The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
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j. Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI-NO. 2?,fi THE DOMINAMT NEWSPAPER OP IERNEWS I 1 . ItiBttOCiKi ' ' ' . »^"^ BlythfTlUe D»lly Newi Biythevllle Ccurfcr Mississippi .Valley Leader BlythevlU« Her»ld rH.VTIlliVll,l.E, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20,, low / ORDER AT HOME EDITION^ •Ask's 'Acquittal by Christmas Legislature. Ousts Alexandria;- Officials, Provides for Appointments . BATON riOlIC.E, I,a., Dec. 20 (UP)—The Ixnilslrinn leglslaliui before it adjourned slue die to ' ciay, voted to vacate' every cl 5 I office' In tlic town of Alcvaiidria ' where fire sirens sounded otae Its' foil while Senator itiicy, p. Long was..delivering, a imlillcal speech. The legislature provided that the •• governor, n .follower of Senator Long, shall fill municipal office- In Alexandria by appointment until an election, can }K held in 1330. .It wfls at Alexandria a ycai Rgo that Senator Long was slim <.->«! with over ripe fruit and rotten, eggs while talking from the courthouse steps. PiWnt offti ials ofAkxruulrla nvp bitter for or Long. . The legislature, . moving swiftlj also passeti an occupational ta\ on oil, 'abolished the offfce of park and street commissioner in Baton Rouge, and pae.vd the school .teacher.? bill giving Long's forces patronage over 12,000 school teachers In the state: Amendments .to bills' were reaa by, the hoiiie . and senate clei-Ko niid passed \vith .such rapidlt- [Imt many members were tin aware of tlieli- contents. The measure "ousting Alexandria officials was offered as a bill "codlfylii^ lin-,'i'elatln» to 1111111- iclpahllcs of moie than 25000 pon illation undei the commission jonn of government, the city of HCT Oileans exrepted Both houi-s passed It I Wliat excuse can you possibly SVC JouhaMng this legislature vljlite ^Uttt espic?s»H \;1H, ot the, people. of r Al«kainirin5^Rci)"J!orf Paur wai asked 1 kno» thai thr cltj H mis Bmerned 1 the • V* • •— A I BS III • m 1 9 V/ ii mx LEVIES House Leaders Plan at IllP lax System Goal of i^f, wuMv'^'^r'^ Intlon. The 'group , cxiwcb, however. H cnnnot prevent; a. voto on and-passage of Iho $2.015.000,,000 soldier )»jiii.5nieo.siirc. '.' / Gennal Revision of! En- I IIP lax Syste Fecleial Study WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 CUP) President Roosevelt ' has ordered j a tomiirelienslvp sluilj of federal/ stale, and municipal taxes to work piiffl program for'elimination nf overlapping levies "Sccietary of Treasury'. Henry'•'• Morgenllmii : jr. revealed. today. rho li\ sludy will jat-e In nil laves levied by all goveiMncnts hi an :effort lo get sufficient, dalu |foi t peneial Ira conference to lie celled next summer, - The survey will'.'determine which governments can collect taxes /nost economically and which thlt collections should eo tr> .various WASHINGTON, TKo. -.,2ft rinnso admlnislrallon lenders venlr-il. Imlsy (hfy plan fa fight, early In ihe cession for Imposl-, tier. of. a "gog" on brgaiiired nilii- criiics .m, (list radical ..Mils: 6p- poed by pi, -Mi ten I Rt/.Ssvdl : will lint <:<,me to n vole Georgia Peach 1 Would Quit No,7 Goodfellows Have. Nekrly Reached their Goal ; b( $500 ,'.Y; : ;'H With two soilclUnVroinmlUfces fev Mr TJio mx conference next summer £1111 to report anil with will study the data assembled and additional dollars from lust posaIW> wort out legislation for benefit dance .in prospect 1 ! UK following congiess Goodfellows- club .today \v as" Vrfii- State municipal local and fed- lte 'J' ^Milled of^moie than jJiOi mi- niarj v;oiucci (above) Uopen 711ULL Hiiuni-ipai local anu led- " C1 J »*siiiea oiirnoie than tfiOO the jury trying lier on ctiargcs of H ' 11 govern neiH tO-X tApeits will Io) ^f ! » purchasing fcori and murdering Joseph Colucci." faiher be o-epresenled at thc conference °" ler nilielri foi dhti Iblitlon of her 17 children v outd acquit and : the entire lax situation Will Christmas eve. norm time for her to rejoin her l>c"r c vfevUil with a vlev toward I Cnsh on Imnd at noqii lodaV «ernl revision | wis $-!85 r &9, it v.'as ajinotincsd by Secreian Morgenthau cited the W J ' Wund eHlrh. general ehnli-'- isolme la^ as an example of m ? n ' ,„,, ^ossible leform The lederal gov-h, "l (M1(ton subslanttal mianli- ennnelil sa well as state and local , , IaaA nmi -some clotlvin- have been contributed. Qoodfel- Hve lurvnins suns anil da in tlrre tor (Jlirlsirrns bhe shot hin with his own gl m In self tte- fen^e sli» asse-ls ulien the> met au an elevated train In New i'ork. jovernmcnfs, he 'aid collects gasoline lavs He Indicated that pos- 'lbly_ one agency could heller collect Ihls lax and ledlslilbule It Rosenblatt Announces Ma- chinpty Foi Giving Teeth to Blue Eagle WASHTNGTON Dec 20 (DP)- U'ue caj,le umo.als in the niture lie to be followed qulcklj h\ pra . .stcullon of code violators Sol A Rosenbtett, NBA'" compliance and enforcement director..said today in announcing nine regional centers for .a greatly speeded code" compliance effort. w c >•"'" Regional offices, which are given , authority , to act on ' all code complaints, have, been requested to investigate and attempt, to' •... . * v tfYeairOy Boy' ?r Amputated; Youtli, 17, Has Bioken Leg Tuo souths who ^I^. ne(U- Ca ruthersulle Mo HeftTW the Bis Iheulle hospital \utfi leg injuries todav as the iesu!t pf Hi<rlna\ 01 neai Cariitheis\lllo I1tc and todas Fugene Hedge sl^-icar old son of r and Mis J L. Hejge who r^- sltie 5 miles vest of Cinither-ivllle, an mjurj tote cuplecl - by the Ladles ' Toggen Absolutism Essential 'to Success cluPont Tells SeMloi Nye • -, tint nece&smited amputation of his right leg. Thomas Elklns n son of Mr. and Mrs.. J. v. Hedge, was struck. bv an auto on the highwa) about noon today, seven- inlles'soulh of carulh . Iienec du Pont ersvilte His left leg broken and he may have sustained. Internal Itijmlfc, rom Craw told ol Eoullicisl Pemiscot coimtv was re ported to hi\ e been Ihe driver of the car thai, struck yoiinv Elkim Details of Ihe accident were riot available although the car U said to have strncJ: the youth while tha driver v.-as sttsmptlng ' to avoid striking a hog. The Hedge boy was returning "•"" ~— school and sas struck just difficulties within'"" 72"houp-i, ll 'i, ^ , "— ' th C y ore reported. Z K$g %™£!tf*& iivr Hiation prores the complaint luT nno,i „„*,-..„ _." e lampiamt Jus- The ember e ™g ( '*"and work hours, WCre °" lmn<! nro ' name of the driver was not revealed. Mother Bound Over for Poisoning Children UTTLE HOOK, Dec. 20 (UP)— , Wre. Minnie Rose Jenkins, 28, to ! charged with the poison deaths of her three, children, was bound - , - ajid adjustment fail? reglon- rishl , ra " len may Jar "? B WRA '^'e' 11 ^ ""P'^utl™ in 10Cal tjls f rlcl svm . "^ ti! ; tllls »j»ian lo mate quick inroad's on pending complaints' or- labor and UTTLE ROOK, Dec. 20 (UP)- "•ade practice ' vlblnllbns Of riie' Mra ' ltln " ie Rose Jenkins, 28 former, Avhicli involve fnifilfe ' r ""' "''"' "'" ""'""" """""" " Anheuser-Busch Faces Code Violation Charges WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UPJ- A fcdsral grand jury has Indicted Aiiheiiser-Busch. Inc.. of SI. Louis. on 17 coiitite of, vlalatloi cods of Jnir compelltlon foi brewing industry. Joseph Choale, Jr.,' director of the fed c-ral nleohcl control admlnlstra t!on, announced today. of the H. Masons Meet Tonight The Chlckasawba lodge No. 13J, p - and A. M.. will incet In special TOintiumlcatlon tonight, .v : 3o o'clock. ; >0 fk «-ij| b s given in the entered "1'prensice degree. Vfeiting Masons are invited. -550 on Liquor Charge ,he :hc . senate :iida\ lhat Dec. 20 <UP)•S|Mke=man for -—..,,. x ,,, Iy uuiers.who sire to di, UH, are invtted to can at r tit? olub headquarters lo select a family or, if they-already ™ vf v' a ' Jamlly-in.. , n inU; (p have >t checked froiri thK''llstfto be ! rS!l ral ' e - ot lj .v Hip club. • f.ui -. "f^ 10 ! 1! i? Biv'enjhe club irnit to. Hip. value of S9.20. Tlie Blythcville Canning company lias given tour cases of conned peat nml Mlllor-Crenshaw-- company lias mvei.-livo crates ol oranges Cash cotit— 1 -- I/ - • • • po«d°r indnstiy, told numitions • committee the oul\ way to pre vent vvar is to preixirp for vcar in line of paace. If <iii dont do thai.""he said", 'you'll have:a hell of a time." Questioned hy 'chairman Gerald ?. Hyp. (Rep., ^f. D.I about (he advisability' of conscription oi wealth and Industry in war ttnV, du Pdnl said: "If vve have 'another war we're going to have a. hell of a lime anyway. ''The only ,vra3* to wage a suc- sssful vvar Is to hove an abso- ute monarchy. Caesar and Napoleon found that out." Puffing vigorously on hU pipe he added: "Von never heard of a demo- cracy'' waging n successful war." . . --,-,,..,. of u making or other contributlam-to th .club, liw'.asked,.!" ... E.~ Rlch'mond Co, vv T Eainetl, Merchants Oionsy/The Ci^flon Co., nussDll .Fan- B L .Tones, -R , B. -Woodsoiv P M Mecall, Tliree Slate.5 Lumber Co Htiddleston Qrpcery ro,' Courier I-!L,\VS Co., -S3 each; Roland Green, $250." . C. V Sebangh, a e0 rge jr. Lee, S3 each. - W. C. Ihgginson, $1.50. Mable ilojan,. D. M. Dublin, Camp Monitile, Barnsdall Oil Co., Moore Brothers store,' V. Morss, SI each. .M." T.- Moon, . E. p. Blomeyer, P. W. Carlock, 50 'cents each. In a normal "life" of 50 years, a housewife is said lo spend approximately 10 years in -ioliig her household shopping. Mnsl 'Counly Officials Plan e lo Retain Their" Piesent Deputies ew new fuce.s W ,|J) | )f . notice d i» courlhonsD offices here and n t sceola January l when connti of- neers iilected ,(n Novcmboi- enter upon duties of tlwh- two-yeai IMin'i Some will lie Miming setond levms. two u ihlnl, anil one will lip simply moving froiu one nlllce lo another while still another will bo a former officer reluniln» to Ibe coiinlVB ofllclal family, Miss Carey VVoodburn, who IIP comes county, court clerk, Ivy W Crawford, county' repVcsentimp- etecl.-ll: p. Davidson, who is to be county surveyor, Hugh cralg clr-| Mlt court clerk-eleci, and Rolaiut Clieen.' fitted ns county treasurer arc lhe:new officers; Green Jios served as county treasurer tefore although he hns been out of office for lour years. Miss Woodtmrn BUcceeds ' Prcd Heeman, \fr. Crawford lakes the place now held by C. J. Little In the stale legislature', and Mr. Davidson succeeds W. H. Overtoil. Mr. Grew follows W. W. Holllpoter -iw. treasurer. Mr. Oalnes. Craig wceeds R. deputy lie-has been Slurls Third Tern. "Hold-over" -oflicers • incjudrd County Judge Zal B. Harrison, who will enter on a third lernl.'Sherin Clarence Jr. Wlbon and Coroner W. ( !f. Slovnll. Wils6n 'ivill begin a "third-termer" ha-vlng had no opposition, a race for the coroner's 6rHce botog maisual, JioWver. 'Although' not an elective lool Payroll Office of More Tlirm $'10,000 PHILADELPmA, D«<! 20 (UP) -Pour bandfis under the leadership of Robeit Mais, Pennsylvania's "public enemy number OJIP loday looted the Philadelphia ri- celiic company'^ paji'oll office of Mne<?n fJOOOfl nnd $45,000, A iiumbiM of UK. ia umplojM, who WCIP forced to lie ou the nooi while (he hnwllls \Voiktd, Id- "nllticrt . phologi'uphs of ^fals, an raped ijii,,^ „, j|,p ipartpj. of - Q — , „ u .. ^L.^LK- Ulu^-l;^, film •WV^^^^HMMHMMMIM^R^HHM^M^H^^^MH , Ccofey county auditor 'who 'holds. Asserting lh»t there 8 no use re- In New lork that slio would aetlt irn Arthur R. L. _0aines w l[| wn i k mll of .In New lork that the circuit clerk's 'office Jartuttrv l'' aft aunulmen 5 TO BUI IIP won'l • walk fm. Ho wlli-^ ' h ,?, r n evanlh simply move over' lulo the, assessor's f^ n \ ."' 01torra o ' ty «<»>wst sfiiiner ,."-•• v u .«*. w i. llulcii 1N nq ( |l[]Ql| - — "-^.-..wvo, ^ to those pievlously'acknowledged. . h o f, y Woodbllr '' «'1U'be In [o,lon_: ^ •; - -- • charge of the county clerk's office simply move over lulo the. assessor's office, succeeding joe DlllahunCy With the elections, already fni past most interest now centers in deputies or Ihe various officers No changes will be made In 'depulles of "hold-over 1 " officers" olliers entering offices will retain old dc'uu- tles in most instances. Mis.? Caiey Wobdburn will' be In over to the grand jury todjiv after a jjrcliminary hearing in 'mini Iclpal court. • • Charges agnlnst Dudley Bryan, accused In the slayings, were dismissed. He had been represented os a : friend of the Jenkins fmri- lly'. Two of the children died November. 23 and'the other Novem-1 bcr 24 after taking medicine which " the rather "beloved was quinine. The fajher. Charles Jenkins, was gravely 111 severs! cl.lys from taking the medicine. Investigation revealed Mrs. Jenkins touglil poison under an assumed name,' allesedly to poison niojcf in a flower bed. Reformatory Inmate Wed -Back to Cell After Rite MANSFIELD, Ohio, (UP)—' One of (he few marriages of. an Inmate of the state reformatory hero united Arthur. R,. Ilellinan and Gold!I. Phillips, both of Dayton, Ohio Five minutes after the ceremony,' Hehnan was back in his cell and Ms wife eh route to Day Ion , pTe"a"of"ii,n. our f" yMtcrelay 0)I A n - bridegroom' had been rc-' legal Do^L 5 ', '° e ' cha Vse ol II- turned lo Ihe Institution-.Jive .weeks ,,..-.-. *^r> e --sion . of.. Inloxlcallng before for parole viblallon, to cpm- flete a sentence -'for automobile theft. •!••• u . -. ,.. t bul .., k j UH.IKS oince here, she is withholding appointment of a d.epuly. here, her appointment lo be made'when the-amount of the quorum court's appropriation tor Bsslstance- in the office here is made know. At Osceola she 'UL"*"! 1 T ' W ' Pnlter - «•'"> J «3 cted as deputy under Mr. pieeman Will Relaln Sartahi Hugh Craig, who has been chief deputy circuit clerk under dailies tor tw'p terms, steps Into the clert-'s ""' but will remain at the Oscc- .,. office. His assistant there -vdll be Mia oenldine Liston, ^ho- US ri V -2 • hlm - AddLwn 'Smith will be deputy In charge of the of- fire Here. Kb assistant, it is U n- dewooa._ vrfll be Hllou- aartam, present aepnty here, who l) Hs received endorsement of association. have his wife who him during his previous In office. a s assistant in the A. Pigg, bar . s asss tressurei- office here. J. husband "Don t i former Atlanta beau- glrli r oa\lse» lovoloiu . VVallei legeivn, another lie killp^ also wm In Ihe g The fom imndlli «cnt to Ihe nil (I nooi office!, of the eomp/im lillo n fifth man Mil, outside in m tmlmnoblip Two stood on u iUUncn lo jiicvdit inioi forcnt-c! «lilli> two eiiteied ||m mvioll nom ' Smith Seeks Cooiclinalecl Effoil (or Agiiculiihnl Plotless lloie A 'well coordinated program of cooperation between llur nivtlie- Jlllc Cliambei of Comiueice and Ilic farnms of the area simw-H "S the city will be sought during 03i, It was repealed nt the \KLK- of the chamber, board Solcliers Guard City teiWoiks and^' Negrb, Section of Town "^ Dec. 1(J ----- -jw. t-m;iuit;i,cvi national giimdsmcn. enforcing scml-martlal inw, tcitay i&storcd ordei -liere wlieic l.oco mobsmen rloled yes- , lenlay anil burned Ihe counW courthouse >,/ Thiec himdied state wldlers' rushed hero early today from-difi fereni nolnta In Die state' aft& (he courthouse fire, \veie detailed in pnliols ilbolit Hie public square 1 '' oml negio Ic^lclenllal section They nlso gimhled thc county Jail find waterworks sjstem which rlotefa "iieatehed to dyimlnltc last night*. aoveiiioi Hill ifcAluter order»'» MI tlie militia to return following H* coin thoibo fire and subse-. nneiit ilotlng which local i official Meet Altntk With Gunfire' '•' Tince times jesterday members of the Inob elated with national guardsmen who were stationed about the courthouse in which a Wing negro, E K Harris, 22, nas being tried on charges of " O Smilli, chahtnnn ol ihc Phamber's agiiciiltnin) conmUlw announced, the pcisonal or (he committee and nlso flu? nppolnl- ment or 14 loading farmers lo am« »< au ai\visoiy board i n the tht of . prograin of ag gricultural piogress Menibers who « 111 i serve with SflfS FfiCE LJEL SUIT SeconcrEffoi t of Kmgfish to Dodge $500,000 Action Fails in Couit . . P .... ........ ..employed In the county agent's nf-' cri hlm lll « • flee at oscl^la. wU1 hold dovvn ^ 0 «"e district, tM ft Mmn rln<-,.,l..i- ... .. Mi- r..l^>4 t,(^ r.« - ------- » T...I injiu UO\\ part time deputy's Job there. Mr. -Ggliips has not announced e appointment of a deputy as- amor.for the Osceola district of me county' but I KS reliably reporl- ma=wr , ' ^' Wa<ltlc "' ^l 'known magUjtrate or Oscepln, prominent In r circles, will have the posl. 5,000 Entertained When Ohioans Grab 7 Foxes MIDDLEFIELD, 6. (UP)-^sven were ih e booly In Mlddle- » annual fox hunt, which In- ewted B.OOO persons. Immedlati- Jj after the hunt, the foxes were auctioned and broughl $68 In siUrp bidding. The hunt began at 10 a.m., with a huge circle formed by 1,500 persons, v\ho closed in on 12 foxes, five of which eseap2d when the. ring brok ° 1n b i' <no excitement of crowd. All the animals were caplured alive, vvlOwut . weaporis. •» ""T"^ — —— - . WASl^NQTON, Dec. 20 (UP) — Senator -H u ey P. Long's second attempt !o cancel service of the $500,001) libel suit brought against him by den. Samuel T. Ansell was overruled today by District .Supreme Court- Justice Peyton Qor- ' m. : The Louisiana senator claimed lhnt the common law protected him from service while he was attending a session of congress here but Justice Gordon denied this contention. . Lon? had claimed In a previous motion that the constitution granted him thc same Immunity. When ' supreme court over- . fembeis of the ndvlsoij' board" selected from an Men • attending fiom the Mlssouil line on the north to Burdctlc on the south !U)(! fioni Ultlc River (o Iho Mis alsslppl rlvci, aie o o. Langslon John Smolhcrmnn, O r Tud.or F A Rodgcrs, Tom Martin, A j' fe\ h, Hei-shpl Smart! J p Tomp- Jilns, Chailey Cook, Arthur- Bi it- lain B C Rose J c nilh, MOSJ Smllh and P A Slncy Announcement of a coimnltleo rol thp develooinent of FERA work division project-: ivns also announced fit last nisht'i meeting U B Branson ts the chairman and with him will serve' E. B. Estes, o. G. Hubbai'd, .leff Roland snd Horace Waloolc. .The board, |n response to an Inquiry' from County Judge Zal -B Harrison, ; ndoptcd a resolution recommending Imposition upon carnivals and similar shows a license fee of $100 per ' day for showing in this county Pushed back Into the bhlloto? > guaidsmen met the mob's charses with tear g P5 and gunfire T*n civilians were killed «:,d S3 wotinK I? tno crllicftllVi i*~ Punerel eersicfs were held 4o v - »!8 victims He is survived 0 fa!""* ^ wife and three children.^" R»lv lj.^3 said he VVM onlyjV b^sland- l er The-body of l^r'eeond Jnfn presumably was taken by'relatlves "l^ih'lteaSrt'-! 1 <? ^-''^* ?'' Aftei gunfire.had repulsedThe mob yesterday , afternoon. Judg» Tom L coleman, declared r a mfci i ill >" thc case pf ' tno -ne8fo and Adjt, Gen, J. H Biilew dressed' , the defendant Jn a guardsman's - umfornir put, a gas mask over tils 1 ^ face, nficl lushed him away In aft automobile , >;', The guardsmen then" lefts'tie' building and withdrew to v a distance The mob, enfurlated'~~a°r lomovul of Ihe ne^ro, overturned four national guard trucks at a cornei' of the courthouse square and burned them and then fired the courthouse, a $15,000 str'uc- In the senate niorc than Ivvo years ago. Coiiles of the speech, the suit alleges, were distributed . by Long to reporters and also circulated through Iho mails. City Ligbls Up ALLIANCE, o. (UP)'— The city's Street lights, ' half of which were discontinued early li, ihe year as an economy measure, have 'been turned on again. Safety Director Mark Montague said "Use semi- darkened city had saved $12.000 by tr« move. ...'.. ' it- r .. , lime Indicted l h ° m °-' eel Against Al'kansan . & MUSKOGEE own , - SKOGEE ow ruled his petition he- appealed to -I an v fndlctn^nt the district court, of appeal, and 1 ,,, relurncd the United Stales supreme court, ' •Duns ruling: - • ' (jury at Little Rocfe. Z. E. Zurmehly, General Ansell's suit Lv based on postonlce inspector, said today a speech inade by Senator Long Goodwin was listed erroneously In dispatches yesterday as having been Indicted here \vltli nine others after the grand jury- had studlsd alleged insurance collection frauds on the Modem Woodmen of America. He was on? of ten persons charged and arrested during the investigation of thc case. Zurmehly said that wlills his Information allegedly-involving Goodwin was before th2 grand Jury in Its interrelation with that against E. B. Short. Ira Carter, and Jesse Walking, of Oklahoma, any Indictment against Goodwin would have to b3 returned by a grand Jury in the district where iia was charged. ,, Information ngalnst .Goodwin was filed at Ut- tlc Rock. •• Goodwin's name v.'as Included In a dispatch after Zurmehly had said the Information against all ten /CCIP Wli en you . sit down to your Christmas dinner this year, don't take a chance oh being faced vrllh (he realisation that you negleclcd lo do lust-a HUlc bit for your fellow clllzens .vrho needed j-our help during this winter. Don't have your Chrlsl- mas matrej 1 wllh. the tlioujht lhat your neglecl may bo Ihe cause for some of our people going without Hie things that „.....,.„„ a^miia!, an ten they nfed and were unable <o charged would bs ofta-ej the Jurv get for themselves., tf you will 'Ivre and after Cleon Sumners U nso BljUiDTille -.Relist Scrip oti S district attorns;, had said 'the every occasion where money is i indictments have all b°en roturh'd " Spent In Bljlhevllle—and attach ] • __ the two cent stamp on every Approximately 70QO tons'of fine lurn of the .scrlp-troit can be 'gold arc held by thte counlr,! this secure In the knovtledge'.lhat yon lis thc largest share of the world's are dolnr your part of this big: ]supol> ot fine gold held by anv .Job ;..., "nation." et Cash and Valuables.^ from Baggett Aparthicnt, One of four apartments in the O S Bargett rc-fdence at Chlc*- asawba avenue ana Fifth street, occupfcd by the owner, was entcr- od jeslerday and ransacked, anoui $2o In money, a diamond ring clothing, a gun and other arficlss being removed ^ The apartment was looted soma "me during thc day while Mr and Mrs Baggett. lV ho are rural school icachers, vyers away. Police were working on the case * todaj but had no definite clues as to Identity of the Intruders Mr Bsggstt said he had no information which might helo of- flceis hsjond a description of lh" itolen articles Fire Damage* Garage ; and Servants Quarters A combination garage and servants' quarters at the lesldence of Mrs A M Butt. 911 West Main street, v,as damaged by-fire mte jesterdaj afternoon „ T' 1S , ««• said to, have been caused bs an overheated stove, broke out to the second floor servants' quarters of the buildup HI the rear ol the residence Firemen were forced to turn a stream cf watei on the bulldins for a few minutes to tring the "fire ua- dar control, The loss was estimated at 5300, covered bj Insurance WEATHER Arkansas — Mostly cloudy Ink unsettled tonight and Friday Warmer. In ca-t portion tonight and In north Friday Memphis and vicinity — Partly clouds' fonlght and Frtdaj, no decided change In temperature " Tne maximum temperature here jesterday was 42, hilnlmum 23, cloudy, according to Samuel P. .kniT.s, official ««»ther observer.

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