The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 4
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_BLYTHEVn,LE;_ (Afcfc:) COURIER , .THURSDAY, AUPUST__17,".J983 Big Smoke for Temple thrig Due To Set Con. secu live Game Record -Today; Cubs Lose. iHve Washington Senators set a Baling pace for the American i'i'ue and Ihe New York Yankees i-partlcular, winning ycKcrlny hile the Yanks were losing nnd fl^ased their margin lo around » games. The New York Giants won as le second place Pirates broke ren In two gomes and Increased lelr lead in the Nation*! league iltop to.four games. . -The Nats won from the rhite-Sox 5 to 1 al Chicago. Karl fhitShlll limited the Sox lo -seven Its "and kept tljem well scattered. . toomer by Appllng In the fourth rnlnVaccounted for the only Clil- ago^rf.n. Gaston was the losing Itrtier. Joe Cronln, Nat manage: it fbj il» circuit in the sixth In tng.- The New York Yankees dropped . 13 lo 3 decision to the St. f/iuls Srowo.3 at St. Louis. Lou Gc'nrlg, rank first baseman, tic 3 the mjijor eagup record of consecutive games it 1,307 •established- by Everett icolt In 1925. The Brownies hit t::e >fTerVrigs of Devens,' Mact'ayden i nd'Uhle freely. West of the jrowns hit for the. circuit. ; The' Detroit. Tigers defcaled the 3oston Red Box 6 to 5 at Detroit. Prosier .was the winning oitcfcr-r SLIDES fy BILL BRHUCHEK. iffld Brown the -loser. Walters o! :nt Red SW hit, for four bases. The Cleveland Indians defeated j :he-Philadelphia Athletics 5 lo 4 it'"Clsveland. The Indians scored ;he...wlnnmg ran In the ninth Inning .on successive singles by Averill tl| £orlev' and Cisscll. Harder was the winning pitcher 'and Cain the toser. - Th3 Giants- trounced Ills Cincinnati Reds 5 to 0 at New York. n>t_,.NalIohal league leaders won betinl- the excellent pitching of Hal Schumacher who limited the Reds,' to five hits. It was the Giants 20tl» victory 1 -and Schumacher's seventh shutout. The Gianls collccled 14 .n,Us off two Red hurlers wlUi Derrjnger the lo'sing moundsman. The Boston Braves defeated the Jhictgo Cubs G lo 1 at Boston. The Brdijes after meekly sukmittinj for seven Innings suileenly became MicT-'bolled in U:c eighth and plas- jfjireq Ihe offerings of Tinning and (Herman for enough hits to ac- jcount far ail six of their runs. prlrAm of the Cubs accounted for flheiij only. score <5rT 'rfrfilkhouse pith 1 a homer. i TWe Dodgers and Pirates broke {yen,In two games-at Brooklyn. The -Dodgers won the first 2 to 1 and kthe ^Pirates the second, 11 to . 'French lest to Mungo In a first -gama hurling duel.-while Swetonlc '.)was winning pitcher of thcscc- ; pna; game and Carrol! the loser, j.plet of-the Bucs and Frederick of pe Bodgers hit homers In the sec- ri>nd' game. g'TjK- Philadelphia Phillies and St. f Louis Cardinab iplit two games al Philadelphia.- A home run by Jimmy, Collins of the Cards in Ihe 12tii inning gave the Cards the nrst game, 7 to 6. The Phils won the, second game although limited to five hits by Dizzy Dean. Moore lave the cards eight blc\vs but il'n( them out, 2 to 0. Pop" Warner Is no longer the "Old Fox" of Ihr gridiron. He's now Chief Charging Bear. The furuier Slanforti coacn, nnd present Temple mrnlor, visited some of his old Cnrllsle players among the nincklcel Indians of Monuiim rcrcnlly. When ho lr : fl they gave him that tribal name, n bended buckskin cont, and u pipe to smoke. Above you see him putting up "big medicine" for Temple. Ohosl HoHKt There was a horse among the also-rans the other day llmt must liavc awakened glowing memories of not far distant amo: 1 j who MIW him struggle in The horse was Mate, and he finished nut of the money in a four- horse race. A day or so later a little pony uf n lior.w—vlth a btg heart, however—finished a snappy slx.ll) In tjnnll Held of selllug platers. The nnme wa« Civile Van Dusen, win j;t'r of inc.' Kentucky Derby foui yetu;i ago, ' ' * i I>av-i uf CJlOry Two years ngo, there was i lively argument over the seleclloi ot n rliunipion three-year-old. A majority went lo Twenty-.Gram winner of the Kentucky Derby In a year, the Jockey Club Cup, th Dvvei- Stakes, IMmont Stakes an other rich fixtures. Hut there sll uro manv who Insist Male prove )iln»:Hf ihe better horse. Mate ran third in the Belmon I Ftilurily ihrec years BKO. behin 'nnieslown and Equipoise. As a two-year-old he also won Ihe Breeder's Futurity, the Cham- pajjuc Stakes, the Spalding Lowe '->Vln. ; handicap. Ihe Walden ant 1 olhers. As a three-year-old he was a betterhorsi: than al the same age, bin now as Male lurks in the .shadows. Equipoise is carry- in^ on it) urealness as a five-year- old. Probably Mate's finest race wits tlie 1931 Preakness he won from Twenty Grand, tying Coventry's record of 1:69 for the mile nnd three-sixteenths. Here's Way Grid Greats Spend Summer plays cut down irosslbto Pel (scoring. Gatehouse was the losing pitcher. Tin! Little Rock Travelers dropped 11 2 to 1 decision to the At- iiinui Criickers In a night game at Atluntn. The Rocks scored their run In the second Inning getting off lo an curly lead. The Val;; v sited until the seventh before counting one run and udtlcd the winning marker hi the eighth. Meadows was tlie wining and Nn- Sient ihe losing pitcher. The Chattanooga Lookouts dropped n 5 to 3 decision lo the Birmingham Enrolls at Chattanooga The Bnrons scored two runs in the increase Lead To Two Games; Travelers Drop Game To Atlanta. The Knoxvlllc Smokies ran their margin over the second place Pelicans in the Southern race lo two full games, healing the Memphis. (o " rtl1 «nd three In the sixth to Chicks yesterday as the Pelicans j cinch , the 8 , ame ' Wll " e 1 " lrlcd lest to Ihe Nashville Vols. .-.—...... .... „.—. The .-Smokies the pttchln , With football ju?t around the comer, last .year's grid sreals are working at all sorts of trick jobs In kttp In snap*. The cent push-in t tlie htavy automatic mop around Is Johnny Seixas, University of Suuthern California rniL T:te thurt-weifht iceman is Gordon Clink, Trujan fullback, and the cop vbo's him out Ls Car Matthews, a. Hoh McN'rish, barkfleld ace. Bflnw are Trojan ditch dtfgtrs, Julius Btwos, ejid, Southern California's Colorful National Aces Build Muscles .in Off Season. BY KRSK1XE JOHNSON NKA Sen'U-e Writer LOS AN.GBLES.—Getting ready for another gridiron season, with high hopes for n third successive national championship, Southern California's inlgiily Trojans aic not Idle these days. Coach Howard Jones has devised ways and means for hardening the muscles of his returning letlermen and likely prcspects. • . . No matter where you go hereabouts, you flna athletes of Troy toiling away uirough the hot summer days. They're icemen, 6itc!i- dlgge/s and what-nots. Cal 'Clemens, halfback, whose placement, kick beat Washington last year, and Inky Wotkyas, full- balk, are general utility men around the university campus. They dig ditches, mow tr.e spacious lawns and lug heavy furniture around. The oilier day they painted a fence around tlie practice field— and -used green paint, probably in honor of Notre Dame. 5 * 0 Julie Bescos, end. and Bob McNeish, halfback, are digging ditches around the campus to keep in shape. The latter, whose passing last year paved the way to mcie than one touchdown, is tossing tie dirt around with the same accu- Dill VOU KNOW THAT— 111 a greyhound hurdle race recently at Beverly Hills, Calif., two dogs leading the field took the last hurdle together, then slopped to fight while the other puppies E>ounded past them. ... It is one of Hughle Crit?.' s suer- slltlous practices to pick up tlie other second baseman's glove and toss it a few yards. . '. . once Rabbit Maranvilie took his Classic In the splendid time of. glove to the bench with him. 2 -02 2-5. | stuffing it into his pocket . . . and Tughie ran to the Braves' tench, lifted the glove from Rabbit's pocket and gave it. a fling. . Washington crew coach Al ,\ S73.MO Purse Al the Derby distance of a mile and n quarier that year, Mate w'as hiird to .beat though he did trail'; Twenty Grand and Sweep All under the wire in the Derby. He won the American Derby at Chicago, telling n new record of 2:04 1-5. He: won the Bowie Handicap at a mile and a half In the good time of 2:32, and the $73,000 Arlington VINES' BAD NEWS i steiidlly for Birmingham and Dud-, Inn handicap at Bowie. — • ' But that was two Keeping In trim between races, Mate went i'l> to Toronto and won the' .Stanley Produce purse at Woodbine without even rolling up ' his sleeves, and went on to prove; utbrilkson say;: the rerovery his ability to run on nil kinds of Hacks - by copping the Thanksglv-1 1J luirlor. Mock inkln- u-nn i m , iw-hiiH 1 le - v wns the losin s pHcher. Wild- But that was two years' ago. n» nf J^Iil Th ^ 1" |dcy. Lookout outfielder, hit safely, Nov; Mate runs fourth in n four>d Memphis hurling'tor' ln his ' 23rd con ' cc>ulvc B^nic. Ab-; horse race. And Clyde Van Diisen, ^L lh :,?T lr 5S!. l .,!n e J CS !!!Ji t! " !a ^ ^Ll!^!.- UU aU'lhe way. That's the way and Brazlll of the Chicks hit homers for „ futile a D. .Kent and Beaucha,,,,, '••"'w- • i Hawkins made an accurate repro- 1 tomorrow The Pelicans were blanked by [ tiuetlon of the Prince of Wales' i .' Chaplin and the Vols 'at Nashville, ranch In Alberta In. uuttcr for the dust all the wny. That's the way I it gofs, as Sweeney says—you're 1 ' and on your after the stroke is more inipor- Inn!. in crew success than pull- Ing the oar. , . icore 7 lo 0. Chaplin limited the I exposition ill Wembley, England; A meteor that Is white hot on I Birds lo seven scattered hits while ,2'.'^ tons of Canadian -butter were the ositslde may be 400 dfgrees be- v . Child Poor Salesman "SEATTLE tUP) — While .f ''his mother wns away, nine-year-old Charles Olsen sold a stranger at the: door three gold lockets and a gold chain for 25 cents. His mother told police the articles were worth nearly $30. Hie Vols gathered 15 blows. Three used. ' low zero Inside. R«art OmlniT News Want Ads. THE CHAMP WHO'S KNOWN AS LOU By Laufer GOLF —=-Sy /f?r KRENZ racy that he does a pigskin. Johnny Seixas, another good end, is learning how to crouch by scrubbing floors. « Dive Packard, guard, Ward Browning, tackle, and others are doing odd, but heavy, jobs around the school. Over at Catalina Island. Gordon Clark, who looks like ,-,,,, a cinch lo cop Ihe All-America , L? f'^ CP 3 ™ 1 ' ° ye °' fu'lbak berth this year, is I""-'— trie ball," holds true in golf. In irf £ 3 lining up the swing, taking the club back in the backswing and part of the downswing, the good Soatbern leant W. L. Cncxville 30 ^ Orlenans 29 : How They Stand 25 Jashvtlle Memphis 25 24 JUl'e ^lock 26 27 Sirmrrfghnm 23 25 Pet. 19 .612 22 .509 23 521 .510 .491 ^fg Jhatjanooga 24 29 .453 19 32 .313 National Lcaimc W. L. Pet. 64 43 lev York j Pittsburgh uhicago it. iLtnils Sostfln >hlla:elpMa 3robkb}n 4 Jinfinnati '.'. 62 49 61 50 61 53 59 52 40 63 44 63 44 B8 *«»tlcan Ltaurnt W. L. 'zihln'gton 72 38 • ' "-" 65 55 54 Cleyeland 56 59 .457 Detroit 55 jg .481 *icago 51 59 .464 48 51 43 72 -- Today's Games . i SMrf^em ly^iMK 1 Memphis at Knorville. :Birmlnjham at New Orleans. CJiattanooga at Nashville. Little Rock at Atlanta. ' American ly»rn- N«w'York at St. Louis. Boston »t Detroit. Philadelphia at Cleveland. ; Washington; at Chicago. CONNECTIONS TO KEEP WM rth Vines is Iri for an- nilier nightmare session of tennis ir he meets Fred Perry in Ihu Men's"' National singles to bn held In September. 1'erry, shown ubnve as he arrived from England, is the fellow 'who •Rave Vines a dnibbiiiK .in tlie Havls Cuu singles, arid who was tlin Mg noise in the Knelish' win over tUe French for possession o! the cup. . • '•-• Natta*! „. L^iltsburgh at Brooklyn". tCSnclnnatr at Hew York. 5 Chicago 'at BORton. *-Rf] Louli at Phllao>Iphh. | ton 1» m»O by pourTng mol' *(U1 law » lone nuuj with •••••"• tttiebee to It; the ' the CIM thousand three hundred and 1 cjght consecutive gamesl With the .completion of that eighth game, the old larruper, Ix>u Gchrig. Ihe big, bruising, belting first-sacker ot In; Yankees loday Lrokc little Everett "Deacon" Scott's record. . . Scott, the trail littls shortstop of the Red Sox. v.r.o started his stiing ot 1307 comes with Boston In 1916, and fuiUhtd" with the Yanks in 1922. ... Bolls nearly slopped Scotly's , . he had one on his f:ye one day and rtldn'l go nearlPcotly had to s]»nd $42 fo I he ball park and it mtiio<i j rare in order lo get to llic ball so hard tint the game had lo be , park in time to play i>arl of ca!l:d off, saving his chances. ] L'.iine, He played r, series In Chicago with Tllm mttc ,, ot , y nearly stopped Ihe string, loo. . . m"^"^^!'" attack'of Vinr»i-n^ i ii-ilrl nnn [Vint Kntmltl ' . «iv*ntii ui heaved a one that caught Scott behind the h;ad and laid him out until game time . . . Mtsslnj a train in Indiana nearly cost "Deacon" his honors. The trr.m TVM< playing In Chicago and '• ub. Now Gchrig . . . built in direct 'h'' ontrast to the Iwo little fellows, !>Cott and Scwell . . . a big Jo? :-.-(.mc co,ual to ,ihc (ask ot heroic ivnti ork on the diamond, iieni. Perhaps there's some youngster "it's.l.-'ist starting out on the road to , . , - nails a new record for consecutive camel vlilch threatened to ruin '.is c;i- ,i ly ed. . . When he passes Oeh- leer if he didn't lay OIT for a !1g - s n , 3r |c he'l Inot only have set tf-ell. slepped, in ana stopped him. : , rccordi ,, ut . wm navc ^^ n one At that Joe set a record;,; the grealest players In base- the lumbago and insrown NOTICE Notice is hereby, given that a suit has this day t>een filed in the Chancery Court for the Chlcka- 'fiwb'a District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas against Clyde Robinson; Ada Robinson; Mrs. G. W. Miller; Mrs. Lee Richardson; Mrs. Paul Elam; Tom Miller; Mary Phillips Robinson and r-'.rs. C. D." Elam, by which said plalnlifT seeks to miiel and confirm his title to the East Fifteen acres of the North Half of the North Half of the Southeast Qusv- !er of Section Ten (10), in Toivn- s-hip Fifteen <15) North. Range Eleven 111) East, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. Plaintiff particularly seeks to set aside, as constilutin? a cloud i.pon nis title, the following miti- li-rs. to-wit: Decree of Chancery Court, rendered May 19, 1933, in case number 503C. styled Mary Philli|>s Robinson, plaintiff, versus Clyde Rob'nson and the defendants above named except Mrs. c. D. Elam. which is recorded in Book 11, at page 190. of the records of tlie above named court. Report of 'snle submitted by R. L. Gaines, as commissioner of said court under the above decree, showing a sals to Mrs. C. D. Elam of the Knst 7'.i acres of the lands above described, under datfe of June 21, 1933. which is on file In the office of the clerk of said court bi;l not recorded. Commissioner's deed from R. L- Gaines. Commissioner, to Mrs. C. D. Klam. attempting lo convey the lands last above described, which deed Is dated Juno 27. 1933. and is on file in the ollice of Ihe clerk of the nbovc unmix! court, but is not recorded. Order of the above court, dated June 27. 1933. approving the nbove mentioned commissioner's deed, which Is on file in Ihe office of (he clerk of the above named court, but Is not recorded. All parties having or claimini to have any Interest In or lo the property first above described, are warned to appear in said court ice. At the same spot, Oar M ews, a neaty little quarterback, is policeman. Homer Griffith, backfHd ace, has been crooning at' dances, but now will join Irv'Warburton. Aaron Rosenberg, Kenneth Pay, Ford Palmer and Bob Erskine for wc^Jt in prop roams of Hollywood film studios. Tis said the boys get lots of hard work around there, lugging scenery and .sound tnicks around. Tony Beard, fullhack, is hcnding out'tickets as a speW^«p-jKaS«c» ramcnto. George Lady, who-wnf'fin Ernie Smllh's siige slioss at'tacklel. is lifting crates in a Merced fruitf packing plant. Curtis Youell. center, and Al Reboin, halfback, are driving gasoline frucks. Larry Steve n.s, a tough tackle, is one of the few non-working Trojan gridders. Larry is improving his mind, instead o.fhis body and. pockelbook. by attending summer 'school. • Hugr Skull Unearthed ORVIETTO, Spain (UP)—A huge skull, apparently that of a prehistoric animal, was found' in ah j- Roller has his eyes riveted on the excavation here: Four teeth still | ball. But after the first part of remained in the jaw,- 'each almost the downswing, according to ob- j three inches long and almost two servers, the player doesn't notice inches wide at the base, the ball. He doesn't look up, however, and j n that lies the reason for. a good ;hot. He keeps his head down and, in so doing, brings the clubhead down through the correct hitting sector and smacks the ball on the Keep the body bent and the head down until the swing has been completed through the ball. If the head is raised the stroke probably will result in a topped shot. •-vilhin sis weeks after the date i hereof, and set up their claims; 1 otherwise the same will be for- fvcr barred and precluded. Dated this 8th day of August. 1933. R. L. GAINES, Chancery Court Clerk. Reid. Evrard & Henderson, Attys. for Plaintiff. 9-16-23-30-6-13 ORANGEADE Made from Tree Ripened California Onuutes TO YOUR HOME Before Breakfast Every Morning y. Pints 5c Pints Sc Quarts 15c At All Stores and. Restaurants Bennett's Dairy Phone 74 for consecutive games wllli one | i.sli.«. as txm Ins Read Courier News Want Ads, / i while in jt Louts stop at |[ffeciive/!HotelCWRIDG€- I / ' ON LOCUST AT 18th o\v, jln keeping with .the trend of the times and mdintdininvfour l^ddership in . K Dr-ICe Coffee ShopS- Dining Room LbBr-wkfost 35{ Lwncrieon 45$ (•eduction ini all dep<ir1ments Garage I B€ST 75* DINNCP. IN ST.LOUIS When in Memphis stop at Hotel C/aridge some manoff/rtftif 350 i ROOMSj EACH WITH I PRIVATf BATH j b SHOWER' (IRCULATING ICE WATER from i M/VZ? Sff ST. LOUIS W/TH W'HAT YOU WV£.'

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