mrs. H. Ruderman. 5324 Winnetka Ave., DI 8-3782. Mrs. K. G. Bls«». 4605 Canoja Ave., DI 7-6028. Mrs. J. H. Moes. 4564 Saltlllo St.. DI 0-6561. Mrs. B. A. Extract, 21305 Celes St., DI 8-7346. Mrs. S. H. Delgado, 22666 Margarita Drive, 347-3340. Mrs. M. M. Williams. 22780 Cass Ave., 346-8176. Mrs. R. S. Cooper, 4630 Deseret Drive, 348-1771. Mrs. A. B. Cornog. 22243 De La Osa. Mrs. F. King. 22976 Darien St., DI 6-4720. Mrs. D. C. Tolstaa, 22983 Brcnfordi TEMPLE BETH DAVID (Conservative) 7452 tfoultiiw Avt., V«n Nujr* DR. ISRAIL LIVINI, KAMI CANTO*, JAKI iLACKMAN Will Held HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES In tilt Air Conditioned KNIGHTS Of COLUMBUS HALL 14450 Vakrfe StrMl (Comer VM Nuyt IM.) ROSH MASHANAH--Sun. Irt. S«pt. «lh--7:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 7th--1:30 «.«. Tutid«y, Sept. Ith--»:30 e.m. KOL NIDRl--Tueidoy l»e., Sept. 15th--4:00 p.m. YOM KIPPUR--W«dneid«y, Stpt. UHi--1:30 e.m. Enroll now for Hebrew and Sunday Religious School. Family memberships now open. For Ticket Reservations ond informs- PO 1-1166 DO YOU KNOW that 'News Classified' volume now ranks second in Los Angeles County and third in the State in size? MAIDENFORM MEETS YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Van Nuys Blvd. ST .vOr.J 7251 Remmet. C.P. DI 0-2301 $$$$$$$$$$$S$S$$S$$H$$$ $ LOCALLY OWNED-INOEPENDCNT $ "A good bonk w bank wifti" $' $ $ t $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ NATIONAL BANK NOW! YOU TOO CAN ENJOY Exc/ustvf LOW-COST CHECKING FRttl Only M f9r Ontk Bttoncw $250-499 Mr IM Per Ch«k B»***c« nfrter $249 « MEUKI sf fEKU. KUK SYSTEM I 19900 VENTURA BOULEVARD * WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA $ PHONI II3-02SO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS . NOBLE · NORTHRIDGE . MADISON . WALTER REED · PARKMAN · PORTOLA · SEPULVEDA · SEQUOIA · FULTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS · CLEVELAND · MONROE · LOUISVILLE · GRANT ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS · VICTORY · PARTHENIA · RIO VISTA · RIVERSIDE · HESBY » CAMPBELL HALL · K ESTER · LANAI · BASSETT · CARPENTER · CHANDLER · COLFAX . DIXIE CANYON . ENCINO » ERWIN · GAULT · ST. CYRIL'S · SHERMAN OAKS · ST. CHARLES · CUR LADY OF LOURDES For rattt and tchooli net liittd, pl««it ctll our offiet. If Hitrt it enough demand for tervie* to unlisted schools, i*rvi«e may be started. Buses and drivers licensed by Board of Public Utilities Transportation, and under jurisdiction of the California H i g h w a y Patrol. " Rigidly inspected maintained modern equipment. Valley School Bus Service Weekdays 9-5 Phone ST 1-2621 14649 Lanark St., Van Nuyt Transporters of the World's Most Precious Cargo STOCK YOUR BAR AND WINE CELLAR WITH IMPORTS AT MAY CO. SAVINGS May Co. secures vintage Tvines and liquors from Europe, in quantity. This way, we pass large savings on to you, without sacrificing quality. Stock up now, and save. Krenminn Bordeaux from Fnnc» 1.29 fifth. Case of 12, 13.93 Specially priced Bordeaux Blanc: light-bodied, very dry and fruity. Or try delicate Bordeaux Rouge: ruby-red, l i g h t - b o d i e d and fragrant. Cella Vermouth from Italy 30-ci. bottle, 1.49. Case of 12, 16.09 Save more than twelve dollars a case on this great "mix" that blends so perfectly in cocktails on-the-rocks. M. C. Scotch from Scotland 4.99 fifth. Case of 12, 53.89 A great favorite, mellow, light Scotch of quality that rivals its near-seven-dollar competitors. May Co. Wines and Liquors 107 Free delivery on min. 3.00 orders Op*n nn *pti«n «»unt. fh*p with a Charfo-Plat*. N» dawn payment ·n° tato UB t* 10 manthi !· pay. May Co. Valley Laurel Canyon at Oxnard--PO 6-4111 May Co. Topanga Plata Topanga at Vanowen--833-7211 For scholastic success that meets the eye, scurry to class trimly shaped in Maidenform panty girdles and bras. Made to move when you stretch, they're in minui- care fabrics that wash so easily for ready wearing. A. 'Sweet Music' in all cotton broadcloth, with low- swoop back. A-cup: 32-36; B-C cups: 32-38 3.00 B. 'Concertina' average-leg panty in nylon/acetate/Ly- era* s p a n d e x powernet, acetate/cotton/Lycra* spandex/nylon satin panels with easy action--rear insert. S--M--L 7.9$ C. 'Sweet Music' nylon lace stretch-strap bra, with low-swoop back. A-cup: 32-36;B-C-cups: 32-38 3.9S D. 'Concertina' long-leg in nylon/acetate/Lycra* spandex powernet, acetate/cotton/Lycra® spandex nylon satin panels with action insert. S-M-L-XL.... 10.00 Order by mail or phone--Valley, PO 6-4111; Topanga Plaza, 883-7211 Order by mail or phone May Co. Corsets and Bras Salon 44 May Co. Valley, Laurel Canyon at Oxnard--PO 6-4111 May Co. Topanga Plata, Topanga at Vanowen--883-7211 SHOP EVERY DAY, MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, 10:00 A.M. 'TIL 9:30 {NEWSPAPER! {NEWSPAPER!

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