The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1948
Page 9
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MQyPAY.-A-nHTL.19,1948 Editors' Society Hits Censorship Resolution Adopted Opposing All Forms ^| Of News Restrictions BJ- Dun w. nlllmrr (United Press Staff rnrresponrtenlt WASHINGTON, April 19. (Ul'l- Th« American Socfely of Newspaper Editors Saturday adopted a resolution opposing all forms of censorship. It urged voluntary cooperation between thp press and government oil distribution of news relating to national security. The resolution 'was adopted after an hour's debate during which the society rejected lis defense committee'* proposal. The committee* had .suggested that the ASNE oppose all peacetime, censorship, taul !(• proposed that restrictions be placed on Information concerning scientific research and development of ne - .v weapons. The convention, however, overwhelmingly adopted a resolution M-liich said: "Tho ASNK opposes all forms of censorship. To the end thai the se- i curlty of Hie milled Slates t>e not I jgdangered. voluntary cooperation; related to file development or use of new military. weapons." - The i-n.-iolullon was offered by : David Lawrence of the United i States News. • i Cold War Oiled j During debate on Ihe resolution.; Edward J. Meeman. Memphis Prcss-Scimitnr. told the. convention (hat this is not a time of peace, "This is a cold war and a terrible war." Meeman said. "This is unlike "an v other time and It is quite without precedent." Meeman said he was not afraid of censorship, and would rather risk getting back freedom of the ; press in more normal times than i to risk endangering the national security. ; Waller Harrison or Oklahoma ! ° f H»ni L I! W1 ' Cn M r . esol , lltion -„ Hauison said he knew the do- sires of the military mn.d anrt did Arab Blockade Puts Jews on Short Rations COUUTM ration. '^Aher three weeks'"•'iHmn'i l^-.'.^'^!" 1 . 1 /' f'' 0 ,' 0 Jcu ,' isl ' "•omen line up for their vegetable I « '^0 t.uck«.'c to'S!cvX y ' S jl.^ n ? °' ° VCr 2 °° "••'*- b """ j j's Daughter Remains Fascist and Lives in Luxury they «r« not. "They wish to bo married, but tt Impossllilp," one servant tolri me H* did not say why It wan Impossible, Another said Chantecler— we»llhy pearl »nd cameo merchant —wanted lo marry her, hut she did not wish It. Her three children are In school In Florence but she slays juost of lh» time with Chantecler here In his villa Just below the mounlnln where her own spacious white villa .stands. 11 Ims been taken over by the Italian government. She rises shortly after noon, and after breakfast goes with Chante- cler lo the bench. In the evening they usually are at. one of CnpiTs speclaculur and expensive ninhl- clnbs. It Is a pleasant life -and II gives her time tti dream of past glories, Thru-Mil* Hikt Over fee Just Warmt Him Up IiAKKSIDK, O. (UP)—A l«-ye«r- olrt boy who el-onsen > thr«r-mlle (ilrelch of ic« to ntlrnd school here *Ay« he gel* over-hentect tn info. 7,cro weather. "RlgResl trouble I n*v* )• get- ling too warm," s»y» CliarlcA K. demons. "1 walk pretty fast." Otherwise, (hit husky high school sophomore lakes hl« dally hllces lo and from Johnson's Island In Lake Kile ax a malter of Treacherous slMUs In the ie.r. don't bother him l>ccnuse "Islanders know about, lliose things," Rend Courier Newn W«nt Artn. and lo hope for • Fascist First Notional insurance Agency^ FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phon« 2311 101 North 2nd St. BILL, WILSON Anflwmjr I'y Ann Strlnjjtr (I'n'lril Tress Correspondent) 1SLK OP CAPRI. April 15. 1UPI —Mussolini's daughter is just ns Fascist, as in the days when her balcony-shouting lather strutted as dictator of Italy, and her husband was his foreign minister. not want lo see any military control over the publication "I dislike to see the military get the nose of the camel of censorship in the tent of freedom ol the press," Harrison said. The convention also rejected a proposal by John M. Cridcr. Boston | II Ducc is dead, executed by par- Jlisans and mutilated by n' mob. I Count Galeazzo Ciano is dead, cxe- ; cuted by his own government. But Edda Ciano is very much alive, and I ho Fascist flame still burns in her. I found Edda Ciano here today, free and living in luxury at trio swank, flower-covered villa of her "old friend." Pielro Chantecler. On the colorful tiled pillars at j the gateway to the villa were the bright election poslers of the n<w | Italian social movement (MSII, the I new parly which supports the Fascist doctrines ot Mussolini and ON NEWSSTANDS TODAY! * COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE'S SCOOP "Nic« Guyt Finish Last" By Leo Durocher DTD A YEAR'S SUSPENSION TAKR THE STARCH OUT OF LIPPY I,KO IHiROCHER? Read l.eo's own story appearing In the April issue of COSMOPOLITAN. See what he has lo 5115- on tills subject yourself! This Is the Inside story of what an Interesting- personality plans for himself and those fiery Brooklyn.Dodsers for Ihe cumins sciison. It's baseball at its best! Distributed by Lilly News Company except that il eliminated the word '• pie who remember his days with "censorship.' 1 but said the society ; pleasure. recognized the necessity for "re- ! She pretends no interest in poli- stricnons" on publication ol cer- ' tics, but I learned that Edrta Ciano tain type., of military information, is campaigning quietly among her " ——: - ' friends on behalf of MSI. She herself was deprived of the right to vote. 1 Ihe little people of Capri despise her. They refer to her. some of them told me, only ns "Mussolini's daughter." 1 'But the odd thing." one guide said, "is that, while we intend it as an Insult, she seems to like it." She has resumed father's name. Her blouses are monogram- mcd with the letters "ECM"—Edria Ciano Mussolini. Her servants told me that her lingerie is monogrammed too. I saw the blouse with the monogram, but that was about as close as I could get to the woman who was called the "power behind the throne" in Mussolini's days. I went to the villa to see her; but. was met by. the smiling moustacheri Chantecler. who told me the "countess will not see anyone." Flees from Reporter i I saw her later In the town square on the way back to the beach. She literally fled as I went toward her. She looked tanned and healthy, bill the Ihrce years since I last saw her — In prison—have changed her. .She is heavier now, and her blue slacks were unbecomingly light across the seal. Her once vivacious features seemed harder, nnri (here were lines I had not seen before. 1 wrole her a nole and sent it to the villa. She replied on violent, blue stationery: "I made a promise to niyRrlf a long time ago never to see a newspaperman or woman If I can help It." She referred, ft appeared, to th(! last time 1 saw her. That WHR on the prison Island of Llparl oft the const of Sicily, where she was Interned just after Ihe war. She was a prisoner then, and I hnd the per- tervicwed, and added that she would not be again. 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