The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 6
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Bl,YTrTrcVII.LE, (AUK.) .ttUJTUEU NKWK THURSDAY, -IJenressiori Has Lessened the. Power of 64 Named by James Gerard. . BY PAUL IIAMISON . NEA Service'Writer .J,.iiEW YORK; Aug. n. — T)I vcars ago this month, former Ambassador James W. Gerard handed out to a vastly Interested worlc a list of "Slxly Four Rulers o America." It was all part of n plan for international recovery, nnd yrhlle the list was roundly crltlciz ed In many quarters because then ^• political leaders mentioned, not even the then-president o Ihe United States, Herbert Hoover tfr. Gerard stuck lo ills guns am maintained Ihnt the men he had nonied were "loo busy to ho: political office. though they rtetcr mine who shall hold such office, i Checking up today, three yeai - after the list was announced Shows that this short period ; o lime has brought many change to'these men. Some nre dead. 'Many have lost ''°alth and Influence. One is a fugitive fran Justice.'. • But let's see how some of them hire fared. Death has come to Julluf Rosenwald. merchant-philanthropist; John D. Ryan, mining magnate; George F. Baker, bnnk- <ri- and Cyrus H. K. Curtis, pub. .'ibiher. - Chnrles M.' Schwab celebrated his seventieth birthday last year t'v ' resigning dozens of illrcctor: ate*, and retains only three. ;-'.- -Edward J. Berwlnd. the coal . Wiitt, was 85 years old June arid spends virtually all his time '•.'• ribrbad or at his marble villa at - Newport. Sidney Z. Mitchell, for." pier utilities masnate. resigned as .'. Chairman of Electric Bond and Share, and of American and For - >lgn Pover because of 111 health. 'Arthur Curtis James, financle: and philanthropist, has bcconii 'more and more inactive, except n His Idols Fallen Teacher Nabbed As Bank Robber Sac-and Fox Indians Build Erosion Daihs TOLEDO, Iowa. (UP)—Twenty Sac and Fox Indians are working n Ihelr reservation near litre on i project which. I hey hope will Increase the fertility of the mil eliminate loss through soil rashlng. Under supervision uf Dr. Jacob Brcli! anil Forrester Russell Getty limy are constructing a scrlys of erosion dams In a creels lhal <eiinders throuijh tlie i estivation. The Indians receive 530 :i month i nd n dally food allowance uf 00 cents from the fcitf-rul government. Boy "Poiioned" on Apples and SYRACUSE, N. Y, IUP>—A call to local police announced that a. wnall boy had taken poison onil] Golfer DriVCS Out i hedgehog coat of spines— !s sliced | I in tvi-o with a sharp knife. Hl> succulet interior, without bc-neflt of cooking, Is then spread en slabs of whole wheat bread. oison lance the services of an ambulance \vc-rc 1 required at once. The ambulance wan ens patched | fr.ti nine-year-old Matthew Ko- lotowskl .found himself In the hospital where It was discovered he had eaten 12 uivi-n apples and several .sllcM of watermelon. It proved to be t "poison ixitlnn" U> liltn, but lit. recovered. Professor Waits for Frenchman's Death Ai ri'.-lijtfi James .Mooie, iib'ovr, W.yc;ir-ol<l Cnlifornia.'M'J., seh<x,l If :i*rln-r, ,TH tlio bandit who iioM ur> :n»l roljlic-il an Oz:irkii ruunlry Mooir; liii'il rolilicfl Ihc ^ of $700 i\vo months previously to linaiiri; lili courtship ami pliumeit lo niiirry with ttic sec"\ ond loot. Portuguese Show New Snack to Vacationists Ball Hidden in Tree SEATTLE, i U!')—Many Seattle golfers still doubt tt, bill Kftyrmmd H. PraxiL-r. Ssaltlc banker. !?lis Ihe Incident as l!io trinli. On No.. 1] hole in Seoul: Coif Clul) Ills t'-e \ shot .stayed In brunches o! a tall [ llr uce. Me and his son, Sluarl • ! Fra/ier, co'uU not find It oj- ills- lodge It. | In tfco aflerr.oon, Etiurt played • with Evan McCord. The latlei'V; i drive duplicated Ihc •"— " Thursday & Friday MAT.-10-25C N1TE—10-:iO« C AUSTIN, Tex. lUI't— IJI-. R. II. Orlfnth, urotessor of English ol l!'.i' U:ilvf]-sity nf Texas, Is waiting'mly for a French book inlk'ctor to dte. "I hojje to outlive him," said ihti Texas pro- li-.ssor. The reason Is tlial Ihe l-'ienchnran lx?al him to n prized copy of Die. letters uiul poems of Wyehtrly, published by Alexander Pope in 17m GriltUh wauls I It lo add to his collection ol S.OOO •sire books 'connsclcd with Pope. 'J'lie French tollecior refuses lo Ifjint with llir Wycherly volume i'lnf his life. ISLES OF SHOALS, N. If. lUI'l —Portuguese fishermen li e r e- ubouh have Intrcducecl summ?r vacationists to a new delicacy, an economy .snack hnosui as "the s:a- urchln sandwich." Tlie Eea-urchiii — UK- comnnn ;recnlsh round chap with the \V. Gerard..."..named the men who picked the nn-n who iiilcci ' ycurs Inter found many Idols fftllsn. or :it Iran shakHi. • ' ' ' i Child of War | Slays Bandit -Mar Trader's of the morning and yoini^ Frnxler's caddy found lh_> McC3r: tall at the lout of HIP tree and the Raymond Fi-azk-r ball. Huh! balls dropped uut of lic-e n-1 SiShEr, liic c.iddie said. Mountain. a oa U nr: iclalud the Kiircptan chamois. WEARS THE PANTS ... Bui Mama tells him which pair to put on! aldwin Locomotive, forcing .-. the is one .of the Industrial, advisors ock to 2Cft when Us own presl- • appointed on the staff of Gen. ent wns announcing publicly that [li^li Johnson, Recovery Act fid- is plants \ycrc riming nt only 20. uiiiil.sluilor. Ho. Incidentally, nre Mr cent capacity. With a. fortune Crrurd Swopp. president of Geii- f sjoino. half-billion dollars, the tvul Electric', uml Wllllnm Qrcffn T.'ihers became .spectacular market pttslileiit of 1 the American Feder- lungers. anil tilth Dullish cni!Cr-i nllon of I.iibor. All three of these ese'was conslderert.a bl(! friclor In: men ftivor the 30-hour week he stock boom.: They :ire ln-llev- 1 swopc also is chairman of the d to have lost more money in the. Ilti'lnefis, nnd Advisory PlumilnR :oi]seqvii*nt crash thnn any other Council ' Tor the Department,, of roiip of mra In Ihe United Slates. John J, Rnskob, now out. of pubic life, was another of Gerard's Ccmmcicu. Jnmrs A. I'anull, retired preSI tlenl of U. S. Steel. Is chairman of mttnndl leaders who was hard hit'the Nullrmnl Foreign Ti-ado Conn .^y .'•'•-.-tiatn a .-. . }, Since the collapse of his utili ; ties empire. Samuel Instill has llv - fed in exile In Greece. Charles Mitchell former chairman of 111 National City' Bank, has made business plans since being acquit led oh a charge ; government of $850,000 In incom . .'tajres.* '. //Ariditw W. Mellon, former Sec ..retary of the Treaavry and e.x-Am - bai^ador to Enguind, is out of pu' • He life and. he say s (jlad of it,. -Albert H. Wi?gln no longer one of the nation's "niters." He . wu deposed u head of the Chase National BanX, and'-rcslRiied a- a • -.(Uripctor ' of the-Federal Reserve Park. The'House Ways and Means Corrtmittee considered, flnnllv dl 1 ;- apraibved,. n,'resolution to investl- gib* 'his''Income'!. iilAdo'lf ZiiVrr former prHdcnl of Pi'ranio'unt-Purillx, now Is one of ' tlje riicelvers for the mptlon plc- -ttiie- concern which a few months ago: went into banVnmlcv. •''Owen p.-Young, not Inni a no a prcmlnent fleure in no'lll". m'er ; nntlonal economics and biff busl ' new.' took another stcn Irto the ' hfickBTOund. when the administra - tion decided he shmild not ho'rt flnnnclally. 'Hie 1832 Semite I" vcstlgntlon of the stock. miirkct revcnleii that lie, wllli Fred Flsh- olliers, sustained ..huge losses in nn Anneonilii Copper |iooL Ritskob ^ also was named In other operations hi short selling.' Men Who Made Rood ' Mnnv oliiers of the onc-liuie ell.. Myron C. Taylor, chairman of U. S. Steel, has come out In' fnvnr of Jiib division. . IVIns-WHIi Oponcnt's <:iuhs FOKT WORTH, TCX. (UP) — Sliiulni;. Ills opixmenl's clubs in a NSWERS rulers" linvo, been justifying tliclr elub uolf tournnmcnt heru a(U;r selection by ulaying conspicuous '"Is own clubs had been stolen, roles in Industrial nnd nnanctnl Dernlrt Lehman defeated his rival, reconstruction and reform, llcre n\ck Wlllels, 1 up In n hot con- lire some of them: j test". ' *i | W. W. AUerhiiry, president of', he Pennsylvania rnllronil. hnsj been workire toward coordination of rails, roads and rivers . . . ! Waller S. Gifford. president of American Telephone and Telc- •aph. and youngest- man on llx> Clerard list, functioned as director ol Hoover's Organization for Unemployment Relief. !i is recalled, hough.- that In November, 1030. it! declared: "As sure us I nm standing here, this depression will soon puss, and we arc nboiil- [o enter on a period of prosperity the like of which no connlrv has ever seen before" . . Walter C. Teaglc. president of Hit Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, headed the Sharc-llie-Work Fishermen Find Body OJ Water Truly Named NEW ORLEANS IUP) — The Clicf Mcnlcur ^of LouLslana, deal lo lovers of rod rrnd reel. Is prop erly named, according to sonic "islicrmcn whaw luck has not been Clief Menteur, a narrow strait ol water connecting Lakes .Borgne •\nd Pontcharlralii, was named in iicordanee with rt Fi-cnch Indian' term, uieaiiini! "chief or foremost Her." . : The Clioctaw Indians tell n siighily different story of its naming. A lying chief once was fcni- irf'.cd from the Uibc, when the Choclnws lived alony Hie body of wiuer. nccoriling to Indian tradl- lion. He was given the appella- on "Lyinjj Chief," am! the-French romptly affixed Chef .Menteur as slrnil's nnme. Announcement \V«-Arc Pleased To ITavc Associated With Us MR. OTTO KOCHTITZKY Who Will Supervise And Assist Our Now Ford V-8 Salt* Fom: Phillips Motor Co. ji^^^^B^te?*. Authorized *ffi&te Dealer CHARLIE RUCGUS MARY BOLAND • I I LV.A N: TA' S HM A M • WALTER CAT LETT GEORGE BARBIES .i,.,i« v, MO»MAN.M«LCOD: • 0. (fare/mount_.C?ictuK SCRAI'l'Y CARTOON SKNNKTT CO.MKDY - interlocking directorshlrK in both General Electric and Radio Corporation of America. : Nearly half the men on Gerard's - list ol regents rcre among the "preferred clients" to whom the Hou» of Morgan sold stocks at •lesi than market prices. J. P. Morgan may not sell anv. mote, stocks, thoush. for out of the Washington investigation came a decision that private bankers must give un either their securities or their banking business. Thomas W. La. rnont, one of the Morean partners who paid no Income taxes in the denression years, was accused by counsel for the Senate Committee of evading payment ol tax by sell- Im stock to his wife. -•Another former "ruler" of-the .tT.- S.. to face Senate Inquisitors leas Harry M. Warner, president of- the film concern of Warner Brothers. It was revealed that, lu'.the same year that Gerard was . nominating him as one of Ameri- cx'« leaders, Warner and members of his family made t7.000.000 by 'felling almost completely—out of - their "own comoanv. then buying In a,sain after the stock had ceased lo pay dividends. These transactions were carried on through rrrkera^e accounts under names other thuh their 'own. Financiers In Trouble ' ;Two prominent executives num • bered among Gerard's selections have encountered opposition from Stockholders. A group of the lat • ier in American Tobacco Co charged that George Washlngto Hin and his vice presidents vote themselves huee bonuses (Hill re ceivei »2,827318 in salarv an . bonus in 1*31) and that thev a Votted themselves W'«t blocks of tl 1 . company stock at less than mar ket prices. The quarrel has bee coT'rouiiaed out of court. • Kafene O. Grace, president of Bethlehem Steel. Is Involved in a ibnllar dispute for bonuses received. ' , S*T«ral of. the "rulers" of 1930 hive been deflated as big-lime rwcuUtors and .financial manlpu- .- totars. O. P. and M. J. Swerlngen, »ho told the Sennte Banking and ' Currerjcy committee about their (nMbpds ot pyramiding a railroad system, are at least temporarily : out of the spotlujht. fi'ta.m tbe.TUher..bro'.heTS, who •one POO.OOOfJOQ by sening Bodies to pCDeril Motors, fortune In movement under Hoover, nnd now' The sketch Is of i'Kl.MO C!AItN!EHA. ClrrilH clouds runu na high ns N1NR MILKS nbovo tlio enrth. Tl.a toivura are 010 PEliT Mct>. Rosa Ruda'a smllo belies hor bravery. Tho 18-year-old Cincinnati waitress, wlio wa« iiorn liclilnd the battle lines In Tlel- Klnm, dnutshtar ot a CScrman soldier nnd Helfian motlior, shot and killed n liaudit who attempted tn hold up tlio restaurant where aho wm working. Roae was wounded lu the nrm. Quaker State Produces Horde of Pretzels HARRISBURO. Pn. (UP)—The pretzel mnfcers In Pennsylvania last year produced $3,722.800 worth ol pretzels, according to compilations oi ths Department of Revenue. Most 'o£ "the production \va found In eastern countries, wl'sr plants first were establlslied dec; ades ago by early Gerj'ua sneltlers Steady Work, Fair Wages, Time for Recreation Wf 6 <S OUR PABT \oitr community shares in the 80 million ilollnr annual pay roll of Standard Oil Company of Louisiana and Associated Companies. Employees of the Stniulnnl Oil Compuny of Loiiisinna mill as- socinlcd companies liavc IK-CII wiirkiiig on the 5-day week for morv tliiin a year. As a rpgiilt of Ihis Inlwr policy, thousands have hii-n kept nl work and large numl>crs drawn from Ihc ranks of the unemployed to steady jolts and regular pay. Wages have been kept nt least al the level paid in the community for eimiUir work. Employ.—•} of Ihc Standard Oil Company of Louisiana and associated companies gel good pay —more Hum 880,000,000 finds its way inlu their iioekctsannnrdly. During the period this policy has been extended, Ilirsc. companies also spent million? developing Kssolubc, the only hydro- fined motor oil, and Kssnlcue, n motor fuel so superior lo gasoline lhal ils composition is protected by U. S. Tatenl Pending. Try Esaolene and give On- Ksso station man your patronage. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA • STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW JKRSEY I STANDARD OIL COMPANY OK PENNSYLVAMA • COLONIAL BEACON OIL COMPANY, ]N C . 63 TEARS OF PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP USE the WANT-AD they are a Sure Guide to ECONOMY and PROFIT A 5-Hn7 week mean* work and rtjular pa Cood, fllearfy more money n your roi munil)'. Thi^ monr? rarhed pr.-Hliicin^ and sc ing E»so, K--uU'ii lube, Atlas Tin**, rtc. fl, 'COURIER I lie NEWS You'll find lhal every in the wanl-ads is filled v,'il.h opportunities for someone . . . and iftany of iheni an' YOUR opportunity. I!' you are really trying to praeliee economy you can no I. .afford io negler! llio wanl-ad section." And not only is H profitable to read, it is equally profitable lo use ... to sell, to rent or lo trade, practically anything,

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