The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1933
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Served 6/y United Press BIXTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI HIMEIHTON VOI,. XXX—NO. 131 Blythevllle Dally, Ne». BlythevlllK (Motor. ...__._..—. voiles Leader iil— * lv —'"• «——»-* Dl.YTHEVlUi:, ARKANSAS, K1UDAY, AUGUST 18, I'm , Consumers Troubles Her Job •Mr* Miirv Rumsev Started Board Somebody Slc'i'ted Her Trouble, KV UKI.F.N \vi:i.suiMv:if NBA'" Smiie Writer NEW 'YORK-.; AuKUbi ia.--ir dc jrslBiinllfliv'fjf 'Chleiiuo's ])r Wll- -..|l:iui l-'. ; Oslmni I'rum ilic National] 'Recovery Administration i« (lie forerunner of a .shaV.eui: in the NKAV Coi'siimeis' .Advisory liriiiid, trouble win hany heavy over an uf<l colonial house in Georgetown capkal suburb, which Mrs.' •' Mary Harriman Rnuiiey has rented at tier own exiieim- mid donated to Hie government of headquarters fnr the 'wo.'k of protecting the pool 1 (.!<! public from profiteering. MM. Icumsey, daughter of tho hue E. H. Harriinan uf railroad hi^h financing fame, is chairman. uf this comumeiK'-. board, and Hie .'•lorm and strife of (my reorganization will naturally center around Mrs. Rumscy's attractive head. So fur. she has been able to stay well out of the thick of the fight, buL hr-r unusual ability as an organizer of charities, civic enterprises and cf.nsurncr.s, as contrasted vilh her lather's ability as an organizer of c'idlal. makes her one of the most intcrcEling women in Washington. A Wealthy Woman She isn't a novice .at the same '.chlch she is p]nvint< on the Wash- iivton stiise where siie acts as Kniescntativc for America's 130,- ciO.GOn consumers. She has laughl the doctrine of co-onerative buv- iny for years, and Insisted right 'along that consumers and producers can get together and work oiil. a satisfactory schedule if they ™u- . will. Her own pockets, of rcurse. have plenty of money. Her father left SlOO.rOO.OCn to hi" heirs. "ut her aim has always been to Hit more money in the overall and aiuon and fwcert business suit [irckets of those who labor. .Tnst, now. putting industry to work. ' Guard Seriously Wounded in Outbreaks at State Farm al Tucker. SHERRII.U Ark., Aug~18. (UP) — K'ri McCanoll. negro ccnvlut who esraiXMl from ihf 'fuckf-j 1 .sliuu |irl- son farm, was killed today, by u from tne iifiiitontiary. A ssconrt group ol otllcere has Albert Johnson, negro who "scaped with McCarroll, smroun-Vd in Silous Island and cxnvcvacd Uu'.lof • hi. would be captured this The two negroes ?.;:ii|>*il Tucke prison camp after beating GcorKi lyes, G7-year-old guard. They tcpl away liLs gun and .slightly woundet Cuptaln Bun Alien. Ivcs wus near death this uftor noon hi a I'inc Bluff hcspltal. has nut. regained consciousness. sin™ being beaten. Mrs. Mary Harriman Rumsey turned h3r father's organizing.'genius to debutantes... .bees... .charities... .and now consumers. Cost of Groceries Shows 8 Per Cent Rise men back. -'to. their Jobs. keening prices and. purchasing - rrwer .together, she says, are her chief tasks. As » sir! she studied .sociology ntiil"bin]o6v -ah Bernard College. -- v -^%j the J^.hor. Crlpbutuntes. n?ai- th n "turn of the century, were deciding the lemon-cream question nvcr tea tables and rehearsing wnU?. music. A little Inter she niav- ilcd' the late Oharlrs G. BuinseY. noted artist and no'fo flayer. To- "(Mher they were -active tn New York social and hunting circles. Onrnni/rd Junior League But lli n Hovriman heiress vns restless. She listened to her fath- (•'.•'s plans and became Ills conti- rtiinte. She. wanted to start somc- thiiiK of her ;owii. One day she called a "'mm' of girls together and organized 1 them into a com- rt's. The committee had so munv iuiulicnlicns that in 1901. under Mi-s. Rumsev's leadership, it was rrpmiwd into the Junior I.eaBiie. p ^haritalil^ nreanization- that. r,ow incudes !31 leagues in the United States. Mrs Runi^cv then Irokcd aro'.m-i for hi<?ger fields. They came .tumbling. Once she had n news- pauer in the South. She helped to nromote the American Farm Foundation which promotes coop- o-ation in agricultural pursuils. Phc vns influential in the formation of Ihe New York City Com- munitv Councils. She Ls a trustee of 'V-rnard Colleae. During Ihc war she served as chaiiman of Ihe finance commit- lri< nf the Communltv Council of WASHINGTON. Aug. 13. (UP) — The average price of groceries increased 8 1.-3 per cent in the month ending July 15, the bureau of labor statistics calculated today. Tile in- crea5e brought food costs • on July .15 to a. level about four p*r-cenl higher than on July 15, 1932. The bureau's report was-based on data from 51 cities. San Francisco, Seattle and Birmingham showed the smallest increases, only 3 per cent. t Labor Representatives Insist That Railroads Come Under .Some Code WASHINOTON. Aug. 13 (UPi- The reeiuest lhat the adntinistra tion require railroads to come ii under a code for national economi itcoverv was laid before Presi mittec' f to"seml 'flowers To iiosnit'al dent Roosevelt today by reprc r^ntative.s of railroad labor. Heart \'l by A..F. Whitney, the gi-ou Hoover Administration Always Expected to Reach That Corner—Couzens. DETROIT, Aug. 18 (UP)—Firm hf.ilcf of the -Hoover administration that "prosperity was just around the corner" led federal of-^ ficlals to permit banks to continue' operation against'the letter .ql the ;av-", • Senator James Couzens told thejgiand jury probing ban&'fail- rtis : in Detroit tcduy. "Everyone from - Hoover down", Couzens testified, "felt that prosperity was just around the corner a."d lhat tetter times were coming. 1 lie attitude of federal official; was that it. might be better to give l.anks a chance rather than 1C c'csc them." The .senator explained that feil- Li-cl cnicials realized lhat many ot • ihe assets of banks listed a; undesirable weie deprsciaced., due lo the depression and that the! would appreciate with the return of BOD:| times fiiffirism lo plac: them again in n favorable posl- TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark AIIB, 18 (UP)— Breaks al the prlso i mill) l>ere last night claimed .th ife nf a 'second convict today while a prison guard remulnet tn a serious condition from beathiQ. . , • •' Edward McCarroll. 2C. negro, \va5 ^hut and killed on u plantation inin^ the urisou farm. otTidais __ ...... _____ t were notified today. He and Albert to 30 per cent Johnson. another negro, had ' teen sought nfter they made, their escape In' one of the breaks last night by ' wounding Captain Allen, warden of Camp No. B. Johnson. Is being soujhl. , George Ivcs, 87, lor 47 years employed at the prison, wus the prison guard who was . beaten tevercly in a break and lie wus near death In a Pine Bluff hospital. Virgil Williams was shot to death In a br;ak. Williams had led a prison, break, once before and while he was tree at that time he fatally shot Detective Sergeant Kelll McDonnell of Little Rock during a hold-up. He and R. G. WCE TELLS DF 'PIG BIRTH' Reveals Production Cur- liiiliucut Method (or Hog Riiisers of Nation. CHICAGO, Aug. 18. 1U1')—Sk'i" l-Jry of Agriculture Henry Wallac; lodny reveille: lhi> dtlalls of the administration's "nig blil.i .''cuiilvrl lu'oynnn," Lin emergency meiisuri 1 lo lucriMisc hf.g prices and ense dls- tn the corn "bell. \ .ikliiu during llw celebi-atlon of l-'nnn Week at the Century, "I Progress exi>oslllou Wallac thnt ihf einergciicy hog |i!.ui would Ic'iicl lo furlhi'r Irouble Icr the farmer unless a long tlms program wus cievelojx.'d for both lie*,; und com pro;luclluii t;ntro] The secretary said fiirmer.s, )>ack- e» nnil coniMilvilcii men had agreed to iliuul behind tlic following Immediate program: I Tlio dcparlmcut o( agriculture I will buy Iroin (he farmer enough j llgr.l hogs and sows due to f arrow! to lOmove from COO.OOO.OOO to 100,000,000 pounds of live pork (rom 'Hie fall and winter market. The total reduction may amount to 1,800,000.000 pounds of live hogs, or Hi per cent ol llic normal production. Wallace said such a rcduc- .tlon should increase hog prices 25 FIVK CfiNW, Helping Stamp~0nl Depression Exrecl Final' Action Next WeckV Betake Refuge Bill. Passes. '• : Jones, another ;o escape last escaped uninjured. "lifer" attempted night and Jonas also requested that the president j i<tm. Icok into a. situation which they, "Between thirty-five and forty charged has resulted in violation j cy the railroads ot the emergency I charged has resulted in violation j u , li(m aoVaK ml deposit in var- iii:ts batiks of the country hav* iwer been affected because these banks were soundly managed." he f.ld. "That is ihe difference bc- act. and also a violation of the program of Industrial recovery in failing to maintain employment National T>fi"isc. Com- that existed in May. "There has been a gradual cut- hig off of forces." Whitney hargert. I Why Should An Editor Need A Safe Anyway ^5ACON. Mo 1 ., Aug. n (UPI — •Tdilor Tom Bodinc of the Paris good banking and the vile speculation here in Detroit." Pass Measure Changing Poll Tax Dead Line LITTLE ROCK-. Aug. 18. IUP) —The senate this afternoon pais;-t the bill which permits payment of Dun and Bradstreet Reports Progressive Movement Still Underway. NEW YP R K, Aug. 18. . (UP)There has been no ' appreciable modification In the . progressive movement. In business.' Dun out' Dradstreet, Inc., said today In its weekly trade review. The reports from agricultural regions are less encouraging because of crop reduction by drouth am Ugh temperaturc-3 but much of the ess will be counterbalanced b; ilgl'.er commodity prices. "The extenl of the upward move nent since March Is disclosed b; the cumulative records for the ma jor trade and for rcemploymcn which during the'brief period o four and a half months rcveale gains seven times larger than ihosi set down for the :ame |>erlod o 1932," the review saltl. Mercury spent $03 and consider-1 poll lay until December 31. 1933 •iltv Councils of New York C.»<Back in 1929 she went to Spain where she nresented the rovcrn- mcnt with a .statue of Pi?arro ccntiucrer of Peru. The statue which va? one of the works of her IMe husband, was accepted bv the King of Spain. Mrs. Rumscy a ll'l'" later, wos Riven the rlbbo; nf Ihf riovnl n.-dcr of Isabcllc Ihe Calhnllc by the Spanish government. Returning to America Mrs. Riun- 5ev received more publiclt". 'Not mine f.o plearant. this time. She had Coiled tn ^.understand some customs laws and unintentionally did not. declare-some of her nurchases. The fines amounted to S7400. Aids Unemployment She n.ud the amount end ft about her civic, tasks at on.ce. Shq served as chairman of the Women's Committee of the Emergen- rv Relief Committee, which made house-to-house canvlsses In the Interest of employment. She also , „ donated $20,000 towards emergency relief. She was instrumental in the ffoik "f the Block-Alders of Manhattan community councils, EmerceiKV Unemployment Committee. Girl's Service League, nnd Women's Trade Union Leaeue ... Interests which she still maintains. Several years ago she bousht an old Brooklyn ferryboat and con- verltd Ii Into a sanitarium ton tubercular children. Her husband's studio, which she retained after his death, serves as the scene of displays by the Metropolitan Junior Achievement Crafts Clubs, and 'hpTtrirals by the Girls Sendee Club. . "'»r*^ Together with Alfred E. Smith, ' able time and temper 10 recover $1.37. The safe in the Mercury office balked. All ' bination. All failed. A heavy sledge was The vote uas 15 to 8. Without debate the senate this afternoon passed the bill exempt- Nineteen blows, damaging the strong box to the extent of $03. _ 1%lilllmll „ ____ .._ ____ _ ..... tried [he com- j rng"al"rp'lan H e"g»soline from tr.e'ec gusplinc tax. The bill went to the governor for his signature. The vote Smllf.s at the stump window—and took who's .selllnn the first sheet of 100 ihree-ccnl NHA recovery none other Ihun the mstmuslcr general himself, genlu) Jim Farley. And the sultsfac- loii OH the lace ol tho buyer, Oen. Hugh Johnson. NHA lii'iul, if plainly reflected In his broad Ljrlm. Investigator Finds Kansas Treasury Records Juggled for Bond Broker. TOPEKA. Kansas, Aug. 18 tUl 1 -Kansas treiusury records IUIVL CU discovered "juggled" for tb nefit of Roland Finney. Emitorln jond broker, Senator Fred Harris >mounccd . today. Both Finney and State\Trcasur- Tom Bo?d are charged In con- ectkm. iivllli the..investisatlon of '. 41.000.000'Ka'nsas for?ed'borfds -.iindnl. As special Investigator for lovernor Alfred Landon, Harris aid''he learned 'that'Finney sup- lied lioyd with' '$3,000 for pay- nenl of Interest on forged Hut- hlnson bonds and Issued a receipt ndictitiii£ that, the money came rom [he city of Hulchihson. Harris said a similar transaction was eveah'd in connection with Sallna Kinds. Missouri Will Vote Saturday on Repeal JEPFER8ON CITY, Mo./AilK. 1U (UP)—Mlfsourl votes Satiinlay on latltlcatlon of tht! rc|>enl of the 18th amendment and every Indication today pointed to Its becom- li'g ihc 22nd consecutive stale to join the wet pnrade. Drys as well an wets concrd r !cr the most pan lhat the state vould \ote by n substantial nla- Jurlty to remove the jirohlbltlnn amendment from the federal constitution. ' I.1TTLK UOCk, •/_.., tier four duvs ot wrangling bviii' d Ihe bill lii". lejjalltfKine win betr In Arkans«;.iflHi« 'fbie'." us IW lo !27. j' : '4|'/- -''-:'., Tlie bill WHS Irniulemd to Ihc . •imli! whoro It will probably 'un- .'ITJO liulhcr amendment and havi". | i lie npiirlmd uxutn by the lower' is-uubly, This procedure, will de- ly llri»|,'-|!iiK:aj{i! by both liousrs I ntll ncXt week. The emeriiciU^, I Inuse Wiit passed .this' mbthliHt> J is paving .the • way.' (or Imme'd- L> siila of the beverage'-'when lii: governor.signs the blll. ; : '--.• The bill provides for county atid cl\ool 'district'• jocal opjloii lo^'Jie : olcd on at <ftery general' elec- IKCI1 TRIP National .and District Drainage Relief Direc- ... tors View District 17. Tv.o houas bills ;p«s«td' by, : the"/ lower assembly;'provided '. for.' the • I .slabllfihnient of n game relug'' * near Big Lake In-Mississippi cxiun. y und a reduction of court and'/| finer foreclosure costs on delink flui-nt tax land* In Improvement districts. • ''-.- ••••'•"•'•'• \\' Members of the body paueq resolutions pledging faith and I (pnlWenco In Representative Sam j Clumpier of Columbia, who .was I .pdiclcd yesterday by the ;PuluU'j.| county grand jury on : cliarges-0} i inkcralemenl' In connection /with' ;iu cashing'of state witrranis,.'.'!!!'I Judge Cunning hm ; Seri Two Dollar Sv.unlclpal Juc)p ,C. 'ii, Cunnlnii-v| hata'mcted on'- a two dollar flristoV C, A. Cunnlnghafri, 1 private^ cltlztn;; In wiiri : ydsUriJay afternoan'. on -- m FBR Emll Schramm, natl''""l < director of the levee and •' ilcl division o( the <...:.-. ___ . Finance •• corporation, and Harvoy Fnrnell, former governor at Ar- kunsas and now'- district,, director <jf the federal relict orguilxatlor., ' traffic violation, enlarge.. .'udge CunnUigham found .him-:- t -,.-.-.. "'"O'llntt^ guilty, to the charge ?.'"-, '•• ^?c4lc«jfOru>f'Ed iRlce; wiicT'fSUna- wrong side c vUite<\ Blylhsvlllc ,^ ing territory .^oday^r i ' ot'prainogc surround Green Suggests Brief Week for Workers in Auto Factories. Dud Cason Post Will Install Officers Monday The Dud Cason post of the American Legion will Install Its newly elected officers Monday night at tr.e armory at 7:30 o'clock. WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (OP) —President William Green 01 (he Amerlfau Federation of Labor 'proposed a 30-hour work week for automobile factory employes at tl:e N. R. A. hearing on the automotive coo'c today at which it was Inrj-, catcd the recovery tulmliilstrritloil ivould nol accept ihe "op:n shop" j provision of (he submitted agree- ; ment. which, lias applied for . u" 12,000,300 loan lo refund outstanding Indebtedness. The federal . officials , motored over imrt of the territory Included In Drainage District 17 this morning t .swinging through that Green presented organized labor's inning Stock Prices to be on hand. jln addition lo the. Installation services the post will hear reports of the recent state conventions from delegates who altenied. Dues for the new year are now being acceded by post omccrs and tliey say lhat only those who are paid up members for 1033 or 1934 will be admitted to feature part of Monday night's program. effect warned the Fcrd Motor company, non-participant in code, (lint the N. Ii. A. proposed pnrt of' the district north and east of Blythevllle. They were tr, continue their Inspection this uflsriitjon westward toward BIB I like ami finally dawn Into Mark- Mi Tree. While both officials took pains, lo point oul that their visit, today was strictly In the nature of nn minima! inspection they appeared Iiicllncd to view" Mississippi icunty r..s u progressive agrlcultur- rtl county. Mr. Bchmm'tn, who did brief with B attendee expressed active .» a&rlculuu-al coininuiiliy'with natur- r.l advantages Instead of a sec- Unj" pn.<.thi- - ln ? - himself. to' otty the tlulhg he ' te-' tfi« person (ha Jurfge proceeded lo is sess the fine.. He pplo off. ...-,,.. A charge of assault »nd. against Burl p^vldsop and ' Ing the peace' against 'Elsie • t son were dismissed by the. court'. fi j H. 0. HaywoocTwas fined. n*e_.<jol- | lars for disturbing, the peace. 5 '; |]Y iHerachoi Harrison, negro, -."vts. lined $10 (or pefit larceny. ?, ^.vr '. Arrest 10 in JUce Horse Dope put the blue cask on all nulcnio- biles. secured. was 27 lo 0. 0 Man, Injured by Circuit | Tw ° Fa ™ d , Clout, Blames Buffalo Legends Shattered BUFPALO. .N. Y. (UP)—It's not I the ball players, or clubs, who are i the city. Henry Meier of Buffalo contends in a $5.000 daroago suit against the city. Meier claims he was struck by a home run tall that went out of the- International L;nguc stadium here an dallegcs that the injuries which resulted were due to the "negligence of the City of Buffa- "The City of Buffalo has taksn no steps to see that' the condition Is collected, and the streets outside the stadium made reasonably safe." Meier's complain reads. NRA Program Hits Two Baseball Teams BINOHAMTON, N. Y. <UP>- EffecU of the NRA program fcavc reached sports. Two municipal baseball teams announced they would have to withdraw -from the City League j because had become so plen- - the no e (Continued • on Page Three) j working full lime Saturday. COLUMBIA. MO. (UP)—Twolcg- surroundei the Unl- Mlssourl for 40 years have the myths. On ihc unlversily campus are six columns, all that remain ot the Irst state university administration building, built in 1840 and destroyed by fire in 1832. Five ot the columns lave been covered for years by n teavy mantle of ivy. But the slxlh always has been bare. One legend had It that a student was killed at the base of the column and ivy which had started to grow was killed, too. Another legend was Ihtt an athefstlc professor had been buried beneath the concrete column In the early days of Ihc university. But Hi Ihe past few weeks, this slxlh column has an Ivy vine climbing It. 4\. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric Genera! Motors International Harvester Middlewcst Ulllilies .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum ...... Radl* Corp ^... Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J. Texas Co .' U. S. Steel I2C 1-2 17 3-4 39 40 3 1-8 % 35 1-4 24 30 3-4 3C 7-8 7-1C 25 1-2 44 1-2 5 1-8 14 3-8 8 5-8 23 5 3-i 37 1-2 23 3-4 52 7-8 Holland Man Victim of Sunstroke Today O. L. Morris. '21. ti.el al his home at Holland. Mo., early today a victim of sun stroke. He become overheated while at work several days ago. Funeral services were held at the- Number Eighl cemetery this afternoon wtih Ihe ficv. R. E. t.'opeland officiatini!. •' The deceased is survived-by his wife. Mrs. LeVcrne Morris, three children, and his. parents. Mr. anel Mrs. M L. Morris, all of Holland. The L. G. company was -sngcments. Lead and Zinr. Boom In IV > * 1. UlSinCt lion slagmmt in outlook as well cs soil. The national federal administrator praised the manuer in I'.vhich Drnlnnsje District ITs application for a RFC loan had been I prepared and said the detailed re- JOPLIN. Mo. <UP)—Wad and port would make complete and efficient appraisal of ihc district when Ihe official iu- Moss Undertaking In charge of ar- zlnc ore production In the trl-state | .spcctlon Is made. c'istricl- around Joplln has Rone to ••- ~' the highest levels since October. 1931. Zinc production hns averaged 4.400 tons and lead ore, production has averaged 500 tons weekly for several weeks. Zinc production has been stepped up to more than 6.000 tons weekly. Zinc concentrates in bins in this field have been reduced 24.000 tens In 1933. and now stand at only U.- 000 tons, tl:c lowest stage for ninny years. A year ago slocks iu bins stood near 80.000 tons. In 1933, lead ore stocks have been reduced 5.200 tons and now stand at 9.350 tons. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Ocl DEC Jan Marcli May July open 947 973 977 985 985 1003 1003 1016 1020 1029 1032 high low 955 910 932 945 958 975 990 close 930 951 961 975 992 1006 Mrs. Lillian McDermott State Re employ ment Head WASHINGTON. Aug. 18 (UP)The national recovery administration announced appointment today ol 14 state, to help direct the president's re-employment drive. Amons them was •Mrs. Lillian McDermott of Little Cream Separator Explodec MONTROSE, Mo. (UP)-Mr. and Mrs. Sam Farmer were victims of an unusual accident. Their cream separator exploded, Injuring • Farmer seriously and. tearing a hole in the bottom of Mrs!' P.irmer's wash tub, => Spcu> quiet at 925. ofl 5. New Orleans r.oflon NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 18 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Oct Dec Jan March May July 950 967 918 991 1015 1030b - 951 973 978 996 1015 904 925 93S 975 982 Sept Dec CMcago Wheat high New Typhoid Serum Tested in New Orleans NEW ORLEANS (UP)— A new serum for treatment of typhoid fever Is being tested In hospitals here by Dr. Ofegory Schwartzman, head bacteriologist of Moirtit Sinai Hospital In New York, and Incentor of the treatment. Dr.' schwarlzman chose trc Ma- ,rlne and Charity hospitals as par- I tlcularly adapted to his study, and is being assisted by four New Orleans doctors. Mr. Schramrn stressed the importance of refinancing the dls- t:tct in a manner In which taxpayers may receive the advantages of easier payments and ths bondholders can also be prelect?:!. While the bondholders arc certain to sustain a definite loss if I hey subscribe to the refinancing irogram they must not be exacted to sacrifice all the federal director declared. Mr. Parnell slated that it was Ttlrely posstule that Drainage liistricl ITs application may be one 'Of the first from a clrnlnnje district in this section aclcd on by the Reconstruction Finance cor f.r-rallou. Mr. Parncll's trip here Is the first In connection wl!h in: federal Job to which he «<is recently appointed. J. W. Meyer district engineer, and C. C. Redman, district auditor, were conducting the visitors over District 17 today. CHICAGO, Aug. 18. (UPl^i-rti. . men, Including -race* horse' ovritre 'I and exercise boys, were indicted-by -I a federal grand Jury here today-In 'I fee huge horse "doping" scandal$i- ••' vo!vlnj the alleged flxln? of races at the Arlington and Hialsab. tracks.: I Five Inc'lctraents were returned : j[ Charging violations of the HarrUon | narcotic act und unlawful' rjossei-V, slon and use of drugs.. '.,: -H.v* ; ^| The Indictments were returtejl; ' bsfore Federal Judge George "TV . Page wlio set the bond for each'-if "I| the accused at $5,000. :i,Ii,..'" The ten Indlclett were chanted with na«esslon of. narcotics'.which 1 ! I were used to "dope" horses on th» racks tn the paddocks just prior o the bugle call and, Intended to'I fix" the race, by providing ,' " vlnnm. / . .- ....-' Spots quiet at 919, off 8. 925 947 055b 972b 1004b|srpt 52 1 * 11 - [Dec 57' open 90 1-2 91 93 1-4 94 1-2 low close 84 7-8 Chicago Corn low close 40 3-4 49 1-4 57 3-4 51 3^4 54 3-D high 52 1-2 Nejro Fortune Teller Lands Behind Jail Bars Sam Neal, negro fortune teller was 'arrested by police today and charged with petit larceny. He U accused ol the theft of a quantity of clotlws and other ar- Accused of Extortion Racket Through Miab ' ' . •-— • . >;.••-'• ' ". WICHITA, Kans., Aug.' 18'-(UP).' —Lawrence McCroy Reed of Hut- hlnson was In the El Dorado, fausjs. jail today charged . with, a'.lrmpling to extort $50,000 -tram Ii. H. Kartell, Hereford cattle, breeder, listed as one of theltfri ?nlthicst men in Kansas.-/- • Death was threatened, Courujr- .Mtonicy He said R. c: Woodsard ; prosecution ' would turned over to ths federal gorfrn- as the mails were used....' Files Divorce Snk Suit has been filed in cr.aactry court by R. O. Llneberry, seekk« divorce from Mrs. Mary Llneberry. .- .• They v«r« married in 19U tad separated In 1930. The hiutand for cusVody of their five who he declares are mtldnj tb«lr home with him. • ' Neill Re* 4 to'tttornejr for QM plaintiff.' Services Held Today For Doris Greenwell Requiem high mass was sung this morning at the Church of Ihe Immaculate Conception for Doris Greenwell, seven, who died Wed nwday at t St. Louts hospital Pallbearers were Dr. Fred Chile Jack Daly, Joe S. Dlllahunty and W. A. Grace. Interment was made at Eimwood cemetery. Tho child, who is survived b} '.ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pau Greenwell, and two brothers, be- cnmc seriously 111 Sunday and died \ .The maximum temperature h«n a short time after arriving: at the -—'—•— •-;—•-•* •--- — at. John hospital of St. Louis. The Cobb Undertaking company vas in charge of arrangement!. WITHER j ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy' tad rcmewhat unsettled tonight ana .Saturday. .' - . ..-...,, Memphis and Vicinity — Partly d Mrs. pau c , oudy t0 n"lght'and tomorrew. : brothers, be- . ^ . - -'.--.. M, mSniiMm ft, partly cloudy with .!« ot an inch. rain, according to Samuel P. Kdt- rls, omclal 'weattier -•- "- '"''

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