The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 3
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Y, DECEMBER ,20, 1S?4 (Ass.) 1 coi^r John Miirreii Knew Tricks OyeriookeH hy- Present Day Outlaws . , it. (trr>)— Vanishing modern . handUs ' hold no parallel .in'!' Arkansas for the vcr- satlle,- ' clfVf r 'ami ruthless klllRr, .!q!in A. Kfurrell, who preyed on Jiloft'wra of til p last rfntijry. Mur;>|)fi Imprr'/iimlon 01 u preacher at a ramp tiifetlng In the fli rrafifh /Ivrr country 01 r«it fm Arkarj°>s<; was among his moil rxjtd «"oapa<le= Tin slop/ t told oyOhaiM W "Jnvcr nloncr, t p-,i I'pjit Time lor HIP n;mii ,1 pn<"iiii[jiiii>ni for 'p'rltiial uplift iami AL !))<» opening iilpht the uowd Ix-cftm* rcillpsi, v,lif n tlio nr w and miknovii preacher advert! p,l to liold HIP WPtljig did not apjx-u nnilly ffopi down Hie loa( l cnino UIP wi.ncl of galloping lioi"s mid the HPV preaclier jjulled n ; > soml u lt ^ ar)jo r entrance ictompinled by <*v Pral companions Well groomed, c'om/namlln" nnd impressive the pi-richer walKcl M DM> [HilpH HP i m ,[ mfsph.pj "15 fillile he dlsrowied One VT filrnislretl prompllj by n rmmbn of the congregation ro r half an hoiu- he- kept his ,11- dlwicf- spell boimd nUli |,ts f0 n vlnclng and liitcllccliijl matory 'Inc <=«rmou ended ibriiplly the bimedli ion ns lurr and the spell wis broken with the- sound of hoi ti Opening Lead Gives Declarer Lucky Break on'-Today's Hand Solution to Previous Contract Problem ny wsr, E. srcirKHNF.v Sfirffary, Amerfosn Bridge League ' As I have oflpn said, the gome of rcmran bridge l.s jioi, u gem? for llmbinus: people, A timid person ldom wins si contract... If .yon' «•!. every contract you uoulile.-theri yon don't, double often enough. . rf you make every gaine you hid. (hen you JUP not. bldillni; enough garnc.s.' TIK (iv.'nrd'i Ui contract nrc for Ihp progressive players, Din ones who nrr< '<wllllii£ to taki a Kllijht finrnble. I doirt inenn you sliould make foolish doubles 'or uirlvo' nl unwlfie I', bill so often the contract, depends on tho o)Mnlns d of- Lhe .defense and there, arc many good breakn you can get fippsared . (ool' the (oiigregillon hi i few nd to Iram lint the preatli er <; companion-; lyid picked out tlie wit of their hordes pllfcied tin i and escaped another de "" Srtl lo Woodmen Will Attend Initiation ai Keiser MemUr, of me local Woodmen the Woild chapter »lll eo to „ - eo e ' lot initiation wlUi tlie degree team nml Member? making ^e trlp^'are"" 10 ' ed to meet it o'clock. A A3 • ¥ A I! : ' + ic.i 1:1 .+ 7 !H :t * K •( '? V A ID S Dultr A ,i i o i;: V.I 7 ft » Q 9 li 4.K 1. A Q K 7 ' V 1C Q 1 0 3 I : •» s .ItuhljM-— Nniie v\\ jS<iuih Pass' ]> t '• Pass ^ V Operilnff Isail—y i... f'nsa Pass 20 Today 1 * Conlract Problem Win n rYpilli doubles Ilie <iijnidii4 WJ by We.=t, sliouU fics| lilJ 01 pjiss? How ni.iny (ticks cnn Soulh's i>o-siia<le tfoiuraot" IK- t el If lieclgrer fifitjies tlie spades? A4V96 V K 4 J 1 « "^ T -i Q S K ^ J l ** L2* *uT ¥ ' . 4 (i '! + Q. 10 T~ * K '' E v n ri '; kr ' 8r ' 3 S 6 3 3 7 t Rolmioii |n jjo\i Issue. 20 Russell Ridgeway Holding Services Here Tjie Rev, Russell RliJgfWvy Is conducting- services ol the Pull Oospe) chiircii on ficutli Miiy street escJi evening this wel;. On awjilay K. W. TranMinrn, su- peiintfiiiieiit, wlil rondiicl Sunday schcol st £):4S o'clock, followed by clmix-li at i] o'clock ami I'M p.m. ' r1 '? licv. u, D, Montgoir.pry is pas- ter, Tnunder can seldom more than lo m \les heard dial, yoit urc jiistined In' Inking a sHglit 'gamble. '•• '' :' Witli the pi-esc-ul award of 2.750 (or n gi'.iud «!nm, u player Is justified in' bidding . for a grand slam.evert'tlimi«Vi iw limst, depend on ,a. nncsse. lo make his- contract, Hov.'CTer. when you- do take iliess little (rainblfs. you 'jiiusi )JB pjyv Pared. In take aclvnninge of nny favorablr!' breaks. Ror example, In today's hand, If \ye- r .t. oppiieii the queen of clubs, yon will sen thai Die declarer wnidd iiavn to lost; two'cliibs, a dic- i. But—West opcn- ;r \von up to ruff n «|WI|P, but cnit't you we that tile. inlniiUi yon lend spades ihe opjtoncnts are v.olitg to knock out your other li-iimns! You should renllxe. that, you have had a valuable break with « tVlnnp opening. i Now the thing you do Is [ lead a diamond and, if West plnys lf>v,', don't Jiosllalc; go right up with your khif. Don't try U) fluo.we. If you jniiko" that play In today's liaml you'll either moke your king or diamonds or you'll get a discard mi It lute'. Of coiuxe, if falls to RO uii with the ae^ of diamonds, you can make your contract,, liecause you caii'establliih a dlnmnml Immediately for .i discard. • Certainly this. hand dioulil be defeated, biit It's not um-iaxon- alile (o think declarer might make hL-i contract it 1 he gels Hie heart - ' l)m i,-,ii "7 "/',„ .a n «P--i. u-.West the hall nt o JO ed n (rump, which the declare v;lth the (lUcen, with .the jack. At this point East many, players Hend • Courier News Want' Ada For People Who DREAD LAXATIVES Unnstunl, nplrasant, ' fo — «u avotd t!ie« in F«*n Lrjous mint fJiewing gnn\ iewng you CHEW F»*n-a.Tu with th f, like they do w.-fh f la«iivc liitt your f»«d, Delightful F* uJtt, ind it* gtntU,' moxt uitu/il ac. i»Vfi it Mes! for ehiUrfn. Doaori fo lion iii Hi n nunt. U is foe jjlu up«t to dift at » PI i t —- Tfdiy,. t n bid Rtliy is din s <r- ichcdute and &tay . l)c .nd 2!c. • Pre-Shrunk Broadcloth Men's (SHIRTS Outstanding Gift Values ell 98* Hell like these shirts' Get two or lhr«« at this low price 1 , C»refally tailored from pre-shrunk broadcloth"' Cut to*Pianef f exacting standards '»"•—•i, bluet, un*. greys, fancies Men's Linen HDKFS! Htmttitehtd!' 10. Good quality ; white linen ~ full--liiftf A wonderful ; gift choice! What-Jo ,Gjve"A* BOY I Men's Handmade Ties ln-Cijt Boxei! Men's Handkerchiefs Gtft Boxtd 1 Fine white cotton, luiEe siit, htmititcned, us- sortt'd borders! Valiiei! BOY'S GIFT ROBES Single or double breasted. Plain or patterned. Great bargains! Sizes 8-18! ' Bfea»tDr«Mi Gnat Gifts! Pine soft tap«. skin. Unlined sl>P-«o style. Plait or "G-in- Ute" prtn. ^ Men'i Norelty P Color.' Broadcloths in many colors, patterns. Slipover, button front style. A-B-C-D! Gifts'Any'GirrWiirLrke! Full cut, resilient construe. tion! Many colors & pattern* The ideal gift. MEN'S SCARFS " rfr> Hand - knotteil 'nn?«. Long ta tie in formal style: Neat put- krnc ami plafn. Men's GIFT SCARFS Knitted rayon, fringed *** «nds. Wh«*. colors. 49* ChU4>fSh««p Slippers Ctymodo 3ILK HOSE In lovely dark and mediuiri co). ors —chiffon or semi- service; sizes 3 kid .wiih peach -' SILK GIFT SUPS LjHe-lrimmttl! A d|usta ble straps, V or bodice top, in tea rase, pink! Size* 34 to 44! ' GIFT UMBMELLAS dies; black, h an . Open Evenings Until Christmas S-10; 11-11 A wooly, sheepskin, shoe, full lined for warmth! Grand for frosty nights I BED SPREADS Scalloped Crinkle OQL' Bed Spr«ads. 81x105 00 iUatflet jaj fkoice gifts! 49* Vests, panties, bloomers of famous Char(ionize, 34-42! J9t! Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-i!5c Nile 0:45—10-350, . 90 MINUTES OF LAUGHTER In Ike plcltiitmtlon of " \V1CTOH HERBERT'S -noslal mullet) ^ succeaa m r e$in TOYLAND *«i CHARLOTTE HENRY ' Difcortdti. Gus Meins and Charles Hogeis A Mztro-Goldwyn-Mq'ycr Picture ""ilovie "1'arcc, Parec" With Dnrothy Stone and }W> Ifope ROXY Last Time Today Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c GKNKVIEVB.frOlilN -and FRANK MORGAN in 'BY YCIJB LEAVE' COMEDY FOX \NEWS Friday & Saturday The fastest- moil ihrifllng newspaper drama that has yet come to the screen! in HOLD II, "Mystery Squadron" Serial Novelty Reel PAG3 PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE PRICES FOR FRIDAY SATURDAY AND MOAfDAY ORANGES Cranberries Lettuce Down Hcd Ui|> I'oiiiul I'lrm, (Map Ucnil ^f i ' • • * 'Fancy. ^ j^ Tangerines a 12c J'l.ll-O- Milk Kanty Jnniho Stalk •I for Yorks 1.1). PRUNES Tfib. 10° hh. FRUIT SAI,A[) I?AC 1 C. 0. Sifted ire r/A^ NO.'2-0m Ja • Qimvl i\ i i iwith <J Doxen' Dozen PUMPKIN IJUB % c £fi c •I Twlnkkp nnd i fi Moltls for i Rnlnuire BUTTER COUNTRY CI,IJ)?, I '(Hind - - - .lie SPUING Cnund EGGS Ouar.inlocd Ginger Ale 4j 25c Tomato Juice rg;25c ^•••^••••^— Asparagus 10lbs.47c All (iiccn No, 1> Ciin CITMALI.OU'S I.OU'S l-Lli/ICC CelloVBae li) COFFEE COUNTRY CI,UI), round - - 28c TRRNCH, COFFEE . JEWEL," ' ' 3 Pounds'- S8c' JEWEL, ' Pound - - 2Of COCOA WALNUTS FrC3 \ b .20 L: •• -lQ.Qz.Tkg. K)o' Cnn 1A( I./ •PEACHK Hams ; Hnx flnc Ihs 79c MIXED NUTS- L ,17° RAISINS Hulk y nine ire ir If) CRANBERRVSiS15 c BRAZIL NUTS F tt 15 C PECANS Pflpfr s> t,J'8 c SUGAR Clfl< \ft,l50 f 'PIT IMG «»y««i ic( I lAJlWiJi L ge . 2'/, Cnn 13 MINCE MEAT °& 10 ( 10 lo 12 1,1). Aver. \b. - IMCNICS. Pound - - . 15' Steaks K. C. Hrandod liccf Round, i,l>. - - - - - 25c Loin, Ll>. ..... 28c T-Tir ne, Lli. 30c Select,pint.. 25c Standard, pint 19c ^^^^^^••••••••••••^•i^H Cheese FANCY 3HBKS99BB HENS Kwlck Krlsp Sliced Pound Daisy or Long !Iorn I'ound Fresh Shoulders Picnic Hlylc Pound Mince Meat 14c D«%«««%X K - C. Branded Reef If II21 Vl ' s »Ot]U)KR, I.b. i . . I7i/jc llUClOl T "'fK RIB. I.I, .... il Turkeys Fancy I Poiiil , ic million' Pound Fresh Full Dressed Home Grown Dresscd in Our Stores csh. Full DrctMd Pound 19c I Fresh Pig Hams Ib. 19c

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