The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
Page 5
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-WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, Many Aro Unfilled Academic Work foi Declares Missouri-Professor COLOMBIA. Mo., Dee. I'J. tUl'J- Too many studsnts o[ medio-re mentality and too many o! liigli Intelligence ivlio huve no'interest m academic work arc attending college. Dr. Walter j. Swipe. Unlver- nly of Missouri professor o[ educa- Uon,' believes. Dr. Siuiiic believes that only about half the high school graduates who arc mentally and temperamentally suiisd ror cm,,, M01| . arc able to continue their education. ., j' 0m ' studies," Dr. saupu said siunv that too , na ny students or ingiiy endowed General :iniclll'enc« make , n0l - rcmras -,„ -„, ,, ^ and m (he university. TOO manj students or the large group of av eragc intelligence are not achlcv ">g up to their native capabilities loo many students, both in the university and in the high schools, ai- Sai-Kd (o (,-y to a chicve aU |n _ merits or which they arc intellec- tiiiilly Incapable. '.•Furthermore, our studies indicate that only about out-Half of the, high school graduates whose High mtclllsence. scholarship, personality and character traits are His kind that you want for your Physician, your lawyer, your en^i- neer, a teacher or your children "or a responsible position in your nnj)i 8o to college'or university to B ci Ilia training required for entrance lo such lines or work. "Most of this group." sanpa -x- nlalntd, "that docs not »el to col- lc»D undoubtedly makes its mark in the world. B r.l they would un- doubtedly'be of immensely »reat»r service if they were trained for the piafessions, for business, for mii- ucs, or for research in ills various nnes of human endeavor" Saupc believes the problsm will become move acute with lli«' ra . ]»'';lcd iiUTca'ie in rallcgiale enrollments as America emerges from 1IJ3 depression, ric believes a cooperative program between universities and .high schools to study prospective college students will be necessary. - Sheriff and Justice Fined HOCKVILLE. conn. (UPJ—Dur- ing a, non-parking campaign, shef- itf Fred Vinton and Justice Pitch Jones found police lags dangling fl 'om the steering wheels of their automobiles. Both paid fines of $3. Head Courier News Want AdJ. , vBorfcr Frorii Within BLYTHBVILLK-(ARK.) COURIER i y's ' Roast Pig 1$ In Best Christmas Tradition Cooling at Curing Plant Will Take Only 30 Hour* In announcing plan.* of the Morgan Utilities company lo Install fnellltlc-s for tlio.custom curing ol moiU «l Its. Ice plant on ilic Yurlio toRil tlic Cqtirlu News yesterday Siild tluil frostily killed hogs broight to llic iilunt would bq licld-30 dnys In n itro-cpoKr before cnlllng and eiii'liiB, The-cooling process requires only 30 hours. Hoas brought to the plant will Uc completely .cured mid ready lor delivery to the owners within 3(1 dnys, Ij. A. Moore, plant nmntigcr, explains. It is planned lo linvc the'curing service ready for oiwr- atlon by December 'H. Knit !he red ajiple in Us mouth is an important ii.u-t ot.ugi-!. old ccremon) itlcmmij the serving of raui pig. it! By MARY f. HAGUE N'KA Service Stall Writer Nothing, not. even the stories about Santa Clans, made such nn impression on my mind when I was <i child as the pictured Christinas processions led by a man In a diet's cap bearing a lx>ar':i head aloft. Christmas after Christinas, In accordance with tradition, our fniniiy had turkey while f longed to satisfy my romantic: =oul, if not my palate, with roast Pig. Meantime tlic years have slipped by and the English custom ol serving roast pig at Christmas Dreading in this country.. Or Jt ..oiir family is too small for an .ntlrc pig, served rich and brown with au apple in his mouth, a luxurious crown roast, while not so picturesque, wil} fin the bill. A suckling pig weighs from 20 to 25 pounds dressed and if or- dcicd troma reliable butcher will probably be quite ready ; for stuffing when it is delivered.' However, it should bo plunged into toiling water and then rubbed vigorously with a coarse towel. This will .make the flesh plump and pink and Insures against hairs being left on. Wash thoroughly, inside and out and dry. .Cut off the feet at the first joint, :ieavin^ enough skin lo turn over the "ends and'fasten. Put in :\. cold place until ready to stuff. You can and should make the stuffing and have the pig .all ready for roasting the day te/oie Christmas. ' Chestnut Stuffing Two qirarls Italian chestnuts, 5 cups mashed sweet potatoes, 2-3 cup incited butter, 1 cup cream, 2 eggs', 4 teaspoons salt, 1-2 tca- spoon pcpj>_>r, 2 tablespoons grated lemon rind, 2 tablespoons minced parsley, 1-2 teaspoon onion juice. Shell chestnuts, uoil i»n- dcr and force through ricei\ B<-nt eggs sJightiy and toinoin ,ai - sredicnts. Stuff pi 3 and sew up the opening. Wrap cars and tail in heavy buttsrcd wrapping pa ' p .,. (o prevent them from becoming too crisp. p,,t a small block of wood in the mouth. Bend the legs svcll under and fasten with 'skewers and stem coiu. Hub the entire surface with a paste of butter and flour. Place in a hot oven—125 degrees F—in nn open roaster. Roast at this temperature for an hour, basting frequently with hot. wnt-r lo which a little butter has been added. Reduce heat to 350 degrees I P. Sprinkle well with sail and Pepper, cover roaster and roast »ive horns longer. Serve with a liny red apple in its mouth anrl •' "''"rath nl parsley around its For a highly seasoned meat, here's a good sauce: Two iraunds butter. 8 cups water, 1 1-2 CI1J)S vinegar, 1 1-i. tablespoons powdered mustard 1-1 sugar, * tablespoons salt, 3 tablespoons chill powder, 2 tablespoons Worcestershire s.titec, 2 tablespoons tabasco sauce, 2 tablespoons black pepper, 4 tablespoons paprika, 1 large onion, 1-2 teaspoon red pepper, 1 limspoon celery seeds. Mince onion. Combine all Ingredients and simmer for thirty minutes. Then baste the 'pig every fifteen minutes \vhile it is roasting with this sauce. To go with the roast pig dinner, try this Chilled Fruit Coacktail Hoast Pig Cinnamon Apple Sauce Mint Jelly Potato Marbles in Parsley Suiter Diced Ucets in Orange Suucu Steamed Brussels Sprouts Celery olives Pit-kiwi Cranberry Salad Frozen riuin Pudding Candy Nuts Raisins Coffee Bo sure to .put snips of green cherries in the fruit cocktail with the maraschino cherries to cam-, out the red and green-.' 1 color; scheme. Use old-fashioned "red-hote". to uavor. and color the-apple sauce. If you decide to linvc crown roast, .try these accompaniments': 'Christmas. Canapes ' • Oyster Cocktail Crown Roast, of Pork - .-..• , Blushing Apples'. . Glace Sweet Potatoes ; ' Spinach Tiriibalcs Stuffed Rose Apple Salad Mince Pic with garnish of Pistachio ice 'Cream Candies . Nuts Raisins '''bthusinsilcHlly as a young ife- fnrnicr iust slarliiin on liis career, j'eiialui- William K. llorali of jjlulio In 8 speech betorn Eastern »ciniW| TOn . | ca ,i {rs meeting in «ew ¥01 It, urged tlial the young "on of the lmn j. OUBl tlio die imrifs n n fl divorce themselves from big business control. The Inreo ncttat pictures i-cflccMilt dSprquj epeaklnj iiersouallly, Coffee^ Tlic Christmas canaiics are cut In the shape of stars nnd stilt little Christmas trees. The oyster 'cocktail continue:, the holidsj colois with Its rcrt tomato since The salad a 0 am emphasizes it. .Tlpy canned rod peppers arc filled with, fruit salad mixture—sc»dcd \\tAle gi-xpe shrciittcd Brazil iiiils,' liiiiiced celery and pineapple and served- en shredded lettuce with .tarL mayonnaise. C'roMii Itrist of Pork Tills maj be « rib roisl 01 spue ribs, ff nb roast nine the butUi er .chop through Uol)c,5 of l> i strips, t till tout lining sK chop or less as itiedccl Irim tnfc ul bones c\cnlj and tie In a did" having incit on Inside he scuHlie 1 ; of tnilleicd pner o\ei ends''ot bones to prevent dialling Season with salt nnd pcppci ind itml as usual in a modeialt. o\cn Al low-from i\\a to three hours foi roasting Basle frequently with drippings Remove papet befoic •ssji'dlng to (he (able and cover with paiicr frills Garnish \utli parsley and blushing apple? if platter i-; hr^c Cnouth to permit comfort it.le c irvlng If spine Hb -\ic used tic Uo strips together in. a circle andVfill 'Itli the following stuffing One cup chopped apples 1 2 cup weded t.nsnis a pounds bulk tu sage, r teaspoon minced onion 1 t'.aspoon poultry seasonin" 1 fn spoon powdered, sage 1 4 teasi oon psppcr, 2 cups soft stale bread crumbs, i egg, water, lo make moist. Heat egg slightly and comljln.) all ingredients. If Iho sausage Is lily sensoned no salt will be- neeflcd. Otherwise add 1 U'aspoon salt. Jurist Reads Scripture , In Handling of Cases BRYAN, O. (UP)-Cominon pleas Jwlge P, M, muter uses thu.aible In his work, on the theory that It Is '.'one fundamental law. of the lund which has never been repealed." Judge Fraztcr used scripture In scntcncliiK Jnck Ward nnrt Durward Corey, who hnd stolen 480 worth of seed. ' Hu read passages which said that irjicrfion who has been found guilty ot stealing slmll I restore the property lakon, and | told the defendants (o curry out jthul uiliiioiiHIon. , I..-The-. two liad entered guilty picas to charges. of petit larceny. Judge frajilcr scnleiiccd them ' to 30 days each hi Jail, suspended the sentences.^ , - Radio Incubator Fowls All Set New Records UALRfGII. N. C. (UP) -Three fowls, that were hatched In Ihs radio of c. R. nnjwr nl slate Co!lc»c last winter, ore heard from a°ntn Dorothy, Incidentally a rooster won first prlzs.nt » Virginia tnlr. Ciarn Is svorkinj! hard to keup up her CBD-n-diiy iTcor<l. Mario, ulso ;i roaster, died, llcat from tubes In the radio was gren credit for hnlchhfg ll,c birds. Call Goes 400 Miles to Hail Crash 2 Miles Away BRIDGEPORT, 0, lUPt-Patrol- man George Adams, of the Ohio highway..unlrol, answered a cull In five minutes - which travelled 400 mites to reach him. .: An accident had happened nl Dllles Bottom, near' here. The Ohio patrol radio station at -Mas-- silon was out of order. ,The call was smil to Staiteiii-llle, then relayed 200 miles to ttic state station at Plndlny. The Findlav station broadcast the call. Adams picked it: up, rushed to the nccl- ilcnt scene, only two miles away. Race 5,000 Mile* So Baby Can Be Bora in Anerka AKRON, O. (fJP)-A tlnV biby coos and squirms in his crib htrt, mmwara of the battle Jits parort,s put tip lo give him lh« right lo become President of - the United States some day. Tho navenls. Mr. and Mis Llgoi Mlto. ia«d ttic stoik foi 5,080 miles so thai the baby might bo Ixirn OK Amettau soil and be nu American cltl/en T^ay won by a month. The iRctMbrouifhl Mr. and Mrs, M|lo from Iloktsht, Albania to Akron. Lust Novcmbci, Mtlo, biought hero 25 years ago by lib uncle, went back to visit tils former home, While al Iiocklsht he met n dnrk-eyed Albanian girl. Last February they wero mnrrlcd. When they loaned the iloik was on the way, Mllo determined the buby should b,e born In Iho United State?, The eouplo made ti liuuled tilp through Euiopc, then Ixrardcd a liner, fearful Iho child might arrive bcfoic Ilicy reached Aincilcnn soil, but they won. .-. .-.,....•• . thJMrtn Wea'TuiilW 1 SAN ANQELO/'Tex (IT.,-,, lionors for <*&T huntfni (11 (he.*' Parts go to tho'chlldren! Theirtti eran hunters toolc . a, bick »e»t- wlien Charles Duckworth, U/lan* Mortimer JrfeHz, n, fM h txajc't' a deer, But they Just "about gave- up in dlsguil nhen R up? rt RicVr^ Jr., elghl scars old, brought'down u nine-point buck. ' •*« " *> A four-legged hen is omed 'by Uic Nathan Walkers - ot Forester Center, R I, . * NASAL CATARRH ... Jutt a few drops up each nostril 75 TONS HAY FOR SALE , Alfalfa, Pen and Mixed Hay H. C. Knappenb«rger McKinley Home May Be Razed as FERA Project CANTON, O. lUI'1-The home ol Hie late Prosldenl William Mc- Klnlcy niny llmilly be raced ns an FI!RA project. The locnl PEHA olllcc is prc- parlne the project niter receiving the city park commission's sanction for-.demolishing, it. Its rundown condition has long condemned it, as n city eyesore. Efforts ': to Interest clttens in'n cam- pngln to preserve lh u home were Brahma Cattle May Roam Texas Plains nnECICENniDOE, Tex. (UP)-,The Bniltinn, sacred cow.of Indin, £oon may- bo roitinllig the catllc ranges -tilong'. wltli llic•-while fiice iind the - Ionghorn steer. Cap Yatcs, - rancher living nsar Jacksboro, hus succeeded In acell- inallns the Brahma cattle to the ranges here. .Although just introduced to .inte part ol :the country, ranchers already predict that they will * nmke excellent' range -.cattle, as •',' they require little feed hn'o make excellent beef. FORD A MODERN GIFT FOR MODERN PEOPLE YOU COULDN'T THINK W A UETTEK. " MOKE LASTING GIFT «PT5T>5v COMPLETE INSTALLED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION w w/~~w\\ «u «BflH m C^T7"P •\^;m^ ., / ?^% T J When you suffer. tli £ r,<! ayim,. IpTOB set .iljottlqoCDr. UonJ'.i A. imd U. rrojcrjptloii from nny druggist ai,a .^ c » l( , ,, k . It"?. * """"ly-'atonw. Tlics- 3 signals won't \vcar 1 off ,. ijK up nlghls. U iisuiy brings welcomo rclle( to eli. "'y. P"plo who suffer ftoin *& M !* weakness. .Fries ,6<to r //'LINCOLN HAD OWNED A LAMP Ukethis New Study Lamp is first study lain ft, ^ . specifically designed to safeguard eyesight Abraham L.ncoln, studying al the lag fk<-, «,.,, handicapped by poor light. H.s i. 3 ks wero mado infinitely harder by thVfaiir,,, th.t comes from eye abusj. But Lincoln had no odier choice l.t had to us. the light his times and hh'nuans providtd; •-If Lincoln had lived todaj-, hi, sl , US gl s for advancement i«ol,l »'' r .._ _ ' WHAT.STUDY LAMP DOES > 'Th, New Sludy lamp giv £3 » |t oft,'w,|l diffused snd 8 l»,,lon l. ? hi for reading with greatest eye comfo.t. 1, reduce, tytnuin. •f>tigu.. n d n«vo«.n,u KU !>r UnsioK. It mtk ., j, M5J . , 0 s . s .JKKily «nd to ttad quickly. ; . .-- _ .;HOW STUDY IAMP-VMS [Th. New Slutfy lamp is not In, product of any" :B itlgls tr.anu. ,'»««'"• " IS •'" J° ln ' treilion of lamp designers, «tesigh! Specialists, «s«rch m«n, MAZDA Un, p 'minuf.'ciaf.i,', physi- . cuns, scientists, ,nd otheis with th, consttMiion of humin visiOT. h has th s sanction of lh« !c«<jtng lishtlnx i'jthoi.' ittea of Iba world. , , - - ,:.^-'.• • " / Spscificstioni by: Ths llltimliijtlnf Entins-iinf Saaelp •'{ 'CfrliKirl bj\ Tta Eltcirical Tesiirg Libotatori-s,' - -.'. Q fndor.ed^ThoJ^hiing ComralivtB of^h» &i?!on Ejicldc; Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At .Your "Service" S THE N£W STUDY IAM>\ Ths Nsw'Study Ump'is is in;h<i hl^h-lhs height prescribed'by science(ordelivtiinglhe pioptrlight . on'lable or dejV. Equipped wllh a while glass diffujer—which throws ' the light downward •ndupwiKj. ShJde ij lined with p^re .white pigment. It uses 100-witt MAZDA lamp or* I50^witt MAZDA O GIVE A BEAUTYREST . . . . <*nd you give the radiance tjiat eom& from refreshing sleep ' ' r ; •'' ' '"' • '' • ' "' '•' ' '"" • ' • -. •... . . -. • ..Deep, "vilulwiiiK slcciv brills' bcllw hcdlii and a rcl'dJiinccjio beauty calmcn can ctiuul. Ant Kind of- sloop ... .Us an . calmcn can ctiuul. Ant a Siminpu^Bcatttyrc^L helps ^you get that ulcal-gift that givc^ycm's of .liixurious comfoil •• or Open Evenings Until Christmas Co

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