The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL, XXX—NO. 130 BHTHEATLLE COCKIER THI DOUmtNT NIW8PAPIR OF ttORTHKAR ARKANU8 AND BODTBBAOT UIBSOUR1 HOME EDITION '• • • BlytherUle D*tl;, News. Blythsrtlta Court*. MUrlalppl Valley Le»der. BlytbtvUlt Herald. BhYTHRVlLUC, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, ism SINGLE CQPI38: FIVE CESStri MYSTERY POISON MURDERS i Leaves NRA After Dispute Drv Counties Demanding The Right to Ban Legalized Beverage. LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 11. <UP>— j Tlic senate this afierncon »^as lo; vole on an iintndmsm 10 i.:s administration beer bill which provides that If 51 per cent or m?r? ol the qualified electors In a county petition the county court lo , record the county us dry the county i judge must record the coi. /y'as' dry and no:, permit the sale of beer license, an^ licenses already Issued shall become void. LMfcrt-i of senators lo insert, Uie local option amendment in the b2cr hill were without, success this morn- lug and an amendment that wiuld have provides for elections in fountk's w.nore 2b }>er cent of the qualified cleclor.s filed petitions | with l!ie county clerk was ilefeal- I'd. 20 u> 11. Another amendment providing Icr llie repeal ol all local option l:uvs..* as ps^sea by a similar vole. Demand Watum't Payroll Most ol the morning session was taken up with discussion if the local option amendment. Proponents contended that the 23 dry counties have a right to say whether beer should be sold within their bDiin- darie.s cr not. A resolution by Senator Abington which required the commissioner of revenue. Fred Watson, 10 lur- . nish the senate with a payroll lis". of 'i|s department by tomorrow morning, was adopted. Passed by ihe home today were two bills included in the special j call, now ready for the governor's' signature. One of [he measures is designed to psniii*. the state to derive the greatest possible benefit from the «V niilif>u^l,t&?overy prcrjnu" " vides for a state''ca:nmittre of the "overncrand lour of nis appointees to direct live borrowing and dls- linsal of fifhds tor irerk from the federal agencies. Similar 'lo the Massachusetts measure condemned by the national officers in charge of the national relief program, there hi some contention that it also'will not meet with the 1 approval of the national authorities. Lifts Tax Penalties The other rncasure allows l?f delinquent lancfs to be redeemed without, payment of penalties ulil January 1, 1934. Further consideration of the b-jcr bill brought _additional amend ments which included one for loca option by counties, to be voted ov ni every general election in ic.i same manner as before prohibition Extended debate by both house on numerous amendments to th beer bill ended hope for adoption of the measure this week. Hous lujulers said they would be satisiiet if the bill readied the governor b Tuesday or Wednesday or nex \veek. William I Wednesday Is Deadline For Plowing Up Cotton WASHINGTON, Aug. 11. ll)P>— Collon planters must plow under pan o[ Ihdr crcp by next Wed- nesjuy to qualify Icr iiereagc rc- dudlon puyincnts jxprcli'il 10 total $1 lO.COO.OOO. Tl-.c aijrkilllui-lil iidjiistment ad- mlnlslinllon hns dei-lded to Insist 's'ii complete iuinilmenl of crop | reduction contracts be«no mulling W 'll T i'f . \VJI II ' °ut clicks, C. A. C'abb, chief of Hie ill testily When HeV! to Uon praluctlon si-cllon, iin- pi nuuneetl. Out o! 1.031.000 oilers lo plow ... , i under from 25 to 50 n.;r cent of the lhat hlw has ever suf-1 ttbo|| , mm j |BV( , ^ ac _ Comes to frirtl. f( red a lapse of memor Willliim "Doc" Covelaiid. whose | son Terry Lloyd, will [>o on trial e;n-]y in September al Cariilhers i-:)io fr.;- iiu> murder o[ her husband, decided Ibat the would \vlll: Incly lei! all she knows of lhe July 1 lib ":idc" that resulted in the dfnih of Coi:e!and. Mrs. Copclnnd ileclaicd yesler- rlnv lh:i(. in suite of Uu; fact that [he murder tilal defendant Is "my. own flesh find blood-' thai she | wcii'd take the Eland lo (ell her siorv if raHe'l on Shu also said; that she would co before the fall Brand Inrv nr mrx-iir at iinv time •>"> miijhl. be n^pd. should rnscs nenlpsr Jnimu Mi-Daniel. McninMs and T.onnie Uoyston, PIEI1T OF BEER IPTER BfllTLE IN so? Poison Muffler of Four Local Wholesalers Will Oisli'ibulr: the Brands. i n g Ix-vernijc Is llerr in vnrliily enough to plcusc most dlierlmlniillni: taste will rnidv tor niythevlllc and vl- whon the new 3.'2 i>er cenl by the Ar- leglblntiife, now In speclol Tvulloilal ilBhls for this .t' f :'i have iilieiuly been secured to fell almost n dwell dlflen'ii'. livnivi" f of (he "non-lnloxlealliiK" beer by ! nr. niniw distributors and wliole- Gciu> Johnson and Mis Wife Wounded by OIK- ccrs' Near Springs. j HOGKDS, Ark., AllK. 11. (Ul'l-. I Clene Johnson, allege.! iiieinl:rr c;!! (he Unilerhlll-lialley nuns, v mnir death at Silo,i in Springs lo- <lny. and his wife was serlourly wounded, iho result of -11 machine Kiui biitlle with olllcers from Ar-. k.insa.s. Kansas and Oklahoma. ! A third member of the gang, believed to be named Wright, e.s- ClIlM-Hl. Mrs. Jalinson wns tnken to the local man. lie rcviviu!. Kidnaplnc' president Rcosevell Settlement of Oil Industry. On . C;)r ,.„,,,, rim Difficulty Before Night . On " wiona or IKMT wns held T A - - . ° here iodny under seeded order by IS Anticipated. 'he Friruo railroad and railroad Ktir-nts \vcrc rejwtcd to be keeping WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. (UP)-- "" W "» the .shlmnent. Railroad Under the direct leadership O r, (lfllcinls rct " 5Ml lo divulge Hie L . Inruiid ot beer conliilncil in the sn!c firms. Olhcrs are exi«cled to! Hontonvllle Jnll aflur being Healed place niic-ncles here soon. ( for wouiKls Olllcors. aelhi({ under a Up fror.i, Dcnlon county olllccrs, concealed themselves In Johnson's home i which lie recently purchased and, which is located near RprliiB,lo\vn,| southwest of here, In a lumvlly wooded .section, rmutr Confessed Slayer of Four 1 Shiclclinu Some One, Akron Man Intimates. I.HTI.E HOCK. AUS. n <UP>— Mink 11. Shuiili. Akron, O,, attorney, unlvcd here this afternoon. froiii lienlon -where lie hod appeared nl Ills preliminary hearing en clini'KCr of fnliilly ' poisoning foin incmbcrs of Iho [nmlly ol Alvln Collcy of Akron, O. •'-.• Shank was pUccd In llie pujaskl county Jail for safe keeping. '. .;. Dr. William F. Ogburn. uoicil economist of tlto UnlvoiHlry of Chicago, !s ehowu at his desk just beforo bo resigned from NRA's conHuinor.'i' arlvlaory council after a dispute with Mrs. Mary Rumsf j over rulicies of llie fcoard in checking undt:c price JncreaijeL the recovery! 11 ™'- 11 01 »cer conliilncil In tnel E. 1r t y n,i.s morning johTison, his!,,-,,.. „. .,„,..„.„ A ,v «,,» charws against McDaniel and, administration moveil toward aiv fhlpmenl. A local distributor said| wife, ami lhe third "mm drov ' CC fl M " Kml - Arl< " My were nolle pros.std sever- j cllerB etic cleanup today of ;i scrlas j t n [s afternoon that he had _two( to the house. When the irlo ai weeks n?a but are subject to re- | or codc pro blems causing i;^^ 1 :::!...!^^.: 1 ™!™:' 0 ' 1^-A. program to lag. Approval before the day was over of a code for the oil industry was the first objective of the presi- Hint nddilional evidence has been Etcurcil. Blames ruliremau Mrs. Cor.eland makes no effort lo hide her belief that llie M- the N. R.;j carloads ol lhe 3.5 per cent beor, r u . w d 10 M , ncl ,d,,r ollfuers opem:;l at Carulhcrsvillc awaltlns runld, n re n .]||, m:1 e.lilne nuns triinmcrlnlion here when the "lid: ' . . IJENTON, Ark.,. Aug. 17. Mark H. Shoiik, Akron. O.',' stwtr.'| iiey. broke down and cried today us a fricml of his suddenly appeared | mill limed him to tell all, lo shield anyone In connection with Shank's confession thnl;_hc, psicoiu'd tnur persons. • . . > The mysterious note wns Injected i Into lhe bizarre cnsc after Shnnk :! Hliiiwn no emotion at 'r.Is pre- 11. Shank, above, Akron, O., utlor- j J","'" a \7i]y'7sl"oucd"^r. a nn"d Mrs. i:oy. confessed to iinlsonlng roiir, j L] ; coU 0( Akroll| o ., .Md nersons found ilca-J In an ^W-j their two children; aged 10 and 7,I mobile near Mnlvern. The dr-- 1 ' =>_.... intlioritor nlo'. to " S dent, Recovery Administrator Hurjh S. Johnson ami Secretary of In!'.?""...^. en l? Lll ™,'™".I? 5 !..' l"'lor rekes. The three conferred " ''" " ~" on the code at the White House,' early in the day. . :\ Coal and fuel groups conferred during (he day with recovery leaders seeking a solution of labor proh- "Ket" her husband. Mis.: savs that on Ihc nixhti Couelanci wns fsilnllv beaten' it wns McDaniel who crime C'.-mcs nff.' Just how much of a slump In l:ccr sales will lilt the Arkansas- Mlrsoml stnte line territory when Arknnsns Incomes legally moist roriwi:i i - lo be r.ccn. but It is jren- ernllv lx?lleved Unit beer on tap openly here will cut down consld- rraly on the tralfic lo slate linn viscrt. 1 .. lmr> her home eur.s where "thai and ™ursis" T-ater that nitf-l T^ht ^^«™ ,^*<™, ."£«': ^ ^teZ ^ H Is Ifiiiie for City Itevrnur generally nndersio Autv l'l»(r StuVll ni.ACKWnLI, Okla., Aug. IT (U 1')—Tlic license plate found on an initomoblle used by Ocnn Juinison. rirc-slcd aflev n KUD battle with ullleers near Sllonin Sprln(js, Ark., weiu rtuleii here the n!<jhl of Aug- 7. The plate was Issued to Ilan-la ioul Il:iun. inc., oil o|!crmors, uncl was .stolen from ,11 Diiick coup: uwe near a. ii. 0(i ^om^e Involved, ' he Sliiink said, were Alvln Cnlli-y .Ills \ M , u tl1oa of OTp!r ;,- from .wile Elhei; and Iliclr sons, clar- , ' h ( „ Ak . • ^ cill | n j ciici-, 7, anil clement, ifl, oS Akron, j ... ' •'. . ' . Cllne. 4, another son, wns mrtarm-, ,,,,*; shsl)It u ,.„«„>•,* '-' ' Roosevelt leavs for Hyde Park i mn mn ,,,„ rmmtcr nni , most i places where soft drinks are now' Recovery Leaders Recog- , : fev.Need for Curb un Profiteering. Coreland wns rjickod up off Ihc slrccls of Blythcvllle and carried r>n, • into Missouri arid left unconscious Other recovery dcvelpiimcnts: j ,, ( r cr cd will probably handle beer in a Missouri cotton Held. j ,'.— T h ' auWmotlvej industry , U1 ,| MS uncxlwc tcd restrictions arc "My husband' told me later nl cnan sed the collective bargaining! j, mxm ] uy ^ Icnislature. the Tlvthevllle hospital .-that ; P">.V.l s ion of Its code, relrctilini; ly Members of thr: Hlythcvlllc city was file 'bis; man' who hit lhe shop i»licy. . ccmiell have adopted u 'policy of r.'rst blow ar.d that with a boHlc," ., ', " e ' mtionn l hibor Ixinrd in- watchful walling bul are honefiil WASHINGTON, Allz.' 17. (UP)Strong support for creation of a price control board to regulate price advances and guard against profiteering developed in_ the Roos^vMt administration today. Control of prices has become one of the most critical problems facing the national recovery administration. The controversy which resulted In the withdrawal of Prof. William ™ Irani n t O f hr S " l "' lr ^ ' uemocraU,. * Ucllcvcd Barrow OantsUr OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 17 (UP) — identified as Oenc John-. a. Shank sulil he put po son In. S(ia .j cm llp pearlng.wllh t'hs .Ac- Us vlcllins- foo<l because he svai , ^ (U ^ ,^ f ^ o( £;„„&' ft - alriu-j colley would Ink about a Stank was iletenillna. ! man inlkcd lo Shank cTeclKtln?! "Mark, there's no reason why'you Bliould shield anyone" and. tak; the r;>si:onslb!Uly yourself You . know someone), -li re-' 2.—The rfrs. Cnpeland declared- State- d'™ 1 ^ progress toward settlement | 0[ n . n ii z [ n| r revenue from Ihcbocrl ments made by Copelnnd at Ihc of various strikes including lhe weeks afler the accident however. are no: competent as court evidence. Ready III Ttslify Mrs. Copelaml snld that she, had | IWM-H :irniisnil >iy nubllphed rcnoris: that .she had "forgotten" state- 1 mcnts she had made about the fatal ride nnd that she was pre-| pared to testify against all three who were on the ride vilh he . flS. sliui In n 'i;un hnltlt 1 nl l-Wlod bandit hideout iieiir trade. To whnt oxter.!, llie I PB | S . flloam Sprlnns. Art, was bellevcil laiure will limit taxation by mn- by nlllc " s Uort ' to ulclpalliles Is not known but It Is generally understood Iliac Severn! ant ol the notorious Barrow brothers. members ot the council look with i Johnson had been sounlii .since favor on beer revenue and ho]x:! Mn >' 14 for n"tstlonlnt! In Ihr to nnd some way to derive an In- \*-W"« of Nightwalchman Chnrles come from the foamln? beverage bnlcc of Mcl'licrson. Kansas. j regardless of legislative action. H; ™« consumers was (he looal council whtcli |iass?d ; the state's first beer revenue ordinance Insl April only to have It . ,, „ „ . j vetoed by Mayor Rhnne who .SUE- i'lincral I'Or (Jld KeSldeilti|-gestcd the ordinance iiiluhl »et a has accentuated this situation. Og-jj burn warned that lack of siatistl- j her „„,;„_ and it „„„ bcen Diirn warnea mar. ia« 01 siausu-, , , , t t , t she . u]d have cal data might hamper the N. R.! ,, oln j,,g to here. A. T.,and T 127 7-8 Anaconda Copper n 3-4 Slcel 405-3 Chrysler -10 Cities Service 31-8 Coca Cola 90 7-8 funeral American Tank 35 1-4 General Electric 24 5-8 General Motors 31 5-S International Harvester 32 7-8 Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward . New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds ..... 3-8 .. 20 .. 45 1-2 ... 5 .. 14 1-2 .. . 87-8 .. 24 A. program. He declared the present N. R. A. consumers agencies were inadequate to protect the public. Advisors to Administrator Hugh Johnson have stressed tr.e argument that fundamental purposes of the recovery act will be nullified if wages do v.ot increase more than prices. In other words, mass pur- •hasing-power will not be improved If all the increases in wages have to be used to meet increased prices. Supporters of tr.e price control board plan point out that an agency of this character could ks?p an adequate check on all indurtrissi . ,. , nnd determine when price uicrcas-'- Balllzall<m ' es were justified by increased costs resulting from presidential reetn- ploymcnt agreements or N. R.. A. codes. Signers of the agreements pledge themselves not [o raise prices except as necessitated by actual cost advances. cf .County Will Be Held I [»' bccr^was'Tclual'ly 'eg'aHzcV'in at Memphis Friday. j BRIEF ILLNESS FftTI 10 CHILD spoilslhle for this, don't you?" Shank broke- down nn'J.crisl.niu. rcfiiMd to aimer. -He. win tli'sn : closeted with hl3 visitor nrid ; Stier-, I ' Iff Vlrpll Ruckcr. . 'I Shank's visitor revealed/Mi l3st;| .name as Frank D2rish'tiw:''anil s^itd • 9r/-i-*»t-iv'w f*/»•!(• inc'-R^nnf(< 'he was a.newauaper. p.. _osrji?her ac.Cietaiy lOlKins tenons ,„ Xkrmi but Wbren oh vocltlbn | Oil Kmplovnieill GaillS In SI.'WuH. Whether the convorsiv- f.. »i 'i ' ' I lion with Sluink will have-any-J f " oince IVlnrcn. I feel on his conlcsslori wiis net <J1-'.| vulgcd. - - '• • '' ', - •!••' Shank wa.s .taken to Little Roi;lc this afternoon tor safe keeping 'in..| tlie prison there and ho "left dc- companlcil by several rjuards ,ajHl WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. (OP) — Approximately '1,500,000 .-wurkcr'.! liavo gone back to their Jobs In llie nation's Industrial areas since last March, Secretary of Labor Perkins said lodny. Denslw. Waives Prflim'inary dislrlmitors Iinve definitely secured s nles rlfhls and gain by "talking" now ns her husband Is dead and her ,,, , . . .1 - - a own .son Is accused of his murder.! Mrs, Anna Welnberg, 65, died last, n , nll( ,, h| , re nrc . A s Mrs. Cnpcland said she would nl snt at lhe Vanderbilt hospital. B , nt7 . Mlllcr-Crenshaw company testify as to conversations held. Nashville, Tenn. She was taKen I Scml7 -_ H Highfill. nudwciser- with her son after Copeland was! critical I y ill Sunday night while attacked.- by long distance tele-. visiting a.- daughter, Mrs. Fred phone and also In the county jail Goldncr. Paralysis Following Fever .Brought Death to Little Doris Greenwell. The iniiiiufacliirlni! Industries of At the preliminary hearing Sh^ilk "j the country recmployed 1.1(10.000 waived hearing and wns bound "over, j'wage earners ' during, the fnir ] i u the September term'of ths grafid' months while about 300,000 wenl I Jury. An indictment cliargln!t',flrat-' > | Irack to their jobs In the non-inaim- ] degree murder Li expected to .be ! fncliirlnc; Industries. Secretary P;r-1 returned'tlie first Monday In' 8ep- ' kins said. I tcmber. .'..... ...-_-.i.-_5S!=- Mlss Perkins sil-J department [ The Akron attorney receivad a statisticians estlmalcd 400,000 em-1 IclcRram from his wife todny' jes'd-'. ployes were reabsarbed In the and the pi Funeral services will be held in I Hnmp loan Aonraiscrs nomc Loan Aopraisers | Memphis ' tomorrow morning, 11 \ Kingsbury'beer In'rousrTa n-'w 'firm! i o'clock. Pallbearers will he: Joe ;th , Ark . Mo Distributing company. . ( Isail s Joscphi R JletWi MiUon . Arkansas Grocer company, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and P. B. Woods. Falls. City. King Matthews mid R. B. Doirls Oreenwell. seven year old cli'.uijliter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenwell. died last, nrghl ill I lie El. John hospital of St. Louis fol- Stout nrc io distribute ( i i vch wm b Be Here Monday iSternberg, Max Meyers, and Ike from tnc | r who , csalc i :us | n o, s . H wss _ learned today that RP-I 1 " 1 ,?, , , rom ncr wocsac :usn o, s . of thus city, and Nathan | Tnc Mid- West Dairy Product W elnbcr B- of Csccola. | company will hfidlc Miller's Hl«>-for St. Louis-San Francisco 5 1-4 Standard of N. J 38 1-8 Texas Co 24 U. S. Steel 54 York Colfnn arne ay -,, he Home Owners Loin I ,. Mrs ' Wcmberg. who was born in . lfR , M ,,| cr . s Espor(i unlvcrsltv tl-c "overnmcnl or- 1 Europe, came to the United States | C i llbi Edelweiss nnil Braumclstcr. ' ' { tc , ir . f to ] when a young girl. She lived In j country Club Is to have" a dls: , Osccol a for 40 years where she j tribute;- here anil Falslaff Is cer- ' "" : " ' ' .,--,.. ^ ... Couzens Says Detroit Bank Story Is Untold ^ Jonesboro district, which includes 11 1 " SHE Mcnk; PPlaiS;rS ""!>• Wa ^ triCke " ^ 1Bra1 ^ the corp^a''^™^ "»«"«» '"«">e..m- " •' —, - ,,„„,,„„ ,„• Christmas Eve and since thai linis A number of applications for > tl . Besides Mrs. Goldncr and Mrs received but a definite estimate of Ike number could not be obtained because the applications have been forwarded to sev- i £.;' Vf "'" eral difTerent places, includlns Lit- j CMMO " Rock. Blytheville and Jones- * ' NEW YORK, Aug. 17. tUP)—Cot- ton closed verj- steady. open high low close Ocl 875 948 874 937 Dec 898 970 806 flGO Jan 923 981 910 973 Mar 921 994 922 988 May 947 1009 936 1000 July 957 101* 950 1012 Spols closed quiet at 930, up 65. i\f>ir NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 17. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. ouen high low DETROIT, Mich., Aug. 17. (UP) —The real inside story of the Detroit banking collapse still remains untold, senator James Couzens! charged from the witness stand to- boro However, representatives of day before the grand jury probing | t ne corporation believe that possl- bank failures. ly,. 50 applications have already "The real inside story of the DC- been made" by home owner? of Bly- troit banks has not. been told from; thcville, Lcaclnllle and Manila. Ro;enthal, she Is also survived by another daughter, Mre. Carol Meyer, ot Eiro'ora. Ark., and [wo sons. Eudorn. and Hyman. of •ago. All of them were with : during July, an:l ng power of workers In the Industrial areas has Increased .approximately «29,OOO.ODO n week over the amount paid In March. [ or not. "Fullest confidence In you. .Ao- vlse." '.?-"; T.- It Is not known, whether she" will come down here to be at his side Cuban Police ann Soldiers Although an attorney, named Huff of Hot Springs'hns been re-. ln»«x! to represent Shank.' the Ak-. ron attoniey acted for himself dt . «. . . if • j. . run nuorney aciea ior lums^ii ui owing n three days illness. Thej hired OH by MachaQIStaS his licarlns before Justice of thp j Peace J. P. Curler, this morning.-. HAVANA, Cuba, Aug. 17. (UP)—I The Informal hearing was'.lijldj I .Machine gun and rifle fire broke t In the office of Deputy Prosecuting ttm i Havana's post-revolulton calm lo-] Attorney Ernest Brlner while.' a nsull of an aulopsy to determine Ihc cause of her death will be announced Saturday. Local physicians advised Hie child be moved to a hospital. d whs , n llc( , B|)( , ft ^t^,,;,,, of peaceful crowd of about 200 -per- ycsterday^ morning nftcr a _ part | soltllc ,. 5 ^^4 „ ,. ou!f ,„ ( tic sons gathered outstrtc the .smali:of- San I^-ranclsco suburb from which ilcc and congregated around the Machadlstas. believed to be mem-1 courtho;isc ncarl>y. He w»s .taken the witness stand." Comcns iestl- flcd. "None of the witnesses bas been critically examined. Under tr.e prccedurc followed to , take advantage of the long time i government loans, mortgages now Oct Dec Jsn Mar. May July 8"7 895 Qll 923 942 955b 945 967 978 991 1007 810 890 911 917 942 close 93.1 955 9GG 083 1004 10101) "I submit that if Wilson W. Mills] i w id bv loan associations must be (chairman of tlie board of the closed First National bank, who testified Tuesiny and Wednesday) tells all he knows the court will be advised of the real condition" surrendered for government bonds. Tlic government sprcar's payments by the home owner over a Ion? period of years. people from Blytheville and Osce- pla who will go to Memphis tomorrow for the funeral. Mr. liosen- t'ral. who accompanied Mrs. Ros- cnthal to Nashville Sunday night, returned home Tuesday. R;latlvis who are now In Nashville will Join Mr. Rosenthal. his sister. Mrs. Charles Levy cl St. Lo-.ils. and relatives 'arriving here tonight. In Memphis In the tnorn- jtng. Inflation Talk Sends Cotton Market Upward NEW YORKTXug. 17 (IJP)- The cotton market shot fanvard almost {4 a bale today as heavy speculative buying was encouraged by inflation talk from Washlng- Hon. Spots closc.1 steady al 923, up 08. Bullish enthusiasm was rampant Wallace Planning New Cotton Control Program WASHINGTON. Aug. 17 (UP) — Announcement of a long . term cotton production control program probably will be made by September 15. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace said today. I Hermondale Baby Dies Eddie Trevls Rhodes, 10 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhodes of Hermondale, riled at 5:45 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at (he family home. His d;alh was attributed to colitis. Funeral services will be held to Except for Half Mile There Is only a half mile Gap in Hie concrete slab from Blylheville leading right into Chicago, scene of the Century of I'rogrcfs Exposition. Jack Finley Robinson of this city said today. Robinson said the half mile de| tour would be closed by August 25th when Blythevillc motorists may go from Blylheville to Chicago without ever getting off pavement. The small pup is about 11 miles east of the Cape Glrardean. Mo., bridge over the Mississippi river. There Is a 15 mile detour off the concrete by way of the Cairo. III., bridge il is dclared. Robinson says that completion of the half -mile enp will mean a direct, fast and all-concrete route from San Antonio. Texas, through Blythevtllc, to Chicago. Highway 61 is the shortest (md best route to the fair from the southwest of lur tody had become paralyzed. Her. parents left Immediately for St. Louts where she died six hours ?:icr reaching the hospital. When she was taken III Sunday with fever and n headache she v;as treated for malaria fever. She giadually grew \\orse and paralysis set up Tuesday night. Because there were symptoms of nicningl- ils, sleeping sickness, and Infantile paralysis It was decided to| p-rform an aulopsy. bers of Ihc Porr.1. shot two policemen and two soldiers. The soliicrs rushed tho Inuso an:l found Police Lieutenant Jolm Voile, men. n ently from the jail cell at Hot Sprujga. this morning and transferred .here unc'er heavy guard. Miguci coiimi. t wo cid wo-j Stroke Proves Fatal ncl a Ihl of stnclcnls ap;iar-1 . -1 -. to Mrs. A, L, Crafton .rked for killing under t-e iachado regime. The member, 1 ; of the Porra were believed to have ercan n tl over roof MANILA.—Mrs. A. L. Crufton,.6 died Wednesday afternoon after',9 Tlie forthcoming program, Wai-j day and Interment will be made a lace continued, contemplates Iwv-'-Helmoii cemetery. The Rev. Mr The body' will arrive here to-.'°r K - Although a machine $run hiJ stroke early Wednesday mornlnj right, accompanied by Mr. and been fired from th? house, none wns which loft, .her completely paralyzed Mrs. Greenwell. Private services will be held sonic time tomorrow. Lrcause of the three diseases are all highly contagious lhe casket has been scaled. Besides her parents the child K|0d the roiue. survived by two brothers, Don»Id and Richard Grccnwell. A Msttr oled a year ago. been fired from til? house, none wns found. Tlie soldiers and members of the po-.verfnl A. B. C.. secret revolutionary organinllon which undfr- j mined the Mnchado regime, search- Insists. Chicnffo Wheat open high low close Sepl. 82 1-8 91 1-2 82 1-8 89 3-4 D?c. 85 3-4 95 85 3-4 92 7.8 Chicago Corn and a heavy Hood of buying orders ing planters sign up for reduction, Thurmnn will officiate. The L. O. open high low came ^from mllb. trade houscs.j In their crop for the 1934 and 1335] Moss •UnrtcrlaXing company is in'Kept 421-2 493-3 42 1-: Wall street operators, and shorls.' season. •2 49 3-8 charge of funeral arrangements. I DJ C . 43 J.j 54 3-8 48 1-2 54 3-8 Draw Bill to Legalize 3.2 Beer in Dry Kansas TOPEKA, Kans., Aug. 11. (UP) —Machinery designed to legalise 3.2 per cent beer In dry Kansas was In motion today. A committee of the legislative council, meeting to consider and recommend measures for the legislature, in special session next month, vlrlual'y had completed a bill proposing legalization ol beer. A state tax of $500 a year for breweries and $100 a year for wholesale distributors was stipulated in the bill. It also provided a city lax of |5 a year for sale of beer in original 'packages and i!5 a year for dispensation foj consumption on the premises. until death came. She was born in 1870 and ,was married to A. U Crafton in 1889. They had lived In and near Manila j for the past 23 years. Sr.e vts,H; member of the local ' Methociist church, in which she took an active 'interest. , - -'. Funeral services, will probably be ! held at the Methcdist church her* Sunc'ay afternoon. Beside: her husband, Mrs. Craftcn is survived r bV th; following children: Mrs. Jswrt Sanders. Hot Sorlngs, Wyo.;' 6iroy- er Crafton. Tyler, Texas; Jrte Crafton. Chicago," nl.; Avery Crtf- ton, Dallas, Tex.; and P»til Crafton. Kfanila. All or them are ex- tn arrive this nflornnon. The'camp peeted to come for the^unwal. ; ill close Friday afternoon. Each woman is havlni a rood time-, so shs says, rsading. play- 48 Women Registered for Annual Rest Camp rorty-eight women from nine home demonslratlon clubs of Mls- slfslppl couniy reylstered at the second annual rest cnmp which epencd ycslerdav afternoon at Harris' canlp. More are expected gamr-s, exchanging i-cctpes, mnklnj tops, crochclins rai r«f;s and quilting. Clubs b, Ncdena. New Liberty, Uc'jwood. Promised Land. Osccola, WEATHER Arkansas— Mostly ctoiidv, thun- clcrsbowcrs in southeast portion. t«- nisht. Friday partly cljudy. •- . M3mp!iis and Vlcl.ilty —'Partly . . , . . Half Mr.on. Shawnee, Varbro cnd| c! ™^'- "Ofcr tcnigK Blylhevlllo are represented. The maximum temperature here The camp Is sponsored by the i yesterday was 90,'?mlnimum 64. council of home demon- 1 dear, according to Sann*!: p. Nor ris, official weatlier ' ohstrrtt, ••. r ' stration clubs.

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