The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
Page 6
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^' PAGE\glX Demonstration ' Club News Notes -- LuclivUl* Club The Home Demonstration club of I*achv511e met, Friday afterno&n with Mrs' O R Selby. The IWIB" sas prettily decorated In tne Christmas motif There was R Christmas tree and after the business meft- ing those present drew names and exchanged slits Mrs \y j riel« conducted the business session and a report :or th° jeer's vork v&s given b/ the secretary, Mrs A Gfflnn M« w w. Cox, treasurer, reporter, a balance of $3 94 m (he general funds Mrs Tnprp ninue a- motion lhat next year there be a geneial find anl all Mils be allowed by the club and padi b/ Ih? treasurer TM club voted to leep a supply of hilling: on hsnd ami everybody in Ihe club s,as ssked la It and get their friends to buy some from lh°m T/I« County Cpunell of Home Demonstration clubs had ofterrd a pi|? P for Ihe 1*61 kept 'erretnry's l,ooV and Ihe best scrap Ixwk from a Home Demonstration club Mrs A Guinn, f-ho hid charge nf the vrapbioK passed It around, for the ch b mem ' ner.s lo examine thr> clipping 1 .. ie- ,ports, minutes and different rcp'oits Mrs Dora BWjop wore a t'lMlftl dress 'inrt Ui<- Hub ask-d lier lo tell how miny thins* she had made since she had Wen shut, In with a crippled loot They \ ere Hires hals 2 dresses, one for n lady and one, for a child 1 pair of hose, i pair of ">-ho;s, 2 shelters 1 counterpane 4 rugs Miss Colenmn, home demonstration agent, ga\ethe method of cur ing fresh pork and urged that more care bajaken in curing pork lliat v.e, might- have less waste At the (.oncius'on of Ihe meeting the members surprised, Miss Coleman iUI!i . Why U. S. Smashes Narcotic Evil (Aftfc.) COUBftn rifctfg. Farmer '^Hunts'' Rabbits •Successfully With Stick ijANCASTCR, O <UP) —.IT Mann, Ofi-year old farmei, liunl.i ratiblti with a fLick Instead of u ' g»9 And, according to his i ft( , sou-:, bags, frequently, more rol- tontalls than they do with their shotguns Mann's method' When he sees n rabbit crouched Iti a burrow, he strikes hacVward ullh the slltk. at the animal as he passes He said success 111 I hi s odd method of TOmtlng' lay in not sloving np the walking pare nnr -dhvclly nt the rabbit t - ^~ iii ^ Almanac actress, i -„. 0 -Germaru, ^ lf . a preiichaiMuits, Staik tragcd/that has com, to a mother enslaved by narcotics'and he pitiful plight of her son are pictured Vividly In this Murn-es- boro, Terni, jail .scene, as one of Ihe scores of addicts caught in'V a ion-«W, roundup bids "gcodbje for n long, long time," to 1,-r tlilltl. Jhnmie, 4 She declnied that slie would end her life ai U,n ^nrst cliaiicg, aftei nJHrud lind promtscd to take care of thn b,,y. Today^s Markets New Orlwn* Voflon Closinff Stock Pricm " frfiDN&SDAY, for Hi He Needs ' Gloves ami we have a largo selection of Kld.sWns and Imitation Pigskin Ql 98c, $1.43 and 41 qfi Lined or Unlinr-d. , • I. 0. PENNEY CO + + * LOUNCilNO RODRfi Blnrk flat nrepn ivllfi rontraU- trims, $10.: New-Mead ' NPW OR1.PANS Dei 11 (UP>- Thf cotton iiiinket mnwd In a narrow range, today mid closed one point lov,ri to Uo iioluls lilghei •npnn high low close Dec,. . 1240 1244 1237 1243 Jn "' I3<6. 1247 I24r. 124B Mrir UW 1258 ia/i4 12Sfl May 12J^ 1259 jjjju j,, cob July . UOO 12111 IMli l->li) O^t. . 1342 1J44 1^40 124;( fipola clnsfd ilcntly at '1777, u n - New York Cotton NEyV YORK, Dec 13 (UP) — Cotton dosed steady J ; open high low De c , 1239 1250 J 'T1 1240 11M Mar .... 1255 1258 May 1250 I2t>9 •hlly 1257 lieo Oct 1241 I24 r i close 1217 12W 1244 IS'iO 1213 1258 1255 1258 12S5 - 1258 1218 1241 changed . ••.•! *(, m 1^11 closed steady n( 1275 un- v -Wheat opcn high low close Dec 08 5 B SO 1-4 07 1-4 97 1-J Mllj BO 5-8 98 3-4 98 1-1 08 1-4 Chicago Corn open high lou clos- 80 3-B 90 1-2 (10 3 8 81 \-l 87 3-4 88 m 1 4 87 IlTks, Cu/?/ous WORLD V-TELLITE MOON wmc IS ALMOST AS UAEGE AS THE - BV SOME THAT THIS MOON BE INHABITED/ WIPE RANGE OF CAU. NOTES.' THEY'ARE. EXPREtt FEAR, , XIETV, COMPLAINT. n h than they ire on any of NF.W YORK, Doc. I!) (UPy Adverse news for thn titllltlm wnt (hem down fmctloiv, lo nearly two I polnt.s today amt uiiEPlllcd HIP en- flie -slock list, flome insirs ranged loilhree ]K>lnl'i. Volume \vas slightly heller' than ycslsrdiiy.' A T. and T. '.. ion 1-8 Anaconda (/op|)ej. ... in ;|.^ licth. Steel .'.'.'.'" a51 ;i-4 Chrysler 34 I.R Cities service ,... 1 I.-2 Coca Coin if,i i..i Oen. Am. Tank ;.. Oen. Elcclrle; Clen. Motors hit: Harvester .... Montgomery Ward N. .Y.. cenlral Packard Phillips Pet. Radio Simmons Ucds SI. L-S p Standard of N. j. Texas Co. • U. S. Steel McKesson-Robblns t/. S. .Smelling .... 30 1-2 . 10 1-4 .31 . 37 3-8 28 1-4 20 1-2 4'3- + 14 1-4 •t 7-8 0 1-8 11-8 41 1 & 10 3-4 36 7 8 8 3 7-8 121 1-4 Ohio Men Copy 4,000- Page Bible in Stud MANSFIELD O (UP) -Tlnee hundred business and profession men here ]\ne finished m-Uln? n 4000-pa«e Bible The hisk v.a- slnrted three week bifoie complellon bj the Pnsl In (Iternn Chinch in connection \\ill n Dlble sludj course Fach man \\a; nsslgned 16 lo 18 pages of copiln? Hie completed won \ a' bound ir i\\o volume eich nb^ut <-l.\ lnche : It, was believed-one of Ihe. fes uuid-wrllten Bibles In Ohio, saint of Hie sciiveners declared they had 'ead riioiv of the Scriptures d the rniiylng than ever before. Horse-Stealing Case Balks "Cincy" Police CINCINNATI. (UP) _• The old frontier crime of horse-stealing Is taming police hor«, accustomed lo metropolitan methods or mortem crimp detection. . •"> Hal Decker, of the Victory.'Riding Club, reported that his 12- year-old bay, IB hand s high and worth $150, was "rustled" by n 5r l < !lS !: , CO i nn<len ^ lnan - T^e man saddled the horse: and rode awny saying |, e , vn ,,(ed "to show the animal to his father," w h o expected to make a purchase, Decker reported, if caught, the thief mil be prosecuted under an old stale which provides n i sen le ne'e. Knoxville Split Over Birth Control Clinic KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP)_Pro- nosal for establishment of a blrlh •wnlrpi clinic hero has found on- aprsemcnt of several civic leaders n ivas advanced by Dr. E. U. Shier. Knoxvllls physicians, however are divided on Ihe proposal Some of the leaders who endorsed the plan Included Mrs. MCJ- clated Charities; Mrs. Wiley'L MM-" gan. president of Ihe Ossoll circle- Dr. Louis c. M«lch«r, rector of at' John's Episcopal church. •The natives of Annam have an official who bears the title of Mas"** of Sonr6ws. His duly |s to curs? the house of a dead person to ^«sffir^™ omcw forKiddiet WINCHESTER SKATES' Every child wants a pair nt these Ball Bearing Roller Skates.. Special .. $|. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. + * '+•'.'. TOYLAND NOW OPEN Mothers nnd Fathers, o-s well os children will enjoy n visit to our complete Toy Department. •>• C. PENNEY CO. + * .'».. A COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT-for all ages. Every. Ihlng moderately priced OBERST STORE CO. * * + Visit our foyland. We.'specialize In dolls and toys of all kinds. 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