The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
Page 8
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FAQS BJ^KT Scorch Fqirways For GI N ory land Gold Knksey Rales Minnesota Pittskingli and Ohio Slale Above Alabama nv OROKOI; KIITKSKV United Prtw Stiff Correspondent CHICAGO (UP) — Minnesota's might) VlkJng* nf ihe fm noiu, dominated the iflm football .sea£011. Unbeaten, ami nulled, Mimip- £ ota's , grldlrnn domain extended from ooast to ccmi, f, om o, e !&l north to HIP deep 'otith and In eierj one of the 48 slates etcepi Alflbami Alabama was the nutioni, only other majoi unlientcn, untied cam hut the Crlmsnn Tide play Gridiron Champions for Fall of 1934 Sectional and Conference foolball champions for 10.1-1 East—PllUbu'nlli- Colgale. Big Ten—Miim'espln. c]TiUtnpnRt™Al!.il!)8n)fl Tiilciiic Soulhci i—Washington A, Ice .. Big Six Kniiias Slate Rocky Vonntnln — Colondo Teachers. Pacific, const—Sfinfoid ed no tcnn outside Its own tec lion and only ODD of the south's slionser lenms Alab-ima s only major vlctoiy vni over Tumcwe 13-6. Tu-o Unbeaten Of the othei major teams only two weie able to come through imbenon bill both of them wcie tied-Slanford by Santa Clnin 7-7 nnd Temulc by Indiana d 6 ind' Htickncll 0 0 As events ran Ihch couire ilui J Ing a lop:>y tmvv football seawm with Inteiest nnd altcndancc on Ihe upgiade nil mci the country Minnesota won the national championship on Oclobei iO Wllh 64 850 fans packet! Into Pittsburgh 1 > nilllop staihmn Mlnnesola came from behind In n dummlc Inst- ueHod rally to beat Pitt 13-7 Iain games pimed thai Mimic 'Ota and Pitt had the two beet foothill tc^ms In the,land as both teims smashed all rub eniirnl op- iwltion to smithereens Neithet Minnesota noi Pitt had a close wine nftet their own titantle bat Ten Br»l Teams Based on Iho class or orjpnsllion they plajul thc-natlon's ten beil fAiins probably w.ete Minnesota Plttsburgli olilo btale Alabama Hieo, Co)i>,iU> SHnford Navy, Illinois and TuUnc learnt just, on the edge of Ihe giotip include Tennessee, Tei,as l Tfnmle Notre Dame Louisiana Slale Columbia and a feu others On ihe olhei side of the plcimp is Knox College Oulesbui-g in which filled to/scat? a point In eight games and ran its slicaW to a7 straight t\i, record held bj Hobwt Qcncvo N Y post season Potllh Amateur Henry pjrarrt Hie Hoith and Roiilli'Op°n Ml« Van Wle was (he only golfer to repeat a 1933 eonc] Ir major competition Favorite plaj- ers v,on mhior lourjiinienls There appeared to )>e less Inlcr esl In amateur events than there lias bren in years Small trailed flin pkyer-t in (he Amtiwur Oolf In <frh(tn\ enjoyed a nu- 'ssful vrar, hovevrr PH/e money was Jneirxsed In many wlniei lour name/I I* See» Money Lesser luue l^n^nm "fnre 1019 After DenrouiAn i. A,, n .'... p s ' rea k of prosper Cabbage Diet Outlook For State's Needy BOSTON HIP)- C .bbngo will IIP oil (lie menu (if (he needy toi a ons, time to come unless tin Ma«afhn,ftLs IRA cn/i ffwl u *ay lo Hd tee], „, w lnr of || C000000 ppund-, « (int flom w , Ingtmi Shipped In 2"e fr, l E ht ear-, each holding 25,000 pounds, thero hre enough cabbage' to feed the en Ire population 01 (he -late int" till have enough Int ro feed me talc* rahhll An error by the qurphu; com iiiodlUr' Corporation at Washing 'on »as responsible for the huge 'abbage comlgnmenl Read Courier News want Ads TOW-DO (UP)-'Money uill not, be no Important under IJjc new schrme or things when ve com" out, of the deprrsslon,' Philip c Nisli pre-iMfnt of lite University or To«lo told Flks Club tnemhm lierc 'nut nlso h c added, then- will rot 1" ihat, despfnte fr-jr of ack of niqnpy. Nish pj'piJiBlfd tlmt inromo «„,! nhcrltancp taxes viould tut dov n foHtmes thai pnti on lliroiigh Hirows Loss; Quits Jol the College, OUt'Jonc* !I«'s no nibbei •itnn^p for ituey Klngfish Long No sir not caul Laurence A 'Biff Jones, \\Ito resigned a- coich of Ifliilsluna Stalo^ foolball team aflci engaging In 11 vobnl tilt with Long between halves of the recent ^amc \uth Orasjon Long Ranted to,<!ellver an>orallon tuoreon to tlto sq\iad bcUcen Imhcs and ° n LITTLE'S DOUBLE FIST OF GOLF FEIRJ 1934 Ohn Dutia Takes Open Miss ,Van Wic Leads Fair Players BY ART KREN7 NEA Service"Oolf Wrilet champion Southern champion in the Rose Jones' Bowl game and lulane unbeaten m tlie south and defeated onh bi , ^' Colgate, ai^ilast Temple unbeaten S°" , nelc """'rlbuted ( ln <Lt Tom 1 twice, In the Sugar Bowl „?'",, l01 ' nt i Navj^jvho piloted the I Won riplnnun *T-i.. ,r ,. MltJClleS lO Ihpir fl*-tfl ' t r!,>™ nl. «..-. but tied "in iie-n twice, in tne sugar Bowl ,,,:., ""i ™ av *- -, w "o Diioted the grnne it >fe« OrleaiB New Year's » s to lh ^ r "«t triumph ovci Day »nny In 13 years 3-0 Ducky Pond Noire Dame Mosl Popular Il ld Qr ^ as > Neole at Yale, Bo Me- Notre Dame again proved to be J*"" ll ' nt Indiana- Jimmy Kltts ai the nation's most popular team , ° w '™>lns Uie Southwest Con attracting 417 DM peisons to Its „?"" llllc Ior »'fl Irst time nmp irAinp.e: 'ii.o t^...t. ,i,.,.. .... "Ob Zunuke ni. rninnu cs«..*. , serving his first year nine games. 1h« Irish dievv lh- largest crowd 80000, for Ihc No tre Dame-Anny game at New York Notre Dame also attracted the season's largest crowds In Cleveland for the Kavy game, in Chicago for the Northwestern game, and In Lm Angeles for' the Southern California game. The star's second largest crowd was 7D.800 for the Atmj-Navy wme at Philadelphia Highlights of .Iho season: Moire Dame's comeback, winning six out of'nlne «ames under Efmcr Lajdcn, one of the "Pour Horsemen as conch. The collapse or Michigan and Southern California Alter ' dominating the Big Ten for years M Inning or shirlng the' title each season, Michigan lost eight out oJ nine games, beating only Georgia T«h, which had its worst year in history. Southcin California, whlcti two sears sears a°o was nt the head of the parade lost all Its major gamcs, completing the season Aith six defeats, four victories and one lie. Texas Teams The brilliant record ot Texas' teams In Intcrseclional gamcs winch established Ihc Southwestern hrand of foolball as the equal s of any in the land Texas beat Notre Dime, 7-6 Rice beat Purdue. 14-0 Southern Methodist beat „ o , 2u W ke »"• s ™ 1 "" ltlt a l Ohio State . ^ ff* i' n were Eddie Casey at nn l^oyd^ Butdlck, ho' tinned :Nstrous alti'ino! to ;fajor Dob, Neyland, Tenn^ee' •ho was, ordered by the : govern- raent ,to spend two years Vic ES'^A.?*'* , c ^eo, whS after Chrislhn rordliam,- 26-14 Teras 1 e-i'i Santa Clara, 9-7 The season's biggest'upsets\\ere Ne\ada's 9-7 ^victory o\ei st Mary's, Jndlana's 17-6 victory ovei Puidue, Bailor's 11-fi (ritnnphovcr Southcin XfethOdist, Yale's 7-0 lilumph over Princeton, ending Ihe Tigers' long, vUlining streak J» d . WteO'istn's 7-3 Mc-tory oier Illinois, the cmlj Wol on the Illinl record Pianci wheiv in «-",»n»_ nuflf ill nrst jeai he surTered only ono " defeat by Illinois. Many Coaches o one llreclor. Fliers Puzzled by FERA Pointer, ProUsl to U. S. ' (UP) — An NE\V YORK—W Liwaoii Uttle lunljip the Brl(ls(i ^nd Am- Ictai nmateur chumplflnshtp'- un questionably va> tlto finest golnnK feat of )9J4 ^ i ,Tne ncJileveineni placed (tie stan- oi\l University student oh a pedestal beside (lie iiiimoilal iwbby Johis nnd Harold H Hilton the only-others to cop ths Uo deal "vlilres in (he r ame s^i III cnougli, lo haye lieen in bed Un Dutro, courageously trtmped P victory in the United Shies Open while in attendant fed him 'Jli Dulra was too "sick to do nnj lnn|5 moro^tluu slart In the de- ense of his Professional Golfers Association title, which he did onl\ Ip mafe the cntrj list sound more Impressive' Tills crown went to Paul Runsun who took lop rank j tnnong the money plajers Virginia Van Wic again monop ollzcd the «omens honors biaemc the national dlddem for the third consecutive .year. Little's performance climaxed a successful Invasion of England bs tl ' Walker Ciijj team 'in |he Int tei c-omoelltlon the Ameilcnus. Jed by that grand old-timer. Priin'cls Oulinet easily repelled the reorc scnlallveG' o( Old Albion The Yaii kee-s took a' hall dozen slnqles /not ches, nnd three of four &X)leh four somes to prevail.'9 1-2 points US •> .1-2, nnd kept llic-lr Walker Cup rec ord nti>iir.*w4-«i.> i «ns i(j sliolces under pu for the Ht Oenn'e<; course at Sandwich Col ton a hindsomc ehap of 27 was unjiopnlai In Fitgland until lie returned from his professional i/isi n Beleluin to (temanslrate how badly hi, native hnd rciiulied hi expert entices Ky Ijiffoon a, daslilng Inrtlin professional from Uie far west n eiaged 71 110 111 foi m rounds Hard luck trailed Laifoon hoacv, r Rimym the little man with ih- bljf spoon averaged 71 41-49 for 9 rounds for a new record Human BiUicicd the greater percentage ot Uie winter tournaments and main taincd hto fonii tlirousli tlje p o A Not a. few authorities con=id ered Uie Wiite Plains teacher the most skJUful exponent of the roial and ah dent pme ' • > 'nnej Cortiebaek Till). The year ^Itneased an.iumiccess nil comobnek ptteinpl by Jones '(j ihe Masters lou,rniim<iht al Aligns " Horton 'qnlllh, *ho was the. ,'° heat r ° n " ln CQ '»n b'tore the Atlinln stylists letlrcmcnt, annexed the Mnsteis toiummenl \I>-. Qpil S Hill ijigueti (In vomeiifi 'IYmis-Mis.slssl|>p| and les Hamman the meiiS nmd A \llt chell became tl'e int'onal public "til's Uiampion Charley Yates too' the Intercollegiate title <3cotb CampLell was first in U, D C ana (Man Amatsur tommy Armour can lured the Canadian o/m; liieille Robinson won (lie nom ens vestcrn Zell E<ton the Western Amaleiu- un<j f tghthorse Harrj Cooper the western op-n George I Dunlap tooi the North and ROXY Wed. and Thursday Matinee & Nighl—10c - 25c tolli Finals Walk-Overs Uttlc war. acknowledged the most improved jnashlo nlelder of the ^•ear after he smothered James Wallace In the final round ol lh« British. Amateur. • WaUnW, a shipbuilding mechanic, failed to e'an- ture a hole, nnd bowed, 14-13. l-lltle turned In h new record of Co for the Prestvrick course In his first 16, •;•••,. •,.. Little, n husky smacker, sleam- lollcrcd his .way to the fore lit the National Amaleiir In the same way that he lifted the .British bauble defeating spec Goldman In -the final.round..8-7. ••••"•.: • •; Illllon won both the BrilLsh and merlcan titles In mil Jones In 1930, when ih6 pcorless AllanUn «glslere<i his jrand slam and <Je" — ••—' o^uiju 3IU11I HLIU MC„ — ^..B.^UBCU nern sc ™d the ranks of ihe stmon-trares My reasons. The sign, on Pretty Miss Van Wle became th» •nmmV n" 100 '' P ° lnL<: to *'«:'L fo " rtl1 to wln ^e American wotri- oronto, o., airport, 21 miles PS championship three times in a VorU-illnT V01 "; " snm " fleld al W ' n lrlck '»<> ° n " has been able ol the sign. "" ly °" C mllc sou!l1 1 1 ^^!^ 11 *, 1 : 1 |lle "«"' s »•««*» !nr!] lr t C n C v^i 1 -,,," 3 "" 8 from cle ™- nnd lo Yorkvlllc, located Ihe field . col ; ruscd b > "ie sign ™ K ° n P 01 " 1 21 m »« n « y « llerc d a Protest to Depftt1tmen l •<>' Com" acl ol1 B '«« , 8 6nS6llne One Inch' of rain on «l tne acre eoo •After, a strong bid-by "-—M Tf'Ung, 20-year-old San FVancLsco mls.s and one of the finds of the year. Miss Van Wle ended Ow final mutch on the 35th «reen ^t whilemarsh. * • ». lakf Them I !kf Him i Aii h n !Mr and course recofd- ureaklng found—a 05—sportlly clad IS' ^° l i^ u brolc America's streak of 10 consecutive victories in the Bnlish open cotton won with 252 for the 72 holes, and was five sliokes under the runner-up. His 132 for Uie first two routic Last Time TciJay Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45—10-35c WALTER CONNEF LY PAUL LUKAS ttPRPUUDE TytlCHVEL in 'FATHER BROWN DETECTIVE 1 'POISONED IVORY" Ell KENNEDY AND 1 MOUNT NEWS Thursday & Friday MINUTES OF" LAUGHTER ,' v \ VICTOR HERBERT'S "mmorljl nunicil "'» 'if RANK MORGAN pENEVIEVE fOBIN Neil H»mi(ton, Motion CHARLOTTE HENRY *-'' " v • "Pareo, Parec" • , With Dorothy Stone and Bob Hope COMEDY FOX NEWS North Carolina Yuletide Outlook Is Bright WJH.IAMSTOWN N C (UP) According Ip all Indication'; Kast- m N(ir(h Carotin, h n :i Ihp urge f Its ?ati(ll"st most prrspcroti-; bright leaf toha,™ of the section, this «ilt of cron-Lontrol governmcntol m FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. , INSURANCE HEPT. Unity lo July 31, las'; DOCKERY & DONELRON COMPANY Spat Coftori Brokers. Trnn nMnf ina- You're sure to please wiln one of these Manhattan SHIRTS What a cordial reception these should geti Pat<euis, that are e\- clusHe with Manhattan ind snouy whit; ones in collar , attached neckband or collar-to-match shle^ The pre shrunk fabrics launder K-etl and easilj CH ve Him i of -three. For Formal Wear THE RIVIERA- - - if he wears n Tux hell want one of these Tor smartness for comfort^ &oft bosom with laj £-> do»n colhi nttiched <3*«"> Stud and Link Sets - is an extra gift »e suggejt, a set of these good looking Cuff Links and Shirt Studs. .50 Wool SCARFS -, v,' 11 Horse Sheet - Inj patlerns or Hp^hds Tooth ohem...LeaclerB in lUe fashion parade of .'35. • • $1.95 to 13 SCARFS - • in bright or subdued contrasting colors . .' . They're what we call good looking Reefers! ..'fj.50 to S^,S« 1 Beau Briimiiiel. TIES Any man can always use a • few more good-looking. Ties ...A collection of over ],0f)0 different ones that definitely establishes Mead's as the "Tie Center of Blylhevllle." $1. $1.50 Interwoven SOGKS Appealing clocks,, ribs, checks and fancy patterns'in Itsles, silks nnd wools. 35c 50e "Jl : GLOVES that he'll-' like Pull-on or snap cuffs In Pigskin, Mocha, Cape or Pigiex.- ' *1.SO to Driving, Gloves of Moeha and Pigskin. lined . wilh Rabbit fur. ~ New Mead Clothing Co.

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