The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THR nnxriNAWT' vmircn*nKin rt ^, ».«-; m .,_. .__ * * r"**f VOL. XXXIV—NO. 1 Blythevllle Courier BlyUicvllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Blyllievinc Dally News Mississippi v«ll«y Lender MISSOURI ARKANSAS, FMDAV, MAKCM-Ifl, 425 DEAD IN TEXAS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CHIEF, jWay Clear. For Wallis Homer Mavlin Disappears; Sinkers Defy Court and Sheriff ;\lar. 19 (Ul'l— Wlltl" .sit-lfOMli. KlrikJTs. Dltlll( liarrit.-ides or chains and fi( K trucks behind the gates or Chrysler <:Cr|)<mi(icii plants tu- ilay, Sheriff Tlinmas Wilcox in. clicalal he might delay for a day his attempt lo arrest them inuU'r u writ issued by \Vaync coiinty oircuit rourt. DETROIT, Mar. 19. <UP)_TWO hours after the Wayne cotinly cif- cuit court ordered liis arrest as official lea.ler of 0,000 sit-down strikers in Chrysler Corporation plnnLs. Homer Martin, president ol the United Automobile Workers, could not be located in Ditroll today. "They'll never nnd him." Rich-- ard Frankcnstcen. orgunlvmtlonni director of the u. A. W., told newspapermen. The sit-down strikers were defiant when they were informed that an order was out for their arrest. At Chrysler's Jefferson Avenue plant, where a picket currying a blackjack walked Ihe roof, 'a sit- downer inside the gate said"Hell, what of it? it's just some more red tape." Jiulge Allsn Campbell issued a vrit commnndinqr sheriir Tliomas Wilcox lo arr??,- thi sit-down strikers nnd tiisi' "agents-and reprn- sentath-pt" Am \ urin Ulpm Iluo -coiirl- "forthivilh." Wilcox hurried to confer with Gov. Prank Murpliy au-1 said lie intended to present all the details .'to' tile executive. Presumably he .- K'as.telUifBMurphy that he did not have ?iiourfi?-eiqj>iHfes:>vhila'bie; to _ev_ic|_Uiej i siJ;-doini strikers., Wlluox sud. however, that lie did not intend to ask the governor for "lieli>" —apparently meaning that he would not make a request for national guardsmen. Markefs Are Demanding Better Quality Cotton MEMPHIS, Mar! 19. (UP)—Rirm leaders of Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee today mapper! a pro-ram to encourage cultivation of loiig-r slanlc cotton in the tri-state area. The meeting \vas sponsored by the Memphis Cotton Exchange. "It is more necessary to p-oduce nootl quality cotton now than ever before." L. c. Andrews, exchange president, said. "Most mills hive installed modern machinery which takes a longer staple. to Wed Duke LONDON, Mar. 19. (UP)—A 10- minutc hearing in the divorce court, today cleared the way for award of a final divorce decree to Mrs'. Wallis Warflcld Simpson and her intended marriage to the Duke of Windsor. Sir Donald Somervcll, attorney general, appeared in behalf o l the king's proctor and disclosed thai on; "Mr. Stevenson" had Intervened against the award of a final decree. He said that Mr. Stevenson's allegations of collusion and conduct by Mrs. Simpson which made the award of a nual decree Inadvisable, had been investigated and fount! un justified. Then Stevenson himself arose In tlie little courtroom and said thai he was prepared to withdraw bis intervention.: Norman Birkett, chief counsel for Mrs. Simpson, moved that Stevenson's protest be struck from the court recortl. Sir Btiyd Merrlman, president of the court, agreed and struck the protest formally from tlie record. As the result no present obstacle was left in the way of the award of a final decree to Mrs. Simpson and her marriage to Uie duke who gave up ; tlie British throne for love of her. Barring any further intervention, the twice-divorced American- born society woman may make -application in due course to have declared final the decree nisi which she obtained at Ipswich ast October 27. EXPLOSION Amelia Earhart Prepares to Take-Off Over Unexplored Ocean Route HONOLULU, T.~H.. Mar. 19 (UP) — Amelia Earhart Putnam delayed overnight by a storm in' her path, prepared today lo take off oyer an. unexplored 'air route for Howland island, the second goal of her flight around Uie Her 590,000 sil vw Locklieed- Eleclra "flying laboratoiy was overnauled dining the nH,t h v her crew of three men. two or whom will accompany her to Ihe tiny Pacific Island, just north of the emiator and 1,650 nautical .lilies away. Mechanics said (], c „]„,,„ lmd to be "practically rebuilt" after Uie 2.400 mile flight from oak! New propellers were Installed ahead of tlie two motors replacing ones that were pitted by rain Miss Earhart expect^ a new report from .the united Slates nerologists early today and If i were favorable she planned to leave whcc | er n cl d 'Immediately . No plane has ever made the trl'ri rom Honolulu to Howla, " ?" SE Wind is less tlinn half a ,™° ong and contains only the land! " Prcpilrcd by " le "<*<"•'- --"• « re Tragedy Struck in East Texas Oil Field \ IB an KV*h* •W2i£ \. * .j»**tar "*•. * * >? *? * * i J.1* t * v *•»! -. few* j \ tof*'*T*V,'*-»' •) * S *" . ^>*,J.«»"««ll I * I *# ^ I **.^y« Here is shown the london Coasted =c,,oo, ncn HM Lo'ndon. ux,, ,, (Ul ft „„ cxplmlon had , 'eckcd'"1,""™ with approximately 700 children In.their class rooms. The other day I was standin' . on Hie corner here in Hollywood leelin' kinda lonesome when I saw two fellas meet each other ike long lost brothers. They "irew their arms around each oilier and slapped each other on «'" '»ck and then they shook Unnils and looked into each others eyes with broad grins. I cc.Udn't help envyin' both of 'em lor hav.n' such a good friend. one of 'em says "i h car you're *m" swell and i s,,rc am happy abou you." The other one siys Well I was doin' all right, but I had a ba. d break last week and T uas jest 1-oyi,,' r wouid rlin mto you bccfuse you're th- on'y i;ne I know lo go to for .1 li:t!e Well sir, the smile froze on the other fella's face. A frosty look! came in his eye. it iu raC( , mlt to be Jest another one of them cases where a friend's heart closed ''P like n clam when he was "fked lo open his pockeihook li was like an old niissr down >ome thai lost his brother one "me. This old miser je.,t cried "'Ml moaned and when his friends tiled lo console him, he says "I *''<>»•. but «iere was tho finest ",™ther that ever lived. A'thouth 1 >« known for years that he was siarviii- to death, not once did "« ever ask me for n i.-«nO 'Copyright. 1937, Esquire Fra- lures, Inc.) : Clark Will Make Radio Address, on Jt-di- 'ciary Proposal Monday WASHINGTON. Mar. 19 (UP)Senate .Majority Leader Joseph T Hobmson announced today thai former Supreme Court Justice John' H. Clark will make a radio address on President Roosevelt's judiciary Plan Monday nijht. Robinson made his announcement In the senate shortly fcTter the senate judiciary committee had voted to call on tlie clerk of the supreme court.for a .eport on the Condition of the dock.-t. The senate majority leader potnt- ,,H , \ U Assol:Ulc Supreme ourt Justice James C. McReynolds nad recently "delivered ni s vie - ws " an Uie court reorganization plan and that they "quite naturally were ?iven widespread publicity."' Robinson pointed out that clark justice ° nly iiV ' nS ex ' SU|)remc co " rl As Robinson made his announcement the judiciary committee heard testimony of William Draper Lewis of the American La w Institute in support of Mr. Roosevelt's program Senator Edward R. Burke (Dem Neb.), foe of the court plan disputed with Lewis over the witness- contention that the views or the present supreme court majority doomM virtually all present, pas i and future New Deal social economic legislation. Burke criticized Lewis' refusal to cite specific laws which the court would condemn Well Kno\y n Little. Rock ist Pastor Is Dead Bapti ~ Stalcup and Rowen Buy Wiggins Shop Charles Stalcup of Ihis city, and 3. T. Bon-en, late of Forrest City, have purchased the Wiggins Electric shop and will do business under the name of the "City Electric Shop," with offices at 119 s. Broadway. Mr. Slalcup, who has been cm- ployed by the Walpolc Eleclric shoo for eight years, has resided here for a number or years. Rowen who has bc'en in the elecfrical refrigeration and Diesel engineering business for 25 years, has alrcadv arrived here. He will be joined within a short time by Mrs. Rowen and daughters, Winifred and Martha. CMcaffo Wheat open high low close May 1375-8 138 . 135 7-8 130 1-8 July 123 123 3-4 121 1-2 121 3-4 Sep 121 1-8 121 1-2 119 1-4 UO S-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 1001-2 110 109 1.4 1M , 2 July 1057-8 IOC 105 3-8 105 1-2 Sep. 1007-JM01 100 iMi-a e was a graduate of Oua llH I" f f ° r «« B Bapt ' St . Louisville. NE W YORK, Mar. ID. Cotton closed steady. ' open r July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1396 1407 13SO 1390 1381 1392 1378 1319 1325 1333 1322 1322 . "22 J320 J3H 13 U 1322 1328 1315 1315 1327 1327 1327 J315 New Orleans Cotton IS (UP)ar. (UP)The cotton market dropped one r a bale today, adding to 73-ccnt decline of yesterdav on further indication from Wath- mgton that the government on- poscd the bullish market of ?he past three weeks. \ open high low dose May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1390 1378 1324 1400 1385 1382 1384 1369 1319 1329 1318 1320 ' El !?_!. 1321 1322 1322 1322 I322b 1327 1327 1327b Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111 Mnr I9 (UD-Hogs: receipts 6.500 Top 10.35 110-230 Ibs 10.25-1030 140-160 Ibs 7.25-10.00 Bulk sows 9.50-9.75 Cattle: receipts !,000 Mixed yearlings and heifers Slaughter heifers 6,25-1075 Beef cows 5.00-D.50 Cutlers and low cutlers 315.475 SETILL HELEN! Chicago Employes Vote A c c e p a n c e of Compioniisc HELENA,, rtrk.. Mar. 10 (Up) — Slrlking \\oikqrs of the Chicago Mill and Tumb-r Coipontlons plant here: totlay voted to accept the company's oiler of n minimum 20 cents an hour rale for common labor an Increase ol la'iots Reveal No Contests for Places on District Boards The annual school elections \vill be held tomorrow in school districts throughout. Mississippi county with no contests In prospect on the prinlcd ballots. However it is customary in many rural districts to wrile in names of candidates and contests may develop. Only one candidate Is listed on the - ballot In the Dell district though petitions nominating three candidates were filed with the county judge or county examiner. Tlic petitions nominating Noble Gil! and Otto Kochler were held Insufficient because they lack tbe requisite number of qualified electors as signers. It is slated. J. it. Brinn. a candidate for reelection, is the only one listed on the ballot. There have been rumors possible litigation over • the district's election. Dlytheville school dlstrlcl electors will vote at the lilgh school here between 2 o'clock and 6:30 o'clock In the afternoon. C. M Buck and J. A. Leech, candidates for reelection, are the only ones listed on the ballot. Also on the ballot Is the school lax proposal, the amount being left blank to be filled In by the voter If he favors a lax-. It has been customnry here for years lo _ vole the maximum tax, 18 mills, mill if it is voted, school officials say. a free high school as well as grade school next year is assured. The proposal explains lhat llic tax voted on Includes the continuing annual levy of seven mills already voted lor refunding bonds and interest of the district. All of the seven mills will be uscc .... slvely for maintenance and operation of the schools. A total of 82.8 per cent of the district's outstanding bonds at tile lime the refiiDdiu;; issue was approved last year has alreatly been refunded. 10 per cent In Hie wages of all t other workers. . Flnnl effectiveness, of the plan depends upon agreement of Greenville employes of the company. They are expected to concur this afternoon. > H. c. Malcolm; of the state labor department, came here tills morning lo assist, in arbitration. Workers will return to their Jobs tonifht and tomorrow mornlid:; with the exception of the box factory, which will resume work Monday. The workers' representatives had at first insisted on a wage Increase of 5'i cents an hour.- The majority of the workers were • — | employed here. The company's other plants are In Greenville. Miss., and Tallulali, La. Closing Slack Price* NEW YORK. Mar. 19 (UP) — Railroad shafts led the strck market upward in a quiet session today. Rail and utility bonds rose. U. S. government Issues declined. Commodilios were generally lower. A T and T 172 Anaconda Copper ...... 033-4 Bethlehem Steel 04 Chrysler 123 7-8 Coca Cola IGO General Electric 56 5-8 General Motors 625-8 Inlernalional Harvester 103 3-4 McKesson-Robblns 15 1-4 Montgomery Ward fi2 1-2 New York Central 52 1-8 Packard 10 1-2 Phillips Petroleum 55 Radio Corp II 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 4 1-4 Simmons Bed 55 Standard of N J 71 1-8 Texas Corp 56 3-4 U'S Smelting 06 US Steel 116 3-8 ' Zonite t^X D!fficillt y Anticipated in Adjusting House and Senate Differences WASHINGTON. Alar. 19 (UP)— House passage of the McReynolds neutrality bill pointed today lo a vigorous right between house and senate over how to keep America out. of war. Loaders of the two houses pre- p.-neil lo hole! conferences In an attempt to adjust 'sharp diflfr- (tices between the McReynolds bill niicl the Pittman neutrality nita- r.urc passed by Ihe senate. The adminlstrnlion took steps for emergency action should a conference deadlock delay passage cf new legislalion beyond May 1— o.vpirntion date of the present temporary neutrality law. Congressional leaders were ready - in that event lo rush through a resolution extending the existing sr.t for a short time. 4 Drunkenness Cases Four cases of public drunkenness were disposed of in municipal court hero this morning. J. E. McBrtdc. failed to appear to nnsH-fr to a drunkenness charpe and his bond was forfeited. Ten dollar Tines assessed against Sam An try and Ear! Hutch Ins were suspended. A. D. Wealherly was fined $10. Mumps Warning GreeJs County Jail Arrivals "Warning—Mumps" is the "cheerful" sign that greets prisoners entering the county jail here Ihcse days. from entering the jail. The lon Deputies Find Tools Stolen at Osceola I Rccoveiy of Bodies Fiom Ruins of Building Is Pi ncticnlly Complete NEW LONDON lc\ Mar' 10 (UP)—A military bpaul of inquliy was established lodiij to dctumliie (lie cause of an explosion 'lliursdny afteinoon Hint wicckcd the world''; Intgest ruml school and killed aiK provlmalcly 111 school chllchcn and 14 of theii tcacheii—a total of 42 r >, 'Iho bo-ud said It would Inqulu; Into lepaili Hint, the explosion was mused b> a deliberately set djnti- mllc chaiRo nnd wns not an act) dcntnl explosion of accumulated natural gas,' the generally 'nctentckl theory ., AppioNluialely 1,000 lough woik- ors from (lie sunountling east Tcxa.-) oil field nearert the bottom of the ruins of [he Mew London utral school's main building at midmorning and It became apparent that few more If any bodies would be found. ' -, ' Iladtcs Frightfully Mangled "' Only flic bodice had been found (luce dan n—or children and alt so badly mangled that they could not be Identified it «n s believed that the final loll would not \aiy great- Iv fiom 425, though because of the, diincultj of accurately counting bottles that had been taken to (homes, funeral pnj-lols, hosptals and morgues over n 40-mile aiea' It mlglil reach 450, while because of Inevitable duplication In all counts It might pioie nt low ns 400 The loll of Injured stood at 125 of whom eight were seriously hut' Little hope was held foi them Col clarence E Parker, absolute ruler of the dlsastei scene under the mithoiity of Gay Jamc<5 V Allreds proclamation of martini Ian ordered n milttaiy board of'inquhy to meet at noon \ He deLllngd to state what, faith he placed In the dynamllc bomb icports but It vas believed that he had called the board logethei to' eitnbllsh ofTiclallj (lie cause of tho blasl Natural Gas Bhincil It was generally agreed by nil authorities, Including c E bhaw superintendent of the school, whose own 17-jear-old son was one ol Die victims, and national guaid officers that an nccumujatwn of nnl- ural gas in the building's sub-bise- •went caused the cxplos'oui. At r thc .same time that {he military hoard meets members of the~ Ne\v London school board, officials of the on companies opciatlno In the cast Texas field, and military authorities nil! Inspect the ruin?] Reports that lucre had been n dj-j namltc explosion arose from lira finding of Is sticks of uncxplodcd dynamite In n school building not touched by th a blast The dyna-' mile was Intended to remove locks In preparing the (school's athletic field. 510 ill JlinhUng Seven hundicd pupils nntl 40 teachers weie in the kun!dm ff when tile explosion occurred—most of them in the auditorium It was 3 20 p m-Just 10 mm- ulcs before dismissal hour. Suddenly with tremendous foico trapped. A low nimble sounded Many thought It was a boild explosion There was an car-hammering „ , , , explosion after the grumbling roar But the sign doesn't keep them that preceded (lie blast The looE om enterin th Ui moied up, the walls crashed L ..,^,.,5 i (lt; j, vu , lllt . j gjlc tm,,, inuvti, U p i lnc y\ a i| S cras| IW T case of mumiis In the jail belongs outward, nnd the rof fell into the lo young Edward Pitte who has WTeckage, crushing those, nlthin been placed In an individual cell. The high school buildta" was Other prisoners are kept in the wrecked Flames shot forth"foi a big builpens and cell blocks on 'the lime. Nearby stood tho trade second and third floors. _ school-cmpty-iis several hundred There Is said to have been a mild P"PHs having been dismissed case or two of chickenpox among ""'"'" ' J prisoners recetitls". recently. The tools were recovered at Haytt, Mo., after a man Imd been arrested there in connection with thefts in several southeast Missouri towns. The tools, stolen at bsccola. were uncovered at a small house on the man's property, near Hayli, where they had allegedly been cached. Brothers Are 1'olic-c Chiefs PASADENA. Cal. (UP) — Tlie choice of James E. Kelley as chief of police of St. Joseph, Mo., makes two police chiefs in the family. The St. Joseph chief is a brother of Chief of Police Charles H. Kcl- Icy of this city. Bricks hurtled thiough the air for a quarter of a mile Children, were decapitated. Some were mangled. Some lost limbs. Superintendent Shaw said the victims looked like rag dolls with/ their clothes tofn off. Oil Writs on Campus The school, with an enrollment producthe oil fields evei discovered and urobably is the wealthiest rural school in the world At least seven producing wells are on the campus itself. The'plant, embra'c- (Continued on Page ;.Th'ree) " WEATHER Arkansas—cloudy, thtmdershow ere In east portion, cooler In west and central portions.' strong southerly (o westerly ^inds tonight Saturday 'partly cloudy, cooler Sn east portion. Memphis and vicinity—showers ' and thunderstorms lontglit with occasional high winds, warmer Saturday partly cloudy and v colder.

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