Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 7
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Ornamenting [t recently occurred to Tiffan-y & Co., the New York jewelers, to ornament a bicycle elaborately with gol'd, silver, and precious stones, believing that some wealthy customer would esteerr so handsome a mount The> preferred to pay $100 each foi Columbia Bicycle? For their pijrpose to using' any other make of j* wheeLTheremust be no question of quality in a bicycle selected for such ornamentation. ** Therefore they chose Columbia STANDARD OF THE WORLD Unequalled, Unapproachcd. SQUABBLE IN CONGKE88. Appropriations Which Have Caused Bitter Feeling. muto nml HOUHA DUaffrtio on tin tirantlnj; of SulixUIIca to Soc-tii- rlnn Institutions Luuittcd at \ViiMhlngtoii. ISpooliil Washington Letter.] There, was sc."ious disagreement between t,ht> senate anil house of representatives during- the recent session of congress; and it was a.ll about a subject upon which many people have differed for many years. You know we have no governor, no legislature, no mayor, no aldermen, and no sort of government of n Ioc.n.1 nature in the District of Columbia. Wo are subject to the officials of the federal TLe happiness of married life dependn on the wife's health oftener than on any other one consideration. Au ailing woman is a source of discontent to herself and a burden and drag 1 upon her husband. Won en by takinp; more interest in. their own physical condition would lay the best foundation for married happiness and evurv- other happin usf. More than half the suffering which saps the energies and sours the disposition of tYOmcn is directly traceable to some disor,- xxm dcr of the'orpans distinctly feminine. There 1 ./"y^cnfi business lo c.nll upon the senators find state t.lu'.ir wi^'s. Senators who an 1 mi'uilk'i's of the com- miltee 011 . appropriations :;ll reeeivi-ti calls nuil hcni-d jLi-frunn'iils nn Ihf subject,. Afl.L-r it. WMS nKi'i'i-lninrr] ;li:i! :i ni.-i.jcn ily of tin 1 con:tniMi.'e wncltl I'iivor tin- ehiiriiii-s, our yuoil |n-(i|)le wen after Lin; other riioiiibitrs (if I.|IL- senate, until the entire body of till 'senators liad been visited and labored with sueiiess- fully. There w;is never any Icbbving mori! vigorous and earnest; and nobody fomxl fault u'itli 'it. snve (lit- ix'prfwnra- t.i vcs who were so arden I l.v oppo.-vd 1 on p- propi'iulions of that ehar.-icter. They, itlr'tlieir friends, also called upon the i.fors and personally :n-«rin.-d with What is is no real nticd of such troubles ; they are I \ \>ni agninst. the proposed upproprin- Beautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia and Hari ford Bicycles is free if you call upon any Colun: bia agent; by mail from us for two 2-cer stamps. POPE MANUFACTURING CC Factories and General Offices. Hartford, Cent Branch Stores and A£ cnc ies in almost ever city and tow/i:. If Columbias are not proper' •tprcKDted in your vicinity let us know. TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TABLES. Solid trains between "Peorla and San- flusky" and "Indtanapolls and Mlchlga.n." Direct connections to and from all points In the United States and Canada. L. E. &'W. R. It irrlvo Lcavu SOUTH BOUXD. Xo 21 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 a m 2:08 a n) No 25 Indlanap's Ex Sunll:45 a m .No. 23 Mail & Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p m 8:10 p m No 29 Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Kochestor Local Arrive 4:45 p. m. except Sunday. NORTH BOUXD. B:20 a m No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sun.lO:22 a m 3:30 p m Xo 22 Michigan City dally 4:45 p m 1:56 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun n/ Xo 150 Accom. ex Sun.. C:45am •Does not run north of Pern on Sunday. Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indl- snapollf ftnd Peru, No. 2" via Tlpton arrives at Bloomington at 9:32 p. m. making direct connection Trlth C. & A, fast train arriving in Kansas City at 8:55 next morning, connecting direct at Kansas City for I'enver, San Fran- • clwo and all points west. Fre« reclining chairs between Tlpton and Missouri river for all passengers. Nos. 20, a, 22, artd 23, connect at Tlpton with main line trains for Sandusky, Peorla and all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call on J. J. Sklnnor ticket agent, L. E. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. F. Dally, general passenger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. SENATOR GORMAN. " "- . JV.U..J i.UD I., 1.-V-...I'- *D»lly. JDally except SundRy. Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col..,, "12:50 am • 2:45 am Philadelphia & N. Y . .'12:30 am • 2:45 » m Richmond & dm!,...* 1:00 a ra • 2:20 am Ind'pls 4 Louisville.. «12H5 am • 2:30 am Effner & Peorla ...... «3:05am «12:30am Crown Point & Chi, .« 2:55 am •12:40ara Richmond & ClntL.t 5:45 am tll:20pm Crown Point & Chi.. r 6:09 a m tV:30pm . Montlcello & Eflner ........ t S:00 a m 1 1:00 p Bradford & Col ...... t 7:50 am Eftner local freight. .t 8:30 am Ino'pln & LoulDvllle..' 2:00 pm . Richmond and Clntl..* 2:lOp m «l:20pm Bradford and Col.... 4 2:05 p m *l:10pn Phlla & Now York....* 2:05 p m • 1:10 p m Montlcello & ESne. ,.t 2:20 p m t 7:45 a m Chicago ... ...... . ...... «l:35pm *l:55pm Chi ft Intermediate..* 4:30 pm »12:30pm Kokomo & Rich ...... t2:30pm -tll'.OOam •Bradford & Col ....... t<:30pm t!2:20pm t4:ir>pm f 2:15 government, and all of the expenses incidental to the aclministra.tion of affairs comes from tlie national treasury. Inasmuch as t.he white house, eapitol, trvolsury and all other federal buildings fire located here, and p.n.y no taxes, it waf. docidcd a long while ago that the District Of Co] ii in bin • should p;iy !i«i.!f o,f (.lie expenses of t.be local govcrn- niciit, and the Uiiit<-d SliiH's should pny tlie oilier half; bnl.ti.il moneys arc appropriated by congress in a I/ill which is called the Districtof Columbia appropriation bill. [n oilier cities, where' local self-frov- ornrncnt exists, the charitable institutions are cared for by appropriiitions marie by t.hc aldermen or councrimen. Tn this city we have no such officials, nnd the charitable institutions have de- priidcd almost wholly on the nppropri- n I ions made by congress. Rver since tiie first iidministralion of Pi-esidcnt Grant the federal appropriations for the charitable institutions have been liberal, The nnnnal appropriations have been iucreused iinti! t.ho aggregate nnionnts luivo become noticeably large, and this year some of the rigid economists called attention to these appropriations n.nd objected to them. Then there arose in congress a contest concerning sectarian appropriations. Some of the charitable institutions are Catholic and sonic of tlicm arc Frotcst- anl; but the movement against the appropriations came from anti-Catholic •members of the house of representatives. Whether they were right or wrong, or whether they were animated by a proper spirit or not, they were consistent, because they opposed appropriations for any and aJI sectarian charities, In season and out of season they fought the proposed appropriations, and succeeded in eliminating Uiem from the District of Columbia bill in the hoiifc of representatives. Butin thescnate things were different. Senators of both political parties insisted that appropriations should be made for the charities. Senator Gorman, the democratic leader, and Senator Allison, the republican leader, both of them invariably cured by Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription, which reaches and strcngtheni the internal generative organs as no other treatment can possibly do. By restoring health and atrenfifth to this most important part of the feminine constitution, the "Favorite Prescription " (rives new tone and en- erfry to all the rest of the body. One of the most deeply interesti-ijj and truly educative books ever written is the 'Teople's Common Sense Medical Adviser." by Dr. R. V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Tliii splendid volume of 1008 pages, includei ninety pajres on the subjcct-qf diseases peculiar to women, with directions for home treatment, rendering:'unnecessary the tm- barrussino; "examinations, 11 and generally useless local treatment," so drcaried by modest women. The book contains the most comprehensive explanation of human physiolojry and the rational principles of hyg-iene ever published. Illustrated with over 300 eiiRrruvincs — a complete medical library in one volume. No other medical book in the Ens'ish language ever had such an enormous sale. 6So,ooo copies were sold at $7.50 each. Dr. Pierce is now distributing a new free edition of half a. million copies. A copy will be ?ent absolute!}'frfg to anyone who will send to the World's Dispensary Medical Association, UufTalo, N. _Y,, 21 one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailing only. The present edition is in all respects the same as that so'.d at 51.50 except only that it is bound in stro'if mauilla paper coveri instead of cloth. tions. But the friends of the instilu- tions won the figlit. for the senate in• sisted upon their amendments until the house of representatives yielded with the proviso that after one yenr no such appropriations shall be made. , Senator Vest said, on the floor of the Bcimto: "I consider this proviso absolutely inhuman, r will not be driven by any clamor to ng-rce to such a thing. •I have in my mind one orphanage tinder sectarian control. Are we to give that orphanage no help when it i.s needed? Are we to let those boys drift back into the slnms. and finally find their way to the penitentiary?" Senator Sherman said: "The next congress will not be bound by this notion of this congress. I consider this proviso mere buncombe." "Yes," snid Senator Vest, "it is worse than buncombe. It is n frnud. I g-ive warning now that I will tierer be bound by such a provision, for it i.s inhuman." 'I^'hat extract from the debate will show you that the contest is not over. ,A trjce has been declared, and the charities of the District of Columbia will again be the subject of congressional discussion .and action. R^^TT^ P. FTCY. , , „,,„-,„ ^"-«-----«»»•»-» •-.-*-»,'V-V 1 iV»-*"V-V^.-T^,-^.-«J s ^ s -%,-%-^V' t S XW>" " * "-M'V CASTOR IA Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription, for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine ncr other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allay* feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Cunlj cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieve* ttethingr troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates t!io stomach and bowels, giving 1 healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea—tlie Mother's Friend. Castoria. *15 p m ' powerful factors in all appropriation J. A, McCULI/>UGH, Agent, Logansport. ^—. - ' ~ WEST BOUND. Inr 1 H'I 11. nn n . u'l ! ! o ! i T .. If:iCpm St Lculs limited (Jnlly,-old no'13'.... 111:1 •! pm >"nst Hull dully. -biO tin 47' 8:^7 p rn . Kansas City express daW ' nw > o •il'... !i:)3 i> in Piic estri>s cull} i x: un 'old 11,40',,.JU in n m No. EAST BOUND. 2 X Y. A Boston lint d dallj 'old no 42.. 2:41 a/ m « Fast mall dully. 'o:d no4D VM u m • < Atlant Ic Llin nail? ex Sun 'old no -H.. 4:52 p m 7-J Local fit. jceom. dally «Snn 12 60 p in EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. , No 35 arrive IDflO a. m No it! arrive....: .' 2,30 P m EAST BOUND. No X leave 10;45 a m No 34 leave «:»J () m RANDAL! A UN e . TKAINS LEAVE LOOANSPORT, IND. FOR THE NORTH. Ho (i for St Joseph, >1nll> e* Sunday... .1(1:81 a in No H for St Joseph, dnliy ex Sunday ..... 6:15 a in No 2o forSt Joseph, ex SUB ............ 4:23 p m No 18 to St Joseph Sunday only ............ 7^10 u in "Ho 8 ei Sunday for Soot i tend... .......... t Si p n No X has throiieh pnrlor car, Indianapolis to South Bend via Cohnx. No KO lias through sleepers, Si Lonls to M'.ckl DftW. FOR THE SCUTH No 13 for Terre Haute dally ex SUD ........ 7 13 a in No li for Terrn Mante dully ex Sun ..... '2:J6 p in No 21 dally ex SundM ............................. 11:55 n m No 13 has ibrough parlor car, Sooth Bead to 'IndlaoapolU via cuilax No 21 hiM thrtngh Sleeper, Mackloavr to St. Lcnia. - , • •„:.-..• ' ' . No 15 dally except Sunday ..................... 9J25 p m No 17 Sunday only ................................. 10:20 p m For complete time cord, giving all trains and Btatlons, and for full Information a* to rate*, through can, etc., address J. C. -EDQEWORTH, Agent. Loganaport, Ind, Or, B. A. Ford, General Paesengor Agent, Bt. Loul* M«. Only COM For Mr*. Franklin Both, 'of New Caifle, D»t, WTI: "I §offer«d for yean with djipepci*. Tied to hare greet diitren and belching. I tried cTembJog I could •hear of, trat nothing helped m« till I took Bnuillan Balm, and. on* CO ctnt bottle qutrn lo cut off supplies from these institutions without notice. Consequently, they added nn amendment to the bill maldng.imple provision for the charitable institutions. Senator Allison said: "If I were stricken with paralysis, or should be run down nnd injured by a bicycle, and taken to a hospital,.' would not ask the surgeon what church he belonged to. I would wnnt him to be skillful in his profession and tnkeg-ood care of me. I would never think of asking him what route be wns going to Heaven on, or wlrether he was go'mg there at all," Senator Gorman said: "I used to be a little page boy in the senate, nnd have lived here the greater part of my life. I have seen those institutions grow, and have had constant information of the good they have done for humanity. For example, there is St. Ann's orphan asylum. I guess that during the past 20 years fully 1,000 abandoned babies have been taken there and cared for most tenderly. Day after day we rend of n.n nfant being found abandoned at some Joint in the city, nnd invariably the lit,le one is taken to St, Ann's infant or- ihan asylum. Life is preserved, and the children nre raised to be good men nnd vomen. I would regard it ns inhuman o refuse aftl to such n charity." Congressman Grout, of Vermont, hav- iig- charge of the bill for th« house of representatives, met the senators aguin and again, daily nod almost hourly, for more than a month. He Insisted that it is unconstitutional to appropriate money from t.be federal treasury for sectarian schools or institutions of uny kind. Time nnd again the house of representatives voted to sustain Mr. Grout, nnd just ns often Uie senate insisted that the- charities must be provided for. finally, on the last day of the session, the house of reprcsen to lives agreed to permit appropriations for one year more, extending until June 30, 1807; and thereafter it is decided that the charitable institutions must. , get, along without government'aid.'. This compromise was regarded as proper by all parties; but it is not final legislation. The friends of the charities will bring 1 the subject before the congress again next winter, and the whole contest will be fought over. .-.*'. .One of the institutions.which b«W re- ts Howard university, an institution founded soon after the civil war, by CongTcg-a.t.ionalists. for the purpusc of educating- colored young men. The principal object of the university has bcon, nnd i.s, to educate colored men for the ministry. Gen. 0. 0. Howard, for whom Uie university was mimed, said: "In teaching the colored people religion these young men are educating their people and making better citizens of them. Therefore it, is a wise principle that the government should foster the institution. We want to make all 01 our people bcttcrcitizens. and money so expended is well expended." Providence hospital, which is under Catholic mnnjiifoment, is one of the finest institutions of that character in our entire country. Fortunately I have never bccu ill, nor-under treatment there, but a number of friends nml acquaintances who luive been cared for in Providence bospiu.1 say that it. is a glorious place, and that Sister Loui.sc, in charge of the institution, is a.s sweet n.san angel in her tender rnin.ist.nitions. Three of the attending surgeons are Protestants,aad are regarded'as leaders in their profession in this city. But the Catholic church has control of the hospital, and therefore it comes under the head of sectarian charity, a.nd will be siidly injured if the. government appropriations are entirely cut off. Gnrfield hospital, named after thQ martyred president, was founded and bu-ilded by the Christian chru&b, commonly known us the Campbellite denomination. It is not more than ten 1 years old, but much good has been accomplished there. Providence hospital is located eiist of the eapitol, near the navy yard. Garfield hospital is northwest of the eapitol, the two'institutions being nearly three miles apart. The almost universal opinion of the people in the national capital is thatboth'of these- institutions should be aided by federal appropriations. There appears to be considerable legal merit, however, in the arguments which have been made agviinst appropriations of this character. Congressman Ilainor, of Nebraska, said: "The Salvation Army is doing a great deal of good among certain classes who are overlooked Dy oiir regular church organizations. The Salvation Army people go out into the highways, the byways and hedges, ministering to tlie physical as well as spiritual wants of tlfe meek, and '.*.e lowly. I can see no reason why the congress should not appropriate $10,000 or more per annum for SWANS HATCHED. "Castorfn Is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of its good efiett upon their childron," DR. G. C. OSGOOD, _ T 1 Lowell, Mass. " Costorla IB the best remedy/or children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant when mothers -will consider the real Interest of tbcir children, and use C.islori,i instead of the various quack nostrums fc'hicli arc destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup one! other ; liytfut agents down their throats, thereby Fending them to premature proves." DR. J. F. XurciiELOi:, • Convay, Ark. Castoria. "Ccsloria is sowellodsptcd tochildrec ih* I recommend it as superior to any prescriptiar . known to inc." H. A. AK'-IIBK. N. D,, III So. Oxlord St., Brooklyn. N. Y. "Our physicians in the children's depart' nicnt have spoken highly of Ihcir expert-' cncc in theif outride practice -with Cnstori^ and al[!:ouc;h we only have among" otir medical .supplies what is known as regultf: products, yet we are free to confess that tlje merits of Cntuoria has won us to loot wiifc favor upon it." .^ '" UNITED HOSPITAL ATOJ DISPKXSABY, • Boston, Mast LLEN C. SMITH, fres. The Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, New York City. Kflnper of the Government Zoo Prond of th,e Four CfiftatH. After nn effort extending over a period of several years, the keeper of the government zoological garden has snc- coedcil in' mating swa'is end four cyg- 1 nets are the result. The grown birds had been kept for four years in an in- closed area and refused tomato. Eaxly this spring the keeper determined to give them the liberty of (he big reservation, which comprises the zoological garden. Soon, after liberation, the pair were noticed to have selected a spot for a nest, and had begun to gather sticks aboil* half nn inch in diameter and a foot or less in length. . Every precaution was taken to prevent molesting the. birds. An egg was laid every other day until there were five eggs seen in the nest, on April 7, from which date the female bird began setting. Four cygnets were hatched May ] 7, making the period of incubation 41 days. From the time of incubation begun the male bird was constantly on t^e. wnteh.and spentmostof the day cruising up and down tlu> side of 1he stream in front of and always in sight of his mate and nest. The yo'ingswnrs. or cygnets, appear to be entirely healthy and a.re now about the size of half-grown Pekin ducks. Thejt are n uniform drab in color. On tlie grass; both old a.nd young not much ns^ do geese and goslings. The young are taken regularly on the water. Usually the femalu goes in front,'the four young next, the male following. A favorite pastime, and ono that is quite i-K/imrknble, is for the cygnets to got on the backs of the old birds, which then swim about with them. These a.re -the large white European or mnte swan. It docs not- appear that much effort has'been made- in (his country to raise this bird, lint this success 'at the 700 demonstrates that, with sufficient freedom and the proper surroundings, they will produce young as readily as do domestic goose. THE WORUPf in Callfornin, that tlie Tootnills of the Sierras fnirly swa,rm with all kinds nnJ six-vs of butterflies at certain setisons of Mie year. Tlie. county of Mariposa, for instance, tnl;es its name from the Spanish word meaning- but- tei'ily, on nccountnC the enormous numbers of tlicse moving insects to be seen there. Jfr. Dunn has been collecting specimens in California and elsewhere on the coast for -IT rears. WANTED TO TRY THE GALLOWS. Shah of Po BULKY ARTICLES Their - EARR6D. OOlclnli GEX. O, O. HOWARD. the Sn.lva.tion Army charities, when vre are giving hundreds of thousands to other sectarian charities. Consequently, I belie.ve.that.il halt should be .called upon this method of appropriating gov ernment money." : ."' •' • . " • : During ihediscussion in the congress, which was carried on nearly all'winter,. our good people became active lobbyists for the appropriations. When the District of Columbia appropriation bill wns reported to the house of representatives last January j .it was vigorously debated , .by! ' many members. Part of the,:, time r tlic debate grew fierce., and personal; as the gentlemeri"-nag-ged each other with their extreme yiejvs. By a large ma jority the house of representatives finally voted that the appropriations should not be made. Then, when the bill was before the senate, our Catholic,- onol, •CattpbeJ.l)t;e : and,: other; ^P V"v! ift^^-a^a««ani«ilfe4li;tiarrJs A 5 Il i?n i .i iilln;j by- Government. Likely to EC- Stopped. It will ho impossible to send tent poles, roller tops, clpslcs, bundles of carpet, wooden cns-c\ camp stoves anil other nwlovard articles through t.ho mails if the presldont approves a "bill which hiis been sent to him. The senate passed it several weeks, ago, and the house the other day. Itisnotgen- 'erally known that, the United States mails can be used for the trail sporfa-- tion .of such bul-ky articles. They cannot. bfi.so used by private persons, but officers of liie p-ovornment, under the present law, njay use tl^cm for transporting nnythlng- from n package of g-nrden seotl-to a Tiorse and bufi-gy. No ]jpst:ig-e .is' paid on such articles, but they are sent und'ir (foveniniCDt. frank. It is estimated that the nverage cost of transportiiijf this • class of matter by ma.il is 12 cents, a. pound, wberens the cost by' express nt. present rates would be only t.wo cents a po-iind. If this bill 'is approved by tlic president no pack- ape weighing more than four pounds can be sent throug-h the mails unless it is.iv.King-le printed book! or written manuscript, The lnw will apply solely to povern'ment officers, J'or a similar. law npjilies Hlrciifly to private persons. This law will be affront benefltto freig-litand express nnmp:inri?s. \vbo will g-nin about .".OOO.dOO pounds? of business annually, which.'.iit an .average .rate of .two cents a pound, would bring 1 them a' revenue of $100.000. , -. . For keeping- the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Haadaotlfe CURES Constipation, Act* on the Liver and Kldnay*. Purlfl** Uwr Blood, Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautlfle* the Complexion an* k. Pleasing and^Rof roshlngr to the Taste. SOLD UY ALL Dfiuaaiarm. 49"A nicclj illustrated ei?hty-pi£e Lincoln Story Book rivea to erery purchaser Ac package of Lincoln Tea. Price ISc. Ask yon/ drorrbuor Luojur Tu Ce~ Fort Wa/H, Mb For Sale by B. F. KEESL1NO. June 3, gives an account of the treat-' roent of prisoners in Morro castle tdi£ Fort Cabanas. He says: "Nightly volleys of musketry are beard. The next day the prisoners understand what the volleys meant when they miss the faces of certain men. The most terrible thing that has come under my observation occurred on May 3Ct On that day Faustino Padrone, a IC- year-old boy who had been raptured near Havana, was brought to the .Cu- banns. The boy was suspected of being connected with the insurgents, «nJ, to make him confess he was tortured. He was stripped and tied, up by <he arms. Then a Spanish lieutenant whipped the boy with a rawhide untlll he was a mass of bleeding pulp. As the whip fell the officer would ask.^tbft boy certain questions. The latter, suffering agony, would cry out: 'Yes, yes." These answers would be written down' to be used against the boy when he is "court-martialed." A New Comb, A new kind of qomb has been !»-, vented and is manufactured by M. J_! Eenont,. of Paris. The comb itself Ssj made of wire, which is vround in spirals! around a brass guide. This guide is extracted after the wire has received ito. : shape, and the wire is then introduced! inio a semi-circular holder, which S» fastened by strong pressure. Jlany»dr vantages are claimed for this comb-, It Is soft, elastic and gives to a certain; extent; further, it takes from the hair: aJl the dust, dirt, dandruff and all other, foreign substances, nnd the cleaning of] the comb itseJf is easily, perfectly aof rapidly done, • • "• ' OITcred One pf Illii Snb- JPCU. The Eng-lish paper; nre full if.' stories of the last slr.ih of Persia ?omC-/i'f which are probably true. When he was visiting England Jie fivqnently expressed his contempTi for" the mildness of English law. So he was finally taken to Newgate in order that he might see a g-allows. He at once manifested great interest in it and, expressing; n desire lo see how it worked oske J the governor to hang n man. The governor explained that he had not at the t.ime a man ready for the experiment, whereupon. Hie shah fix-prtwsed his contempt. But he intimated Mint that was of'no eon- sequence. "Hang one of these," said he, pointing- to his suite, each man of which probably trembled in Iris slides. And very great indeed, was "the shah's cliNgUKt. when he found that he could not prevail upon the governor to do what, he wanted, : UEARrf'TO WRITE. BUTTERFLIES FOR ROTHSCHILD. Thv Bnron After I'ucinc Coant Uenutie* for Hlfl Collection. George 'Y. Dunn; the oldest and perhaps the most famous naturalist, on the Tndrlc coast, «ome days ngo received ti Jevter from Baron de Rothschild asking 1 him to go on n butterfly "collcc^infr tour for him., fayo the San Francisco Chronicle. • The baron has a four-story building 1 nt Her?,; .which he intends to •'fill'with 'these.beautiful vnri-rolored insects. COULDN-'l Peculiar Sicnatarc of Tlil» Strange Man I* Attached to Many Valuable Taper*. Wolf Eluestine, who died at Hot Springs on -the 21st nnd was buried at Houston, Tex., the other morning, caroe' to Orange a very poor man in It76, says' the .Gaiveston Daily News. He began mercbaodisiog, and while here acquired a capital estimated at between $00,000 and $75,000. He could neither read nor write, yet he was a marvel in mental arithmetic. Fractions nor interest-bad any hard places in them for him. He offered the principal of tlie city schools nt this place $1 00 if he would teach him to write his own name within a year. The professor undertook the job and worked' with great energy, but discovered that on each Monday morning every trace of the previous week's work had entirely faded from the mind of his pnpi), and after five months of close attention to'his undertaking, nbandoncdjt as a hopeless case. A peculiarly construct ed "BXX" was the nearest approach he ever made to.penmanship, but that, signature is attached to many valuable documents now of record in this ooun- ty, and' has for cevcra.I years passed current at the banks in New York, Gaives- ton nnd Orange, often for large sum* of money. • It was quite as difficult to counterfeit the characters asjiffixed by him -as.it would be'to successfully Imi- tnJe the signature. TORTURES IN MORRO CASTLE. O<r«n M*lton, u Prisoner, De»crlbm the InqnUltorlal S.Titom.ln Vogne. lie has ^specified the localities -Owen Melton, the; young American A-^: n -;;.;-A'i^;..o,<-i.i:^,^!.-*™-. (^^(J^as :taken,hy. tbe_^pnniards wheri: .

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