The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 3, 1944
Page 3
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.SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 10<l'i Latins Seek To Increase Valley Trade Relations > Establish Offices In New Orleans To Promote Development • ' NEW ORLEANS, June 3 (UP)- Incrciisccl trade relations In Ilic Mississippi Valley and development of (lie ports of New Orleans, Mobile and Houston are now belnu pronwtcd by the Chamber or Commerce of Latin America with headquarters In New Orleans. Hernando Ramirez, secrelary- treasurer of Hie organization and editor of "America Latlnii", tin- edition o( whlcli will be published In July, has announced Hie aims and officers of the organiration. Rainirci! says lie irals tint monthly publications on a wide scale of "America Latina" to cm- ba.sslcs. consulates, chambers of commerce, libraries, iminufiicUivcrs Importers and ex|>oiier s , steamsblp companlcd, nil-lines and advertisers both in Latin America and iht United Stales will do mii'cli lomml furthering trade through the porl ol New Orleans. Fifty thousand people will bo reached by the initial publication next month — Ihlily-flvc thousand copies are to be sent to Latin America and fifteen thousand to United States trade interests. Every Latin American country has taken an Interact in tilt organization and "America Lalina" has nineteen Pan-American editors, representing each of the Central and South American republics. Ramirez says thai one of the biggest aims of the chamber if.-. « tl we quote, "to acquaint im- rlcrs, exporters, manufacturers, industries and commerce in general, of the differential rates of Island freights and barge lines. We hope to make clear the advantiirAs of shipping through the gulf I'.-jrLs when going lo central and South America.'' Marriage Licenses Marriage licenses issued through the local branch of the' Mississippi County Court Clerk's office in the courthouse during the past two weeks include the following: Ed- waul J. Owens of Greenfield, Tenn., and Miss Mary Elizabeth Holland of Dyersburg, Tenn.; James Michael Wilfcrd of Little Hock, and Miss Georgia Gail Cooper of Stcele, Mo.; Harold Bean and Miss 'Margaret Guess, twth of Sikeston, Mo, . John Ivie and Miss Margaret Da- -vis, both of Blytlicville; Garland Li- gun of Little Rock, and Miss Joyce iattn of Blytlievlllc; Thomas' W i-Murphy Jr., of Flint, Mich., and Miss Evelyn Loletha Sealey of, .Arcadia, Pla.; Clifford Beverly "Hale .and Miss Betty Virginia Taylor, .both of Rockford, 111.; Willard Ab- :bilt and Miss Cora Higgins, both of Blylheville; Pete George and Miss Josephine Jackson, both of Cape Gfrnrdeati, Mo.; Eilcr G. Peterson of Ypsilahli, Mich., and Miss AStics E. Peterson of Chicago. ( ^'. A. Buie and Mis. Fay Caswell, both of Metropolis, III.; Marvin A. Ozcc and Miss Lucille K. Lindsay, both of East St. Louis, 111.; Howard P. Kramer of. Minneapolis, Minn., and Miss Hazel Gray of Sikeston, Mo.; Henry Youngblood and Miss ; Mavis C. Ray, both of Blythevilie; Odell Lovell and Miss Estcll Moon, both of Ridgely, Tenn.; Marvin Cole and Miss Hattic Warren, both of Halls, Tenn. John Flanigan and Miss Inez Hare, both of More-house, Mo.; Peter E. Urish and Mrs. Eeulah Meisinger, both of Green Valley, 111; ,Gcne Bethel of Vienna, III., and Mrs. Cora Little of Mound City, III.; Cecil E. Sides and Miss Lcotm Wiilk- .cr, both of Cape Girardcau, Mo.; Charles B. Bassett and Mrs. Mary Jo Smith, both of Hornersville, Mo.; Luther Edward Loines and Miss Gloria Carleanc Scobey, both of Dyersburg, Tenn.; Glennie Hardin Pery and Miss Marion Gloria Davis, both of Carulhersville, Mo. Floyd J. Smith and Mrs. Oma Lev- cWboth of Caruthersvillc, Mo.; A. F.T'Jeane and Mrs. Delores Hawkcs, both of Dell, Ark.; William Bell of Sandoval, 111., and Miss Margie 'Sharp of Salem, 111.; Carl P. Pryor 'Jr., of Indianapolis, Ind., and Mrs. Helen Barnes Gading of Blythe- vilie; Howard Earl Reiser and Miss Iniogene Tucker, both of Paducah, Ky.; Herbert T. Everett and Miss) Mnbcl Lcc Browcr, both of St, Louis. • Mo.; James L. Hart iinr] Miss Elisc Walters, both of Blythevilie. Eugene G. Tyson of Montgomery, La., and Miss Mildred Lewis of Dyersburg. Tenn.; Donald Keith OCing and Miss Dorothy Virginia Witt, both of Charleston, Mo.: Gus Lee King and Miss Blanch Estella Shannon, both of Farmlngton, Mo.; James Lewis of Carbondale, 111., and Miss Lucille Varncr of Marlon, III.; Virgil David Allison of Fresno, Calif., and Miss Juanita Bollard of Manila, Ark. Victor C.. Allan and Mrs. Adcl Kelley, both of St. Louis; Henry B. Long and Miss Mildred H. Mauney, both of Stcele, Mo.; Melburnc Lynell Mtirrell and Miss Deloris Franks, both of Cnrulhersvlllc, Mo.; Wallace J. Hopper and Miss Ruby Vickers, both of Henderson, Tenn.; Rotert B. Patterson and Miss Margaret B. Smith, both of Charleston, Mo.> Frank Rogers of St. Louis ana Jtfiss j u ii sa Bradham of Senath, M §' Wines. W. Rldgley and. Miss Mildred Bruce, both of Carntlicrsville, Mo.; Ralph Westmoreland and Mrs,. Florence Perry, both of Sikeston, Mo.; Patrick Flood and Miss Jose- pliinc Plndell, both of Chicago; L. Beadles and Miss Hazel Carter, both of Mayficld, Ky.; Beverly Miller and Miss Mary Belle Harris of Kansas City; Drew Hughey and Miss Anna Pntton, both of Portagevllle, ' Mo.; Gordon H. Starnes of Osceola, Ark., ond Miss Bernadlne Irene Gleason of Sikeston, Mo, Royce Johnson and Miss Virginia Forsythe, both of Dyersburg, Tenn.; BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.£ COURIER NEWS Beef Point Values for June BEEF STEAKS' Pilliboust ...... . T-Bont.... . . „, Club ..... .' . .." ....... .Rid- IJ-inilKu't '-. _____ Rib .7-IiKlKul ..... „ Siiioln,... ....... . .Siiloln-bcMlits., Hound (full <ul),. _ ..... ,_ Bolljm fiounij ........... Round Ti>_ ............. CnutkUilideotjini). ROASTS' Rib-slintfing (thke bone OB) 10-iiKluul ............ . ........ ..'. SiS-stinJmz (tdine bone w) Mix li nit ...................... ........ RiundTip ................................ Rtimp-tone to.... ,.. .................. Cliutk (blide or aim)- bone In ..... Chuck a Shoulder- 1 mt\ m ...... Enilishtul ......... .. ................... • lixtafei «y Ms el U. t, S. tat C CrMii (ucli«B>[ illlt ind hill). Polnlt ib. 12 12 12 8 9 11 13 13 13 13 13 St Of 8 11 T 11 5f 6t 5r , Ti (in ,cri*«At, •aieup (n for iW IncltitlM point la I To rifl l lK« ]Mt«t *alo« *l on Ltirn of prtpacVagxl u«l It. ».lghl horn th» laid and iti ch*«« irnb«r obot.. Tollow 1K« lint in ih» (abU chiu* gioup ta 1h» w.iahl <oUtnn «hlch IK*. wiljM 9l th« Him. Thol numi* t U J t* lui,- ' JiSi j&M *atui ct anll.m clcanr^! mLLfc .f,M IK. lofc.I. Tollsv 1h. W (o< m la lh» «.1ul,l eolu.un %hlch Includw |* Thai Burnt** UiU p-jLnligLui, uia t**iB« an QnT tl «".'«Wn9 »X =' we,. b r «| fl hli°n«ur^ .,* ci.amtd ch^,. wtvlol^fna S?£ cr I^M bu«,. hlt^SS *. ch«i** which da ncl tcnlaln any eow 1 . W. or ffmUd-ditiydiotii rh«,. /,,1 7 M^ «» iSon lit auncM) *h*n pacliaqtd In aUon ittxntit wllh JaUctiwJ ipajK^lli *ayc»", YlNOICATtS NEW ITEM OR POINT WS, OILS, AND DAIRY PRODUCTS SHORTENING _ SALAO and Cookint oils- 1 ; _ ._ _ MARGARINE „,. BUTTER firmortounlrybullef. Prowls bnlltr CANNED MILK.Includlni Enporilcdoriomleiutdmllk. _..„..... CHEESES-Group |. Chtddir, Colby, wisliednird, sated art ind »hole « skimmed milk chen tt«l tat |,p (s ... All Bfotels tontainlni 30% or mm ol lh« itm types.ol efteeie....:,... CHEESES-Group II. Crfitneteie _ Neutthileltee Creamed collage (hem CiHmspreid'" CHEESES-Group III. All cllwr latfencd che«e Polnti 0 2 12 8 4 'At lot lor lot lot lot lot lOf UBlt Of POINT V«UIES FOR mPACMGED CHffiO.NOCIINKEOHItK 1 law. on* plnl » . In 1 wtl « hl 'rn*anla(o e nic»»M««htch MS s^' »B ss*-as; Sirs g.lh.t. Ikon Ik. loot om»unl «[ M olhi. th««.. V«lUt CHtHCt FROM TABLE K.. 11. June point values for beef, now the o;ily rationed meat, and for lats, oils and dairy products, and listed above, are effective from . _ June 4th through July 1st. William May of Armorel and Miss Juanita Croff o[ Hughes, Ark.; Zoral Buckncr and Mrs. Prances Crps- ley, both of Marion, III.; John Cross and Mrs. Mary Lane, both of Cairo, 111,; Raymond Delbeit Stufilcbeau of Macon, Mo., and Miss Mary Stubblefield of West Frankfort, 111.; Armer South and Mrs. Bertha Marie Patterson, both of Marion, 111. Benjamin P. Lamb and Miss Agues Miie-Kimblc, both ot Chicago; John A. Clark of Cruin, W. Va. r and Miss Bcrnice Sides of Dlythcville; Alick Sanders and Miss Willie Jo Steuhenson, both of Blythevilie; Kenneth J. Snedrtcn of Anita, Pa., and Miss Margaret Mcrritt of Gam- den, Ark.; s. C. Cumuhcr and Mrs. Brooksic Acrce, both of Friendship, Tenn.; Louis, Deloy Wills of .Benton, Mo., and Miss -Imogene Dickey of Cape Girardeau; Mo. Revival Services Open At Full Gospel Tabernacle Revival services are being conducted nightly June 4 to June 18 n the Pull Gospel Tabernacle, Lily am Vine Slrects, it was announced todaj by the Rev. Clifford L, Ttiackor pastor. The Rev. Harry Wilson Bnker ol New Jersey Is the evangelist ii charge of tlic services. Well knowV for his evangelistic work throughout tlic nation, the Rev. Mr. Bake: also is a noted musician and Bltigcr The public Is invited to attorn these meetings; the Rev. Mr. Tluick- er said. Maine is the easternmost stale h the Union. DON EDWARDS Tk» Tyrewrlttr Him" WUTH. OOBONA, AND REMDJaiOH FOBT«J»L» 111 e»tur»«ton) raowi KODAK FILMS Developed and Finished THREE DAY SERVICE Guaranteed Work . . . Reasonable Prices O'STEEN'S STUDIO 105 w. Main Commercial Classes In Shoiihand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M. BURN ETT Degree From Accredited College 1010 Heurn PllonB 3270 Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shibley's Best FLOUR - - - The flour that needs less shortening! WALLPAPER Reg. ZZ'Ae Now 15c 30c Light Fast NoV 20c 36c Washable Now 24c 2 ' 40 HYKuf wu ' - HYKLASS Creosote White .... 2 50 aal SOUTHLAND White ......... '. ' 3 00 qal DUTCH BOY White .......... 3 50 aal CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square— 210 Pound 5,50 square E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service '. NO TICK Nollcc Is hereby given tlmt the cti'relBiicit will within the time fixed by IHW apply to the Cointnls- sloner or Kcvcmics of the Stnte of Arkiinsiis for n permit to sell beer nt retail nt South Mniu SI,, Lux'orn, Mississippi Coinilj-. The iiiKlcrslunecl states that ho Is n cltlMii of Arkansas, of BOOC! niornl chnrnctcr, that he has never teen convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; Mini no license to sell beer by the undersigned lins been revoked wlllilti flva years Inst past; and thiil the under-' signed hits never been convicted of vIolnlhiB liic laws ot this state, or any other slate, relating lo tlic stile Of alcoholic Illinois. J. U. 1'nync. Subscribed nnd sworn lo before me this 3 day of June, 1944. Oscnr Alexiiiidcr IScnl) Notary Public, My commission expires 3114(1045. WAUN1NO OllllKK III the Clinncery Court, C1IICKA- SAW11A DISTRICT, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Kastburo, el nl, Plainllft, vs. No. 8662 Pearl Miulson, Dclcndanl. '1'lie.dcfcntlnnl. i'earl Mndson, Is hereby warned lo nppeiii 1 wllliln thlily days hi Iho court niuncd in Hie fitpllcm hereof nnd answer tlio coni]ilnlnl of the iilulnUff Maggie Bastbiirn, ct al. Dated this 2(i dny of May, 1044. 1IARV1SY M011R1S, Olerk, H. E. Pnrllow, Ally, for PHf. L. E, Coleman, Ally', ad Lllcm. Largest Onf-1'li-cc Curpol Tlic largest one-piece cnrpel ever made In Englniit) 1ms been Inld down in i\ London thciitcr. The carpet jneasiires 100 foci long hy 43 feet wide and weighs more than a Ion. PAGE TERM • • EDSON IN WASHINGTON Public Housing Costs More BV FKTKK'KIKSON Scattered In soino HOOO projects In 1000 communities o[ the United States are aiiproxlmalcly 1,5-10,000 dwclllUB "nulls" which have been built new or converted by remodeling since lite summer of MHO and Bre now classified broadly us "wur luiuiilnij." On lop ol Hint llu-ro are 150,000 more \inlls under construction and thousands more scheduled which will bring the unit total to boiil 1,800,000. Roughly a million nulls have, been or ivlll be prlvntely flnnnccd, t)0t),- 000 iHibllcly IInnneed. The question Is, wlmt's to become of (he mibllcly financed win- housing? Involved ulso Is llio (ului'e o[ nil public housing. I'nct number <mo Is that orlvuto eiiteriirlsc could not possibly luivi! done the Job ilself. It couldn't luive met the needs of low-lncomu families with tcm|)orary hmisliiH Dint would have shown a profit or al- lowttl mi even break lo the )>iilldc>t'«, while If permanent homes had been the lempontry, publicly flounced sti'liclui'CK, there would have bctn u chaotic iioslwur collnpsc in the real eshite iiuirket. In planning war housing, the nil',was (or housing officials o( any community to dcleimino Ihti amount of outside Inbor Mutt would 1» broufihl In for \viu- prod net Ion huluslrlcs, then determine how much of the iidiimnimlly needed homing could be supplied by prl- v«tc enterprise nii(l absorbed by tlic comiinmlty after the war. Anything prlnito enterprise couldn't supply with jirofll diul surety, IHo federal government, took on. I'rlvalc llousliiK $1,000,000,001) lu T«» Veins Such will' housing mill icinmlrllni; us wiis done by prlvntc enterprise was pernmnunl liomlnii on choicer locations—stntt thut would puy out even nftc-i the war, I'rlvale cupltnl Invested lu this wiiy Is I'sllmiitcd n( S'1000,000,000,, nn average of $-1000 for each of llu> million units. Mure Hum 00 par cent uf tills (irlvale wur homing unlit in the lust two years lias carried Fcderul IIoushiK Ad- mhilslriillon lusimuice, wllhout wlilcli private enterprise could not hiivu risked Ilic Job. Now lake a look ill the piibllo war housing, which has cosl atom S'J- aOO.OOO.OOO for llui 800,000 units, or nn IIVCVIIKC of less than $:tl)00 pi>r null, lhuii||li thai Is an ovcr-uhnpll- tlcnllun. Publicly liutll, iiennnnrnt hoiisini; mills iivcnmcd uvcr $5000, InchHlliiK sites nml ullUllos. l)c- iiioiintnble milts IIIIVB avcrum'd $•1300. 'IVinpornry dwc'llliiKs for fiim- Illcs have nviiriigcil ?277, r >, (cinpurury doimllorios J'iriO per room. I'i'lvato bulldcrii and realtors want nil tills (jovorniuenl, lemixir hoiislnu turn down cillcr the wai 1 Is over lo remove It us a source i>i competition. FedPiul lu>u»lng ofit- cluls concur for tlic .simple ic«.,nu Unit,If Ihls teuiponiiy housln,! |<i not destroyed it will rapidly tlelc- rlonilc Inlo aiib-sliiiidard, slum housing of the worst kind. (Jm'crmut-nt's l.nns r«riuips 5^,oo^l,ooo,ooo IIuw much loss the federal guv- Marcus Blaster 1 ^ > - Kcnr Adml. Alfred E, Monli'om- cry, above, of 1'iccimont, Calif., coininiiiKlcd Ihc iilaiit U. K. '. Navy Insk force that tiUnckcd Miircus Islnnd, IIUV miles from , Tokyo mid Wnko, Jap-licld , Ainorifiin Island. I'enelratlon ;ot U. S. naval forces north of .Marcus was probably closest np- ; proncli of llccl to Jupan's liomo •,waters since war sliirlcil. emmi'iil will suslaln mi this temporary homing, dunging It up to lliu cusl of thi! war like cxpi.'nilaWe ammunition, cuu'l. yet ho determined. Pi-r)iii)i.s sa.OOO.OOO.OOO, Wur homing hus not, however, Ijcen ojxwlcd on a charity basb wuj Is moro than breaking even on iU p|Joi.illiig costs For the last-six months' accounting period on 257 000 wmllj duelling ults then In operation the average, rent collected wu o;cr $28 per month against op?r-' ntlng costs of J17 per month. " With half a million publicly flri- antcd iemporniy war housing units torn down after the war Is over t ic riucstloi) will nrhe as to where Ibn people living In them now will HO then can privately financed bousing, care for nil these, people- peril lips vl,500,000 In number? •• If not, what Is to bo the role of public housing In-caring for people thai free enterprise nnd private realtors and builders can't accommodate? < Lower Requirements For Merchant Marine Course NKW ORLEANS, June 3. tUP)- Uweilng of physical requirement* for Merchant Marine training 'wa« \ nnnounccci today by Ensign James II. Fri'ilcrlck, US. Maritime Service enrolling officer. The move -was nindc to help mecl the critical ' de- imtno for merctianl seamen. Men previously rejected for phy- Mcnl rcusons ai c now being abked. «> ic-upply. Most drastic reduction ol physical standards required for piirollmcnt In the Maritime Service nccorctliii} lo Eiiilei] Frederick, Is for those men do.slrlng training In the slewinds department. Sucli defects as color blindness jiinv nrc being waived for tfaln- ing In-die'engine department and ftir radio operator training.. Fitness for these am! other tpcclnllst training Is determined at the U. H, MiirlUiiie Service (mining stations to which cnrolccs arc assigned, Omi scrambled ostrich 'egg Is servo six persons. You doitf mean you're going to let a chicken outsmarfyou ^ CHICKEN KNOWS that ail egg won't.hatch unless you sit on it the proper length of time/Wise old bird! As with eggs, so with nest eggs. The best nest egg in the world today is the Wai- Bond. It's an incomparably safe investment. It pays $4 for every $3 you put up. ' But... In order to get that nice fat interest, you have to sit on a Bond for the proper length of time, io years, to be exact. _.:;. You can get your money before that, any time after 60 days. But you won't get the'full benefit. You lose the interest. You take your money out of the fight. You kill off savings that might be a blessing iivdays when money doesn't flow as freely as it does today. ; Buy more War Bonds. Sit on them. ,.". *' WAR MS to;Have and fidUd This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Ji«M'« Robinson Drug Co. ' •/ -\ Langston-Wroten Co. I. RosenthaUnc. Charles S, Lemonj Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkini Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. krksdale Mfg. Co. Blythevilie Water Co. The Crafton Co, )e!ta Implementi, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet C». Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. '•'nbbard Hufaitt C*. Huddieston & C». '"" ' Tom W. Jackicn Tom Little Hardware Co. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Phillips Motor Co. Rock Saliba ' 'i Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholuale Grocen. C. G. Smith Floyd A. White «-'-vr; Zcllner's Slipper Shop ctawmt-wA* tutait "mfr-»ntHT MM

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