The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE T\VO BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Social ' Calendar SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs,. IJoyd stlckmon and Mrs. Murray Smart having F. E O luncheon , afc the Sllckmou house, pn{. ' • • • —^^—»———~— ^ yslra Brackin ; Frank'Chiles Announcement was made Uxlny of the marriage, of Miss. Lyslva This Hand Affords Plenty of Opportunity For Error \ 11V W»I. li. MfKKNNEV Secretary, American Ilrldgc I.cjiguc Todny's hand Includes a sim- pie problem in trump inaunge- mcnt nnd a more clinicull one Brackin to Frank Chiles, of Osce-1 In the handling of a side suit. Ola The wedding was solemnized The dechrcr, who bid perhaps December First, at Ihe home of the Ret W W Albright, pastoi of th'e. First:.Methodist church of Marion, Ark., who performed the ?ing sen Ice. Mr|. Woodrow Fisher, sisler of the bride, was her only attendant, one trick too high, accepts an adverse ovfrcall as ixjlnllng the way to fulfillment of a dlflicult contract. West's Jump to four clubs robbed North and South of a few rounds of bidding, and the op- * A Q 0 7 VQJO 1 4K7B5'! •>• None and 'Mr. Fisher'was ' the brtde- i portunity to exchange exact in- groon)'s best man ' j formation However, North, with The bade, who is the daughter ~ of Mr'.: and Mrs. J. T. Brackln, Is a graduate !of. the. city high school. She Cts connected with the Ritz theater.- ' ' , I'' Mr, Chiles, who is tlic son of Mr..-and Mrs. E. S. Chiles of Os- ceolaj Is HOW emplojcd by Die Southwestern Bell Telephone company at West Memphis Mrs Clnlijs will join him time latci * • * • Miss routine Russell ttcds Chester Rif-pus Miss Pauline Russell, daughter ol Mr. 'and Mrs. H. T. Russell, 513 N. Broadway, became the bride of Chester Riggms of San Diego, Cal, in a'ceremony solemnized last Friday "at Ihecential Christian chinch of the California cltj Miss Russell hadnnado liei home in BlythcMlIe for i number of JKUS and left here n fcw,do\s before the ceiemon> to join, her fiance TKe ring service was psrformcd bj the Rev Dr Lowe, pistor of the church, before a small gathciing of friends. TIJI bride wore a spring ensemble of ares wool and a corsage of pink camellias. She" had .for her only attendant, Mrs, Arthur Powell Turner, and Mi Turner scr\ed the bildegroom as best 'man the ceremony a dliinei served the wedding party at ths Tavern Hnctencu before Mr Higguis and his bride left for Pine Valley, Calif, uhere they have taken i collage nnd engaged horses for a week Upon tlieir return lo Sin Diego Ihey will be a,t home at 2102 Broadway Several posi-nupllal atTain, have teen planned by friends of Mr nlg- £ins to'^elcome his bride to San Mr..R(ggmv «ho formerly liv'ec here for n.brief time, Is confidential ^SfefSfe,.to Captain Ingrahnm Ckimiiiandant of the dcslrojei base at San Diego ' , * * » Has Gucsfs ai Club Mrs \v J Pollard and Mrs W A Affhck were guests of Mis C W Afthck when she had the Thursday -"Luncheon club tills week. •^ ) mixed bouquet of spring foyers was the centeiplece for the V A K 9 7 5 + A «fr A S 7 5 -i Rubber—None vul. South West North Kast IV <l* 5* Pas* 5N.T. Pass 7V Pass Ocninu lend—if- K. ID his splendid trump support, tlic void in clubs, and strength. In b|iidc<i nud dlamotids, decided to force a response by ovcrcalllng in the.same suit, mid when South tid five no trump, North quite imlurnlly, II optimistically jumped lo seven hearts, When South saw the dummy he realized (lint the problem was not so''easy. East probably was void of clubs, too. So, to prevent nn ovcrruif, 'South trumped tin 1 opening lead ol Ihe king of clubs with the queen; ol hearts. East' Today's Contract Problem South is playinu the con- Iract ai Ihrce no trump. Should he play the ace of chilis la the Hist lead of thai suit? A 10 9 8 7 J V 8 0 5 2 « 105 *Q7 * AQJ3 V K Q 7 •! — 4. A 2 All vul. Opener— * 0. Solution In next issue. 19 FRIDAY, MAKCII 10, 193? Bits of News Mostly Personal discarded a small spade. The four of hearts was led from dummy nnd won wllh Ihe ace. West's discard placed four hearts in tlie East hand. South cashed Ihe ace of diamonds and led the jack of spades. New only must the spade llncssc succeed, but West would have to hold three spades Including Hie king nnd 10. West covered wllh, the king and the trick was won In dummy with Ihe nee. The king of diamonds "was cashed nnd n club was discarded. A diamond was returned and rullcd by declarer, and wllen West failed to follow South' could count nil the hands. A. low heart wns ulnycdNlo Ihe Dr. M. O. Usicy, who has been 111 Bomo time, Is now much Improved and is convalescing at his home. Mr. and Mrs, A. Conway left yesterday for a visit In Marshall and St. Louis, Mo, They have gone to Marshall to visit Mr. Conway's mother. Arch Gray, wlio lias been In a hospital at LaSalle, III., for several months while recuiwratlng from a motor accident, Is now able to walk, with the aid of his crutches, and left the hospital this week, Both legs were broken In an accident which almost took his life, but he Is now getting along fine. Mrs. J. Allen Webb, of Wright CHy, Mo., and Mrs. Dora Bowman, of Memphis, are among the relatives here wllh Mrs. Susie Webb, who Is critically 111 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jennie Craig. Mrs. 'WcW> is a daughter- in-law and Mrs. Bowman is a cousin. Bert Lynch Jr., of St, Louis, Is here today, coining down especially to attend the bankers' meeting at Marion tonight as a rcpre- tho Boatman's Nn- of St. Louis, with Please Telephone Items to Courier News Office The Courier News is 'anxious to jnibllsh as umny social and personal news ll«ms as possible and sincerely appreciates the woperaltoy o[ those who are kind enough to help in Die gatlierlng of these items. In oi 1 der to facilitate the handling of (his material it Is reciuestcd that, except under unusual circumstances, those wlio Jmvo news of tlds nature telephone the Couritr office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. ana i p.m. only. News should be receiver) not later than noon of the day It Is intended for publication. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia I ~ " ' f—WSY fiEA SESYICE, INC r. M. PEG u',3.pAt ere — : | sentativo of tloiijil Bunk _.. which he la connected. He will be accompanied to Marlon by his father, B. A. Lynch, president of tile Farmers Bank and Trust Company, and employes of the baiiK. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie ReRcnold' were In .Memphis last night for the tennis matches nt the auditorium. Jftck, Another heart wns finessed) Mrs. E. L. Hale and Mrs. Louise and the outstanding; Irtimp picked' Chapman spent Wednesday' in up. The ace of clubs was played. Memphis. Then spades were returned and finessed against the 10. When this',„»'£.„, „,*. '" A 1 "',1 tlin rmnn,, n n,l en™ „< '"HOWllIB Btl Operatic!' succeeded, the queen and seven o[ spades took the last two tricks. (Copyright, 1037, NBA Service, Inc.) Osceola Society : — Personal Orccolil Sliulcnl oil CiurUjeaii Cruise. Madeline 1 Ellen Edrington, daughter of Jllno 1 : Elli Ml-;'in ml-' •Mrs.- John W. tuning table, at whim a course menu was.scncd three Mrs Ross D Hughes nnd Mrs R P Kirahner won m the bridge Games which followed . * . » Club Meets Mrs L H Moore had thD Edrlngton , r a)id :,ft r scnlor at Gulf Fiirk .coileg'el, puifport, Miss., will sail tommrow 1 from'New Orleans in company '. wit)!. 59 other Gulf Park sliidcnis for a IB-day Cturi- bran cruise They will visit Cnbn, Oosta Rlcn, Spanish Honduras suid Panama, , :' This Is nn annuni event at Gulf Park grunted only to sixty students and Ihe .requirements to bo met' by those permitted to go arc based entirely on scholarship. School work is not interrupted as foiir hours of class work Is done each day while awny. The parly :'wll] return April 4.. * ' * * Ilrlilje Chili Mccls, Mrs. O. E. Massenglll was hostess to her bridge club nt her liomc Thursday Bridge club this vieeii jcsltrday afternoon -when Mrs. L. when 1 - Mrs Pau i Brown Y,as a " '"'" " ...... guest. She used flowers from hci own jard to decorate the living room and the tables used for serving a salnd plate after the game Mrs w D McClurMn «on the pnze hosten . * .* • * JIas Clubs Tarty Members of the Thursday Con tract club and Ho guests, Mrs Rodney L Banister and Mrs Wal- In the ™ , Edgar Borum tills week. games Mrs. G. O. Caudill won a bathroom set for the prize A salad plate -was. served. W^',,? 110 " W - Kiri >y. Mrs. A. B. Airfield and Mrs. c. R. Babcock sere guests of Mrs B A Lynch p. Masscy wus awarded high score and Mrs. I,. C. B. Young cut contolallon: Mrs. W. J. Driver jr.. Mrs. \V. E. Johnson and Mrs. M. E. Pope were guests. »• • t Yraman Clnss Parly. Mrs. J. I,. Gla-scoe, Mrs. J. T. Fowler, Mrs. Jftck Ray and Mrs. Little \vere co-hostesses for the monthly social and business mcel- 1115 of the Yca'S'.an Bible class at the former's home last night. At tlic six tables of bunco Mrs, W. T. Masscy was the prize winner. Tlis guests were Airs. Barnej Carllon, Miss Nora Pace, Jackie Little and eland TJiomnson. Mrs. D. F. ohlcmlorf is a patient " BEUXAT " KN1TTINO VARSS Jonquils decorated the table lor I M raE ? INS T RUCTIONS lunch, served before the card ' N " V S?r '" B aild 5um ™ cr t the Methodist hospital in Mem- ihis. Mrs. D. R. Moore is seriously ill nt her home with an attack ol appendicitis. • • * Mr!,. IV. R. Ilj-css Ilosfcss. Mrs. n. A. Lynch 'of Blylhcvlllo, stale p. E. o. president, was a spcclnl guest nt the meeting of the Dsccola chapter In -the home of Mrs. W. R. Dyess on Wednesday afternoon. The thiitcen niembeis picsciu conducted a demonstration: of a nodcl meeting, which they will give as ptirt of the program at the state convention to meet In Blythcvllle April S r 10. Mrs. Godfrey white was elected :hc state delegate lo the supreme convention to meet In St. Loiils In September. The occasion for her election at this time was hi order that the action be ratified »l the slate meeting in Blylhevllle next hontli. Mrs. C. S. Stevens of Blylhevllle, mother of Mrs. L. C. B. Young, was also a guest. Hawaii Invites Hoxcrs HONOLULU (UP)-Amcricaii ?*- 3Ion posts which arc promo'.lng boxing in tbe Hawaiian fslancJs now are working out plans for a "talent exchange" with the Hollywood legion. The plan would be to bring more outstanding mainland boxers for appearances in the isladns. Aslile'y Is able lo ue out n 'performed on his spine two months ago. Mrs. Clinrlci- Crigger jr., Mrs. Arthur Vance and Mrs. Eddie Heg- cnold of Wilson, were In Memphis Wednesday. Mr. and Mis. A. G. Hall 1 arid daughter, Miss Mary Josephine went to Memphis today to spend the weekend wllh Mr. and W. neale nnd family. Mrs. Belva Martin and daughter, Mrs. Hal McHancy, of Kcn- nel.l, were in (lie city today, "v .Mrs, C. w. Ainick and Mrs Wnlkcr H. Bnkcr fire In Memphis today... j, , ...Mrs. ft.-o;' . . Cooke .-and: .'Mr. Cooke's*brother,' George, of Car- uthersvillc, arc here ' today; 1 as gucsls:of Mi-s. Cooke's sister, Mrs. L. H. Moore, ami family. •; Mr. and Mrs. .J. Ncal Gesell left today for Hot Springs. They plan to be awny for about ten days, going over especially for, the races. Jlmmic Manry, of Memphis, attended to business here Wednesday. ..; Tlic Rev. and Mrs. w, p. Cooley, of Joiner, attended the Methodist revival last night and arc visiting relatives in the city. Young People Will Lead in Series of Meetings al , First Baptist;Church • Clicsler E. Swor, head of the English department, Mississippi college, clinlon, Miss., will jenci a sc- ries of Easter Revival services nt, Ihe First Baptist clmrcli, beginnliij Sunday morning and contliiuiir' througli Easter. The services will be held at the church each day al eeveti In Ihc morning and seven- thirty in cveniin;. Mr. Swor Is n favorite speaker and outstanding leader In young peoples modern movements, especially at tlie young peoples summer assemblies, according lo lti c Rev. Alfred Carpsiitcr. He has led In youth movements throughout thu South In rcc3iit months, recently closing an outstanding campaign with the young people In the First Eaptis(. church at f.hreveport. La He has just finished an itinerary of cities In southern Missouri, coming from the First Baptist church at Springfield for the series hers. One of the features of the meet- .jug is that tlic young people of the church will lead In .the public services ami conduct all activities. While tlic young people are leading tlie series, it is an all church revival, including all ages nnd the general public Is invited U> attend. Tills week of Pre-Easter Revival with the young people of the church lending is the climax of a mouth's program with emphasis upon evnn- gclism, led by different organizations In the church. "Don't'you even want 10 yo in and wardi.-Fanny? 1 '* "Nope; A co nly furniture I (jet excited bidding over is abridge table," B. Hooper farm near L?achville and were brought to the lied crosscmer- gcncy hospital here when tlicy were about a week old. Through the clforts of Mrs. Clark accommodations were secured for them in Memphis where » specialist, Dr. .W. M. Adams, performed the operations. Two OberSrn Students Will Study in China OBERLIN, O. (UP)—Two Obcrlln College seniors are lo spend the next three years In China. They are charlotte Tinker, of New York, and Herbert Van Meter, of Moline 111., who, alter graduation, /will teach nt oborlln's school In Tsiku, Shansi province. The president of Oberltn-ln- Shami is Dr. H. H. Kuiig, who was astii!" president of the Executive Yuan in China, during the recent captivity of Chiang Kai-shek. Kung was graduated from Oberlln in 1008, Read Courier wtws V/ant Ac!s Thrifl Hows to Modesty PASADENA, Cnl. (Up) —when modesty and business clashed, the Pasmlena School Board sustained mcdosty. Pasadena high school nnd junior college girls Insisted their official gym suits showed too much skin ami too little cloth. The Pasadena Merchants Association insisted it would \vork n hardship on them to be obliged to re-stock with new gym suits. The girls won. USERS ASTOUNDED V: b "^fast cloth went to Mrs. Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS. I.GEUE HOOPER 1109 Chicknsawba Phone 792 Don't Miss The Fun! TONIGHT 8 O'clock AT THE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Community Stunt Night ' , Sponsored by the vScrtior Class ~'=\\ ith proceeds lo go to the Roland Hunt Memorial Fund ^ §10 ill Cash Prizes to the Civic Organizations Sponsoring<1he-:]!est Stunts Admission lOc and 25c IONG DISTANCE RECf PIlON-GIVBYOa UIROPE,SOUTH AMERICA orORIfNI »t donn'i tn»Ucr »h»t kind ot batutr Tidlo jcu Mint—«e nix glte li to joa la ihli new ZtnUh. Do you rrcttr a 0 toll t*dlo~»Mth oprrJitt* on a *ing.!f G r&lt B«iomofe!le <lor*|8 laiifry —. • nd hi* n« elhrr tntltrift >>i»i«>er7 Thtn p»y • («« dollar* m tlmptitlly f>t operation. H'ould you prefer to m f new dependable £ voli Operation for Cleft 4 : • Palate Is Successful. One of the twin biibics of Mr and Mrs. Clifford Malonc of Leachvillc, who underwent operations for the correction of cleft palates nt n Memphis hospital several weeks ago, was returned home yesterday by Mrs. James B. Clark, director of the Mississippi County Society for Crippled children. The little girl, who, with her twin brother was born with Hie deformity mare than a month ago, will how be normal with only ,r. slight: scar to recall tlic deformity. The other baby, «-ith a double cleft palate, remains in .1 Memphis hospital where another operation will bs performed soon "alter which the child will also be practically no; ma:. The babies were born on Ihe N. Admission always ICc A- 2Gc Show every nisM. Slalinccs Frj.- iat. &- Sun., I'ri. £ Sun. Mali- ices at 2:15. Saturday Matinee at 1:15. Qfl • S3 ON THE .SCREEN Also Cartoon and Serial— "The fighting Marines" Sunday - ior i t« Then t> 7 7>nllt!°r,J )»i olt «<M ihe mlr»clr-v>orklrt|t rm Battio Vo-tt Pack, and onr *nin*if, je*u tan inane* ll Zcnllh Into • fall fltilgtH nllh UalierT liadlo — anil tit" ll battcrict «x«pt a 0 ««h 1*1 iw actually iW you liow Zenith I'owcr Tack slips in om! nut of .the new Zenith tnr,. Ra.lio. OUT . . . and ii'j n 2 volt rajio. I ft . , , nnd Us a 6 volt. Either one the best at the riricf. We'll let you judge irftich lype of Zcnhh you \.ani to buy. Hardaway Appliance Co. J. W. Adams, Mgr. 2nd & Main Phone 233 lso Fox Jlovietouc -X anrt Musical Comedy As advertised in Saturday Evening Post Two easy motions turn it Into a bed OFFERED IN SMART NEW COVERS AT Sensation of the Fuvnitiirc Jlarkets! The New Tiltaway Studio Coiicli! A gentle slight lift anil the Miechsuiical leg raises the front so inner scc- lioti tan be pulled out. Simple! Easy! Simmons inner-spring mattress. Convenient bedding compartment. Arms and back rest. Opens lo double bed or twin beds. Come in and see it. You'll bn thrilled with its many features and the wide selection of lovely nc«- covers. • • Pneumonia Fatal to Young Gosnell Man ^ Dunn, 25, died at three o'clock this morning at the home "I his parents in tlie Gosnell com- . "liHilty, ; He had been ill for live days of pneumonia. Funcrnl services were held this afternoon at the home with the Rev. W. O. Siiiflelerry, pastor of the Lake -Street Methodist church, olficiating. Interment was mnde at North Sawba cemetery. He is survived by his . parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bunn, four brothers and taree sisters 00TTQH SEED ,1). & P. f,. No. H 1'ejv Ton F.O.I!. Number Nine 2 ml Year From Experiment Station Mammoth Hrown Soy licans Prices Reasonable C. C, LANGSTON ErtryHiIng For Tour Entertain- mcnt and Comfort Tonight Is .Pal Nite Z Adillls Admit let) for Price of 1 . Also Selected Shorls Saturday Only PEHROD'S A JUNIOR G-MAN NOW!, Also Cartoou and Serial— "Jungle Jim" —Continuous Shnwiiiff— —Adnii-ssion— Until 5 I*. Itf.— 10 Av 2fic Aflcr 5 1'. M.—Ifi & 3Ic lunday - ffaday MARIAN HARSH > RED KEATWu KENNEDY Also raranuuni News, Snapshots cf Movie Si.-irs ,ind TYchni- c"lor Carlnnn —Admission— Siimlaj-AI! i>.-,y_ 1G 4. soc iMmul-u- Jhliiicc—10 & 2(ic aionrlay Nigtil-16 ,t Sfic —Lontniuoiis Khcwiiijr Sunday— TUESDAY, JLVUCH 2S- S25.00 HANK NIGHT! (Less Slalc Tax) -COMING SOON— "S«-ins liigli. Swin- Low" "fall H A Day" "Marked Woman" "Woman I Love" "Seventh lleavrn" "\Vaikiki Wedding'' "Maylime" "Sea Dcrils"

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