The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 5
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MONT)AT, OCTOBER 31, 1955 (ARK.) cousrER HEWS PAGE FTVK They Coll Him The Hond'x But; Can Estes Handshaking Win Dixie Demos' Heart? OSCEOLA NEWS By Bettyt Nelk Starr Mrs. Searcy Mears served chicken chow mem Thursday when she was hostess to Town and Country Canasta Luncheon Club. Mrs. Guy Bryant and Mrs. R. J. Gillespie were special guests. Fall arrangements of fruits and flowers dominated the decorations in the living and dining rooms. nr A otiiM/--rt'r\*T /vtr-A\ TI. , ii MI • i .,-.. .. An artistic fruit arrangement WASHING I ON — (NEA) — I here s a tall Tennessee Democrat up on Capitol HUJ they'flanked by candies centered the sometimes Call "The Hand." | dining table where guests were For often this lanky politician approaches strangers, swings out his right arm, presents a ! seated. big friendly hand and drawls, "How do you do, my name is Estes Kefauver." Ralph Wilson, Jr., celeorated his fifth birthday Tuesday by inviting eight neighborhood children to his home for a pre-Halloween parly. By KENNETH 0. G1LMOKE NEA Staff Correspondent That's one way .self-effacing- Kefauver lias been winning votes for years. Nou- political realists are wondering if this liberal Senator from the South can shake enough hands m America to win the Democratic presidential nomination at Chicago in 1956. It will mean entering primaries from New Hampshire to California, For in the opinion of those who know and like Kefauver this is the only way he can make another bid for the presidency. And they don't deny that he srill has a deep desire to live in the White House. Kefauver faces the same problem he did back in 1952. He does not have the powerful backing of the old liners in the Democratic party. This is one reason why Adlai Stevenson was named by the convention in 1952 even though Kefauver had more than half the necessary votes on the second ballot. For the last two months 52-year- old Kefauver has been touring the world. While he now professes not la know whether he will be a candidate, political observers in Washington believe his hat will be in the ring. | Bui not his famous coon skin cap. | it appears. .For In the last few; years he has outgrown this folksey gimmick, say friends. He no longer needs this symbol to attract attention. If Kefauver decides to run. the extent of his campaign will be based on many political — and financial angles. In 1952 he had about 8200.000. and it wasn't enough. When told by a reporter on his return from the Far East that ce New Yorkers were ready to him, KefauVer cracked, "I'd Refreshments and favors carried out the Halloween theme. Dany McKinion also celebrated his fifth birthday during the week when 10 of his little friends came over for an afternoon of games and refreshments. Mrs. A. B. Bradley was hostess Wednesday evening 1 to her bridge club. Mrs. C. W. Silverblatt and Miss Martha Ann Moore were ial guests. Pie and coffee was served preceding the bridge games. Mrs, Ralph Wilson was high score winner, Mrs. Fred Taylor of Victoria was second high and low went to Mrs. Silverblau. Mrs. Bob Chiles invited members at the Thursday Canasta Club to her home for an afternoon of canasta. Mrs. Hiram Alexander was high score winner, Mrs. Earl, Sanders, second, and Mrs. Harold Smith won ipec- i Iow - A dessert P^** and coffee I were served. Mrs. Roy Cox spent the weekend with her son Gene who is a student at Columbia Military Academy where he will graduate in June. Mrs. W. B. Flanigan had as her weekend guests her brother. W. B. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson and their] two grandchildren from Benton, 111 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Prewitt, Sr., \ spent, several days during the past; week in Mrs. Prewitt's home town! Mrs. Ed Qumn was Friday to her bridge Club. Playing with the club were Mrs. C. E. Dean and Mrs. Bettye Nelle Starr. Following; a de&seri course, high score was won by Mrs. Starr, second high by Mrs. H. J. Hale. Mrs. Welby Young entertained her bridge club Friday afternoon at her home. Mrs. Young had as additional guests Mrs. M... E. Pope. Mrs. David Lnney and Mrs, H, E. Phillips. A dessert course was .served preceding Che bridge games. Mrs. A. \ W. Bowen won high score and Mrs. Delayed by of. Montgomery, Ala. They returned ; w - E - Johnson won second. | home Sunday. : —— Mrs. John Enochs is a surgica patient in Methodist Ho.spital. Mrs. Ed Shippen and Mrs. A. f Williams are visiting their son and $15 Million Spent In Flood Relief NEW YORK M*j— The American Red Cross estimates thai ius tola! aid t,o victims of the August and October floods of the East Coast will exceed 15 million dollars afier alt payments are completed. Ellsworth Buiikc-r, naiioi:;U RL-CI Cross president, said Tmirsday that families and small businesses affected by Hurricane Diane in August have received 13 million dollars in Red Cross grants. The victims of the Oct. 15 flood. Bunker said, will require more than two million dollars in financial assistance. In all. he said, 14,500 families and small in the MX- .-Aatc area hit by the IV.Q disasters required monetary grants. Film Producer's Daughter to Wed LOS ANGELES f* — Film pro| ducer Dore Schary's daughter, Jill, ! 19, and Navy Lt. Jon Zimmer, 35, I plan to marry, probably Jan, 8. ; They obtained a marriage liceii-st ; Saturday. The wedding must await ! Zimmer's return from R cruisa ! aboard a -eapUne tender. They j met on a blind date four month* . atjo. They Called Him Jay Bay" Last Night, But... SEN". KSTES KEFAUVER: "If 1 run for anything of California, Clement will be extremely influential in controlling his state delegation to the convention. And it is well known he would like to be named VP on the Democratic ticket. "I can't imagine any Tennessee delegation going to the convention and not supporting Kefauver if he has a chance to be President." explains an expert. "Clement will have to give him backing at least at the start." There's no. question in political circles that strapping Sen. Kefauver is a threat to any of the Demo. era tic forerunners for the nomina- Mr-. Taylor Segraves of Fort Dora, Fla., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thome. Before coining to Osceo'a, Mrs. Segraves visited Dr. and Mrs. Henry Carney in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mason were Friday visitors in Memphis. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shippen, and children in Lake Providence, La. Mr. and Mrs. Shippen and their •mo- escorted them to their boxes. But I £ a * J "" , """"' *-"•" the ; delegates spotted him and suined bl » TiTnT f^in „ rt ;a demonstration. Then he had no * SL°f -P", P , ° '"" , U ± It Is further contended by those close to Kefauver that he has gained more respect m the Demo-: escorted them to their boxes. Bin cratic organization. Here are reasons they give: He easily won the Democratic j choice but to slay, primary for the Senate nomination | -p^ is a typical Kefauver reac- last year when there was talk that j £ion . accorc iin a to those who know Tennessee voters were fed up with, hlm weH He Ulll do anyth ing to be him because of positions he took in; helpfu ] v.^hcmt a second thought o2 primaries. i Polltica .i y . Kefauver has some- He has ukcn a lead in durmming i ining in common with Vice Presi- up the Dixon Yates public power; dent Nixon . p or 35-year-old Gov, . na in | furore which is one of Lhe Demo-j Frank clement of Tenne' back jcrats' best, issues to date. j local fly in the oinlnlen be glad to get their identification." It is a fact, however, that supporters are already oiling up the Kefauver bandwagon to get their man off to a fast start. Lawyers William Roberts of Washington and Bradley Eben of Chicago have independently taken a, two-year lease on an office which will be available fti campaign headquarters. Roberts reports that Kefauver's "You can be sure it won't happen drive for me presidency will be j agam if he - s in lhe rltnning _•• savs considerably .more organized and, an associate who reports it was" a show more savvy in 1956, He says a I complete mist ake. It seems that on large number of capable workers; the ftrst d of thp convemion Ke . across the country have already fauver drove his fathcr and red . Like Gov. Goodwin J. As new chairman of the Senate | faiiver's ambitions Juvenile Delinquency subcommittee, his hearings havr brought praise from many parents. One thing old-timers are still rankled about, however, is Kefaii- ver's personal appearance on the! convention floor in 1952. They stick with' the tradition that leading contenders should stay out of the hall leresti- mate Estes," claims a long time friend. "They figure him as a big, lumbering, happy - go - lucky guy xvithout much on the ball. Actually he has a sharp mind that grasps issues in an informed and speedy manner. And as a vote getter, he's unbeatable." As to health, the Tennessee Senator looks as robust as a college fullback. On the return from his gruel- ling trip abroad, he said, "I never Knight | felt better in my life." Mrs. Harry Driver is visiti'i°-her' u '° children. Cliarme and Eddie, sister, Mrs. "Kate Parks in Union i are moving in the near future to City, Tenn. Their brother, W. M.! Arizona .where Mr. Shippen will Cathev of San Francisco is also! eng'age in farming, visiting- Mrs Parks ' Miss Billie Gaines Mann, daugh- ( Mrs.' Bob Cromer'lea Friday for | ter of Mr. and Mrs.' V. G. Mann j Laurel Mi=s to v-sit her daughter j and a student at Ouachita College. ' Mrs. Bill Fulle-- and family ; nas been elected to the Who's Who Miss Gaye \VaddeH. freshman at • in . American Colleges and UniVer- Lindenwood College, came home sities, for the weekend bringing two girls from the college with her. They were Miss Lois Mayer, her roommate, and Miss Carolyn Forti, a mutual friend. Mrs. Guy Driver was dismissed j from St. Joseph Hospital in Mem- ! three weeks following an automobile accident. Mr?. Driver will be confined to her bed for the next six weeks. t to Ke- Miss Mann, a chemistry major and physical education, minor, is a member of the Chemistry Club, the j B. S. U. council, the Ouachita HOPKLNSVILLE. Ky. ij*.—police ', encountered a slight- delay Friday j v;hile taking four youthful prison- j crs from Hopkinsville to the Ken-; tucky Village Correctional Instiui- j tion at Greendale, Ky. ; They had to return to Chnsuan County jail so one of ihe youihs cauki return a pair of shoes he ; swiped from a prisoner. Choir, the Y. W. A. Council, the' Girl's Trio and the EEE Social j Club. She is on the Women's* ' *eam and was the A. I. C. Women's j Tennis Champion in 1953-54-55. Shp ' was selected as mo si versatile in j vhe campus Who's Who last year, i Acid Stomach's Got Him Today I Most of us like to "let off «eam* now and then. But we eat too muih, drink and smoke too much — then Miffer nagging heartbonx, acid indigestion. That's when tiny Tunis can save the day! For TMTM nemraliie excess stomach acid almost before it starts. No mixing, no waitin.2. just che 1 *', scientific Turns like candy minM. Get a roll today! Mrs. 0, E. Masdengill was hostess Thursday co her cana/.ia club Mrs. Russell Harrison of Brinkley was the only guest. A dessert course preceded the canasta Relieve Suffering Fact-Effectively with volunteered their services. There are. indications, notes Roberts, that Kefauver activity is picking up momentum in California. Massachusetts. New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. *'lf I later decide to be a candidate. I'll avail myself of the opportunity t-o enter various state primaries." says Kefauver. He prom- isee his intentions will be announced before the first primary in New Hampshire next spring. He further scotches talk he is interested in being vice president to Harriman or Stevenson. "If I run for anything." states Kefauver, "it will be only for the presidential nomination." This almost certain primary campaign will not be as tough a fight as it was in 1952, his supportrs pre-' diet. "Today the Senator is well.: known." explains an observer. "Before he had to start from scratch In all the primaries. Now he knows • a lot of people and they know him.; He will not have to go through a.s: extensive or expensive a cam- ! paign." I haired wife Nancy to the auditorium. He was planning to continue to is headquarters nearby. 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