The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1933 BLYTHBVtLLfc, •' (ARK.) COUUIKU NEWS All Hands Were on "Board" In This Sea Mishap White Rouse Displays Eagle •^ou can put it clown tlmt U(e "City of Victoria" Is one sturdy freighter. After hoi huge cargo o( him her shifted off Cape Finitely. i?ai;9inj her to list at a 20 degree angle, liere's how the ship limped Into Port Albernl. B. C.—a inn of 50i) miles! A number of entile were lost. The ship was loaded nnd I went on to Shanghai, ~~ "Father of Pi-oii.bhion" Stumps for His "Child" Senator Morris Sheppard, "father of prohibition" and perhaps Ihe • most Irreconcilable dry in tin rountry, is making his last sland against repsal. He is stumping Texas '.vas a sound truck in ai effort to keep his home state d:y when it votes on repeal Aug. 26. Sheppard Is shown above speakmi al> Hico, Texas. Wf DO OUft PART NRA News - To h3lp the people of this community to understand nnd co-operate in the ,'national recovery program, this column will appear- daily or as occasion demands. 'Persons unr', certain•abputvuny requirements of the President's Re-employment Agreement or -other 1 features of the recovery movement are invited to submit, inquiries. Monday.-August 2Bth, will tc the zero hour for "check up" day 01 l.-.j President's National Recover. Administration program. On tha day thousands of ccmmiltees wil sla'rt to work throughout the nation to check up and see just ex actly how people who are displaying the Blue Eagle are going abou. tr.c job of earning the right to display that emblem in their place; of business. ._ During the past two weeks, tin campaign has been primarily ar c.ucatlonal campaign. The nexl ten days, will be primarily ndjust- ' m:nt days. Every employer in America has had full opportunity to acquaint himself with the purpose and plan cf the president, in asking them to sign his Emergency RKmploymcnt Agreement pending the official adoption of codes of fair compatition covering every line oi business in the country. The one objective of the campaign is to secure universal compliance with U.c agrc:ment. The main objective cf the campaign is to create more jobs and more buy- M-ontana Fire Haurds Are Wont Since 1919 MISSOULA. Mont. (Ut')-Fhe Imarils In Monttiui national fov- i'.it.s fasl of the Conllnentiil Dlvlda ara the \|3n>l since 1!H9, V.cnU- miarti'rs for lU'Kluu One i>f the mi- tlonnl toivsti reports. Rlilcl "no smoking" regulations have ucv placed In prfecl In the forests, with smoking urrmlUwl only in places of hnbltallon and recognUed or designated camps. • There have Wen a!9 llros In forests of Ihe region lo dale, burning over 1.170 acres of forest land, mid 410 news of adjacent lands. Iti'Klon Om> covers McinliniA. Irtu- I'o north ol ills Salmon lllvsr, ami Blytheville Lady Is IMS Better In Every Way Mrs. Jiimes Unable To tiv Any Kclief Until She He- Knit Tnk i n g Cly-Cas; Neuritis, Blnnuteli Trouble (Jukkly (.'»"- 'hero 'was a broad emllo on tho ace o( Gencrnl Jolnlson when called at tlio White llouso und noted the Ulua Kaglo on bo door. President RootBvcil ia» «c«u to It that tho "First 'nmlly" lias become ths "First Consumer!" of the country In til* NRA drive lor Industrial recovery. Mrs. Johnson Helps Husbanc ll is nclirally ii.slonlslihis ttlial l:ils new Oly-Cns will do In I he nost stubborn crscs of stomach, fc'thiey, bowel, blood tronbk'.s and ihcumutlsiii. Many ISlylhevlllc pen- pic now rcull'w hmv forunihlc they ave hi having Gly-Cns Introduced l:erc us iniihy Imvc found It just ihe tucdtclne they have been need Ins for years. "Oly-Cas is to ivciiderft'il 1 icel twc It will help everyone ilke II me." Ftitd Mrs. Tom Jainc.-!. ing power through increases pay- roils. How well this is bein. is indicated ries from cd States, and small. Already millions workers have been : affected by the ;<:orl<;r hours and increased pay dmrircds of thousands cf new Jobs have been created, and those in ,'hargc of the campaign express ;hemselves as b:lng confident tha .he goal would be reached by La »r Day. Each community has teen authorized to conduct ils own check up campaign In whatever manner it thinks best. juH so long as an Accurate check is made on the i:^e of the Blue Eagle. The Eagle is properly of the National Recovery Administration and tl:cy expect to ssc that its use is not parmiUei exccp by those who actually and completely come up to the requirements and meet tho provisions of the agreement. Misuse or abu=c of ihc omblem is to be reported to the administration offices in Washington from whom orders will be issued revoking the privilege of those who violate the agreement them wlxn they were given the emblems and permitted to display them. In Blyll.eville, one cr more inspectors will probably b2 assigned don; to each block in the city. The job •d by the daily news Ao- \ of this inspector will be to call at every section of the Unit- j every place where the Blue Eagl= i small towns, big citiis | is on display and check up. Each of . employer will he required to answer certain queeticns and on his ai- iwers to 'tr.ese questions will rc the decision of the administrate as to whether he is living up to In agrcen;:nt or not. The to..n printed at the end this column is substantially th for that will be used during check u week. The ,&x\il committee h adopted this form on authority trie National,Recovery Administr tion whlc-1; permits cacli cDmnumity to eay just what form then- questionnaire wilt take. This form has been running'for about a week'and will continue-to be a part of this column until after August 28th. Employers are urged to study this form and become'.familiar-with ttie questions they will be called upon to answer. The consumer or buyer angle of this campaign will not be stressed until after August 28th. Plans for this part of'the campaign are being perfected and local committees will scon receive complete instruc- tios as to use of consumer pledges and emblems. Just how deeply into the consumer side of this campaign the government expects to go is indicated by the orders issued irom Washington to . all government agencies to the cfTcct. that government purchases may be made cnly from persons who are NRA members. With the national government adopting that program (cr Its own buying, U can be expected that the buyers of the entire nation will adopt the policy for themselves. In the campaign at BIythsvllle. the local committee is following closely the instructions and interpretations received from Washington which are to the effect;--"havc ] your employers sign up and comply with the provisions of the agreement as riipldly as possible so that they may b; ready lor the In- Mrs. Hugh 8. Johnson, v/lto nf tlio recovery admlniatralor, Is shown at- her desk as nomhial head of NHA'g consumers' pro- tectito bureau, center ot a row between Dr. William P. Oslnirn, noted economist, and Mrs. Mary Rumeey. Mrs. Johnson Is interested In organizing women. It • takes season 11*. e about : 15 . inoiillis ti wood used In maklni matches by the ordinary process. 76, 000 Soulh Lilly SI., Dlylhc- ille. respecled local lady who has ved In this city for the past 53 eais. "My stomach was In a UT- ibic condition, fell like a rock In lie pit of my slonmch nflcr eal- iiB. indigestion was awful. And vns so nervous I conlrt hardly holil cup of water to my moulh. Three years aso neuritis attacked me and .<elll!d In my nccfc, head and shoulders. Couldn't raise my eft arm I wns so crippled and :harp. stabbing rains continually I Imil (alien lots of medicines hut .I'ey did me little or no good—but Qly-Cas wns different. When 1 an taking It I \vai .soon con- \lnccd It was just Ihe medicine hoiild have had years before Thirty days treatment did man for mj than anything 1 had ever taken before in my life. I a" now enjoying tile best health : have had in years, relieved of lhal awful suffering nnd ngiiln feel like my real self." So it goes—Gly-Cas continues ti win more friends every day am holds them because U gives rca results which are lasting. Gly-Cns Is sold by Kirby Bros Drug Co., Main at Broadway, an by all leading drug stores In sur rounding towns. —Attv The following short questionnaire will l« a part of the daily! local NRA column until the tinvj comes for Ihe regular check-1 up campaign. All employers JIK! signers of the President's' Rc-cmploymcnl Agreement arc iccincstcd to clip this form, fill in the answers to the questions and return the nlunk to Ihe office of the Courier News or to Ihc local NRA committee headquarters in Ihc chamber of Commerce offices:— I iWe) have signed the'President's Rc-emiiloymcnl Agreement and are complying with the provisions thereof. (Yes or No). I (We) had employees .vhcn Ihc Agreement was signed. I'(We) have shortened the hours of employees. I I We) have increased the pay of employees. ^ I <Wc) have discharged employees. I (Wei have decreased the pay of employees. I (We) have Increased our monthly payroll 5 1 tWci have added full time and part tune employees. I (We) are (arc null displaying the Blue Eagle. I (We) huvc not signed ;he Agicemcnt lor the following reasons— 1 (We) have signed the Agreement and csi|icct to be complying with the provisions thereof by Maybe never again such VALUES! spcction during the week beginning August 28'.h." LEWISTON. Idaho (UP) — The weatherman here is a cagy fellow, temperature 112. Shortly at Camas Name Address he other day the cse lo a blistering flciward it hailed 'iairie. near here, leveling :ie wheat In that- area. half Stairs Made Her Gasp For Breath "THUS new Pathfinder is a ^ big&crvalucthan thcold Pathfinder. It has Ihc bigger «afcty margin of FULL CENTER TRACTION — blj'ftcr mileage frum tho 20 PKK CENT THICKER TREAD — stouter body of heat-re«ist- ing Supertwist Cord — and other improvements « make It a still better buy than the 17,00«,WI) Pa(h- Snders that went before. Penalty of Excess Fal Although she has lost but 7 Ibs, of her overweight, this woman finds .hat 7 Its. has made a remarkable difference lo her. Her Icltcr reads: "I am 53 years old and my height is 5 ft. Last ycai 1 weighed 154 IDS. 1 have been tak-— remember this: Look at the All-Weather vjlucj, also! This Jr cat thoroughbred — the finest tire that money can buy—waves an alluring price'taj. \Vhichcvcr .you Pathfinder or All-\Vcatlicr mg a half-rcasnodnful of-Krusc.'.cn Sails, making no change In my diet. Now 1 am less round the hips, and only weigh H7 !bs.. dressed. But 1 leci lighter and can now run upstairs, which before used lo males, me gasp for breath. Everyone says how well and fit I look."—(Ml:s) J. H. Kruschcn is an Ideal blend of 6 separate salts which help boJy organs to function properly and maintain a splendid qejree of health—'.; builds up.cnefty and strength while you're reducing lo normal wclgnt. Get Kr'usclKii Salts at any live druggist In the world—a Jar l?st^ 4 weiks and ccsh not more than 80 cen Is.—Ajv. 3G-S. pie are sating money with Goodycars; thin ' with any other kind. GOOD, 1.50-20 1.50-21 4.75-19 4.75-20 30x3'/t SHOUSE-UTTLE CHEVROLET CO. niythcvilte, Ark. . i :•> •'.•vi, ONLY 3 MORE DAYf TO BUY SIMMONS MATTRESSES A t These Prices Prices Advance Tuesday, Aug. 22 THE" FAMOUS BEAUTYREST , . . iliown lor the fir*l time in lui- trout Kuiemary Damaik, with £«• improveminti that «JJ $10.00 to III value anil tlir rilc« It Hill . '.. 37 50 SIMMONS DEEPSLEEP % . . ii the choice of m9re thnn a Half million buycri.' ft h&» no equal foV licnuly, comfort antl tcrvice at iU Trice. THE SLUMBER KING ... U made by Sim mom, the maker* of the famoui Bcku.yreit. It i» crcry inch quality, And America'* moil dependable) ratttre** at ihe price. 16 .75 Htibbard Company ',',-'.-.f

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