The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1948 Textiles' Futures Rests With U.S. Discussion of Global Problems of Industry '""Mi British Ends CHARLOTTE. N. C.. April J9 ._ BLVTHEV1LI.E (ARK.V COURIER NEWS New Vitamin for Treatment Of Pernicious Anemia Found lean Industry, Dr. William p j a - aobs, president of the American Cotton Manufacturers Association, said today. Dr. Jacobs recently returned from England, where lie was » member of a textile mission which discussed ?lobal problems of the Industry with British textile leaders. He said lie could not reveal the rcoort to be made when the mission returned lo the united Slates. but said "a greal deal was accomplished." Dr. Jacobs said he hoped "the Industry will sunplv an adeauate and heloful leadershin In adjusting world textile problems on a basis which will be helpful to world industry and not injurious to ourselves." Tailcrn Already Set The textile leader said the pattern for future production of cotton and colton pnxlucls lias al- rj&pv becm stnrted In recommen- i^fions that Congress set ur> a revolving fund to buy American By Piul F. Ellit • United I'ress Science Writer NEW YOEK, April 19 (UP1 — A new vitamin, so powerful that a single dose brines quick results In treatment of iwrntclous anemia, has been discovered. Wilh Ihc new substance, known as vitamin B 12 victims of the dl| sense may no longer have to eat ol Amer-; bad-lasting liver, or liver extracts ~ " ' lo stay alive. The new vitamin was Isolated by scientists of Merck & Co., Railway, N. J., working In cooperation with other experts Their sucess was like finding (he needle in the haystack. The "needle" In this case was a factor scientists, knew was in liver but for years had been unable to Isolate. Therefore, victims of pernicious anemia had to eat large amounts of whole liver and later liver extracts In order to obtain Ihis factor. Search Beran in 1942 The work al Merck began In 1942 under direction of Dr. Karl Folke'-s and with the cooperation of Dr. Randolf West of the Department of Medicine, Columbia University. Their work was made more difficult because pernicious anemia apparently Is a disease exclusive in humans, and no c-'Dcrimenlal animals could be used. The sclenlisls worked long and Experience Like This Should fie "Sure Cure" For Those Who Imbibe BOGOTA? Colombia, April 19. (UP)—Cnrlos Monroy, 40, a laborer, was on Hie wagon today and he swore he'd never louch another drop. Momoy got three boltles of rum during the height of (lie rioting last week. He drank them and passed out in the street. A govern ment truck sent out to pick up Uie bodies of those killed in Ihe revolt Eatliered up Momoy and called him oft to Ihe morgue. He (led screaming when he came to anrt (ound himself surrounded by dead uod'cs. "Ill never lake another drop, so help me," he told friends. «.- cotton for caplured' T^ j .Ter^^^tef &" ' eventually one factor—a red crystalline compound—was found. This was given human trials, response was immediate in three cases. In Us purified form, only a minute amount of vitamin B12 was found necessary to aid Ihe patient Dr. Polkers. reporting the development in Science Magazine, offi- ial publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said that a single dose as little as three microkrams are Escaped Prisoner Rubs It In MILWAUKEE (OP)—The com mandanl of the U. 8. disciplinary barracks here received "a cnrrt from an escaped prisoner who [ltd lui October. v A message on the card, posl- ujarked ^Miami, Fla., read: "Sorry I had lo leave, bill i jusl couldn't stand another tinier up there." Gathings Urges River Project For E. Arkansas WASHINGTON. ApHl 19._ncp. E. C. "Took" Gainings, First District of Arkansas, appeared last week before the House Committee on Flood Control lo ask (or early approval of a $4,lt)0,000 project lo control the waters of the I/Angullle River in Eastern Arkansas. Mr. aathlnes took the major flood coulrol project to the committee and tcslifled at length despile the publicly announced policy of Ihe committee thai it would hoar only Hood control matters of an emergency nature during Us present considerations. The committee was told by Mr. Gainings* thai action to bring'the waters of the L'AnguIlIe River under control was urgent and Immediately necessary. He explained that the Hood control project as outlined mid approved by Hit Army Engineers and the Bureau of Ihe Budget would affect 310.000 acres of good land adaptable for cultlvntloji of colton, rice, oats, alfalfa and pastureland! Mr. Gainings began his drive for a flood control project for the L'An- Kiiille In 1944 and rtespile the war emergency which discouraged new projects at thai lime lie was successful in gaining committee approval of a preliminary survey ot the . project by Ihe Army Engineers. The Engineers following Us survey labeled the project as desirable. tries. Second sten In the nattern for the future of world textiles, he said. Is an orderly process of world merchandising which will "necessarily involve the American Industry. in greater activity in exuorts." Dr. Jacobs said the textile industry of Japan will be satisfactorily restored "within a reasonable length of lime." » He returned to the United Slates "head of other members of the delegation in order to attend next week's meetiii" of the American Cotton Manufacturers Association 1n New Orleans. Man Convicted Of War Treason Prepares Appeal W. April 19. (UP lime treason against the United Elates.. imtence was deferred indefi- K'ly last week but Best already .Banned to appeal on grounds he had been "kidnaped" and illegally returned to America in December 1946 by U. S. Army authorities. Best went to work in his cell at the u. S. Marshal's office as soon «* hs was laken from the courtroom • fter hi.s conviction. Hi.s sister, Louise. Best, a Methodist school director in Brazil, gave, htm a sisterly kiss and patted his check "You don't need to worry about me. madame." Best said. "Your brother is now a convicl." The 12-man jury which convicted Best decided hu had. sold his services to the Nazis as a radio commentator Kith the inlent to talk American citizenship anrt soldiers into a negotiated peace with Germany. His short-wave broadcasts, the Jury found, followed the Nazi J-op- aganda line decreed by Adolf Hitler and were designed to foster war weariness among Ills fellow Americans. Dial 4261 Opcnins 7; Sl.ufi 7:30 Tonight "To Each His Own" wilh Olivia l>c Haviland, Mary Anricrso and Roland Culver Warner News Also Shorts Tuesday "Little Miss Broadway" wilh .lean Porlcr an if Jotlll Stidlon Chapter 2: "Vex Granger" Also Shorts New Theatre x Manila's Finest Shows KVKRV NIGHT Box Opens Week l)aj» 7:0» p.mV Mallnw Snlurday «; Snndaj Sal.-Sun. I p.m. Cont Showing Tonight "Cass Timberlonc" nilh t,ana Turner aui! Spencer Tracj Also Shorts Tuesday "GREEN for DANGER" wilh Sally Gray and Trevor Howard Also Shorts about 150.000.000th of a pound or the equivalent of the approximate weight of l-20th of an inch of human hair. Oiil.v Small Quanillw Merck scientists pointed out that, a dose equivalent to the highest does of liver extract ordinarily used would be only 20 to CO micro- 15 grams of liver (about, one-fourth grams. They said that since 10 lo t0 ° ne - ha ! f °"ri«» are required lo may be calculated that the anil- pernicious anemia activity In this amount of liver is concentrated al least a million times in the new crystalline vitamin Merck spokesman said that Ihe substance is being isolated now only in exlrcmely small amounts, and that it would he some lime before it will be available for general use. Read Courier News Want Ads. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday and Tuesday Motorists 1 Aid An English inventor devised a reversing signal that warns drivers in the rear ot n motorist's intention to back up. The device auto- malically sounds a horn and lights a signal when the car is shifted into reverse. GlnlSl HG1UD . 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Adjustable folding wire bt»e! cord, plug!

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