The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 2
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THURSDAY. AUGUST'17, 1933 (ARK.) COUftffiR NKW8 President Gets Taste of Camp Life j MM. Howard Proctor Auxiliary Viee-Pretident Fxonomist Who Quit in N. R. A.'s First Big Rowj Fears for Consumers. ^ * BY RODNEV nllTOIIKK t.'ourirr Ne»-s Wa'Wnnton Correspondent WASHINGTON.— 'Itic consumer was geltim a splendid break from the NHA for awhile. Bui it, didn't last. Dr. William F. Ogburn, one of the world's outstanding authorities en where we are, how we got here and where we're going as the result of social end economic forces, was director lor the Consumers' Alvlsory Board. He ran In'.o a combination of indifference, feminine Jitters and intrigue. Now he lias quit, leaving behind him: A recommendation ol' policies and • program for the C. A. B. which he Insists are necersary if the consumers are nil lo lose their shirts. • Many angry economists, sociologists and statisticians—Ogburn is prominent in each of those groups —who are either working here in the New Deal or watching it closely. * * * Transfer Ordered Ogburn had first been ordered transferred to another agency, but his prestige was so great that hU professional brethren raised a howl. Both Secretary of Commerce Ro'jyr end Administrator Johnson, heads of NRA. ouickly nlled him in and told him to stay, ihal things would be "fixed up." But Ogburn hnd a program for protecting consumers in the period of orice increases; he wanted 127 - OOO.OW consumers to know what was happening to t'lirn. He had been working Ihis oul with hi' staff wilhoiit any help or Hindrance from Mrs. Mary Rumsey. chairman of c. A. B. and a millionaires;, until one day he took a. trip to Chi- cago.~Mr.s. Rumsey. in his absence and for reasons unknown, persuaded Johnson lo lUvi. Ogburn transferred to the government's new Central Statistical Board. Ogburn Wouldn't Stay Jolmson told Ogtmrn ho had been too bx:sv with industry and labor to pay attention to t'^e consumers' ' end of his show. An old army man. ^ he had .simply taken the word and the 1 side of-jO'ibum's liluhr superior. Now he thought Ogburn ought lo stay. Ogburn. feelin<z thai proper consumer representation in NRA depended on^a reorganization and a change of attitude amontr its officials, nevertheless resigned. Johnson is' now bein» ur?- ed to give him full iwwer and call him back. Consumers, without organization or industrial wealth to support tliem, need more support than any ot>er 'group, Ogburn says. . lie and his associates made reports 'from the consumer standpoint concerning the steel and oil codes, but' they appeared to receivi little ntlrntion. Price Chfck Vceded The new economic system with its price-fixing features and Us apparent monopolistic tendencies produces a situation in'Khlch the only automatic check on prices will be recurring brstness depressions. Ogburn says. Hence there must be statistics which will index price: and purchasing power, so that the two may balance. The lack of such balance has given NRA more nightmares than any other single factor The consumers' complaints should be competently studied, Ogburn says, and the whole NRA stafT should be impressed by the need of giving some attention to the consumer's interests. Ogburn. 47. has taught economic-: and sociology at Princeton. Columbia and Chicago Universitias. Hf has been president of both tr.e American Sociological Society and the American Statistical Association. He was with the War Labor Board, conducting hearings on strike situations and then becoming its statistical-economic expert after nn elaborate ccst of living study. He directed Hoover's Committee on Social Ttenis. supervising its monumental report (Copyright, 1933,'NEA Service. Inc) If a foreigner becomes natural tod In the United States after his children have reaches their ma Jority, the children do not bacoaic citizens by virtue cf their father's naturalization: they must take ou' their own papers. QU~I VERlNG NERVES When you ire just on edge -. • when you cin't stind the children': ooiic . . . when trerything you do i> a bardcQ . • • when you ire irri cable tod blue ... try Lydii £. Pink htm't Vegetable Compound. 98 ou of 10O women report benefit. It will gire you just tbe «xir* en «iT>ou need. Life wi " sttai worth Mri. Horard Proctor of this Ity, long * leader In local and tale American Lfglon Auxiliary actlvlllfs, wts elfcted first vice- president of the state orianlza- !on at the animal convention which closed at Pine Bluff ycs- :erday. Oilier newly elected officers of .he Arkansas department, American Legion and American Legion auxiliary, aro: Legion-Charles Q. Kclley, Lit tie Rock, commander; Ornn J Vunghii. Searcy, national crecutlvej commlttceman; J. H. Ornvcs, Jud-l sonla, ulternate conitnittpcinnn; Tom Johnson. McOelice, vlre- comnmndcr for eastern district; T. H. Cjiacoinlnl, Clntksvlllc, vice conunandfr lor western district: the Rev. J. H. Buchanan, El Dorado, chaplaJn. ' Auxiliary—Mrs. T. P. Glaconilnl, Claiksvllk, president; Mrs. J. Wiiricn Kennedy. DcWItl, second vice-president; Mrs. Herbert Who- Iffs. Montlcello. treasurer; Mrs. Robert L. Montgomery, North Little Hock .historian, and Mrs. Sam Crawford. El Dorado, chnpliiln. Called from his vacation at Hyde Pa.k to Washington by tht 1 Cuban situation, President Roan veil stopped off lo Insptct forestrj' camps In Virginia's Shcnandoati Valley—and (o enjoy a dish of steak and potatoes. Herr he's shown getting a taste of the succulent fare at Cump Big Meadows, Virginia. Tr.crc are approximately 191,000. 000 noes of i:iitipproprlit(cj i»il)llc land= in tlie United States, exclusive of Ihe Territory of Alaskn. Cartwright Remodels Osceola Business Block OSCEOLA, Ark. — R. A. Cartwright, owner of the Morris build- Ing, a business block in Osceola, has just completed extensive remodeling and redecorating of three store rooms in the building at a cost of approximately $1,000. The improvements include plate glass fronts both Interior and exterior painting and plumbing and built in equipment to accommodate the three types of business occupying the rooms. The S. E. Murff grocery will continue to occupy the comer store and Ihe other two stores will house two new businesses, one a dry goods store owned and operated by Joe Sabislty formerly o! Memphis, and the Quier a nev restaurant, "The City Cafe" to be operated by Delmont Leangle and Jess Cramer. Manila Methodists Open Revival Tonight MANILA.—A series of revival services will begin at t!ie Methodist church In Manila Thursday night. pastor, the Rev. j. w. Moore, 1s in charge of the services and' will deliver the messages daily. Two services dally will be held, the general theme of the discourses being on "Man's 'Present and Future state." A' large cboir is ii . readiness tor the meeting and al | denominations are invited to ente this. revival. Only with the beginning of the 17th century was there recognized the nesd for a dictionary wlilc 1 ! should help Englishmen lo a better knowledge of their language. Get Rid of Malaria! Banith Chitti and Fever I To conquer Malaria, you must da two things. H) Destroy the In- fc<.'..on H the bleed. (2) Build up the 'blool to overcome the effects and to'fortify against further attack. There is one medicine that clcc.s tlwst two things and that Is' Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! The tasteless nulnine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic deslroys the ma- larlil infection Jt; tlie blood while the iron builds up the blood. Thousands of people have conquered Malaria with the aid ol Grove's Tns';cleM Chill Tcnlc. In addition to being a noted remedy for Ma- 'Eiria, it is an excellent tonic 01 general use. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Is pleasant to take and contains nothing harmful. Even children like It and they can take !t tr.fely. For sslc by all stores. —Adv. « New Ford 8 Proves Worth On Trip t<> ;Hot Springs Climbs Mountain At Resort in "Hiifh"; Gas Mileage Better Than 16 Miles to a Gallon on Speedy Journev. Don't eodure «nolhtr dijr witboot <h* help tbit medicine can gin. Gel * bottle from your druggist today. VEBETAtLE COMPQUN BY "ACE" BAILEY There certainly is nothing rem- niscent of any previous model in he new 1933 "Ford V-8. The new nodcrn lines, roomy body, 112-inch vheel basa and powerful engine iistinguish the car as the finest il a long family to benr the turne i uvd. In n recent trip to Hot Springs found the new Ford V-8 nill do Vtrythin? its manufactures claim nd thi-'n some. The distance of 110 miles was covered In four lours and 15 minutes and without iny effort or strain on the driver. The gasoline and oil consump- ion. considering the speed at which ! drove most uf the time was un- j •Euatly good. The gas mileage v;3=; jetter than 16 miles to the gallon, wich means that at 30 to 3.5 mihs per hour you would get 20 to ^5 piles to the gallon. On the entire rip of W8 mi!es there »as less 'nan a quart of oil used. The motor throughout the lri|> inn coolly, without ovtrhcnting. lospite (he hot weather and high speed. I believe that this fine per FORDOR (iSE is a Fast, Comfortable and Economical Car .ormuncc is largely dtio to (he new lumininn cylinder head which >sipatss the heat faster than any reyions cylinder head metal. In general psrformance the car • 5 everything that one could ex|>ecl - f any car at any price. In iel- j away, top speed and engine i incolhness, this nsw Ford far sur- I passes all previous models. I was j able to get Wl miles an hour in i 'second" atid 80 miles an hour in ' •hijh" without difficulty. A sense i :f safety is at all times apparent. I Even at 80 miles an hour I felt no I lightness, sway or • insecurity. '' As further evidence of this new I Ford's nbillty to do the unusual it i climbed the winding Hot Springs Mountain Road, which leads to Ihe :C3-foot slejl observation tower, In "high" 'gear, without showing any Tbt new Ford 8-cyiioder Fordor Sedan is a roomy, comforubli car, available cither with standard or <lc luxe equipment. In (he de luxe type you can have either mohair or broadcloth uphoi- ftery, special quality of safety glajithroughoutandachoice of paint colors. Ash trays, lighter, arm rests and othtc appointments are included. Smooth, alert performance is assured by the V-type, 8-cylinder, 75-horsepower engine. Wheelbase is 112'. Standard Fordor Sedan (f. a M. '?: *560 Ttt Dl L»*t Ferdtr Sedan h prietJ at |610. P. 0. B. Dttnit. PI66LY W1CCLY BANANAS -gear, without showing any C d. Ford has taken a' lorij . step [the driver a feelinj of complete of weakness. According to toward In thts new long, wheel control of his automobile. ' several persons of H^t Springs, 11 is Is considered a real test for anybody's automobile. Ccrhlort for the driver and for ills passengers in a small car U greatly de;>cndent upon the road- utility and riding comfort afford- , . ob. I want to tell 'sou Inat there! The new Ford Is a car for alt :«' a tr^mendoas amount of comfort tor all passengers and under all load conditions, rolling, bumps, chuckholes, dirt roads..concrete or macadam—it takes them all with re.'.c and at lh« same time gives purposes and nil classes of people. It delivers what you ask of It! The car tested was furnished through the courtesy of W. B. Memphis branch manager of the Ford Motor Company. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealer Special For Fr7. day, Saturday and Monday KROGER STORE Meto-Ripe Nutritious Fruit Doz. 15c Cabbage Eft 2Jc Potatoes Sour, Juicy (.'iilifnrniu 132's. l)o/en I'ui'C (,'niw. And You Don't Hiive lo Ituy it (.'ar of (Jroi'erits to Get It. Limit. H) lirmik Limit I'imncf Fey. Hllii'rlus Cimcord I Q(. linskct HXf \l l*\ Jiff l~J\*\t J I*AN 1 y < " "I VJ CUCUMftBRS, l-b. 1 SALMON PEANUT " m S SARDINES THRM Siunrliird Quality TC IAH111 Nu. (im D TOMATOES GUVEOIL MI'I'I,B Avonditte zy, Can A " l!rands . He; Small COOKIES T(tff - v I! 7,, PEARS SNOW DRIFT Sit 65' Preserves liliickherry, Slnnv- licrrv, I'each and Ilafipherry lli-0*. Jur ItAKKHY CAKK White Layer Devi! Fowl Har Each 25c Fresh Eggs ST12c Coffee Cunovu, Maxwell Hoiwe unit Country Cluli. I'onml 26c Peaches C. C. :tnd Mbhy I/nrge 2J/2 Cnn Limit. Kuch 12!c Apricots C. C. In Htav.v Syrup. Lartfc 2\/i Can. Limit. Kuch 15c Corn Flakes I'osl or. 2forl5c CHERRIES Country Club Royul Ann Limit . Each 15c BREATH DRtAU 220,. l/,af 1AC lU MEAL 21-Lb. Sack CORN FLAKES 'tg 10 C OLIVES- s ir eJ ar27 c EGCNOffl)LESfelO tJ m Wesco ; «VJ(; ,. V{, Lfa. .Carton £d SlAIlMftN Iud No l 1Q C OrlLaUUii Tall Can. Ea. 1»J mD\] BEEF HASH irt" tiUUll No. 1 Can 13 CXYDOL "•'""" 5 C OLEO E "°""' ,,,,.W ; TOMATO JDICEn'SlO 0 Salt Meat ^ 6!c COTTAGE Green Glasses CHEESE Each 12!c Sausage " i>ej ib 5c PorkSteak - lOc Fryers Fresh Full Dressed Pound ROUND STEAK Choice Kan;nji Iteef Pound 17|c rim* Margate. lLI\ .. .W-.-Kbi Carton BRAN FLAKES^f If ; GINGER ALE !Ik Sellers !" 7C Each 4 SOAP E JUICE 1O1C No. 2 Can 162 Hams "S T l(Kc Wisconsin Full Creatn l<ouml | / l 1 1 2 Neck Bones - 3c Shoulders Beef Roast 5c PorkRoast lOc Sliced Bacon No Ends, 5-lb. Limit, Lb. 12k; Pure Hog Lard Bring Your Bucket 5-lb. Limit, Pound 6!c

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