The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 3
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\VEDNKSDAY. Al'KIl- 8, 1031 m.YTIIRVTLI.F:. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 'THRRL Young Officials Guide State's Destinies j ([5[|J[[ ^}[$ La Folio; le Boys Lead 'mlli Movemen!." In Slate Politics. HyNEAKirvIre MADISON. Wis.-Undcr the leadership o! [he str.te's 31-year-old oovwr.or and 35-ynr-olrl U. S. sv'i- ator. a "youth movement" probably unlike any ever before >.c';n i" American politics has r:s?n ti power in Wisconsin. The liberal political mv"'T>\ | that "FiBhtini! IJcb" biFoll?tts !^' : • for nearly a half c-HHiiry is m v I as the cumulative resi't cf ?-'-•>."' elections, resting on t'ne youns bit' : strong shoulders of a band of j youthful LaFollel'.eil»s who ar» still ; in their 20's and early 3Q's. Oe:u- i pyiiv,' high oinecs, they domlnan . the legislative and a-.l.'n'nistrativ? i (program of Ihe commoiuvealth. i ;' Older men, of cours?. play a vlf 1 | I part in fumulaling and carrying i out the program aiom l'i r > l''' r > I that old "Fighting Dob" laid down. . but they are not the leaders. With I a few exceptions, they ar; casl in j the rcles of followers. . 1 Brothers llolJ Leadership | Seated ol the pinnacle of Wis- ' LEADING THE cousin politics and officialdom i Kntlirwn mill John Franklin now- cn iiml Neva Uncuorcor chopped In UlyHitvHV;, Salmdny. Mrs. Wnltrr Wood altenilcd ft cluh meeting nl Nodena, Thursday. Mrs. Clnrcncc Vollnier ami dauiilitM- of niylhevllle Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M, (I. Cooke anil Mi. inn! Mrs. Trunk Vollmcr. Miss Flor'.s teuton of Memphis Is Hie gui'sl of her .sister, Mr*. John Crwun and Mr. Cowan. l.uxoni visitors, Sunday. Mrs. Ulluhmily ami children ot Illylhcvllle vine tho (jiiesUi of Mrs. C 1). Wixxi unit family and Mrs. Tom Ual'ey, Sunday. Kale liojiers and Kllnor Slioiir t|>cnl Saturday In Hlylhevlllc. All fr«sh-water eels found In America and ' Europe, no mailer how remote from Ihc coast, are* hatched from eggs deposited In'j the Atlantic Ocean In the neigh- „ liorhood of Bermuda, New York Cntton NEW VOIiK. April 8 (UI')-Col- (Cnnilnuod from i»« onsl Miss Murgurct Moffll, teacher of ">» d°s«l bard/ stt-ady. to r.iiml ami no seinsh purpose exprosslon In the Lexington, Tcnn.l «1>™ '>')>'» '°» J and will iry to betler conditions high school spent Hie week end «» «-< «-' '"" In Blythevllle. 1 hold no malice with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. >;.-«'> }»« w» }"» ™ ' °« < ™ and vuil appreciate the honest, slncrre co-operation of every clll- ron of lilythevllle." Mayor Heed stated (his affr- noon that he had not selected his nupoitiiive ollicers. However the mayor added that he would cart- fully Investigate the merits of tneii A. Motfilt i Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nclling of;'/ rc ascco'.a wore visitors In Luxmn Sunday. Mr. and Mr.s. John Cowan were O.siTolu visltois, Suudiiy. Miis lOil/abclh Siinian. student March 1RM 1110 1159 I1H llil 10BS 1100 1111 close 1015 1038 icna 1093 1103 1117 nl Jackson University, Jackson, umirr ccmlderolion and make lilij r ^"»-. and Miss Anna Mnrtjaret own appointment:;. Close alien- Wood, student at William Woods lion would be etven to his sclrc- College al Fi.llon Mo spent e | liens Muyor U«d said and he Ea-'.^r holidays with their paicnl., ' askrd dial miittru concerning lhe] ll( ' r o I iier.ionm'! of his organization be' Ml students ut Spirts C|ii!el al 1015, olf 15. New Orleans Cotton r •' M'«cs Evalyn »»d Clmly... Sco July NKW ORLEANS. April 8 111! 1 ) — Collon closed casHr. cprn high low close - • ' ,, j,,.,, , :«'> s l> e:l1 Sunday In Jon s I toro us the gurats Of Mr. WimmS 'YOUTH MOVEMENT' 1 In Wisconsin politics are Ihc-se outstanding figures: (1) Senator Robert M. LaFollette, 35 years old; i2> Governor .Will LaFolletlc, 31 years old; (1> Representative Stanley | Senator'Hobert M. IjaFollette. Jr..' w gi ae= , i 07, mentioned as LaFoUetle candidate for Congress; 14) Glenn D. Roberts. 33. law partner ot 1 35-year-old son of "Fighting Dolj :''i senator laFolldte and an administration spokesman In state senate; (5) Representative who has already served nsavlv «v • years In Ihe Senate seat once held by his father. In Wisconsin's executive chair Is Governor Philip F. LaFollette. 33- year-old brother of "Young Bob." Under their mines is a list of three congressmen, more than 'V' of the leading members of ihe leg- senate; 15) Maulhe. 23, chairman of house committee on labor; 1C) Robert A. 'Nixon, 30. house and chairman of judiciary committee. Curltou W. I.aFollctte noor leader In the Easter Ueli yesterday. Mug certified bv the fiiclicn commii.slon nl Osccoia I today. ! Oilier Dell officers elected nnd parents j • certified by the commission were' Miss FJIwitelh S'jann was a vis-, ; Otlo llradberiv, recorder; M. W. Itor In nlylhrvnlc. Friday. | L. M. Moody. Jim Wilburn. MI S -VS M-ible and Adele Qeorue, Elliu\bcth Davis, and Edna Gcoij^o attended Ihe show at lilylhcvllle. Sunday. The Epworth of the Melh- udlst churcii enjoyed a party Biven at ll-o church Thursday night, .ich member bringing a Kuesl. Games were enjoyed until a lalej hour when refreshment! wore sen 1 - [ ed to Ihe 35 present. 1024 1W7 100D 10-18 1053 1035 IfliO 1033 IOCS •f 1IUI 1104 1080 .n 1110 1113 I(WU arch 11-'8 1W8 1118 Spots steady at SH3, olf 12. 1018 10-13 1074 1005 HOib Courier News Wnnl Ails Pay. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATF.S FOR •niB joNEsnono DIVISIOM OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. IN 'HIE MATTER OF Hiounc & Billings, Inc. IN BANKRUFrCY. To the creditors of the above'" nntncd bankrnirt o! Blythcvllle In . the county of Mississippi, Division " and Dlslrict aforesaid, a binls-."" nipt. NniicL 1 Is hereby given lhat on April G, 1S31 the above named peti-"" liontr v/as duly adjudged a.banfc- mpt, nnd the first meellnj of the' i-reditois will be held al my olflc'q'.' hi the Clly of Junesboro, In said .. Dlslrlct on .April 17, 1831 ai 2 P. M.. al which lime the Eaid crcdl-"" tcrs may allend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examlrs the bankrupt, and transact such o.he'r'" business as may properly come be- . Ii.rj sold meetinij. At Joiiesboro, Arkansas, IhW"; April 7th, 1931. F. C. MULL!»I_X, Referee in . M F. UrownTcc and U. II. Secoy, I aldermen. led the fight at the Inst which brought about repeal of the pichiKllcn enforcement act in Wisconsin. .. ., iiFolletf I exception of Mauthe. all are With only three or four cxcep- , tions. all ot these youiw Wlsc=n- ! university graduates. sin officials are LaFolletteites. j Democrats lour,-, Under this youthful leadership a ! The little bloc of five liberal and comprehensive reform in the assembly is also ed., program is being carried through members. The youngest o tUcsc L the present Wisconsin legislative Cornelius T. Young of Milwa.iNee. session and into the statute bosks , who is 23. Another is' Jerome rox of the state. The program is prece- i of Bullion, the 26-year-o.d son 01 Luxora Society—Personal . Gains One-Sided Over Cooter Man in Race for Superintendent. COOTER, Mo. — In for m a tion _ . available here Ihls morning indi- sicns ot 1901. 1903 and 1005 mukr leader, Leo Fax, who was a c-mm- ratcU thc election of Harold F the leadership of '•Fi-jhtlnt/ Bob." • dale fcr lieutenant governor m ISUB. Jo]lcs of Carutliersvllle as supsrin-i who was then serving his thr-:» , Among other youthful memDcr.-1 (cnt)cnt of p em i.; CO t county school; I ,\!crrns as governor of Wisconsin. 'of thc lower house are David b:^- , by a bjg mn j or |t y over FY C d Cope- i ll'" 1-,^.^ rtf f~<nnt nv to 227. Mrs. Ro'.ljrt Boston was ! elected to t1:e board over B. J. Lawler. Negroes were refused the privilege of voting In the Cooter precinct. In ihe Cooler cily election Hucy iMlchlc. J. M. Rice. J. E. Chambers I A. A. Williams, and E. Brooks were elected to the city council. LM Lilt aiuiL. 1, lie [JlUftiuiii ia pii.i.i_ ; wi i.uiiiu'*.. -- denied only by that durin? the so? ' a prominent Wisconsin nemo:rauc - Steel c Votes Annexation I STEELE. Mo— Volers here Tuesday passed by a vole of five to one the proposal to annex U additions Mcsdames Harry Worslcy and \V C. Howaid shopped in Blythevllle Friday. The seventh and eighth erades cnapcroivd by Mrs. John CocXron The senior play "Peggy's Chauffeur" sponsored by Mr.s. C. B. Wood and given nl thc high school nudi- lorUim Friday night was a success. Special eiilcrlnlnmcnl was uiven between thc acts of the piny by- local talent and was very much enjoyed. Tilda numbers Included a song. "Going lo Ihe circus given by allows, returning home | Q c Driver ami Olivia Graham: a dance by Frances Llvcrant nnd Travis of Osceoln nnd selections by thc "Kiddle Band" coin- hiked to Spanns Island Monday night, where they roasted weiners and ni- di nine o'clock. Miss Cora Len Coleman, county home demonstration agent from Blythcville. met with some ladies at the home of Mrs. B. W. Thweat, Wednesday afternoon and organized a home demonstration club. Mrs n W. Thvn?ut was named president, Mrs. Walter Wood, vice to the city. The additions have a , president and Mrs. Herman Kress, -taxable value of $500,000. ! Secreta The next meeting will George W. Cook was re-elected; bo at the home of Mrs. Charles mayor. Aldermen chosen, are Fred Kclley, J. B. Morgan and E. P. Floor Loader Is 30 man of Two Rivers, who is 20; A 30-year-old assemblyman. Rob-! golf Rasmus. Chippewa Fails. 2-,: ert A. Nixon of Washburn, is Ihe ' Oscar J. Schmiege, Appleton. *.* LaFsllctlc floor leader in the lower' Karcld C. Makhc'.v. Green Bay, 28; LaFsllctlc floor leader in the lower Karcld Q. Maicnc-.v. <_>i'-r=» u n ,. --. vious clect | on ;„ cooler. Dr. L. E house where most of the Important ; George M. O'Connor. Huncocs.. -a, Co ,. ner rier( , a t e( j Hucy Miclue for ? land of Cooter. The school election, locally, produced more interest than any pr« chairman" of the judiciary commit-: ministration spokesman in t..' tee of the house. I upper housj. Roberts succeeded One. of Nixon's chief aides is Carl- LaFollette as district attorney o! ton W. Maulhc, 23-year-o'd s-n of i Dane cou'Hy. They were classmalc; n Fond du Lac manufacturer ana . at the university, millionaire. Though born and rear-1 Another member of the snnat°. cd in wealthy circumstances, and i sometimes regarded as an adrnin- thouifh he is a corporation cvccu- j istration spikestnan. is Senator live himself, young Mauthe has | Thomas M. Duncan, Socialist mem- s;at en the board of Cooter Con- posed of Ihe primary pupils. Mr. and Mrs. G'onn Matthews and daughter. Louise, were Osceola visitors. Sunday. Misses Dixie Howard, Margarcl and Mildred Rtclmrdds, Mablc and j Acdle Geome, Vivian Lynch and, Margaret Worslcy motored to Os- 1 ceola. Sunday. PHOENIX. Arizona. (UP) —Thc "Sun bath" fad has found favor with latorini; nun of Arizona with I Ihe result that seeing a workman doing his tasks under n hot sun so'.iilaKd District No. 5 by 229 vo:es nude from the \va!st up is commo been a leader in the LaFolleUe movement. Youngest in History The 23-year-old Fond du Lac assemblyman is chairman of the committee on labor in the house, and from Milwaukee. Dun p :an is only 38. but is a veteran of nearly a decade, of legislative sessions, and | Is chairman of the Joint comnvl- j tee on finance, the most Important | committee in the legislature. is the youngest committee chair-1 Fennlor Leonard Vcns. 32-vear-|| man in the history of the Wisran- old Milwaukee mcriibsr, is an-ther -. J sin legislature. He has already serv- LaFoHetfe leader in the cd previous lerm, havin? b^r elected a few weeks after he became 21. Manthe is nat a college graduate. After leaving high school he worked at common labor in one of his lather's manufacturing p'.ants for two years, and then made a • months' tour of 18 foreign countries. Returning, he spent a year in a Massachusetts business college, and then entered the employ of one of his father's corporations. • Tackles Complex Problem Though still tne youngest member of the legislature. Mauthe i<i leading the firrr.t for reform in thc ' most, complex and intricate .1eU ~ the legislature has to deal with- insurance. He has drafted a bill fr a complete revision of the state's insurance laws, and for a new system of insurance rate regulation. In taxation battles, the LaFol- house. He is sponsoring a $0.000.005 j unemnloymcnt relief program, a:id a plan for a $5.000.000 fund to make i small loans nl low interest rates. I A 37-year-oid senator. Orland S. Loomis, Mansion, piloted the Li- Follette ntilitv proaram Ihoujh Its j | siormy career in the senate. Jack K. Kyle. Governor LaFol- j I kite's executive secretary, is '.7. and 1 is beinz menlionM with 27-year-1 old Assemblyman Sla?g as tl'e I'rr*- j gressive candidate for Ihe Rennh'i- j c^n congressional mminition in the ' first district. LiFoilette's confiden- [Inl secretary. Edward G. Uttcl. i r ; ?8. and his executive CTns?l a"-i le?nl adviser. .Samuel Becker. Is 31 Governor LaFollette's flrst nni" 1 -' apnolntment was that of David Ul- • lenthal. 31-year-old C v ica"D att^'- ' nev. ns a member of th-> s'nte nlH- , itv commi.'slon. Ull«nthnl Ls s" n - ' relarv of thc American nir Ass^- cialion's comniiltce on nubile Discount to All Owners of CHEVROLETS On I'arfs and Repair Service, Including Washing and Greasing. During April And Look at These Tire Prices . They've NoW Available to You Wholesale. Icllciles in the bouse are led b.. a 33-year-old assistant professor li( y law. and for several economics at the University of \Vls- I was an Instructor on nnb'i,i iitTt-' consin—Assemblyman Harold M.! law at Northwestern University. !'" Groves. He is an authority on tax-1 aKo led the fliht of chic 1 ""* tel"- ation and Indiislrial problems at- i phone users for reduced rates, an-1 fectins labor, and on several occa- won. sions Ihe L^Follelte forces have | T.apollpite his also an-viintoj " passed major reform bills because 26-year-old the Inability of ths oppositioi floor leader to cap? with Groves' nrgumcnts. Groves and Nixon are both sponsoring unemployment Insurance bills and other legislation affecting labor. May Run for Congress Another LaFollette leader in the assembly Is Stanley W. Slagg. 27- year-old Edgerton attorney, who Is being mentioned as a passible candidate fcr the seat In Congress left vacant recently by the death of Henry Allen Cooper, 80-year-old judce. a 33-vir-' member of the board of re"cnts and n 32-year-cld m°m'i°- | of the board of normal .school re"*- j ents since he took office In Jami- j ary. Warn Atkins! Corn. Cotton Too Earlv At meettnes of Bovs and Girls "J nhibi tht^ week thp countv a«- rlciiltnral and home demonstration nrr-nts are stressing th« need of not plantinz cotton arid corn too esrlv and th3 care of young vege- Wlsccnsln veteran. At 23. Slags was ] t ^ v , sar dens assistant ("strict altorney of Uinn Tho Arm "c, dub met Monciav county, the second largest In th?U. lth Mif5 Cora lfe Colcman and state. The district attorney was i j. E . Crilz in cn , ln; c. Tuesday they then the 28-year-old Philip F. La-1 wt , nt , 0 B r0 i vrl Spur BIK ]' Half Folletlc, now governor. , M COI , nnrt tnc shawiiec's Women In their n;ht for bankin; re- Communllv club is meeting Wcd- forms and to curb chain banking | nesdav with Miss Cora Lee Colc- In Wisconsin, the LaFolletlc group nrn in charre. in the lower l-.ouss is led by E. Mer- Tlw 4!t club of Ekron and the U. S. Royal Cord She Sale 1'rice Tube 21x4.50 $6.20 $1.30 20x4.50 ? 5.90 §1.30 19x4.75 § G.80 $1.35 32x6.00-10 ply §33.60 $3.80 U. S. 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Think of it - - - This beautiful walnut vanity dresser, poster bed and night table for only &4J./i> as long as they last. You Can't Afford to Miss This HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blythcville

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