The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1948
Page 10
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 194§ BLYTHBVT • —— — :—-— _____ _ _.^^__ ' n U-»IjlS \ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople (ARK.) COURIER NEWS wen., LOOK.' THERE'S ,OKJ'y ONE VACANT LOT, AKJ' REMEMBER OTHER PEOPLE GIT SOD THE RE, TOO, AM 1 HEy GOT ALL TH' TOP LAYER--SO I STARTEP FROMTH 1 NEXT LAYER.' X HAD AW A I»J& DRSAM WHILE rs\\PP,UG (A IT A *c PIUS DOT OF A BOTTLE: MAK.KEO "AMIK ASJD e» AT& Ht- «.'.•%.¥ ED Of ALL ~I>V FAT, THICKS HEAD — Oo— A. SON OF MINE.'.'SCALPED SOP HE YOO'Re ALV.AVG NIMG OUT A TOPPED o^ OP A SCOR . _ I\e RACKED A\V BRAIU ~K> SlftMP WILLT^KE: A POSTCARD To AhiV -v O-s ! PAR.T OP tv46 -C\ Ni-> VOMITED STATES/ THIS IS SERIOUS .., WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY If There's Any Luck, He Should Have It . Pa. (OP)-A fonr- lt^ clover is no great trophy tor Samuel s. Hartzell, president of a local electric light company. Not only has lie found 60 four- leaf clovers, but has come \ip with 39 five-leaters and one o[ the six- leaf farlety. Hartzell has been hunting (or multiple-leaf clovers since he ,-e- tlred In 1931. His other leisure time ts spent In tinkering with motors. $800 Goes With Garbage But is Found in Dump OKLAHOMA CITY (UP) — Mr.'. P. C. Smith was ready to believe in miracles after garbage collectors hauled off MOO she had placed temporarily In a trash box In the Smith grocery store. Then, forgetting the money, she helped garbage collectors haul tlia box out of the store. An hour later she remembered, and her husband dashed after tlie garbage truck. He enlisted five workers to help him at the city dump and after an hour's search. the money turned up. Smith tooK /Ae innocent By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEC SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICC. INC. THIS srilHl. HMiirnr, .«„,,„ 100, i. l.u.Uo. |li r » r !!„„ . « »n»e brouekl krr u.i „„,! _ | •vhoi. .k, II,,. i, , kr ;.„„„,„ Ike ronra.Unt lr«l. ,hr »irr , ,,,_ ,„„ «'''• •"!" " ..... •• r '' lj '•" "• l«i.«s Tkr «»»i. on« oul. !„„., r.rlc.o, ,„ , r ..... ,. J 1-..I .1,1. llr»,il, rU k, n ."' k,r». kc-r word. HMHrnln, k,,,*I .«» »,, n i,,«. , k , ,„„. , fc ; „,.;•;; - " '- ood Lockers j For Rent j Cold Storage | Meat Curing ! Expert Processing and! Quick Freezing for Home} Freezers J Groceries - Meats - Fish J BLAYLOCK j Frozen Food j 21st & Main Phone 2602 \ Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made—Farm & Town Day I'hone 4484 Night Phone 2138 XI JT was the following Tuesday. Patience paced the platform, wondering It the train would be much longer Her heart leaped when at lasi it was signaled. This wasn't a day when she usually went to London. But she was going up Especially to be with Charlotte. Charlotte had arranged it with Aunt Helen before she herself had gone back to London. Patience jumped into the first carnage as the train stopped at the platform. She told herself that she wasn't going even to notice whether Paul stepped from one ol the compartments when they eventually reached Liverpool Street Station. Instead she would think of Charlotte. Of the good time they were going to have together. She saw her the moment the tram came to a stop and flung herself out of the carriage. She raced towards her, "Charlotte, it's so lovely to be here! I feel so terribly exciied!" Charlotte smilec< at her fondly Gosh, she thought, fancy gettin" such a kick out ol spending a lew hours with one's sister in London! "What shall we do first?" she home the $800 minus the $5 bills he have to ench helper. asked, as they/walked away from the barrier. "1 don't mind. Anylhhig you Charlotte hesilalccl. She wanted to dress Patience over A round of Hie shops might be a good idea. On the other hand they c-ould return to her hotel and have a round of tier own wardrobe! • » • PATIENCE drew , eas|)1 ,, g breath as some little while later she passed thiough the swinging doors mio the luxurious foyer of the Maylair "D'you mean to say you're staying here. CliatloUc?" "Why. yes." "Isn'l It terribly expensive?" "It is fairly. But it's comlort- able. And I'm maXing quite a lot of money." She strolled over to the reception desk to ask if there were any messages. "Mr. Dickson telephoned. Miss Carlotta. He'll be picking yon up here at twelve-thirtj." "Thank you." "Carlotta?" asked Patience. "That's my singe name. It sounds more effective than Charlotte Mor.d." "Sort of like Garbo?" "Well. yes. I suppose so. Look, there's a lift wailing." "Who's Mr. Dickson?" Patience inquired as together they walked down the long corridor to Charlotte's room. "Roger Dickson. Darling, don't tell me you've never heard of him." Patience shook her head. "I don't think so." Charlotte gave a delighted little laugh. "That'll be good [or him. Von must u'l him when you -;ee him." "Am I seeing him?" "Yes. He's taking us out to Junch." Patience felt a slight pang. She'd been hoping that Charlotte »nd she would have lunch alone "Is he a very special friend at »ns. Charlotte?" Charlotte hesitated. "Not quite so special as he'd Ilk* to Lie." His pholoui-oph M'aj In a silver frame on Hie tnblc beside her bed I'aticnce nicked It up niirt looked al iL "To Carlolta. with all my love. Roger." "He's awfully good-looking isn't he?" she said. "Oli ves.'Roger's quite the answer to a maiden's pra.vei And he has more charm than it good for any woman." pATlENCE smiled and put the oicliire bnck again. No, she wasn't goins to think of Paul. Ol Pan] who had more charm thnn was good tor her certainty. And now Charlotte was opening the long built-in cupboards. Hunnin« a hand along the many drerses. "Com nud ehoose something you'd like." "Charlotte, you don't mean that?" "Ol course I do." Patience tried on firsl one and then another. She stood before Hie Ions mirror and wondered it she were dreaming. "Charlotte, that's not ma. It can't be." r She wished Paul could see her She wished this more than any- tli'ns In the world. The dizzy blonde would stand no chance beside her. She wouldn't have believed that clothes could make 30 much difference. Clothes. • new hair-style, and the right make-up She was wearing now a gray dress with scarlet embroidery. She was wearing a mile scarlet hai that sat crazily over one eye, and carrying a scarlet handbag. She was looking now exactly like Charlotte, and yet there was a subtle difference. Charlotte eyed her thoughtfully wondering what it could be. "Me and yet not me!" She Inughed. "Me without a past 1 suppos*. Well, darling, there's one thing I beg of you." "Whal's that?" asked Patience. "Don't take Roger away from me. You in those clothes with thai unsophisticated air—I'm not sure I'm not taking a great risk in introducing the pair of youl" (To Be Continued) Read Courier News Want Ads. DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for a Jong time! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping, going to a movie or on a (rip. meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 3n N _ 2n(] S( _ Real Sstate, Business, Farm and Auto LOANS tor buyinR, refinancing, buildinc, remodeling. Farm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1«6 S. 1,1-mpram BM K ._ G ro,,nd Floor rhon. 510 A. F. "Dee" Oirlrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolens Every tune we quarrel he brings home a box of candy us « peace offering—but there isn't much left after In gets through with it!"- FKKCKLBS * HIS KRIKNDg Good Word By MERRILL LOOK. CHIEF, , . DAYS SINCE WE Pur/N06OOTS 'lite AKkA OM -|H*T I GUMBO If OLO HOUSEBOAT MAT WAS OOWM THE RIVER,' HOW ABOUT LCTHNS. US FIX rrup Km. THC COFFEY FAMILY TO tWf OUT wrrw t> IMC M A OOOP.' WELL, TtciwicALLY me BOAT BCUDMGS To •nit cny UNTIL us CLAIMED/—Bur UMOFt-ICIAI-LY, IP YOU WANT '10 TAKE A CHANCE ON HIE OWWER TURNING UP, GO AHFAO; AWD MORE POWER "R> "~" / M '/*&- A^ i t .t ^fa $L!^' ; H &• •RISCIU.A'S I'Ol Nol \Vhai lie Asked Knr By AL VERMEER Come , Mss Diddy goodnight! Mays Vouve nvntferful thick, line!. „ 'y so wonderful! I Win n Round Jiy MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE wildly at (lie roving flash. I charged liiiri. 8rt the darkness " all Metk flrbell coold see ..... my flashlight, I tossed if toward a chair to confuse fiim. 8hoped I VALI RIGHT. LETS y MCE BREAK was safef «f WMATS V»UONG |K>n-rntMWsw«E in "the I W1 H 'HE ll&HTS AT ) IN THf NEIGUBOR- TMMCf MI6HC1UB. / HQCQ ALL THE SUCKER THfYD LOSS IF WE HA DID COME All THf WAV FROM TOWN.' but out on the road... WASH TUimS Mr. Herod Is Mad On U^BOI^ [7 * R - HEROP Wl11 sft * K T0 1* """^ ASEUT mrK U BUT HE WISHES ME TO CMJTION ' UUE^W*OU> S ,DEY^ U ^|"* r WST ' NG WS TIME THE S«WCTUJM OF I E&UiZPl »" IH EXCUSES 0*NIEL T. HEROD, 1'^WS By LESLIE TURNEH f"1 I WE HMCN-T T HfXD IT 1 . I «HOULI> SIT ^ ' IOCMEDTEO \IPLVBY.fH? WtTH K •iEr.MR.HEROO, M1VUC1(.POUM«. PlCTURt BUI HE'S MT j REM>V TOR PKODUCTIONi TO WN.K IN / I SHOULD SIT (MJp HOPE M*( MIKtllE, / OUR ADDU-IRMN STMl WILL DECIDE 10 snow uf ••• Ttf NICK OF TIME!' Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Cor RIGHT IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S r 61" Motor Company 2142 Pa Pasture Planting Seed ures. Lawn Grasses t other Field Seed. See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybeon Corporation 856 Thoncs COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnlei) e.llon .teed terminal, nulclier, 1 plow tht MUM week. Reduce rhoppinr expense irflw more eottftn. STATE CERTIHEP VARIETIES AVAII.ARI.X D. * r. [.. N.. u, ftr 54 | h Slonevllle Z-B, per J» Ih. S., u M Rnwden *1-B, per M Ik. k« t it ^ Other Tirietle* Hulf * Half (Hlbtedl per 5« lh. ha« us* Stonevllle 2-C, per S4 Ih. b«; 10,»« Cokers 1M Will Kesistanl, per S» Ih. bat I«.JS Paulx, per 5* Ib. Ka_t . Empire, per 5« Ib. b»j .,.... 19.M C«im h and pl»ee. jour order »r jet jour »npply loday. BI.Yl'HEVH.I.E SOVBEAN CORF. <m« !5« Blytheville, Ark. Phone 1ST Branches: I.eachrllle, Ark. Cardwell, M« MornersTille, and Senath, Mo. fVUEM THE ttOST »RAJEU 0 DRERD THAT LON& APPROACH UNDER. THE S10NV6MEOP ^51lfMf, PRESIDENT Of I (CELSlOf! riCTUMl Red's Giiardiiin By FRED HARMAN _ HE AWT HARDLY ro^e .LPIS- YOU.f\ s GoK>a* rf BOW ELSE .' RVDEK, . C/vrcH-Ur\ MUSH LOVE IF M WATCH DEBTS,RE.D R.1DER As5 Ol AT TriET Best of Friends By V. T. HAMLIN NOW LOCff. C£l(?J$ FixrN" 7'57Ae-r..ArV ir VOU PQJVT MOVE, Ytfj' BOOTS AND HKR liUDDJES By EDGAR MARTIN

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