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The Nashua Reporter from Nashua, Iowa • Page 8

The Nashua Reporter from Nashua, Iowa • Page 8

Nashua, Iowa
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Hill WgDWB8DAY, MARCH 17. 1937 Thurs. Fri. Sat. Pkg.

Sugar 85c 3 lbs. Powdered Sugar 22c 5-lb. bag Quick Oatmeal 23c 2-lb. can Cocoa 15c 2-lb. can Folger's Coffee 58c 2-lb.

can M. J. B. Coffee 58c Lb. McFadden Coffee 29c lb.

Vacuum Pack Coffee Special 23c Bars Soybean Soap 19c 10 Bars Swift's Naptha Soap 19c Box Toilet Soap 12 Bars to box 15c 7 Bars Cocoa Cream Toilet Soap 25c 25c Sof-Wash 19c 5 Lbs. Crystal White Soap Chips 34c 2 Cans Sun-Brite 10c 3 for 11c 25c K. C. Baking Powder 19c 3 lbs. Bulk Cocoa 13c Matches 19c 25c 2 Pkgs.

Macaroni 15c Lb. Asst. Fancy Cookies lGc 5 Pkgs. Butter-Nut Jell 25c Dish FREE Pkg. Fillsbury Wheat Bran 14c 8 for 25c Phone SO Casey's Market LOCAL ITEMS IT PAYS TO FEED BELLAMY BRAND MINERAL.

1 For Glasses see Dr. M. E. Ryon, Optometerist, 407 Jackson street, Charles City, Iowa. tl Everett Scott, who attends Up per Iowa University at Fayette.

spent the week-end at home. Orlo Stevens, who is employee at the Lundt Furniture store, at tended a linoleum cutter's school at Waterloo one day last wet Mr. and Mrs. R. L.

Barber, of Frederika. were over Saturday visiting old time friends and attending to some business matters. NASHUA Theater MAR. 20-21 "Big Broadcast of 1937" with JACK BENNY. EURNS ALLEN, BOB BURNS, MARTHA RAYE MAR.

23-24 'Country Gentleman" Two shows each night. Adm. week days 10 and 16c. Except Wed. 10 and 2Gc.

Sundays 10c 20c tax Inc. DO YOU WANT A REAL BOB BURNS "Bazooka" THE NASHUA THEATRE WILL GIVE AWAY SEVEN "BAZOOKAS" NEXT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS 4 Bazookas Saturday and 3 Basookas Sunday Night. Come down and take your firgt lesson from Bob Burns himself. Also sec Martha Raye. George Burns and Gracie Allen and many other stars In "THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1937." Be sure and save the stub9 that -will be handed back to jrou on there nights.

Brooms 29o Broom 49c Excell Crackers 17c Premium Crackers 30c 3 Pkgs. Wheat Putfets 23c Lb. pkg. Fancy Cookies 19c 2 lbs. Fig Bars 25c Qt.

Sandwich Spread 19c Cake Honey 16c Com 10c Peas 10c 2 tall Van Camp's Beans 19c Qt. Mustard 14c Pkg. Bisquick 32c Pkg. Soft as Silk Cake Flour 25c 4 Rolls Toilet Paper 19c 5 Rolls Toilet Paper 19c 5-lb. can Honey 55c Qt.

Sweet Pickles 25c Grapefruit Juice 9c No. 10 Pumpkin 29c No. 10 Prunes 33c No. 10 Apricots 54c No. 10 Sliced Peaches 44e 100 lbs.

Oyster Shells 85c 100 lbs. Crushed Rock Stock Salt 59c Blue Ribbon Flour $1.85 Happy Boy Flour SI. 95 Maple Sota Flour $2.10 Omar Flour S2.20 Meier Bros, BUSY STORK NEVER DISAPPOINTS Voeatio IN CASH! time is coming! And you can pay for yours before you start by winning one of tne Dig prizes in Kam Lu ick Contest! 1103 prizes chances to win! Ask -1103 is about it! For All Kinds of Meats PHONE 19 Fresh plaster, wood fibre, lime and cement. Bellamy Lbr. Co.

Dr. F. C. Koach. Veterinari; Oftice half block west of Nashua Lbr.

Co. Office. Phone 24. Rev. J.

H. Fairlie save a ten address at the New Hampton E. Bait pa: 1 Mrs. S. N.

Juhl. of v. ov.m Sunday Mr. and Mr: Rev. and Mrs.

Geo. McKonkej Floyd visited Sunday after-on at the home of heir old ends, Mr. and D. B. Paul stmaster and Mrs.

J. B. Bel-went to Waverly Tuesday noon to attend the dedication ces for the new Federal ollice building in that city. and Mrs. Wm.

Greig of St. vere guests for a counle of last week at the W. H. home. Mr.

Greig is a cousin Mr. Scott. Thev were en route- home from a trip through the South. C. R.

Otto brought in a can full of pennies Monday to pay up ins Keporter subscription and enroll as a member of our Ptnnv Club. As lie had some extra lennies. he used them to take of the special magazine iffer the Reporter supplies for Tractor has a tramandous advantage in row -crop farming. This original all-purpose tractor works so economically on every farm job whether it plowing, planting, cultivat ing, haying, harvesting corn picking, etc. that no farmer can atford be wMeut it.

Now See our special insulation board lining brooder nouses. aiAr-ITEX at 4c sq. ft. Bellamy Lbr. Mr.

ami Mrs. Oliver Strike and children ot Toulon. 111 speut the week-end with -his parents. Mr. and Mrs.

W. II. Strike. The Idlewild will be entertaiu- 'ed Thursday afteruoou. March IS.

at the home oC Mrs. Mae Knight with Mis. Pearl Mllligan asslst- ing hostess. Frank Wright, who had been Iconfine'l to his home with illness since the middle of the winter, several times the last few days. 1 have moved by Real Estate I ollice from the old Cooper stand i formerly the oflice of the late At-jtorney Yarger.

John Donovan. Mrs. Grace Allen has sold her I home here to Mrs. Geo. Usher.

sale was made by Al Hill, We understand Mrs. Allen con-; templates moving lo Charles City. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Mackahen were at Ackley several days last i week, vif itins at the home W. C. Kitchen was at Oelw several days last week attending tue winter scnool or in-'struction. Geo. Stevenson and Frank Hammond attended the The American Legioi I will hold its regular I Monday, Mar.

22. at the home of Mrs. II. I. Wick.

Picnic a villi Notice There will be no ing of the Gcdar Center Com munity Club during March as the meeting date comes on Good Friday. It wiil meet on the regular evening in April. M. Pauline Juhl. Sec.

A. Lee Fritchcr. of Chicago, in town Saturday or busi ness pertaining to the settling up of business of the estate of his mother, the late Mrs. F. E.

Fritchcr. Mrs. Edson Moon, his sister who had been here since her mother's death, has returned to her home at Milwaukie, Ore. The Greenwood Ladies Aid held their last all-day meeting Mar. did justice to a fine dinner, after which the meeting was called to order.

Names were drawn for the quilt. Mrs. Shepnrd and Lela Fox being the lucky ones. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Hnrrv Swinton, Mar.

24, with Mrs. Padget assisting. Mrs. Eva Blasier. George Wedemeyer and Airs.

A. D. Lea-man attended the Baptist Thimble Bee at the Mrs. Howard Roach homo in Plainfield last Wednesday. It was the 25th anniver sary of the organization ot the society and a special program had been prepared.

A birthday cake with twenty-five candles, which were lighted by Airs. Blasier. formed a part of lie program. Messrs. S.

E. Tunner. F. Flene. J.

F. Nnfus. Norton Rlnnm W. R. Nelson and G.

E. Ellison witn bhenn Geo. Murray value of a 12-foot strip across the property of Dr E. Ableiter to be used bv the town ol Nashua to complete plated by the Town. The le fixed by the board was 5.

If the owner of the proper-s not satisfied with the price by the appraisers he mav ap peal to the court. Large Werners, lb. 19c Beef Roast, 'b. 19c Lean Sliced Bacon, Best grade, lb. I9c i Pork Roast (Loin End 3-lb) lb Fresh Liver Sausage lb.

19c MILLER'S MARKET Phone 111 The FARMALL Tractor It the Best Investment Any Row-Crop Farmer Can Make THE owntr of a McCor-mick-EWing Farmall is the time to invest in Farmall power you'll wonder why you didn't buy kmc ago. Come in and find evt what the MeCormlek-Deering Farmall can do for you. There are three Farmall the Farm-all 12. the Farmall JO (shown above), and the Farmall 30. MERLE KING IMPLEMENT CO.

NASHUA, IOWA 7 The M. E. Ladles Atd Society Mar. 20th at the Busket Grocery. rtnnntlnn ill early in the forenoon.

Com. 1 Mrs. J. H. Fairllo went to Iowa i City Sunday to take Sheltou, there where he will remain for wo or three weeks at me hospital, to be started in the newlv introduced insulin treatment.

Mrs. Laura Crooks received a brother. J. Matt Maitland. to Mrs.

Leota Peterson of Mankato. accompanied by his father, T. L. Maitland, came from Minneapolis jThursdav, and took Mrs. T.

L. Maitland to visit raauu-a Elgin. Illinois Wc invite those of you whom we have not had the pleasure Nashua, to call at the Bakery and get acqcainted with us and our products. To you, whom we know, we say, "Come again." And remember that when it isn't convenient to call at the order to hiii HOME BAKERY came last-week for a Tialt with her parents. Mr.

and Mrs. Mrs. Noble Higby of Bradgate sister, Mrs. Willis White and mother Alice Woodruff near Plainfield. She returned home The Missionary Society wm Watson.

Wednesday. Mar. 24, at change in date. GIVE THE CHICKS A GOOD START and you will make more profit from raising them. Whether you plan to sell them on the fall market, or to develop a laying flock, the chicks ihat get an early start bring you more profit.

For that early start, FEED RIVERSIDE CHICK STARTER Manufactured by NASHUA FEED MILL Melllnger Goodsell NATIONAL HYBRID SEED CORN In the Northern Section of the 1936 Iowa Yield Test, our National Hybrids show an increase in yield of 38.3'/< (amounting to 17.24 bushels per acre) over average open-pollinated corn entries. This proves that our twenty years of research and com breeding have paid big returns. You, too, Mr. Farmer, can get this increase in yield if you plant Hybrid Seed Corn adapted to your vicinity. We produce varieties of hybrid com adaptable to every part of the corn belt.

Write for prices and varieties. NATIONAL HYBRID COMPANY Anamosa, Iowa Paul N. Smith, Pres. Max A. Wormian.

Treas. Stuart N. Smith, Sec'y Plants at Anamosa, Iowa, and Onslow, Iowa. We have some territory open for salesmen. PUBLIC SALE Having rented the farm, I will hold a Public Sale at the farm miles west of Nashua on the Powersville road.

TUESDAY, MARCH 23rd Commencing at 12 O'clock Sharp 6 HEAD OF HOESES Mare 4 yrs. old, In foal; colt 2 yrs. old; 3 res; bay gelding. 8 HEAD OF CATTLE 24 HEAD OF SHEEP 4 Young Jersey milch cows; 2 Heifers coming 2, bred to freshen in 2 Roan Durham heifers, coming 23 head ot breeding ewes, due to lamb first of May, and 1 buck. MACHINERY, Etc.

3 Single-row corn plows; Tower service corn plow; Emerson mower; Emerson sulky plow with new bottoms; McCormlck 5-ft. mower; hay rake; lumber wagons, wide tires; 16-whcel disc; and drag cart; Melotte cream separator with electric motor; 2 sets of harness, horse collars; all kinds ol tools; some household and other articles too Some Com and Some Hay E. A. Reint-s, First Nashua State M. H.

NOBLE The Chick Season Is Here We are ready with a Complete line of Feeds FELCO STARTER GROWING MASH MERIT STARTER GROWER EGG MASH SCRATCH FEED The same exceptional high quality in our feeds. Also FELCO PIG MEAL HOG SUP- PLEMENT. SEED Please come in and get the Seed you have ordered as soon as -possible. Arrange for your Seed now if not already booked. Nashua Equity Association AT TH C1P1C118 St.

Michael's Cataalio Chorea LouUy. Fiynn, Pkator Maes at 8:00 and 10:00 First Conmgational Church Rev. J. Harold Fairlie. Pastor 10:00 a.

m. Graded Church School. Mrs. W. L.

Smith. Sunt. Morning worship with sermon, by the pastor and anthem by the choir at a. jraim sun-day services. loung reopie 8 roruui, p.

7:30 p. m. there will be Passion Week Services every Wednesday evening at 7:30 Mr. Fairlie will bring to the untie arown cnurcn tue nnai taiK in the series of lenten services begun there three weeks ago. Assembly of God Rev.

H. N. MurDhv. Pastor Sunday School 10 a. m.

Morning Worship 11 a. m. Evening Service p. sn. Thursday evening 8 p.

m. This week we have our Bible study on-Wednesday evening at I Mrs. Ullom's. Christians come and 'let us unite in prayer and the I study ot God's Word which is sharper than any two-edged sword. Can we say with David, word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee, Lord." Methodist Church Rev.

R. E. Hodgkln, Pastor Next Sunday, commonly known as rami sunnay, is tne tion of the triumphal entry pf jesus into Jerusalem as Kings. Multitudes followed Him that day but were conspicuous iiy men- Husenue nve aay3 later when Jesus needed them im mensely. He was crucified because those who might have prevented Morning Worship, 9:50, Sacrament or the Lords Supper.

Church school 11:00, tor all. Epworth p. Ladies Aid Balft Sale, Saturday March 20. Our Easter Sunday services will begin with an Easter breakfast served by the Epworth -Xeaguera, and an Easter service at 9:50. If you have not secured your of fering envelope for our Easter offering there Is one for you at the churob, Little Brown Church in the Vale Rev.

Wm. Kent, Pastor Rev. J. Harold Fairlie will bring another of his worshin series to the meeting Wednesday evening. Adults as well as young people are invited to this meet- At the service next Sunday the pastor will endeavor to bring a message appropriate to Palm Sunday.

We appreciate the attendance last Sunday and hope it may continue. St. John's Lutheran Church Rev. E. H.

Engel Wednesday 8 p. Lenten service. Text Matt. Theme: Shall I Crucify Him? Choir rehearsal after services. iriaay, p.

m. Ladies Aid meets at the home of Mrs. Roy will be distributed. Sunday School 10 a. m.

Palm Sunday worshiD 11 a. m. Text: Zeoh. Theme: Behold Thy King Cometh Unto Thee. This week will be -the last Wed nesday evening Lenten service.

During Holy week, Good Friday will be observed with -worsbU? and Holy Con o'clock. Holy Communion also be observed on Easter norn- ng. Please announce yourseii for the Lord's table as soon as possible. Your announcement will be received now. With regard to tho three-hour service in the high scnool auditorium Rood Friday afternoon please follow the articles in reference to this elsewhere in- this paper.

Members of our congregation are urged to attend all oi as many of the seven services possible. The whole community joins in this remembrance of the Lord's Passion. Notice for Sealed Bids for School District Property iiik Hasnua inuepenaeni scnool District will receive sealed bids for the sale of the following authorized by the voters at the eietnoii, to-wit: oi smith's school building. oeparate nms lots and building. "...3 ouuuing and garage on the former L.

P. Han- All bids to be sealed and in secretary on or before noon of uarcn 27, 1937. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. W. F.

GETSCH 33-2 Independent School District. CHICK PRICES HEAVY BREEDS and iqo -liCgnorns from Special PAT1C LEGHORNS and MIXED HT.AVTTQ awmrtm unti. SATURDAY JTIQHT AT 9:30 1 Dinner Party Fooi K. B. C.

Butter Cookies 27 in pkg. for 10c Kellogg's Wheat Krispies 2 pkgs 21c Pard Doe Food. 3 cans 25c Moon Rose Pure Grape Jam Lb. jar 16c Climalene, lg. pkg.

1 21c Wash-Bite Granulated Soap 2 Pkgs. 46c Dic-A-Doo Paint Cleaner 2 pkgs. Climax Wall Paper Cleaner 3 pkgs. 25c H-R-H Paint, Cleaner 3 pkgs'. 25c Diamond Clothes Pins.

Pkg. of 30 10c Sashcord Clothes Lines 50 ft. for Moon Rose Complexion Soap 4 Bars 19c Parsnips, lb. Dinner Party Ho. can DinnerParty Bed SocW Dinner Party I Dinner Party Whipped S4J rarry AU-Gretn I Asparagus, 10-oz.

jjinner fresh Gromj winner rarty Sweet Pickla zi-oz. tar Dinner Party Tomato A Toilet Paper '4' roils Brooms, 4-sewed, each Spaghetti or Macaroni V5-1D. bOX jjl Ege Noodles, lb. box 1J Green-top Carrots 2 bunches Schoenfeld's Grocery Staley came the last of the week to visit his parents, Mr. and E.

W. Staley, He has been working a Texas terri tory selling graduation" announcements to high schools and. colleges. PORK NECKBONES I PORK ROAST lbR Started Chicks saTe you work. oeatn looses.

This scr- only 2 cents per" Mar. 20.COrd\7„"ot^^ after a raise. If go down delivered, customer wm ven is t0 bc 61c 19c CHOICE on HAMS IT- 23C 11Y THE WHOLE Card of Tlianks to thank my WeJ wno remembered me Boid carus, iruit ana otner of cheer during my recec John Eckes, Sr. RUGGLES Your Dependable Food Stores EXCELLO GUARANTEED FLOUR 49fe FINE GRANULATED BOILING a BEEF $1.49 SUGAR 10a 49c 3 lbs. 19c 3 lbs.

COFFEE BORDEN'S RED ROSE MILK TALL CAN PINK SALMON FOOD CRAFT COCOA Zc auicR OATME box 7c 23c 15c 19c BABY STUART or LYE 3CANs ZDC OREGON N0 10 Q0 PRUNES can JJC HERSHEY'S COCOA Lb. box. CRISCO 3-lb. can SWANSDOWN Cake Flour 23(1 NORTHERN TISSUll 5 Rolls OXYDOL Lg. box SOAP, 7 Giant Bars: FOLGER'S COFFEE PURE BEEF ROAST PER LB 21(1 HAMBURGER 15c 25c 10 ,1 BRANDED BEEF STEAKS PER LB HEAD LETTUCE 2 pok 19c I CI 1 XT TOT BANANAS fSK I I POTATOES 29c a 49cl Roberts Hatchery Quality Chicks from Blood Tested Flocks, culled' by state licensed culler.

Bred for heavy egg production. on Z18 FREE FEEDERS and WATEReS uiUiiatS MADE IN Feeder or 2-gaL Waterer Free witi ior ouu UIUCKS. 3-ft. Feeder or 1-gal. Waterer Free orders for 300 Chicki.

Orders may be for delivery on any date. Don't lose oat on from early I ot tne talk of high feed oo $26.50 $44 oo Guaranteed AU Mash Starter W00 $23.50 $39.00 per hunttrea We Hare a Complete of POULTRY EQUTPMEUT AJTD FEEDS WO-Chkk irooder Stmt tnm Worthnp fog JMi Garden Seed' SPA PER!.

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