The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1948
Page 11
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TWELTO Arabian Leaders Plan Conference Mufti, Kins Abdullah T« M««t; Rultr to S«nd Tr*«p* to Palestine Br !••• Turn** >fcnuH«n*ovMy M wtlk eui oo)l*ei- rvely X •< OOUTM, «fcnplr Hdlra lous." Goldsborough ruled that LewU actually had called » strike when he advised UMW locals on March 11 that the soft coal operator* had "dishonored" their contract In the pension dispute. The Judge MM I-**!«' March 11 letter was in effect a "code" telling them Ui strike. "Tiie miners walked out when told the agreement wai dishonored," Goldsboroiigh said. "They go (Mini Trtm* Start Correipofldwil back when told the agreement .mWSAIiEM, April 19. (U.P.) — I honored. Cnn that be anything else Arab sources reported today that) limn a code?" t*v Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, HRj ARiln el Husselnf, TVH» on his way to Amman to confer with King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan, who had Immediately after that. Golds, borough said he believed th« defendant* were Bullty o( contempt beyond any reasonable doubt.. said he would send his Arab legion) He adctcd, however, that he did Into Palestine. i not emphasise the civil contempt Arab quarters believed the pur-J verdict, which merely permits * flue, pose of a meeting between the; because a flue would only "transfer Mufti and Abdullah would be to •how Arab unity and perhaps for the Mufti to ask the Kinp; to assume command o( all Arab forces involved In the Palestine hostilities. Onlj Saturday the Kins said jn Amman that he would dispatch Ills tough Arab legion lo the Holly land to fight what he cnllrd the "Russian and Jewish menace lo the Beirut dispatches said Arab foic- entered two s tr« <>sic tton.* In 0 the fine from the union treasury lo the United States treasury—from one class of people to all the people and wouldn't solve any of the problems." Ke snld the government would be asked to make recommendations as to Die sentences and that !«wls would be allowed to mnke a st«te- ment tomorrow if he wished. "The, court i.s firmly convinced (hllt f,,, ,, )lns golte;1 beyond the R»« Nakmira Sflierf post of Has Nakoura when the British and Palestine police pvac- wted, Arab sources In Beirut reported. At the same Itme other units moved into Benl Yushn, bounds of expediency—this issue I must be met." Goldsborough said. ( Welly K. Hopkins. UMVtf chief j counsel, then Jumped up, objected ! to everything I he judge had said, diet. He contended the court had no jurisdiction In the case. Goldsborough hmncdlnlely overruled the motion. Assistant Attorney General H. outpost north British left. of Sflfnd, thei ! Gaham Morrison llwil nsk«i for I hearing Wednesday on the government's retpiest for a preliminary til- Jerusalem, three miles north where an Arab legion convoy was ertffaged by Jewish fire yesterday Official sources reported thai Arab " ' an officer and three sol- Bt/rTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 25 Years of High EmploymenfSeen restraining order because a majority of miners are back at work. Tlic judge suggested that It would be "n very interesting situation" If diers were killed yesterday when The the Jllstk ' c Department moved to convoy was fired on while passing dlsmiss tllc order «" d Ihe miners the settlement and the escort re-l sllmi| d wiilk out tomorrow morning, piled with machiiieguns and other " c n<1<tecl "'at he did not believe weapons. I the Injunction had been disposed of A number of settlers were report- Hllcl l - lmt " would be considered at ed killed or wounded. Some pill-box-' 10 "•'"• Wednesday, es were demolished at the Jewish Ooldsborough diri not require Mlilement overlooking the nnm- bond to be posted. He accepted all&h road. Arab sources reported Ho Pkins' assurance that (he defeii- thtt traffic on the road had been dants would be on hand tomorrow halted by the fighting. v •. to hear the sentence pronounced. Reporters swarmed around Lewis to ask if he had any comment on the verdict, but he only stared at them in silence. "No comment at all," said Hopkins. In 19W, Goldsborough fined the union $250,000 n day for each of the H days it disobeyed a similar court order lo end B strike In the government-operated mines. He also fined Lewis $10.000. The Supreme Court later cut the union's total fine of »3.500.000 lo $700.000. Goldsborough ruled a week ago today that Lewis had failed to show satisfactory cause why he had failed to obey the April 3 order. Lewis was tried last Wednesday and Thursday. He failed to testify In his own defense. His attorney. Welly K. Hopkins, pleaded only that the government had failed lo prove that lewis and the union had called a strike which threatened to Imperil the national safety. CONTEMPT Continued From 1. Monday—April 12-after getting » settlement of his pension dispute •The settlement grew out of a meeting arranged by House Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr., between Lewis »nd Ezra Van Horn, operators trustee of the pension fund. But not •II the miners returned to work In a key section of his opinion Ooldsborough said: Trtitceship Held Responsible "A« long »s s. union Is functioning M t union, ,it must be held responsible for the mass action of its members. Men don't act collectively without leadership. The suggestion that 350,000 men would get the Idea Economists Also Exptct Price L«y«f to Remain Up WASHINGTON, April 19, I UP) — Government economists believe the country will have 25 years of "relatively high" employment and prices— barring mine unforseen development. The was made in a speclul report to (he House Agriculture Committee. It was prepared by the Agriculture Department's Bureau of Agricultural Economics. "In general, It appears rensonnb- le U> expect * relatively high level of employment over the 25 years ahead "the report xiilrt, "Strong forces will be operating to hold prices generally, including prices received by fanners well above the low levels of the 1910s." Secretary of Agriculture Committee Chairman Clifford R. Hope R., Kalis., asked lor the report to guide his group In drafting long-range farm 'legislation. The bureau said the agriculture outlook tor the next. five lo 2ft years scem.s "relatively favorable." added, however, that some ilj-op In farm prices may be expected. Inrestlfatlon Cited The forecast on employment was coupled with a statement that agricultural prosperity Is linked to the economic condition of the whole country. It listed several factors which, the bureau said, would bar a return to depression days. High on this list were ulncert Increasing unionr/ntion and minimum wage IO.Y.-S. Both, the report said. put a steady floor under wages and thus keep purchasing power relatively high. The report also: 1. Predlcled that better funning methods and Increased mechanization will boost food output sharpiv but a large part of the Increase wll'l be absorbed by an Increasing population which should hit 174,000000 by 1975. 2. Predicted the average workman will turn out about 50 per cent more goods In 1975 than he does now 3. Wnrned Ihero will be no balance on production and consumption of lumber until 197s, 4. Recommended research on better marketing and distribution methods RS a means of bringluc down retail food prices. Trash Fire Spreads Sparki from » trash fire In the rear of tne j. A. Wroten home. 612 West Main, yesterday Ignited R nearby fence. Damage ».„., ,| lglu Fire Chief ROJ Head said. Henri Courier News Want, Arts. ICC Grants Rail Carriers Freight Rate Increases WASHINGTON. April 19 <UP>- I'he Interstate Commerce Commission today granted the nati li's railroads additional freight rale m- wrases estimated to give ujcin »300,000,000 more revenue « year. The carriers are authorized to make the Increases effective after 10 days' notice to the public. The Increases were ordered bv regions. Carriers In tlic Enst im<J Northeast received the largest boost. Commission sources estimated the increase a t iiliout five per cent.. The commission snld it marie the further temporary Increase because current reports of railroad operations "jellect Increasingly unfavorable results and unfavorable (rends because of recent severe Winter conditions, work .stoppages ft.nd like adverse causes." The rnrricrs late lust year were Authorized t\ro temporary increases, totaling about 20 per cent. The railroads have, boon seeking an over-all increase of about .10 per cent, Including the 20 per cent Todays order authorized a 10 per cent Increase in the East, live per cent in the south and live per cent In Wisconsin, Iowa. Northern Missouri and Southeastern Minnesota .Far West carriers received no increase. Shipments moving between the West, South and Eastern areas also were granted a rive per cent rate boost. Specific increases were allowed on H ]OHK list of commodities. Fiead Courier News Want Arls. PLANE CRASH C'onlljiiied Prom I';if>c I. for about 15 minutes after we got there but he was dead when tin v finally got him out." The plane diri not burn. "When (he ambulance arrived they had to move the airplane i:i order to gel the other fellow out." Mrs. Johnson stated. "The crashed with the tail standing ::emly straight' up and pointing more or less Northeast, but after (lie other man was taken out the tail was jiir.t like it is now. pointing Southeast." Mrs. Johnson stated Dint her husband, Elvin Johnson.foimd a wrist watch laying near Ilic wreckage, appurcnlly knocked from one of tiie men's arms, and It had stopped °i 5.20, indicating that the crash occurred at that time. Hicks Yarbrough, one of the owners of the Blythcvillc Flying Service located at the Municipal Airport, said that Paul Ross flew the ship in from Memphis yesterday and that the two men hart made several landings and take- offs at the airport during the day. He estimated the ship had taken off approximately « minute* or one hour prior to the crash. Gale Hanson of Little Rock, instructor for the Civil Aeronautics Administration, arrived at the Municipal Airport here this morning to conduct an Investigation. I Airport officials quoted Nfr. Hanson as saying he is not allowed to make statements as 1 0 the cause of (lie crash as determined from examination of the wreckage and interviews of witnesses. The CAA nlloHS only Information as to the crash, Its location, time and persons involved to be released through its inspectors. Mr. Hanson will make his report to a CAA sefe- ty board, which will pass on the conclusions as to the cause and take appropriate action. Both Men Were War Veil Bert Ross, Jr., resided at 122 East Davis Street in Dlytheville and was eiifc'asoil In (he real estate business with iiis father, Bert Ross, Sr. He wn.s- a graduate of Armorcl Hlsli School and served as a gunner instructor In the Army Vr Force during World War If. In addition to his parents he is survived by his wile, Mrs. Joy Adams Ross one sister, Mary Jo Ross, a member of the Blytheville High School basketball team last year, and one In-other PFC Ncal Ross with the United States Army in Sacramento ' Calif. Paul ROSS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Ross of 45-1 Avalon Memphis. He was born and educated in Blythcvillc and had lived in Memphis only about a year. He was .1 veteran of World War II having Forivd with I lie Eighth Air Force us nri electrician. At trie time of his death he was employed as an electrician in Memphis. In addition to his parents he i.s survived by two brothers, Sgt. Irish Ross with the Army in August;.. Ga., and Sgi. Jack Ross, wi!,)i 'lie Army in IJangor, Mo. Funjrnl arrangements for the two men were incomplete at noo.i today pending arrival of relatives. Cobb Funeral Homo i.s in charge. "NOW TRY THE j GREAT 6 5™ YEAR THREE FEATHERS Here's Something Amazingly New BACK SEAT RADIO SPEAKER! Hoes your car radio bias! you out of (he fronl seal in order thai (he family in (he hack seal may hear? If it does, you need our new back-seal, radio speaker for an «v«n flow volume. Keeps (he back-seat driver engrossed, loo. Nothing like it, you'll say! Enjoy an "Even Flow" Volume Throughout Your Car • TURNS OFF IN FRONT STILL PLAYS IN BACK 9 TURNS OFF IN BACK STILL PLAYS IN FRONT See It Today—InstaINt! Smith Ponliac Co. 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