The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTREVIU-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION J*r coiu«cu(iir Minimum rhMK« 1 tiflic per line 2 limn pel Unr per clar 3 times prr llnr pr*r dAj K limes tifr hnr per dar 12 tln-.r-s per line per day Month rirr line Tytinl fire averser. wnrdi lo Ihr Ail ordered for Ihtcr or six limi-s ftaiiyetl bclurc expiration Till arri^-JUrd. Jind adjustnipnl of bill rr All tlasMflril a«!r*r'l«lnt cnpr ml mitted hv persons rosldlnR oillsirte < the rllr mini hf arromp.inlerl h.v ras ; Rates m.iy esslly be ronvpn/ed fro] the ahnve tnblr, nrdrrrd for Uremia one ifme table * ivill b,- lake;. • clissilied ad. art tn- tertlons t.ikf tin No rf -, more thin file Incorrect All jrtVirr rrstrlrled to th'lr classlfkaMnn style and type. The or reject ant style ad. . ight tn Apartment for Rent For So/e, Misc. Call us [or your n«xt picnic or party. 1AV can BUY* you Urne and money. c>rU \MVie Clrorrry nud Market. >1N. 4S97. s 2U cki 6 *IJ 4597. -tioel net-1 tmfll trulli- Cull ; ' , Rnrt fryr-rs, rhlcfccn Katftrt. futin salad plmlcnto rlirepf. potato Rftlad arid hotnp baH<M! ham. 0-poll l-Owf Gror-iry 5 20 rfc $ 2O Mrs. tt. (I. Jr-- < m. -po and Xtnrkrt. ph. 4.567. ParaVfPtB, all r.rtlo«. -oinp. ph 3101 or ROTS. I/Kfd porch Ktiiltr. bahv . . . 5 20 pic 2:i hath- Inelt*. nood conrlliion. Call 42:15 S 17 jilc 21 i Floor Samples fl.S on. ft. llelnxe Refriiiera- tors — slightly l — Kt>tf. 3 room TIG West s nnd bruh In upMnlrs «pl. 5 23 Jit 27 . . .V floors l.lno ?2'l'l.95—fsalc $2(M.!t. r ). Slonlfc'omery Ward 5 H ck 21 For Sale: Paint sprayer — cotitraetor type. Time savintj paint tank, spray (run, 200 ft. liope, drop clotlis, ladder brackets, double duty ladder. • 8 ft. ivood oxtfd.sioii pj.-uik. I was in UNO less than : J ,« days, i formerly sold for $.| j j Complete uijlfit ca;i nmv !><>' i boiifrht for ?280.nn Ideal fin-; paintini;. Mont-' I. r.M ek 21 - " " "" " •' .nt Call ! 6 rt tr I roorr. Ar 4 roor" qjit* for idem 2 ronm Mr not Th 2595 ol J 14 <•» I i apt 3 rooms and bath, nrn* 1 - Mnrieni apt 3 ro ly fleroratrd, good . mrnl Ph. 3313. F. Simon. 921 Small Apartments, furnish otL $8 itp per week. Bedrooms $-1 vip single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-t ck tf q Supplies and Services Don'l endanger your (ninlly with ftviltv tlrrx—BTJY I.EB TJHES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION JfnJn and Division Phone 256,7 12 13 ric If Services E. -R -Altfy!— Air con dill nn In * JriEerjUion service. Ph 347fi mi Missouri, Blythevlllr. Arfc. 514 rX I repair a.»y tnaV.c or modrl wnshln? machine 2 blocks we.*t o( Dtulp pig on 81h St.. fay new school Herbert Graham. Ph. 6738. $|7 px 6,7 Moving & Hauling Van Inick;:—Safe, Dependable. Courteous. Exuerlenroil Help, W W llprjf- ham. Ph. 8928—117 West Rosp. i,8 ilk 6 6 Watch and Jewelry Repair • 1-Day aervlc*- on Jewelry—.1 dF»y» on watches Rnd clorXs, Ouari\nteed m-ork aane by expert rcpilnnen. Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT A fain & Second lfl[3 tf XrM jour radio ropRJrrrt? Call Rpd Walton OisnhlPd v«tp rAn rcpnlrB rndlo »» homt. RraRonnhle prices. Chlcfcu- ww Courts, Apt. 28A Ph «ia Slip* 23 Krv?rs. 11 vp or dresi^d Dat, j-a'sod IB K. A*h. Nichols B:\rJcrr Bhop 57 pk 21 Tomato plants, Ph. 8127. .S 1fi pV; 30 with tine sMmHe r.sR. ph Ktatr registered tirp^-der | H«l«* Dflitt I'inc 7JI cot too uiliuttliui ?,0'; , ilf.o CHI |,, r Seeil K:irms. PH. 41 f«. Hucilcil.-. Irt i-k tl N"w vhcftl c)).-\1r, J'h 2130. 5 in jik I7 Fryets toe «r\le. Ph. 8327, 5,7 pit 21 Save Money \Vhon You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUKN1TURB CO. 517 W. Ash I'h. 2552 1948 FORD $795 1946 FORD $795 You'll tcft iiiDnoy-iTiakln^ scr- Vicr nut uf Ihls lii-'J'nii lonjf w•|l^^]^lll^p Truck. Uns JIITW r* 1 - biiflf motor, vrrj good body. 1948 CHEV. $795 With a iirarly nrw motor. Oils -Vi-Ton J'Icktip H-iU elve good venire. Has extra (ton«l tlrrs, new puJnl, heater. Only flU. 1 ?, This car has everything: ra- rli", fii>Hti.'r ANI> Columhln dor (V-H rn^inpt. Clranest In town! 1947 FORD $795 duly 32,000 mil's! Thai's rrajly somellijn?! -SnrMT rlr- IIIVH Tnilor wllh nearly nrw llrcs. Nifr inAronn finkh. Only 32,0(10 inllrs! 1950 FORD $795 1948 FORD $895 A n-al IJMV In a moili-I •>. l«n .slmrl w )ipi-llj:isr Tim:k. )l:is a nev. hlnrk. \Vllll I'vlru uoorl llrcs, It's a siuil buy! .•W)oilier H-t-ylltMlee Kurd—J us t ?K!I5! Siififr Mrlnvp ForiJor Sc- wit ft r;i(lln. Ji<-;»(rr, s^a l covers, sun visor, new tires. TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1052 CALL US FOR COTTON CHOPPER DEMONSTRATION Jack Robinson Implement Co. Bl.vlherHl«, Ark*i»*a« — Phone 2371 10 overseen yt'tirK oUI. MUM Alrf,. N. II. ./mm >(>ve, J'U, 310] ur «07S. i-. .-i •& V k -i t TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W Wftlnni Phonr ^.TRS Plenty of Parking Space for v.*f.<t 'pnwrr mowern. Blcy- rts unri reunlrs. Also power mow- r «nl, Westbrook Machine Shop AcrOM from Kroner 5 a ck it oronehVred bljclc Cocfcrr Spaniel . Ph. «!>OA. 70fl W. Mdln. 5'19 pit 22 PaJutlng or rarpcnCcr worlc C D JCUuicy. Ph. 8327. i 23 pk S 2S Ouamntprti PlANc? Ttrnlne" ^ Rr^ pair. CaU 2071 <lnys. 2053 ntRlUK ___ •( 2B pic 528 2fl M FNUTE V I! OT OST AT I C SKRv"- ICF, O3TEEN S STUDIO. U5 W «,UN 12 4 clc tf l.AWNMOWKRS Wf Parpen and repair nil type .-n *r--. All kinds mower putts. Also i^ er moa-prs for rent. . k Machine S Trofii Kroger Store Price Sale One Hack Ladies SKIRTS Reduced or More! All Colors, Si/.es And Materials Montgomery Ward 406 \V. .Main I'hone 1501 5' 19 ck 21 IT'S NOT THE COST TSTHE UPKEEP! \\ r hcn you pcU iliivvn your liarcl-rarnpd mnncy for a used car. il's fni|>ort:int In K fl OTIC llnl will s ivr drpcnfl.iblt 'frvirc. "tCs no< (hr rosl, il'j Chr up- hrcr." C'li.imlilin's v^rs arr rhtckcd nrrr frnin lnimjirr lo bumper—tliry'rr ?urr tn be in finr rninlillnn. Romrni- licr (hat «hrn you go looking for a bcllrr c;ir. 1!I3 1 STl' I)K IJAKKK Cliampion 2-ilo«r Sedan. A elean. t;icc'ii iine-nn n- tr var vciu'll tic prinid ti> own. ONLY 15JO CMKYROl.KT dc- hixc 2- Door Scrfan. A very nice gr cy auUnno- I'ile with lioth ratlin and heater. OM,Y SI li.i: clclvixe Y-8 Knrflnr— jnsl SI 195. lia- ilio iiud healer. Shining marnnn finish. !('s do- pemlaljle! O.M.Y dc- Chanipion l-d<xir Sedan. A good-looking Ki'ci'ii mi- with overdrive and hfalcr. One owner. OM.Y $1195! I!>IS CHKYROf.BT deluxe 2-dnnr Sedan. Two: 1 black. 1 ijreen. Radio and healer. Dependable cars. OM.Y ?!>!15! USED TRUCKS ';. 'i. I ' ;-Ton models. l'rice<| lo save you money — reconditioned t o K've you service. Authorized 1^9 Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & A»h Streeti • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash fall 68SS aa.i noiiK;ui AV<-., i-'jiii ti'.fi;!. r ft a<j JoO Goslings 6-8 wooks Cn.slHo Ri'os, 5'2fi ck 27 ahHvlHK r S. ,21} pfc 27 win Mallet, Martin- f.7*4 nllf OKFSE. write ll!.., .\rk. '21 PICNIC 1 SUPPLIES --- - HAKCiAlNH! HfiK- J»t pky. of 12 pli-nlr Jojkw uf spoons. V. Fifi; fflc phtsilc ])1:ut>s, onl; 1 2Ser. Rrs, aSr pk«. o[ f, nliimlnnm plr- nlc ptiups, isc. Mnuy ollwir bar^ntn«. OTEN SUNHAYB -- drive out HOSE SAT.ES CO.. .^01 S. 21*1 St. S 17 pk 21 [Jj<prt jn KRi. clrc. hot N!cJio,5 H.irh«r Shop. •ntcr 5.14 pk 15% on a npw FrlRlclalrc Re- »r, fi model* lo cfioos* from i Appliance Co., 208 W Main 426 cJt 626 Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms '/•> down, balnnce in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaincs. Ph. 6357. <l,'i7 ck tf 4 row »; 7 n n rotton chopp»r In good cowlklnn. nrnsonnhly prlr<«l, Bitrriette Flantrulon Ph. -1782 S. ' Ht. RAKORULAnKS » . On Id Tone single or CK. on r.ird. S\ .Sne mi* lovely 2-lxxlroorn homo on l:u«r coniiM- Jot on Ktust. Mhln lit, HUH r;it(ii'U'U, wntJ li> *•*)!. I'lcmy o? (•(<»><?! simce. Itfii.snmihtK down p.ij'mtiu. bal- i)A\Mlj' < 1u<rAL l KSTA C TB CO. Plumes 3633, 2486 Sam Godwin _ R. M. Reck Salesmen .S17 rk 24 :} bedroom home with al- tiiclierl tfaragn, completely modern. Monthly payments $'18.80 including taxes and 2 luutroorn modern home, large screened back porch. AI marly finanrrfl with small inonlhly payments. Max Lojfan. Realtor Lynch Rldjr. I'lione 2034 S 19 ck 26 _ NEW SOVIET FIGHTER- -The Soviet A Tr t -7rce is lesUng a nev IWO-SMI ,ci (iRhlcr. illustrated above, in mancui-crs undcru-ay in .-astern Zrmr of Germany, according to "Avialio,, Age." Said lo be •n Rll-wr-atlHT .md itisht fighter, it « ripsignalej as the .MIG-I5F md appears to bo armed with two cannons. Bulbnus now o( the !>l;ir". ni.ii.^ios n carrif.s radar equipment For Kent •h. 6010. 4SHU, S mom house ~|H . Kills 5 ^u Private Rooms 5 20 s .t 27 . __" NLca furntshrcl bedroom, "onven- tern location 1'h 2514 421 nk 5ifl 2 room house, electric kitchen. Rood location. Ph. 29:W or 9671. 5 20 ck 63 Morlern 2-lx'droom hojne, har<t*ootl floors and vcnellan blinds.' Ph. K648. 5 17 pk 21 Concrete Block Bnlldinp. suitable for sarnse or store And Ro]olotng 5 room house with bath, located tn curve tin Hlgbwny el, .louUj slilf of Holland .Mo. Call 440H or wrlle Prttll Bjinni linple- nt Co. 1 12-<;k It Shetland pontes by the clay, week or month Delivery service. John D. McDowell, ph. :no«. 5 s p* 6 5 Greater 7wrySafety! safe-way WHAT'S MOftE IT'S f-RCff Each lime your car conws in for s»rvlc« it will be jivrn the "Safe-T- Way" 10 point service check— WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION TO VOUI Join the "Safe-T-Way" Program now. Drivt tt safer car. Promote driving tafety] ID roopcrof ian wifli . . . Rean atitl corn land. E. B. GEE COTTON CO. Call C. C. Councille, 6645, 202G, night phone 2880. 56 ck tf Well lo<-au-tl 3 bedroom house with raruort M 710 peiitii. Owner h-a»liiL{ town nun will null below innr- Vfl viilxip. Prk-ftt iU Jfi:'.0a /or r|>i)cK AMe 5ep nnytlme. Terms ran he arranged. Ph. 6791. S 19 ck 22 ' Modern 4'.^ room house and bath in northwest part of town close to new hijfi', school. Carport, fenced hack-1 yard. $700 cash, halancc' $5628. at 546 per month total monthly payments. Vacant, _ : -^ -•• •••! iMoilei'ii and extra nice <lf\E .v~cAKKU-Ass7iiiirsi <IV.«IHV l ri'om house and biilli at ''SOO «^""'s;"nia" i 1;^^i i rnr^ 1 ,mHi k " e " w « 0 il Uvive. ^1050 cash ivs- r .ir.vro,ii lh r«)SE'' ! s\i < r" : ro 8U 5ni" I " K ' llulcs 1'efrigeratoi', electric s n iik J 3i i 1'nnge, heater, drapes, Vene- r - Ijlinds, etc-. Loan balance only ?T>t>11.50. Tolal monthly payments ?'1S.29. It's vacant — For Sale Cars & Trucks 1—2 ton Chevrolet 1 b '49 hud 1 Kleetllne 'SO model Chevrolet r-nr (Ml. " Insurance . Money . in. n ...,,:. OPF.N SUNDAYS — rlrlvn Mil HOSE SAl.ES CO.. .1111 S 21st SI ; n >>k 21 -SOrKS <t AXKI.ETS Tor men nn<t milieu. 1st qti^ntv and lircKUliUK. Only J2 a df>:-on Hint's less Minn ITc a pair! linn UO^*PTI to i'hoo><* frnni. nil colors, nil M/e-s. OVEN StlNOAVS — <lrl%-e out. ROSE SAT.ES CO. 50] S 21st St. j n nk 2l' Fl^hcrmnn'.s Drfftni-Roal, Trailer nilP motor Motor \isnd 6 hours Few' rvtras avaUftble with Rhove. Oil 60SS or fi!W*. 5'17 ck 2t "BIT; STINKV" FI.Y TKAP Nationally l<nown ruxl ad- vcrtised. U'ill positively rid your home of flies or your money back. .?-l.!). r > po.sipaid. Iirc.l! \V. AI.I.KN Osccola. Ark. si.o I>K- i; 10 For Sale, Real f state ~~ReaTESfATE~ Farms Cit\' Properly l.OANS Noble Gill Agency INSURANCK '•"lencoe Hlclg. I'll. liSGS 9 3!> ck tr will sAcrtrirc sni.-ill ncusc ' f:om n,p;!st rh-in-V nji , ivyinrnt.s. Inoulr,* ,M2 N. f. 1> move in tomorrow. Modern 4-roo;« !;ouse and bath at 1116 llearn. Nice .shop a n d outdoor storage. [OxIra nice backyard. $1300. cash, payments ^.Ifi.lG monthly. Owner beinjf transferred. See or call JOHNNY MARR Rorxltor 1 12 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phono 25% _ 5 If ."!!<•<• nnir 2-nrrtrnom home Kurct- wcorl MOOT i.. pirtiuc wlnclnws rpnr?1 bLii-kysvnl. Owiirr brln-t transfrriiTl Hiuf will iMrhiinvi- Sllft) equtty fni- i-ofwl car Tiunl prli-r 57 5W) I.fwl* Hr'dtv r " . IH K nnYls. I'll BfiBS 42^ rfc .S 22 He/p Wonted KKAUSTLK HORIFltY MIIJ.S v \\} Pti\r1nv irnn nr lady to hook orricr;; In Hly/.hfivlilc ami vicinity. Mnny r*-prm <->i"PomeT.= \Vrlt<- n^UllK * Hoslrry Mill*, 2RI Khrlnn Blrtg,, Mfnipbi.*. Tf-nn 5 11 pk 2i Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash St CLRNCOE HOTEL BUILDING V3 CH | Bedroom, private bath A entrant Close In. Ph. 4432. 4 30 tf Hooins with lam. Blyihcville Hotel" __ 5 9 j»k 6 9 Bedroom close In. adjoining bath (onsum hot wnler. rh 2.192 S^lfl pV. 73 Wonted fo Buy Ooon pluno. Clic.ip. C«s/i. V/ilte Itoi 1^ '^Courier News. H p k 71 Want lo buy several lljpd plBnos. i Call 5071. Klghu 20S9. 4 2S ck b 28 | We will pay CASH tor your OM Ko^ ! dnXs. cameras «nfl len;e« [or oarts OSTKE.N-s STUDIO. Ii5 West Main. | _ 12 4 clc tf I HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin. wire ami all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & -Metal Co. N. Bflway i- Afoiiltrie Drive Phone 89G2 ___ <l:lo ck tf Wanted Get Your "Safe-T-Woy Cord" Todof SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 Wett Walnut Phone 4578 r State Certified Blue Tag Notice FU 1.1,Kit BRUSH For service al jour door rail 6398 JAM US LKJHTY, DKALF.R 4 12 pk S 22 Specials The New Hrlcne Curtis Wn»e ftevlvf-x 51500 Coiullt1om.l ill) 00 OthKr cold wavci l.^OT and itp BKAUTY BAR Ph- 3252, Glcneoe Koiel Rlttg 5 15 <:fc ft I."V Want to employ someone 10 cltat Ihtul -A'lth a bxiltrio^r by the ncrp. Only a ft-* uee.i oti land— niostly hiishcs. \Vrile Boi RF,J. '-, Courier N>w^. 5 19 cJc 26 : D&PL 15 COTTON SEED r 80% Germination. Minted & Treated _ t CALL Glen Cook j r DELI,, AKK. I'HONE 2412 ^ OnexpcctMl i-hanL-e rauses vnrancy -," " tra .'. M '" 1<W *PP1 County. Real rt*y»n uph^Jptcrr fnd rnsrie last lonw- , Vrm do the I rick quirk with Mys- lr Fnam Snfe. sure. econoniTca). On HIP at. Siirrwtn-WiULatns. 520 cfc 21 Position Wanted 5 19 pk 21 HESTER'S H.iilialur Shop S. l!i!>riw:iy Gl I'hone ! ATTENTION GINNERS! With the exceptinn ot Jack Lognn. we still have the sama personnel to take cnre of yoiu ginning repair ncccis. \Ve refill, file and Irain SAWS; refill and balance brushes; anil have * complete stock of valves, elbows (from 11" to H") and pipe. Also, a complete Imf ot bearings for your gin. We have the personnel and equipment to meet your ginning repair needs and we're anxious to serve you! All work is guaranteed. Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 Help Wanted. Male HtU i ,i:nfo;tn!,1 t - I'.ntii.. <-;in lit- l">Kl)t lor *-l,»:'..i v .,. r Ir.o "illl )• ,^(111- I'.i-•..•.»!.>!i ill ,m,i- i'h ;-.. j4 s '|;i'ii\; I'l 2 roi.iu IIOIM^ !t)I2 n.'Or ^'..- «;.'.-" r«h rh fijia nr «1S 4 U pk 21 \V.\XTKI): Paint Man M a n will] experience lt> aisai'p piiinl and wallpaper epartihenl. Oond salary and Miimission. Apply in person MONTCOMKHY WARD S UO rk 22 Guaranteed Watch Repair SOftENS All Aluminum SCREENS 3 I1AVS IIKI.IVF.RY • Kus( 1'rnnr—Slain Proof— Lift-time • Slimiv dilraMr frames—fils tifclil. will not flap, sag or rattle. • ruMnin iiMdi. to lit any win- rliiw In li ; ,ir or full lentth. • Mrasuml. aNseii\hlni and tn- Malliil fiy lursil man—all nia- trria.l< anil workmanship |liar- antcrd. KK.MP \YHISKNHUNT I'lionc 3409 K. II. ARENR.ME1ER I'hone '!fi9^ " ICNclusivc I.IO.N Ooi'lpr in Hlythcvillc" WILSON AUTO SERVICE '3.50 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler |N>T1 riftftr to Wnrif! TvrnUvre LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Ea*le Stomps Get the Right Trade on the Right Car or Truck at Horner-Wilson on EAST MAIN 1!)5fl CHEVROLET 4- door Sedan, deluxe model. Dark blue color, white stdcwnll tiros, radio and healer. Kcal sharp! $1395 1950 FORD Custom Cluh Coi)|>e. A perfect automobile to be a vised car. Equipped with both radio and heater. Now . . . $1295 15151 (JMC 2-Ton short wheelbase Truck with deluxe cab. Brand new tires on rear. You'll never find a better buy at. . . $1695 195(1 (iMC 'i-Ton Pickup. The beat way to de- wriiie tin's beauty is that it's as slick as a button! Maybe slicker! Only . . . $995 19SO PLYMOUTH special deluxe 4-door Sedan. A leal nice liglit blue car with brand new tires. Radio, heater . . . now ... $1295 1918 CHEVROLET 2- door Fleetlino. With practically new tires, this light green car is a buy. Radio, heater. A bargain at ... $895 19-18 CHKYKOl.KT i'/2- To n long wheelbase Truck with a 7iew bed. Has practically new (ires, too. See it tomorrow! . . . Only $895 1950 CHEVROLET Va- Ton Pickup. The motor is fine. The tires are as (food as new. The price? It's a low, low . . . $995 HORNER-WlLSON EAST—: MAIN Rnckel Olrtsmobile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Cur Lot — Phone GInl

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