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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, November 12, 1851
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THEr EVENING POST: 'NEW- YORK, WEDNESDAY, - NOVEMBER 12,' 1S5L; 1 .11. el-VISING PQSTt- J fx" rtHJu. idpUe.PIlad to- Ba not osl fel bomblad ( & ktom inooosikoey of ftcrerv wit lb theory of our gorarnmeat, be not only fecLered thai th right to liberty era inliwiM bat aw M was "abovw all aonstitatioaja ana laws." It t bc4 improbabla that Mr. Seward ImbtTjea ws.ra no- liwail T JTA kUMfMaal Jak I-ttanaw n-w . a sals ofrAeeT"" "" "awawawAwae ani) aartb, tweanaa fcr thirty years ba baa natained aa no-t. sullied reputation, sod is thai repre n -alive of prmci-plca that ahoold be dear to every Americao. - It ia amkot tnan tao loaa' a tba Vrk tie prtaa, that Gi repuUicaoi of Tranca were eoaail- rory aiaappoiatea- byth tenor of Kcwath . cpeeefaca Eiraa4 Bia 4aboate prmaaa af that nation, atac tLsy easy be deaarra4 by tb atari iadapea-denc And fmcnj free spirit of fta people, are not "r-rwrd by the ltiak, graiBsot, which, ia spite atf it tnif pmfnaatiiaa. ia snjlhinf Init TnTHt nr liberU prrrrnment , Hot doe Koantfc menUo. the won rv-rmblieln any of bis aameroaa aoVtraaaea, while bis cxpraai refusal ia aoaapt of a bantpwi front the Central Democrat) CocnmiUae-wEIcb represent Um radical of Boffaad, fa rrtanled, tf not si s boa-tile, at aat aa aa eadineraBt axpreaaioa. Bitt, Htm craat Bnairariu atalaaaiin ia act to ba Jirdjred too h.?tny ibis position in EnfUnd iaape-caliar oM; babaabad ipeeial objeeta hi going tbitb-cr d has apiaioM ought a be taken from the whole Bourse aad tenor of bia liia, ntber tbaa from iaolaied phrase in exteinKiraooaf speexmes. For oar own parta, wa better, that ba ia aa eaaential republican, od that too, oa bettor aad awra' auured prinoiplea than moat men who claim lb aaroe name. . It antral, ba leowmbarad that Koaeuth wont to Eo-Klaod with two porpoaat ia Tiew t first, to otter bia jfTitituJa to that (eoerout land for it actire aympa-thy in hit straggles and misfortanet ; and second, to voosalt with the laaiUira of the European liberal more-ment who art aoUeded there, on tba policy of their futiin praeeedinga. , In either capacity, it was i ocam-bnt oa hint to preeerra a moderate, joriidoos, and in-ofleaaira aooraa. It was natural, aa it was proper, tbat bs Should feel (ratefal to England and oonfeaa that Tatitode with characteristic warmth, and it was also pradant, if bs cherished designs in regard to future flbrts oc the coaUoaot, that be should nuke no enemies by their premature disclosure, 'much less provoke the hostility af a gorarament which he hoped to reconcile to bis plana. Tan days intercourse with the statesmen of England will enable him to form some opinion as to thspsth they mean to pursue in the ooming contests of Korope, and until be has done so, itiseri-tUolthat nil wisest policy is to gire no needless of- The TrSxmu of this morning says: ' " We now wait to see what reply Coroner Gear and Assistant Coroner Bleakley have to snake to "these charges and the tcstiraouy by which they are supported. Either their reply must utterly overset the whole ease, or they are Vast mea ia this community. ticns of Hisher Law iron a We eoogratulate our opponents upon the possession saea a aign auaoau, tra, mM'-1 I hrorrurf t Tscs The PkUaddjiia Inquirer n is erideatly capable of semng tbem as Tory few . Cl,,nw;nt, Jim.w f w..hC7 nwilltoyPtoy P-, deof-Kor;!..: Tl ij J. H . . J W: That bo means ta eonler with Hasxini and Rollin, a the poUUosi eampsigns of next year, we are led to appose on the authority of the officers of the Mfcsis-ippt, sad that the efteot of such eooierenoe will be to strengthen aad soeaolidaie the republican move-Ineot, wt baliers,' on the streogh of bis known character aad opinions. Kossuth ha no where declared liinawlf a ebtaocrai, ia 'the European sense of the term, but bis Ufa prores that bis sympathies, as bis hopes, are wholly with the masses of the people, and that ba has a deep sealed aad rancorous hatred of despstissa, ia any form ; while bis remarks at Southampton show, that be bas considered politics in the ligbl of s science, and is prepared, therefore, to accept the broadest and moat philosophical conclusions. Ilis dread of oaotraliied gOTernmente, and his attachment to mnnlcipsl Institutions, present views that conflict with those of the French statesmen generally, but which, m this country, bare been long the accepted creed of the popular party. Kossuth, theas, ws should say, was a democratic re-publieaav rather tbaa a federalist or so ultra-democrat. Bs mm i to believe, with most of the founders of the American constitution, thai the power of gor-emment should be distributed through local adminis-ireooaa, ia prefarenoe to being confined to a aingla centra. The old organisation of Hungary, where there was a kind of state legislature in each district, or maty, was aooaething of this sort, and has probably led Kossuth to his conviction. Oa the other band, the eonnoental democrat are inclined to one central authority many of them, indeed, to a single repre-aantaliTe body, without aa executive head through which they propose that ths people should both determine and enforce their will. The i marl can people have long since settled their opinions on these advene democratic theories, and after aa ezperieaee of sixty years, prefer that which distributee, to that which eoneentratea power. At least that portion of them, who oppose the extension of the iederal influence have done so, with a solid and accumulating earnestness of conviction that our system is . lmprcfraabla to any assaults, either from within or from without, so long as the theory of local and state lights shall be faithfully adhered to, in the practical administration. - Our only dangers, heretofore, have arisen from the assumptions of federalism, and if thee can be corrected and restrained, there is no reason why ths principle of our institutions could not be made to embrace the whole world. Indeed, It Is not enthusiastic to look forward to the time when, in the developments of eivilixation, the nations of the earth will form one grand republic, and yet preserve (heir national characteristics and tendencies distinct - We are clear, If Koaeuth entertains the views we have ascribed to bim, that bia influenoe en the other loaders of Europe will be beasacial certainly so far a it regards n own country, which has been so long accustomed to municipal freedom. Nor are we sure that the difficulties in the organization of the French republic would not be removed by a method which should scatter the power congested at Paris, through the several departments or counties. If we Imagine for a moment the effect ia this country, if all our irovernors and state legislators were dispensed with, and tba entire legislation of the states and townships, With the appointment of all the officers necessary to car ry it out, ware removed to the city of Washington, we ahall got some idea of the overwhelming difficulties which beset s centralised government. How long could popular elections but, in such a country, without becoming civil wars ? What indescribable corruption is inevitable to such extensive patronage? What force bat that of a standing army could execute such a complicated aeries of law f What legislation could meet auch diverse and distinct interests without inflicting gross injustice and provoking incessant revolts But a system which leads to these results' is nothing less tbaa a despotism, call it by what aame you please. i ' TUB IsOTHSttHCT CHCBsJB CASK. ' - We publish, in another place, the decision of Judge Nloa on th important case, which ha occupied the courts for some years, and been a great source of troabi aad vexation to the ehorchea. At the time the srgmnent was made by the distinguished souaael engaged in it, ia this city, our im- preenon, from a carerui n earing or it, was that equity demanded some division of the property of the church, but we were in doubt whether such a division could be enforced oa strictly legal grounds. Bat the Judge, it will seem, on a more mature and competent review of the evidence and pleadings, deter mine otherwise, and fully recognises the legal rights of the church, south. The opinion of Judge Kelson gives a complete his tory of the case, and argues each point at length and with marked ability. Be quotes the whole of the resolutions of the General Conference of 1 844, and sustains the right of that Conference to make the division of the Church on the conditions contemplated therein, which conditions were subsequently complied with, end, indeed, adds that it can not be doubted that the General Conference, composed of all the travelling preachers, and who established the government, doctrines, and discipline of the Church, vjooscsBtd the power to reconstruct and reorganize its government, ecclesiastical, and temporal, into two or more separate and distinct organizations, In pursuant of thi conclusion, he proceeds to apply the principles of law, which govern the esse, and orders a decree, that the complainant are entitled to their share of the produce of the Book Concern. Whether the funds shall be administered by an application of the produce, pro rota, or by an apportionment of the capital, are questions reserved until the settlement of the decree. As we hear of no disposition to carry the case up to a higher tribunal, we suppose this decision may be considered aa final. "We learn from reliable authority, that the Snanish Minister demands, under the instructions of hot gov ern mens, inms our nverosaens saau invua narr toe Spanish Consul, who fled from New Orleans during the Cuban excitement in that city; that be be brought back ia an American naval vessel that ear government aai ate his consulate Sag raised on board the vessel, and that his etTecta, and the effects of other Spanish subjects, destroyed by the mob be restored. In the event of oar government refusing to make this apology, Sen or Calderon de la Barea, the Spanish Minister at Washington, is instructed by his government to demand his passports. We learn that Mr. Webster refuses to make the required apology in such a shape.'1 - Ths Earn IUilboi- akd its PsaencravTh i company have, within the last few days, removed from their temporary offices, ia Wall street, to new ones erected oa their premises, at the loot of Dean street, apposite their pier. : ' - i The pier, which extends six btmaVed feet into the river, is rented from the Corporation. The premises erected ia Wast street, facing the pier, are very extensive, and form' one block, extending from Duane street to Reade. On the corner of Reade and West street is the company' emigrant office, the control of, which they retain in their own bands. They make no contracts with emigrant aganta or runners, but deal individually with the emigrant In this, they wisely depart from Jhe. practice in other railway companies, and protect the emigrant from much of the imposition to which they are liable in dealing with intermediate parties. . , . , The emigrant cara are also under the special care of proper officers of the company, who are required to pay them their undivided attention. . This branch of their business has only been opened a few weeks, yet the traffic is already very l&rg e. A great portion of the premises will be re-let, as they are far greater than the wants of the company. The suite of offices is very spacious, and comprises to alarm, so it bad nothing to altars. ' The glitter of wealth had no aurpriaa for spirits that dwelt among the sublimity of nature; the gilded roofs of palaeea could not dazzle souls that companioned with the jrlo-rkms hosts of heaven. They were sacred and peculiar men; snrstsry was within sad about them, aad ail the images with which their speeches were filled, as-tanned a aolemm character. The drama of the Worid, and the course of Time presented in theur visions, strike on with terror, and we bear, as through the solemn arches of tombs, the waitings 01 oaovioa ana B. C KEMP, AUCTION Aaraoaase. NOTICE. :i: 'afTataathto ' ': said irimkecanr Cabinet -V. Faumitaure, :" r... i "--rM " i n i n r f lsaann-1-"- i COOK NOTICES. , r t D. Allta dte Cv, FlBUSH THB WBX LOs WanvasMT. IXGCTDS Of THB rLOWKSn, AatWafrVVFaarW Ths " Crrr or MAHCHssrEB." At a little past eight o'clock on Thursday, the Liverpool and Philadelphia I rvmrv mttnwfmwneA for earrrinflr on th hiuinesfl of th Steamship Company's new screw steamship City of company within itself, including a printing office lor 9 be regarded his matrons as of divine ori- THCKEDaT AXD FRIDAY KKXT, Roc. tab aad Ma, A Si nm mgAm the groans of Nineveh, and we see the desolation of I At mslarz Bafl hi the MOASWAY CASBfOl awasertr lbs lyre ana siaon. from many points of view, these prophets of Israel appear as the sublimest of men. The supreme Being I J " n iin mil, i ' was ever present with then, they saw nan in tae son- I tna wade and - r- - smaiSj ta h amnsl at light, they beard him in the tempest, he frowned I riiri nfriiTt a innitial rmSin niiiia am iu Mti as above thera in the echpse, his positions were lormea I saaotky. snaatr and style by snr aabae snlenu amid the clouds, and tha bow at ms gooaness ana I embraoaerrrr artkferfsharaand at7 tmmi la ths Wt promise was across ine oeine. wu wan nasocuueu not only with nature, but m the mina oi we xieorew i uma fcrtheeky carton trade, and ar at as man, with nis national history ana nis aaiiy me. in all thinrs. God waa bia authority and guide, bis refoge and redeemer. The faith in a direct and peculiar relation to God characterized his social institutions end life. To borrow an analogy from matter and apply It to things spiritual, I would say he bad altitude more than amplitude and reverence more than sympathy. The lecturer here referred to the isolated position of the Jews among the surrounding nations and said, that it waa unjust to accuse them of exclusiveness be-nanao thev did not eonunimrle with them. The fie- . ... . . r V .1 - r Drew, it is true, rjeiievea nunseu wwmt cuunen - . - - Itanrinsnnt mtWi Tksi ta kudd sotw-fceawtrfnl wttan saw waaai - k UM ssws and tke looer-tn as eooetr ao I, . m u Ul.. kh kikahxihtr aa anJaauiariuWsiiisiiaaa a a acsznt aa- laililssw at ata rmviH tsianr styles anS finish, aad of me vstt best enaBqr af ' and mslwrisl and ban of the bwiest and Ssst aaawwaaatanf or1 wihfnnal fBroltsra sssted in ihi sanai af s stlj i thateaabtfcMDd salheebs. latlortbar K. C KEXT. A PUUfO - It OsTm ww. IV. " rhMLCsHifuY TH1 lWHAjn!! OFyAtTa ( ) V Ttie (irr ami M-vV. rf A-Vf KAYtiLAL nHTIVS rVwstsV - - ST A SLLBS. Pmrn SI hi. e fceat snd svtnr4s4es Sew4flsw I itwv: eUnai "The Faravite asslish Anuttial.r a p. ptjtjiam saidswslavaesv oVw vaanw aessarb i try ar eunmwrlri a- a aod afa waaass si i all sLOrTDO & PARIS STXIsES I jJdnCtf JVrMtaAtfa? Oaisjsfa. CBATATM. LAvD TTRa, tiMiarTa, aATasa, iimuwitT. faittat -dhw snwT, ltsaasas parAAsuHj. acsjrwArnTita, --, r- mssfjauunar. av . - C. XX. HATCH fc co JT. 97 l"f laram mtrt, FAIX ASWlTsrrVT or ths m 00M FOE cm avrrn. tsvajx. rsV-kAA.HCH WnkmLmtlMXST. snaml aaa MM tAII TSS miSJAAVWAY, I TVHTV YORtr ty ra'T'T'T - - - " mm v a ass afar- SILKS !SILIvl8X: LATEST IMMITlTltllll - nOWElf dk ncilAMEE, fAn.SAPACILXAe ' IX QC4RT nOTTtES, rrrmrs nrr aan. itn nrt Tr K. C KEMP. Ascnnawar. FORTES AT AIJCTIOIT. 119 Bi Manchester, Captain Campbell, arrived on the Mersey, having left Philadelphia at noon on the 9th in St. Hex speed on some days rose to a high rate, notwithstanding the prevalence of opposing headwinds. On the 18th inst, and four following days, the distance run was respectively 451, 866, 255, 284, and 245 miles. Altogether the psssage is most creditable to the powers of the vessel, and the skill and vigilance of her commander, having been made under adverse circum stances in 14 days 8 hours, mean time. Fibs at Williamsbtogh. A large fire occurred last evening at Williamsburg, about 11 o'clock, at the foot of South Seventh street, by which some ten or twelve buildings were destroyed, among the rest the large mansion-house formerly owned by the Bank of England. The loss of property must have been considerable, ss it wss the largest fire which has taken place there in some time. THE ELKLTIOm Nsw Yokk. Official returns hare been received from some dozen or more counties, but aa they furnish no key whatever to the final result we will not burden our columns with them to-day. We doubt if the fate of the State Ticket will be known before Saturday, and all the conjectures in which our co temporaries indulge, are utterly idle. MassaCBCSEtts. In this state there has been no election of Governor, but as the political complexion of the legislature, by which the Governor will be made, is coalition, either Boutwell or Palfrey will be the man. Eighteen coalition Senators have also been chosen to eleven whig and elevt i vacancies. The latter will be filled np by the House, which stood yesterday, 163 whig, 143 coalition, and 132 no choice. But the telegraph of to-day shews that the coalitionists are likely to get most of these vacancies. This will be a signal defeat of the whigs, in every respect.' As we are going to press we are informed of the death of Dr. Granville Sharpe Pattison, professor of Anatomy in the University of New York. He was in the 60th year of his age. We have no opportunity today of speaking of his brilliant professional career, both in London and in this country, aa it deserves. JOlt C. BPEftCUt AXD HKXRY 8. RAADALL. Only three days preceding the late election, Mr. John C Spencer addressed a letter to George Wood, Esq., in relation to the candidates selected by the Vnioa Safety Committee. In this letter, Mr. Spencer toads the following assertions respecting Mr. Randall, the democratic candidate for Secretary of State : ' " Henry 8. Randall is aa abolitionist of the most decided character ; little, if any, short of his neighbor aad vrieod. Uerrit Smith." ' " It it be desirable to Introduce into the office of Superintendent of Conunoa School, which ia incident to that of ae-eratary, a maa who will delight to scatter broadcast trrrooghotit the school libraries, the worst effusions of tae radical press, and ths outpouring of abolitionist iaiiaticiem, then Kendall ia that man. No one in this legion, entertain a doubt of hie being, ia the nomenclature of the day, a thorough barnburner, free aoiler, ad eboliUooist, a able as he is willingto inculcate his aantinaeata." , . . Ia the controversy growing out of ths acquisition of territory from Mexico, Mr. Randall waa decidedly againat ths extension of slavery to the free territory tba acquired. Ia this particular, his sentiments hsr-avosnss with those of ninety-nine out of every hun dred voters ia the state of New York. This ws pre-. Mime will lot be questioned, even by Mr. Spencer. Ia regard to the question of slavery in the states, - Ala. Randall soasiden that the com promise of the constitution prohibit nay interference with the quea-tioa, and be is not disposed to violate the constitution in this or in any other particular. Ia this particular - also bia aaaUmeata harmoniss with those of ninety- aiaa ant of very bandred democrats in this country. J He is not, therefore, "In the nomenclature of the day," an " aboii tioowt, aor bad Mr. Spencer any decent exouae lorebancterixing him as such. y rh WJ which Mr. Tyler's Secretary has been pleased to taks with the name of a prominent candidate of the democratic party, JustifUs us in directing . attention to a passage la his own political his tory, which serves to throw some light upon his mo- y tivea hi assailing Mr. Randall, and the depth and sin-" trity of hi newly born sympathy for the institution ofslsvery. In 1B20, when ths aauntry waa agitated with ,, Uie. Missouri controversy, and when the Union Almanac makers gave notice of "squall about tbeae daya, Mr. Spaweer was a leading member of the Assembly from Ontario. A resolution waa in- A truduced, instructing oar senators ia Congress to pro-- bibit slavery in the state of Missouri. This resolution waa opposed by Gsa. Root, and supported by John C. tfpencer, . ... .,-'..,, N In his speech, Mr. Bpeneer, contended that Con- tm gnas had a right to pruaibit.the admission of slavery into aay aew stale, and quoted John Jsy, Rufus King, "a m rthoritY. Heasid; - - So long aa Congress permits a single slave to be bald ia bondage in the country west of the Miaais- rasppi, so lens dues it most effectually repeal the laws against the importation of slaves. - rjir, a caricature ba been sib:bited ta England, representing an American "holding a scroll In one hand, containing the wnrde of aur Dectaratiaw r lsidwDesMlwiiea. alfmea "are born free and equal; while the other hand is em- missrania leniala Blare. Who Foretsn Items. Prepared fcr the Evening Post An interesting incident occurred at the Mayor's re sidence at Southampton, on the arrival of the Hungarians. Two caskets of jewels belonging to Madame-Kossuth had disappeared during the insurrectionary war in Hungary, and were given up as lost It seemed, however, that somehow or other they had been recovered by Madame Pulzsky, who bad the gratification of restoring them to their right owner. The jewels, it is said, are worth from 3,000 to 4,000. The awards of the juries of the Great Exhibition meet with a great many protests, which are published in the London papers, and serve aa advertisements. Lord Londonderry has written a letter to his tenants in Ireland, which has the genuine aristocratic smack about it Here it is : 14 Tower or Gabbon, October 13. " Understanding that there is to be a Tenant-league meeting st Newtbwnards, I hereby make known to the tenant-farmers on my estate, that those who think proper to attend, or take part in such meeting, shall never receive rrom me nereaiter the tenant-right always hitherto enjoyed and granted to them by my ancestors and myself. Van Lohdoxderrt." There is soon to be a grand Bloomer ball at Hanover Square Rooms, in London. The tickets are put at the highest price. ! Mrs. Fanny Kemble was thrown from her horse at Brighton. The shock was great, but she courageously gave the reading announced for that evening. A book and print-seller at Pesth has been arrested and sentenced to eight days' imprisonment for hav ing in his possession portraits of revolutionary personages. Mr. Joseph Paxton, Mr. William Cobitt, and Mr. Charles Fox have been severally presented to the Queen by Viscount Palmerston, and bad the honor of knighthood conferred upon them by her Majesty. ' It is announced that the Duchess d'Angouleme died st Frobsdorf, on the 19th, the anniversary of the execution of her mother Marie Antoinette. Dr. Ugle is appointed to succeed Dr. KUdd, as Regius Professor of Medicine, at Oxford. Herman Melville's new book, " the Whale," now in press of the Harper's, is well received in England. A new " Star Spangled Banner" has made its appearance on the Thames. On the field of the flag are five stars, for the five Australasian colonies New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Van Die- man's Land, and Western Australia. Dickins's new book is in press, and Thackeray's almost ready. This holds out a hope of some good reading for the winter. . During the five months of the Great Exhibition the following provisions were consumed in the refreshment courts: 24,536 quartern loaves, 113 tons of meat, 19 tons of hams, 80 tons of potatoes, 16 tons of salt, 28,828 lbs. of pound cakes, 20,415 lbs. of Savoy cakes, 2,897 lbs. of ItoJiens, 83,722 biscuits, 811,731 Bath buna, 450,607 plain buns, 84,070 Banbury cakes, 57,528 penny loaves, 7,617 French loaves, 86,950 threepenny pound cakes, 9,181 lbs. of coffee, 8,733 lbs of chocolate, 1,046 gallons of pickles, 17,257 quarts of milk, 14,047 quarts of cream, 180 tons of ice, and 586,617 bottles of Messrs. Schweppe & Co. 'a soda water, lemonade, and ginger beer. The unusual height to which the Nile has risen this year bas caused a great deal of damage in the country, and some of the next year's crops will suffer considerably from it. In some places the embankments have given way, and whole Tillages have been destroyed by the flood. Macculloch gives the names of the twelve firms who still practically enjoy the monopoly of supplying the metropolis with malt liquor. They are, Barclay k Co, Uanbury A Co, Whitbread A Co, Reid A Co, Meux A Co, Combe A Co, Calvert A Co., Hoare A Co., Elliot A Co, Charrington A Co, Taylor A Co, and Courage A Co. "The names of every one of these firms," says a correspondent of the Morning Chronir elf, "is synonymous with extreme wealth. More over, it is well known that their Co. s comprise a number of other individuals, spending princely fortunes in the highest ranks of society. Our most spirited owners of race-horses, our most popular masters of fox-bounds, our lavish game-preservers, our most accomplished picture collectors, may all be recognized in the above list." The United States have obtained permission from Piedmont to place a naval depot at La Spexia. A telegraphic congress assembled at Vienna a few weeks ago, to draw up measures for facilitating telegraphic communications between European conn-tries. It proposes to establish a union between dif ferent states; to have translators employed, so ss to transmit all despatches without delay; to have a uniform tariff; to pay their receipts into a common fund, and to divide them afterwards between the states, in proportion to the length of their telegraphic lines, Ac The new arrangements, are, it is said, to come into operation on the lat of January next ; and, if France shall accede to them, it will be possible to send a dispatch in a very few minutes from Trieste to Calais or Osteud. A document is in preparation containing a detailed account of the value of each exhibitor's goods sent in to the World's Fair. The greatest English and the greatest French goldsmith have already sent in their wtwo, tn tormer being nearly 190,000, and the latter about 100,000. Daring the whole period of the Exhibition the bad money received amounted to' 90 in silver and a half sovereign ia gold. The half-crowns were the most usual bad corn, and His a noticeable' fact that nearly all the bad money waa taken on the half-crown and five shilling days. Amongst many things which bad escaped previous mspection in the Crystal Palace waa a small glass case containing the stuffed skin of "Tiney cer tainly the smallest full-grown dog in the world, the property of Sir Archibald M Lsuna, who had aent it in A convention of the friends of the Air Line Railroad, (from New Haven to Boston,) is to be held at New Haven to-morrow, at 2 o'clock, p. , in pursuance of votes of the Courts of Common Council of the cities of New Haven and Middle town, and of the Directors of the New York and Boston Railroad Company. The Wothingtm Republic denies the statement of the transfer of the first and second Assistant Postmaster Generals, and says the transfer is only so far as relates to the duties of the contract and appointment offices. The White Mountains, for several days past, have been covered with snow as entirely, to appearance, as in the depths of winter. The protracted continuation of the low stage of water in all the rivers the commerce of which is connected with Louisville, is operating most oppressively upon our business men of all classes. The prospect for a very heavy and profitable business never was better, but for the almost total suspension of navigation of the Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland and Kentucky rivers. A surveying corps composed of Messrs. M. B. Uewson, (chief) O'Uea, Williams, and Hewitt, commenced on Monday, the regular survey of the upper route of the proposed railroad from Nashville to Louisville. The Mayor of Savannah, Ga, has set apart the 27th inst, as a day of Thanksgiving. Governor Cobb, of Georgia, in his message, proclaims the unalterable devotion of Georgia to the compromise adjustments. Some of the Georgia papers protest against the choice of a Senator by the Legislature this session, on the ground that Mr. Berrien's term will not expire until March, and there wi I be no need of a successor till the next session of Congress. Dr. J. M. Wallace, of Philadelphia, died on the 10th, after a brief illness. He was a man of high professional attainments. The Picayune publishes an appeal from Carvajal to the citizens of Matamoros, declaring that he comes as their friend, and urges them to join him in driving out the government forces, who are their real enemies. Judge Conkling opened the term at Buffalo, Nov. 11th, in the United States District Court, and was engaged swearing the witnesses in the case of the late Syracuse riot J. Lawrence, United States District-Attorney, is to conduct the examination. We learn by a dispatch from Detroit, that the teamcr Southerner reports, that while she was at Mackinaw, a fatal affray took place on board the steamer Globe. An altercation arose between the second engineer and a passenger, during; which the engineer Was badly stabbed in the groin. Mr. Robinson, the first engineer, then interfered, when the passenger stabbed him to the heart, killing him instantly. A Providence paper says that Newark is not the only city to which the reproach of the following paragraph from the Newark Mercury will apply : " We were somewhat struck with a remark made by a New Yorker, who witnessed the sad accident at printing the time tables and other papers requisite for the company's purposes a bindery for making its own books a ruling machine, and a ticket manufactory, all of which are made to subserve an economy both of time and money. The freight is conveyed in barges from the pier to Piermont The passengers now are passed exclusively over the New Jersey Central Railroad. In the course of next spring it is proposed to lay a double track for the first ten miles or the road from Piermont, and for one hundred and fifty miles from Elmira, to receive the traffic from many branch roads which here form a junction with the Erie, including one important connection with a coal mine. A double track over these portion of the road win be sufficient for a year or two to come ; but one will be eventually necessary along the whole line as the business of the road increases. The receipts of the road, we understand, are now sufficient to warrant an eight per cent annual dividend, and it will not be very long before the stock will be wholly out of the market for speculators. The quantity of stock in speculative bands wss never so little as at the present moment The payment of the dividend in January, and the continued increase in the earnings of the road, (for the winter months Will show a large increase of freight after the close of navigation,) will place the road on a permanent basis of strength and prosperity. The opening of this road will lead to important revolutions in our internal trade. The character of the freight already indicates the coming change. A few days since one thousand barrels of beef, which had come from Chicago, arrived by the Erie Railroad, and which, but for the existence of this facility, would have gone to St Louis and New Orleans. It is in pork and tobacco that the greatest change will take place. Tobacco has already come forward in large quantities from Kentucky, and when the railroad be. tween Louisville and Covington, and the line of the road between Cleveland and Dunkirk is completed the quantity will be much increased. The course of traffic will then be from Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dunkirk, and thence by Erie Railroad to New York. The heat of a southern climate is in. jurious to both tobacco and pork. The greater cool ness of a more northern route than by the Mississippi, will tend to keep tobacco in better order, while in New York a better market awaits the article. We anticipate that nearly all the crop of Kentucky tobacco, will come by this route eventually. In pork the change will be a total one, as there are so.msny causes operating to induce the slaughtering of hogs in New York, in preference to Cincinnati or Pittsburgh. The live hog can be transported at a small expense, while many parts of it can be made valuable here, which is of no value westward. The fresh portion of the meat fetches only two cents a pound in Cincinnati, while here it ia worth fourteen. There the offal is of no value, here it is not an unimportant item. New York is the be? t market for the disposal of the salted meat, and a great saving of expense is obtained by its coming the northern route to its passing southward to New Orleans, to be re-shipped for New York. All this carrying trade will thus be secured to the western line of railroads. One of the largest species of freight is leather hides upward and leather downward. The line of the Erie Railroad has already become the seat of many new tanneries. Bark is abundant for tanning purposes, and the facilities of conveyance to market have greatly extended the tanning business in that direction. ing under great disadvantages in comparison with himself, be cannot be justly accused of presumption. Yet, strange to sar, although the Hebrew man has been especially accused of this vice, as if the world around him were free from it, he had the presumption of the Brehimen, the arrogance of race of the Greek, or the pride of spirit of the Roman. Such would have been in direct opposition to the Jew's sincere faith, for he did not believe in plurality of Gods and consequently, or rather I should say, logically he could not believe in the inequality of race. The social and political condition of the Jews during the middle ages, wss next adverted to. To their great faculty for the rapid accumulation of wealth, the lecturer ascribed the strong prejudices which ex isted airainst them and which excluded them from all avocations. They were forced, therefore, to become money lenders, and as the bad no security for the money they loaned, they demanded a usurious rate of interest proportioned to ine nu mcurreo. Aiuiougn the prejudices which prevailed against them, shut them off from communion with the rest of mankind. pecuniary necessities of the barons, forced them to apply for loans from the outcast race. Each suspected the other, and the respective qualities of both took their worst forms ; the power of the baron became tyranny and the intelligence of the Jew canning. When the "baron could not cheat the Jew he did the next best thinjr he choked bim. The lecturer concluded by speaking of the great vitality of the Jews, as instanced by their outliving the prejudices and persecutions to which they had been subjected fur centuries, and said this alone was sufficient evidence of the existence of great qualities in tueir character. Dispersed over every part of the world, the Jews had yet preserved the distinctive features of their race, and while nothing remained of the Egyptians, with whom they had spoken face to face, but the pyramids and ruined cities, they atill remained the same in cliaracter, aa they were thousands of years ago, when they were known as one of the nations of the earth the history of the world is their biography. Mi'rdbr. The injuries of Mr. Basil Blair, who wss stabbed about four or five days ago opposite No. 250 Rivington street, by two Germans named Stedkenris-tcr and Schoffer, have terminated fatally. Tub Pictl'u Sale. Mr. Leeds bas postponed the sale of the Napoleon Gallery until to-morrow, at the request of many persons unable to attend yesterday. See advertisement it. c. WHX SELL AT AUCtlOK. TO PAY CASH ADTA5C18, ON I HUMS DA T NEXT, NO 7. ltUA. at I staccx. At the larze hal In the Broadway Oastno, Ohrnerty ta Chasm MaseasO Eft) Broadway, betneeu Sprtn and Prhie ami KIUUT Superior Rosewood Pianofortes WOHTH PROM TURKS TO MX Ul'XD&EO DOLLARS KAOiL of eaccBeat too and nan, trass car makers of good lepourtien, aad which ar t " 1 frr worthy of In auentkm of these ss want of mod ktstraaMHaas ther are si warranted hy the e&nkai the saastsswtam sold st srtrate sale. May besxaaoedoa thesvrntocaf aale. Purchasers wWiinc to send thesr Piano sot of lha cay. can have tbem boxed and shipped la lood ordar, at a nnwislin chaire- BlS St HENRY R LEEDS, Aactiooeer. Al'CrtO ftOTHK. CSV At UM particular request of a number of senthraea who wished to attend the sale of U great NAPOLEON GALLERY," who could act do so In cnoseqnenee of the fu slot one of oar sol valued catena, w have acceded to thew nqasst, snd postponed the sale unta TO-MORROW. Thndar. UUO at 11 o'clock, at the Academy of Dcsura, No. 3, Broadwar. opoo-wle Bond itreet. when UV whole collection wifl then se disposed of wtthoat anr reserve whatever. all TUX DRAWCTO ROOM SCRAP BOOK, POR tan. st nacaav. la. si I wa InwUr-aui banaaua naravta ea stesl V Ybe trade wjnwtira wtth Um ebor wsrk an Woeral tsrssa. MSA OOWDK CLARK r STIAKSPtAU YALXS, wan D-BwavBtianasasW. Ylssiuninlsnrlss. COSTS SrW DRAW1NO CARDS, fx an trraaA sertea POYNA1T8 HOME CYCLOP JUU OP RIOORAPUY. Ivat BUT txnssw cloch,as, ruTNAjra uomk cyclop jtoia op uyeratcri atd PINE ARTS. lvnUlaraalAtaeeloUfcSX alj 11 114 nroo4wT ll York. THE VICAR OP WAXEPTELD. Talnable Standard Work, Suitable for Ilolidar PreweaU. JOHN TALUS A CO, 9 Mat street. Sew York, and tandna, Have readv. TUX BEST AND CHEAPEST ATLAS ITER PCBUSHED. TALLBft IWPBSllL. POUO CUVISIttSTl BamoS. Tkt. rLi.rmtATTj atlas. Atn wonrR Hun-oar or kl ATTAACTfVF. THN IVU, s axwUk BW as- WIVFtI MKBCWANT IM saw sa. Ia swears! IicsvM an a hAwwsi Dreos ft Ilk a. nrai an n www icnwT A TO sfrwT MAffOTPI ant rx sf rwrw lW.iwtn saw bus ants Paxnrs ev af ns cskMtxt. aw s-aii I w Uar krat Cat? and Town TiwAa Awa, nek PiM.iM.fc hfta MawkiH -noil an iiua uns ml stars I slim aoas, Ac. Ac a at law vwrj uiui cxiLKor 1 amnrrsa. - u inssiss. . ' snniwn. e . . mm mm SOT-wnr ai i a. c w mi iTV 1 bwsaCawkswismil SW rmZ' of Pia. ' 'iwolalMr aww rw-r 4 r-t m l swauswa fe at ss ta wmw ' 1 r'aiijri mm. rmmm i mmwmm Um mmnymTtm ImZL" " "" " ' aw aw ": mtmt :'wm um-m fi i. m an wina. it M i i' -I -. t I ta- ml a a mm sarrw m awJKjnrns as in si a srjo J'J oiwjs wat mjm-. m as taarTaw w a awer V V" wlwa" V mn.m L-TZmTZi va errux rr arTfcrtm luiiaaasr. ISawn A. a y ,mm' j a1"1- t" Sir 713 si sC a!Hi-"rt"-a"' lasTii'sl aw I ir mr noma waw ssMaa was Him I was Sa s4 sfcTaBssTvamaToassaaMa, wZZTaMMrn af ta r 'ia. wtar p if i 4 wat rWUdnWjl 'itiSs " m1Jf bs wiaSk7JaWS ww m. Skis a'taSo IttwsstJ iiiiw ' t tr s iswsa. IU i Mian i taw s and Un iMn I in I aa was 11 "I wasi mw I is naslhss i m I s swa sssiasaiw. y-j-"w 1 ar iwajwrsfsSw aware, WRJ V W mJ mmmA ! I I mm H mm A. B. S V WS. a s WKX-ICH. fUmMkX ITALIA AXD BTCIAM silk. .of.rD ru.TC i a ous, OrTTJl PtHl atlJt TYtFTO w wnwa TH It PALL Ta . fw1"! as "" ' mrum 1 1 lbs MsVliMl KK HO"; ,FvlaA an ts ATABeAO TAK.1KIY nod IATA.M sjaajs lirl um mass rawsyasjrtijesaaa. THB InxnirhraL Usrnl E-laed hy R. MovninHsv M Na si .1 - 11... mt cIm h.h ' ' mr The ssapa are drawn and enarave an lasal I satin, from In Hrwiati Oovernrnent an alnar anlliinsm sosm-s, sa-etudins aD new boondartaa, swmw. aa sa af rarlwava of wnicb aeomnu ba'e brcn riusw si LnaWi ss Ih isms af STSna to pma The Mlastrauaos ar aeaaiauiir cwara'w r WallawAla&njnoCate-frtmiwicinsl drawax bv.wj Wrar. Marcnaal, Ac, wak ovmpurs kcier Bra. somHv b.irul and Bit trtrrK mrrsnwi . THE ATioAl. UtUASI ur rnu-wwtii I Itl'MXEf OTIt B8. Osbat rALS PAnrraraa Hssar H. Lsam A Co. continue their sale of tire tnperb On Paintings belonRins to De Baron Arastetn. of Vienna, known a the Napoleon Gallery. TO-MORROW (Thursdav), November 13th, at 11 o'clock, at the Academr of Design S3 Broad war. Ws worm ciu. the attention of our reader to an adver-rJsrment m another eolnmn of a splentlid and mseniftcent ssle of cabinet and household furniture, to lie made by Jons I. Via-DswATia A Co. at the spacious and well known warerooms of Mr. A. lloux. Not. 479 and 481 Broadway on Thursday and Friday this week, at 10H oxlock each day. The sale win comprise parlor and drawing room Sette In Rosewood and Ormolu, manntsetured in Paris, splendid carved Antique furniture, Vienx Bofa Consoles, Ai-morii A Kfctcil, Bots-de-lits, paDisaodre, Ac The most part of the furniture has been selected by P. Ronx of Paris, Crr his brother ta New York. The entbwstock for utility, besutv of design and elaborate workmanship, earmot be surpassed. We wouM recommend an early inspection of the furniture as It is now on exhibition with catalogues TsL. jaae 8alb or Vxi-cirts Ijuskwold Paonorrr. Na IS Babcuv fntsET. The attention of the public Is Invited to the mletobemade n-Hosaow. 13th instant, at 13 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exehanie, by W'n. 1L PaAVKLni, tVw A Co. of the valuable Leasehold Property, known as Na IS Barclay street, Uie resWlenm of the Pastors of 8t Petars Church. The lease is from Trinity Church. Also, will be sold immediately after the above, the Organ of St Peter's Church. cole by order of the new Trustee of St Peter' Church. the denot on Wednesdav. Havino- innnired if the in jured boy would be taken to the Hospital, and being answered we have no such edifice, be exclaimed "What! Forty Churches and no Hospital ! Oh most Christian Newark !" CITY LYTELLIGEXCE. Amusements this Afternoon and Evening. BsoiDWAV 7 The Irish Attorney How to Pay the Rent-Naval Engagement Bkouuham's IU The Money Market La Bayadere Kossuth's Kum. Niblo'8 Harms 7 H Diana The Wreck Bed Gnome and White Warrior. Itaua.i Orssa, Astor Place IX Norms. Barsum's i and 7X Performances and Mtiseum. lTt'YvrAST Instttlttb S A. M. to lo p. h. Leutse's Picture. Nat. Acaiiuk or Dssioa i a. m. to 10 r. . Uealey's Picture m, c Loved xb laahtag s tmml humbled at the arc. in-,-t PP"y tiuau as a-u, - Ths r,entlrman from Lelaware sar that the adop- rather late for the Exhibition. Itwas not ttree inehes '- tfam nf tt s 1)qi lT)-" ot. Independence in our stats Jong, and might have served at a lspdog for the eonsiiuiiton, renders slavery in this stale anconatitu- Queen of LillirxrL . - - j- tkomJ.. I conieud. that the first act of oiw nation, be- ... ! - ins, tlieaolemn reoornition of the liberty and equality - - .1 ; at all wien, aad that tbaxifbia of Ufa, liberty, and the Tirx Emexn. Tba Krprmt of this rBonunc says: piirsmt or baptunea were anaiienaoie. u was sua cor-1 Sairiebody has to account for the creation, ciroula c-r ston of our eonfederacy, and is flies avU eonttitm- I tioa, and publication of those raise statements rewpect-U hi and all lam. r... . . ' I koasnth, by which aba Americas public mind lias 'aus Deaa uiierssta OI our com mow nrauu, n tb rigbte of this snd all ths states north of the Poto- 1 mac, uupsnuualy reqrtir tbat Codfrea should! xer-a-o-euw its power lb aiunt of our institutions, and tba rn,KIP'est'owwmen4 turbid the axtenston af - Avwry.'-.. - - "! , Thus Mr. Bpeneer In 1?30, kti Yenturato '" assert that neither Gerrtt Smith aor any of bis neiglv " or bitaif, Who, tt to taken fop granted, ars ia- been so prejudiced and whoem that sornebodv ia. MW IUUI ItHII m " . v. -.ujtimuii.1I J ' . IXTRODCCTION Or THS HcSGABlAXS TO THS MaTOR. At one o'clock to-day, all the Hungarians who arrived in the Mississippi, with the exception of the females, were introduced to the Mayor, and some of the city officers in the Governor's Room of the City HalL After the introduction had taken place, Colonel Ber-xenczey, a noble looking Hungarian, addressed the Mayor as follows: " May God bless all of you on these happy shores. We thank you for your kindness towards us, and in doing so we can only express our sorrow that our beloved chief is not with us at this moment It was his dearest wish to come with us across the crreat water that divides, not only the continents, but Freedom and Despotism, and to land in this free country from the Irigate Mississippi, wmcn you naa so generously sent to take us from our prison in Asia. But circ urns tan cas, over which he had no control, obliged him to deviate from his direct reute to this country, tiespeci ana love tor nis iameriaua prompted him to stop on his way to refute the imfamoua assertion that bad been made, that his release from confinement was not liberation, but a deportation from Asia, as well ss to deny snd put down the slanders that bad been circulated respecting Hungary, our beloved country. But trentlemen, in a few davs he will be himself here, and the many reasons of his temporary visit in England, he will make known in his own person, and now we are happy that we are in this free land, and it is our duty to return our heartfelt thanks for your generosity a duty which we can only imperfectly perform, for there are no words to express truly the sentiments and feelings of men on mingling with freemen after such long and tedious imprisonment Gentlemen.we were with you but a short time when our hearts which had been frozen under despotism, became warmed acain by the sun of your freedom. Because ws desired to enjoy the rights of men in our beloved Hungary, we are now exiles from it far from our brave countrymen, our wives and children. But thank God, if we are in a strange land, we have been received with a noble and generous hospitality. You all know the cause of our wanderings from onr country; you know of the French revolution of the German uprising; you know that Rome banished the Pope from her, and 'that Hungary contended successfully against Austria Austria, which called in the aid of Russia to overthrow us. She endeavored to cause divisions among the Hungarians; but, with all that, we were successful. But, you may ask, why are we now here, after our victories? .Let me tell you. 1 be Russians came into our country, and it was overrun with Cossacks. None of the nations interfered. A peace was made and our brave countrymen and leaders, whom the Emperor of Austria at one time de clared as his dearest and most faithful subjects, were butchered and hung, and our defenceless women were swrarsred and imprisoned. Our cause was lost and with blasted hopes and broken hearts we left our dear country and are now here in your noble, free, and hoenitabla land. Instead of hospitality in Asia we found confinement a long and tedious confinement The conviction that we were butied alive forced itself noon our minds. Bat your government interfered for us, and sent the Mississippi to take us from our place of confinement, anrl now we are here to lav our cause before you. The time is approaching when your hearts will declare for the liberties of the people of Europe. imrirui th track of tout Aral hint ship has van ished from Europe, but her memory, and that of your coun try, will be cherished there among its oppressed people "m-mmr thai won will newer danv the craves and tombs of yc-nr forefathers, nor fail to help Si Sclavea of Europe and regard them as your brothers. We call upon you not to hesitate to take that position which God has pointed out as your destiny. The sneaker enncloded bv acain e rprtrring bis gratitude fur the hospitality of our city. During the delivery of bis resnarka, we saw the eye of many of the Hungarians fin with tears, when be alluded ta Hnasvw. .'.When he ocoded, the Mayor extended the freedom 0 the city to lumaelf and bis coaatrynsen, ia a tew brier and appropriate remarks.. Lbctcbb bt Rbv. Hki bt Oilks. The lecture room of Clinton Hall waa ' crowded last night to hear tba lecture of the Rev. Mr. Giles, on " The Hebrew Man, or the Man of Faith." - The lecturer commenced by speaking of the eonv plete isolation of the Jews amidst the surpeuuding nations and the prevalence of idolatry, at first tba timid wonder of mea ignorant of she laws and operar woaoef nature, and inisginiws; aw aywotfbr ewery ope noon, and then embodying their own Ideas in forms of mperhriman strength and superhuman beauty. Amid this -wilderness of heathenism. Israel stood alone, the sole believer in a pure theism. The maintenance of the Jewish rites, the variety of its ceremonial obligations, all tended to preserve the idea of Jehovah in the Hebrew mind, and for the same purpose was he isolated irom tne neigUDonng idolatrous nations. To bim was given those laws and commands which we profess to obey, and thus the ancient Hebrew man was the recipient of divine truth, and the modern Ui brew its living witness. The Jews were the leaders of the great central idea of God ; His presence was the life of their individual trust; Jehovah was the sun of their national glory, and the immediate kingship of the Deity waa thetr consolation and tear. The religious and political existence of the Hebrew man was the same; his theism was the spirit of his law, and his law was the voice of his theism. " Thus saith the Lord," was its announcement, its sanction, and its authority. The real Hebrew man in all his changes, never loses the conviction of the direct presence of God. Most of the early nations can trace their history up to some divine beginning and guardianship, but the obscure and mythical fancies in which their belief is shadowed, is very dill'crcnt from the clear and positive distinctness of the Hebrew faith. We mark the career of a primitive people by three eras tbat of tribe, nation, and renewal, or the effort for renewal. Each of these eras start from a character that is its vital head : the era of the tribe, from the patriarch ; the nation, from the legislature ; and the renewal, or the struggle for renewal, from the prophet I say struggle for renewal, for it is generally a struggle that cloaes in defeat The patriarch stands in rude but near relation to nature and to man. The lecturer here described the oreanixer and his labors. and spoke of the scattered materials being brought together and moulded into forms of strength and symmetry. Then appear, said he, in continuation, the pro phets, the orators, poets and patriots, the singers of brave aoogs that often have no answers in brave deeds. These men seek their power in the part for the soke of the future; tbey invoke it with the most thrilling ardor, with the most persuasive necremancy ; but if it is at all obedient to their incantations, it is in the sorrowful semblance and doleful prognostications. They appeal with all the force and authority of history to their countrymen ; they cry aloud and spare not ; they exhort, they threaten by memories tliat are as life, by duties that are more than life, and by evils worse than death. They may charm the imagination, but they seldom chamre the heart : they may please the ear, but they do not move the will ; they may flatter the pride of ancestry or of tradition, but they rouse no sense of Dysrsmcs who wish to And a really etfirackms and valuable remedy can rely upon the statements in favor of the Oxygenated Bitters, We clip the Mlowtng from the I'tmAea BUult: HsiLTti ro Disrarncs. Of all the wonderful discoveries In the science of medicine, the remedy for dypepsia and kindred srxirpiamaA, Imwwn a Oxyswated Dai an. b liksly to arov the great oat tiliwstng to aofferma hrjmamty. When Bis tiumslisu JOIM KECr, THB GREAT SAUK OF THB RKKOWXEO JABTtS LIBRARY. EIGHTH EVENING'S 8 ALE. Wednesday. Uth. Nor. at 7 o'clock, enibraoss X1ISCELLA N ROUS Lots 1AM (page 11 oa catajogoe) HIDM Jonrnalsof Coavsntions Lots 1,131) to x,l THE PATHERS OP THE CHURCH LuttlUu tsUSCt The choicest and most valuable collection bn Ankorica, CONCILCA LotslXO to U3A ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY Lot XJ236 to lAlA NINTH EVENING'S BALE. Thursday, 13th Nov. at 7 o'clock, connncnemg oa Bag 136 of the catalocoe. embrace MISCELLANEOUS RELIGIOUS WORKS Lots XttJ to iitP. ECCLE31A8TICAL HlrJTORT OatiaattX-LoU 1,164 to AUa THEOLOGY Lots 1551 to 1718. TENTH EVENING'S BALE. Friday. 14th Nov. at 7 o'clock (page U7 oa calslogiis) M ISC.XLAN EOUS-Lots X.73U to 17491 THEOLOGY ( jHlitiUM 17J0 to 19-t POLEMICAL WORKS Inducing works on IA JtmuiU. JiuuunitU, dfci LoU ItW to iota THE BOOK CASKS of the J arris library wtB be sold this evening. ELEVENTH AND LAST EVENING PALE. PalurrUy. Nov. 15th, at 7 o'clock, r. -. comprises: M IriCE LLAN EOUS Lots lOtl page 178 on catalogue) to POLEMICS. (ronanued)-Lot 1075V to 1137. 8ERMONB, DISCOURSES, Atv--4 Uuvt proportion. aftXtm Senmm wens tormtrlt th ftroptrtw 0 BISHOP JARVIS, and bear hw autograph. LoUll3mU7A ADDENDA Lots 137 to 12S. embracing A ttdubon' great work 00 Birds ; Bramtt Antfcraniea Brya' Dictionary; CUmhU LornUruft Liber Ver satis, Colitut Peerage; Grot" AjitiquHiea llouliraken and I'Mn'l Heads; UogtlrOCt Works Muree Prancals Nanuleoa ; Muses Royal Nspoleuo. QUITS of do do ; NAPOLEON o Great Work on Egypt l'hikiaophical Translation 18 vols, 4to,ealt Ac Ac LYMAN A RAWDON. C'uccessors to James E. Couley, and Cooky A KeeseJ nU4t 377 and 77V Broadway. JOHN KEKSK. Auctioneer. THE UREAT HALK OP THE GRAND COLLECTION OP PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVING.) OP THE LATE REV. 8, P. JARVIS, D. D. LX. D embracing the entire Gallery of the late ANCIENT ARCHHIPHOP OP TARAXTO. in the Kingdom of Naples, wS bs continued from day to day. commencing at 11 o'clock, a. a. The representation as to authenticity of the Master. Ac Is perfectly reliable, and comes direct from Dr. J arris and the Archbuhop. This great sale wffl be fooowed by SEVERAL INVOICES of exceedingly rich and rare PAINTINGS and ENGRAVINGS, mostly workaof oasAT Msarr st cauauuTSB Asras. A supplementary catalogue ha been prepared, emtrrarkig about ONE HUNDRED AND POUTY CHOICE PAINTINGS. The whole are now on PREE EXHIBITION, at oar extenarr Picture Gallery, over the book sales room. N. a The aale will b continued tram day to day, uU both catalogues ars aoU. LYMAN A RAWDON, ST7 and 17 Broadway. ntlttnp ear. of Whits stint Ma-s-f. pnauittw by Jmhrvtaaav av swreoasad ky graaa at taw I JniTiymm. hi the reach of the great body af the rlitsens of America, la I ares wail, aw. Prlat-e. Crta. Rtcif rtr srrwijw r i.tonai a wo CAarnrrJticB. ISII S Tl SX BlXAU'lMi 8liaor-kvtemar--ssly BW the esun rtcfc Past aa Plrara Mi AMisatwiaa sf Aanw M bawls. THB DrTAKTsll.1T. WTTH AwTLE BOrVrf FOR TW1 m aulas. siw A tn anm a-wiir -tries sf Assmeaa Lang Hrwav Also, ths newer snd ncAr4-sl ssassrns sf Beraea Lang rpright Or. Ja answtev or Cottage .PUnt Forfcm. SS BMADWIT. rei-i. As lAw aaawtrwf Brwatswes n -wi twag --' J Www na taaawew kwkw. ZTjmUZ swTsw a l wO mmmm rA.,vM kMl-flr K-nrwl SlB mAmmm SfirW 1 ML JOM.-H VIEWS OP HEAT MANelllSS AND CA.TLES Of KXTTLAND. "I B-ou(l ISrmH Ao-rrsrman SI eta, aatidtuakrly bound in mnrnrro ckah. gill Sack aaw fsda THE VWUK OP WILUAM HlNAKTH-ls aamssof En-sravinga wuh desei Iptions sivl comment on Ihetr moral srw-rlrnry. By the Rev. Mta Truster. To whfc are adn-4 Anee-dntesofthe Aatbor and hw Works, hr J. H.warUi a4 J Nkbow. Being a complete emtsai or mm ectenrsuw rauncr. In two voia tonrtsomciy swabs, gdl wages highly Baamed 8LK?KpiRArrs op iLLnrnuors personages OP GREAT BltlTAiN Original eduioa. supsrw ongrarmga In 10 roK hsndsotuHr bramd. rut arisra s SXMl prt rut. SCKIPTUKK lll.TIKY Pllkl YoLTIl. Bf UW k-Ntor of Srann's Psmily Devotmia la four iMraaoaa, handwawriy bound in red moroneo, eiutb, gilt, at l Bi cetita com saimg over one hundred and thirty hosaiitul bstaa aALgraruiga. mt the SMS Trs-Ar. AS eras baasrls, Pisssas Palss Tkskw. RibaMIU. Art Unions The original plates cost (run engraring. Ererr snburrilier to spy one of ths uwleiwiewtawrad works, win, with every eompletr copy, be enUtlrw to chrarw of one of the two following beautiful Steel Engravings, gratsi: iTtls Da-wrwr EafiB VBB Caiaw; fmes theunginal painung. by Danv ctto Krmsrelri. Ora iAtura Beasiso nts Causa; trssa the wv..-l Mm,ih. k, 1( . fTu-L- .11 rimnn. T1IK LIFE OP OUR LORD AND SAVBirR JESUS CIIKlfT B-ing a errrrect and general hsatrry of tlurtilunnus Kteener, from his bwth to l,a a--non into heaven. tfrcOv-T A pnWrTJTW AarrrwVWT. On .!!! to Of KyTSJ Tartam PKst twaeayt and ngaratt as a watilrs an stywa A Asa Cap tU-hona, Bra RMnoa pUta rwtas aad TaScaa Ata-kwrss, fancy Tiirasss I tit ms ST 11 1 is Tkas Soarav Asv Staff I Cabala. PLATW BLACK AND CrMXiurO ALPACAS, RtTtT PTO-nd sais: Plaas. IraasAwa. Isn-raats sAt Irarorad Prssi tl MiasBaylssSiis: Hrmganan Ortb: Pwwre an Plata ht Ivf mjrur aa Tatst is-; raua nuan mm BTsat varsay at n ITaierr THIS DEPtirTsrENT. TO WHICH SPttTIAL ATTTWrKrW Is mvuarl. bas beea wssrB twarrr-n. bow sn awns aa ea and iwihiaff awry stewstee rwork sf Enslrsk and mill, rma tns ssnst matwals JCoIiau rUno Terlem AT THE WAXXBOOMS Off ' IIALaLETT, datii v co. atf PrMlAt. rt,BV AIA has 1 .11 twattw pwtw prsw -1 arsaa all In Ig aw WM of Sks Praas as raw L tw mmmjmr-m war-aB- a " avrt A SUII. . aw mmt -x Of U I I I -S Splendid Furaltare. or CablstsH Maaaslavetwrrf .VaVKtMaaa. bast Cltg aad Itrlsnaf Trans. aLAr-a. AND GERMAN LACES. PASCT with the Lives of the Holy Evantretsas and Apnatk-a 7 HI Illir-uateH with Arty leaauful rUrel r.oi By the Rev. John KleetwooiL D 11 Han.kmHy brnnd. giB f-tsm pnes jful meea r nstaTmtr. THB PK IHLK-S Bt-'ltllTUlUi (iAIJ.l.KY or ENORA- VINGrl HraaufiiSy exreuv-d on wxHl-By the ma emuxt Brkinh snd Poreign arura ; f-rK-l-d from ths tluera'a tlv Ns-timial. the DuJwirn. the NaS-wu, the GrrwTenur. snd other m EiHt-sna, mcttslrag thoss of Pans, 1-t. ISi-rshaia-t, Msflriil. Htmta. AintSrrvlteJa. asi sthar crura w the eonlAnrnt. Urinm Si I hi In .A. hnrl wtatIt bound. AnH e-lBTes, scouss- pantnt by Extracts from the Bilae, with Butes dssortpure of ths particular tisasigrsai ecnwt uhwjwacm. mww tireelej's Lcttrn. GLANCES AT EUROPE, Ins SerVts of Letten from Great Britain, Prance, Italy. Wt atsiaiid, Ac, during to Sttauner of ML mewiding Notes of ths Great Eivhibitkav, or WorVr Pair. Bv Hiavsu GaSalaT. Cloth. Price SL The fetors are too west known and SDvraciated as aaad smr DAN MARBLE. H sUceotricaiom. Cran-ratit-a, Aneotot-w, Ac. Drawiacs by I Craome. CtasbyOrc. PrtrwiA Pul of hw and truae. A graa buok to drirs sway the otoe arrm mess erus umra ,i COMPANION TO THE REVERIES OP A BACHELOL-r The Rrrrart of an OU Mast, with 41 isVatfratioaa, Priechaa, DEWITT A DAVENPORT. PtihHshsr. eSB TrSrane BoAnruta, Wawaw at u rles !CRiBNrBv-pmu!qira this day. Ilnral Ilomoa I Or Elutcbes of Ilotwes suaed ts Aaiericaa Country Laa, With over 7 Original Plana. Deatgna Ac. By GaavAsa Wssaura. 1 Tot Om Pries tut ENGLISH. rsrtcH Beta Ac. uf every AVbite Garl. LTNENS. LAWNTl CAMBRICS, MULLS. OIPJCKS. STTtrpwa Pram and Pamtwl Bwiss tMs-la, t- Mm awa lsasB Cass bncaAa. m GUTPt. Mrm AND WOMEWW WHITE. BI-ACrt AND tXHtrT BMttkrrmsthewya-sst sassir nraw taw rat w asal aawstts saantsty I A lass. Wml AND NARROW VELVETS. BOMB ATTN ES, CAN-wms IWka Paras Irs . WetwA WsswiU. nana Vasnngs, Grarw Karrwa, Itaaaa and Aawsroaa I- rrJk. Crawea imrmy. ta-ssea'sCvaraaa Dr-ws Tl naawnga nil rWaa raiSS an rrswch 1r g- a u m. r-.j 1 n n a- a- Alsea, A URGE AJWOvrrMTTNT OP RICH GOODS POR rvrw InglweaseasfrartrsslwJanrAt strd rateatwjroa awKDAW SilLs! Silks!! Silk!!! CHEAPER THAN EVES. AND CHEAPU THAN AT ANT OTHER ESTABLISHMENT. HITCHCOCK . LEADBCATEB, SIT BR4DWAT. ewewrr af LNARB tfT, 441 Brava4waf, TO , Ha. 37 FIERCUR STREET, vatitwadasmB 1 lilt. , T THK V APUataarta ssay ho I . al 1 an 1 1 gar asaartssss Cwittstge F waf tpffjrjf wVfsCtgT assTsaal tav-BwTXByars irmitatrv IlaUr aaattt S prists naltrasw Iavl-eait Blt lt-sstSw.B, -. ttta rtwrfrT U , tytlstra Oar M iaaAA AAMkLL .. sTIOFFJCT,. Cava Fitter avaiel auElsVt4sWcr CAS CBAJ-DaUaXS, PBTNDAlTTS, BIAfXTTJ, aw. JIsm. 11 11 PrlDirej ftL, VaBls Ira is tsra Saw m B sashir aa st iwaw't '! Prnaa ew sstravas- nn I I as tba Lssss tsaaav bssaawa waa b saws at Na 7 Auu wrro. staosvn KEW AND BKAUTTPUL DRESS tKWDfl, ELEUANT PLAID AND BKIrCADK NULS AT 41 BEST IRISH POPUN AT J BP ACT1PVL DELAINES AT Is: HANDSOME CAUCOCa. PAST aiLORS. AT a I aAtdrrrxratlwMradaf dww. as Mi iswaaCnt a a at CASHMEKR AND WORSTED PLAIDS, I C. I is 11 1 aa D I CatT o.r." Jnlrsj Juicnrvcnfi "Watche. VWrHK aTTB-g-wirtavaUt, aart I Tt rramweneM with ths Brst font tread a Don the spot c fw the bow-e: details tire ram-iiterauoiM that sla-ald weigh ra srlerting the Arte; gives models of hoikimgt diff-ving m riarar lee, ertent and eeat; snows now to unwow ir owmtb Um tan-rounding srenery : wwrnes bow beastnfully to wana sn ventitste: awnrts tn srlecung fumutire, and the b-uubmisMs . rf.Vfl. rJ niilii maA onuuiM-nt used In rvATvw-rActAUAT and Anth- Itia. and ranrmites wtth Snsl Drertintl direeuma, givrug awful limits ss to drawing up written dtsa iptrona, sperthraliuns 1 BXACnrVL BOHEMIAN DRATVES POR Bt Lang sad Seaars Staswla al kAwAs: PAEJSUN CLOAKS AND OPERA CLOSE. Ac. II. aLA kwaw stack af rtch aad straws UstBONS, AT LESS THAN HALP PRICE, rai 1 wa is s are ms aw saw amrmmm 1 r ri - I I 1 ll rssilllll H I II , 1 r irtm tl' tMVarw, the r-at-sr guat BWy are was aw ta as -t tae at--res B ascaas ts Vew are. aaw tb-aw sslts any ether bi r sstswewy ars sswrreas sa Sara Bssoh bas law sir kw. at hal rapifw aa svs aaea, aw m s astSSrs ky a CWlAiAII ws-rrl7 Ow mmT. Aj L atMass k-r, w. B.-Q 1 ib in. ItaaA-g, aalW a.-' ratHTa. ss-asaa A,ui. aa Mvar Bara waaa awasay m 1 t. lorry k-w. Ir?ant Curfain Ulalrriali, eral eases efchwat- MATE RIALS. TABLE COAAA, an. Webav PRENCU CURTAIN with corrr-aamsi which are cansed hy ssdigawloa and dersag. meat of tbs stomach, ths tctmdatlon of uinumeisbk) Itisissia somrwal arid snasinary. the rhsuseeiy af a sate and 1 lest rAry mast bsitwMnwd wtth wisisl sawawat satf acalrdtog te U11 stsswaaat of Ptot At A. Haras, aad sa- nerteooe rally smtsltn the behef that the pwcansr eaywmelrn property of the compound is better adapted to the core of dyspepsia aad general (tebi'ity than any medicine ever discovered. We sincerely advise aD who are In need of a good medicine to tst rr. tw-Th enure earge af tba shtp rSAasara, w bs sol at aoe-mtm. TO-MORROW, at HALP PAST TWO eJUcck, at the yards Tat and Bs) Wasar at. . arwwtsSl Bboadwav Tire.iTss. Three excellent snd entertaining pieces the Irinh Attorney. How to Pay the Rent, ami Natal EnsKrruentA form tlie sltiartions st this theatie for lo-night Mr. Collirra, the favorite lrh Conieitian, will appear m two of his celebrated characters, Fierce O'llara and Morgan Uattier. Tbs MrsTSrnnrs aT-.Ar,ra The snnerb French itrarna. with this title, tt rr-Ming a profound aenatioo, we see. at Bamura's Uluseum, It is Dcculiarly a prodirctitin of a stirriDg and hvety character, and alMHinils in Incidents nf the most alworiiing nature, II will be iierformeil both this afternoon and this evening. VI s advire everybody wt to mist so ruuidaome a chance of being mrormed, as well ss tmnH. snd so chastely at the sams nWAUient, Amnrnrei ! Who desires a beautlfal sort nf clothing, lashron-shle. wen made, sad durahle, at rtmow hnl prie I Booth A P' KTea. wholesale and retail dothlers. Na T7 Court-lsndt stn-ct, N. Y scU Frock snd Dress CosU. col from the finest riotb, and made in the roost nr-erior style of taste and tawnon. nil fit! irr vnt bekiw llroadway cnslom prices. Their tnek k m ,,r th Wrrart. as well as the best selertetl snd maiie ami their ramwhtng aer-artrneni enmprises every article necea-.try to a gentleman's wardrobe, and from up. In the Union, 1 evnrr artirk, iimm the sale of a single garment to an entire stock, they offer supe rior s-ivantsges 10 any oiner eMaousiiiimi.. Gentlemanly and aroomplnhed aeitaiits are always in rea-dlrie-a to wait on our customers, who we are happy to M all time. ulO MWAS Baidmitar fust mini aid Cmuro, sv TL T. Iwrr. Also, GRAY HAIIt RESTOKED to its original entor, without the use ofdye, awl prerenteil from falUng oi by tire use of lita ceMrra-ti 4 Wshpene. Wholesale and retail, at Uie office. Nn.37 Cliam-beni street. New York. Retailed at the Principal Dniggwi;', Psncy. and ladles' and Gentleiuens Purniiihing Stores throughout tlie cities and oounuy iu tlis United Stales, nil law PiBfrr Pmrnrrii DAOrnsarrirsa Stranger to the city should not tail of visiting the cerebrated Kstablishnient of Mr. H. Basnr, a mno QII7 ltni,4v.. mhmrm mi, be seen rWrne of the mor perft'Ct specimens of the Dagoerrian Art to be round in Uie conntry. The collection of portraits of eminent mea is alone vsnhy of s vtAit. 1 and Aalldote. - Aiwa, Hiinistas HaBosaav, At THREE atsrsettat the fee of Oowverneurst The Cuba mshogany par brig Abda, cotnprisliig uoineiirss mrAtrMkas. Term 4 tnonlh, approved endorsed Botes all ltnp PELLS A CO. 1'iioposls foh nuts. C!tfi nilfl NOKTT1KIIV I VOl t RATI, BONDS, The Northern v sUSroad Oompany offer tor nit asHl-0,000 of thetr 7 per cent mortgage bonda, with rntsrirst coupon annexed. They are ta sums of IUM each payable August the 1st. im. wtth Interest at 1 per cent semtannnally oa 1st af February, and lit of Aagoat, parable at the Mechanics' Bank la thtsetty, where the principal is saw payabts. snd sre sm sd by a mort gage to Sriepberd Knapp, Esa, of New York, la trust tor the tore! hosiers They are iawted tmderactsof the Ingistature of Indiana, aa-thcrrsing their issue and the mortgage as above, to seems ths same. The amount of bonds to be thus issued under ths taorV gsge, r limited to One Milion of doaarr, sJO0n0 of which have been disposed of. snd utXtVIO sre now ofTrred for sale. The morUcSKe eoren the whole road of ths -ttt hi Indiana, snd is Uie first and only Sen thereon. This embraces the entire Ho from it vxrariertioa st the state Ime of Michigan with ths Michigan rVrohtern Road (uf which tt is sn extrnuon) through Elthart. Mishawaka, South Bend, and Laporte, to the bottpfiary of ITfirKsa about 100 miles: skns to and from Michigan dty of sbout miles, eonseetmg wtth the same, and a tin of 10 miles from EBthart to Ooabeii mitllig ts al about 136 miles of road. Atjwt in-rvgR-a k nr worst. vis. .a vkt ,r a routlifui t rtrwtAsn ta lnwsa af HaHh. and trresnpe'l in th Braptay of Nathaniel Cheerer, M. It, with an AUtroomaAon, by aev. treorg at vutwtsv, ta sa s vut. L&ns - Two bratben ehns uniting tn Mrrnerlsls of a third, srnwiH a volume of great mtrre-t." IN. T. Olsas I sr. Han reccnltr purrrAhea, LIKIT. LYSUas NAVAL UPK-THE MIDSHIPMAN. UKKHCSTB CAP1 Arr, OP THE OLD ThT ' 1 CampaisTrA. Cnaracter. ann rrwVln a 11 i si wab vhe srrst morwa trail its niwa tns rarwaa wars ss taw awa at we Komao arpuoOc 1 rut. taut. tAViAStTtAtea. a. !fw mrdlctil Wsrk. Ietare no Materia Mr-bra and Tlrrtspeuue. d.i'H ta the CtniLmmm tmt P, i tmnm and Aufrroa af tbs I HfT-T-t, af the ftateaf New tors, Hy Job It Itw-a, M. D tats PKflewor wf statena Merfra and Mliral JurtnitrAilenoa. Pi iperi tor ta press by his friend. C R, Gumao. L ft, raa.w of irtatrtna. r in the Ujacaxol ttuwruuw aixl r-,r-r -o -I T. jasras-bsbedbr S h. A W. W IHJU.SM Pwaflstrcat, AW tm.-i lmtsrSwL Or-gorr on Ersi-urs frrara AViool by Dr. BxiUcy. Till on Me SATIN DE LAINE, StLa. AND WOOL BROCA TELLE, WORSTED DAMASK. WORSTED AND CtrTTON DAMASK. Al of ths tstast ft il I so ridtest TABLE AND PtAKU COVERS, af ass I CLOTH TABI OUVEJCS. wwrk PTUirrEB AXD MMtKximt WOOL TABLE AND PIANO COVER. - TKCNCH PTRNTTVRJE CAUCO, SBj FLOOR OIL CLOT IIS. mJLUilOi HO IT, . Xw. 79 aBrl T JoBtBi street, M AUT ACTLKAXA ITJUTT AB BtXTJIi rtr Oil ' Aa, CstrrisiATe Oil ClasUra, Tavklei oil ClwUaa, V ALBA DIPMTntsI 4M aOIr LB SI AT CTMlw riavatr Otl Clartara, Table aa Farmltare Oil Clwrtissv,. Awa. TS Aa tlMt arrtAjLKT. BrrWiwS aassw stsawa A PRENCU PC EMTCU PRINTS, far Ba aad Csasr Cww- Mist's Vrkrta'i tier stirs Bmswy. M I Cos's Cucopamcsi to Mebcme t'aoa, Pemter s rVrntbrrn Me-itcal Kepnrts. Tot a Carnnrban on lrwlnralion of rrronr. rarmrtAons of New Y -rk ata-irmy of Meitirin rmiths UperstTve Iturgery. Carwenters Cr-mrraAiTs Hi 1 niteil rsatm l-narmararpreia, Woo A Bache's Iraawnsary. th EdHion. Hse-sOI's Mrnwna: Anatoaiy. Aetna ob Lrtnary aad trrneralirs Organs f rws oa do. do, da, Mslgaieuet Operstiv eurgary. lAttrwnt l retnra, Wnstit era lAmtn (na OCT Uarfs Law aad Practice af Vendor sad Pas thaw ri wf Read Estaaa. A Cuenpeniirsis of the Law and Prartie of Teartgra Best Pwr chaser of Rsal Estate, by J. Henry Dart, af UtsDssBi laa tUrrhasr at Law. Wkh Notes and References t Sinsrir Dv-arAons. by Thowvss W. Wstermao, fliiaisnli at Law. llsL wd pages to sa Tlie dewrrn and snnpe of this work, sasv bs gsAhwrwd bwss ths antuors aratsca. it is to supply the truot ask a inn ws snd c-mnsctral ttststnent af the pltaiut law and seartaw affsrv mg vawilwi snd pttrrnasers of real ssltli.and ths BeartAtionrr with a Bonaile book of reference ss ths iwotxa. and ths bws ssiponant sraurantres an ths WAbjerc Il a an eiraaut. hrarorvi. and kind iiwlu.ra af an of the mors mtti'isnng.aod at thetaAns time avMstrstruse branch- sf tlis law. The arrratseraetAt ts very flue, and the several M TVHEFT RED AND PLAIN COLOR. AwAsAa MtalM TABLE CUVKRINO. as rrary sarirty. LACE AND MCSLBN CCRTAINS, ssass vary " si si For sals at very nslsrtal sswws as asset the sawsa. DOKL.118 V XIXO.f, lap Z9 IXaawaa at. l)RIi (.OODS. LC DOL'TILLIEK IIROTIIERS rtspisefwSy atva the I MEKINOES, Ac. tress Aa Mpsrcas gras Rrwass, lu 4a s4a4 Mas, 11 do swtal Asiwed do, do Tare ratm. It OS Bhart V Pmmfi. S3 Oo nsm-w mtrtimr a?Tk at Ma MkJUNOka A11 CAeslMKttAS at tl par rare, A Urge lot of RIBBONS ttiiflt AJ CANAL rTarrr. arj Patent DOOR SPUIACS. TNttt KsrtrMva AWTTwrxj sr sT H ra t-Sws mtnmrmt s ear t-ar-Sc SW awa aw aa tartar Bas tares ISki-w Ciigasw aa tae tv-a-tt. Kjrrw. Ta rra.g i af s Ska m4 SS 1 ash Orcrcoals &z Ilrary Clothing, I'or atfrn anti Hoym 1 1 Vet r. Ws sww bars at avors a ilili i I af MENS AKD BOTr CLOTH IN U. k. ii. i.nA?r, W 9XM BHStlrittl. Vt tark. IVafchr, -lewrelry, and fcilTcr Ware MiasTK Wry) A M TB rt Bm Aaa w Aea-rara. at sar-ar ara, rrB BwS a i rally at ikal wa Ow i si ill s wl mwtaaw t tart a-A Barar w tWsarwrs as i iitwi Fisirsa aas L trnrnw as rrhniiMi I, mmA II mt Was Tarn Ora so hlaet- Lr-s-ah Pa-aaS aw-ars aaw res, taavw aw SSSU-rahw aHASASr. txarl tsiglrak ft a arawwaw ta ha-ara, 1 1 Baaj, mmr as rsw ratas bras aad lewa- Ui s w. l i a i i nis. aaa as as rrnMAwrtrt asa saa I i Bss, Sas, asal si aSstr waarwes at avaaws tow sr swa saaetrda (nT Das. s Wssrswa Ba asssl I it St ke-V-r. at BW w-wta. arasang feaw. ! m aaaara. putnta ant very rreariy statwl and aatlr-rarta-nly srmsrATted by autnrrrilafa. Titers ts Inurawver. a very eopaou BMex, aaa rt7. rut table of ermtrnu snd tslseof very recently tawaial from ths uunatm pnat H ous auarrrlant iterraaoos wairh ran not be found in any other treatwe. It has proSled by the tabors af al Ha prwdittarors in ths neat of meuAry, and nss slated (as we thai k sttceeaaf uliy) at a mean between Baau mat of statement est tlie one hand and prtaixity oa lias wuW. H lisla rn m l-ugtew on Veaadnrs a aull saw. hss been ear-fully ptuwa at t head freas cumbrous snd aarteaa trtad : whae all that W nrwarts Sa-i.po-Befmently. of no practical atilfty. has been drupped. The twvaent Arnertran crmwderaHy antarged from tb Prlg- b-ia e-inaim. The wotra whwa are estrrmsty tuin iist, eantasi very fuS atataoos fnaa the Eogiu-h s wcB ss Asterrrmo cases. ami from sil Lias works wtuch oould throw light ea ths suloects sreated. t ot. s Bsitjonys Supniits Cosrt Iti-porta New Tort Tot St awl Al Eiunr-h Outoc-ry R-y-rta. prAlrhthed snttra, wtth Arnerican Naea by E. Parh ranttlL t'-aa. J.nSpurBklacd sod as aaaa by BAN Uji GOCLD A CO. uAl np N 144 Nssss street laving been i Mrs. Jerrla's Vol n Jy.-The Bai Hech!agh! Heeh! Hech-tchism! A cough and a sneeie. Who desire such a vie pa may am As these. A sort of n mixture of spray shower and thornier. That seems tn rend lungs, nose and larynx asunalcr. WouM you endure it? Of enntse matlien core it If foa want a rpecinc. just go and secure it Donl mKe your frienils nervous, lint mt Mrs Jt'kVlS. Hej candy a always of inhnite service. It ertirpates llronchilis. Ami then it so sweet si That mstcud of s med'eine tt really a treat sv Ita ntie is immense. For who min-lA the erpenae. When A CWUUCANBE BANlbUED POR TWENTT-PIVB CKNTS. 5oM wholcaal. and retatt, by Mra W. JERVIS, S7 BROADWAY, corner White street, and sold by dnigitMa i gerjeranr. Agent.a noiaroadway; 10 Aator nouse; -um nam sbanie at deirradation ; and sometimes, instead of ex- I tonu Brooklyn, and by dyogiiat genersnv T..nIa at i f t n rw tra at atrs a rvui naf rlin rwaar i ViasV tl TOT" ore to for MRA JLRV Iff Culd Cvirdy. D?. citing to action against danger, they draw down but wratii and nun upon tnemseives. it is towaraa ine close of sn oration that the sweetest music is beard : it I Uantd Hair Dve. is the still small voice, not after but before the wind, I Bachelor's Improved Liquid Hah- Dye win positively color the earthauake and the fire a melody that precedes the hair, eyebrow. or whiskers the moment it atfd, wnthout the tempest, and M eulogy that presages grief ; . dirge t that is heard before its time, and IS, bj anticipation, a I America. aiM is entirely free from unpleasant odor. It trvrri to ns that aa aoual iiriiraB.bilitv rest spon those who eonld pnulish and rirculat soch falsehood npoa booUact autboritj than that taf aAKTTrioua latter-writer. ' It faj traits as wroeg to give correncT to a gsaustaiatt a to svtaA it ia tbs first place. It was tatrtiaalArivfrorj-s to about jg AaarVAA. or THB AVlUA.-Th U. a AUAaSteUD- ahip Abama,CapUin Lodlow, arrived at her wharf last ereninK, irom hnvanoah, Ga, with a good freight i i ana twroty-mree pnstnnen, a hat of whose tnuies may hat tnnnd in snntW erJom, ; " "we are indebted tn the parser of the Alabama tot pepar. ia adviaace ttf the biaO. . r ., v lamentation a requiem. And 80 it is too with eloquence. The very finest eloquence that ever burst from the human heart, has been spoken among the wrecks of nations. The most im passioned, tne most sublime utterance of human speech, the most intense expression of the national heart, is impersonated in some supreme man, when ne is no more man a voice in tne wilderness ; the most glorious thoughts are kindled in his brain, when there sre none to glow in his heart ; and when he has spoken so that the very stars most give attention, ana uie very stones listen, ne tuts out spoken to his own ruin and his enemies' triumph. Here von nave the historr ot the two greatest orators the world has ever seen Demosthenes and Cicero both of whom spoke in the midst of the impending ruin ot tneir respective nation, lea, so it is. At one moment, such a man, with such a voice, is the spirit and lile of his country. We trace bim in the Jewish, aa in other nations ; but in the Jewish the direct sgency of God in every translation is held with unbroken faith. Thus the PatTtarch hears the voice of divine command, and in obedience to it, goes forth to find a new people ; the legislator hears Crod's word in tne burning bu&b, and at his command emancipates his brethren Irom the bondage of Egypt; from the mutts tnat ooscure tne Moontot bimu. be brines down the precepts of Jehovah to the waiting multitude, and amidst the lightnings and thunder, receives the sanc- aiutt ot nia mission. lint when luxury and nride brought destruction upon Israel, men arose who spoke as with the Spirit of trod, and with a terrible eoergy, that spoke in ex- rjorrauon, in utreatenmg, ana in araent warning. They were among the people; they were of them, and in weir neatrts ana sympathies toey loved tnem ; out they had also a life which the people did not share, nor know. They had a life in the depths of thought, which those who lived in the neah and in the senses oould not tmderstand, and when they spoke, their words pneeeding from the depth of their inner life. were unintelligible to the people. ' These were austere men ; they were not clad with the raiment nor distingiuahed by the grace of royal courts; they were not high in office, nor recognised with soatximg acclimations; they were better ac quainted with the inside of poor men s h erases, than with the splendor of regal psiacea, and bad noted the places where oppression and wrong had left Uie black ened ruins of their barntng. Tbey spoke no soft words; they did not tell tba Jrecrpi Abeyware tba meat enlightened oa tne twee ot tne rtn, dot uieir rarer that they were the mottt wise and jrrjt. fie, but tbey spoke in words of sorrow and of anger, lor ttaey were uaxowful for tba woes of the people, and still more sorrowful for their vices vicea which, they did ao4 cover with fklse iiaruew. . .. - . ' Death bad Berthing; to alarta tbana, for how eonld tbey fear the power of man who- were always coo-sctous of the presence of God. God' they were ; his tneseage waa in their hearts, it was their burden and Uaeir aong. Life and deavth were alike to them, when tibam BiAAAAStry was tjunpieA Im effects upeo the hair is merely to change the oolorfrom red or grey, to s beautiful and permanent black or brown. Country fcnry storekeeper shstud call and examine that article, as tt known andaaked (or in every city of the Lntoa. .It -applied (a wrre guanntee that it is ss representedj ior sold wVesale and retail st BATCHJS1-OR-S WIO FACTOHY, Na .4 Wtairrfel, near Brasdway. Agent in Londoa T. N. Corwat, Sv PAOnahlly, near St James1 Church. Mew Invented Wat. Ttatrbelor's new Invented Wigs snd Scalps, made of the finer natural curl hair, snd adapted in the most eaay manner to the pecubar style of each irAdinduaL They ars entirely a newuiven-tioo. doing away with all Uie vexsoous difficulties so long experienced by those who wear wigs. .The pubtie are inviu-d to In-pect a large and wen selected fekjContaitung every variety of sia and color; they will then bs suae to Judge of the ffVM. BATCTTELOR, Inventor and only manauActarer, 4 (old No. a) Wail Rret. near Broad war. Dr. Blake a Arocnarle Bitter. rjr At Trrjs ssAiiog or ths vsab. when the weather b so di-wigeahle. nd col. is, with their attendant eriK ars so pre-Tusru. it is Important to have in reamneas a medicine that wa 1 cheek them on their first appearance. Many a valuable life rniyht have been saved If timely attention d beenpaid to the frr rvmptoms of these disorjerx Ns mednpe - better cjk-o-l&ted lor the pnrpose thn Dr. Blake's Animalae Batera While they eradicate disease from the system, they tin Mrengthea stk! rnrigorate the vxstution, an.i enable the Parent to rr-ar more eflectiiAilv in future all morbid mflueirces. Tbey are alike valuable m biAlioos awl other disorders srismg rrom a derange-ment of the d,Ar organs Nm ra151,; raroecuhle rarraons who have prored tlierwues of tlus meui-raTcib.renon apoja &i2t- al h. For asJe, wbolerale and rrui st 11 IT?0.,"rw1 and by DrugxuM generaiiy throoghout the United State. Sirarsairl Btrrrrs. a Kurt, far The prvrrietor. no riot claim that tha aiaaJicans is wuaTtble, hareler tath eertificate of tnerchsnts snd iritrsmen. wtj taiowBrnthefptrnfa been remarkably itAu.uful, ana are worm a taa- tratt. , Wo, satshy A.& A DtswavMS Pulton aaawt; A. UcVvvB .Coas,aiidC H. Ring. Wi Broadway, sad by m ikruggwta nnr ilustsilsml the United States snd Canada, t Pwwlrtw Vt eAAs, rTtrettolrAgist. and sathashers, IM Kasaaas tfraaat m CBmtOB HsA. OfltoS of tb Water-Cttr. aad Ivr-nokspcal tanah riunawm! Prsnsnslions aaynd aaa The company hold also by lease snd contract, s En from the western botinuary of Indiana to Clucago, of about 13 milre, liy an existing contract between that Company and ths 111-rhigan Boothern Company, a continuous Bn of rauroads I rVirmnl from the head of Lake Erie, at Monros snd Tusr-lo, m a very direct coarse through IVjrithern Michigan and Northern Indiana to ChicsAgoa distano from Moon of Ml BiBes, aad from Tuleuwof Ml al to bs under on supermleai-Aence snd msnagement, and tot all practical purposes forming onsioiat mtereat At Chicaao this line of Rosd connects with the Chicago and Rock Maud Road, to he extended to ths Mississippi Kmc. at Rock Island. It) mile long, and which Is ander contract Also, with the Chicago and Galena Railroad, about M maea of which is now completed and in use. the entire mas of which, B m expected, will be completed to the Miaaairft River la al next year. Also, with the luntoti Central Railroad, to run from Cairo, at the mouth of the Ohio River, to Chicago. At Toledo, it suites with the great chain of raumads slcrig ths shors of Lake Erie to dereiand. Dunkirk and BtuTaAa This whole south shore Una will probably bs completed in lbs course of the next season, and parts of B wil be opened fcar as the preiaeut year. The whole sne of Roads of this Company is ander contract: ths grading and bridging on mOe ar conrpleted. and the rails laid on SO milea of tt. Tb iron bss been purchased fee ths whole Road from the bcaindary of Michigan to Chicago, and most of it at dclrered on the tine rawly lor use. Th Bead 1 emshed mSes to South Bend, to which point the cars ars now running from Monros sod Tuledo, snd the work of nvymg down ths rails h in sctlrs progress upon tbs rrjstms of the Sne. Th main Bn from the East to Laporte, (somaKsiaVnOwaW operand next month, and th whole road from Lak trie ts ChAeagxa, Asarch next, when Uiajottrney from LAaslsmCh may uailj he made In 8 hoars. The roeani lor ths usisu iiOlon snd wrulimieiAt of th !tortbern Indiana Road ar provided by stock snd bonds. Nearly one mlhon of dollar an snriartbed to thstoci. about agbvMXn of which t taken at Sew Tork and ths Eastern raatf-a, ths mnsioxleT along the Sne of the road. Aa srersgs of in per cent, hss been paid on these suhwi iptiuus, and th residns it ba- tn regularty paid at ths eal of the Oosnpany. Tor proriding Cha rematning means re-mared ta cwssBleaithe work, th Company have Issued thesr Mortgage Ilonda to the anrantof one million of oWlsrs In aa, a shove tsated. prwaeais of most of which ar wanted to pay for k-on naa, machrnery, Ac Th rnortsgs empowers thsTiusttm mens of ra8 either interest or prmcipal to take possemion of the road, with tt eqmpwAenta, and reccirs kB rwrnhrgs, or ts efl lb ams ea (ttw notice, snd sppty the proceeds bn paTrnerrt. That this Road will prov on of great aseiulnaat and profit, w stone he een by rttVi eaee wamsp cgltsrme AnJcottnee-Miiii. In In in f i nlitl Ink hi IhrgTTBt r--i t tT theeVy of New Tork ts ths Missiawppi stiver, aksag tb oata-ern extremity of the tww great Lskss, travwnaac a B doe so of ths meat srodoctlre aaricuAtaral regions ka lbs United States vtsilieaxaBBan si Till MATlOWAi. TEXPIKA.XCB OPTUIhO. Of nansAO or ID Sams raw m wis mm ' - I l. riissa eaS. BasB ta ., , ,,, M a mmm mt Kat WM fiTinf H Burt w ua pri.., ,--. . - tWB-(t I .a- ll t eoiifaiaatlr beeeved tSMayarfira ts bs srhhia ths track sf vrery pwaoa hi want af may km wwater gesns, rwiksiin wsl Bad B ohf I by girmg s a caA, an srssamWig ear Mrk sf i i at DoUwHTOB A BJtAPf. a4 DAWbb FILL JLND WINTER DRY GOODS. I. O. WILSOIV k CO., ex i c vi"rtLji n dt ad ib ecv mmuiiB, W sT 4 1 H Wi star and tnr sale. OAs UOWlrwT MABBPT Aim ra troM I l-md krrre wawtaWi WWara was aw aw s m wtarsi naa aagt sw Bnwsa i lytrs. tr-as I aras ft m mm Br ladara Pars ra AVa rrasra, snBSt aa Irasmaw pwwaaad rrnca (vS gaar keys, B key SSh asakv O-S mom wrras mm I a Saw mmm tmW fkl.lAasasaf ttas l as ism i gsw im lMlovrn AB FrMtnuw MT CBwOS) mteaaaBdaittecSvs. Oar stock wsl mctw a BsB twasrawAaat BAXTOM COTTAGE AND PA KM LIBRARY, vutxw nsar bow aaaav. The Cottage nckepcri Or. raqggeetaons fcr ths Practical Minagtuaw sf Assats Cottage ApisiVasBSdentuV prtocrplea, wtth aa spsmdis af airlss i laiall sinaliT By a oortntry Ctarata Pries SO c To be loitowed by rrthera rorrnang lbs saoM I aaaih ts swisa sf PRACTICAL AND USEFUL BOOKS that ba Bwea soarsd t lbs American pubac lor many rar. p4 CM. HA aTV.M. ItB Ptnroa tsvaajt, K. T. Hew IwkwKe'eaitlf Pnbllahed. I L THE LA DIEM OP THE COVENANT. f dwtm- guaahed rVarttAsh Pernale t riarartera, enrl-rarsng th penu sf I tlx Coretmnt aad tb Pcrsrrtiism By Bas. Jiwt Anih ranw I lnt lxmo. x ci'ixinnt or isjut txra. mt eta aaa Drain Br Achrts Iroane-aica. A ATIBODIS1 or INoECT UPK BesrAod Berioa Insects sf I HOMfatV, WHITB UmOOi, TAAKXC KwTTwW; AAummrwrwsarwwsf BKIHT AD sUXiAtslED MIMXVM : Aetratnssetwtlimsf DKlwa kSMHwa, tfUTTrt, Lt VATt3 bLVaCUAJtA, I ma, kk 1 I al 1 1 Hoytes Baysl faaeat kWlriaDSWr t-EVt IXj t STI IWW. W twrws ttas i Oiarww tor wear csawaw, ta-a aa mmr wstmiw hmv. wroifcw a-aarl serf nI esr assaa tVsd crag piaaa iaa ii as twawA aaa sua vaaskw. a-ertan aalrre m u aswa taraa, am, - Watotras aa aisiBI tl iSisssjs AJwsirBs warranted at aaoy asal taa, sr Sh mmm S Waaoasa.Bwsassllisski nwt tl B akwstsssm aal wsn assart, si mmrM Was t aa Ww asas. pmm. t. tl C A I -LAN. laawvr ml assaa ma rWrkx srhrarasls wtaa. Saa U WaA MsaB. taaaaaaj 1 lail at W aA at rf-tiiK MiKirnr Tnxirt trtl grrwrxs itr M 1-wk. raiiasrw ray Basis r oaa Wl III' T-m iwsaaoa AVILSO. . HL'aVT t CO., ZZTZZ'-Z. .To. 60 and 63 WUUam ulrttt, IMPwRTTJM AXD WHOLEBALB DEALERS IB mitm nm mux rt RAJt, - - . - --- fB Iraaw tABSA, at hsw Trust, Jisal On. hswaac. Bsw ta siTi'slVa Taawwat. pss iaiA. !, San sa h nana Baa sne- wa saw W aawissi w rra-t. aw asawrmc wwa saa vwb kauTKssuaataitttn.t.araa.An TaaOl-la. PA.XT. aw'WAaarty aaa-te LATESM 1 1 SA A i K mi mmr hmm. rawtly witiw I Ba sraMasaslsw ail 'I sraaasal be, waa sw iswi si y. i lnaw sw Aarsey t si ni wwaa led. Tha sri imm a iiiiw sf aa taaw av aa a lias mm-ttruMf si ai I at at ! Wahwa mmmm mt avsawsv m Btwiw sr a aio rllSWtmHawst A EH1SODES OP INFBOB LITE. Third I A TLwaaaanawurkwIthCOLORlSrUTaa. Bmdinae. Tlus work Is oTfrred to ths In the faB srwuraara. that ta on of the most rarauufol rwectmerra of book making ever are from the American mast sa a ,ift Book. w UVaw whs ptae any awiaiaie oa las mtitnwe rasas t a gut. a aa a ua prt -tor. PabOsliamiidmresfcby -..A. mat I R RPXPIELD. Cwoaoa HsA. Uola. Canrsuaera sVaat-ett, Ba lli tiBsalli ImwasMii OIPT BOOKS, POR lit! rewsnwa sr K. WALKER, 114 Pultsa strsetBew Tork. odd rrxLOws opteejnq. itSaf BVisihasnl book ts wow ready. kmisrnTlj Ska aad mxmaa la imtlrmilln styla, Morwcoo, gta. Pnc S3 SO. TBI BAT105AL GUT sVOOK. TratTw-STsStarsof sswBiiatlLj. nnninki tin AND ARB CONST ASTLT RacEsTUta A COMPtXTI PTOCsi OP ArriTrtw fc'BBDaL COM rBMJU.aiO PaXTICK IKUcd. AXD OnULAB CLOTHS, DOCtAUNS AND CASMjIIin LABRADOR. LAMB" WtrOt, AMD WtaTTXaT OOATTJttja. DEVOrtBHIRR AAA? XT. BRAVER. rAWriUrTa. BLAXKETfl, Bam, BosrW. Una mm sCrt. PaVKCT CAJWMEAZH, TRarflNUS aad CsnklBaja Satins, Bs:kues,sw rxjtiMMi.'rGs. ToamuMg wkh a BsB wmearaaswt f AasXaUC aj OOOM CLorrnxo trade. GOODS wsfOatCaai- a and the rrrawlent'a nnnas, wkh partiaa sf Oa rniBlwl, TheayrWofmi Is round at rfeutbera aAUAToad feg tterUti-immmmm-. Wmlcl.mrtm.cem-immZmB-tjnmi. m.1. reamrded ss a Vocal nad, aad I of about equal langth wtth th ltatrAwra lanrMta natl aad traiuismaemajtrTatawpedwraTW,r1,t Pur July do . BArWl Trrhal , -i- al IirtaaWm thatat secwrgy aaturil B of ths tW A aberal essaaakaisB aaoww ts EUWmtnu&m SmS.rroiiDM ctrs FOUEMajr EXPItESS. met. AT ADAaW AfSA, IB WAlaLwT. of rill etau girsi afa jarway rTrii i ai n'l ' rarriag Oeasa, pat aat hA.BvM.-Araorv.KalOS. Waxym St. Thteartkst suViatunjIli IiiB tnanrr vi" '-'''' h --n Try B. fhao tUU. aatB tb Bta day af 2tovwmiw arxt, at t arlack KB riiwaasi may b addresser! ts Wl "PLOW. LANIER A CO ItaaWtwaaraat, r k X. Ol tCHPIKLD. Traasarer f ta OT" Tata Eretataui Iost ta Bllsa ssaecsief aid virinrty.wlB(mdaoiasrtaiia aVrming Post at Mr. Ooorn W. LighM rrjbtwtung Baonaa CaarnenA. Tbs lmty wiB ha aVrwrea ngossttr in skavBsvlry IB BgrJterrapatJarsann. TtwwAwVsawSStaA'tW Bostna I take paid kssai Bsbly wprat asraasaae r kids: aad Has rwwli mt Bas sata f Wnwal w and the partial s marly (vary part af Ma a-arhL la iirfaU Biimn n that fhaa- m 1 1 il w ms a wtaly, sw awa sd aw tngstnl, IntssA Praawa, tsawmaay. Rswsta, I i Iib Dm i k i I Barwayi ssastW BBisrta. amkts, Yssnrst, Le-aara, Oaatw, Bayaka, Tarkey. AAglavri, Trssia, ass a para ta a. Mi I am ia; aad rragTSsoBih far MiliBa, Cap sf Casd -aapa, as fhatst asT Awtaa, asTrat, awaag Kawas. Cflia. Pwskv I sib il st Hew Tmlsad, 'traaa ta as Cattaa1 Ka!a EDWARDS. RAXPORD at CO. Ilataaaaas Blawy emamtrar Ib eeaal aa' lothaf Dsn aili sraei wiB as at taaang ts pay raeea assA rhssata--AR0!(n A CO. hav ksst paa-hcied thesr nmislrailskaas af Pratt aad Orwaaraensal Tim, ghllli But Thill Tr" a-wa - - 1 " ai isniw snd ! "i ' I 1 fill thai half ths swissssl asa sf t f lii ii I in U aad arahos rmarra I ta right Is wttaVbaW the leal psK psjiiis can ska bs wbuhvtdat!to.aCruwrattajet Ts asano aaa aiw bwb m rrritrg every day except theoahratw aarihiBlWimarajdtofta , kmWmliaUmW - - . - - -,,-,,..; w : . - - : : - 6 i fhraslri B-rraOwiS sd! Bifhei ThsC. rthsoS Al Sin TT BtlormaAloo Aa l-alattraa ta fha haaarka. wna aoaAa "r ba maainral ttt ea...iig oa Wuaat.w. Lam-w A Oa or t- laarwurwA, m satnar j vhasa Bsaoa Hi sanaur n'Al t,r. t.i, ni.i ' c. i.n oHPtaXa. llUill KITS, r - - -.. a Asw-IKA, UtKIB. ... . oa.0 of Us JOfT ffrTtTFTia, a 1 i it ri i Fr VBtkauatta ajal IiaTrt). .' THB CXTTED PTATXS BUXL STTA stxiyrp , FB Alt U. I I II. ' i - JAMATB AV WOTTOtf, OssBMsaAWf. W bv IIsvvw, toarAfcag at BwaaAwaaaftsa. Is waal Ba aaajaadisii i a EATVEDAT, r.iaBtgi lrkh, at m r laa f sYarta RarrA. ia i b tawd t as wt th Post Otasa IBwgntwHB OavTULEI IaTISOe-rO?; , aatsaisny HaaJ ir a TIIOTIAS nUlT V CO., BRW TORAT. IJIPOBTERS OF DRY AXD DEAIXXS IX WOOLLE.H, nTR rrmt- ka saws, anal setrr Sw watt trot sf AUTUMN ir lira, eranwseang m i MACKINAW AND Nka.Atil u itkrr. il aaa P-a. Brarera karssya, trafhaa Clans' Haw W Bay aeyssaa faiia (Vaaa BklsrlAX JAX"T, PRirrtCW AWT) CNOI.TWH CT-TrTrlA IX J-K "rv CXOA g INOs mo4 VRrriMM. tida C-r-a t veteraa, B iiib. T tt Imq t i a, Vnrta Baas CM-hmadea MA aaad Arpar.a hars-w. Pmtarm aa rVAb)ria isvrKTH t AIXt KlJ- AMr,rL-. t .ki-rV AiMUtXrra.tAH.lLtN a CLCrTU. taLOVAB, HuHEXT. wa a htrr st-vw ar ivnifiv CAaarxirv Tt XFTX TW tJCM, OaOAVKLNtatV I ELI CWTiAAV AAA BE T a vaaa-sjaa, CLOTULXU IIOVSEm BROOKS UCOTnEIW, ax ii ffaxxar rrBtsTArr. OORXEB op raTtrxxixi rrxzrr, rw toex. BUTBPORRALIA VARIES ABB EATXXBiTa aTTOCK OP KaWDr JtLUDE CLOTHIJW, I saa ratA abb A TEXT IVJU AXB OOwJUT. AAaORIatRlfT OP OTIS COATS. 0T3 AND T0CTH3 CLOTHING, N0T3 OvTk COATS. JadTaLaC. 1.11 POItTUTMMTS. CAnPETWCS, FLOOB Oil. CLOTHS, afce. HmViTn at mLovjmnEnr, rX 4 ia PV.A1U. srnLZT. BPraiaTT ARB XOW ntTktLKt TO KTKIBTT TEXIB Tall Iatar1UBta, r r a PsB and flu i iw i I a i isssd wh .irr t tfTctrTmi. BSttawafXa TtrWTttT. amtawaaajB TBtuatmrVV Xm (NauatAXr CABI Eliasjw, BTW ABB sataw&Ajrp PATTEXXsV rivrr Oil CUt- ladral atssail s Psstwas sss aww i n I f Bp IMWrnT f AAH Praaww. t ss kaV-wa: I Is sa-sry rXyti mt rmU Impftmtimtx. KICn CAl?PETtCS- Z19 Diaalwrmf, wir awrra-t arsaa r: BuT Ai.tAU.trt arW v saw-i, aa m nans ri'-H T tlF" IT new V,Uka bki MvLUsI aas;iMrw ihs mnr, tm I i 1 s 1-ssaS. taa a i a lil Aa. mmm aaa na mil aliracr as BSe wt -ra. Ba Ltli. IT kl' KeT aw hair". OIL CiAJTrta. i s l tl - - t a mrmn aaw a krr aa mt Aw r um m m taw oaa. 1 ti a aw Awa Wl Saw FLOOR Oil CLOTHS. 4 inai '- t Flwar avast TmaU Oil CUlavM, ' I wVAsek. ary PCUE WATEXX. Ptrairras'a "rTat-rr Flltcra, tux tt wall mnr. a T. rtTnF" aa-V ses k ' 1 1 1 aat aa asa a J VtsAaw l ot mi ttas ssraat M Ol r 1 s 1 1 1 isssi ' waA ar 1 1 1 s 11 tr-a in i tav a K vaars art w frt'irva m. Ot WAV tiV A AW.ta 1 BOTLTs - lr.i BT- lmtr aVcvrlKZ Cttttva, aw waaar " I S VWT I .. . tsrsat, v- -" a fvv. . S!f , k m . Tj ' 'r - - - ' I- 1 ' A : t a... "J -1 rl ,

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