The Evening Post from New York, New York on November 14, 1851 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1851
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Wafcbrs, Jeirclry, and SilrrrWare. rRrtn WW Wl-M TO PVTM-IMaR WtTCTfPM, i. Jew. -icy. or i-tlrrr V r will cn.ln gn-aliy to therr ao var 1 r j , n ( ' e m:rr -e, s ',o ot:itant)r receiving aB ---' - 4 1 an -urey t a -ow it;ra-rs (mm th anaura- ttin i. in I i .-land, trance, ai-d emilaertanat which Im at tmmY ,r "-. x:,-l " UuL al th. very kiweal prttam, 1' ..a. anl ,.w ..-,. a 1'auwat lvr and Duolet -- n, luOp-r, lam -i i , i, ( .lent ImrnKlirtHIll . '. a-.-r. l .fl M-weii-sl Sal !.. ., ... wnicd, Am m el 4hr toyta af M e-.iusiy k w prtML ii ..Hr i,nr Ww-, Ox ml lataiA -in Oh! ns-H oatux from 1 Jl to AJ4U mark. 4i i icr ' rn n-h wind mm and a WBUaxaB aay UF a .....i w-T-Tt w x h run eia-lat and afuaea days - n-tn) -r'-fl isaket ciM-,onwtera t V'"ul chains sal and Ta OaieiBek .i.aoe rii.tis frw Isdieak i'.-o..nd pww&nd miaa ' I I'V-T peciia, and gold K . ...r..r., wUlHInim k i,rnaBl.r watch chara ..-I and -fl!T-ar walrlar. . t. n.tiMT of peart, and she! card ease. , "-aHemr i.ina, stist atrev. bMun and alvar tamtbe -rliii eajvar aarma, eupa, fork Ac. W at lies aod K"fJ extluxnared. A uda nmual a kny vat tmt, ar flat aaoey r- - --rinii i h -1 nlnllnltiiitiralaiwaTMl ' mmtMi. at mucti Ina than Uw oanal prin-aL .fco.U Irriimricr -rfWalchaa-a-l -Jewarrr. vli-ilnMicaadMaa, Jva, u Hal atna (us amj fac-martr ai WaHai. III Da Patent riiut Enamel War. TraOLKSAljTilND UTAIIi Depot. BIIOADM'AV, CVHXia PRI7CCB STHEKT. J? BKKMAJ A 1'Af.K. TUS ataavltaa af a-ga-ma aiK pottfaaaiiit MANTCUL k a YUed to pCo. rd Um warertwraa o mb"rm. eaaHatinc of al Mm mw-llt and ittta attca h rw 'BtaHiak KI3IF.TT", TOMtM, RAVITOXES, aVe. 9AJIES HAKt Jr, 171 and 174 KuUa itreet. V-l ip near 3d irmue, IV. SWEZEY, imOB AD PRSH;EB IX KTTI ARY, ilUI MDltt, TOtUH, TABLE 1WPK, MA.MKLM, KAVV TO IK, U1IUI HO A KIM, ate. In Plata, rich aid Beat aMwrate atjlea of art, fat trtrj Taricty Marba t anat Koa-rla 1mm ! Aalor Place; alao, llk atlutil. kMweea tUk ad 7Ul Awauam, i .a. p y KCUOVAL. JlU.VKKIl U CO. JUTI REMOVED TUCK WIM AND GROCERY BCEINE38 TO CHAMBUUj STREET, Bra. .war a ad t-hqirh alrrgt, Jr -FaiJiivi'.rts' Patent Platrorm Scales. A r,4 rTK;' "T ra-iuin-il operation of welihlna, aa ."l it''t,1 tor Train, or Wiiirle Cara, In tae on nearly t:'.lV.pTlT,r1''- '" UieUniteJitutteaMMKireat llritain. Four AMI.A BCALtH on W (hr FuoniWea, Kofling Muli Irno etc. BTOKg rVAHTS, Tarioua nw-lifttionT UIM KKlri.FH etc: HA f ANB COAL SCALMAui lyTlHkUt Of IKON AND KTEKI. The acalr. har"boen J1: and araai teawl ; and the uniTenal confMenca ArU ia Utrtr aoruracy and perfect aiUuaUnrat ia auch, that they re ooa reaanWrl aaniaaTanan,lrom irhich Htm ia no ap- ' FAlitBAN Kd A (JO. -"1 U W.tler itreet. roncELAiiv. d. a. 9 n. mi riiurn, 4T JOHX aTRlTT. RAVILAAD dk CJAMO-jb FHAACE. ",rl,, ""T AJl!.1(iir and can now exhibit an aa-TTttllfZlTXSmll? orieU TABLB WARB AND jAkliOB OKN AMfcNTS are - br thdr houaa in Franee. in a.i,.xrwh heanoot b. AnrUcd (, beauty and durability '.h"lrm "Wt irrT!!! 1 u ' . marchanU and atrmnxeri, partlrnlar- II Sheathing Copper I , AD PATKVT YciloTT Sheathing ITIetal, raoai mi anyoioaT or Ml ' K. tllinama. Vm At fit . Inlm. T-PIIK ( lint III iu llH hare eonanUy on hand a fttfl a M anrtment of liana of till. opIobraUHi brarnL and fWtm nian "anoprVnat In Keoaa, they cotifiilenUy reenmmend K al w mk auHy uuh can na GRKr.NW Chronto (srsaosi dry and ka Bnasswlrk C Frssasa ttreen. to v Imssisd Grsm, to Farm Una dry. aai i n V " - -"i farls B -try aad a sA Fruaasa Bka, ay ami fat na. Wetrasnarlne Btoa rvtrsusi tows. Fua auute for paser ataia- T n try Caber, lerra a Sternly psil entail i nos. t' i liy tra, ta duraoa Bl e raw Terra dl Sleana, to sA veonn Red, dry and in ofi. PtiansWs Scow a. dry and to "A Tsre ( irhrs, dry end la al Lame Black, kis!aa and AiwetVan, Bla.'k Para, lima rllx k. Las Bkyis.toeS. L ami Ihev will air. written jutrajiiOTi mr It. uuraimity. Kpniman. of rta wear niay be ami at their OoAnttna; Room, nd Uiey wil anl b quantHm to mit PUirhaMra. at tlx luwent anarkrtarWa, and abara required will raceire the old metal In QBinNBLL, aiNTtTHN A CO. op 7e tkuth ureat, srooL cotton. . HOTLtTB . Royal Patent Sewing Cotton, wary uperlor article, for ante by - - tt CO, Bhlt ; ' 11 Oonrtiandt and U Day itreata sForcelain Door and other Knobs, Ac. Kw ISssnilag, M BoiUns tha Paint and Y'arnka Ooora, eke, af Dwelling Hooara. Tha altennan af owners and others is ollcited to the sub-iscribara' PsAant Mounted Porcelain Door and other Knobs, with Bed Trwaminam Name and Number Pates to match, the cu article of the kind which dees not require "'"g, which an warranted In al rapecta for nr a years Another srucM we aannfartnre with tha Electro-Plata and Ormolu Shanks, which wo sel al a targe rwductka In priesi the asaiM goods are offered by other parties In competition. GEORGE a SWORDS A CO, Bole Patent ea and Manufacturers, Na lit Broailway. K sV Al dcacriptlon of BtiSJingii and Marhinjats' Uardwara f AB aaaUtkn, to suit, A geuts for Menadey A Son, Bel Founders, who hare receivel at aB the Fairs In this sate for It years, the highest premium for aha bast bells. Agettla also for Chares' Black Lead Crucibles warranted the beat article In the market lyanp JXnhton, Clark. V Co.'s Genuine iriedlclnal Cod Liver Oil. This rakiable remedy, introduced by us to the notice of the naedkal smhilia. but hale more than two years since, has, dur-Ang that short period, adranced more rapidly in the public eati-anatioa than any remedy yet discovered for this dread destroyer af the human rare. It has been used with the most signal and gratifying success, even in cases considered hopeless, and ha the lata reports of the New York and Pennsylvania Hoapitala oo Ka bk, k a rpoken of a being ore valuable than any rem, -aly y4 diaosvared fur Contumptan and Pulmonary ABccticns-and A ha tits great advantage over all other remedies that in-etead of reducing. It Increases the strength and Oesh of the patient, then aaabttng Nature to co-operate with the rem cdy, and wvarcom. the dlseaae. Owkul to ISe purity and superior quality of the On. of our -manufacture having given it a popularity over all others, several persons have copied the shape and style of our bottle, in order to paha off inferior quality and adulterated OH, and a the artaHa, antra pure, a In most oases, worse than uselea, we would call particular attention to our aHUUTtraa, which is over theeorkof each bottle, without which tt is not genuine, BX'SUTO.N, CLARK A CO, 110 Broadway. 10 Ajtur 1 loose, and 173 Broadway, eT np comer Chambers st FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS. L. O. AVILSOrV &, CO., Na IS lOntTLANDT AND IS DEY STKKLTM, UtYR In store and for ale, a the LOWEFT MARKET PKIClAanaof tlaaoaesteoaveasstsrtiaenti of every tliiiTtptwa at DOMBtTIC AND PtREMW DRY GOODS to to found to the any. Our stock will lociude a full assortment af IrOMER Y, WHITE GOODH, TAN&EK N0TI0N8; AJIhetarorrW styles of DHOW' AND BLSA4JHED Ml'HLEVe) ; A ehetoa esssetka of DRxMt CrtyaiM, PRINTS, LANCASTER GINGHAMS, eke. aha. Aha the eekfcrated HoyleS Boyal Patent SWANMDOWN BKWIN4J tVTTON. We mrHe the attentloa of tha cfceeet buyers for cash, s swaaUia, and ihort cradiL mhab neV aof. .(Tori Co., 41 S BROADWAY, 5m TO INFORM VlsmK toaml mdrlentsof New York, that they have rweeutiy opened their eMaliluhinenl, Ihar enure stock having been purchaiwd witliin Uie taat thra wmnuia they are anabiad to odor the newest desujna and wary kuea styles of JEWELRY, af ewerr rWrtptlon. WATCH lit, PLATED WARFA CHTNA OnNAMf NTX, PAI'lFR MACIIK C.iKIIKt, lRI.INO CAl- WKITIMl lirK.1, WORK BlIXI.S, SANDAL W(HD AND OTIIKR FANS, PCIUTK MON N AlKrt, JKT ORNAMENTS', LKATHKB TKAVELL1NO 1HK. uUOUTAKlK, Ac Ac, eon-aMlaraUy kiwa than Uie mmal pnoaa, AAA Urwaanav, awaHy an iisla the aaM as iiSkanar. Uuun UoteL D. P. TIEMANN tsj. (CNimasjui to A. Tkwnana A Oo, EstaUiahed 1807 J auumraortraaas or. OU ana Water Colors ' 'asa Whlta Lead, MANUATTANVILLE, OftVe U Burkng Un, corner af Water 'atreet, M loac AYR aa hand, and for ale by the package, tha fonowatg arama oi uirir wa anowa auauiacturei Tri fiww Chrome Yeiiows, dry and la nd. Pulp Yeflows, for paper stala- iirm AeMrlcaa Vermillion. Rum Pink, dry aid puta, i.iii vuj ani puip. , I.KAD'S. China Whaa, dry aad la oO. Whru lai dry and In oa. Pulp Krcsua, for card rnsmri ling. Pulp A Lead, tar papa stain- They have aka br ale ta tots to suk pwerhaseiat xuraey vwsva, awns aa I veriligna, in i I Orange Mineral, English lad Ann rk'an- uuarwa. Para VI htte. FnrB.h. Inchaa Beit Vandyke brrrww. Patent Drier. Lmc Patent Drier. I Chinas sad Anglian YennS- iva Pwnire Storsk ktmp and po Al aar Colors to Oi are aroaad to Pwrs LinMird OaV Dartat F. Tiawijia, Jruoa W. Tlaatasx, Prraa C Tiaauas. FUHDEXIICK. Ia YCLTE, cotiMmioNEa mr deedm. AND LAW AND GENERAL AGENT, Aa II W all atrwt.'New 1 writ. U Samisaaand OMntanatV-lsyoBissindsBoxliarliwpapeti I prnsifur m. ChauH Hirtua OvWsVaW-d. rUlM SMOtiated. bffla and fwnts nsiMrSMt U Vr and rented, ae, ac. auisirumia 1ATKiT MniU K' MF.tKlRIVJ T tPfft Th. att-nuun l r i, i rs, gitrvryon, and al other, requiring ' mi ss 1 1 m hi tare, nf sjumor avitra-y and durability, la mva-d 'to Ua. patent WMtallar Ups, whs-b a free Iran Ih. iinpert,-Uoo I kwksrtosnmmun tn u, of tlias kialanunar Irua ' tha etwiartM-ia and nne.uaa mt the tnimln cxaiarsruenee of I mmMfrn m u, a,,,-,,,.. r& j, u nuvjr nam very staple aad , ; aax-rai si".kii ca.,i,ned. and m found to be eoun-iy free Ir-sa o - i.i .i,n, H other tai-sare halas. into the J wars of H., i-ueaal Ul, sr. unrodureal hoe wrrs, of a material . aa aai to a. u-.i ..t. br Ukis. eamiallia of dampma ens.a-' kwi.i'avuWb etpoad when in i ail's"" " '-r-x v, vaiiauuo. in Irnrth. I u. .smiium-i. Tb. u aim, laatead uf being ie.t m Bim-rT,d for a Irnvih ot time to S peculiar ... s byaiui.ofwhirJlilg,becmn.lili.ily il' V with a Jit a.- vtn-num of the prrtmration-thu. givwig " , " " V nrtssaiusU py BO OMMbT aro-a. Ii wul i''nd that economy t n anpewtant recoa- - - " - e-. mm it ii. moii a. u, iimtisj urma Tl y mr. eiK mjmM in nr to omuriKM khi U Irlrtur- strasiirli and .... --. taa,,all0 , general as- ,l ri ... aurit, at k'W prvea. liy rwaotsarsk SO TUB CAPITAL. ItSOO.OIlKJ. "toba T7i ,iVt IVrfc Bmwtrv fir lifl iunmict Company. vmtm ltt Bowery, eanaar a titMl CAPITAL. SUO-tMM) bUlXARH nriHIX fflMPI CT witliima taluamt aninatV JA are by fiKF, pw--uu UM and fnrmtTux, art H.Aawa. Maarat ai-u yrhim& on Mat vmm mvon-i-a: tanna. Itanna a tanre aorptiM,i- Bear CaHLat bona; p)iii7 an. araoLaiKT -e-uw--r n -n-r. , wlm Ma anrr aa aa pea- awi r -m Jaam MHta, Joha Mai-navy, Wb. BjMtari baaaW ara, Ao i. Ftwa &nor(Y Far-atn, JaaaAH-a. Tt-.maa -Irreauali, IiaTid OotacaV Grard Buirrawai, KoocA Ixmn, Jnaia ft WeadL Jaaob a a Quacaenhom Leofa BMaT Wa. M. M-uixaa, bu ym. CVc bram fnaa 8 a'ciw-fc. a. k. a - -uoi atvn pnn-otKlj part. leWna mem f tub Vr lwle .Virtual Ituurmu Co. WAU 8TBEET. - - Kbw Ttsax, IkA Marca, IflCL Oaaajaa aartac baea araotaed, h aov preandka y ! 1Urio and Inland Karicaaon Bian at lha iata aain. I "T --'i-fLrhri amtnil linrincn mia aiilai b tail city. Th aoiaaripoona arnoont a MOWM 5c1?e:5rer. T. B. Fattmanrarta, Aruoa TrcdweB, JaUi. Vi Merrill, L C Uuamtnter. WiKam Damon, Jera Bouehaud, Jonah Mac. Henrr W. Hirka, Kobert Keraut, John L. Aspmwan, Cfo. t. TrimNe, Rnral PbdiM. iVwart Brown, Cbaa. a Marataaa, n n,i mi uuuro, rfona ji. cane, Kevaea MXUiuf D.Twl & Kt-onedT. BA1!K MiERaPiraidfiit TH09 W. ttATTtRTHWAlIE. Vk l'"Mcnt Jon a LTau. i-acrelarr. aicaamnp atVo Jfr fk Insurant and -Trunt Company. FFICE, Ko. 53 WALL STREET. Capital, Sl,O0O,0OO. THK rOMPAW kianraa LIVES. aTanta and pnrehaata ANNUlTIKfl,aod fnakea aiir other contracta- inTolring (be kucreat of nooej and the duration of afe. DaPOlHTH, Tlii. Cotnpan aOoin intereat oo lpoaiti p. ra4e noon 10 dan notice ... per cent per annum For 6 motitlia ....4 do do For 2 reara and over fa bepofija bjr the CounofEqoitf and 8or- rogaua.. ( do do And oo a. depoNta intended for acenmnhnon, aucfa intereat ai majr be areed on. DAVID THOMPSON, PreiHdent Pmur E. KiiBT. Sorrrtarr mhu np Merchants Insurance Company, OF THE CITY 07 NEW YORK. Office corner of Grrenwirk and Fultoa atreeta, (Ocmai B xc BctxncaoJ CAHH CAP! AL, ftSOO.OOO. Inaarance asaicst km or damage by FIRE. tilufvoaa Aaron Clark. H H. Van Ankcn, la H. Dieta, Crowd Adama, a V. a OMnuxier. Wgliam Hoataea, - Leri Apiur. D. Randolph Martin. Robert Hoe. Nathaniel Weed, By H.mpock, Jowpli M. Brown, Davai Maine. U. W. bum ham, Robert P. (jetty, Valentine Kirby, Ward A. Work. Mwriaon Jonea a A. lluppock, Eamuel 8. Bowman. Ebenezer la4le4oa ... AARON CLARK. Prendent. Oao. W. gaTaoa. Secretary. feAi np Brooklyn MHre Insurance Co., CHARTERED IN 1814. Ofllcea No. 43 Pnllon atrret, Brooklyn, and IVa. Merenanta' Kxchaacc, Wall atreet. New York. Till fOMPAY inanrea Stores, Dwelllnn and otheJ buililincm, Merchandiae, Fiimitura, Veaseia in Port and their cargoea, anon aa reasonable terms as any lnitntw in new tors. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH. PrerMent Ajsant a Irirm Becretary. ietXnp iiiti: ihscuahci;. The Liverpool and London Fire and Uie Insurance Company, OFFICE NO. 56 WALL STREET. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, XSOOO.OOO.or 8 1 0,000,000. paid up capital jcaoaoooi n SURPLUS AND RliSERVED FUND JtAitsOuuJ UK TWO AND A QUARTER MILLION OF DOLLARS. Tni8 COMPANY HAS FORMED A LOCAL BOARD OF Directors in this cilv. fdulv aualiRed bv hoklin. the m. quireil number of .luu-eaj with full powers to issue policies for fire rxkit seule all laraea, and to invest in New York all funds dcnvedlnan premiunisand the sale of shares. Directors. JAMES BROWN. Chairman. FRACWUn',l-putyCriaJrmaa GEORGE BARCLAY MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, CONRAD W.FAUKR, HOYAL PHELPS, FRANCIS GRli'l'lN, ED. F. SANDERSON, WILLIAM 8. WCTMOltE. Resident Secretary, ALFRED PELL. Counsel of the Board, ERAS. GRIFFIN. Dlreetora in UverpooL Wmiam Nlcol, Chairman; Joseph Christ, Ewart, Joseph Homey, Deputy Chairmen: Thomas llrocklebank, William Dixon, William Earle, Thoa. Steuart Gladstone, Georife Grant, Fnut Haywood, Ruliert Iligrin. George Holt, Hon. F. Ponsonhy, John Ranking, Jama a Roaaeter, Seymour Teuton, Swinton lioull, Juuu baainaon, Sainton Boutt, Secretary. IM rector. In London. WilHam Ewart, M. P, Chairman: George Frederick Yonng, Deputy Chairman; Sir Wm. 1. De Bathe, Bert, William Brown, L P- Mathew Forster, a P- Frederick Harrison. Jituies Hartley, Rom D. Mangles, M. P, John Horn, George Hall, Lawrence naroHi uiiH-naie, jonn aiamoit, reward Moon, Lewm Moseley, Joseph Shipley, II jTuan Sulterfohl. Benjamiu Henderson, Resident Secretary- oUeorinp Long Island Insurance Comply. CAPITAL 200,000 D0LLAAR8. YViTH A LARGE SIRPLl'a Office No. 4 1 Fnlton atreet, Brooklyn. BrTUMViri, AIUUT1ANIIIMK, MACHINERY, AND Property generally, insured a current rates. This Company has been uninterruptedly in business during the last eighteen years, and hua passed through the great New ork Frres of lnii and lirti, and also the great Brooklyn Fire of lMt They owe their escape from them with comparatively slight foasea to Uie system which they always practised, of hm-uf limiting and scattering their risks. All knes which the Company may sustain, wiU be adjusted and paid with their accnatouied promptiUHle. -aW. DALAMATER. President B C Fian, Secretary mroMMWAFnp over B.HAI.UM. After having paid a large amount to the widows and orphans of those wliose fiiresight had secured its benefits, has made live annual dividends varying from 40 to 60 per cent on tlie amount of premium receiveil, which becomes stock to the Insured, and on which interest is payable annually. Premiums receivable annually, semi-annually or quarterly. In cash, or when the amount is over Sju on Policies for life, 40 per cent in notes ' Full mformatkm furnished at the office of the Company, IOC Broadway. I RI HIUUL Morris Franklin. Samuel C. Paxaun, John a Niton, Cvrus ttirtUL John C. Reach, Prlnr Freeman, 0. BushneB, AIT J Freeman, aD, George Greer, J. S. Bussing, Henry L Seatnan, Henrr A. Nelson. Daniel S. Miller. W illiam Barton, Isaac C Kendall Wm C Dusenbury, David A Bokee, Robert G. Fairchnd, ! M ft) oo fl do a 1 an SO do IS do 6ft da do . 1U0 do THIS COMPANY continues to insure BmMinga, Mer-1 nmcv cliandise, llouseiiold Furniture, Ac against loa or danuuee I oy ma, on as unerai terms a similar institutions. CHAlUJra TOWN, President jacow naocwam, recretnry. C py tAisamuix. Uounsel and Attorney feS npeod OFFICE Broadway Insurance Compay, No. 41si BROADWAY. A T THE ANNUAL KLKCTION for Directors of this Instttu-& tion. held at tlie othce of tlie Company, this day, tbefoUow-(ng gentlemen were elected : rVhuretnan Halated, Benj. F. Camp, Reuben W. Howes, John Harper, Charles Sttnillord, John B. Dickinson, muiain v. pnuiy, t nester m-iugs, Jonn T. ruher. It tn. U. Skidinore, Wilson G. Hunt. John Falconer, Leonard Kirby, tieorite T. Cobb, Era's VV. kkunouds, Lewis iKity, rami It. Althduse. Aarou Arnold. John R Corlies, ( tmrles P. Brown, liernanl Smyth, W Uliam Trudow, John W. Mersereau, Croaell HmUlen Hi-linns L Weils, John McLean, niiittuew liini, ru.'1'Uen v. Aibro, Hiram M. Forrester. James Foster. The following gentlemen were at the saint) time chosen in spectors of the next election: Kiciuu-d Berry. W iisiiington Yale, James Hart At a sulMeiiuent meeting of thc Board. SCHUREMAN HAL-STEli, li, was uiuumiiou-ly re-eleclel President for the ensuing year. JOHN WRAY, tecretary hiiw Yoag. January 14th, 161. ja!5 eoilnp OFFICE OF THE aa. win oi m. mi shshi unit nv., No. fs 1 Wall arret, corner of Pearl street CAPITAL 400.000 DOLLARS. ' an election h'--ld this day. the following gentlemen were chosen Directors of this Company for the ensuing year: Tail tin ia jiipson Moore. Moses Tavlor. Bcni. B. Sherman. Sampson Mnmhull IVpoun, peter Martin, Alexander IL Grant Rufu. Story. Asa S. Porter, Henry Eiiey, l-aac C Taylor. George Elder. Francis Skiddr. Chaa Burkliaiter, J limes U. Wilson, Willi-im R. Foster. Al a subsequent meeting of Uie Board, SAMPSON MOORE, Esq, was unanimously re-elected President of the Company. J. MILTON SMITH. Secretary-New York. Feb. Dd, 185L N. R This t 'oilman v continues to insure Buildines. Mer chandise, Household Furniture, Vessels in Port, Ac oo the most IS vuntMe terms, Ail luesea piumpuy adjusted and paat Mi cod is i'ork Life Insurance OFFICE No. 106 BROADWAY. Co. THIS Institution has been in operation fire yean; haa kv sued about ri,otaj Policies: has an accumulated capital of aiutuun riuui n-utn, treaiaciit rurr Fskkmak, Actuary. mkihcil rxiMTXKaa: C a Bogert a D, 5 St Mark's place. George ft ilkes. a D-18 Laiglit street Jelfi eorlnp Mutual Benefit Life Insnrance Comnauy. J?' J1 WALL STREET. tW The funis ot thia Company, on the 1st August 185L amounted to ova Ml.30O.0OO. And the annual income is now about 69 30,000. 4'hartrr PrrprtuaL - - Tlie nlan is Mutual, all Oobciea for the wK,J, t mi nr. ticipauug in the pruhu, after the payment of tha second prern- HORAC WALDO. a a , u , . mm J mm vm - COMMERCIAL. CAUEI it TEM CTOClt tlCHAHSK-Sor. ii. 0 Ohlofft, -SO, 4 l, J;lHtwaBia ... A) d. ........ Had Bit, jtHt nHif-eaiH.iL.i n dBH-,ii.b..l3jv' do. i Si do....,..a oo .......... do..... Si do.... X do-.. te do...,l tan do .we da. . . rtu V do Harlem BB (W;2 Mda da.... da kooh. A Byre. . 11. t 0 ' doa-Hp ... m st an Bar A W -acrr. K Woo . do..-,...) Iff .-. oo.i..b v.- V do do 110 Aiti bo ds do -..a At da rt..u.bdv K IM do Baadint E..... . IH 16d do dOl.tto. inH do oo ... &( 10 do KH AH m Son Balkan Sirar.. Tl la dn do M do Canton, 44 1M dd U 8 Bank. 1 do S JerarraCo KrH da Dal A Hod... 1 EJU da Mercnants UL. in aa dn lunkitf rm, . it 40 do Phenu Bk iX M do Bk ol la..... USX IS do Metropolitan KM W do (XT Bk of Bin. H 10 da do ... U do OceanBk....... MX Afarorable tan m the atoek awiet toe place yesterday af- terooDn, which kai keen auatai n il thai OorninA. United Stalea rm,ef 186S, adrwneed Sf: thoae of M8J, X; Hndaon Kirer nrat bKHi X: Erie itock, Erie Inosmea, ; Brie Conrernb lea. X; Harlen, X. and Canton, X; B-y"fc winch did not da-cbne with the (eneral fail k the aurkat, haa fartlt adranced H. Merekanta1 Bank deoHned H, and Hndaon River RaBroad IX- Aferria Canal imprared K. and United Matea 3ank . The receipt, of the Lit Miami Bail road fcrthe week Itobi the ilnt la the ejehik of Norember, atnoont totlV a 1& The earning? fcr the aame period Bitt year were V Ua Increase thia year, Sa. Erer ausce Uie poblication of Uie recrfptj of the HoVon Railroad Company for October, the stock haa been decuumc. and now fire per cent, lower than en the day prevtoaa to thek publication. The receipts of the Erie "-" 1 Company, on the contrary, hare siren fan eatMactkm, and Increased the oonarteoceinUie stack, a those receipt! win jaaUfy a btrge dindefKl In Jaboary. Cnited Kate wa of 18T. en the let Jane were 115X, the July diTidend deducted, they are now only llfiH. carryuic iii per cenL interest aarned up U tbi. ttma The morenMnt a United State. Bank atoek continue.; 100 aharei aoU to-day at 2S. which to a further adranc of H- The reappearanoe of thia mtock la the market attracts considerable kitenat The atcamer Franklin win take a tarier aura than has been anticipated, probably ficar A million. Moan. Rothschild A Ce. agent eiup. 0400,000 In American coU, and aa much mere if en xaeed by two or three other parties. Silrer acarce and cannot be had m loffident twpply. Next wsek. between one and two miiliomi win ao: bat in the mean while, we expect another arrrral from California. About one third of the gold product of California goes to other ports than to New York. A targe amount flnds Ha way to China, whence tea and auks of the highest quality are obtained. Tea la lower in Ban Francisco than in New York. Another large portion goes to Valparaiso for breadstuff. The yield of gold from California win be very great next year; owing to recent ancceasfal toccaBcs for grinding the quarts. The amonnt ia tjr-el I as likely to exceed one hundred and fifty mutioni, of which one hundred win come to New York. The supply will be Urge for some months to come, but wiB fall off at a late period in the spring, about the same tune ask did but year, commencina in April. Meanwhile, our monthly supplies will be kwger than they have erer yet been ; and such being the case, It win ncrissarlx be the principal basis for exchange. The anticipated troubles in Europe alone afford a sufficient reason fur a continued active foreign demand. Citrrro Stitb Basc Stock. The Philadelphia Buletki publishes the following communication respecting the new movement In thia stock, by which a control ia sought to be obtained by influential parties over this institution t A private letter from Amsterdam, dated October X, has been shown to us, which probably gives the correct reason for the unusual advance in the stock. It aav. that the Dutch stock holders are about to appoint a committee in reference to the Bank, with instructions to inauire into its condition, and adopt measures which may place them in a more favorable position than that which Uiey now occupy. This movement, oo being known at Amsterdam, created a lively demand for stock, which rose 01 above the previous quotations Orders were immediately sent to New York and Philadelphia to buy the stock ; and from this rircumatance its advance in the American market is clearly to be traced. Of the special object in contemplation bv the Amsterdam committee, we are not informed, but it probably has some reference to a reduction In the expenses of we trustees ana ana a speedy winding up ol the concern." Common. Bask, Paovrnrsca. The Agent in this city has ! received the following dispatch from the Cashier : "You will please contradict the report that we have suspend ed. This Institution is In as sound a condition aa any bank in New England. The report probably arose from the fact that we refuse to comply with the exhorbitant demands of the Merchants' Bank, who are connected with the Suffolk Bank sys tem." Divuirsn. The Manhattan Fire Insurance Company have made a dividend of ten per cent, payable first of December. Trsomu Railways, A railroad convention is to be held at Romney, Va, on the z5th instant, to consider the expediency of an extension to the Manasses Gap Railroad, from Btrasburgfa, Qn Shenandoah county,) its present terminus to Patklytown. The Manasses Gap Railroad Company and Corporation of Alexandria have appointed delegates. The coal and iron com panies of Allegheny will be represented, and the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad la expected to be present Efforts are making to induce the Corporation of Washington to take an interest in it Thc Pom Bcsresas. Since the opening of The New York and Eric Railroad, great numbers of fat hogs have been transported alive to slaughter houses recently established on the Hudson, near New York. In the neighborhood of this city a good deal ui muiic uumucsb is going un. turn m a revolution IU DUBI- neaot very coustuerauie importance. l'UtaonryA Ooj. This confirms our statement of the revolution in the pork trade that tasteadliy going on. New York Marketa, (Carefully prepared for the Evening Post) Friday, Nor. U ASHES A fair business doing in Pots, at 04 87a4 91 Pearls are saleable at to 37, the receipts are moderate. COTTON The market closed yesterday very steady in spite of the unfavorable news from Liverpool The sales making are for future delivery: 18U0 bales sold yesterday. The only shipments are to Havre, FLOUR, Ao Our market for the low trades of western and stale Hour ia lea active, there is lea doing for export and the .Etna I'irc Insurance Company I damgtoniScieir8 ta " mMam snd rather more Canadian .n til- r.arh is quiet but firm at 04 tn bond. The sales of domes- I OAmilr u? LET-In "t.'Vf1 w r?i ffi t'Sf! trtel No. flel Wall atreet, I for pure Geneeee. Southern Is in moderate request for tlie home trade and shipping and prices favor the buyer, sales of &u bhls 43jtt1kSB5 at iv tor oouiuioQ to goou straight Drands i Com meal is not olentr. and fat firm: sale, of MO bbl. Jerser Cori 1 hhla Jprser at Si SlHiU H. Uuckwheat is in active demand at UH I 1 37 S per IU) lbs. GRAIN. T bushels while Cauailian at sou. Rye is steaiiy and not plenty : the inquiry is good for distilling ; sales of LOuu bushels at 7U cents. Barley is dull and more freely offered, and prices are nominal atMatiou. Barley Malt a quiet at 01. Oats are more plenty and are dull at 3iaJ for Butte; and 34a:!d)? for Jersey. Corn is scarce, there is none afloat and nothing transpired, western mixed in store is hekl at rile; round yellow kt scarce at rjat!)4c; and white is scarce and wanted. 1 HON The market is active for Scotch Pitr- 3m tons sold t 019 Suali 7.X cash, and tM 50 on six moutlis' time. English Bar ia quiet at Ax LINSEED OIL The market is verrheavT. and has asain de clined: 1iU"i gallons i-ikl at (Baffin cents. From store, in lots, a steady bue'iuea is doing at t cents in casks, and tsi cents in barrels. PRO VISI0N8-A limited demand for Pork for the trade, and there is a very good supply of new city and -country ottering large rcccipis are expectui irom Ohio via Erie rUuli uad, nelore the close of 1 ke navigation: old ia now nearly out of market and quotations w ould be nominal New Mess is selling at 015, and new Prime at 013 50al3 62X. Soar Ml.- is salmbie at 014 Ml, and sour Prime, OIL Beef is in limited demantL and the sunolv is lurire sml nricps lowt-r. Siilm of new Muss at 47 ooa8 (x) for country ; fax 5t for city ; and OS a9 76 fur chicaxu extra. Prime is inactive at 04a5. Beef Hams are selling at 111 itfi for o-ai ii, i;rM,n it. selling atec. Lanl is dull and drooping at SaiiV Dtiuer is in uur demand at onli for Ohio, lhaliix for western New York, and li?2c for Orange County. Cheese is plenty, and there is a imslcrate demand for export at bab'X lor common to choice dairies. V1I ISKEY The market is less active and Prison is firm st U se, Drudge is very vuiet at luc, time. WiK)L '1 lie market is less active than last week, yet a fair busintaiai doing, at very steady prices. About an.uuu lbs domestic tleece have been sold this week auufii lbs at 4uc- 1U.UUI at 3d, 15,110 a taiii, 6UU0 at li lull bales washed African at 2ia27c, I oiled n oul ia scarce and buoyant The sales are rati icted by the want of supply- . Sales of Real Estate No. 14. By A J. Bleecker. Hot on 64th atreet between Broadway and 6th avenue, 2oxlou5 1 fot adjoining, aame aiae 1 fou do do .each 0450 1 lot do 'do 1 lot on loth avenue, cor 66th street 25x100 1 lot oo 65th street near tenth avenue, ALtixlUOS 1 do do near Broadway, SitixSUJI 1 do do between sth and Sth avenues, 26x1005 1 do on 64th S4, rear of the above, aame s-..... 1 do do aiUoining. same size 1 do do 150 feet from the above, same site, each 044& luvainuia near nroauway, xaxiuuLa Ofln k-j ri-. wellow. wreen. white and blue nlain ami I turday. 456 445 - 44V Set) 415 440 4uo 445 450 WO 4Ua rrr-Prsd OfAee. New Vorh NfrTTfVg! The M.iW rw rr B. a steamer FRANKLIN, for Havre via Southampton, will close ml this office, on Saturday, Nor. 15th, 161. n w 31. v. jjkajjy, rostmaster. IWNotlce. Consignees per ship CONST ANTINE, Capt-Bunting, from UVERPOOL will please send on board their per. mita, foot of Burling slip. All goods not permitted within five days, wiU be liable to be sent to public store. nn GiUJ?ihLU AIIMI KM a CO, 7g Booth street tW The Anav Medieal Board of Kxaminallos mm. posed of Surgeons T. G. Mower, 1L A. Stinnecke. J. M. Cuyler, and J.Simpson, will convene on SATURDAY, November lath. a no. o cuue street at iu ociucg. J. he seaaon will continue three weeks or upwards, nl4 4tis I A trtesn Pa.M Vf ln, TV, m 11 N York Cheap Patage Association, give notice that apubhc meeting will be held m the Merchants' Exchange, on TUESDAY next Nor. IX th, at 1 o'clock r. a, to take into conssierauou the rata of postage on newspapers, periodicals, pamphlea, and otha printed matter, imposed by the Act of March leoL aad to peuuon uongrea to mouiry tnem. so that the rates may be simple, uniform and cheap, and thus encourage, rather than retard. , i auu Liir.iA auu inua euoouraaia, nurs mm-1- , , -nmpany commenreu Dusiucss m May, 1846, and the I the cheap diffusion of knowledge through every secuon of the 'ST- atluhng iu orerai ion is unprecedented. I Union. Pubuahers, Editors, Printers, and all others, who wish Dividends of rarofita are declared on the 1st nr J.nn. ally, and all divkienda ova the sum of t-sXtouu, (which must always remain with Uie company aa a contingent fund, in addi-uoa lo tha Keservc Fund) are paid to the insured in theo regular anler. Parties Insuring for the whole term of life, are allowed to give their notea, bearing interest at riper cent for one ball the annual preniium, when tlie amount a Sou, or over. Persons who deaire, may pay quarterly or semi annually. No risk B taken exceeding the amount of 01UMU, Ail who hav. naid their lull premiums in cash, maw reeeira the scrip of the Company, upon which they can obtain two-thints a any time, the balance lo he paid when the dividend of Uie year for which the scrip wa issued a redeemed, Tlie affairs of this Company, prior to every divklend, are sub-yseard to a rigid natlMmiaucal examination ; and the greslea ore B taken lo ftarure the safe lnve.Un.nt of iu effects. rrospectut and annual statements furnished upon appHeation mi the office. The Medical axamnier attends ml the omce rlaily. from m to IS o'clock. lr. Jama Stewart a D, Medical Exarotoer--ReaVlcnce, No t Abingdoa stoara ROUT. L PATTERSON, President JOEL W. COND1T. Vioe-Preaident J OA L. LORD. Ammt B. CL Miusa, Secretary. L0.Gwivas.Coun.eL anl4 TuThASaDAW N R This eomnanr haa erarralled with tha law of Una stat. I wfll brtoa OlUuaUl to be dawsiistl with tha t'omptrofl. forfcheaD Dusts ire. are invited to attend. Ex-Mayor Harper will preside at the meeting. . , SILAS WOOD, rresident BARNABAS BATES. Corns See'y, Pl4 U8 ISAAC WINSLOW. Rec'g SeCy. tlF Mvtderid Manhattan Fire Insnrance ConipanT. A dividend of Ten per Cent has been declared, payable on the first day of December next ml the office of the company. No. Wall atreet The trans a books will be closed on the 34th instant By order of the board, nl41m W. P PALMER, Secretary. I kV" Pneifle VI re Ina. as- ear. Hm.Jw.v and f J areas, A dividend of i per cent on the Capital Stock of tha yontpany. will be paid to tba storkhoklc is on and after the Ad dayof December next .1 Z f"'" bo"1" will be closed from the S5th November tuv iraemoer. loai. ny oruer a tne BosttL nl3 lwoAeodtDais A F. HATFIELD. Secretary. Orrics or rag Eaoli Firs Costast. Na 71 Wall street! ts- A ru, J!?1- November 4th. 18L - " T ciKii. per tsait. on ws capnai stoca a V.dX?S,Trf"b5 bl khokl" on fsteament n.-, . w lease. to4n2;r oooa wui be closed from thai day until the loth 1 oi By order of the Board of Mrectera n61wis HENRY MORRIS. Secretary. . srw- tai!iU?;t-5w ork- Nov . 3. WL . T i - ".wsk, nave this day declared a T?, --, paybteooand aiter to- the 15th inst uuu i.,ii-i .ii iT-j vuiina 1 The tranaSar boaka wiB h rU I s- ... . .. ... , 1 baUr. -arirt and white, Cotton and Wool Flannels I - "aunets various euakuea 1J0 casa gold mixed and blue mixed Kentucky Jeans AO cases grey, black and while, and drab Kerseys J """"grey mixed, and black and wnite naaia lacaM PIaalLtDdsaya, auaU and large panera K) u case, white aa drab Blankets 60 beta drab Coalings. 2 kaia Mariners' twilled and ptatoShMtng Stripes caaa Marlboro UucyPiaid. and Stripea aa.m checked and ati i-i i -i i. 1"A baka kKligo I4ue Isauna " KiST IZZS? lOA-im Brown and aa Allendale" Counterpanea IU baa "Jesrett t." Wasl.ington, Hampden. Ijoreo Bo-mtiL Vreaa, Boarah, Matusca. and Aaluand t-tbrwa 10 uaLies f. and 10 Inch brown Pheetinga, ' L) bales 17 and fel inch brown Drills "im cms 37 and Su bleached do. Isasdale Company Sileaias, plain and tortasd. -Lsaadale 4-4 super bleached flirtings. 4M cases A4, l-A, A4 and -4 tacaclacd Shirttngs rariaus stytos ISO eaaa colored Cambrics . 76 eaaa bleached Laapera 460 eaaa 3-4, 1-0, 4-4 and M TirAak to ravsa ywAow Nankins Brown and bleached Jackson Diapers, 100 balm southern Coooe Yarn. auu Bala a to aad to lank heavy rion LEATHER HOSE, PfRB KlMilNES, rVsjnhosta, Factorir, Street aahas, Ac, BanuAtctured from the beat ak tanned leather, wuh wtenslil otsaa mas arwan en hand and an sale. Ity . JOHN H. BO WIK A OU. Wsssasiwcv Wtol BJBaUalCw ave'sTajUOTBS OV W rJTJ ' 1 "-m n Igiiiaianiir L mmt aadeanadlaailarasTaw Aeecriiaoa .. . at C-tslBfrtt-ConstaMlyoaband, Loringr eelubraifid Globes a of ail Uve ramus aiaes, oa Hands and to frames, with Iqiuyrtranut, amuse iur H-nooa aeaoeouea, and otner trvstnu-tiotat Auf IBS kJf the pa ir a arydy, on reasonable tarra, hp , iUAJUUALtaiWiAsd slant f-ITRATE OF StlDA LtM) J, w aua Boaie. sw- s. ny A - use rau mo tne iota at- 04 tn ao. LEONARD, Sec-y. tsT Pine OIL Gaa. Fluid- tamra - , . . . , prenimm pine oil, one cent an hour, ftmuahing a Kgrtteoual to two pounds sperm candles al burning u once, brilluntlv h7tht- ZZJE JJ't2- of Oibd, and others, in tha asper. rtirmai A k, jptra and phuegene gad. fiuid. lamps. Ac Akio. brooxa. anstsaurai apt is rse" The Annaal Report aad New Dtreelw of q.. "AsaoeiaUoB lor Improving the CoodiOoo ef lie Poor for 111 and 'Scl, being now ready, subscribers will be supplied by calling on the (JeeretArr, corner ef Grand and Ela streets, or on anrof the following omcers a the Association, or members of Uve Ds-trict Ccmmioeea who are ala autuonsed to recetva sutaenp. receiva anbscxip. JAMES TtROWV. PrealenL SB W.n at GEORGE ORIS WOLD. Vice President Tl South a JAMES BOOKMAN, do do, 110 Greenwich. . HORATIO ALLEN, do do, to Clinton place. ROBERT a M1N TURN, Treasurer, 7s South a First Ward-Jaisa C lUroaay, 1 Cedai. . I Second do Getn.e W. Abbe, 43 John. fcTturd do A CaukweR, 41 Murray. r ourta an Abraham anion, a. eoauw rstn ao s. B. VVejtmore, si veeey. Sixth doN. C. Kverea, 117 Wh.te. Seventh oo Thamnsan Pries 178 1 Eighth do-Jose-h B. Colin. 416 Kroome. Nmtk dp Jaaea tt Pond, M-D, 47 Stxthar. . .. Trmh do-Jaioe. Hum. S Chrystla. rTtil.,VA.P PatteraTSAUrosa i53rl. T1" e:hesteT, r-i East Broadway. Fottrteenth do-AiexaD.ler Mwrray. 7 BroadwajL FlfteenU. OTWm. rvesmy, it Choton place. Sixteenth da-LutOer JacAson. Twesiuiarea, j 's"-"- -- rv, iss a. yxa a i-iunccuui is, a ncpcaoriv M.1X , . i tiaawrlain. Bnad 1 a a HA8TLBY. mt Karats af Asas, feiXusuuA X1USZ09 A CO. SI.BoBfta 'Ai i. Iliailiiia-a FRA.VKUN.... AFRICA BALTIC CANADA WASHINGTON ASIA ATLANTIC...., GLASGOW.. , n AMERICA.. HUMBOLOT... NIAGARA , PACIFIC EUROPA HERMANN.... Steamers DANIEL WEBSTER.. ILLINOIS IHEDw -r- On the 14th metant, ANNA JAa aaana i a and Hannah B. Taylon awed 1 rear and 1 months. From ..Liverpool... uverpool.. Liverpool.. ...........Havre Liverpool.. ..........i.Livernool.. Liverpool... miEW STYLE OF-PL A "1 , O fiiffi !EVEtnKG POST : 17 YOUILV FRIDAY, NOmiBEIl 44;fX:L' " - -t - : ' Scrrii- I 1S1 I lj I !A ltg lit ..,,-. W (0 3 M BaV. ,41 to 6 tt 66 ir.a ' a ta 47 67 r. . " s; l c fa MlkRim Al tfeenfcW. Hn die txk kistant, by the RirM Rev. Carle-tea Chaaa, Bishop of New Hamrhire, JOHN hew Vor. toMAUY KIJ7jtbKTrLetdeaAAghleref the lion. James Wihxak af hew HaBpshira, -vmm Ml III. m.rin. nillu 1hlM k. W 1 i. Bloat. EOWARD F. TB A Vl&iU. of New York city. a Mas av anr ivaraua ai The natives and Iriendsof the tunny are reapectniBy btIs-ed to aUend the funeral from the rewdenee af herparena, Na 47 Landon Terrace &id Street) en eaarday the Uthaataot, a t IK o'clock, wrthoot further invitation. (M Tbanalay. Uth Nov, JOcXPlONaV wits af Thomas & iowry. On the 13th tost, ELIZABETH RUSSELL, wife of the ate George BaaseD. Oil Thnrmlav mornma, Uth inat. of a Angering Irnea, JOHN EADIK. a the Cth yar of hli ace. On Thurauay. 13th aat- ANDhXW X COX a the Kth year af hts age. On the lahfhat- at hr hUvA mLImw-. Rmtk ItmnM. E1,I7. MARIA, the only daughter of Mr- Anderaou, th. author ipasnea girt. IMPORTATIONS StNCB OCR LAsT. Buucnrao Powpaaa-g cks larajrhing powders. Co-M to bins coal. Cirjcua 127 bales raucha, Curraa 67(1 bags coffee, Dacca so drniijsins copavia, 40 casks rotten stone, Mcaaks halam I'sr Gonna IV pkm per Corrttantine; tS? per Urn verse; ffi per Telamen: 36 per M J Ward; 82 per John OrjckrefL Dtkwgods 7,n Hticfci fustic, Luuu lbs kwoou. FiUTnaca 4t halea Feathers. Fkf rr 7X11 oranges. nmsn 2106 hidna. 150 sheep skine, a calf skina. .Isoa 7.T71 bars railroad Irno, IiMMU bars, HUte bdla, 106 tons put, 41 bdlslioop, LU5 bun sheet. Lud I4i pigs lead. Maria tut metal RcQia lit hhds s tea sugar. SiLT JJ3e sacks salt. Tegilu ea Ihi bdls steel Tn A9N bx Un. Tobacco 110 hhds tobacco, WIHB-L507 basketn V( If, U haV. WMta K ban. rfwwtil Wood & logs walnut, Q logs niahugan. ' MARINE LIST. PORT OF NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14. 181. Scaroera, WASHINGTON. A.1A ATLANTIC AMKUIUA HUMBOLDT..., PACIFIC NIAGARA...... EUROPA ..(All atra aan.. ,.4441 HIOH WATSB...U 1 Ocean Steauswhtpa to Arrlrt, For -New York... Date. ..Nor t ..Jersey City.. Nor 8 ..New York Nov 11 ...East Boston.. .Nov 15 ...New York.....Nov 19 ..rew York ot JI ..New York Nov tl ..East Boston.. .Nov AO Ocean Stesxnswilne to aalL From For New York.. ...Havre . -Jersey tvity...Uverpool... New York Liverpool... i-ast etori.. .UverpooL.. i nev lora. ....Bremen..... ...Jersey Citr..Liverpool... ...-NewYork...-Uverpool... in. i. ..i. New York..i.Glasgow.... -New York.. .-UverpooL.. New York... -Havre Jersey City.. .Liverpool... .-New York. ..-Liverpool... feast Boston.. .LirerpooL ....New York.. .-Bremen.... Oagres (steamers to Salt Date. ...Nov IS .-Nov ID -Nov M ...Nor Sri Nor 3 ...Pec S ...Dec 6 ...Dee ...Dee 10 ...Dec IS ...Dec 17 ...Dee ...Dec 34 ...DecST From For Date. .New York Ran litis W 44 New Yort...-Cbasxee -Nor 21 Southern Steamers to SalL reamers From For Date. E,oy,y -5?" York... -New Orleans. -Nov 14 tWlti--SewYork...Chariewn Nor 14 Cn.SA!? -New York.. ...Savannah Nor IS BN-OKE-.....-. .......New York Richmond Nor 15 GEORGIA. J,ew York New Orleans. -Nov M Clipper Ship, for California. CFor time of departure, etc, see advertisements) Ship fours, foot of Dover street, East River. hip .VscHiKics' Ows, , pier 14 East River. Ship CnjorruL, , pier 10 East River. Ship Bwoan Fish. Babcock. pier 5 North River. Ship lavutasis, Jounaon. pier foot of Wan street. Cleared I his Forenoon, - Steamer Union, Bndd, NOrleans Spofford A Tueston. Ship Creole, Pierce. N Orleans, Frost A Hicks -Ship Madawsrka, Br. Pascee, Manilla, W C RekergO, Bark Empress. Church. Matansass. Taylor A Co. Bark Bertha, Smart Savannah. Neeraitli A Son. gng oyager. W ood, Halifaa, D Garter A Co. Bng Alamode. Ixickhart Windsor. J S Whitney A Co. Brig Forest, GsJUUn, Frankfort-Brett. Voa A Co. grig Naratuke, Nelson, Ponce, Dewitt A Co, 'icu uoiuen, Bavannsn. Sch J S Lane, Pratt Mobile, master. Sch Abeone. Barnes, Amherst 8 B A J 8 Whitney A Co. I0!! l,ary Powell, Powell, Wilmington-E S Powei S S Carpenter, Maquadavie-Storga A Co. Washington, Gaskill, Waahington, nib, ftatfman A End-Sloop Pointer, Fowler, Providence. Arrived thia Forenoon. -Jhl!? "'J1'1" Rsthbone. Spencer, from UrerpocAMth Oct, with rmlse and paasengers to Kveriu t Brown. .ml K.Mnhttn f!??4 'rom UtopooL ISth Oct wnh mds imnnmin A Son. Left do Am reaeek. pla:stontonSS,CTen d"IU1 M& 'rith- BrigTeemont Parritt 10 ds fin Charleston, with cotton to the master; cargo 110 bales cotton. J W Schmidt A Co 83 do P Harmony A Nephews. M) feet cedar. J L Henry A Co-Bteainer Kenebac, Seymour, from Philadelphia, with mdse, Below. ferque Sarah Hand, of Pbllada, So do, from Brsrtol (Engj wirh rnerciuuHliae and passengers. disc to order. AlM twThriga. " arercMn' JHef hiP Denis. Follansbee, from Harre. 18th Oct, wtth SPif S3 p?fe,nIvrs to Uod nd Hinkia Passengers. Mrs. ulSf - i M Uro,e- "f Germany, Mr. J. NourestTof HoUaml Mm AJthobegorty, Mia J. Blonche, Mr. J. GrotfeTmo- n 5 fS ,8rn,h J?"1 Pniladetphia. Nichols. ,W days from Bristol, (hngland) with iron and passengers to J W FJweiL taVSee first page for additional ship news. M" aiTj5"" wUl, and flxturaof a pining Saloon, in one of Uie best locations in the city. Inquire in Croton Water Office, (basement) Na 11 Wall 1 PRLNES-Now hading from 4 J. Ha to tor 1 ars bar. Corn, in fancy cartoons, qr boxes, and gbiaiara I i.F, m Db hufl "narter and eaghth bbla. For ale by JOHN The sunnlr of wheat la not sn larffe. aad the market for prime is tirm. but duU, The domestic demand is light 1 here a sortie shipping inquiry, and we hear of a sale of o,uui RED UUEASU A OO- 101 Odar sL IRKNCH PORCELAIN IK STANItol-The fuhscrib-er haa lust received ner shin Hmvm. w i. . lain pump inks, comprising many new and desirable patterns, together with an assortment of Spring Inkstands, s new article, with or without racks, for sale by arucie, n 1MLLARD FELT. 191 Peari street AND WIIITK ASH lull. ll-liiiT ai. :lutrging tllis Week, caxtroe. of Prju-h llrcharH m'nA llkiiw- clum kiU White Ash, of qualities inferior to none brought to market and sold at a reduction from yard price, if taken direct from " n. k. ituiu a to ol, oo Murray cor. uanai 1 J.W finished anew and splendid style of playing cards, printed from new steel plates tlmse who want a beautiful artick. for the coming winter evenings, can have them in any quantity al ., ctauuuers iiau, nt ana iii rean st n" DAVID FELT A CO. B"JS.JLf,MjFR,i AD MERCHANTS AtCOCNT lit III The sunsmhor is couttHntly manufacturing to order, ail kinds of Blank Books of a very superior quality, at moderate prices, and he respectfully solicits au increase of patronage from his friends and tlie public. is auu ouensiur sale cheap, a superior article or blotting paper, as also a general assortment ol every article usually aid a on extensive btationerv. WM. W. RuSK, stationer, Lithographer, Engraver and Printer, n'l 17 WaU street )CHE WATER ON SEA OR LAND The Patent m lapsi nawx ruierv, uitroauceu Dy us more than a year ago, are found to sustain here fully their European reputation. Unlike every other kind of Fillers, they are equally effective at sea as on land, rendering the water bright and sparkling, mm well as qnite free from all impurities, and possca the advantage of being thoroughly and easily cleaned. They can be placed in cisterns, casks or tanks. We have furnished them to most of the first class steamships; to many hotels and private families. These Filters are at extensive use for fining wine, wluch procea u wmv topiuij uu wcu. Aii sates i'sr snie oy tne importers. SMITH TORREY SCO, n!4 Sum of the box Tea Kettle, 50 Maiden apt EW YORK SUPREME COI RT Crrr axd Cocxty ii or riKw i ork. f. inert o. mp, and Elizabeth hi. wife, satainst John R Dingeldein. Jonas F. Concklin and Catharine E. his wife, Richard W. Concitlm and Louisa his wife, Henry CoggUL Samuel N. Dodge, the Washington Coal Company, W illiam a Baxter, Jesse W . Benedict, Wiiium H. IL Smith, Steplien Lounsberry, James Cauthers, Charles A. Peck, Thomas T. Blood-good, Newell Sturtevant Lewis Sturterant Lewis Aodenrekt uucaun, i nomas jeruiaman, t .nanes w. otugnon, Isaac Williams and Theodore F. Phillips. To the defendant Thomas Joroiaman : You are hereby summoned and required to answer uie oumiHaini in tms acuon, wmca was men m tne omce of the Clerk of the city and county of New York, ml the City Hall of uie city oinrwi org, on uie tweutn aay a rsovemoer, lent and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers at ther office, in said city, within twenty days after the service of this summons on you. exclusive at the dar of such service; and if you fail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff, in this action wul apply to the court km wre a -',- " iKusuiiicii u. tun imiii'iaiiih Dated July 1Mb, lioL C J. A E. DE WITT, Plain tiffs' Attorneys, n!4 lawfiw No. 88 Nassau street N. Y. PATENT METALLIC MEASIR1NG TAPE. The subscriber has received, and is offering a measuring tape made from vegetable aid mineral substances combined, which is found to be entirely free from the objections to which all other tapes are liable, i. a contraction and .lougation, arising from the changa in the atmosphere. Into the warp of the patent tape are introduced, fine wires, of a material not liable to be acted upon by those casualiuea of dampness and dryness, to which the tape measure is exposed when in use ; consequently, it is not subject to variations in length like the tapea hitherto manuiacturea, i ne tape, also, instead a Detng merely painted, is immersed for a length of time in a peculiar solution of gums, by means of which all the fibres become sntidlr eninnaded. h the properties of the preparation thus giving to the whole substance a strength presented by no other article. For sale by Wil l. tun FELT. Manufacturer and Imnnrter nit of Stationery. Ac No 191 Pearl street TfATEW ACCOINT BOOKS FOR ISA 2. RICH A LOU-11 TREL, 61 Vt illiam street invite the attention of merchants, manufacturers, corporate companies and others, requiring new sets of Account Books for the coming year, to examine some of uie new sets just recerveorrom our oiriaery. unlers snoukl he given without delay, as all blank books are much better to be well-seasoned. ENGLISH LINEN LEDGER PAPERS. We hare received an invoice of superior blue laid English Ledjrer Papers, of all tlie vanuus awes, uur taDSbomers anu uie puuuc can nave llieir books made of these papers, ruled and bound to any particular Ftrma who, for want of time, cannot wait to have a set of Account Books made to order, can be supplied from our assortment wtth a complete set of books, which we warrant to give entire satisfaction. To ail wlsj may favor nt with their patronage, we pledge our seiros that no exertions or alien uon on our part shall be spared to give entii satisfaction. RICH A LOUTREL Ststioneri and Blank Book Maniifacturers, nil 61 William street, one door below Cedar. DAY'S PATENT ELVTIC flAMs In mtrodricinga real improvement it ia always difficult to make others appreciate between a real and supposed advantage. I have in-rented and am making an entirely new contrivance, which protects the under shoe from tlie damn and wet without srer-oeat- ing the foot It is a handsome clog, which wul hold on without any strap, i ne invention is neing pateiileu. and my judgment is thai nothing has ever yet been known hah mm good aa these Clues They require to be tried to be appreciated. Price by th. Krai gaiWfuraua, auu Mowtua aar men a HOitACB a DAT. RONZE, GOLD LEAF, SILVER LEAF, eke Ger- m a man ana eaignsn iiroruai i-owaer. I malt ess. Painters and others, from ts to AW per pound, not only of the ordinary goal snaoea, rasnoma. ""rf 'im vnTt-n Seeh, red, scarlet Ac. Also, Dutch metal, gold, alvex and Fkirenceleal from 01 to toper pack, benuttx mximi lrL from Ala to Oik Tin fou, gold sixe, bronae ass, earners hair brushes fcr bronse gold oaint Ac. Brona Powdera, which may be ordered, and not suiting, will be cheerfully exchanged for otlw kinds Ail the brcgvxux. with kindred articlea, for mie ny w. i i.i.i a mh a SB 138 Maiden iane. nTy ' BT ADIES MET ALLIC RCBBER 4JARDEN AND JLiUOUSB GLOVES The snbsciher would invite the stten-taa of the tadiw to lha very desirable article. They ate manufactured of the finest quality of Vuleaniaed Metallic Rubber. Ther wiG be found verv ileairahto while muraared affairs about the house, mm ther preserve Ua hands, Ther be used in hot a cold water without the least injury. Fa garden and Bower work, they wul be found very useful. They also cure rough and chapped hands, making theui aatatily wntaanuoeucaa. a aaa aa a sg Km Tot India Rnhher Ware Houaa. Nos ST Maiden tone, (first eumer from BroadwayJ and na a a; I TATTONERY, PAPER, ate. FAANC1S A LOCTREU I Na 77 Malen laum. ark al low pnoea every arid a foreign suo uocnesmi i-aper stanonery arocJea Also, blank books of all tba vanoua mmm andatytss of hind- mf. wmca ar quality and low aires are Ookl pecs, diamond point mt rerh jopyme and otariai n lai a Aa Fjiveroprs. bait while and tanor. Cap. letter and Note paper! Mourant Papers and envelopes Wstera, red, colored, white fancy, Aa Patent sear evaporating riH-sairta. P. area lua araua, a ranety ot aiaes PorriuOoa araa-booka, biack, blue and nsmauN oy a. i.sacra ltooka prated and fcoofa to twstaav 4STM, AND- BRASS i9 pRcea witn mr wanoa stamiu. iMiaanla. aaent sf exaausiteiv aiaina sty to tor oa UtaUisI 'max P tub IllantU JOutuml Insurant Co. Haw Toes, Bah Janaary, ML , ia eecdVwwaty aa the eharkar. aobwak aV t af the affairs af the Cmaawny, an the aetaf renwrans rectrrei an aartsa 1 ary. to Sat raeeasbac. KMN rreammsewmavJaix aarknd "naaiaaa waiiai r 1st Jswiaiy. um . msa m t of Marine 1 I No BcaVAa haw bean eased upon Uk attaa, nor pen Fire Baas, da, smelted wmh. Atariaw Bate I oftroa 1st January, 18fa to Hat aneessdotbsdaimado to ike Company, ssU- wVmy at December. ISO. .3J0(X4 At jama paid durac the asasa penad 0UOCM S BeAtCTofrYBBBBSiaa trgiirto, SdVssTW oui'jes a The Company hare ma blowing aaaaaTa: Cnited Hates Stock, Stall Stocks, Loans aa Stato and other Stocks, and Loans drawing Interest tlGMrM B Bonos and wiortgagea. - ...... S7mAQ0 M Dividend, aa etoafca, lnaeraat an aatod at............. ...... ... B IPifjuknn Notes. ........ . h. ........ 1.TCAS9B B9 Cash in Bank -.. BUM a Total anwoia of aawata. 033rJA a The Board of Trustees have rewrved to pay aa Intereat of six per cent on the outstanding oertrneates of profits to the holders thereof, or their legal rrpreaentativta. on and afusr Tuesday, the fourth day of February next. The trustees, after reserving ONE MILLION OF DOLLARS of aroftts, have further reaolved that th outstanding eeruficatea iasBdmlM8and 149. and Hxty per cent of thoae kwoed in 1x50, be redeemed and paid to the boUen thereof, or thek-legal representatives, on and afar Tuesday the fourth day of Frbru-ary next from which date al interest wa cease thereon. The certificates to be produced al the time of payment and canceled to Uie extent paid. The Board have atao declared a dividend of Forty per cent on the net earned premiums of th. Company, for the year ending Zlst December, l&u, for which eeruncatei wil be iaued on and after Tuesday, the fourth day of February next The profits of the Company, ascertained from the 1st July, 1SU, to the 1st day of January, 1S90, for which certificates were iaued, amounted to..2,lBQx OQ Additional profits from 1st January, ISM, to 1st Janaary. 1851 810,654 B3 - Total profit, fcr 8X years. K&USUn Certificate, of 1M4, 18a, lsa 1S47, and Eighty-five per cent of l!i8, paid off. 147238 to Net earnings remaining with the Company on the 1st of January. UtL ..tWGJIS 8 By order of the Board DANL DRAKE SMITH, Secretary. Walter K Jones, Josiah L Hale, Thomas Tilesson, Henry Coit E, D. Hurlbnt, Wm. & Wetinore, Eliaha Riggs, Henry Parish. Augustin A veriu, John D. Jonea, Charla R RusseO, Samual T. Jonea, Lowefl Hotlirook, P. A. Harguua, Kdward a GIBilsa, Joshua J. ITenry. kleyer Gana, Wm Sturgea, Jr, Wm. C l'sltersgin, HenJy K. liagert Kstnay Crooks. A. A. Low, Caleb llarstow. Lewi. Curtis. A. P. PiiVA, Dennis Prrkina, Leonardo 3. Suares, Joseph Gailiard, Jr, Christoo'r R Robert W iliaua K. iMdae. Emea Malesieux. Mortimer Uvuigston. Leroy a W iky, Robert G. GoodhueT Henry W. Hicks, Hamilton McCalL Daniel 8. Miuec, W Uliara Wool B. T. NicoD. J. Henry Burgy, David Lane, James Bryoa, WALTER & JONES, President JOS! AH L HAI.K. Vice Prrskimt JOHN a JONaaTld Vice PresKlent Paaa, Blaks BaTra, Secretary. jaJO lwuAUawtf ia OFFICE OF THE A lstor Mutual Insurance Co. New Yost. January 17, 186L tW The knowing statement of the affairs of thia Company, from the -d of April, IMS, (the day on which the Company commenced business to the Ua Decembar, lftoO, lnclu-iv is published in conformity with the iwau-remena af the 17th section of the Act of Incorporation, Pre Uums received on Msrine and ItUand Navigation and Transportation Risk from the Id of Apr-, 1MB, to the 21st of December, 1M.....'.....0UvI7 48 No Policies have been issued on Fire Bisks, u-aD- nected with Marine Risks. Amount ef earned Pre uumt during same period 801J Lea Return Pretrdums 73,965 17 ' Not Earned Premium ' Losses paid during period aforesaid H16AM 90 Amount paid for Re-Insurance, Interest, Commissions, and kipenses 69J94 81 Net Earned Profits., The ft Beta of the Company, on the list December, were aa follows: BiUs Receivable..... A477JBt 79 Lea estimated amount (or doubtful notes. &877 47 eh.. Premium Accounts to ha closed bv ftash or Nr.-, (including Scrip of sundry Mutual Insurance panics, s-jyuj. VOUl u Total Assets ef this Comnanr The Board of Trustees have this Twentv-Five ner cent on tha Euns Franklin 1L A Elm, A cor. Jane A Westiut I Sk1 il l.(i CARIksl. We have just I iup&c VI UeorgeGrhwokLJr. Wm F. Bulkley, iJias Convert George Goufrer. r- J. Brown, Arthur Fiiinegan, Fred'k A Lee, James & Hy.le, George Bird, William Bryce, John R Kitchuft, J. W. Cullier, ' AHren nvrut aiugustu. neiKnap, Cliauncey D. llurd, RTT. Woudwaru, Ldwanl Ajithonv. Thendnre Crane. .mr.ur r. tw ik. na. innc 718,015 m 183,436 08 47S4fS 0U.luS 16 48,08311 0664JV7 00 lay declared a Dividend of 1 Preimumsof the Company das V for the time before mentioneii, for which certmcates wul be www uu auu ater uie lutn ot reoruary next By order of the Board, EDWARD A. STRONG. Becretary. Zebedce Cook, Thomas Tueston, r . a. ijaihrop. TIOITIII. Ulysses R Brewster, Francis Skiddy, Samud E Sprouus, Sidney Brooks. R Croi ker. Delano, John A Mctiaw, Dei EDWARD ANTHONY, Vice President EDWAsnA. Sraose, becretary. aval lmD tarnewi UawOn f AI.AU AtJR Altfal Black Haaoburah. Moaoat aad Ca If A lawba, for ale at tun J. lAiLuaa fcfi Broadway. orjooafte the Tabernacla PATENT ORYFJV 60 imported, for ask by nil la Kohert L Taylor, a R Chittenden, D.S. Pond. PeterAILRenanM Chaa. a Connolly, Kliaha Robbios, Paul Alden, Tbona. Dunham, W.KentnaCeuara John Harper, James Myers, Jama Stuart Samuel L Bush, 'rancBi A. voos. Patent Dryer, equal to the I. u , I li, iv. . r-. , . r . iiiuiA.iii m f. 13 Barling Slip. cor. Water arete. GOTHIC TKA TR AYS Just received, a lot of Gothic Tea Traya, iu sets of various patterns Also round corner trays of a variety of pattcrna For sale wholutaie and retail, by ana ad FIHB 1-r-TM, a tww a three W. kaaa a. mm - . eT' sh ; ;;. a ranety of a ims oinces ; n ned. copper aad won coal hods; Bnrserr Ore rank brass and braaed warn Are doea; toower stands, pacvaraert rauiatora trivaa. foot and atotaack luajiit hot am I ewfaa tea nns aia r antnv, m rwry trrre si . ; puuu "V"g j C'Ultl it, i.'f it'J, au i iiiiiBw.ixtui gaTMi,,i.getijTa nnnuutiiaj a kismm, importers, ltu rulton st, Dl3 between Broadway and Nassau street EALING) WAX. Just received, a lot of sunerinr English Wax: also, constantly on hand, all kinds of American Wax packagos and boxes, for sale by W 1LLARD FELT. lmuucuxranu maniiiariiirer a auonery, m "ran st, o34 'near Maalen lane.) UEEVFJV PINK Sl4 rJlS. Now on hand s fot of Reeves' Genuine Pink Saucers; also, Blue ami Peach color. wnicu we ouer wr suie on verv reasonanw terais, nv 014 DAVIDFELT A C0174 A 176 Pearl rtreet IirTTlal PAPER An extenrive assortment of letter and A cap papers of every description, compering every variety of wuul and laki, blue and and emtio, of foreign and domcaUc manufacture, at the lowest rates For sale by W ILLAKD FELT, Na 191 Pearl street n7 - near Maiden lane. IFJnGERM, JOl'HN ALS, Ae- constantly on hand, of al Antes. Ainu, any d-scnution of bw-k niale to onl-rr. on very reiisoiuuMe leruatana in uie neatest ana uiostsaiteiactory manner, by wa W. ROr-K, eWkaier, Engraver, nil Lithographer, aid Printer. IT Wall tti CVRI K W. FIELD Ac CO., No. 11 CBS street. New York Sole Agents in the United State, for Muspratt's superior Bleaching Powiler, l.. :i . . L".. . . .. t: - i, .m,wui, uaii?u nrnt acir. sn VicUrria mills Writinw Panera Which they oiler for ale a Uie lowest prices SPECIAL AUCTION SALF.S. B. H. LCDLOW. AwatfotpBSC. TaaamUa Hun aa Mad aw linn Sk Na TTTt H i rmaw win. kvi i. at ArtTtOw JEAw) TCAV-DAlf. lata. IsaLat the Aterchauas' eharute. at It o'rkx-a i;th and Imk a next a nisi stcfocfci A uu-ge ajwertsnent Cama. Cardnaia Ae. o9 Bl RHArs PATENT DAMPKNINU TABLxTT A tnuo saving, labor-saving and snouey -saving machine ; designed to be used with a Copying Pres., and to answer as a substitute for Uie brush, blotting paper and wa cash, saving al the troulHe inoM-nt to their use- For sale, together with an as-snrunent of Copying Presses. Copying llooka, Copying Inks and all the apparatus required for copying letters by Press, by mi l tun FELT, lisntiJasaurer and Importer eSS of Stattooery. Ac No. lxl 1'eari street e ,s i rs trULLAH DoriiNU rKi9ser. we have a X; good iron Copying Press which wo wal sell ml Uve low pnee of five dollars, a good article which we guarantee wil taka perfect copies. Please call and see them, if you want s bargain in thia articta. s We are also reed ring from the manufactory targe quantities of Copying lrrsm s. for srffe by the single pres. a by Uie doaen, or hundred the prices are at Uie very lowest rate, Purchaaera wiU have the advantage of selecting from the largest variety of styles and sixes, comprising thirty diOerent patterns, earns of which sre new and improved. Notarial Presses Eight different slxas of Seal Presses; targe and small screw, with a large batt. Also, large and axnatt spring RTCT CSU Il I l.ll ll ai nw unv. We also manufacture and import every article for the as. of uie aoova French eoovtn. hooks. Enrlish eonrina? books, a and I. copying books, baixe fobna, drying books. toUeto, oil paper wet ting orusnes, copyiqg mr, sc. RICH A LtiuTREL Importers and Mannfacuimrs of Stationary, tn William street one door south of Uedar to Bar Copying Prrasia repaired mi moiierato rata. VBRLNTIN4A. ACCOLNT BOOKS tsTATtONERV. a Ac We would respectfully invite all who are to want of Manx ooott rtaxsjoery, mnung. sr, w a,T . sw a can. n e manufacture and also import all articies in our line. This wig give wholesale and retail purtaWen the advantage of receiving tnetr rmaa. a tue nrstrxast. HI.ASIIV Htiiivn. An sixes patterns and style, of binding, writable for merchants. manufacturers, banks, insurance ctmipaniea, public others. courts, county elerka. corporations, ascieuea. ac. Also, a large stoca on nana, suname ior tne r-outn ana nesxtraue. PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHY, Cards, checks. bOI heads, eiirulara. notes drafts Ac faciliue. for the prompt execution or Job rrmtuur, sngravmg and LtUrography, enable us to execute all orders with neatnea and disnatch. ml the verv lowest nricea Stationery. Ac Writing and all other papers, copying and teal presses, manifold letter writers, gold pens, ivory tsbieta, goal pencils, ana au otner sruciea a isncy saastaiMe stationery targe stock, st low prices, -. . . mi. it a tAc'Tnju Btsionerl and Blank Book Maniifacturers. 71 WilUaa at, near Oedas T ATrONKHY. The attention of si who sre In want of 13 commercial or rancy stationery a respectfully called lo the stock of articles m that one which can be found ml the store of toe subeenber. He has constantly on nana s variety ot the aa-bwtog articles ris: Letter papers, both ruled and plain, wrap- rariar raaUMwanf all khwla tokaands. nen racks, sold, steel, sod quill pens, sealing wax, wafers. Ink of every description and color, silver and gold pen and pencil cases, porcelain slates. m- tallie mfmaaiiilniB hneuVs fancr wafers and tancT inkstands rorcupuie ana all otner xiisia ca penoosieir, ao, ac e; copy ing Dressox of the best rnanufacture. copying Paper, ink. ruled sheets, Ac, Ac. Al kinds of Blank Account Books constantly on hand and anade to order ath. ahortea notice and to tha baa, w a W. RnttK. stanrtnfT. utnognapna, aaigravcT siiii rnnxer, ai aa aa HT-ANTS'8 PATENT LMPROVED BINDER Fa pre-11 a mt ins in a hnnk Sarax. letters tovoKes. tvrices cur rent ar any other papers, for ready and easy reference. The oiaeration is mm asmnle that a dnsrn letters Btar be bound and ready for rmrnrdiau- ose in lea thsn two aonulea. ana papers can be neatly and eecurely bound mm received, with but aula trcohle. Wlaen fuS the enai tents Biav he tooicaied by a label on Umi back, and the book ia mm strongly bound a by any other nietnod. it a the best invention ever ooerea ww tne purpose for which it is designed, and supplied a long needed dessiera- im. goreaieDy niuUdrtu rblii, mviunnunv im cat) Lnporter of Staitonay. If 'eatta. near Maaiea lane RLANK BOOKS AD ST A Tt O N 1-21 Y The suowrine has rjraraxtandr an hand s frrah supply of everything re .aired in his hoe, cooiprieang an assortment tntsurpaacaj for rariety and cbeaonesa He oOen Blank Books, of every style at ruling and binding, at greatly reduced price, auch aa led gers, journals day books, btotters, casd books; mros acaacaxi asausa , T 1 'n-. I. ixssapa., i . . vrj a, trum eocats ac sc. Uopymg Preaaes and appsrstns. a su ttesoripuona aaa pn-!a tocaudinsi a new aruclaof CODTUtx books aupenau anr- taung inQae. . . . , , wrauaMIfwrirdaaaiiiiwarra Counting House Artklt Bach mm cutfory, asmps portfoSes, inkstands and hoxaa wafer pens. wax. esvesorjeand blotting papers, Ac faenii i af A I aa laaa l al laMlill .1 BaStTUl Pen. engnaeerr- reiacxls log and trasaaxg papa, kp varnish, roexase tope nasuria, head booka. wrmng easea, pocket tnka, porceasia Sates, crow gurUa, manifold wroera, India ink, fnapping paa Betalbe books. I vary toMrto, Ac- Aa PSr-gf-rls tntiito Frmrh, liaigh-BB aad Bpaaiaa, ml the lowest prices, Cokared and Tiamas . aaf eTf I MS aBataaeS. Ink aayaard A NoreaT.spd others BaaiiaiiilBBaf whan. NXacs, bane, aslrlibte and copying a . . at sfsrj annaii o- rrat er V BsvetxstrfiatAi as illi. U a LOUTREL. el Wi from New York. York, tovsa tha attewla of msrclisnl. tt mm smij aectoa of tb eoantry to tha tratoi stock mt facer, tVOaak lsaoaaji rnaa ana as etna aruca sua ay aaiassa Ws msnsfa. lni..nd .li iainwail Sal artira B SWT Sire mm the ad van tag. ef aecaiiang our cond a Ua 6ra oat aad opplyarag wk laill audraad pal i kaswi to tos keaea 'TiMrBXiarsliraam af raWror'' BsoAs. of al alvtre at tonamg. suitabie for sicrekairbx, aianiifactaieera haaka ktwraara r y-ti-1 -irsr " T ciexaavsor- araaiaaai sai ai i na Ar. liiiaortawa mt Faanara Stalioriery rrom Traneax, Enetoeii asad eeroxaBi : every m- njsa at raacy and aaaaa sua hooery and Papers . . - The trade and euwntiy ami l.arrts tvmlto4 at tha tixega iij aaa r- - a. -------- as -k.. ri A Lt. Vuias r-e i aaaaa saM -The wjot i ..Taaaoaawiaatiaet V ache, by a a. wH! InsahrH. aar-narngMprrenaaa wae.aaaaWloi. Aat a a taet H Bche. by tub leeL . Teraa: n per cent-aaa the aatiumisSfeeaf 10 as ma day aaalai wuuieaa 1 1 null an hand and Dort4Casw killers est Aliairf the liaad. Sh tne The threw aary brown atone house and W. en the South side af th stmt, km hawse Baa traaetki and known a. Ka a Vm Slh TrKhuQaabyavliwTAanawf4.aadhaaaldMi "aweami no a mmaee. ga. aapas Tera: rtrrml sn I tin s mtiiiam's naef Otowa akeday efaale; AViw eaa ri wis in en band and asinii kaianra an dekveryof thedeeda. (74 A nj nltwa JOHN L, TANDEWATKB. tarns and jVUinlflr. al Bats JL. TAPKWTEH aV CO. wfl id at their aaVw iwaav Na H Wtl street, est MONDAY and TUESDAY Toe ahmawodskesng part efaa Ajwtgnees stock, are not ef the waal caa of gonia eatsafartured rw the sartna rooaa. Every article wa be fully warranted both a regards asas tore and sack, and wul be erad wrthoot resrrva. Thai ak insist aa oppwiaili to pan haai n slik k ta rarrhj tobeaetwah. n!4 By a a LEEDS A CO. nIL ItXim a CO. wwl aefl at anrtioa an SATCRDAT, New. loth, a 14 S esslork. a th. Sale. Rooa. No. 0 Wall ft. a baridsnme SMunuauitof carred rust .aud and oak funiieura en-suite, ecvered in silk and satin. brocateUo, velvet. Ac. Bed-rnom fwrraaura, puns-tuna, Ac, aual witkwut reserve topay ad-raaces. AL0, at n o'dorx. ki front of stge, HOMR-Tne rVwra Hora. 7 years ai, M hands Ugh, ktoi and geutle, clean lunbeu, and fast A 1.4.1 FfarHtaania Ore Ronp mm amm! a sig. as 1 from iairna, -eara aid, pafertly sound and geota, A beanbfrtl Brown Mara, T yean aki, fuS kkisdesl. thorough bred, kind in harnea, broke for Udia aadda, aone warranted in every respect (Iw) a!4 WsTDLMONT. Auctioneer. Talrahle Imraroved Praauti aa Ckraaki ia sad Dasai auteto Knnrrme Coart fas Lanky, aadrr tha dlrec-naa at Phlla T. Raggksa, Fat, RrSrree. DI rlOYT A IKbsiACK will all ml auction, en Friday. Nov. list, at U o'clock, a me Mt-rvLsuw Exchange, tha folliiwing valuable impov, I uopertr. rta t No. 3 cTUl Kl'. wear U.uhaa street.) The thrae-stnry brirk house ar.d ln, bci- f to feet i inches front an Oiambers street and in rear .1 f-t II H meha by M tret 7 inches deep oo the weaterly alia, and M feet deep on the easterly ale, No. xl D(AV1C BTREFT. The two story brick front boose and lot adjommg the above In the rra-. a. tog U tat front and rear by 41' feet utr - deep on either fide. Na 14 DI ANE KTRFKi. The two jtory brick boose and tot being 14 fort 11 and rear by 0 fcet 7 inchadeep on e:Ucr aide, he the s-ic ao-e a mat. The aliove DroofTtr wm be aokl without iiaa I a. and la aome of the most valuable prtHNw ty to that city, being opposite to the Park and CHy Hall, with a large front on Chambers itreet and in the imrneiuxte neighhrwhoodof Chatham and U na etnas, can be improved to produce a grant return for the outlay. Terms at sale. Map. can be oU ained af P. T. kuniea Fo- referee, no, 3u m street JAMES COLE, Auctioneer. large sad Poatti .Sale. 3 PC g V tl.l ABLE Bi ll JMNG LOTH, In the Seventh Si IF Ward, Brooklyn, forwarly betonging to John Byer-ain, deceased, situate on Flushing. Park, Myrtle, W Moughby. er ii-r, DeKalb, Lafayette and Grand avennea, Ryerson Kreeta, will be snld a Auctiea length of this property. and on Houston and br JAMEb tXILK, oa TLl DAY. Nor. laua. ltoL ml 11 o'clock, at tba Merc anaf Ex change, New York. Tli- property extends from FluaMra to la fsyetto arenas. 1 blocks wide, along Houston and Ryeraon streets and Grand avenue, to Wlowina order, via: 66 Lota on east side of Rye a a 73 Lou on Uawat aide of Grand sratsnvaa din rear ef the above. I Lnta on the east sue or Houston street. 63 Lou oo tlie wiit axie ml Ryerson street 11 Lotaon Flushing avenue, SI Lou on Park avenue, 18 Lots en Myrtle avenue. a) Lota on IS illougbby avenue. 7 Lots on DeKalb avenue, 18 Lots on Lafayette avenaa This is the most eiiiribkv healthr. and aeesaalbk aatt of Brook lyn. Flaaruna, Myrtle and De Rafb avenues, all graded and pared, run through uua property, and lour ornnaius route. from Fultoa and I from South Ferry with an it mate running contintuuly, taking orutar-y but 11 minutes to pea from Ful ton terry to Ui property, and leave the fsiTiaoo the arrival of each boat making this but a short and convenient d rata nee Ryerson atreet Is pared through the enure keen lot can be snmeniaiay agprwrea anil sunt upon. Trmws. Oi) oer rent mar remain on bond sad aw tease. payable on or before three yean from November 1st IsoL Fua abstract of title and copy of searcha made by Rolfe A Trem-Mey. Esqa- will he furnished, if desired, for Aa, Deeds executed by the present owner, Cyrus P. Smith, tit' Orders of sole, to-gether Tin Hie E. H LUDLOW. Aaetfooeer. Valuable House and Lot aa SSd street, H. LCDLOW wfll sen to auction on THURSDAY. Hot, laMkltB o'clock, ml the Merehaiita' Kxclianee VakiaMe 1 stArr and aule brk-k house. No. Bit West TM H5jT783 I street (lirnox place) between the Kh and 0th arenuea The nuusc ai ni ow ftv wiui K' -si wwrs auu puu-cma. , m wr shed in the best manner with marble mantele and grates to the third story, has Croton water to the aenflid story, warm, cold and shower baths, Beebea range and enpper boiler In the kitchens: aewer in thc street : lot a J6 by ! fcet 0 Inches Tha kt one of the roost pleasant locations hi the city : the house, ta the neahborhood we principally first das. I story. and are set back 6 feet from the street tine, affording a pleasant court-yard. There are four lines of stages running on the th and 9th avenues, and a railroad track kt to be bud in the 0th avenue during the coming year. Terms ten per cent and auctioneer's foe of Oil on the day of sale, balance on the ath of December next when me need will De delivered. st,nu can remain on mortgage, n oe-sirod. (To) nlO sod lata IhfTKIV Al fTTON StlJX. OF ArOTCT 1000 VTL- I bar, builiiinr ioov and Kv-tioos rff land- on the ground WUl- I aed ml the New Village Site of WOODV1L1.E, Long Island, (s miks by Railroad from the ray af tew lark, and 7 mi lea, by Plank Road, from Peck Slip, Grand. Division aad Houston streets Ferries.) wiU take place oo Moth lays of each week a 1 olc lock p. u, shortly after the arrival of Uie 12 o'clock tram of cars from South Ferry, beginning the sale with four lots on block 5H, with the privilege ot t more, and the enotce a the woca, on non-day, the 17th Nevemher, lHTil. near the raurond depot and the country residence of Mr. Phineaa Walker, of the Arm of Whee- k.-k m walker. 1171 Heart atreet.1 now bane erected. Persons wishing to view tlie Premise can go out by the W o'clock train, arrive ml 37 minutes past 12. and return from Wondville a 1 o'clock and 7 minutes, to the South Ferry, tha giving half an hour on the ground to view one of the most char ming spoto to be found so near the city of New York. Go end mm- J H PITKI& flnml tmt A tsrty. time a nruauway, . x. November ram. tsfrt. Note. The Title, to the above property are ursrueationaMe J. K. P. nit It Magnificent rale of IIoararboM FwmHwre. THK suKsrriher wtt) sHL In the second week of Korember. the entire stock of splendid furniture maaufsjcuired and Imported by Mr. A. Rrnx, ml his sparioua irucrinmt Not 470 and 4hJ Rmaftway. parurulara of wluch wik be given to a tew Oars, a special advertisement The wrll-knosm celebrity nf tha martmWturee t. a svmV guaranty to all who aiay Awar. u furnish thrmurhout or add u it ii ir proscui swea. iw amN wui laax place w maae rooa a buikting akcrauoua ol JOHN L YANDEWATER A CO. fjl BIJC NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tax Sale, ad- a vi vertned to take nlace NovMnber l-'ah. IssL yi-nro to April iMh, ny resoiuuon of Uie OS. K. TAYLOR. ComptroUer. V. Uounol. nlilw STABILITY, SJXTRJTY PER PETl TT Y. The .TTufiffif Lire insurance Com' panu or .Vttr lVrV, NO. WALL STREET. NTT AC VIl LVTKn t tsHFIM) 1 fiOO.OOO. 4VJ 14 l H IXk vested m Bonds and Mortgages on real estate cim H rl i in tha cnyand ItmAlyn, and Slacks of Ua City of New York and nf the United Mat. Government. AM. THK PROPl'lS ARE UlYlllED AMONG THE INSURED 1 he tomonnv declared a dividend of prntttsof nnv-tao dot cenL on all existing P"Ocies on the XI si of January, leas. Persona may allect uisuraiace oo theff own Ireit and the Hva of others A uiamed onian can iniuire the ulr of lier husrsxn't. the benefits of whk-h are secuit Lj; Lit. fur the exclusive aa of herseK or chiklren. I tersrvmen ami all ahers rtrnrnrleTit uooo aalaiiee or tnetr daily earnings are l i"pc ttmir invrie-l to avail UiemsHvrs uf resaNiroe w herehy thrtr aurvtr.g lamiha Hal las aucnred Irom Uie evils nf pen try. Annuities granted on at rural sw Ter-rrt Pamphlets rxntauatory at Uie princiiilea ef Mutual Life Inmr axice.and illustra'i:iUalva'i'jiires, with forms of arapbeauon may be obtained ml the omce at tlx Company, mi Wall street at any of its agents. TtrrTEFA Jos R Collins, Abrsnam nainger. Alfred kdwants iw 1 ytrcurtty. Fmlenck S. Winston, Jci,V lihint aac b. reatrsun, John r. i eiverton. Tlien. c-flifWH k. Irrorge R Clarke, Jolin Watswortha Kobert rvnuyler. John V. L Pruyn, Mosca a Gruineu, John C Cruger, rrancis a. laUirop, v iluam sionre, John IL Swift David A Cornstnrk. WiDiam rjetts, C W. Faber. Henry Wetts. Ftarey K Coffins, Jonathan MiUer. ISamuel acornefl. J sine, t nsmncrm, tloavernr a W Ukins Wm. J. Hunker. Jisacph Tnekennsn, Kstkajuiirl Harden, Charles Ely. SaMnosi K rlpmulia Jolin M. stusit, Lcwa F. Battiua, Alfred PHI. JOeEPU & COLLINS. Prradent ISAAC ABBATT. Secretary. CHAS. GILL Actuary. JOS. BLUNT, Counsellor. sal., iin.. i ... i , mn. v, aie-ias nianiaieii , ... , the omce daily, from 11 to 13 o'clock. jel HAS IIHALTII MORE PREtlOlS THAN .OIJ. aailllJb: aiilutiades are rang every cara and exertion to e w fort to f i procure oulu, bow lew are tuang tne same cara ana es- ohtsin and perserv. aaaLni : And yet goal without health it cannot cure ilaaeaa. avert pain, ar proaoug life. Hut, nailer, there kt that that can do tha MORSES COMPOUND SYRUP OF YELLOW DOCK ROOT ha been invented and a prepaxred and sold tor tha very sur- ana thai a wm accoraptisn ttus eno a anoa eaaa titou- and who have and a are reaiy to testify. Tha Syrup aa the CHBAmrr Miucuia is ma in piuputtiun to as Mrength and heal ing qualities. It poaeaaa more active rerasuai pnsaefua any Syrup to exwtencs. This Syrup a pleaant and sgreeaba to take, having no flavor that a txaagreeabl It Is a rrsaxr TBaKTAaLB onariHLSD, ana potaawts no uitoenu poaa wdjcb m better calculated to produce daeaa than to eradacaw It and to aliorten tue than prolong a. xtenos a m aavaa niasirasjw i Uka thaa atvrnia. It does not protea to cure al diseases bat B ha eared, and win cure, an utsrase. anmns from any ampure state of the blooii. which a the grand source of disease to toe human system If any one is afflicted of Scrofula. Eiyaipilas Bait Raetira, Scakl Head, ar Funpaea. raotcrie. arupuona ta tne am ; witn sores. swellina ar ulcers of any kind ; with nervous, rtHwrmaiie. pul- nMoai-y ar rabous eraaipiamt; wan aorw or nuaeq eyw; was Ashma, Phusa. ar Osuvenea; wsh weaknea, SeMbty ar taato-tude; ar any of the long catalogue of trxnata da pairs to any stage, ar with any cosease armng oirecny or moirecuy rmm an knpure stats of the blood, let him give this Syrup a fair trial r1 K, m-ili rm ia. cnnvancml of it. Valoe. Then it wil beetan. adered more "precious Uaa goto, yav than Butch fine goki," mm neaitn ana me are wortn tnore uiaa ncnem. It ia prepared only by G HORcB A CO. at PrarMenca, a L snd sold by druggisa snd others thraughout ttus and ether orjun tries General Ageoto-HAYDOCE. COBLIES CLAY B Pearl reet a PALM Fit's f-OlNTRY NErVSPAPFJrl AD-rerttsing Agency. Tribane Buik lings. New York, em-waaat at tlie bast txesraaiters of all Uae dues and sarincipal towns in the United Stales and Canada, for which be m duly auUiorised to receive adverlmmrnt. aad subacrsslaiaxi and fully empowered to give receipts Merchants, itianafacturefs. artista. and tochrlrruala general?, beatdes public mstiuiuonav incorporated companies and aocie-ties whs wash a advertise in, or subscribe for aewapapers ol any section of Ua country, are tsepertmlly invited a sxaaSaa tb nles. To remove al doaabts and aitai irfhefiMons. the agent hereby noufia the put-uc, that no person is saitbonard by hsa to solicit advertiawinennx. cawru. or solwxaaUoo. for the newipapcra for which he ia Uie only authorised axgent The annoyance to merhanta and others, grow ang out of raieroas pretended agen-oes in this aty. renders the aaoption mt thia eoans laiiinifly priper. to guard agaiust tmpoaiU.10. Those, iherratore, who wish to Iran met buSuua wnh hit aarn-cy. and avaad mistakea, are respecLfuliy Invited to hand in 'bur orders 1 the orhce. or address V. R PALMER, American Newsnaaer Agent Trtoune Buiktuigs ty The cost of advertising in country papers, a ka of U crues and town, througtauortbe Umun. to which the sobheined, together with oopats of the seserai pap en ha is the duly aothornal Agent may be aaa ath the R ANCSa' MANIFOLD WRITOt For wrtttog I in a al llial a S lamWStlSSI R tlai. aaaaal ' . . - P. a Hay's "a I pa han ya i-el't ior r awr raa. naM-mlVaatt Uasf ewn loaautuve. I a casts aaw anu tit aus'sig sal ry laafAfaieakiAOSotit a4 Beacv atrwtt, tiiwiil ar Asnot a Wotaba) 1st, thres dajs later. anal and fra-arn praawea saarkwa. I throarlaathewwek.asaawaW ssa I kad to watke I in naiiiiii to lha Furs, Bobaa, aa JO Boarrjet, Sow. 1UA,1J.";1. Tb aaamship Caaaras. from Uva-peoi, was Hali- bz, smTcd al aa asrij tern thai waning. She) brmgt dales from the fcraer port a Xorct&ber goaiU wrerw (anrajani tba cwj train. Tba Cambria haa 40 raastsger fcr Boasoa. ZaaaW Mometvy Jfmwt-Amtricm Sled. Faoaj Baanm, Baaawaai Crarclia. Bat OrA, I P. av The aa- iprkwa sy aiartii t . Ca nacsMM. kwa awaa a th bank rate of Aa iit Fliw haa bo a la I for la- da. and aa advanced tad. We saw awaa at to fc. sat new oiuusa axtperaa. The Hon. Eaa India ramany hare iweaaJ Chaw raa aBsaf - - Madras aaA CalrsHla a to mmd aa, , way a a sjo. ua tiaiip.naa rass Tnai srwrtandaaA ka yatarrnwc B k-R axahar aa Oa M aaad kraaadvirau-aaOakwaa to Mk Baaswaasav. Aaancas fSpras are wtoVwat wrack hiiehii a a ear swsta a a I mud stale Ma. isitaalui: Ae skuialMkalu'i. i lxtolwja, IMaltes,-, do tool cVwaa, lsA lllalll: Ke Yak fa aAt: Peana, IX SU-. v iwvaaa Chs fa al: Bnilnn Car Honda, auaWIV: 1 - rtn.i . SB: nvuana pcaa s ssara: -m nmi Ji ri'sr.tlsll: atajraataas, aaat, fwa Tha English Dews, with tha rtsrrrtioa of Koasuth's morexnenta, is unimportant. Tba fine ship Wm. Goddard, Tliiaxn, from Boston, arrived at Calcutta, September Jth, after Tausmsfaof Wdajs. Toe bark Msrmiotn, of Boatcsi, Jackson troea Ocsss- tadt, tar Nrw York, arrived at Grimsby, SOth nit, with with cargo shifted, boats store, and other orsostdarabla damage, having been struck by a sea off tha Shrtand Isles, Oct. lth. Tbs Paris corrroodent of the Lxdna (7ir, wn dcr date of Thnrsdav, atiU predicts that there will be a etynprorniae between the President and the majontr of tha Assembly. . Btwness, howrrtr, wwaro a rotny sspect, and neariy all the orders received by the buv nulacuirera bava bees sranended. Tha democratic anrialiita are fuxiowa ajraiaat Kossuth, bat bare determined aot to fire publicity to tnetr op in tons, tor leer it murht injurs their caoas. The SematAort, of aarsmUea, paLahes a Utior atreet or of ua AnrtsrawaraTho; 11 H al I dated Rabat, in Morocoo, 11th iast, anrsonncinc that tTWJ nli 7US I .v.. r- t. r i v.s . , . . . NaiiwawtAwui rau rwcetvpu ortieri to amitorK all the French residents, as tha Fretsch Sect wag about to bombard the town of Sales, aa a reprisal serai nst the Emperor of Morocco, for refusing compertion tor the piLlage of a French Bieaxhsnt Teasel wrecked oa the who iwrealed the whole matter to the Emperor. i v ... . .. . . . . . . ' in cunsequence of toe amupteral eraa, Oa Prince de Joinville'a adviarra have reosiTed irxatruciions thai all proceedings with retrard to his ataodia. fbrwarc aa a candidate strain the President are withdrawn. It ia reported that the President intends to make aai appeal to the Assembly, to hastes the lVeat)eotial electioo, instead of wailing the period fixed by the const-tuUoo. The MUitarf Oattu mentions that one hriedrecl gtma hare bean aent to Earana for the annament of the torts along the cosst of Cuba, Rumors are in eirenUlioa of a aeirly diaeorered eotispiracy ainong the nobility at St Prsraburr. and of the arrest of eversi pawoos standing Tory near the uiroae. The duaooTcTT, it ia said, was made br the eOeers get her with maps, Ac can be obtained a tba omoa or the A no- I , . . . . ... b. nicer, Noa 45 Fulton street, lirooklyn, sad t WaU atreet, I f " body guard of the Emperor, whom the COO-New lork. I gpiraiors endeaTored to Itrins; erer to their party, bat with maps, Ac can he obtained a th. office, of the Anc- AlgatTB, Aa aaoembUge of Arabs was fctraed in the envi rons of OnargUh and Menand, of the aooihera tribes. General de Sellea, Commander of the prvyrince, or dered tbtir hundred horsatnen to proceed to Trijrgintb, which place tha insurgents now expected to attack. Tbey ibund the latter bad already commenced the assault, when tbey immeslistely assailed the enemy, and sfler two hours Sighting, completely routed them. THE VERY L.1T&T. The following is the latest intelligence np to th moment of the Cambria's departure : Meetings were held in the metrnpolig, on Friday evening, in favor of Kcatsuth. Great enthusiasm prevailed. Advices from rort Philip, Tin Deiman Land, to July 11th, hare been received. They report that further duxcoveries of (roid had been made at Port Philip, but give no definite bete as to their extent or value. A cue field has also been iouod, which stirpapais any of those in the sister colonies. The American at earner Wsshinetoxi, fk-om Kew York, is homiy expected to arrive off Correa, ConioU an done at 97 S-4. France. rABm, Friday Morning. The Dttatt aanonacre that it is sastired that M. Corbya refiaes to accept Ua office of Minister of Jualica, to shich he was sp pointed while absent from Paris. AJ-rwxar, Oct Ust Fxraaags oa lontat tSaJR AatsTtuxxUatOct Xlst-Exchanse sa Lawlta, 11 07 s Ef optan SUpptag, per taakria. Boarrna. Nor. 14th. Ar it IJverpoot Sot 1st, Pariaaient ftaatsart Boattoto Chaeca, Wise. Mcrsniache. SM Bauv, Herald. NOrlearKt Faatiia Qn-en. Rom, OxarVwdaav. Aah. Ixslmiinah. Gray. New IMeaa Oamhraa. MrOiMscat. Claarksliaji; Cai:i;lius, arkars; Cerrtunan, t ocnlax, aad tto anaTUan, Page. N York; Pre .lent Cmru.-'irs. Bosaen. Ar ml Stockholm. 17th alt Csnapak jaapiana, NYark. tel. MathnVla. rWiaffir, NY ork. Ar a Atrtarers mxh alt Josh H Bhaard, Atoewath. 1 naaa the papers are ifor whwh THE SUBetCHIHUxM. dedbrewJ ef relirtng tram thesr anbhina and retaui tuiaii a aad derouns toeauelva excrutsveiy to the mauufactunng taaspiarxmeas aad aupplraaB the trade, offer lhew stoclt m trade, with a tare yaaars Iraa Ira Mar next of u-w l ean street tors. 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