The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 2
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A'.rChristrna's Se\mon by :the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pap|jst Pastor ftutor, rir»t Bapilst Church Tonl?hl we come to the- second of "llie sfdcs on the I'cnon of Christ, " He Was Made" (Oal 3-1? 'Christ hath redeemed us from fhfljaw being nu»<tc a cursa for us"), II Cor 5 21 pod hath made Htm to'be sin for us" Tlio words "made a curse' 1 and "made sin," when considered ariglit, PICES down upon tht emotions of Hie sou! ?eiii6 who was befoic creation; Mho cieafed, clothed and sot in op oration this world, who Is sustain cr_1md Inherllcr of all things; Je- tns; who > 11 as so highly keyed to . truth an$ "Justice, so bcnslthe to loyt and mercy, so aleit with ijm- palhy, "made" a cuisc.' Never a cureo to any one bul made a cuisc fqr,ii!, all Ho who was God's Son, bringing blessing wherever He went, inutile ntidil ol cartli'b daiXncss Kought light; in sorrow He bioughl jw; in life, death He never mci a;Wind man but dial HIP ulind was S'veri sight; or n cripple thnl He did, not mate him whole, or a fu- Jiffiral procession that He did not turn to reJoMiiB Whenever He ijjoke words of aulhoiily, 01 flnm- inj wrath or whining io\o It \\iis God speaking Wlierem Hts feel (red the moW shores of lakes or trod the dusty highway 01 (he pined sheets of cities, they were Gods fracU Everywhere He brought UK glory of the invisible God, making Him knowapie, visible, iisoable, practical Yet He was made a- curse Bet this titilh gilp our IhoiHthli and saturate our activities, this Christmas season nnd Jesiis of Nazareth win mean much Wore than the Babe in Bethlehem's manger •piis Is not till; 'He Was Midi Sin' The f-iet of H|s own filnlcii- IJBSS is bejond question John the Baptist said. "Baliold ,tl»c H of-God that lakcth away (lie oMhs world'' Pilate said 'l iincj no fault in Jura " Pilate's nifo said Ho ib a Just man," Judas, ratlici W> (l' c pHh n lie on h(s jlps,, fc alrt, ITiavc betrayed Imipucnl blood' The centunan, after the f os and dust had cleaicd fiom 'Die ciucl- nxlon scene tald, 'Surely this ^as the Son or Cod ' Marvelous that He was made flesh, made nndci tlie law, made ,1 curse, bul made sin is jeyond our ajittershnjlng, a icie- lation that onlreaches our Intelligence, v«t a fact (hit asiuicb a scapegoat for our Inlqullic* ' • .Christ made siir brips*. us face to-face with Ihe slntulness ol tin gn Is not a pimple, on the &kin, here ^lojay and healed, tomoriow; but our Inntf caAtercatlng owl'the \UaIs of sphltual life, neither U iv a temporary disturbance bul an «ver present (Sntailzcr that nmsl W dealt ^\lth sin js the Mddcit ?»ct In ail ol Gods tinherfc. It Is an,opiate to ths will, leaitenlnR |ls actions, it decehes the mind, lead- a>g astray, poiams |he heart arid miects tne toul which is the onlv 5gs£ession mafl m ]| take into (he JWiu world it does not come In its udeousness bul in all the beau- It can muster, not In wolf's hes but in sheep s clothes, not "? * d «non of darkness but as un angel of light HOW Ood hates tin Witn the nrit transgression In Edch nt took the most beautiful of his animal creation and turned it into a-serpent as a symbol of sin. bin is as the serpent, treacherous, stiik- >n g poison at the unexpected mo- jo?n,; to go straight i5 not Its na- wc It £ hated by man abo\e all creation Multiply m an5 mBltkc "',, nairea (or one serpent b\ ,H, m « H v «wgs as this , WJd hB5 o^'/k'S ^ha U tef^ aS " ShtIl!caoniOT it m ^ that God upon the race and found "Nolle no not OI1D '" Mn s and SpF Man could not save liiniiclf r. even the best scheme or d"t?e £ e STS? ' flre couw n ° l <"<>"" f" ?i fL Ightel il ". Ihcrefme God iw L i hoca50inHll >W" hands and °r us «Ual v. e coll id nol df , Ho Mllt «"«d sin and it executed in the pel-son o! gH Son He dealt. w im chnst as Ho deals ,nlh c^cry sinner a? the - tw or S1 l l (lc f ncd i« SI""" l01 £lu "nd ialbncd DI- tcrepl (or jtw 19 , Ood h»* »)r«i<Jy done H's'son, stimpdf) >our pud ba feconcH«| to Huffnwn News COURIIBR NEWt Ml. und »y ou(| pim (KJ fCCOHCl)5!| 10 ("" "')« m|6. IXJnillO NOOI'e Call. God j-eilllres no nwro, man cA ° 11 M|. and. Mrs. Russell ol the do o ts W you tan say' Crofkdt school" coitiititmlty' Suii- again w|th paul, "i know i)i whoni i have believed and am psrsnadedl ,'^rs §kele Pcpfy spcjit SllDctsy that He is able to keep that which tvlt ' 1 llcr rtungh'tcr, Mrs. Tomnile f have committed to him" ^*5 - . Let this truth grip our thoughts and saturate otn nclivilles, tnus this qhrlitmas season will mean much l((ore to «!> (lian Jesus of the: babe in Bclhleheiii Mrs I'fwnlc OopcJund vlslltd Mis. Ellis Forrester, of i, Mo., Sunday. Mi*. Mattio Whltehuret . daughter, week »nrt davlour Mvs. Fred StucKey Heads Lepanto 0. E. S. Chapter LEPANJ'O, "AlT-Mrs, Miss Dllilc Ray WTO llic H .<i-« Solurrtay night of her sitter, Mrs Taylor Adams, and Mr. Aclams "'"ney Miller, sr...of Cooler,,ana Mr. nnd Mrs, E. Forrester, of Ty- jler, w'ei'c here, Sunday ufternoon u^i/»i\i^ t /UK —fti|-jj j i-'rctt ^ 01 ^ ulioil visit svlth'Mr Miller's Stuckcy was ejected wprthy mat- d»«!h(|V, Mrs/QccB Sayrc Mrs II ton of Die Lcjiailtv Cliaiitci' of tho "• °j»t". and Airs. Fannie COM-' J. B. S nt n meeting Tuesday Iwd.'WicI-their families night. Olhci offlceis am; .Vernon I ? Mr «. R. H. Green and the Mies- May, v,oithy pndon; Mrs, J. w. es MHXliie Copeland nnd Florence .nil, itisoclnte million, Mr. J, S. Stokes were among Hie Christmas Barnes, associate nation; Mri O. *ho))pers In BlyllicvJHc Satuixlny 4 McClellan, sccictaiy; Mvu. W. Mrs. Maude Cnssldy, Mrs Oeorc'u G. Thinman, iieasurei; Mr«. 1,011- " n ' ; ' •- ' vw^ /o Wel)g, conducliPss; Mrs. j. it. Jones associate conduclrcFs; Mrs! Myrtle Smith, chaplain; Mrs. J. B. tlarnc.s, mnvslial; Mrs. L. E.' Coleman, pianist, Mlsb HilMora Cassidy, Ada; Miss Uiizel Mny, Ruth; Mis. H. M. VVhiiyiic, Esther; Mrs. Katie Lamb, Martha; Mrs. J. G. cSwckcy,.. clccta; Mrs. Sherman dowcn, wiirdcr; Sain Marconi sen- liiicl. . • ' -j HIM vvxt'vy nvm» lion club In fl!ylh«\lU« Los . Ari?elei> Is the largwl, citj vvejt of the Mississippi Don't Experiment if you Jiavc an Hvhlnt skin, get * tottio or BROWN'S toTion from your druggist today, a liquid rein-! Cdy fOl ITCH EOZEMV IMPET-" 100, (ioies on phlldr»n) ATH' LETB'S FOOT, 'JETTSK, POISON IVY, BARBER'S. ITCH, MOSQUE TO or' OHIOOBB BITES.' Itchlnj mid Infection are cliecked. by: ihe flrfit application, Doi|'l use messy sulves and bandages. BROWN'S LOTION Is soil) by Klrby Drue Stores—coo and $1.00 bottles. First bottle soJd with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. DR.N. L. CISSELL • GRADUATE VETERINARIAN. Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable ; •'-.-' I'hcnc 460 Blythcville, Ark, Services at Osceoia ifor Mrs. Pauline Allen runurui wrvices wore hclrt at the Methodist chinch In Osccote MOIL day uflcrnoon *ii Mrs Pnnliiic Alien, 34, \\lfe of Dyo Allen, of Osccola, who died Saturday at the'sani- tarium lit nooncvllle, Ark. llie deceased had bceii 111 from tubcreulobls for several months.. ' .Burial w.ij, mndc at Hie Sandy RWse cometciy with the Moss Undertaking company In charge of arrangements Officers Elected i>y Stcele Modern Woodmen SIEELE, Mo— rho annual election of officort, wa>. held 1>\> Uic'lo.' eal clniptcr of the Modern Woodi. tncn of Ameilca Monday night. The follomng officers w ere named; j R Moigan, Qounseloi , Mrs. Aubrey Hlgtfoti, advisor, J i, Qerman, bdiikor, oils Bargcr, escort; Jaclc Ocrinan, chief fpreatci •Jtustfles are Gib BMxHnns, jack acrmim," and WUHo Graq Drs J n and H. Cl. Mcpanlcls n-cre cicely cam hDhy- sldans T w. Whltllcld was:cfcct. ed secret Bfy and ne!d deputy. • ; ,•• r n Mm* W ? 10InDcn " Wr. »n'd Mra.°U™W> ami Mrt J.'R, M6V. Ian, ft<x#J\he, decree wSflS'^W/ clal Invftatlon fa c>.Umde« to all members of any Modern Woodmen »r B i° M n Ueild lhc ">"Ungs, willed aro held 11(0 second Mid fourth Friday nights of each month. Blackwater News Hnri\ Llwrcucc, Uob Eueon und Ola llrt by ami ' Late Shoppers | , Seth Thomas Clocks $7.50 to ?45 Tclcchfon Electric Clocks ...... $1 (o $15 Men's Toilet Sets $2.60 to $15 ' I'Jak'd Flat Silverware $7.50 U|i Sterling Silverware Sets .,;. $85 Ujv Holiow Hiiverwiirc .'..' jji t;p Costumo Jewelry ?2.50 to $15 Cigarette Case & 'Lighter, .... $5 to JS.75 Men's Leather.jyqvcHics ...... 75c to $10 •', Beautiful Lumps ! ... $1,50 tit §10 Pchcil Spls ...._/... $l;f)5 to>$15 Difirier; Rings;. : ; 8.:.... ?....-. ?5 to $25 Ladies Fitted Bags .; . t'etfect biumonds 1 .....,.. SG to $30 ii to $5011 : ilngham licie Sundaj B Cun Klf/in-Bulova-Gmen-hamilton WATCHES Laches Elgin, 15 Jewel,'white or natural gold, sold fillet) biilul to hnrinanlKC Aubicy Diadfont .V on«,,g *ilh R , Brotifol <i nnd taby „ ,"' Boillnci »»" Baby' nnd Mre Cljdc Parker and ladies BnloVa Wntcli, white gold, iiiatchecl band .. ____ . Ladies Elgin. Wulcli, whilo or natiira! gold .< ...... .'....... Ladles Elgin Baguette in four srnai-l '' ID ,,ri 5 '',",',!? Mrs ' Lawrence Wnddell no clilldren have gone (o Tcnn-, ^4 SMC^O 5pclld Ulc llo , ldliys w , lh j^ Rci. w A Wolicrton of Cam- .^! B o,?' 1 , , b " nttay n * M *«h J- 1 tJ L«tillTll i.i.,] *•_.' ii L r^ • Ladies Omen \Vatchcs In white ifiO or natural gold ..... . ...... Wens • Hamilton, 17 Jewel, natural gold raised gold numerals to IcdcriU eovcrnmcnt received of 3 "" S1> ^ 1 * 13 ' 000 cac " '»»' ' of ever du J ear This ^^- .H luiuutc, ,f , Hoys' 7 jewel, while case with matched e i 'f [ tancl, B olcl numerals ...... ............ fl> Hfc* 6 Other Watches $2.95 to $70 .Guards Jewelry W'», im 1 '-•• NRA COMPARE %Ll OUR PRICES NRA LIBERTY CASH GROCERS ••• ...;,.•.•:.-•;. ; , SPEND YOUR SCRIP HERE / V ':'..;.' ' : : \' > : '- ; ' • •• Customers ^caies in Our Stores-Guaranteed U Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday artd Monday Open Nights Until Christmas HENS BANANAS Pat, Full Dressed PpUfld i Fruit Guaranteed Carton 27c Loose o 21c Chocolate Drops Pountl I. Juicy Florida^ JL^» Dozen . / 2 C ORANGES Galifon)ia -'>^2 e PECANS Kxtra Large. Stewart Pouiid COCONUTS BUTTER Fresh. Large Size Each American Maid Pound CRAN6ERKIES Red Ripe F'ound 'flflfftA ° Ur; Mothcr ' H Mjb- Box r - - - - lOc jViVLWl 2-Lb.' Box - - - , J7c : Oi Lime Ricky. Oh, Boy! Quart Bottle A -^ «f C CRANBERRY Winesaps. -Nice Size Dozen FREE FRUIT CAKE . \Ve have 'just' finished « 'wonderful 'ywo 1 jind in ;ii)prcciat ion of the fine business given its wo offer our many friends and ".customers a Special Christmas. Deal: One $},00 CouoOn Hook and One I'oimd of. Our Best Fruit Cuke Botlt For ;-. $1.00 (i! Uwil Limittu Any Otic Cuslumi'r) " ( " lc Ulylhcvillc We Wish Every One oCOtir Friends^ ,'mdCustomor's. " ' n»»i . v> uvj iu itm r 3 ' • : ^\_ * '' ~ ~— «•• ••• ** » *fc^ v db ^L* A^ Merry Xmas and A Happy, U » i/'lf'TkT/^ f^f\ fie???^3s- . i:V. "};;;. oAKilJVG CO. Amg jM^ w wffi vlniAMMCT !V\Largc Calif. • Jumbo' Stalks GRAPE FRUIT Wcbco « P» S-oz. bottle 19C TOMATOES Thin Skin Fiorjda <* l _ Each O'fC Standard. No. 2.Can RAISINS .London Layer. .Loose Pound 8c 7ic MINCE MEAT Slarvrrf !)-Oz. Patkag* lOc CORN MCKERS^ Pride of Illinois : Can 10c Pride of Memphis 4 *m _ 2-Lb. Box 1 /C CANOVA COFFEE Ib. 4A A "IT SURE IS GOOD !»>« OUv COFFEE" Can •PICKLES Sour 13 DRESSING Table Garden, (jl <)A tA C CALUMET Pure Cane . Paper Bag CITf AD Domino Confec- fiic VJlJUlill tioncr. Lb. Hox V2 Domino. Brown £1C Lti. Itox 02 PEAS • lichifian - Eng ia 10 C IMUCE Largt S s 5 :c SHRIMP Wett)rU cLll c MLO Full Dressed Pound DUCKS Pound Full Drtsscd Pound 29c OYSTERS Baltimore Selects Pint 18c MINCE MEAT Libby ' s - Bra ^ ded i4c K. C. Rib Pound COCONUT IpinvSlifl Peerless ,; : - PouijdV Bag 'ound 15c 19c Hershey Pound Box 12c CHERRIES Marschino 3-Oz. Bottle 8c COFFEE Sunny Brook .; Pound Jar 27c Maxwell House Coffee : VITA FRESH • • "GOOD TO THE .LAST DROP" LDr All Flavors 170 3 Pkgs. II CAKE FLOUR *S n IT -CHOCOUTE P TS 23 C OCONUT Yellow Liibcl - - »c. Blue Label I3c Cabin Snwll : ah- M«f.,39c CHILI.CON c JB* OYSTERS "'"' 12 <: VIENNA ^ usAGK ci^-5 c Kruit Cherries, Lb. - 25c Cake ' .Pincapiiic,. Jjb. - 23c Ingredients Citron, Lb. - - ifa Closing'on Peel, Lb. tflc , Out Sale - Orange Peel, l,b. 19c ORK STEAKS • FancrK -L%:i5 c FRANKS J: I .WESSON QIL (1 ,.,35' TOMATO J ' J ' UICI! s SALMON *"" LIBBYS SPECIALS Peaches,<Large Halves; 2% c«n~....:.... 18c Pineapple, Large can Sliced or Crushed I9c Pickles, 22 Oz. Bottle, Sweet ....,............,.'., 23c Fruit-SahOl,-Large Can •L^:^:.:^^'.jd^ DEL10NTE SPECIALS Peaches, Large Can, Halves Sweet Pickled Peaches, No. 2f/ 2 can .Tomato Sauce, Can Fruit Cocktail, Large Can ' ' s -J , . J8c -33c 7c , 33c

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