The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1937 Productivity of Cotton Land Is Increased By Soybeans Board May Kind It Necessary lo Disregard Aci of Legislature LITTLE r.oCK, Mnr. 13.— Tlia ;ta(c board ol apportionment, created by a 'constitutional amendment u'Joijlecl lust November, made a tentative renpjiortloiiincnt of Ilic house of representatives yesterday iintl announced tliai It will decide within a week whether reapportion- incut of the ssnalc will be attempted under (hs "holdover" act passed at the recent session of the legislature. The act directs the Democratic State Committee to certify 10 senators elected last, November as Democratic nominees at the pri mary election year and pro- vides that counties in which these holdover sjnntor.s live shall not be included in new senatorial districts. Submits 1'roblcm lo Auditor Tile board, con)}>osed of Governor Boitey, Attorney General Jack Holt "" BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Note:—This Is the first of three litullve' articles on the pos- of soybeans as a commercial crop in northeast Arkun- w:. A number of men with llior- (Ji'Mi imiuti^Ll knowledge of Ihe subject as'.ht.-d In their i>rt|U- rallen. The second article of the i tiles will be printed next I'ri- day anil (ha third a wct'k later. The commercial growing ot soybeans Is loo new u problem in May 1st and June 1st. in fact, there arc iimny Individual cases where very good yields have been secured from planting as Into as July, though tills is not n recommended practice. Moreover, there are numerous eases of growers' declaring that soybeans should be planted in April. Observations over ninny years lead to the conclusion that the preparation of the seed led Is of more Importance than OF FITfll BUST '•ni<>lm>p,i t^r,,,, (,„„„ |, inn the two buildings, represented nil outlay of $1.000,000. New London ;> not, .mown on some mops but can rcndlly be )o- culed by drawing n line froni Tyler lo Henderson. It Is approx- Hayti Society — Personal dencnd t!ic Ind largely Ihe ' Iny on his farm. Moreover, much ul Ihe mofit from a crop oT soybeans Is rellt'cicd In the increased yield of cotton thp following year. Results over a period of years at the Cotton Branch Experiment Station show that the yields from land that has been in soybeans liave shown nil increased return Hie following year of from 25% to 33% more cotton per acre than yields from land In continuous j , „..*.... „..,.„. *,„., cotton cropping. At present pi-Ices unit Secretary of Slate G. Ci. "Clip" of cotton, this Increased yield liali, announced thai it was unaule would mean a cash return of $12.- lo "irorfc oiil new senatorial dix- 51. to $15.00 per ncre on the avcr- U'lcls that will meet the require-|3R<! farm in Mississippi county. In inents of both the ^constitutional the rice growing areas of Arkan- amcndmenl. ami the legislative act, sas, It Is a common practice to tenants who will plant soybeans, the owner dc- on __._ - ._ ._„„. _ act, j to reapportioinuynl ot senatorial representation." The board said that it had submitted this proTwrni to nn auditor nnd that if he was imabls to work out a solution, the "holdover act" keeping senators elected in 1U30 in cilice for two more years would be disregard ed. "Final urlermlimtion of this problem will be made by the board within the next week,' 1 an announcement said. The final reapportionment plan . must bs filed with the secretary of state by April 1. Under terms of the amendment interested parties may file suit in the supreme court lo force the board to change its plans where the "redlslrlctiiig is done arbitrarily." I'our Hanges The board divided the state's 75 counties into four ranges. Range No. 1 of 59 counties with average population of 13,145 psr representative was given one representative each. Range Two of 11 counties with average population of 18,200 per representative was given two representatives each. Four counties with population of 20,300 per representative were given thrje representatives each and called Range Three, only oils county, Pnlaski. was-in Hange : Fo»r_and it was as- .•ujiicd s even: (representative.-!'•• with an nvftrijfE population of 19075 par representative.- ^> Court tic? with three reprdsHila- lives under todays action are: ' Jefferson, Mississippi. Sebastian and Union. Mississippi and Union formerly had only one each v;hi!e JcITerson and Sebastian are unchanged. Counties with two representatives are: Bsnton, Craighcad, Crittentlsn, Garland. Hempstcad, Lonoke, Miller, Phillips, St. Francis. Washiiv- (cn and White. ThoEa gaining °a rcprcsentalive were Craighrad. Miller and St. Francis. Washington loses one from its prosent delegation of three; others in the group remain unchanged. Student!; Shim Bible STANFORD UNIVERSITY c'al (UP)-The Rev. Davis Elton Trii- blocd, professor of philosophy finds that Stanford University students are nDt addicted to Bible rf.idmg. "If tlia Lord himself earns to speak at the chapal, : wonder how many students would ntteii.l " lie asked. pending entirely on his profit „.. Ihe increased yield of rice tiie following year. At least, every grower of soybeans must, carefully consider the relative yield of the crops the following year, if lie Is to have a correct picture of the value of soybeans on his farm. Soybeans will probably grow on wider range of soil types than any other common fnnn crop; but like all crops, it docs best on good ground. The field selected to grow soybeans should be typical of the average fertility oil the grower's farm. Early preparation r >f the seed bed is of more importance H>an the actual date of planting the soybeans. Tests are common where early prepared fields have yielded from eight to If teen bushels more per acre than lelds prepared just ahead of ilanting, even though the planting tale.? of both fields were the same. The field should be plowed or lou'jte disked, depending on Ihe usual method and preceding crop, and at the time of plowing] •corked partially (o retain jnois- ure. Since later operations depend •m a level seedbed, all operations 'rom the start should be planned •> f leycl-the field, especially if it 's cotton : ridecd when preparation tarts. V, •- • ' • Abcut three weeks after plow~- ng (assuming the field is plowed -arly) the field should be disked <> further improve the tilth and Ml Ilie weeds that hare started Two weeks later the field should °- cross-harrowed. The final fitting will come just preceding planting. Weather, oth- 5r farm operations, etc. will na- urally influence this date. Prom y.tet evidence there Is available, '"'ere is but little difference In the Read courier News Want Arts, SPECIALS I'Yida.v-Salurday-Sun.<l<iy i-AYER CAKE . . 19 I'gc. Drown Sugar -IflC COOKIES. Doz. .. IU BRIDGE STICKS 1?C J>oz | / CREAM-NUT |AC HOLLS. Dox. . ' \L 1'KCAN-NUT -lAC BREAD. 7.oaf .. . IU Special Hulcrcfj Hour 5 (o fi P. J], l''riiJa.v-Saturday-Sum(ay Honey-Pineapple iftC ROLLS. Doz. .. IU FRUIT WAFERS <1C Doz 0 FRESH DON'UTS 1«C Doz \L RAISIN liREAD ^c I-oaf | PARKERHOUSE, flC ROLLS. Doz. .... 0 ''«l Us JIakc Your Easter Cakes - - Phone 110 BAKING CO. weed-seed •• very sat- po.ssiblc if 20lli nnd i -wcrnsc In favor of May 10th lo May 20th Nexl I-Viday's issim \vlli carry llic second urlicle on soybeans in ii'hfcli iiioculadoii, mlc of st'Cilluf, I method of planting, ami varieties '.vill be discussed. Christ's Condescension Is Evangelist's Topic A large delegation from n<-tl n t- iended the services at Die pirsi Melhoslbit church lust n!"ht lo heir Ihe Rev. E. W. potlcr prcacli on The condescension of Clivlst" before the largest congregation of CUD revival. "Poverty is a relative term" tiie speaker said. "Christ was rich' fab- ulcusly rich, yet lie for our ' £il k es became poor that we mlghi be rich He was the rlehesl being Unit ever existed In His pre-exWence. yet when lie became poor for our sakcs He was the poorest being that had ever exlslcd. Since |Mverty is a relative term, a rich person tlmt becomes poor Is thereby poorer than one in the same circumsUitices ^ho lias never had great possessions. By His condescension He has lifted Ihe race to nn inheritance of the 'riches In glory 1 throiisli Him. 1 ' The s))eaker tonight, will discuss the question, "Is Shi a Pact- And Should We Pray About It?" iconic of all churches are especially invited lo hear the message tonight A meeting- of representatives of all churches wishing to participate in the Union Sunrise Easier service will be held after-the service. 10-Ton X-ray Tuue Duill LONDON <UP) -A 10-ton X-ray tiihe, the largest In the world, cup- able at a louch of a switch of reproducing the henlhig effect of $40,000.0(10 worth of radium, is being prepared for cancer treatment at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Knosfvcl! Orders AM WASHINGTON. Mnr. II), lOl'J— Aclliv; under direct orders from President Roosevelt (o "lend all ixisslbls assistance," government agencies today gave nil passible <M- slslance to authorities directing rescue work at Ihe scene of the Nisvv loiidon, Tex,, school explosion. President Roosevelt, on vacation In Warm Springs, Ga., dlrcctwl government agencies to "render every assistance In their power lo Ihc community to which this .shocking tragedy has come." Dcalh Cheated By Boy, Three Times Injured WHITEHALL, WIs. (UP)—Thr?" iKos liciildicl Kampa, sloul- r.cartcd lad of 10. hns cheated death. Recently. BcnUllct bus iCT.'/ered from Injuries received in an automobile ncclilent. pour and a half Inches of his skull bone had been torn away and physicians wcr< tioublful if he could survive. Pour. Intricate oueratlons were necessary before a silver plate conltl be Inserted over Hie exposed area of the brain. while recovering, Bcnlilict played his accordion and kept u]) his spirits. Eight years ago (he boy ful' through a hay chute in a barn while tramping about the loft. He Ian-Jed upon a cow's back, and one of the animal's horns punctured his throat. Physicians again wer« doubtful but Benidict recovered. Six years ago he was burned frightfully when a kettle of boiling water upset and engulfed him The accident preceded a wedding ceremony in his home. Doctors had little hope, but the lad's delermlna- 'lon lo live again restored him lo heallh. Deans Guardians of Sleep KENT, O. (UP)—"The greatest service our deans of men and women perform for students," snld Dr. A. O., director of student health at Kent State University, "Is their strenuous actlv itv in promoting sleep." ANNOUNCING The return of Harmon Holt to serve you in his old jilact; nt 101 S. 2nd S(. . Holt's Barber Haircut ..35c" Shave 15c Balh 25c Brst Shine in Town A Seasonable Check-Up Remember, the more attractive your grounds — no mailer their size— the greater your home's value lie- comes! Spring—the season of young men's sprouting lawns and'budding gardens—will oll'ic- ially nrrive March 20lh. To best capture at home the ehaim of this colorful season, you first need good gardening implements. So n timely checkup is in order. Sec that you have rake,' spade, hoe and, of course, a trowel. Are your lawn mower and clippers ready for service? (You had better have your own, because neighbors are using theirs right now.) Then, loo, are you prepared to furnish your grounds amply with the life- giving water so necessary to growing things? Sprinklers should be capable of spraying the lawn without needlessly wasting water ... Be sura your hose has no Ictiks and is sufficiently long to send water easily to all parts of the yard . . . And has your home enough outlets to connect more than one sprinkler al a time? —extra work and trouble can be prevented by providing adequate outlets. If this inventory shows need for additional equipment, consult your nearest hardware store aitd plumbing dealer . . . Next, visit a seed store or a nursery. Familiarize them with your gardening problems—they will gladly offer helpful suggestions. Choose seeds and seedlings for your annuals and perennials, ami shrubs that will heighten the charm of your home. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway Mrs. J. L. Davis and dnugluer, nomia Kit KL>!SO, left Tuesday morning for I'Vsins and Si. Louis, Mo., lor a f»w days visit, Al I'V.slus Hit')- were to be lln> KUCS'.S of Hit latter'.i motlier, Mrs. IljrUm Mile KelbO. Mrs, ti. w. 1-Mrr spent Tw«lny :iiid Wcitncsdiiy in JoneiibDro, Ark. vlslliuj frieiuls und uUeiulhij lo business. H. 1). Mastcrson Is in St, Francis county till.-; week Inspsclliiu cbools, Nir. Miisteisun Is slnio In- JCL-tor oi xc)iko].s. Mis. Ulen i-'crrcc wus In Memphis ie.sdiiy vlsltliij! Irleiuls und s!ii)|)- pliiB. Mis. Grn:lon ituliivy anil duuijli- ter, Cilennu, ot b'en<illi were III 1 -' iesls of Ills: ftuini'i-'s slslcr. Mr::. eil, Tuesday. Mines. Curtis Powell and Angela Mouhidis were In Konn?tl -lucsdny visiting friends, Mr. und Mrs. w. N. Hankin, Mrs. 1'. 1!. liniikln and Miss Conu llesl were In Memphis Saturday ntlond- • n s to business und vlslllnj frl:'ii:h. Mrs. Arnold Tucker was in Cupe- Cilrardcuu Tuesday visiting Irijiuls na atleiidliij; lo business. Mines. U. o. Sinter. G. S. Hai.l- •vln. M. T. OnMnln and dausli- .crs, Huzcl and lios:', were In Cai>e alrardrau Thuisilay visiting Irlrmls. William Khouile arrived home Tut'situy from an exlentled vLsll with relatives in Oklahoma anil Icxas. He has nccepluj a pDslllan *lth the alilbley Grocery company U Ulylhcvllle. Mlsits Mildred, llnzel Mmigrijn nud Mines. Hassell IX'- Wccse and Willie chnillii of Un- rutbeisvllle visited friends in Ken- uclt Tui'S'lay afternoon. Ward oonis was In Memphis MoiHluy on business. Australia May Senti 25,000 To Coronation SYDNEY. (UI>)— Twcnly-nvo !lioi:oand people, Including 10,000 from New South Wales alone, will visit London for the coronnlion from Australia, It Is estimated. Some of them have started. The army or Anslrallan lonrisls will travel by all routes, vln Ihc; Suez Canal. Ihs Cup:;, Panama, Java ami Singapore, Canadn and Hie United Slates. Air liners nvc booked up until May.. It is exiwctcd Ihat the 25,000 Australians will spew! something like (in nvrraes of $2,000 encli, 13e- foio leaving Aiislrnlln lliey will spend a tolnl of man' Ihnn $is.- OUJ.OOO. Tin 1 )- will spend nnollicr $15,0(4.000 uljroud and lures and other traveling expenses will com-.! lo IIDOIl>!'j- $18.7SO,(!Oi>—u |>rniid ln- tnl of iK'iuly SliU.000,000. College Confidante Not Faculty Member OIUNVIM.E, o." <ui') -Mnhel Simmi Slcw.u-t nrutably knows l-'OU AI/ITKA- 'MOS'S AND KDI'AlliS, SHiNS (lit STItliCTIJIIKS IN TIN; CITY ()!•' lll.VTUUVII.I.I:, AUK. Dalrt Miiivh i, luav, filrcrt Num- bi'r Corner Division lit. and Chlck- HMt»'l)ii Avi'.. Kimil'or of .stories, I; sf»> at !o(. 5(1 l>y i()U; No, rooms, Ivalue of work, $200; building of brick or fimn'e, friiuie; itinti'rlnl of roof, Composition; miiioriat of ixli'iiiir wills, wood; material of partitions, wood; material of foundations, concrete picis; ''"I! (in Ihe front or rear, front; dislmice (o properly lino. r > fl. nr more; ill.stniKV lo IKII-- cst building on <>IK<|I side. \',a It. nr more; uullillii'; to 1m o<:uuj)l;>ii us, Oroccry Won; and Hull Stand; buildlii;. in i,i> 13 by II ft; owner of mounds. A. Nelson nnii II, A .Npljitiii; owner of Imlldlim .!. I,. Malic. I certify that Ihe nliovo statements lire correct [o || u > best »f my knowlcilgi! and belief. Application for permit by J. 1, Flake. IVrmit received by: liUTH DLY'niii, City Clerk. more about the peifonal afTrUis o! Denlson University slii'Jenls than does v tlu? dcnn. She's nmimner of Hie Ic'lc'ginpli o/llce. Usi ycur on St. Valentine's Day I'ev oillcfl fold mor» lue.ssngc.f • In inoporlion to the si/.? of the town Mum any oilier otllcc In the Middle West. When a student comes In lo wire liomu far inotiey, she says, she ill-ways nmrks llu- U'liwiin "collscl" !ii!-.l st;f.''.s iisutilly rlsllt, Head Courier News Want Ads 1 PAGE TUBES. "Necking" Not "Petting" STANPORD UNIVERSITY, Cat' — •Necking" and "petting" Jnvolie technical dlircrences. A question- imhc to Stanford co-edi revealed' Hint nci-Kers outnumber norf-ncck- ' ors by 81 to 7; and thai non-pel-"• lers outvoted peltcr 4 03 to 24. Men students \ot«d 88 to 43 that Stanford co-eds ,jo permit pelting. A vote of 4'! yes and « no Mtowed', the percentage of co-eds who kiss •311 inelr first date. Hem) Courier News, wnnt Adi 0. t>. L.-11 FIRST YEAR SEED P. L-11 PEDIGREED SEED -COW I'HAS — SOY HKANS IlKKT I'KICUS SKK SKKI) COKN 0.0. U Alii) AW AY & CO, "'' K "- fi'iuiid Hmiu! 2SO lllj'llicvlllc. Ark. 1). & !', ><. NO. II )'I,ANTIN(! SKJ51) ' <A run; Strain) Original st-i'il obtained direct fnnn lite breeder niul plunli'il by us fur (wu years. No other tollun uhnlrd ,],. ginn,.,) „„ (ills farm. Keiisitiinbly iirlncil in even wi'lRlit 100 Ib. bivus. Special inlets on earlofs. Infiliirt' F. A. ItnRFi-s, ^laiui>;cr CI.BAK I,AK!0 l-'AHiM Kouli! 2, llox Kl, lllythiivillL' Pltnne IJitKI-ril Dr. Max 0. Usrey Announces the Association with him oC Dr. Joseph E. Beasley , Physician and Surgeon Will) 0/rico.s id llin Lyneli Ruilding 1 will Iw at Dcil, Mni'iih IS; A r morel, March 16; (Josiicll,. Miirch'. 17; Yurlno, Mnrol) 18; Manila, Muri'li 19, nnil l.ciidivillc, March 2S. For as- scssiiiK rcrsoitiil Property and'Poll Taxes. ASSKSS . UHFOKK l»KNAI/fY IS ADDED K. 1, GAINES, Tax Assessor WHERE 1,160,23V bought Used Cars (forn Chevrolet Dealers bought Used Cars from <-nevrofe» Dealers Buy where you II save money > d B^ ^ Buy from your CHEVROLET DEALER BUYYOURUSEDCARFROM YOUR CHEVROLET DEAIER FOR THESE REASONS ] Your Chevrolet dealer has the finest selection oF used cars in hia entire Inslory. AH makes—nil models. 2 Big volume enables your Chevrolet dealer lo give yon bigger vnlue , , nt lower prices. 3 Chevrolet dealers employ the highest slnndards nnd the most expertly trained mechanics for efficiently reconditioning used cars. ^ Only Chevrolet dealers can offer used cars backed by the famous Guaranteed OK Tag—for eleven years the nationally recognized symbol of SAFE USED CAR INVESTMENT. ^-^•^ *»L//U£~'(: USED CARS OF THE MOST OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND VALUE , . . ALL MAKES/ ALL MODELS, INCLUDING MANY 1935-1936,' CHEVROLETS . . . UNUSUALLY LOW PRICES! 1SJJ ClfKVIlOl.KT MASTKIC COACH—Beautiful Duco finish. Knee action wheels, restful Fisher body. Reduced $75 to only loss CII'EVKOLET nil 4-I)OOK siiHAN—All checked carefully In every detail. Ready to go. Special for quick sale 1933 'CllRVlioi.KT MASTKIt COACH—This rar shows very little wear and lias been rc- cciKlilioned. Won't be here long 1929 FOKI) TunOK—lf you're looking for service at. a Io\v cost can you beat this one? 1933 CIIKVltOI.KT COACH— Tires are good, new paint job. A repossessed car at a (JM/IC saving to you <f> i ^0 1935 FOKI) ni: MIXI: SEDAN— Looks like a new car. Has low mileage with the best of coi^c. We recommend this for a Special B: 1935 cnnviioi,irr DE i.uxr. COUPE — Rumble scat. lilack Cuco pa.'nt never scmtclicd. Molinir upholstery like new. Just another targain 1035 CltHVKOI.KT UK I.1IXK SI'OIIT SKOAN — Hadio, new lires, 1937 license, cheeked OK in every.: detail. A car you'd be' proitci to own i 1931 CltKVROI.ET STANDARD f.'OACIf—Just the car for rural drivins. Easy to handle over dirt ronrls and very l<«v operating co«L. Siicclai' 1!)35 OI.nSMOHII.i; TUDOll— Eciuifflied wltli ecnninn Olds SCO radio. Car checks [reifect In every detail. A late model car yon can be proud of. sprctal i COACH — Black paint like ntw. Very clenn inside. Checked carefully in our shop and OKed. Shouldrtio/jr cell for more <J)«)Dt) 1935 rl.VMOUTH CODE'E—Tnls car driven ln:rc In town only. Low mileage and runs like n nc\v one. You must sec lo appreciate ISWG CliKVItOMvT I'/. TON TRUCK—Heavy duty 32x6 tires. Dual roar. Truck checks perfect in. every detail. I^ess than a 5' old-for less (linn half original price ... 193(1 FOR!) I'i TON TKUCK— Long u - hcclbase. New paint job. Tires very' good. 32x6 H.D. dual. Sold new tor nearly $1.000 9 months ngo. Musi bo Rood buy now for only Ills ° I1C C*OCC argain >J)jDD COME IN ; ; ; SEE THEM . . . TODAY. 1 1936 C1IEVKOI.ET' PICK-UP- Eq«lp|)£d with radio and-heater. Looks nnd runs a new one. You can save on this value J035 FORD PICK-UP TRUCK— With new replacement motor Just pin in. Tires good, paint like new. Won't be here Ao | p long at this price 3>J ID 1!MS FORD DE I.UXE COUPE— Hndlo and healer Mohair upholstery. Car driven less than 10 months. Special Easter Sale Price .... 1331 CHEVROLET VA TON TRUCK—Lent? wheelbase. • la ft. body new. Tires nearly new. Truck only used for farm use and in best of condf- lion. Yours for only 1938 CHEVROLET COACH—OnV for srrvice low cost in every detail CARTER TltAJI-ER—20 ft.body. Equipped with brakes. 32x6 HD tires. A real buy now .$245 Blylheville, Ark, 1VROLET CO.

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